Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
Angry Goy IIThird person shooter game in 16 bit style. Rescue POTUS from left wing terrorists.  1
Astro Avenger IIRetro space shooter game featuring a vertical scrolling spacecraft facing myriad shooting alien craft in space. Casual, low-resources vintage game.  1
Battle Planet - Judgement DayTop view shooter onto rotating planets.  1
Bionicle HeroesBionicle Heroes is 3rd Person Shooter in Bionicle universe. It was released on PC and multiple console. It was made by travellers tale known for making Lego games. You play as group of Toas - heroes of Voya Nui and fight against evil Pirakas who rules on island.  1
Cobalt WASDCobalt WASD is a third person side-scrolling shooter where two teams of cyborgs fight to either deploy a bomb or stop the other team from doing so, a la CS:GO.  1
CrossoutCrossout is a post-apocalyptic freemium MMO actiongame for PC and consoles. Described as a crafting and combat MMO, the game allows players to construct their own post-apocalyptic vehicles to be used in PvP engagements with real players and PvE missions involving AI-participants.  2
Cyber HunterMMO shooter game (battle royale), freemium 2019.  8
Devil BlockAn animator makes his first game, in which you are a small red devil boy holding a skull which eats ghosts and shoots them out as laser beams. You must defend the left edge against oncoming waves of ghosts and pigs and things.  1
Earth Defense Force 5Third-person shooter type game, where you need to fight off an alien invasion of Earth. You are presented with multiple missions that need to be completed, with a choice of four different combatant types. This game support both solo and online co-op modes.  1
For HonorSword combat game with an incredible graphics detail in 3rd person.  2
Frontline ZedShot the incoming zombies behind.  1
Goddess of Victory: NikkeA third person shooter role playing game with anime 2d styling  1
Just Cause 3An open world game with lots of explosions.  1
Just Cause 4It uhhhhhhh. is a game where you have a grappling hook. and you goof around the entire map with it  1
Kane and Lynch: Dead MenThird person shooter about a convict and ex mercenary who is broken out of prison and forced to work with a psychopath.  1
LifeAfterLifeAfter is a survival mobile game. When the devastating virus swept across countries, order and contract collapsed, where do you go?  1
LoadoutLoadout is a free to play multiplayer third person shooter with an optional co-op mode against bots. The game features extensive gun customization, allowing to unlock, upgrade and mix and match various weapon parts in order to create totally unique firearms.  3
M.A.R.S.ZMR-like casual shooter, with crafting.  1
Mega Man MakerA game and tool to create old school Mega Man levels and play them.  4
Nex Machinatwin stick shooter in the style of the original Robotron 2084  1
Panzer Dragoon: RemakeArcade game, 2020.  1
Project NimbusAnime themed flying Mech action game.  1
Pusu:Uyan??A 3rd Person shooter created in Turkey by a Turkish team. It was released in 2005. The game is similar to the first Max Payne game in a lot of ways.  1
Realm RoyaleRealm Royale is a new Battle Royale game released by Hi-Rez. The game runs perfectly fine in D3D9 mode.  1
Red Dead Redemption 2Red Dead Redemption 2 is a 3rd person shooter game, with elements of adventure and RPG with multiplayer option. The story passes in the late 19th century in the wild west, with very realistic 3D renderings and beautiful views.  1
Ring Of ElysiumA Battle Royale style 3rd person shooter for the PC. Released in 2018 in Asia.  2
Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash3rd Person Shooter spin-off of the Senran Kagura series  1
Super Mecha ChampionsThis is a multiplayer 3-person shooter in the battle royale genre.You will have to play as both a pilot and a mech.  1
Super Monday Night CombatSuper Monday Night Combat is a free to play third-person shooter multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) where each team's goal is to destroy the other team's moneyball. The game, however, has more elements in common with tower defense games, rather than other class based shooters, also featuring an optional "super blitz" arena mode where players team up against AI droids in a tower defense style.  2
Sword Art Online: Fatal BulletExperience an original story where you are the protagonist in the world of Gun Gale Online. Create your own avatar and explore devastated lands while experiencing exciting third person shooting in this action RPG.  1
Tesla ForceTop down shooter (3D), Lovecraft theme. 2020.  1
The Deadly Tower Of Monsters1950s style B movie 3rd person space shooter  1
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon BreakpointA 3rd person shooter which is currently much played by some friends of mine  1
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon WildlandsA 3rd person shooter which is currently much played by some friends of mine. Therefore i would love to have it for linux with wine :)   3
Tom Clancy's The Division 23rd person tactical RPG shooter game (online) set in the Tom Clancy universe of post bio-weapon apocalypse Washington D.C.  1
Touhou - Fantastic Danmaku FestivalChinese fan-made Touhou game  2
Touhou 16.5: Secret Sealing Nightmare Diary ~ Violet DetectorThe 16.5th installment of the Touhou Project, featuring Sumireko Usami as a protagonist in a combined shmup and photography style game.  1
Touhou Kikeijuu ~ Wily Beast and Weakest Creature東方鬼形獣 ~ Wily Beast and Weakest Creature is the 17th entry in the Touhou Project.  2
Transformers: Fall of CybertronTransformers: Fall of Cybertron is a third person shooter where players play as both the Autobot and Decipticon autonomous robots from the Planet Cybertron.  The Autobots, lead by Optimus Prime, are attempting to flee Cybertron to ensure the survival of their species following a devastating civil war.  1
Vanquish3rd person shooter game by platinum games  1
War RobotsMMO TPS with mechs. First released in 2014.  1
Warhammer 40,000: Eternal CrusadeWarhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade is a MMO 3rd Person Shooter, when you can play as Space Marine, Eldar, Ork or Chaos Space Marine. The game takes place in 41st millenium on planet Arkhona. The factions are fighting over territories on the world map.   1
Wild Guns ReloadedRemake of the SNES classic Wild Guns  1