Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
42TagsAn application to scan and store documents. Tags associated with the documents allows you to search through the stored documents and find them easily  1
ACDSeePopular powerful image viewer/editor.  17
ACDSee PowerPack 6.0The ACDSee PowerPack combines three major features of the well-known ACDSee - the graphic viewer, Photo Editor, and FotoSlate  1
Adobe BridgeAdobe Bridge is the replacement for Photoshop's File Browser. Now a standalone application, Bridge allows thumbnailing and metadata editing of creative assets. It is tightly integrated with Adobe Camera Raw, allowing batch and individual processing of RAW digital camera files.  6
Altana ViewerThe free FFXI data viewer and character rendering program.  1
apparitiona PDF viewer based on the mupdf engine  1
BiturnBiturn - is viewer and converter of 3D files and Bitmaps. It works with  1
BS Contact VRML/X3DBS Contact VRML/X3D enables the visualization of applications in Virtual Reality and  1
cam2pcBest and fastest freeware image browser/ viewer for Windows.  1
CDisplayThe Windows Image Viewer 'CDisplay' was writt­en to ease the viewing of images in JPEG, PNG and static GIF format. This was partly down to the existing programs currently available being too general purpose and thus awkward to use when simply wanting to view images sequentially.  1
CDisplayExCDisplayEx is an open source clone of the comic reader CDisplay.  2
ComicRackPopular comic reader and collection manager.  1
DWG TrueView 2011Autodesk® DWG TrueViewâ„¢ software is a free* stand-alone DWGâ„¢ viewer with DWG TrueConvertâ„¢ software included  1
eFilm LiteMerge eFilm Lite is a stand-alone application to view medical images (DICOM).  1
FastRawViewerFastRawViewer is a very fast RAW renderer. It can be used to very quickly sort through the raws, or raws+jpeg, of your camera.  1
FastStone MaxView for WindowsA image viewer that supports all major graphic formats.  2
FlipViewerFlipViewer is the viewing software for FlipBooks, and as such, is required to view or read a FlipBook.  1
FotoalbumWhat FotoTime provides is a complete solution to the digital photography environment. Everything from capturing pictures from a scanner or camera, organizing, describing and sharing those pictures with family and friends is handled seamlessly.  1
FotoQuelle FotosoftwareWith FotoQuelle you can upload photos which will be sent to you by post. You can choose among different typos of photos and photo books.  1
FotostationFotoStation PRO has been designed for people who work professionally with digital assets. It puts you in command whether you work alone or in a large organization, and whether you have just started building an archive or need a fast, powerful solution to organize you existing one.  5
FotoTaxiOnline digital photo printing service that needs this software installed. The service works in Italy (where shipping is free)  1
Fujifilm Finepix ViewerFujifilm Finepix Viewer is an image viewer, editor and slide show program packaged with many Fujifilm digital cameras. It can view and convert Fuji-specific .RAF (raw) image files into JPEG, BMP, and TIFF. It also preserves EXIF information, currently most Linux editors that handle .RAF files do not preserve EXIF.  2
GauszGausz is a desktop gis viewer used in german power supply industries, public services and local authorities. It is also used as printing backend in GauszWeb - a web based gis online portal.  6
Gigapan UploaderProgram that uploads large stitched panoramas to a web service for viewing  1
GonVisorGonVisor is a multiple-format viewer for Windows systems which supports  1
gpuViewerPhoto viewer utilizing the GPU.  1
Graphing Calculator ViewerApplication that enables to view and plot GCF files. Required if you have any interest in plotting this files.  1
HamanaDirectX 9.0 based fast­ image viewer with support for browsing most used compress formats  1
HoneyviewView images in archives such as zip- or rar-files without extracting them.  1
Icon Extractor 2000Icon Extractor 2000 is a small utility that loads and displays the ICON resources  1
IconXTractorA tool to view and extract icons from EXE, DLL, CPL,  1
IMATCHIMatch makes it easy to view, edit and organize your digital image collection. It integrates all your other applications, works with your digital camera and helps you with all aspects of your digital imaging workflow.  2
iQ-LITEViewer included on DVD containing DICOM medical images.  1
IrfanViewFast free image viewer  2
Jed's Half-Life Model ViewerFrom Moddb:  1
Kindle PreviewerLets you view mobi (also ePub, html and opf) files as rendered by Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, Kindle Voyage, Kindle DX..  3
Kobo DesktopPurchase and read eBooks, online newspapers and magazies.  3
LizardTech GeoViewerLizardTech GeoViewer is a standalone application for  1
Magix Foto Manager  1
Manga ReaderManga Reader is an in-development software project that allows you to easily read manga pages offline in a variety of different formats including .jpg, .png, .tif, .pcx, .psd, .pcx, .gif and .bmp in different folders or within compressed files (.zip, .rar, .7z, etc).  1
Microsoft Visio ViewerActiveX plugin that lets you view Visio files in IE 5 and up.  1
Mobipocket ReaderMobipocket Reader is a fully featured reader for the desktop. It reads a variety of formats, including the mobipocket .prc format.  5
NX StudioNikon Raw file Converter  2
OCAD ViewerOCAD Viewer is the free edition to view, print and export OCAD maps and OCAD course setting projects.  1
OLYMPUS ViewerImaging software for OLYMPUS digital SLR cameras for RAW and compressed picture formats.  2
Photo MechanicThis software is pretty much a newsroom standard for viewing, importing, sorting and tagging digital photographs. It allows for batch processing and IPTC editing.  3
PicLensPicLens instantly transforms your browser into a full-screen media  1
PIE StudioIntegrated solution for managing and printing images  1
PMView 2000PMView is the classic graphic viewer used under OS/2.  1
PMView ProPMView Pro is the Windows version of the OS/2 application PMView (AKA PMView 2000).  1
SlowviewA small image viewer for windows.  1
Stereogramm-DecoderStereogramm-Decoder, aka StereoDecoder, can open an autostereogram and display the 3D image (that may otherwise be difficult to see). It is useful for anyone who struggles with viewing autostereograms, but it does require access to another graphics program that can be used to measure the pattern width (as explained in Stereogramm-Decoder). The GIMP has a measure tool that can be used for this purpose.  1
SumatraPDFA simple, light weight, and very fast PDF viewer for Windows. SumatraPDF has SyncTex support and is bundled with RStudio.  5
syngo Imaging XS-VA60BViewer for DICOM format medical Magnetic Resonance Images.  Also contains tools for maintaing a collection of such images on compact discs.  2
ThumbsPlus"It's only the most effective, elegant and  3
TomoConLiteThis is a viewer of CAT-scanned images that comes on the CD with the pictures of the inside of a patient's body you get at the hospital.  1
VaryViewA vectorial and raster graphics file viewer  1
VFDS virtual figure drawing studio - femaleVFDS is a virtual studio that allows you to pose your model  1
WhorldWhorld is an open source geometry visualiser, it can be used for VJing or simply watching along with music. The user can influence the geometry being generated to a high degree allowing for a lot of variation in content.  1
WinDjViewOne of the best DjVu viewers. Supports embedded text and bookmarks and opens broken files "correctly" other viewers refuse to open/render and convertors skip the pages with them or render a half of a page.  1
XnViewFine freeware graphics viewer. Works flawlessly on wine.  2
yBookSpacejock Software yBook: This is an excellent freeware text, html, rtf and pdb/prc (Palm document format) eBook reader.  3
ZoomBrowser EXCanon's ZoomBrowser (for PC) and ImageBrowser (for Mac) make it easy to  6