Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
1stBrowserChrome-based browser.  1
AroraWebkit browser.  1
AutoWikiBrowserThe AutoWikiBrowser is a semi-automated Wikipedia editor using .Net 2.0 designed to make tedious repetitive tasks quicker and easier. It is essentially a browser that automatically opens up a new page when the last is saved. When set to do so, it suggests some changes (typically formatting) that are generally meant to be incidental to the main change.  6
Avant BrowserA multi-tab-capable, and marginally more secure, wrapper for the IE html-rendering engine (MSHTML).  4
BasiliskAn open source web browser based on Goanna (a fork of Gecko) and builds on UXP.  3
BidMachineSniper software for Yahoo Auction.  1
BraveAnother chromium-based browser. Has a linux version too.  2
ChromeCacheView.exeThis application allows you to access Google's Chrome cache. Not only can you see the filename, date of last access, the type of file, and the size of the file, but you can also make a copy of the actual file (not just it's hex fingerprint).  1
Comodo Dragon BrowserA free browser based on Chrome, but with improved security and privacy.  2
Cryptotab BrowserGoogle Chrome based web browser with mining feature.  2
CYBERWORLD BrowserA browser that rendered simple 3D worlds using a proprietary format  1
DuckDuckGo Private BrowserA privacy-focused web browser.  1
Firestorm is a special browser for playing in Second Life.  2
FlockFlock was an amazing new web browser that makes it easier to share media  2
Google ChromeGoogle's open source browser.  12
GreenBrowserGreenBrowser is a freeware tabbed shell replacement for Windows.  2
HeatseekA private browser that allows you to download movies and pictures. It features a password and panic keys. Must be 18 or older to use.  1
iCollectWeb Site Downloader.  1
IE Tab for Google ChromeUse IE to display web pages in a Chrome tab.  1
IETesterThe program is supposed to run multiple versions of IE to allow comparison of web pages... meant for developers who must deal with an IE world. Would be very useful for Linux  5
Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer is the set of core Web browsing technologies in Windows.  26
Janus VRExperimental web browser that tries to convert web pages into 3D worlds so the user can explore them in virtual reality.  1
K-Meleon­K-Meleon is a lite Web browser based on gecko (the mozilla rendering engine). It's fast, has a minimal interface, and it is fully standards-compliant. To make it simple, K-Meleon may be considered the unbloated Mozilla for Windows.  4
K-NinjaK-Ninja is a minimalistic and quite resource-sparing browser originally based on the browser K-Meleon, which in turn is based on the Gecko engine also used in Firefox, SeaMonkey and Camino. Its main features are a extremely fast response to user input and a much smaller menu/interface than most other browsers offer, thus allowing the displayed pages to take up pretty much all of the space.  1
kidzuiIs a web browser designed for kids, for safe browsing.  can send reports to parents email of sites visited.  displays kid safe content and websites.  1
LunascapeLunascape browser allow you to use all-in-one the most used web engines (trident, gecko and webkit) in all their functionalities (extensions, activex, plugins and so on) and it's highly customizable.  3
MaxthonMaxthon Browser is a powerful tabbed browser built for all users.  6
MayokoA program used to search Rapidshare database for file names. It can also browse the websites containing links to rapidshare files it found.  1
Microsoft EdgeWeb browser developed by Microsoft.  2
MidoriMidori is a lightweight GTK+ web browser for Linux and Windows.  3
MozillaThe open-source version of the next generation of Netscape.  2
Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox is a free and open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards. In 2017, Firefox began incorporating new technology under the code name Quantum to promote parallelism and a more intuitive user interface.  10
MZCacheViewMZCacheView allows your to read the contents of your Firefox browser cache and extract files to a directory of your choosing.  1
Netscape CommunicatorFine working application but colors seem to be incorrect :( As far as I tested all parts are working (flash plugin, composer etc.)  2
Netscape NavigatorNetscape Navigator 9 is available as a standalone installation for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The automatic update feature in your current Netscape browser will not upgrade to 9.0. Please download the new ­version now for the newest updates.  4
OffByOneThe Off By One Web Browser may be the world's smallest and fastest web browser with full HTML 3.2 support. It is a completely self-contained, stand-alone application with no dependencies on any other browser or browser component. For Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.  1
OperaA rather nice browser that also has a native version for Linux.  3
Opera GXThis is a new branch of opera browser focus on gaming setup, it is different of the traditional opera web browser. They say it is "the first web browser for gamers".  1
OrcaGreat little web-browser  1
Otter BrowserLightweight web browser based on Qt5 framework and WebKit engine. It previously aimed to recreate UI of the famous Opera 12.  2
pale moonbrowser made from old firefox  1
Portable FirefoxThis is a version of Firefox that will run off a USB drive or other external rewritable media (network Hard Drive, Firewire drive, etc.). It is an official build of Firefox, just with an extra wrapper app that makes it save the settings to the installed directory.  5
Puffin Browser for WindowsThe Puffin web browser, previously only a mobile app, has been released for Windows computers.  2
QupzillaQtWebEngine-based browser.  1
ringwormGOSimple browser which use VB.NET and Internet Explorer as browser engine.  1
RockMeltA Chromium based browser specifically geared toward social networking. This was acquired by Yahoo; "The Rockmelt apps and web product will be shutdown on August 31, 2013." -  3
SeaMonkeySeaMonkey, formerly Mozilla Application Suite  2
Shockwaveplay shockwave games, applications on the net  4
SleipnirFenrir is a Japanese, fully customiseable Web-Browser by Fenrir-inc. You can change the used Browser-Engine ( Internet-Explorers Trident-Engine or Mozillas Gecko-Engine ).   3
SlimBrowserA firefox/gecko-based browser.  1
SpaceTimeA 3D web browser for Windows, with inbuilt special effects for search results.  1
SRWare IronNOTE: a native port of the application is available for Linux and MAC![1]  7
T-Online BrowserGerman Internet-Browser on top of the IE dlls .  2
TorchTorch is a web browser based on Chromium with multimedia and torrent features.  2
UC BrowserA Chromium-based version of Android's UC Web Browser ported to Windows.  3
VivaldiNOTE: Native ports of this application are available for Linux and MAC![1]  4
WebTV ViewerThis is an emulator that allows you to see how awful your web pages look when viewed on Sony's WebTV. WebTV was bought by Microsoft and is now called MSN TV. WebTV's rendering engine is based on Netscape 4 and seeing your nice W3C-compliant site in WebTV will bring most of us to the brink of tears. It looks bad, really bad. You can get old version of this at  1
Xenode ChromiumXenode Chromium (Before Xenode Chrowser) is a web Browser based on Chromium, the google Chrome Code, it incorporates new functions, tools and utilities with a new interface and two versions, the COMPUTER ONE and the USB ONE, it's the best web Browser for windows, and soon, for linux too  0