Category: Main Multimedia Video
Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
3Wplayer converterAllow to convert video which requires 3wPlayer in a normal video (can be read with mplayer, xine, totem,...)  1
4kvideodownloaderTakes URL's from YouTube and other video sites and downloads the videos to your local machine.  2
Ace Player HDAce player is part of Ace Stream Media bundle allowing user to play torrent streams. It's based on VLC player.  1
acestreamP2P bit-torrent-based multimedia streaming protocol  1
Adobe After EffectsAdobe After Effects delivers a comprehensive set of tools to efficiently produce motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, multimedia, and the Web. You can explore unlimited creative possibilities with precise control while working in a 2D or 3D compositing environment. After Effects offers unparalleled integration with Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator to produce professional results.  12
Adobe Media EncoderAdobe Media Encoder is the common encoder for various Adobe software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.  1
Adobe PremiereAdobe Premiere, a stunningly simple and powerful professional video editing tool, comfortably closes the DV to Web gap while extending the award-winning software's position as the most accessible application on the market today.  13
Adobe Premiere ElementsA lite version of the Adobe Premiere video editing suite.  5
adsl TVadsl TV allows to watch TV and listen to radio from various sources:  1
AEPvideo DVD COPYWith AEPvideo DVD COPY, you own the most efficient way to create backup copies of your personal Home DVD movie collection. These working copies allow you to play your DVDs on home and computer DVD players every day without the inevitable risk of getting your originals scratched or damaged. You get disc protection with no loss of playback quality.  1
Aimersoft DVD CreatorWindows application for quickly converting video files to a ISO and burning to a disc. Simple UI allows for quick file access. Conversion process maintains high video and audio quality. Menu options limited, but can be edited fairly well for better control over menu design.  1
Air Video ServerAirVideo is a server/client application that allows you to stream (and convert on the fly) videos from your PC to your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.  3
airflowCasts videos with subtitles to google chromecast & airplay2 with unmatched ease and consistency.  1
Allok MPEG4 ConverterA program to convert variety of video and audio to another format. No external codec needed because most of it come when you install the program.  1
Allok Video JoinerAllok Video Joiner is a tool to join, merge or even change multiple AVI, Divx, XviD, MPEG, WMV, ASF, RM, MOV, 3GP, MP4,  1
Amazon UnboxAmazon Unbox allows you to play and download videos that you have bought from the Amazon website.  1
AMV ToolThis is an application to convert videos in mpg,avi,vob... format to amv, that it's a mp4 video file that a lot of little media players uses.  2
Ant Movie CatalogAnt Movie Catalog is a free (opensource) program made to manage your collection of movies DVD, CD (VideoCD, DivX, ...) and tapes.  4
Any DVD Converter ProConvert any video / audio to any video / audio in nearly any format. Includes instant YouTube downloads and DVD Conversions. Several manual settings for each conversion format and specializes in speed and quality. Can convert and/or optimize for nearly any device including Gaming Consoles, Cell Phones, PDA's and other.  1
Any Video Converter FreeSoft for converting videos, download it, play it, burning CD-R,...  2
Applian FLV PlayerFreeware player for FLV files  1
ArcSoft PhotoimpressionSoftware to capture webcam photo's  1
ArcSoft VideoImpressionApplication to capture video off the webcam.  1
Arkaos Grand VJGrandVJ is a real-time video mixer software allowing to compose up to 8  1
Audials TunebiteAudials is a piece of software for ripping CD's and DVD's, and converting multimedia file types  1
AutoGKAutoGK is a user-friendly front end for Gordian Knot. It automates the process of converting vob files to DivX or Xvid avi files.  3
AutoMKVVOB to matroska converter, using x264, XviD, AC3, AAC, MP3 codecs.  1
AVCLabs Video Enhancer AIAVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is a tool designed to enhance and upscale low-resolution and blurry videos using advanced AI technology. It can convert videos from HD to 4K, SH to HD, and 4K to 8K while also improving facial details through optimized face refinement. The tool automatically oversees video procession and expands resolution, while also identifying and fixing issues such as shakiness, brightness, and blurriness to produce a higher quality final product. Additionally, it allows users to delete unwanted video parts and edit frames individually. The user-friendly interface eliminates the need for manual configuration, making video enhancement accessible to a wider audience.  1
