Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
123 Flash MenuApplication for create easy and faster flashmenus  2
7up Sprite EditorCommodore 64 sprite editor  1
7yuv Viewer7yuv is a YUV Viewer/Editor, Raw Image Data and Hex Editor.  1
AAA Logo 2008An intuitive and surprisingly comprehensive logo design tool. There are quite a few logo examples and a good-sized collection of mix-and-match graphics.  1
ACD Canvas 12Program for technical illustration  1
ACDSee Photo StudioA fairly powerful digital photo editing suite, with "AI" capabilities. Performs non-destructive edits to files, similar to Adobe Lightroom.  1
Adobe FireworksFireworks lets users import files from all major graphics formats and manipulate both vector and bitmap images to quickly create graphics and interactivity. Images can be easily exported to Dreamweaver, Flash and third-party applications.  10
Adobe IllustratorA vector graphics image editing program.  14
Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop software is a popular professional-quality bitmap image editor that handles  22
Adobe Photoshop ElementsImage Editing program very similar to Photoshop. Uses the Photoshop layout and algorithms, some advanced functions not implemented.)  11
Adobe StreamlineMaximum control for converting images to line art.  1
Adobe XDUser experience design tool  1
Advanced JPEG Compressora jpeg compression program  1
Affinity PhotoProfessional photo editing, compatible to photoshop.  7
Akvis MagnifierMagnifier is a stand along appilcation for the resizing of images, allowing control over the aspects of interpolation.  1
Akvis RetoucherProgram for photo restoration and photo retouching.  1
Akvis SketchConverts any image into a sketch that appears hand-drawn. Lots of options for doing so.  1
Alias Sketchbook ProAlias Sketchbook Pro, is a natural media productivity program created specifically for use with touch sensitive pen and tablet interfaces, such as Wacom graphics tablets or Tablet PCs.  5
Animation ShopAnimation Shop is quite a rich application for creating and editing small animations for web design.  2
Arcsoft Panorama MakerArcSoft Panorama Maker tur­ns any series of overlapping photos into a panoramic image in just seconds. Create horizontal, vertical and  4
ArtGemArtGem was created as a reaction to the lack of good paint software for  1
Artizen HDRArtizen HDR is a Windows based  0
ArtRage"ArtRage is a painting package designed to provide a realistic and fun simulation of using paint on a canvas, along with pens, pencils, crayons, and other tools."  14
ArtweaverArtweaver is a freeware graphic program like photoshop  5
Ascgen2Ascgen2 is a .NET application to create ASCII text images out of pictures.  2
Aurora HDR 2019Generate HDR pictures for photographers.  1
AutoPano ProCreate panoramas with only one button. You don't need to select pictures anymore, you  2
Autostitch­Autostitch is a fully automatic 2D image stitcher, capable of stitching full view panoramas without any user input whatsoever.  3
BailiwickBailiwick is a terrain raw file editor that allows b&w terrain maps to be converted to multi-channel raw files that can be uploaded into Second Life and Opensim.   1
Basketball PlaybookA basketball coach software. You can draw your own tactics and warm-ups etc. You can also animate your work.  1
BlenderA free, fully functional, 3D modeling, rendering, animation and game creation package.  5
BLP2PNG.exeBLP2PNG is a conversion tool for Blizzard Entertainment's .blp file format--specifically images--into .png format.  2
Box Shot 3DVerry cewl program to make software boxes, CD's. It is verry easy in use.  1
Brick AtelierBrick Atelier is a freeware tile editor for Windows. While limited in features it offers a fast user interface with most of the often needed features visible on the main screen. Brick Atelier is programmed for speed - in both drawing and program speed with a small memory footprint.  1
BWorksB/Works is for creating old fashioned B/W images, Sepia or Duotone colored images. For picture which doesn't look very exciting in color, try to experiment with B/Works.  1
Bytescout Watermarking PROHave you ever thought of the fact that every time you publish your photos to the Web they are at risk of being stolen and used by somebody else? To avoid this, you should protect them with visual watermarks. Using Bytescout Watermarking PRO you will secure your photos against unauthorized use.  1
