Category: Main Games Open World
Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
Agents of MayhemOpen world action-adventure by Deep Silver Volition playing in the same universe as the Saints Row series.  1
BrickHillIt  pretty much is a copy of roblox and most likely has similar problems.  The developer is brick-luke.  2
Conan ExilesOpen world game with exploration, base building and combat.   2
CorvenCorven is an open-world, story-driven, single player RPG inspired by the classic RPG series like Ultima.  1
Death StrandingDeath Stranding is an action game set in an open world, and includes asynchronous online functions.  2
Dynasty Warriors 9Open-world version of the dynasty warriors series known for its huge battles.  1
Emergency 2017This is a game about emergency services  1
Force of NatureThis game is more adventure RPG than open world survival sandbox, but it has elements of all of the above.  1
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty San IVAn obscure Russian Grand Theft Auto IV bootleg mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, using packaged mods to add characters from both GTA IV and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City, along with recreated quests taking place on the Liberty City map from Grand Theft Auto III.  1
Mad MaxMad Max is an third-person open-world sandbox game, produced in relation (but not a direct copy of) Mad Max: Fury Road.  1
NieR: AutomataNieR: Automata is a hybird hack-and-slash/shoot-em-up in an open world, as a further spin-off of the original NieR: Gestalt (US version)/NieR: Replicant (Japan Version), itself a spin-off of the original Drakengard, however, knowledge of the story of either game is not required for full enjoyment of NieR: Automata.  1
Osiris: New DawnOsiris: New Dawn is a survival sandbox game in the style of Planet Nomads, ARK, and No Man's Sky.  You wake on a world where you can explore and expand your knowledge, while at the same time produce the things you'll need to stay alive.  1
Phoenix Firestorm ViewerFirestorm Viewer is an LGPL client used for the group user-constructed simulation environment called OpenSim. There is a Linux version but it has major issues with audio and can be unusable. There is a Mac version but I have no experience with it. It's based on the Linden Labs client, which is LGPL, so by the terms of the LGPL the Firestorm Viewer must also be LGPL.  1
Seed of AndromedaThe Earth is no longer sufficient for humanity, which has looked to the stars for new homes to expand to. You are amongst the first wave of colonists to leave Earth, your destination: the Trinity star system. On your arrival, you are greeted by a none too friendly, advanced race, who launch a vicious attack on your colonial fleet. In the carnage, you descend in an escape capsule to the surface of Aldrin, a moon of the gas giant Hyperion. With your limited supplies, you must make what you can of this new world. What you do is your choice… it is your story that is to unfold.  2
Tower of FantasyTower of Fantasy is a free-to-play,  1
YlandsA unique take on the open world sandbox survival genre.  1