Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
ABBYY ScanTo Office"ABBYY ScanTo Office" is an easy-to-use OCR application.  1
AbiWordAbiWord is a free word processing program similar to Microsoft Word. It is suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks.  4
Across FreelanceAcross Translator Edition - The Translation Software for Freelancers - Boost your productivity with an efficient, comprehensive work environment  1
Adobe FrameMaker"Industrial Strength" Word Processor, with excellent support for  4
Adobe InCopyAdobe InCopy is a professional word processor made by Adobe Inc. that integrates with Adobe InDesign.  1
Adobe ReaderDisplay, Search and Print PDF-Files.  Formerly Acrobat Reader.  13
Advego PlagiatusCheck the uniqueness of the text  5
Apabi ReaderReader for CEBX and CEB formats.  1
Atlantis Word Processor­Atlantis is a word processor carefully designed with the end-user in mind. Compact, fast loading, but still powerful and efficient, Atlantis will be the perfect companion for a wide range of your word processing tasks, from simple to most complex. It does not matter if you are a novice or a power user, Atlantis has the tools you will ever need to compose highly professional documents.  3
Atlantis Word ProcessorFree full featured MS word compatible word processor.  1
Blurb BookWrightBookWright (formerly BookSmart) by Blurb is desktop publishing software that you use to create  2
Classical Text EditorClassical Text Editor allows for the creation of complex texts with multiple levels of text with annotation, directed particularly towards the needs of scholars creating critical editions of ancient works. It is one of the only word processors available anywhere with full OpenType support.  2
CogTool for comparing languages by inserting word lists in IPA format  1
Creative WriterA word processor aimed at kids.  2
CuneiFormOCR (optical character recognition) program.  1
DavkaWriterThis is pretty fully-featured Hebrew/English word processor  2
DjvuToyWith DjvuToy, one can merge, extract, split, index, convert, annotate, make and edit .djvu-files. It is essentially the only available Djvu-editor with a GUI. The only downside is that it doesn't support the conversion from pdf to djvu (yet).  1
EndNoteFormats bibliographies; reference manager.  16
Etxt АнтиплагиатThe program for check of uniqueness of the text  1
Final DraftFinal Draft is a screenwriting package used by many professional screenwriters. It formats and paginates scripts to the standard. Just Add Words.  7
FineReaderOCR (optical character recognition) program.  17
FronimoThis is a wonderful typesetting and printing program for tablature of the type used by lute and guitar players (ie, using letters of the alphabet instead of traditional musical notes.)  1
Hangul word processHangul word process is one of famous word processor in South Korea. It also called '한글', '아래아 한글', '한/글' or 'ᄒᆞᆫ글' in Korean language.  5
Help & ManualHelp & Manual is a documentation tool and content management system for both single and multi-author editing.  1
iDailyDiaryiDailyDiary provides a simple interface that immediately gets you started taking daily notes,  3
Idiom Worldserver Desktop WorkbenchWorldServer™ Desktop Workbench is a computer-aided translation (CAT) tool for translators, editors, proofreaders, and other language professionals who prefer to work offline on WorldServer assignments.  1
JarteJarte is an independently created word processing program that feels like a part-way between WordPad and Office. Immensely user-friendly and an interesting graphical interface.  4
JWPceA GPL Japanese Word Processor.  2
Liquid Story Binder XEA word processor for people writing books.  (Kind of like Final Draft.)  2
Microsoft WordWord Processing component of Microsoft Office.  12
Microsoft Word ViewerMicrosoft Word Viewer is a freeware program for Microsoft Windows that can display and print Microsoft Word documents. Word Viewer allows text from a Word document to be copied into clipboard and pasted into a word processor. The last version made was compatible with Word 2007. Since then, it has been superseded by Office Online and free mobile versions of Word.  3
Movie Magic ScreenwriterScreenplay formatting software. This program is the successor to Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000.  2
MSReadereBook reader for .lit file format.  1
MyScript NotesMyScript Notes is a Windows application that can convert handwirtten notes, shapes, tables and drawings into digital information ready for further use. You can use it with most major digital pen-and-paper systems, or writing devices such as graphic tablets, or handwriting capture devices.  2
MyScript Stylus TrialMyScript Stylus is an application that can convert handwriting drawn using either the mouse or wacom-type stylus into text that may be inserted into any application. The recognition process uses algorithms alongside a dictionary in a user specified language. Additional words may be added to the dictionary to improve the recognition process. The application is very similar to the Windows Tablet Edition handwriting recognition panel.  1
NewnovelistApplication used for structuring and planning anything from a novel to a short story  1
Nitro Pdf ExpressA software which can be used to convert pdf documents to word documents. in additon it can be used to secure existing pdf documents  1
NJStar Chinese/Japanese WPNJStar is a Japanese & Chinese Word Processor.  5
