Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
3D Home Architect DeluxeHome design software with floor plans, custom materials and colors, and 3D renderings of home designs.  3
3D Object Viewer3D Object Viewer allows you to view 3D models  1
3D Objects ConverterIt's a powerful 3d model translation and interactive  1
3D Studio MAXHighly customizable and scalable 3D animation, modeling and rendering solution for creative professionals and large-scale pipelines.  14
3D Wohn-DesignerDesign an apartment's or house's ground plan and furnish it with furniture from a big repository. Then walk through it in 3D.  1
3DAnalyzeThis application can fool applications into thinking you have a more powerful graphics card, perform software TnL and force applications to use lower graphics settings.  1
3DCombine3DCombine allows you to convert normal 2D videos/photos to 3D in a variety of 3D formats including Anaglyph.  1
3DEM3d mapping geospatial visualization  1
3DF Zephyr3DF Zephyr allows to automatically reconstruct a 3D model starting from a set of pictures. The process is completely automatic, as no coded targets, manual editing or special equipment are needed.  3
3DVIA Shape3DVIA aims at being the YouTube of 3D media. It allows sharing and rendering 3D models on your browser, if you use Windows. You can upload 3D models made with an external application (eg. Blender, 3dsMax, SolidWorks, etc.), or you can create and upload your model with 3DVIA Shape.  1
3DVIA VirtoolsVirtools is a development environment to create 3D real-time applications and  1
Action ProThis program allows data from input devices (such as a mouse) to be used to create animation paths for use in other software.   4
Adobe Fuse CCAdobe Fuse CC (formerly Fuse Character Creator) is a 3D computer graphics software developed by Mixamo that enables users to create 3D characters. Its main novelty is the ability to import and integrate user generated content into the character creator. Fuse is part of Mixamo's product suite and it is aimed at video game developers, video game modders, and 3D enthusiasts.  1
Amapi ProAmapi Pro offers a unique environment for the conception and creation of high-end 3D models for use by product designers, architects and advanced 3D modelers.  1
Anaglyph MakerAnaglyph Maker generates 3D images that can be viewed with red/cyan, red/green, or red/blue 3D anaglyph glasses, interleave LC shutter glasses, or 3D LCD glasses.  1
Anim8orSimple 3D modeling program, great for creating meshes of models. Has menu and button rendering issues.  3
Animation:MasterModeling, animation, and rendering software. A very popular application in the 3D community.  2
Anime Studio DebutCreate your own Cartoons and Animation.  1
Anime Studio ProAnime Studio Pro is your complete 2D animation program for creating 2D  10
AniTuner 2AniTuner 2 is a program for creating and editing animated pointer cursors or processing icons.  1
Architecte 3D HD Expert CAD 2010Home design software with floor plans, custom materials and colors, and  1
Artlantis R3D renering sofware, used in architecture rendering. Radiosity rendering even in preview mode.  1
ArtoonixArtoonix is a simple to use yet powerful software to create cartoons or animated movies.  1
Aura 2Aura 2 is software for digital drawing, image editing and animation.  1
Autodesk Alias 2010Autodesk® Alias® design software applications are the conceptual design  1
Autodesk MayaMaya Unlimited is the top of the line of the Maya persuasion. Maya is the most powerful and widely used animation and modelling program in the industry.  4
Autodesk MotionBuilderMotion Builder is a creativity suite for mainly for character animation, interoperable with many other apps.  2
BDcraft CubikBDcraft Cubik is a 3D software for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8). It allows everyone to design 3D Meshes with a bunch of Cubes and Planes. Cubik is very easy to use and can export 3D Models for Minecraft (as Blocks, Items or World) as well as common 3D formats like .OBJ and .X3D! It can also import Minecraft Models, Voxelize OBJ or DXF and have many cool features to ease the work on the Mesh.  2
BeboA Livestraming Software without big CPU Usage  1
BryceWhether you're a pro or a beginning artist, Bryce is an easy way to create, explore and animate extraordinary imagery. It's perfect for multimedia, video and the Web.  4
CanomaCanoma is Mac/Win software that allows fast creation of photorealistic 3D models from one or more photographs. The models are geometrically very simple, and their purpose is not to replace any CAD or detailed 3D model, but to augment it, for example with realistic 3D context or to allow very fast 3D prototyping (source:  1