CamediaVersatile and easy-to use multimedia imaging software from Olympus. CAMEDIA Master software allows easy processing, editing, organizing and printing of digital images.  1
CAMEDIA Master ProPhoto indexing and editing software distributed with Olympus digital cameras. Paid upgrade to "Pro" version to allow extra functionality.  1
CameraBag 2.6.02Trial period applicable after download  1
Canon 3000 Scanner DriverThe driver and toolkit for the Canon 3000 EX Scanner.  1
Capture One ProCapture One provides a complete, fully color-managed RAW conversion workflow for photographers.  10
CharacterizerChange an image to ascii text.  1
ChartistNovagraph® Chartist  1
Click'N Design 3dSmall app whose purpose is to design and print CD Stomper labels. Contains tons of free clipart.  1
CLIP STUDIO PAINTCLIP STUDIO PAINT is graphics editing software published by CELSYS. It provides functions specifically for digital illustration, comics(manga & webtoon) creation, animation, and industry standards for printing and publishing. It is a combination the previous products IllustStudio and ComicStudio. The software supports pressure sensitive tablets, such as Wacom or Huion, and the CELSYS branded TABMATE. It has multilingual support on the product website and in the program for Japanese, English, French, Spanish, German, Korean, and Chinese.  22
Collage Makermake stunning photo collages. supports custom masking.  1
comic lifeWith a comprehensive set of features, Comic Life gives  3
Comic WorksDELETER COMIC WORKS is a graphic software, specific for drawing manga style comics. Same developer is developing openCanvas, specific for colour graphics.  1
Corel Paint Shop ProCorel's Paint Shop Pro (previously Paint Shop)  0
Corel PainterCorel Painter is a raster-based digital art application created to simulate as accurately as possible the appearance and behavior of traditional media associated with drawing, painting, and printmaking. It is intended to be used in real-time by professional digital artists as a functional creative tool.  10
CorelDRAW­CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is composed of:  17
CreatacardThis application is for designing Greeting cards, Business cards, flyers, etc. This version is a very old version from about 1997 but runs perfectly using the latest version of wine. It even locates the cd rom and printer for selecting the graphics from the cd and for printing your designs.  1
Deep PaintHigh end paint application, similar to Painter. Now available for free from it's producer.  1
Digital Photo ProfessionalDigital Photo Professional is a software for processing RAW images from EOS DSLR Cameras.  4
Disney Magic Artist 3DKids graphic drawing and printing program. Appears to have copy protection.  1
DrawPlusExtremely flexible and easy to use vector drawing program.  7
DxO FilmpackWhether color or black and white, bring out the best in your digital  1
DxO PhotoLabDxO PhotoLab is image processing software developed by the French company DxO Labs. It was formerly called DxO Optics Pro.  1
DxO PureRAWThias Software uses AI algorithms to convert RAW-Images to linear DNS files for further development. Powerful denoising, demosaicing and lens corrections is used.  3
DxO ViewPointApplication to correct distortions in .jpg or .tiff pictures :  1
Dynamic Auto Painter ProTurns digital photographs into paintings using styles of famous painters.  4
Dynamic Photo HDRApplication to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photographs.  2
Easy Calendar MakerA program for creating printable calendars,  1
Easy Cover Design ProIf you have printable CD labels (such as the Memorex sticker sheets) and want to be able to print out professional looking CD covers without having to worry about sizing and origins, this is the perfect program to use. Although a fairly poor graphical editor, you can paste your own images in this and easy move and resize them to fit where you want.  1
Easy Gif AnimatorFast and simple GIF animator with many options and image editing.  1
EasyGenEasyGen is a terrain editor for the idTech3 Engine of IdSoftware®.  1
EasyWebGalleryWebGallery is a simple software for easy creating online and offline web galleries. Every image can be described and later searched by its description. It stores all needed information about the gallery in a separate XML file, which is read and visualised in web browser. It automaticly generates image thumbnails and if requested - resizes big images ready for web publishing. Every gallery is easy edited, so one can add or remove images in a matter of a click. Currently, only IE 5.0 and higher is supported for the only template.  1