AvdumpApplication that allows you to analyze your files and make autocreqs to  1
AVerTVDigital TV via USB 2.0  2
AVI-Mux GUIThis program can be used to create multilingual, splitted AVI files. Sources can be AVI-, MP3- and  1
Avi2DvdAvi2Dvd is an All In One tool in order to convert with just few clicks an Avi/Ogm/Mkv/Wmv/Dvd to Dvd/Svcd/Vcd.Supports multiple audiostreams and up to three textual external  2
AVIAddXSubAVIAddXSubs is a simple to use,  free program to incorporate subtitles (XSUB) from .srt (ANSI text, up to 8 srt) and idx/sub (containing up to 8 subtitles) quickly and easily to your avi files containing DivX/XVid video streams.  1
Avid Media ComposerThe non-linear editing system that started it all - real-time, multi-format  4
AvidemuxA multi-platform video converter and simple editor (analog to VirtualDub), integrates all codec and filters internally. While there are linux and OSX builds, the OSX version is broken on OSX 10.8, and the Wine versions functions as a very good alternative.  2
AvifixedAVIFixed can rebuild the index part of the movie file, which is at the end of the file, and fix the file's play time error. It can help you to be able to watch partially downloaded DivX (AVI) movies.  1
AVISynth+AviSynth+ is a fork of the well-known frameserver featuring new functionality and optimizations not available in mainline. In the hope of modernizing AviSynth to meet present day needs and expectations, the project encourages everybody to help reach our goals: add long-sought features, energize the community, and improve developer and user friendliness. AviSynth+ is fully compatible with plugins and scripts written for AviSynth.  2
AviUtlAviUtl can edit (split, merge, change speed or interlace, etc.) or apply filters (sharpening, change colours, add black strips, etc.) to a AVI format video. You can add 3rd-party plug-ins to add multiple functions, removing ghosts, handling other formats like mp4 or divx, and more. The "拡張編集Plugin"("Advanced Editing Plug-in") changes AviUtl like a different software; which enables you to make/edit videos even from zero. Many creators in Niconico Douga use this software with the Advanced Editing Plug-in to make original videos free. Software only in Japanese, but English patches are available(3rd party).  1
AVS Video ConverterLatest production version as of today.  1
AVS Video EditorAVS Video Editor is a shareware software video-editing tool produced by Online Media Technologies Ltd., the direct vendor of multimedia video and audio solutions, UK. The program is intended for those who are new to video editing, it also is a real-time, timeline-based video editing software application. (From  3
Avs2YUVAvs2YUV is a command-line program, intended for use under Wine,  1
BandicamOne of the most popular screen recording software for Windows, having a highly functional free version that comes with all of the pro versions except for a 10 minute video limit.   1
BBC iPlayer DesktopBBC iPlayer Desktop is the extension to BBC's iPlayer, allowing a user to download a program for later viewing.  2
BD-RebuilderBDRebuilder is a software to shrink a Blu-ray with all menus and extras using the x264 Encoder(H264 video). Backup Blu-ray to a DVDR(also called BD5 and BD9) or a BDR. Remove unwanted audio tracks, extra material or just keep the main movie. Backup Blu-ray to a single MP4 file(profiles for iPad and iPod) or a MKV file or a DVD-Video(movie only, no menus and extras).  2
BDInfoThe BDInfo tool was designed to collect video and audio technical specifications from Blu-ray movie discs, including disc size, playlist contents, video, audio, subtitle and graphics stream codec details and bitrates. Requirements .NET Framework 2.0.   1
BESTplayerSmall, fast and free movie player with automatic subtitle downloading.  1
Beyond TV LinkBeyond TV Link is an add-on to Beyond TV, a fully featured DVR application. BTV Link works on a client PC, giving the user the ability to access all the functions on the main Beyond TV server, such as watching live TV with time-shifting, recording shows, and replaying recorded shows.  1
Boilsoft Video SplitterBoilsoft Video Splitter is a powerful video cutter to split,  1
BoujouMatch move, camera tracking and object tracking software.  1
BS Playerplays divx movies an dual audio streams.  2
Bulent's Screen RecorderA previously freeware (older versions), now shareware screen recorder.  1
CamStudioCamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs)  4
Camtasia StudioCommon Windows Screen Recording tool (Audio+Video+Screen). Uses proprietary file format, which can be converted by the main Program to pretty much any other file format  7
CaptvtyFor french TV : it allows to download replay TV programs from the websites of most of the french TV channels (that usually only allow to view, not to download).  2
CHL TVVideo player for the Central Hockey League.  1
ChromaCamRemoves background without having to use a green screen  1
Cinegobs KeyerA powerful, freeware chroma keyer.  This program works with green (or any other color) screens better than any other post production program I know of.  1