Carrara Studio3D package from Metacreation merging InfiniD and RayDream, later developped by Eovia then currently DAZ.  7
CavalryA compositing program with the main focus on 2D, mainly animation, effects and motion graphics.  1
Chief ArchitectA fully featured interior design/terrain/home building program.  6
Chief Architect ViewerVersion X6 of Chief Architect's Viewer application allows you to view and manipulate drawings from the full Chief Architect application.  1
Cinema 4DCINEMA 4D is a fully integrated 3D-modeling, animation and rendering package for Macintosh and Windows.It is well known for its surprisingly fast and photorealistic-quality raytracer.  11
ComiPo!ComiPo! is a manga creator even for people who can't draw.  1
CrazybumpCrazybump is an excellent program which can take a plain texture and extrapolate normal maps and the like in very little time, making it much easier to create a realistic texture with depth in your 3D program.  1
CrazyTalkCrazyTalk is an innovative and easy-to-use software tool for creating animated talking characters and digital hosts for DVD projects, websites, and e-mail messaging from your own photograph or digital image collection. Animate any person, animal, or illustration with CrazyTalk's easy-to-use professional editing tools. ­  2
CrowbarDecompile, compile and view GoldSource (GoldSrc) and Source models in a convenient interface.  1
Curvy3D3D Sketching, sculpting and texturing application. Some rendering functionality. Not a polygon modeler, but polygon meshes can be sculpted and textured.  1
CyberMotion 3D-DesignerUser friendly rendering and animating application  1
Daz|StudioDaz|Studio is a free 3D Rendering application. It is specifically designed around and focused for taking models generated in Poser and Carrara and modeling posing and to an extent animating them. It has a significant amount of built in functionality to resolve issues in mapping accessory items to the base model.  2
Daz|Studio Install ManagerThis is the application and content installation manager application for Daz|Studio. It is a separate and standalone application from Daz|Studio.  2
Deep ExplorationApplication for viewing and editing 3d models as well as translating them between several formats.  1
DeleD 3DDeleD is a lowcost modeler program designed for lowpolygon static modeling and level design. It has lowpoly routines, CSG and a lightmapper that calculates static light and shadowing very accuarate. DeleD is very easy to use and suited for beginners.  3
DIALuxCreate your virtual worlds simply and intuitively with DIALux.  1
DirectorMultimedia Development studio. Can create small compact animation for web, or large scale CD-ROM projects.  3
DragonBonesAnimation Creative Platform for Designers  2
Easy Web AnimatorFlash animations that you often see in many sites. Don't you think it is hard to make by yourself?  1
ETQW SDKProvides a complete software development environment including full source code and tools used to create models and levels for the game Enemy Territory Quake Wars.  1
FaceGenFaceGen is a software that allows you to create realistic 3D faces from photos or from scratch.  2
FaceworxFaceworx is a very user-friendly program that guides the user in modeling a 3D representation of a human's head. The user provides the program with two 2D pictures (front and side), and the program creates a 3D model using keypoints. Models can be exported using the popular OBJ format to import into other 3D modeling programs.  1
FlipBook­A digital flipbook for 2D animation. Allows you to animate from start to finish. All you need is talent.  2
FormZ3D Modeling and rendering program.  2
Franzis 3D-Eisenbahnplaner3D railway planner is an application to plan model railways and simulate their behaviour.  1
Free Morphing2A free software, used to create a morphing animation between two images.  1
Freeworld3DFreeworld3D is a fully interactive real-time 3D terrain editor and world editor specifically designed for game development. Â­ FreeWorld3D gives you the ability to produce complete 3D terrain, worlds and environments in a matter of no time.­  1
GaeaNew 3D terrain generation tool from QuadSpinner.  2
GIANTS EditorMod creation tool for Farming Simulator  2
GIF Construction Set ProfessionalGIF Construction Set Professional is a powerful  1
GIF Movie GearGIF Movie Gear is going to change the way you create GIF  2
GifCamGifCam is a simple app that you can use to easily make Gifs of whatever is on your desktop.  2
GmaxDiscreet's gmax is a free 3D modeling and animation tool based on their award-winning 3ds max. gmax allows gamers to create their o­wn in-game content for gmax enabled games  1
Hexagon 2.5A complete and sophisticated but easy-to-use 3D modeling and texturing application. It has:  1