EPSON PhotoRAWThis is the bundled RAW converter for the Epson R-D1/R-D1s.  1
ExifCleanerThis is a batch Windows utility intended to mass remove EXIF data, XMP, IPTC, and other metadata formats out of JPEG digital camera photos. Removing does not affect actual image quality. Other features include: previewing of EXIF, copying EXIF details to the clipboard, a portable edition of the software.  2
Exposure X3Alien Skin Exposure X3 is an advanced non-destructive RAW editor for the creation of stunning images. Exposure X3 adds many new features to its predecessor X2. Users love its rendering of skin tones and the broad selection of film based presets. Exposure X3 uses Qt Version 5.9.0.  3
Exposure X5AlienSkin Exposure X5 is an advanced non-destructive RAW Photo editor. This is the trial version downloaded from their website.  2
ExpressionExcellent vector-based paint program with bitmap support and many unique features.  1
Expression Design"Expression Design is a professional design tool for  1
Extrafilm DesignerApplication which enables to upload pictures to a photo development service which allows you to design a photobook that they print & send.  1
FantaMorphFantaMorph is an easy to use application for morphing images; it can create still images, video files or animated GIF output from one or more still images. A single image can be warped into a different shape, creating a simple single image morph, and two or more images can be morphed together.  2
FastStone Photo ResizerFastStone  2
Filter ForgeFilter Forge is a standalone application and Photoshop plugin used to create any kind of textures, even realistic ones.  1
FireAlpacaFireAlpaca is a free to use image editor focused primarily around illustrations. FireAlpaca most notably focuses around being lightweight and having a decent range of default brushes and templates. There is a paid for ad free version on steam.  3
FLMaskFLMask is a program used to mask/unmask parts of an image in various  1
FlockmodFlockmod is a realtime collaborative group drawing application. It both has an online application and a downloadable application, which includes less lag, pressure sensitivity, and sharper graphics.   1
Focus MagicCorrects slightly out of focus photos.  Used as a plugin to Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.    1
FontLab StudioThe most professional font editor available, and exists in Windows and Mac versions.  3
FotoFiltrePhotoFiltre is a complete image retouching program. It allows you to do simple or advanced adjustments to an image and apply a vast range of filters on it. It is simple and intuitive to use, and has an easy learning curve. The toolbar, giving you access to the standard filters with just a few clicks, gives PhotoFiltre a robust look.  1
FotorFree image editor with many preset effects, design templates and options  2
Foxit PhantomPDF BusinessFoxit PhantomPDF Business  4
fragMOTIONfragMOTION is a 3D modeler used for the creation and animation of characters.  1
FreehandVector drawing program similar to Adobe Illustrator.  2
Fujifilm X RAW StudioRAW development software for Fujifilm X-TRANS devices  5
FX ComposerAn GUI designed to build shaders for Cg, GLSL, HLSL, etc. efficiently  2
GameGenIIA 3D modelling tool used for Nintendo 64 game development.  1
GeneticaIntroducing Genetica, the world's most powerful editor of seamless textures, animated textures, and HDRI environment maps!  Genetica is a standalone application available on Windows XP and above.  1
Geniux Photo EFXPhoto editing software with support for Photoshop files as well as RAW graphics files from many cameras.  1
GIF AnimatorA simple animated GIF creator and editor.  1
GIMPGIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a  5
GMaskGMask is a program used to mask/unmask parts of an image in various different ways. It is common on imageboard type communities and often used for censorship of pornographic materials.  2
Google Nik CollectionNik Collection is a set of image enhancement tools and photographic filter executables and plug-ins. The executables could be used as alone programs even if you don´t have photshop installed in your computer.  1