Cinema Craft Encoder BasicCinema Craft Encoder Basic is a program for converting movie  1
Cisco TelePresence MoviThis is the personal video conferencing system from Tandberg which is now part of Cisco.  2
ClickviewplayerA video player for videos produced by this company or a school library (The associated software for video storage and production is purchased by schools).  2
Clover DVRClover is a maker of security cameras and Networked DVRs for the cameras, the software that comes bundled is for windows.  1
CombustionComprehensive desktop software for motion graphics, compositing and visual effects.  2
ContaCamContaCam is a Free Video Surveillance software and Live Webcam solution that runs natively on Windows OS's.  1
ConvertXtoDVDConvertXtoDVD is a video converter software to convert and burn your  9
Corel VideoStudioVideo editing software.  4
Cuevana StormCuevana Storm is an application based on peerflix module, packaged with node-webkit and its job is to allow any computer user to watch movies easily streaming from torrents, without any particular knowledge.  1
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Cyberlink YoucamCyberlink youcam 4 is a great application to add effects to webcam like photobooth (on macosx) or cheese (linux) does, but with enchanced funcionality, expecially added in this release.  1
Cypheros TS Doctor 1This application is used to check, repair and cut TS-Videostreams that you get with many PVR TV receivers.  1
DashwareDashware is an application that let you add telemetry data in your videos using gauges and other graphic tool, a video demonstration of what it does is better than my words:  1
DAUM PotplayerPotPlayer is an extremely light-weight multimedia player  3
DaVinci ResolveProfessional nonlinear video editing and color grading software  4
D‑ViewCam DCS‑100Free tool to record IP based surveillance cameras to disk.  1
DGIndex+DGMPGDecThe successor of DVD2AVI+MPEG2DEC pair for creating reliable d2v project files. These are useful for other apps, like HC Encoder.  1
DiaShow Ultimate 9Create a video from your photos and videos. Video cutting  1
Directv2PCWatch Directv DVR recordings via desktop software application.  1
DivFixThis program was created to be able to watch partially downloaded DivX (AVI) movies.  1
DivX AuthorDivX Author is a video editing software application that works with AVI, MOV (MP4, M4V) and WMW video files, to output DivX video media (DivX Ultra format). Current version runs on Windows Vista/XP - this maintainer has not tried it in Windows 7.  1
DivX to DVDDivX to DVD is used to take .avi format files and convert them to DVD ready files. The application assembles the output in the needed .vob files for both Video_TS and Audio_TS for DVD burning applications. As the software states: DivX to DVD converter (and a few other in/out formats).  1
DivXLand Media SubtitlerA program to create and edit external subtitle files for a variety of media formats (avi, mp4, wmv). Create subtitles using plain text files with sequential dialogue lines and sync them with the video in a number of different ways. Supports many popular subtitle formats and non-Latin character sets.  1
DPGtoolsA encoder for the DPG video format for the nintendo ds.  2
DscalerDscaler is probably the best TV watching software on windows.  1
DVD ArchitectDVD Architect is Sony's DVD creation tool, sold as a companion to Vegas, both of which were bought from Sonic Foundry.  3
DVD FlickDVD Flick is a open-source program that allow to convert many video files to a playable DVD format.  3
DVD ShrinkA free all in one DVD ripping/transcoding package. Can transcode an entire DVD down to DVD-R size or completely re-author/transcode the DVD.  1
DVD slideshow GUIDVD  1
DVD-LAB PRO 2Software that allows you to create professional DVD, with menus, subtitles and everything (allows mpeg videos, ssa and srt subtitles)  1
DVD-Ranger Cmd­DVD-Ranger Cmd is the command line (terminal) version of DVD-Ranger.  1
DVD2AVIGreat tool for converting ripped VOB into .d2v projects used by many video programs, also good for de-interlacing and demuxing audio tracks.   1
DVD2oneDVD2one can encode dual layers DVD movies to fit on a single DVD+/-. Subtitles and audio streams can be choosen, as well as angles, chapters...  1
DVD43DVD43 is a dvd decoder used for ripping or playing dvds (if the player doesn't have a decryptor built in)  2
DVDSantaBurn Your Favorite Videos onto DVDs and watch them on TV!  1
Easy RealMedia producerEasy RealMedia Producer is a software to generate RM/RMVB files  2
Elastic RealityAvid Elastic Reality is a superior Morphing Application that got discontinued in 1999.  1
Elgato Game Capture HDIts install ok, but not run!  1
EMDBEMDB is a small utility to keep track of your DVD collection. With an automatic import from the database of IMDB, export to csv, text or complete website, thumbnail cover preview, a loan tracker, search function and multi-language user interface. EMDB is written in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and doesn't need a .NET framework or any other external libraries. And best of all... it's free!  1