Home Designer Interiors  1
Home Designer ProHome design software tool for your home, remodeling, design, landscaping, decking and outdoor living projects. Create plans.  1
Human HeadNVIDIA's GeForce 8800 Ultra demo "Human Head" delivers a startling leap  1
iCloneiClone is a 3Drendering and animation  3
Imagine for windows3d modeling and rendering program  1
Incendia EXIncendia is a 3D Multiprocessor Fractal  5
Insofta Cover CommanderThis is a typical designer's task: create an image of a product box for a web site, electronic presentation or a paper publication. Cover Commander offers an easy and fast way to create such images. The program uses a software renderer for maximum quality and hardware compatibility.  2
Instant 3DAn 3D font renderer from 1995.  1
Inventor ToolsOpen Inventor is a scene graph library for 3d Rendering. The Open Inventor Tools allow to convert and show open inventor and VRML files on the screen. The viewer is based on OpenGL.  1
KeyshotFastest Rendering engine for widows and MAC  2
kHEDkHED is a very lightweight and simple to learn (even for beginners) 3D polygon-based modeling tool, but has some very powerful features that are intuitive.  1
Landscape Design Deluxe 6Software for 3D Landscape Design, with a large variety of plants and trees, fences, lightining and exterior furnitures, acessories and buildings. Comes with a terrain editor for creating plateaus, slopes and paths and a 3DTrueView render for optimizing the final image of the project.  1
Lens StudioLens Studio is a powerful application designed for artists and  1
LightwaveLightWave is a complete 3D solution to model, render and animate. Used  6
Mandelbulb 3DIdeal for render high-quality images or videos (stereo and multiple lens, filters allowed) of any kind of fractals (remixing and multilayer allowed).  1
Marvelous DesignerMarvelous Designer is a content creation tool for cloth simulation. It's primarily used for draping garments onto character models for games and movies.  1
Maya PLEMAYA PLE (Personal Learning Edition) is graphics/3d developement software. PLE can be used for free on WINDOWS  1
mental millmental mill® enables artists and other professionals to develop,  1
meshmixerA freeware tool for manipulating 3D meshes (objects).  3
messiahStudioProfessional commercial character animation and rendering tool with official Wine support!  1
MetasequoiaMetasequoia is a 3D polygon modeling software for 3D computer graphics and video game development. It enables the user to create complex and organic objects, like humans or creatures, and works with a light response.  2
Micrografx Simply 3DWith Simply 3D, professional 3D graphics and animations are within your reach. Simply 3D provides unparalleled ease of use, complete customization, and professional quality output.   1
MikuMikuDanceMikuMikuDance, commonly abbreviated to MMD, is a freeware animation program that lets users animate and create 3D animation movies, originally produced for the movies of Vocaloid Hatsune Miku.  4
Milkshape 3DMilkShape 3D is a low-polygon modeler, which was initially designed for Half-Life. During the development, many file formats have been added.  6
Mine-ImatorMine-Imator is a animatin program for the game minecraft. You can animate your own movies and clips. you can also make small animations with. The program has been used by Frossa Productions on youtube to recreate the Tf2 Meet The... saga.  3
ModoModo is a advanced 3D modeling, painting and rendering software for the Macintosh and Windows platforms.  4
Moray3D modelling package targetting the POV-Ray ray-tracing program.  1
Morrowind Graphics ExtenderThis is a utility which hooks into the Direct3D calls generated by Morrowind and does additional processing to the scene. Renders distant land mass and extends the clipping plane, does post-processing using HDR, Bloom, or other pixel shaders. Makes the graphics 10x better judging by screenshots (haven't seen it in successful action yet).  2
MoviestormA free program used to make 3D animated films.  1
MYRIAD 3D Readerfree Cad viewer for 2d/3d files  1
Namo FreeMotionNamo FreeMotion is a flash animation solution to  1
NendoNendo is a subdivision modeller, which means you add primitives and reshape them according basic operations that involve subdivision of edges or faces.  1
O3DGoogle's 3D browser plug-in.  1
OpenFXA very good 3D program for Windows... It's open source.  1
OpenGL Fur Rendering Benchmark­Fur Rendering Benchmark is a small OpenGL benchmark focused on fur rendering. The rendering algorithm is highly multipass (100 passes) and each pass (or layer) uses a GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) vertex / pixel shader to make the hairs finer and­ finer. To increase the fur realism, two dynamic lights are used for self shadowing. The benchmark offers several options allowing the user to tweak the rendering: fullscreen / windowed mode, MSAA selection, window size, duration. The benchmark also includes a GPU Burner mode (stability test).  1