Graphics GaleGraphics Gale is a feature-rich freeware editor for pixel-accurate media, animated or static, especially sprites and other videogame/computer-related graphics.  3
Hassleblad FlexColor 4.0.3FlexColor is used to capture and process 3F files from a Hasselblad camera or Imacon scanner, and produce professional color-corrected images.  1
HDR Darkroom 3Creates HDR images from exposure brackted images.  1
HDR ExposeHDR Expose is a program that can either create a sudo HDR by using a single image, or the merging of multiple exposures of the same scene to produce a high range of brightness and colors that would normally not be able to be seen by a traditional picture standards  1
HDRPatch2Ein Programm für Windows und Ubuntu wine  1
Helicon Noise Filter FreeUsed to remove noise in images like Neat Image. Will also sharpen and remove red-eye. Works fine with no errors. Some text labels cannot be seen, but if you hover the cursor over them the hints come up and you can figure out what they are. Seems a bit slow, but very functional. I tested the free version.  1
HexelsHexels is a grid-based art program that lets you paint with shape.  3
Hugin"A powerful software package for creation and processing of panoramic images. Similar to the windows programs PTGui and PTAssembler.  1
HyperSnapHypersnap is a full-featured  2
HyperStudio MorphImage morphing (crossfade) application, included with HyperStudio 4.5  1
IconWorkshopSoftware for creating, editing and converting icons for all operating systems, incl. Windows, Mac OS and Linux.  1
IconXPIconXP is a fully featured icon creation package that supports creating cursors and icons with alpha channel transparency. It also has an intuitive image importing mechanism that supports PNG.  1
iCorrect EditLab ProAppThis application enables easy color correction of photographs.  1
Idraw3 Chara MakerA graphics program widely used by the game-making community (RPG Maker in particular), which uses palletized graphics, grid snapping, and animation previews. It is very useful for those making graphics for a tile-based game.  1
IgniteIgnite is a tool for optimizing images  1
IllustStudioIllustStudio is a drawing and painting application, created by CELSYS  1
InAlbumInAlbum is an application written in Flash which creates Flash photo shows. Non-free.  1
InkScapeAn Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to  2
JingSnap a picture of anything on your desktop. Record video of what you do, or what you see. Instantly uploaded. Share in email, IM, or blogs.  1
JPEGCropsJPEGCrops is a Windows program, created for preparation of a batch of images for printing. It provides lossless cropping with fixed aspects using jpegtran.  2
Junior Icon EditorA freeware icon editor, with the ability to save the image, in ICO format.  1
Kai's Photo Soap 2Photo editing software that came with my digital camera  1
LabographyA graphics editor serving your creativity  1
LeonardoA fast drawing program for windows.  1
LogomakerLogo design software  1
LuminarDeep-learning automated photo editor   1
Luminar 3Advanced photo editing and cataloguing software with advanced AI tools  1
LView ProImage/Photo viewer&manipulation much smaller footprint than Photoshop similar functions including slideshow, image editing in intuitive interface  2
MakeHuman­MakeHuman is completely free,  innovative and professional software for the modelling of 3-Dimensional characters.  1
Mandala Crystal Version LibreMandala Crystal Version Libre is an Opensource Software to create mandala image. It's a french software, for a french people.  1
Manga StudioManga Studio is the English version of the Japanese program Comics Studio. It's made specifically for drawing black and white comics, and is excellent at that. It comes in two versions Debut and EX. Features include, layers, rotating work surface, panel rules, word balloon tool, a variety of drawing pens, airbrush, image transformation tools and more. As of version 5, built-in 3D models and better coloring has been added.  4
MangaLaboComic Illustration program using multi-page files extending to over 100 pages each of bitmap and vector layers.  Program is designed to be able to replicate a hand drawn comic including measurement tools to aid in accomplishing this task.  Colors must be created and saved via RGB values in order to encourage exact color matching and discourage high color print cost.  Uses Wacom tablet for pressure sensitive sketching, drawing, and digital painting.  Imports 3D wireframe files for reference and has a 3D primitives designer for creating scene/location ideas.  1
