Category: Main Productivity
Sub CategoryDescriptionNo. Apps
DatabaseRelational Database  180  
Desktop PublishingVarious page layout, print, and publishing applications.  41  
Finance/Accounting/Project/CRMPersonal and Business Finance Software and project planning, CRM (Cust  343  
Legal/law  23  
Office SuitesProductivity apps that contain bundles of applications.  22  
Office UtilitiesMisc Office tools that usually work in conjunction with other Office s  113  
PresentationSlide Shows with animation and sound and flowchart tools  25  
SpreadsheetDo it yourself Number crunching  12  
Text EditorsMultipurpose text editing tool. No formatting just text.  51  
Web DesignCreate your own web page  82  
Word ProcessingType, edit, print, OCR!  73  
Category: Main Productivity
Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
ABBYY Screenshot ReaderABBYY Screenshot Reader is an application for capturing editable text via OCR (also screen images) from a marqueed area, window, screen or timed screen pasteable via clipboard or saved to a file as plain text, a table or an image.  1
Accredo SaturnAccredo Saturn and Mercury are small to medium business software applications for New Zealand organisations. They provide a range of modules including debtors, invoicing, general ledger etc. Extensive basic-like language scripting make the system flexible & extensible.  4
ACECAD DigiMemo ManagerThe DigiMemo A692 is a stand-alone device with storage capability that digitally captures and stores everything you write or draw with ink on ordinary paper, without the use of computer and special paper. Then you can easily view, edit, organize and share your handwritten notes  2
AceMoney­AceMoney is a personal finance manager that helps people organize and manage their personal finances quickly and easily.  2
AceReaderSpeed Reading, Reading Improvement and Assessment  2
AceTextAceText is a clipboard and note management application.  It automatically saves any text copied to the clipboard.  These "clips" can then be sorted into different collections and folders for future use.  Clips can also be created manually and used for note taking or management.  AceText also allows clips to easily be pasted into other applications through use of hotkeys.  2
ActionOutlineActionOutline helps you store and arrange all your information in a tree outline form. With ActionOutline, you can create and manage to-do lists, recipes, project notes, personal contacts, bookmark lists, reports, term papers, etc. It includes an Explorer-like interface, the ability to link to web or local files, and much more.  2
Actuate eReport Designer ProActuate create enterprise reporting solutions. This software is for designing the reports.  1
Adcenter DesktopStandalone desktop version for the management of advertising campaigns with Microsoft/Bing  1
Additional WristApps for Data Link 150 or 150s watchInstaller for additional WristApps for Timex Datalink software.  1
Adobe Digital EditionsAdobe Reader alternative for reading and managing digital publications. Supports DRM-ed PDFs. Flash based.  7
AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe EditionA random information manager, helps to organize big volumes of random records, structure it by category/folders. Supports data access restriction by password, reminders, rich text editing, printing, tables, low-level file content is always encrypted. Based on self-healing database engine which can survive even quite serious disk failures seamlessly to the user.  1
Alpha Journal ProA great journaling tool. I've been using it, in various versions, for over 20 years. Every few years I go out and check the opposition, and I've never found better. It has a great calendar search, multiple section tabs, superior searching, and much more. You can use it on multiple machines and sync the file. ETC.   1
AnalyseSIsimple software helping you to make your data base, needs java runtime to work  1
Android StudioAndroid Studio is a free SDK and IDE for making and publishing Android app and games.  1
As-Easy-As Spreadsheet32-bit spreadsheet program with over 130 math, financial, scientific, statistical, string, date and time functions. Macro programming language implementation. Min/Max Linear Programming. Goalseeking. Linear and Non-linear Multi-variate Regression. Internal and External User-definable Functions. Text Search & Replace. File Linking. Integration & Recursion. Beta and Gamma functions. Gaussian & Poisson distributions.  1
ATnotes"ATnotes is a FREE program which creates notes on the desktop. It lives in the system tray, takes very few resources, and supports a lot of languages."  1
Atomic Mail SenderBulk sending is widely used by email marketers as a method of constant  1
AutoMateAutoMate 6 is commercial business process automation software for Windows. It allows users to easily script simple to complex processes with over 160 actions through a drag and drop interface.  1