OpenToonzOpenToonz is the open source animation software that succeeds to "Toonz", which has been used by the likes of Studio Ghibli and the studio behind Futurama.  1
Particle IllusionParticle Illusion is a standalone application that allows you to quickly and easily create amazing effects: explosions, smoke, fire, sparkles, motion graphics backgrounds, space effects, creatures, and abstract artistic effects -- literally hundreds of different types of effects.  2
pCon.plannerInterior Design software similar to Sweet Home 3d or Sketchup. Useful for architects or interior designers.   2
PencilPencil is an animation/drawing software for Mac OS X and Windows.  1
pencil2dA very lightweight 2d animation software focusing on a hand drawn style.  2
PhotoMirageAn application designed to apply plotagraph-like morphing algorithms to parts of pictures.  1
Photopia CreatorSlideshow creator for combining photos and/or videos to make slide shows.  Similar to 4K Slideshow Maker. Apparently related to Photodex.  1
Photosynthyou give it a bunch of images of something, it gives you back a 3d model.  1
PivotPivot makes it easy to create stick-figure animations. You can build your own stick figures and load your own backgrounds. The animations can be saved as animated gifs to be used on web pages. An example animation is included.  2
Plastic Animation PaperSoftware for digital 2d drawn animation.  1
PluralEyesPluralEyes instantly syncs audio and video from multiple cameras and audio devices, in seconds.  1
Poser3D character rendering software  7
PoseRayPoseRay is an utility to convert 3D model meshes into POV-Ray scenes and  3
POV-Ray for Windows3D raytrace rendering software  3
PreFormSoftware for slicing 3D models for printing on the Form1 or Form2 printer.  5
Pro MotionPro Motion is one of the best tools available for drawing and animating sprites, bitmaps, tiles, and other types of 2D art assets.   It is used by many professional companies and schools to create games and teach animation.  1
PRO100Kitchen and furniture design software.  1
Quest3DQuest3D is a 3D engine and development platform that is generally used for architecture, product and design visuals, computer games, training software, and simulations in virtual reality.  1
quidamThe days of spending hours creating characters from scratch, polygon by polygon, in overly complex programs are over!  1
QuikGridQuikGrid will read in a set of scattered data points which represent a surface and will  1
Quixel MixerAn amazing app to create textures from scratch  2
Ray Dream Studio 5Ray Dream Studio was a fun and affordable 3d modeling and animation program that was discontinued in the mid-2000s after a series of crazy corporate breakups and buyouts.  1
RealFlowSimulating water.  1
ReflectionsA retired 3D raytracer.  1
Regard3DFree and open source structure-from-motion program that converts photos of an object, taken from different angles, into a 3D model of this object.  1
Relux3D light planning software with extensive manufacturers lighting database plug-ins  2
Rhino 3DFull interactive 3D NURBS editor with small Raytracer to preview raytraced results.  6
Rhinocerosrhino is made for 3d desgins like autocad very good program  1
rthdriblRthdribl is a technical demo of "High Dynamic Range Image-Based Lighting".  DirectX(R) 9.0 high-precision texture formats and version-2.0 of Pixel Shader represent real-time true HDR rendering. Light sources and reflected or refracted lights that are very bright cause Glare.  1
SculptrisSculptris is a Freeware 3d Sculpting Aplication like ZBrush or 3d Coat. It allows to simply working with 3d Objekts like with Clay and has a very User friendy Interface.  3
SecretCityA free 3D virtual world with customizable clothing and rooms, similar to, but simpler than "Second Life"  1
Shader DesignerShaderDesigner is a shader IDE for creating vertex and fragment shaders in OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL). IDE created by the now-defunct Typhoon Labs, it's still useful application for creating, compiling, testing and editing OpenGL Shaders.  1
ShaderMapThis program allows 3D artists to generate more realistic textures on objects by importing flat textures and generating various maps for controlling how the micro geometry of an object appears.  1
SiloSilo is next generation modeling application which is well known for the affordable price.  4
SketchUpFormerly Google Sketchup now owned by Trimble.   10