NJStar Communicator­A powerful software which enables normal Windows applications to read and write Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) language text.  1
Nota BeneThe premier academic wordprocessor.  2
OmnipageOCR software.  7
OpenOCROpenOCR can reproduce an original document form, including images, tables, columns, paragraphs, indentions, font styles and sizes.  1
Outline 4DA story outliner for novelists, screenwriters, etc  Helps with story creation, structuring, brainstorming.  1
Page 2 StageScreenplay formatting software. Formerly a commercial product, the source code has been released by Windward Reports.   1
PatchworkPatchwork is a German software for authors who are writing scripts, novels and can be tested up to 30 days for free before buying a license.  2
PDF-XChange EditorFull Page content editing (text based PDFs, not scanned/image based PDFs)  9
PolyEdit LitePolyEdit Lite is a combined word processor and text editor for Windows  1
ProWritingAid DesktopOur desktop app is designed to allow you to work with Scrivener projects, Rich Text, Microsoft Word, Open Office, and Markdown documents.  1
ProWritingAid MS Office Add-InProWritingAid MS Office Add-In conveniently allows you to access the editing software as a toolbar in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. Office Add-In is for Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 running on any version of Microsoft Windows. Requires internet access to operate.  1
PureEdge Viewer for WindowsPureEdge viewer is an e-form editor used by large businesses, the US Government (IRS, DOD, etc) and probably more. PureEdge forms are ASC-GZIP compressed XML documents with a file extension of XFD or XFDL. File headers usually (always?) begin with:  2
Q10Q10 is a simple but powerful text editor designed and built with writers in mind. The editor loads full screen to minimize distractions while writing and has a feel of older "green screens".  1
Quoll WriterFor every author, there is a method behind their writing. Quoll Writer attempts to be the writing program fit for everyone, with a wide variety of customization options to tailor your experience exactly how you want it.  1
ReadIris ProReadIris Pro is a Windows scanning and OCR application.  4
RoughDraftRoughDraft is a freeware word processor for Windows  1
ScriptwareAward-winning screenwriting. In "the Journal" (of The Writer's Guild of America), Scriptware  1
ScrivenerScrivener is a writing management tool intended for long texts, such as novels, screenplays, and research papers.  19
SmartEditSmartEdit is an editing tool for creative writers and novelists. It's an automated search and replace checklist with statistics, hyperlinks, and a basic rtf editor. It shows adverbs, repeated phrases, overused words, cliches, the character whose name you spelled three different ways, and more.  1
SophoclesScreenplay formatting program.   2
Student Writing & Research CenterThis is an updated version of The Student writing Center (originally deisgned for Win 3.1).  Student Writing and Research Center was designed for Windows 95/98, and contains Compton's Encyclopedia.  You can make newsletters, signs, personal letters, and even keep a daily journal.   1
Sumatra PDFSumatra PDF is a free, lightweight, and open-source PDF viewer for Windows. It is self-contained, with no external dependencies, and is very portable (less than 1MB in size).  4
The JournalKeep a journal on your computer!  2
TrelbyTrelby is a free, open-source, full-featured screenwriting program.  The website says it's actively maintained.  It isn't.  In consequence, installing it on Linux natively requires dependencies that simply do not exist in current repositories.  Installing the Windows version in Wine works much better.  1
Visual TypewriterThis is a full-on typewriter simulator, sounds, visuals, everything.  1
WebOCRNearly identical to TypeReader Professional with the exception that the actual OCR is done on a remote OCR server. When trying to OCR a page WebOCR crashes, but other functions of the program seem to work as well as TypeReader.  1
Word ExpressExcellent little word processor with great layout tools  1
WordPadA stripped down version of MS Word supplied with Windows that works with larger files and more word processing functions than Notepad. It can open RTF docuemnts and some Microsoft Word files.  3
WordPerfectWord processor application from Corel's WordPerfect Office suite.  7
WordTsarWordstar for the 21st Century.  1
WriteItNowNovel-writing software, with features to support Characters, Scenes, Plot Points, Locations, Storyboarding, Miscellaneous Notes, as well as the novel text.  4
Writer's BlocksWriter's Blocks is a simple piece of software that lets you organize a writing project (or anything else) using an index-card-like interface. It is not a complex program with multiple screens, but a simple program, with information, or links to information, clearly visible.  1
Xelo Reader ZeroXelo Reader Zero is a pdf reader.  1
Yeah WriteThis is a little word-processor aimed at the serious writer with a slow computer; instead of treating documents as seperate files that have to be loaded and saved, it stores everything in a compact local database. Wierd concept, but a few people are really loyal to it, and the program really has no bloat (it started out as Windows 3.1 shareware, and hasn't fundamentally changed since then).  1
yWriteryWriter is a nonlinear word processor geared for writing novels.  4