Emicsoft AVCHD ConverterConverts AVCHD video files to other video formats. Can convert from some other formats as well.  1
Expression Encoder"Expression Encoder 3 provides the power of industry  1
EZ TakesA download manager for the EZ Takes movie download site.  1
FairUse Wizard LECreate DivX/XviD DVDs.  3
FilmoraProFilmoraPro is a Application, that let's the user:  1
Flash Video MXFlash Video MX converts many video formats (AVI, WMV, MOV, etc.) to Flash video. Other features include many embedded players, cropping and resizing.  1
Flixster Video DesktopWith Flixster Video you could Download and watch your Movies from the Ultra Violet Service.  1
Free Video ConvertorConverts all video files. Supports AVI, MP4, iPod, PSP,  1
Free WebM EncoderFree WebM Encoder is Free Converting video to WebM in Geting to Upload in Videos example: YouTube and any more... but on YouTube is you can Watching Videos out Adobe Flash Plugin in (Recommended: Opera 10.61)  1
Freemake Video ConverterConvert Video format to many formats.  1
FreewireTVThis TV streaming application is very popular in UK universities for giving free TV to students.  1
FripTV IPTV playerFripTV is a free, opensource, SDL based IP TV player.  1
Front End Convert DropFront End Convert Drop is an audio and video converter based on Apple's Quicktime framework.  1
Futuroscope ExperienceFuturoscope experience is an app for displaying animals in your hands by using your webcam.  1
Game CamA gameplaying video and audio recorder.  1
GiliSoft Video EditorCut, join, add effects, sounds and more in this very basic and easy video editor.  1
GoPro StudioGoPro Editing Software  5
Gordian Knot (Gknot)Gordian Knot started out as a simple bitrate calculator for DivX  1
GOTsentGOTsent is an application that change the container of h264 .mkv movies  1
Graboid VideoDownload past episodes of TV programmes.  1
HandBrakeHandBrake is a powerful video encoder for Windows, Mac and Linux, encoding to MPEG-2, H.264 and Theora format videos.  1
HC EncoderA lightweight, rich-featured, high quality MPEG2 video encoder, aimed to DVD compliant contents. A great freeware tool no-one should miss.  2
HDTV Player DeluxeBlazeVideo HDTV Player Deluxe supports watching over-the-air digital TV (DTV-T) as well as playing back DVDs.  1
HDTVtoMPEG2HDTV-compatible MPEG-2 TS editor/converter  1
HitFilmNon-linear-editing and layer-based compositing program, with a large library of effects and presets.  4
Hulu DesktopApplication enables the viewing of's website from the desktop, outside the browser.  1
huperVision 4000HuperVision4000 is CCTV surveillance system software and is developed using C++.  1
HyperCamHyperCam 2 is a fully featured, flexible, video screen capture application that supports text annotations, sound, and screen notes.  2
IFOEditProgram utilized to modify IFO files and also automates various DVD related tasks (Strip streams, recode VOB files, etc.)  1
ImTOO DVD CreatorImTOO DVD Creator is powerful DVD burn software which can convert AVI,  1
Insta360 StudioInsta360 Studio 2022 allows users to edit videos and photos shot on ONE  9
Insta360 Studio 2019This application edits video and still images from Insta360 products, particularly the popular Insta360 OneX action camera.   0
Insta360 Studio 2020This application edits video and still images from Insta360 products, particularly the popular Insta360 ONE X / EVO / ONE R action cameras.  0
Interactive Greeting CardAugmented Reality demo of Total Immersion's D'Fusion technology.  1
ipviewproConnect a Computer to your IP cameras and record what's happening when anything moves in the cameras view with the IPViewPro Software, set-up is easy and you can view and record on up to 16 cameras at one time.  1
iSkySoft Video EditorCreate a perfectly timed movie with smooth transitions, professional effects, text effects and background music. Import/export to various different formats such as AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, MKV, MTS, TS, etc  1
iSpyOpen source surveillance software  2
iVMS-4000DVR Software client for Hikvision/Dlux devices  1
iVMS-4200iVMS-4200 is versatile video management software for the DVRs, NVRs, IP  3
iWizzFrench digital terrestrial television recorder.  1
JahshakaAn Open Source Alternative to After Effects.  1
JoostJoost (previously known as the Venice project) is a client application for the Joost project.  2
K!TVK! TVis an applicationto watch TVon their computer and compatible with a lot of tv cards  1
K-Lite Codec PackExcellent codec pack for Windows... It also includes the new Media Player Classic Homecinema (which is the best player I've ever used)... It's a little bit better than the MPlayer and VLC (Linux Media Players)...  4
