Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
1st Mass MailerSubscription-based mass mailer  1
40tude Dialog40tude Dialog is a very complete newsreader, with options that aren't  1
Airmail 2000Airmail 2000 is the client portion of the Ham Radio based email software with internet gateways. Airmail 2000 is free to Ham Radio operators.  1
Amicron-MailofficeAmicron-Mailoffice is a mailclient for teams and workgroups in a network without using an Exchange-Server or similar tools. The mail-database is Firebird.  1
Backblaze DownloaderThis application helps to download restores that have been created on the web interface of Backblaze (pc backup).  2
Becky! Internet MailEmail program that supports IMAP, POP3, IMAP-SSL, POP3-SSL and several plugins like PGP.  1
CalypsoA Very simple (GUI) and efficient  1
Camelsystem PowerpostFine application to post binaries to newsgroeps.  1
ecleanerremove all the > infront of forwarded emails you receieve  1
eM ClienteM Client integrates email, calendars, tasks and instant messaging in a single modern desktop application. Easily synchronize with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, iCloud or any other service provider and have all your data always available.  6
EssentialPIMTools to satisfy your calendar, contact management, to do list, notes and email needs. All data is cross-linked, - link your Contacts to Appointments and Emails to Notes.  5
EudoraEudora is a well-known email reader.  4
Eudora ProNice e-mail client for Windows that really should be ported to Linux  1
FeedDemonRSS News Reader  3
FirstClass ClientFirstClass is a cost-effective, highly scalable, feature-rich messaging  7
Forte Agent NewsreaderOne of the most widely used Windows news and email readers  8
Foxmail­Foxmail is rated as 5 STAR software by ZDNet.  2
GetMail for HotMailGetMail for Hotmail is an email forwarding program that started life because of the lack of a POP3 server for the Hotmail email system. If you have tried looking for a POP3 server address for Hotmail or MSN mail you'll know what I mean! From this it has evolved into a flexible email forwarding program. If you use GetMail For Hotmail with other third party POP3 tools such as FreePOPS or YPOPS you can also forward on AOL, Yahoo and many other webmail only email accounts making it the ideal tool to use for not only mass migrating all your e-mail to Gmail but also to continue forwarding on mail received in your old accounts! For those of you wishing to forward on other POP accounts I've created a list of SMTP servers that may help, or alternatively you can use our SMTP server to do the email forwarding for a small fee.  1
GFI MailEssentialsGFI MailEssentials is a solid commercial anti-spam program. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyze the incoming emails and to determine the proper course of action.  1
Giganews AcceleratorThis program helps enable SSL functionality, header compression, etc. when using a Usenet newsreader to access one of the Giganews news servers.  It sets up a local host that the newsreader connects to, and then acts as the interface between the newsreader and the Giganews servers.  1
Gmail BackupThe utility used to create off line backup for GMail mailboxes. |  1
Gmail NotifierFrom the Gmail Notifier download site:  1
Google Calendar SyncGoogle Calendar Sync offers synchronisation between Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar.  1
GrabItIt's a nice app for downloading binaries from newsgroups.  7
GroupWiseNovell's GroupWise eMail client  3
HmailserverThis application is a fantastic email server unfortunantly it was written for the wrong O/S  1
IMAPSizeIMAPSize is a tool to manage IMAP mail accounts. It is not a mail client. You can use it to locate folders which consume much space and manage then, to avoid storage quota. IMAPSize offers a variety of useful e-mail tools for this, and it can also convert e-mail between eml (Windows Mail/Live Mail) and mbox (Thunderbird) format.  1
IncrediMailFun Email Program  3
Lark SuiteA Slack-like collaboration suite that is popular in China (where it is known as Feishu)  1
ljArchiveA tool to browse and download journal entries and comments from LiveJournals and other blogging sites using the LiveJournal software.  1
Lotus iNotesThis is the Notes web client iNotes. Needs IE under wine to run. So far seems to work very well. All apps including mail, calendar, todo seems to work just fine.  1
