Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
1881 British Census and National IndexSet of CDs containing the 1881 British Census and it's National Index.  Includes information for England, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and the Royal Navy.  1
Agelong TreeAgelong Tree is an easy-to-use yet powerful computer program for building family trees,  1
AhnenblattAhnenblatt (german, "ancestral sheet") is a software for genealogical research. You can enter lots of data about ­single persons and then create family trees and tables.  11
AldfaerAldfaer is a Dutch genealogy program where you can make family trees, but with templates you can make it English(there is already a Frisian template, but not an English.). A few functions are:  6
Ancestral QuestAncestral Quest is a mainline commercial genealogy database program. Portions of AQ 3 were licensed by Incline Software to LDS in the latter  5
Ancestry Family TreeAncestry Family Tree is free($), lightweight genealogy software featuring a very clean interface, great feature-set, better GEDCOM standard adherence than Family Tree Maker, and real-time web-integration with record collections.  1
AncestryViewViewer program for Social Security Death Index included with some versions of Family Tree Maker or available for separate purchase.  1
Behold Genealogy Software­Behold is a GEDCOM viewer that uses a Everything Report to presents all your data to you. Fast and easy to reorganize the families how you want. All indexes are included in the report. People, places and sources are all linked together in a html type linked report.  3
Brother's KeeperBrother's Keeper is a Windows genealogy shareware program that will help you organize your family history information and let you print a large variety of charts and reports.  4
Custodian 3Custodian 3 is database software for all your family history research.  1
Deudos Family TreeDeudos is genealogy software.  1
Embla Family Treasures­­Full featured, and easy-to-use, Genealogy package. You can quickly and easily create and maintain your family tree with this program. Stylish and intuitive layer-less interface.  1
Family HistorianFamily Historian is a deluxe genealogy program, developed in the UK   1
Family OriginsFamily Origins - Genealogy program.  1
Family Tree BuilderMyHeritage's Family Tree Builder is a genealogy software program. This program allow you to manage multiple family tree, create Charts, reports, add photographs, extract faces from photographs using their own facial recognition technology, publish the information via the website, and perform smartmatches against the rest of the trees stored on­­  6
Family Tree Maker­Family Tree Maker is for creating Family Tree and Research databases.  12
Family Tree SuperToolsCompanion Software: Family Tree SuperTools works directly with your family tree program so there is no need to change software. After adding or editing data in your family tree program, simply click on "Refresh" to bring Family Tree SuperTools up-to-date.  1
Gaia Family TreeA genealogy program whose database is in the cloud.  1
GedStar ProGedStar Pro is a product for viewing all of your genealogy data on your PalmOS handheld PDA or smartphone. It works directly with the most popular genealogy products, including The Master Genealogist, Legacy Family Tree, Family Tree Maker, and Personal Ancestral File, using Direct Import from your genealogy program.  1
GedViewCapable file viewing program having an intuitive hyperlinked presentation of the content of a Gedcom file. Loads quickly and can't change any file dates.  1
Genbox Family History Genealogy SoftwareGenbox Family History is a complete genealogy software program. It will help you organize your family genealogy research, store your family history data, enter proper source citations, and produce professional-quality family tree ­charts and genealogy research reports that you can preview and  1
Genline Family FinderThis is an application to view the microfilmed images of the Swedish Church Registers. It has a fairly complete selection of the filmed records, but not complete. The application is free, but access to the images is by subscription only. It is more expensive than renting the films from FHL. but gives instant gratification. If you have several films to look through it may even be cost effective.  1
GenoProGenoPro is a software application for drawing fam­ily trees and genograms.  1
GensDataProGensDataPro is a dedicated software package for keeping genealogical (family history) data and associated files like scans of documents and photographs.  7
GenSmartsGenSmarts is a genealogy Utility that may help produce research suggestions based on information from information entered into your family tree software.  1
Get My AncestorsDownloads a part of a family tree from the (new) FamilySearch family tree system and writes a PAF (Personal Ancestral File) file.  It uses the (new) FamilySearch API for downloading.  It is necessary to have a (new) FamilySearch site in order to use Get My Ancestors.  4
GrampsGramps is a genealogy program for anyone.  4
HeredisHeredis is genealogy software.­  2
Legacy Family TreeLegacy Family Tree is genealogy/family history software program for recording your family history, ­your ancestors and the past.  7
My Roots Conversion UtilityMy Roots Conversion Utility is needed for importing data from a GED file into My Roots,  1
NimègueSoftware to enter genealogical data in a special database and help for research.  1
On This DayOn This Day (OTD) is The Anniversary Date program for TMG. OTD reads a TMG database and displays a list of an­niversaries: BMDB events that occurred on the same month and day as the current date.  1
PathWiz!Data Management and Exhibits Management tool for The Master Genealogist TMG  2
Personal Ancestral File (PAF)Personal Ancestral File (PAF), is a good, free program for entering and manipulating genealogy data.  2
Relatively Yours 3Relatively Yours 3 is a complete family history system which allow you to organise and gather statistics about your family tree.  1
RootsMagicRootsMagic is a family tree program available for Windows  6
Second SiteSecond Site is a genealogy web site builder for use with Whollygene's "The Master Genealogist"(TMG).  2
Simple Family TreeA very simple application that allows you to create family trees. It's very easy to use and works very well in wine.  1
The Complete Genealogy ReporterThe Complete Genealogy Reporter uses the GEDCOM data exported from any genealogy data management program to create compr­ehensive genealogy reports, books, or websites.   1
The Master GenealogistThe Master Genealogist (TMG) is a popular genealogy software for Windows that was discontinued at the end of 2014 (The announcement.). ­The Master Genealogist is able to be customized for data entry  6
The Windows GEDCOM Validator (WGV)­The Windows GEDCOM Validator - checks a GEDCOM.  1
TMG UtilityTMG Utility is a database modification tool for TMG's (.PJC) projects files. It requires a genealogy database created and maintained with TMG, The Master Genealogist from Wh­olly Genes.­  2