KeyholeTVKeyholeTV is a new application sponsored by the Japanese Government allowing free live streams of Japanese Television stations as a test of p2p tv. Currently only a couple channels are available, but with such heavy hitters as TV Tokyo, TV Asahi, and Fuji TV, there is a lot available for anime fan and japanese learner alike.  1
Kigo Video ConverterKigo Video Converter is, as the name says, an application to convert videos. It accepts many formats (AVI, MPEG, RM, MP4, MKV, ...) and converts them into MPEG, AVI, MP4, FLV, ...  1
kinoveaKinovea is a video player for all sport enthusiasts.  1
Lightworksa hopefully soon opensourced professional video editing system. Freeware right now. Linux version is planned for 2011, so hopefully wine will be running it earlier.  2
Linia  1
Logitech QuickCamThis is the software that records video and takes pictures form Logitech webcams.  It also contains the drivers.  1
Logitech Vid HDLogitech's video conferencing/chatting software.   1
Lorex CloudThe Lorex Cloud Application is Lorex Technologie's current software for interacting with their Lorex Network Video Recorders. It provides a richer feature set than the web UI built into the systems, most useful among those features is the ability to export video from the NVR as MP4 with sound, instead of the proprietary DAV format the Web UI can export.  2
LuxriotUsed for recording and viewing of security cameras.  1
Magix VEGAS ProNon-Linear Video Editor developed by Magix. Fomerly developed by Sony.  1
Magix Video DeLuxeEasy and efficent video editing software which could import videos from different sources and formats.  2
ManyCamA webcam manager which allow to manipulate the webcam signal (fx, capture desktop, add videos, text, etc) and generating a new one.  2
Media Converter SA EditionMedia Converter SA Edition is a free file converter which supports many file types. It has also an integrated video downloader to download videos from Youtube and co.  1
Media Player ClassicMedia Player Classic is an extremely light-weight media player for Windows. It looks just like the good-old Media Player v6.4, but has lots of nice extra features.  2
MediaStudio ProVideo editing program that supports Mpeg2 as well as DV firewire transfers!  1
MegacuboTV/radio broadcasting program  2
MetaFuzeAvid MetaFuze automates the conversion of formats such as DPX to Avid  2
MetaXMetaX is an application for easily adding cover art and metadata to your mp4 video files.  It can fetch information from various online sources automatically.  You can also selectively override whichever tags you want.  1
Microsoft 3D Movie Maker3D Movie Maker (often abbreviated as 3DMM) is a program created by Microsoft's "Microsoft Kids" subsidiary in 1995.  2
Microsoft ActiveMovieDeprecated Microsoft video player, ancestor of Windows Media Player.  1
MKV2AVIConvert video from one container to another  1
Mobile Media ConverterMobile Media Converter (MMC) converts common video formats to/from mobile-friendly video formats. Formats include 3gp, amr, mp4, ogg, webm, avi, and flv. MMC can also convert audio-only files.  1
Mobiola Web Camera for S60Allows you to use your Series 60 smartphone as a web-cam over USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  1
Movavi Video Converter 2016Video Converter for multiple files  1
Movavi Video EditorA powerful yet easy-to-use video editor.  3
Movie CollectorMovie Collector is a application created to keep track of you dvd collection, it will also search for the dvd title that is entered on and other site for infomation about the movie and this application will also download the front and back of the dvd case.  9
MPC-BEa fork of the now defunct media player classic  1
MPEG2RepairMPEG2repair is a Windows application for testing HDTV transport streams to make sure they are Mpeg2 compliant. It detects and repairs low level .ts (transport stream) errors. It is useful for fixing MPEG2 streams received via broadcast systems like ATSC or DVB, before loading them into other video editing and/or repair tools like VideoRedo or ProjectX.  1
MPEG2SchnittMPEG2Schnitt is a stable and functional for doing what the name says: Cutting and editing MPEG2 files.  4
MplayerMplayer is a great free player of videofiles. Very well known on Linux, but there's also a windows version.  1
MS Video For WindowsThis is a codec pack for Windows 3.1  1
MTV Video ConverterThis is a not-very-good application to convert videos into MTV format, used in lots of chinese "MP4" players.  1
multiAVCHDDVD/Blu-Ray authoring tool  1
MultiquenceThis software IMHO is one of the best multi track mixer I have come across. It works wonderful with videos that you have codecs for, and mixes tracks beautifully on the fly.  1
muvee autoProducermuvee autoProducer 6 is a tool for creating interesting videos with minimal effort based on whatever home video footage and photos you throw at it; it automatically splits scenes then performs an automatic editing job on them with fades etc based on a selected design template.  1
Muvee RevealVideo editing software.  2
MythTv PlayerMythTv Player is a simple media player for Windows, that allows you to browse and play recordings directly from a MythTv backend.  1