MapZoneMapZone is a freeware tool to generate realistic Textures by using Nodes.  2
MaxIm DLMaxIM DL is a powerful graphics tool for astronomical data.  1
Mayura Draw 4.3A light-weight vector-based drawing program.  1
mdiappmdiapp is the Japanese program for drawing black and white comics.It can change also into English from a menu. Features include, layers, rotating work surface, rulers, a variety of drawing pens, airbrush and more.  1
Medibang Paint ProMedibang Paint Pro is the PC version of their Medibang Paint product.  3
MicroangeloThis is a icon editor and explorer, it's useful to save icon from win apps to use for shortcuts in Linux.  2
Micrografx Picture PublisherA simple yet powerful image manipulation program.  2
Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE)A program from Microsoft Research that automatically stitches together panoramas.  2
MindTexMindTex takes a simple 2D texture and applies some algorithms on it to produce bump, normal, ambient occlusion, specular and self illumination texture which are in turn used in 3D software to give detail to simple geometric shapes.  2
MirageMirage is a powerful, creative environment for the production of 2D animation and special effects. Designed for professional studios and freelancers requiring a maximum of flexibility and productivity, Mirage combines real-time paint, animation, and special effects functionalities into a single product. A true paperless digital animation system, Mirage dramatically broadens the capabilities of traditional 2D animators, and is proven to save up to 50% in production time compared with traditional 2D pipelines.  1
Mobipocket CreatorMobipocket Creator is a desktop program to generate ebooks into the MobiPocket *.prc format out of text, html, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF and graphics gallery formats.  1
Morpheus Software MorpherA Free Program Which morphs stuff...  1
Nikon CaptureNikon capture allowes editing/convertng nikon NEF files as well as controlling the camera.  5
Nikon ViewNXBasic Tool by Nikon to handle and manage pictures. Also includes a RAW converter.  1
NVIDIA Texture Tools ExporterApplication for creating different texture maps then adding effects onto them and exporting the textures in a wide array of formats using the NVTT sdk (Nvidia Texture Tools)  1
Oloneo HDRengineFrom the website:  1
Olympus MasterDownloading images from digital camera, RAW images development, software/firmware upload to camera.  2
Olympus Workspace- RAW file development for Olympus cameras  1
ON1 EffectsSuite of filters for photo editing and retouching. Can be used standalone or as a pluging for Photoshop  1
openCanvas PlusPainting and graphics program for traditional artists in the digital medium. Draws smooth lines, and has an interesting "replay" function which lets you see how artists created their works.  4
PaintThe single paint program that comes with Windows.  7
Paint for ReactOSA simple paint program included with ReactOS. This is an open-source clone of MS Paint.  1
Paint It!A paint program that was packaged with several Microsoft products aimed at kids.  1
Paint Shop ProPaint Shop Pro is an advanced image editor. Whether it's a photo, graphic, or digital art, Paint Shop Pro is going to help you get the job done.  20
Paint.NETPaint.NET is free image and photo editing software for PCs that run Windows. It  16
PainterPainting tool for graphics designers and artists.  0
PaintRibbonPaintRibbon is an image-editing application for Windows with the Ribbon interface like the MS Paint for Windows 7/8.  1
PaintTool SAIPaintTool SAI (ペイントツールSAI) is high quality and lightweight painting software, fully digitizer support, amazing anti-aliased paintings, provide easy and stable operation, this software make digital art more enjoyable and comfortable.  12
Panorama FactoryThe Panorama Factory from Smoky City Design, LLC is a panoramic stitching program for Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP. You can use it to create high-quality panoramas from a set of overlapping digital images from a single vantage point. The Panorama Factory transforms (warps) the images so that they can be joined seamlessly into panoramas whose fields of view can range up to 360 degrees. In fact, you can make panoramas that exceed 360 degrees if you wish!  5
