Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
ARCP-480This is JVC/Kenwood's factory control program for standard use (not digital) of the TS-480 SAT/HX series Amateur radios.  1
ARRL Exam Review - Technician Class June 30, 2014  1
Coil Inductance and Q CalculatorThis Windows program calculates inductance and Q for solenoids of bare, magnet, or Litz wire.  1
CW SkimmerA multi-channel CW decoder and analyzer. With support for Soundcard and SDR Softrock, SDR-1000 and Flex-5000.  1
DigiPanDigiPan brings the ease and simplicity of PANORAMIC reception and transmission to PSK31and PSK63 operation. DigiPan provides a panoramic display of the frequency spectrum in the form of an active dial scale extending the full width of the computer screen.  1
Easypalapplication for amateur radio digital slow scan fact, the world wide standard for this mode, no native Linux application for this mode currently available.  1
EchoLinkEchoLink is software which allows Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one another over the Internet, using voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology. The program allows worldwide connections to be made between stations, from computer to station, or from computer to computer.  3
FlexNetFlexNet is a powerful, flexible and easy to use AX.25 stack for Intel-80x86 based PC's running on DOS or MS-Windows95.  1
HAM OfficeHAM Office is a professional ham radio application for entering and evaluating log book data.  1
HamScopeHamScope is a multi-mode communications interface for amateur radio that supports and decodes:  1
ICOM ID1 Control SoftwareThis is the Icom control software shipped with the Icom ID1 1.2 GHz D-Star transceiver.  1
Icom RS-91Software to control and program frequencies and data into the Icom IC-91AD Handy Talk amateur radio  1
JT65-HFJT65-HF is an excellent program written by Joe W4CQZ for extreme weak-signal communications and this mode is VERY resistant to noise and interference.  Communication is possible at signal levels in excess of 26 db below that needed for SSB communication (and well below that needed for CW, PSK31, and other modes).   2
JVComm32The multi-purpose FAX, RTTY / SYNOP / NAVTEX and SSTV program for Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0, XP, Vista and Windows 7  1
KG-UV950P 2.5K.exeSoftware released for the Wouxun KG-UV950P model radio.  1
Logger3232-bit Amateur Radio logging program written by Bob Furzer, K4CY.  1
Magnet - Loopantennen - RechnerAn application to calculate magnetic loop antenna.  1
MixWMixW is a multi-mode amateur radio communication and loging software. It supports many popular digital emisions like RTTY, PSK and also analog emissions like SSTV or Hellshreiber. MixW has also radio and antena rotor interfacing support making it realy convinient to make QSOs.  3
Morse RunnerA Morse Code contest training program.  Featured training modes are Pile Up, Single Calls, WPX, and HST Competition with timed runs.  Various selections can be made to customize the speed and tone of sent Morse along with other audio features that simulate on air operations of a radio amateur using Morse Code.  1
MorsemailMorsemail a free Windows program which  1
N1MM+N1MM+ is the new updated .net implemation of the original N1MM logging software. It is currently the most popular and best ham radio contest logging software available.  2
N3FJP Amateur Contact Log 3.0Logbook automation software. includes facility to upload contacts to online logbooks. automates award data and QSL status maintenance.  1
PaxonPacket Radio Terminal für Amateur Radio usage.  1
Radio Control Program ARCP-590 Version 1.02Windows interface program for Kenwood TS-590S ham radio  1
Retevis/Ailunce HD1 HAM Radio Programming SoftwareProgramming software for Retevis / Ailunce HD1 DMR HAM Radio  1
RMS Express (Winlink Express)Winlink Express (formerly known as RMS Express) is an email-like client for composing messages to send/receive over amateur (ham) radio waves.  After composing a message, ham radio operators can 'send' the message as audio tones over their radios (much like a dial-up modem from the 1900's).  Operators can choose different TNC's (modems) to encode their messages. Operators can also relay messages to the internet if they have an internet connection.  1
ROSROS is an experimental digital modem software that enables two-way radio communication on amateur radio frequencies. It works by converting text messages into audio tones (and vice-versa) according to the ROS mode protocol, developed by the same author.  1
RS-91 Control & Programming Software for the IC-91A(D)This is the programming and control software for Icom's IC-91 dual-band D-STAR handheld radio from the manufacturer.  Note there is at least one 3rd-party software out there as well.  1
SARTrackWindows client helps manage Search and Rescue (SAR) and Emergency Services operations using APRS data  1
SDR ConsolePowerful interface for all software defined radio users.  1
SeaTTYReceives and decodes RTTY, NAVTEX, HF-FAX, and SAME messages (such as weather reports, charts, and emergency alerts) using a sound card, and saves the decoding and audio to files for later review.  2
SIM_PSK SIM31A sound card modem program for Amateur Radio which supports the distinctive SIM31/SIM63 structured message format, as well as BPSK-31 and BPSK-63 digimodes.  1
SKCLoggerThe SKCCLogger:  1
Sstv toolsA set of troubleshooting and research tools for the SSTV enthusiasts.  1
SwisslogSwisslog is a hamradio logging program  1
tinySA-AppTinySA-App is a GUI application for controlling and taking measurements from the low-cost tinySA spectrum analyzer. It can be used to perform measurements on radio equipment.  1
Trusted QSL 1.13ARRL utility for preparing logs for upload to Logbook of The World (LoTW). PKE for signing ADIF files.  1
TYT MD390 Radio Programming SoftwareThis program reads and writes radio code plugs for the Tytera MD-380 and MD-390 DMR radios.  1
TYT UV800E User Program SoftwareHAM-Radio software that can Read/Edit/Write memory over TYT "2303 Prolific Technology, Inc. PL2303 Serial" usb cable.  1
UV-4XUV-4X is an application for updating and maintaining the memory functions of the UV-4X and UV-3R Vero VGC and Beofeng dual band 2m VHF and 70cm UHF hand held amateur tranceiver and several branded variants by using a USB Data Cable Interface.  1
Version 4 ProgrammersAll Version 4 radio programmers by RT Systems, Inc; this software is 3rd-party programming software for radios (primarily amateur) from different manufacturers, mainly Icom and Yaesu.  1
VX-7 CommanderYaesu / Vertex VX7R programming software.  1
Win500Data  2
Windows Packet ProgrammWindows Packet Programm is an Amateur Radio communication application for the packet radio network over air and TCP/IP network.  1
Wouxun KG-819Software released for the Wouxun KG-UV2D and KG-UV3D model radios. This software allows users to download/upload names and frequencies to their Wouxun radios.  1
Wouxun KG-UV6DWouxun KG-UV6D programing interface.  1
WxSatWXSat decodes the signals in the  APT format from NOAA, Meteor, Okean, Resurs, Meteosat and GOES Satellites (AM)  1
XMLogFree, flexible ham radio logging program that has packet cluster window, rig control, and LoTW.  4