MyTVIt is a video player program in order to watch Greek TV stations via internet in a subscription basis.  1
Nero RecodeNero Recode is a state-of-the-art program for  1
Nero ShowTimeNero ShowTime is an application dedicated to the reproduction of video files, which belongs to the popular family of software by “Nero“.  1
NeroVision ExpressCreate your own DVDs using non-copyright video  1
NetViewerNetwork viewer for swan security camera dvr  1
NowTV PlayerThe official app to allow playback of videos through Sky's NowTV service on computers. Based on Electron with a Windows-only DRM implementation to protect the video stream called VideoGuard.  1
OBS StudioLivestreaming software   1
P*rnH*b Video DownloaderThe ****Hub downloader allows you to, well, download videos from the ****Hub website directly to your computer for later access.  1
Pavtube ByteCopyDVD and BluRay ripper that supports ripping to several different file formats.  1
Pelco DX8000 ClientThis is software for controlling a Pelco DX8000 DVR camera system front end.  1
PgcDemuxDVD demuxing tool. It extracts video / audio / subtitles / celltimes from DVD-video and writes elementary streams (m2v / ac3 / dts / mpa / sup).  1
Picture Motion BrowserPrimary use: Sony camcorders split up video files into 2GB MTS files on the video camera, and this software transfers them onto the computer into a single M2TS video file.  1
PIMPstreamerStream video/audio from PC to PSP.  2
Pinnacle StudioAdvance Consumer Video Editor/DVD Builder  7
Pinnacle TVCenter ProSoftware designed for Pinnacle USB-DBTV sticks. Unfortunately the only current way to use this hardware.  1
PIXELA ImageMixer 3 SEUsed to extract, edit, and burn .MTS files recorded with Canon HG20 HDD Camcorder.  1
Plex Media ServerPlex Media Server for Windows a Video/Music streaming program that can stream to your mobile device such as Android and iPod Touch/iPad/iPad 2/iPhone/iPhone 4.  2
Pocket Video MakerThese Tool allow you to convert videofiles to other sizes or formats,  1
PowerDVDDVD Player  11
PPLiveChinese streaming software to watch P2P channels.  3
PPStreamThis is a free video streaming software for moives, TV series, sports programs and even news. It provides high quality motion pictures with moderate network bandwidth consumption and low PC resource requirement. At this time only the windows version is available.  1
PQ DVDConvert DVD and other video formats to be Ipod compatible  1
Prism Video ConverterConverts videos from one format to another including:  4
QPromptPersonal teleprompter software for all video creators. Built with ease of use, productivity, and smooth performance in mind.  1
QS Multi Client program Version remote monitoring software for the Q-See QS Series DVRs and CCTVs which can be bought in big box stores like Costco and/or Amazon.  1
Quantum Media PlayerA Firefox extension used to play streaming video.  1
Quick Media Converter HDQuick Media Converter (QVC) is an all-in-one video converter that allows easy conversion of numerous video formats, including some fairly esoteric ones.  1
QuickTime PlayerQuickTime Player is capable of handling various formats of digital video, media clips, sound, text, animation, music, and interactive panoramic images.  15
RaceRenderQuickly create amazing videos with custom data and graphics overlays, GPS telemetry, multiple camera picture-in-picture, 360° video, and more. Impress your fans with high-tech video of you in action!  1
RAD Video ToolsA collection of tools for Bink and Smacker video file formats.  Includes playback, conversion, and analysis tools.  1
RASPlusSoftware to show and manage  1
Readon PlayerInternet radio and tv aplication, with over 5000 tv/audio channels!   3
Real ProducerRealProducer 10 Basic is perfect for users who want to create high-quality RealAudio 10 and RealVideo 10, but don't need the advanced professional features. The only problem with the Linux version is that it requires uncompressed video and audio, whereas the Windows version does not.  3
RealOne PlayerRealOne is the RealPlayer 9 media player, with a different name. It was the first to be powered with Helix technology. It supports many different audio formats, and was built for streaming audio over the internet. It has been retired and it's successors RealPlayer 10 and 11 have taken the scene.  1
RedCine-XPlay, decode, convert RAW RED files from RED cameras.  1
Reolink ClientAllows to control all the settings of your Reolink cameras and live streaming of the video feed.  2
Replay ConventerWhen you can convert flv,mov,wmv,avi,3gp and other to flv,mov,wmv,avi,3gp you can use this software...  1
ResolumeResolume is an application for live video performances. Trigger video clips, Flash files, and pictures.  5
Rhozet Carbon CoderUniversal software  transcoder which supports more than 40 media  1
Riva FLV EncoderA simple utility to encode video files in flv.  1
RtubeRtube is a webbrowser/downloader designed and specialized in quick and fullscreen access to online video-sites.  1