PanoramaStudioCreation of seamless 360 degree and wide angle panoramic images. This program combines simple creation of perfect panoramic images  7
PanoweaverStitch photos/images into 360 degree Flash panoramas  1
PENTAX PHOTO LaboratoryPENTAX PHOTO Laboratory is the Pentax tool for developing "*.pef" raw photo files such as produced by K20D camera.   2
Pepakura DesignerPepakura Designer is a tool for creating 3D paper models.  14
Pepakura ViewerPepakura Viewer is a free dedicated viewer that shows works of 3D models and patterns for papercraft created by "Pepakura Designer".  6
Photo NinjaPhoto Ninja is a professional-grade RAW converter that delivers  2
Photo StoryPhoto Story enables you to create slideshows using your digital photos with music and  2
Photo-Paint 9Photo-Paint 9, created by Corel, was an excellently designed graphics manipulation/creation program that ran under Windows 98 or higher.  2
PhotoAcute StudioSuper-resolution processor for photographs. Combines multiple photos of the same scene to increase resolution, decrease noise, increase dynamic range, increase focus, remove moving objects, etc.  1
PhotobiePhotobie is an image editor that offers all the standard editing and  1
PhotoFiltrePhoto Filtre is a powerfull application to create, edit and transform all your image.  4
PhotoImpactImage/Photo editing suite; does vector and pixel graphics, special effects,  7
PhotoInstrumentPhotoInstrument is a powerful and easy-to-learn raster graphics editor used to process digital photographs. With only a few clicks, anyone can solve most digital photo problems:  1
PhotoKeyQuickly, easily and professionally remove the GREEN SCREEN from photos and replace it with background images and add overlays in front of the subject as well. This is not a simple cut-out process. The green (or blue) is automatically detected and removed with edge smoothing and a lot of other special features. This is a commercial product but well worth the money!  1
PhotolemurThis is an applications that attempts to automatically enhance photos with as little input from the user as possible.  2
PhotolinePhotoline is a very powerfull dtp applikation, image editor and image viewer. It has one of best PSD format (Photoshop) support available in a none Adobe application.  6
PhotomatixCreates HDR images from Auto Exposure Brackted images.  4
PhotoPadPhoto editing software  1
PhotoScissorsApplication for easy background remove  1
PhotostitchA simple tool to create panoramas from images. This software comes bundled with certain models of Canon cameras.  1
PhotoStudioallows easy photoediting with a full range of intuitive tools for non-professional needs  2
PhotoVistaImage manipulation software. 'Stitches' multiple images into  1
PhotowiseEverything is ok without the digital camera connection.  1
PhotoZoom ProPhotoZoom Pro is based on S-Spline XL. It is able to render sharp and crisp clear image magnifications, perfectly focused, yet without the jagged edges, loss of detail or lack of photorealism that normally come with enlarging images.  4
PicPickPicPick is user friendly and full of features for creating your image, suitable for software developers, graphic designers and home users.  2
PICT Image ConverterThe editor converts AVI, JPEG, Bitmap, PNG to JVC's Personalized Image Capture Technology format to use on their awesome auto receivers. But only available in M$ software, but it is free, what a drag.  0
Picture Publisher 5Micrografx Picture Publisher 5 is a graphics program made in 1995 for Win3.11.  1
Picture Publisher 7The graphics program Micrografx Picture Publisher 7 is the predecessor of version 8 (see there). Both are very similar and in WINE have the same bugs. The only difference I noticed is that I did not need to disable DirectDraw mode to make drawing work.  1
Picture WindowImage editing program geared towards retouching photos. All ops work with 16-bit per channel, and support color management.  3
PixAround PixMaker 1.0Creating panorama pictures.  1
PixatePixate is a prototyping tool by Google for Android applications.  2
PixelformerPixelformer is a bitmap editor, specifically optimized for creating, modifying, and  1
PixiaPixia is a freeware bitmap graphics editor program for Windows. It was originally designed for the anime/manga community but it is useful for any kind of art. Besides the primary Japanese interface, it is also available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. The program supports multiple layers, transparency effects, and a number of rgb file formats including psd.  1