Sledge EditorA free and open source alternative to Valve's Hammer Editor for Half-Life 1.  1
Softimage XSIA (unGodly expensive) 3D graphics editing program for making games and the like. Comparable to Autodesk Maya and 3DStudio Max.  1
Sparkol VideoscribeVideoscribe is an video application that allows you to create movies using vector graphics. It traces the graphics as if they were created in real time by an artist. It includes lots of video effects and can export the results in a variety of video formats (Trial version supports only Quicktime MOV files).  2
Stereoscopic PlayerA video player for playing your 3D videos and DVDs on your PC with great performance.  1
Stop Motion ProA stop motion application with extra features.  1
Substance DesignerSubstance Designer is an application for Windows and Mac that is used to create high quality materials used in 3D environments.  3
TerragenPhotorealistic scenery rendering software.  2
Terragen 2Terragenâ„¢ 2 Technology Preview is the first public  3
Terragen 3This is a much-improved application over its first version, which was expected to run under Wine. The user can define 3D Terrain Geometry using complex nodes, and then assign materials to them as well, to achieve terrains 'good enough for professional CGI use', i.e., movie-making, game-authoring, etc..  1
Terragen 4Photorealistic terrain generator.  2
ToolbagMarmoset Toolbag is a very versatile renderer that allows artists to use the same tools used by the latest AAA games to create artwork in REALTIME without having to wait for any raytracing or complex calculations to complete. Toolbag works very similar to a game engine and is the WYSIWYG of 3D rendering. Features include PBR (Physically Based Rendering), IBL (Image Based Lighting) and exporting fully pan/rotatable artwork for the web using Marmoset Viewer. The only catch being all limitations that apply to current realtime rendering techniques will apply to the output.  3
Toon Boom AnimateToon Boom Animate allows for film quality animation in both traditional and digital methods. Using innovative tools and other artist friendly features, it allows you to create amazing cartoons in seconds, or produce massive productions with ease.  2
Toon Boom StudioTraditional frame-by-frame animation suite. Drawings are represented in vector form, and can be exported to SWF or SVG (with a plugin). Also can output to Quicktime, which is also a runtime dependency of the program.  4
topogunTopoGun is a very nice tool for retopology. It is usually used for redoing the topology of 3d meshes done in z-brush or mudbox  1
trueSpace­­TrueSpace for Intellicad is a Special version of Caligari's TrueSpace NURBS modeler.  2
Ultimate Unwrap3DUltimate Unwrap 3D is a specialty Windows tool for unwrapping 3D models.  2
Vectorian GiottoVectorian Giotto is a Free Alternative for Adobe Flash, a very complete program (little basic but complete) to create flash animations with almost nothing of knowledge.  1
Vectric Aspire2D, 3D vector software. Outputs for example Gcode to use with plasma cutter, laser cutter, plotter or other CNC.  3
VideoTrace  1
Virtual Architect Kitchens & Baths 10Design software for kitchens and baths. Paid version. Offered by HGTV  1
ViSoft PremiumBath planning at its best  1
VistaProA landscape rendering program that uses Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) of real-world places  1
VMagicMirrorOpen-source VTube/VRM Motion capture software based on the Unity Engine  3
VrayAfter its enourmous success on the market V-Ray has become the renderer of choice in big production studios accross the world. Feature film productions, multi-million dollar game productions, huge and small architectual visualizations have trusted their visuals to V-Ray. Wouldn't you too?  1
vroid studioVroid studio is an application to make 3d models of anime female and male characters.  2
VueA 3D drawing application which is easy to use. For artists and illustrators.  6
Vue 7 XStreamCreates powerful 3D renders and animation.  1
Vue 8 StudioVue 8 is a unique 3D software rendering tool, specialized in out-door sceneries.  1
vvvvvvv is a toolkit for real time video synthesis. It is designed to  2
World MachineWorld Machine is a unique procedural terrain generator unlike any terrain software you may have encountered. World Machine combines powerful terrain effects, a graph-based user interface, and fast, dynamic previews to allow for the rapid creation of extremely varied and realistic terrain.  5
Xara 3DMakes 3D Logos and animations --needs  2
xNormalxNormal is an application to generate normal / ambient occlusion /  3
ZebraTRACEZebraTRACE takes an image and maps contour lines to create an illusion of 3 dimensionality.  1