Category: Main Games Puzzle
Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
3D Ultra Lionel TraintownThe virtual Lionel train game, classic in the hearts of many for its unique puzzles and activities.  1
BoulderDash 30th Anniversary EditionThis is the 30th anniversary version of First Star's original BoulderDash game.  BoulderDash is a game where the player travels around a field, collecting diamonds, and avoiding hazards; once enough diamonds have been collected, the exit will open, allowing the player to leave the map.  1
Christmas BoundChristmas-themes game where you solve levels by collecing presents with your bouncing ball.  1
Dijeweled RemasteredA fan-made Bejeweled game made by LDinos and Bejeweled Fans Community.  2
GameHouse SudokuA sudoku game.  1
GorogoaA novel take on a narrative puzzle game where you manipulate panels of something that appears to be a hand-drawn comic book, but that turns out to be multi-layered and interactive when clicked.  1
Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle CollectionCollection of 10 small games : Finger, Finty Flush, Mixed Genetics, Rat Poker, Lineup, Jewel Chase, Color Collision, Charmer, Spring Weekend, Muddled Casino  1
Musaic BoxHidden Picture game combined with a simple but novel form of puzzle that combines fitting pieces into a grid and fitting a piece of music.  1
Myst by watabouNavigate an ever changing maze before your torchlight goes out...  1
Mysteries Of The Undead: The Cursed IslandZombie themed hidden object adventure game.  1
Pretty Girls Panic!Sea creatures have constructed a water filled screen to hide the Pretty Girls from view. But don't panic! You have to penetrate a barrier and reveal the girls while avoiding getting caught.  1
Puyo Puyo TetrisPuyo Puyo is a puzzle game, and Tetris is another puzzle game. Puyo Puyo Tetris lets you play either game, competing against other players/computers/ who are also playing either Puyo Puyo or Tetris. It has an online mode. Up to 4 simultaneous players.  1
Puzzle Agent 2Point and click puzzle game about FBI Agent following up on his previous case of a strange incident at an eraser factory  1
Rescue TeamTime management game. A rescue team on a island.  1
SafecrackerSafecracker is a Macromedia Director 5.0-based game released in 1998 using early version of Quicktime.  1
Snake PassSnake Pass by Sumo Digital is a puzzle platformer were the player assumes control of Noodle the snake. Slither your way through challenging 3D puzzles in 4 unique worlds.  1
SpringyPuzzle game where you guide a spring to the exit point  1
Teleportower PlusA strategy puzzle game in which you play as 2 characters teleporting between them both to complete each tower level.  1
The Turing TestThe Turing Test is puzzle game where protagonist wears makeup in a spacesuit for no reason.  2
Tower of the SorcererTower of the Sorcerer is really a non-linear puzzle game disguised as an RPG.  1
Untitled Goose GameIndie Stealth+Puzzle game  1
WAtomicWAtomic is a Windows clone of the famous KDE program KAtomic.  1
Witch ItMultiplayer Hide & Seek game in a medieval-ish world.  1