PixillionImage Converter utility.  2
Pixum FotoweltApplication is used to layout photo-books printed by Pixum.  1
PMD EditorA program used to make or edit .pmd files used mainly in MikuMikuDance (MMD).  2
PngOptimizerUtility to optimize png files, strips out useless information.  1
PolaDSRPolaroid Dust & Scratch Removal Utility  1
Pop-Up Card Designer PROPop-Up Card Pro enables you to design 3D pop-up greeting cards and displays. Design it, print it, and after some careful cutting and folding you have a paper greeting card which when unfolded has 3D textures or designs.  2
PortraitProAutomatic airbrushing/photo editing and touch-up software.  6
Project OneTool to do pixel graphics, especially targetted at the commodore 64. Used by quite some people in the c64-community.  2
PS3ThemeCreatorPS3ThemeCreator lets you create a theme for the PS3! (FW 2.00 or above only) Add custom sound and icons and make your PS3 apperance unique!  1
PTGuiPanoramic Digital Photo Stitching Program. Also includes HDR (High Dynamic Range) capabilities allowing a full HDR Panoramic Workflow to be carried out.  4
PTLensFrom the ePaperPress website:  3
Pyxel EditAbout  11
Qimage ProQimage Pro is a digital imaging application that has grown from its simple roots of printing multiple images on a single page, to being one of the most frequently referred to and highly recommended digital image applications in the world.  1
QuickDesignerGraphics editor for creating screens (also known as panels, views,  1
RawShooterProfessional digital camera raw file browser and converter. Very nice workflow.  3
ReactOS PaintClone of MS Paint from the ReactOS project  1
RealWorld PaintRealWorld Paint is a freeware image, photo or animation graphics editor program for Windows.  4
RebelleRebelle is a 2d painting application that simulates water colors and acrylics in a realistic fashion.  2
Rebelle 7.0Rebelle is hyper-realistic painting software with phenomenal oils, acrylics, watercolors, and other wet and dry media.  1
Red-e-rem­Red-e-Rem is a freeware program for removing red eye from jpeg (jpg) encoded digital photos while retaining exif information tags in the file.  1
Schlecker Fotoland SoftwareThe most widespread application downloadable from mostly all online-photo purchase services. It enables you do design your own photo-books, t-shirts, mugs etc.  1
SequatorSequator is a free software which can track stars on multiple pictures, align them, and stack the pictures.  2
Serif Affinity DesignerAffinity Designer is a software developed for the current generation of designers, artists, user friendly, very well polished and is an alternative to Adobe Illustrator.  5
Serif PhotoPlusPhotoPlus 11 Studio Pack offers powerful photo fixing and image editing  3
Shutterfly StudioProprietary Software from to allow you to manipulate and organize photo and image files on your computer.  1
Sigma Photo ProThis program can be used to process raw image data from Sigma digital cameras such as SD9, SD10, SD14, DP1 and DP2.  5
Silkypix Developer Studio"SILKYPIXâ„¢ enables you to process RAW data of a digital camera and to create an image.(*1) We call this process "development".  10
Silver Efex ProSilver efex pro is a professional post-processing application for black and white photography. It is used as a plugin for Adobe Lightroom.  1
Silverfast HDR StudioPost-Processing tool for scanned photo negatives and slides.  1
Skin EditorSkin editor for 3D Vista Publisher/Show/Studio.  1
Skinner4MotoA program for editing/creating skins for Motorola P2K mobile phones.  1
SkinStudioSkinStudio is a program that lets you design your own graphical user interfaces  1
SmartblendMain goal of smartblend is  1
SnagItSnagit: The ultimate screen capture tool  5
Sony Image Data SuiteSony Image Data Suite consists of three applications, Image Data convertor SR, Image Data Lightbox SR and Remote Camera Control.  2
SpritePadCommodore 64 sprite editor  1
StitcherStitch photos/images to create 360 degree panoramic view  3
STOIK Smart Resizerresizing the image with no quality lose  1
Substance PainterSubstance Painter is a 3D Painting Software, allowing to texture, render and share.  2