save2pc pro + Extra PackThis program is used to download videos from the web life say YouTube videos so that you can save them to your PC.  1
ScenalyzerLiveScenalyzerLive (short: ScLive) makes capturing video  1
Serif MoviePlusSerif Movie Plus is a video editing package.  2
Simple TVKey features of the player  1
SimpleDivXSimpleDivX is a conversion program utilizing mencoder which supports many video formats like MPEG4 and XVID and audio formats like MP3 and AC3 to convert your DVDs. It is great for beginners, but customizable enough to suit encoding veterans.  1
SimpleVue GeoDiscontinued and removed  0
SipruSipru is the official desktop P2P Live TV Broadcasting client of Dogus Yayin Grubu A.S.  1
SkyGo App for PCThe SkyGo App for PC is for Sky Customers to be able to watch Sky Pay-TV and On-Demand Content on Computers.  3
SmartflixEnables Netflix customers to view content without country restrictions.  1
SmartRipperA small program that can copy video files (*.vob) from DVD.  1
SmoothVideo Project (SVP)SVP allows you to watch any video on your PC file with frame interpolation (like you can watch it on high-end TVs and projectors). It increases frame rate by generating intermediate animation frames between existing ones to produce very smooth, fluid and clear motion. The technology is well-known for a while ("TrimensionDNM", "Motion Plus", "Motionflow" and others), but now it's available for free to PC users with simple GUI and just a couple of mouse clicks.  1
SnapCameraSnapCamera is a software that allows you to use face detection and display masks on your face in real time using your webcam.  2
Sonic Foundry VegasNon-linear professional video editing software. It DOESN'T need .NET framework as Sony's releases do, and that's a good new for the people who want to use Vegas under Wine.  1
Sony Vegas Pro 16Vegas Pro, formerly known as Sony Vegas, is a non-linear editing type video editing software and audio editor designed for PC. It is aimed at both professional video editing and the consumer market. It was previously called Sony Vegas because it was originally published by Sony Creative Software, but after being purchased by the MAGIX company, the name became Vegas Pro.  1
Sony XDCAM EX ClipBrowserBrowse, read, copy, export, name, derush, edit metadatas from XDCAM EX SxS media card to your HDD then use with Premiere, Final Cut, Vegas, Avid, ...  1
StereoMovie MakerStereoMovie Maker functions both as a versatile stereo movie editor and stereo movie player.  2
StreamTorrentA P2P application for streaming online video content over the Internet. Available streams use special URLs that begin with st:// as the protocol.  2
SubRipThis application rips subtitles of .vob-files (DVD).  4
Subtitle EditA simple but powerful (many hundreds of subtitle formats supperted) subtitle editor which supports the user at editing, (re-)syncing or translating video subtitles.  1
SubtitleWorkshopApplication for editing subtitles, creating them and converting them from one format to another. Except of ripping, it can do with subtitles virtually anything you can think of. It also previews subtitles with a video player. It is also very intuitive, besides it is so powerful. Any similar linux aplicattin (Jubler?) is too far behind. It is also open source.  2
SUPER Simplified Universal Player Encoder & RendererA GUI to ffmpeg, MEncoder, mplayer, x264, mppenc, ffmpeg2theora & the theora/vorbis RealProducer plugIn.  4
SupRipSupRip lets you OCR and detect text within subtitles as used by  1
SWF2AVIswf2avi is a freeware tool to convert or batch-convert Flash movies (swf) to bitmaps, bitmap-sequences (bmp, jpg) or videos (avi).  1
Swiff PlayerThis is *free* SWF video player with control bar. I found it better than available options in Ubuntu 10.10.  1
SwivelSwivel is the best solution for converting your Adobe Flash movies into high-definition video. Swivel takes an SWF file and exports a video at any desired resolution, complete with audio and no dropped frames!  1
The Venice Project"The Venice Project: is a new venture that combines the best elements of  1
Tivo DesktopTiVo Desktop software for Windows  4
TMPGEnc DVD AuthorDVD Author  3
TMPGEnc PlusTMPGEncPlus is the first product version of TMPGEnc. TMPGEnc includes new features!  2
Topaz Video Enhance AIVideo Enhance AI is an application that uses machine learning to upscale a video.  2
Torrent StreamAllows for Streaming Torrent Files Directly from your Browser without prior downloading  1
TranscoderThe program is bundled with the portable multimedia player K-Pex 100 from Kingston.  1
True-H DVR EMSThis software comes with certain generic DVRs made in China with other companies (mine is True-H) branding. The bundle seems to have no vendor info, but the application labeled EMS.exe is the one being tested here.  1
TS-DoctorThis application is used to check, repair and cut TS-videostreams that you get with many PVR tv receivers.  2
TSUNAMI-MPEG DVD AuthorTMPGEnc DVD Author you can change (author) your MPEG-1 / MPEG-2 files to DVD-Video structured files. Using high quality MPEG files made by TMPGEnc encoder  1