Lotus NotesLotus Notes is a email, calendar, and database application which works in conjunction with a Lotus Domino server.  8
Mach5MailerWindows based mass email program for sending Newsletters etc out.  1
Mailbox Dispatcher"Mail Dispatcher is spam blocker tool that allows you to preview and process messages before they will be received by your E-mail program" (  1
MailCheckMailCheck allows you to keep track of and control over your email inbox.  1
MailwasherMailwasher let you preview your email and purge it automatically from spam directly on server.  6
MDaemonOne of the best small to medium business e-mail server. Has everything you need for running a company e-mail sistem(including POP, IMAP, Web, Admin) or a small ISP(multiple domains)  1
Memo ClientMemo is an groupware application possibly built by Volvo Data in Sweden from the source of the old MS-Mail client (NT 3, WfWG : anyone remember theese acronyms?)  2
Mercury MailMailserver for windows. POP3/ SMTP/ IMAP/ Mailinglist  5
MesNewsMesNews is probably the best newsreader (nntp client)  1
Microsoft OutlookMicrosoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite.  6
MozBackupMozBackup is a small application to create backups of Firefox and Thunderbird profiles.  1
Mozilla ThunderbirdMozilla foundation's next generation standalone e-mail and newsgroup client can be used as a companion to Mozilla Firefox or by itself. Lightweight, fast, extensible and featuring sophisticated junk mail filters, Thunderbird sets a new standard for e-mail software.  6
News File GrabberNews File Grabber is a specialized Newsreader  1
NewsLeecherNewsLeecher is a tool made for fetching and managing articles from the Usenet.  4
NewsPro­Multiserver, multi windows, multitasking newsreader for text and binaries.­  1
Opera Mail"Opera Mail is a lightweight, customizable mail client.  1
OST PST ViewerFreemium app to view, read and search Outlook files.  1
Outlook ExpressMail-User-Agent from Microsoft, built into several Windows versions (bundled with IExplorer actually).  2
Pegasus MailOne of the oldest and best email apps on the market.  9
PG OfflineYahoo Groups messages, files and photos downloader for offline use  1
poppeeperEmail checker, both POP and IMAP.  1
PopTrayPopTray is a TrayIcon mail notifier.  1
Portable ThunderbirdA version of Mozilla's Thunderbird that can be installed to a flash drive and be taken anywhere you go. All profile, email, extension and theme settings are saved on the flash drive itself and nothing is saved to the local computer that you are using to run the program.  9
PostboxPostbox is an e-mail and GTD combination.  7
PowerGrab 2002Power-Grab is a 32-bit windows application that allows you to download files from a Usenet News server. Freeware  1
Powerpost 2000A binary poster for Usenet.  1
ProtonMail BridgeProtonMail Bridge is an application, that simulates a regular IMAP/POP3 servers to mail clients, allowing users to use their ProtonMail accounts on them.  1
Sametime ConnectAn IM and collaboration client from Lotus/IBM  1
Skrzynka BogiegoSkrzynka Bogiego is E-mail program a lightweight,very good work with the latest postal addresses such as "Gmail" or the like and exactly what is the Polish version of the mail program  1
SnarferRSS and Atom aggregator.  1
SpamihilatorA Bayesian spam filter  1
SpampalSpamPal is a mail classification program that can help separate your spam  1
The Bat!The Bat! is a professional email client.  2
The Bat! Voyager­The Bat! Voyager  Mobile Email Client  1
Treepad­Treepad is an easy to use information manager.  4
Turnpike 5.01U email softwareTurnpike is a British-developed software suite for MS Windows, originally written by Chris Hall and Richard Clayton (who had previously been the co-founders and principal programmers of Locomotive Software).  1
Usenet ExplorerMultiserver, multi windows, multitasking newsreader for text and binaries.  2
WebNews.TVA new way to have RSS delivered to your desktop.  Have a penguin or other character read entries, or just receive notifications.  1
Windows Live MailWindows Live Mail is a free Email client that supports access of Hotmail, POP3, and IMAP accounts.  2
XnewsClient for binaries newsgroup  4
yDecodeDecodes Yenc articles in news groups. works with outlook express and claims to work with Thunderbird and other news readers.  1