SuperDisplaySuperDisplay turns your Android device into a portable USB display for your Windows 10 PC. Duplicate or extend your screen simply by plugging in your phone or tablet into the USB port, or by Wi-Fi.  1
SuperGOOEasy to use Image distortion program  1
Texture Maker EnterpriseThis is a texture generation/editing program.  1
The Geometer's SketchpadA program to do basic geometry with.  2
ThumbsPlus Pro­ThumbsPlus is a highly customizable image database with thumbnails and batch editing. It makes it easy to catalog, organize, locate and maintain all of your graphics, multimedia and font files.  1
TKexe kalenderA program for creating printable calendars,  1
Topaz DeNoise AITopaz DeNoise AI cleans up image noise without a loss of detail.  6
Topaz Gigapixel AITopaz Gigapixel AI uses deep learning to increase image resolution without losing detail.  5
Topaz Sharpen AITopaz Sharpen AI fixes blurry or out of focus images  2
Topaz StudioImage effect toolbox.  1
Topdraw"Use this easy drawing program to produce a variety of documents. From graphics to presentation materials, you can add layers, text effects, shapes, and many other features. Top Draw supports WMF, DIB, DMB, and PCX formats." (PC World)  1
Toycamera AnalogColorSimple photo effect tool, for e.g. fake cross processing, image borders, etc.  1
Tree DruidTreeDruid is a program which allows a 3D model to be created, specifically of a tree.  1
TrueGrainWith TrueGrain you can edit your photographies. It turns them into monochrome photographies using different types of films (e.g. Kodak Verichrome Pan 120, Agfa APX 400 120).  2
Type LightFree font editor and converter for Truetype, Opentype and Opentype Postscript fonts.  2
Ulead PhotoexpressAllows manipulation of photos, painting, airbrushing and image filters  1
Ultimate PaintUltimate Paint is an advanced image editor. Its main advantage over other image processing applications is that it was built from the beginning with image creation and editing in mind. Its user interface and core functionality was based on the famous Amiga program Deluxe Paint. In addition to that UP was completed with more than a hundred image processing filters and special effects. This large built-in collection of filters is unique among image processing applications, and can even be browsed just like images in a folder.  1
Ultimate Webshots ConverterConverts WBZ format graphics file into JPG format. WBZ files are the format that is downloaded from the site.  1
UnFREEzA GIF Animator. It is free off of the website.  1
UserBar GeneratorIs a program to facility the creation at userBar  1
UVMapperA small, but powerful mapping software.  1
VextractorVextractor converts raster (bitmap) images into vector files.   1
VideoPad Video EditorVideoPad is an easy to learn, professional video editing software.  3
ViewNXThis is the software included with Nikon cameras to work with and manipulate JPEG and NEF images.  7
Voxler 3An app for image editing, specially scientific images. Can create 3 display of the data, make surface photometry, etc.  1
VTFEditVTFEdit is a GUI frontend for the functions contained within VTFLib,  1
WidsMob PortraitIt is the professional photo editor for portraits or selfie images. WidsMob Portrait has the full make up control and skin color management. It is able to detect different types of portraits and selfie in various formats. Comprehensive and intuitive controls over face, eye, cheek, noise, teeth, shine, skin and more makeup aspects. It just redefine portrait retouch or makeup.  1
Windows DrawVector graphics editing / page layout program  1
Windows PaintbrushThe very basic bitmap editor for Windows 3.x and older  1
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 2013Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is a graphic package wich lets you deal with vector objects and photo editing, alongside some website publishing abilities.  1
Xara XSimple vector graphics Program.­  1
Xara Xtreme ProXara Xtreme is quite simply the world's fastest graphics software, with  5
YY-CHRA basic video game graphics editor for use with ROMs. Can edit many types of ROMs and file formats, including raw .bin files.  1
ZBrush­ZBrush: an image creation and processing tool powered by a real-time rendering engine.  16
ZbrushCore 2018Zbrush Core is the 3D printing and hobbyist version of the full Zbrush package. It features fewer tools but has full brush sculpting and dynamesh features found in the larger program.  1
Zoner CallistoA vector graphics editor  1