TvAntsTvAnts is a software that allows to view a selected group of TV channels  1
TVUPlayerAllows users to view broadcasts of television stations around the world in a streaming format.  7
UGPlayerThe p2p test video player for the dutch public broadcasting service (Publieke Omroep), see  1
Ultra Video JoinerUltra Video Joiner is a  1
VdownloaderVDownloader can search, download and convert videos from Youtube, Google Video, Metacafe, MySpace, DailyMotion, Pornotube, Yuvutu, and many other similar sites, saving them in AVI or MPG format. It is also a powerful video converter.  3
VEGAS ProVEGAS Pro is a professional video editing software package for non-linear editing (NLE).  16
Veoh PlayerVeoh Client allows you to download high-quality and long videos from the Veoh video network.  1
Veoh Web Player BetaA sort of "lite" version of VeohTV, lets you download videos from Veoh and watch videos of any length instantly on (in a browser).  3
VeohTVVeohTV is free software that lets you watch and record Internet video  2
Verizon Media ManagerAllows recording cable tv shows and then streaming on your local network  1
Video deluxeMagix Video Deluxe is a great and intuitive video editor and allows you to do a lot more than just cut, rearrange and burn. It works on windows 98SE and XP.  3
VideoReDo TVSuiteEasy, accurate cutting of mpeg2-streams and also burn to dvd.  1
VIRB EditGarmin VIRB Edit is a video editor and compositor that allows overlaying FIT file metrics (e.g. speed, cycling power) over a video using graphical gauges.  1
VirtualDubVirtualDub started as a software for recording video from analogue sources. This means it's roots are in the beginning of video processing on PCs when videos usually had the size of stamps. This causes a single drawback of Virtualdub: it is using very old APIs and formats, i.e. VideoForWindows and AVI.  5
VirtualdubModVirtualdubMod is a unification of several popular modifications of the popular VirtualDub by Avery Lee. It includes various enhancements including support for the OGM wrapper format.  2
VisionLab StudioAll-in-one toolkit for visual effects, compositing and color grading.  1
VjammVJ app  1
VOBMergeAn application to merge two or more files into one. Mainly for Vob video files. But can also be used to merge other extentions(as per the readme included with the application's zip file).  1
VobSubDVD Subtitle extraction and replay.  1
VoddlerVoddler is a application for watching full movies and tv series streaming from the internet.  3
VSDC non-linear video editorSimple yet feature rich non-linear video editing software.  3
VUDUToGoAn application for "converting" DVDs and Blu-Rays into UltraViolet digital copies for use with the VUDU online service. Also permits people to download their digital copies of movies and watch them on the go.  1
WaxWax is a freeware video editor by DebugMode.  1
WebcamMaxWebcamMax - Add videos, pictures and effects to virtual/real Webcam and broadcast on messengers or websites like  1
webcamXPWebcam and network camera viewer, motion/audio detection, web streaming server, and image uploader with scheduling.  Free and two paid options with different features and limitations.  1
WinDVDWinDVD is a DVD and Bluray player for windows  1
Wings Platinum 5Wings Platinum 5 is an intuitive and practical software to create stunning High Definition Audio Visual shows (HDAV). It works with still images equally well as with video sources. The software is used by many professional speakers. The goal of Wings is to always achieve the best possible quality in replay.  1
WinX DVD Ripper PlatinumDVD Ripping application. Choose different quality options and different file types. Automatically detects movie title in most cases.  1
Wondershare FilmoraWondershare Filmora Video Editor is a basic video editing application  3
WOW-TVWOW is an application used in Germany to watch subscription based series and movies and linked to Sky television which regularly broadcasts the German Bundesliga.  1
XviD codecfree opensource XviD codec plays/produces mpeg4-asp content  2
YATTAVideo tool that allows assistance to inverse telecine overrides, freezeframing, sectioned filtering and other tasks.  1
Youtube downloaderHandy GUI for downloading Youtube videos into MPEG or AVI formats.  2
Youtube UploaderThe YouTube Uploader is a small piece of software which will allow  1
YTD Video DownloaderYTD Video Downloader is a simple program which allows users to download and convert Flash videos from a number of video streaming websites. The list of supported websites includes:  1
ZattooZattoo is software for good-quality internet TV. Currently this software is free (as free of charge).  Zattoo is currently available in Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.  7
zinclean back media center application for access to Hulu, CNN, MTV, Revision 3, etc., Netflix  1
ZviewerSoftware that allows you to customize and setup your Zmodo security camera.  1