Big Oven­Quickly enter and organize all your favorite recipes. Search by ingredient, cuisine and more; resize recipes. Post your own recipes online, create grocery lists, weekly meal plans, email recipes and much more!  1
blackra1nthis is an app to jailbreak the ipod touch........if you do this and turn it all the way off the ipod will go into recovery mode and you need this app to boot it back up  1
CalibreEbook management application  3
callas pdfToolbox DesktoppdfToolbox can process PDF-files from quick visual inspection and fixing to fully unattended  1
Chaos ControlChaos Control is a multi-platform client implementing the Getting Things Done productivity system by David Allen. CC uses the application developer's server to sync data across desktops and mobile devices.  1
Chartnexus Free DownloadFree Personal Charting Software, with a comprehensive list of popular indicator. free access to all the EOD market data.  1
Cisco JabberApplication used to Receive and Send IP Telephony phone calls as well as Instant message. Cisco has absolutely no interest in creating a Linux distribution.  5
CityDeskCityDesk completely automates the whole process of formatting pages, creating your home page and navigation, and publishing the site to a web server. CityDesk completely automates the whole process of formatting pages, creating your home page and navigation, and publishing the site to a web server.  1
ClipmateManages clipboard with a backend database, allow saving and manipulating clipboard data.  1
CogToolCogTool is a general purpose UI prototyping tool with a difference - it automatically evaluates your design with a predictive human performance model (a "cognitive crash dummy").  2
Computer Fencing SystemThe Computer Fencing System offers estimating programs for chainlink fence, wood fence, vinyl fence, and ornamental fencing.  1
ConceptDraw ProjectConceptDraw Project is one of 3 applications available from ConceptDraw.  1
Connectwise PSAConnectwise PSA is a management application for IT companies. It allows IT firms to manage customers, tickets, configurations, contacts, scheduling, projects and more.  1
Copernic agent professionalA multiple internet search program that uses multiple search engine on your desktop.  2
Copernic SummarizerEasy to use summarizing software, utilizing sophisticated statistical and linguistic algorithms.  1
CS Yazzleuseful tool for SEOs.  1
Danea EasyFattSoftware billing, management purchases, sales and inventory. Suitable  2
Deja VuBasically one of the most powerful CAT Tools on the market. Processes hundreds of file formats (all MS Office formats, OpenOffice and several formats from Quark Xpress and other dtp) with a GUI of its own.  3
Delrina PerformApplication used to create business forms.  1
Desktop SearchGoogle Desktop gives you easy access to information on your computer  1
dictatordictator is tool for reading long text files by RSVP (one or few words flashed at a time). It has settings to adjust reading speed, display, font, colors, etc. It can create/save/retrieve bookmarks, online references. It can display other file types after some command to convert them to text - rtf support is inbuilt. Doc, pdf, epub files may be read too provided some command to convert file to text is setup.  1
dictpad.exeDictpad.exe is part of the microsoft speech sdk 5.1. It is a basic speech recongition program, however, what makes it different than many speech recognition software is that it save the audio as well as the text, which helps trouble shoot recongition problems.  1
Doxie for WindowsDoxie is an application that goes with my portable document scanner. It copies the scans off the scanner and allows you to export them. A greatfeature is that it exports them with OCR using ABBYY technology that's licensed to the application.  2
Dramatica ProWelcome to Dramatica Pro, your Creative Writing Partner. Got a story in  1
Druki IPSFree application to fill out different legal and paralegal forms in Poland.  2
EasyLabel GoldLabel and barcoding application.  1
Ecco ProA powerful outliner and personal/small group information manager.  1
EvernoteEvernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your notable life using your computer, phone, and the web.  24
EverythingLocate files and folders by name instantly.  1
Expression Blend"Expression Blend is the tool for interaction design on the Silverlight and .NET  1
FactusolPrograma de facturacion  5
FloorPlan 3DLow-end software for home design, remodeling projects, interior decorating, landscape & garden design, deck & balcony design, electrical & plumbing design, cost estimating. Windows only program.  5
Ftpvca version control system  1
GESDENGESDEN is Dental clinic program (closed source) which is used to have a client database, dental scheme, a patient card, economic and administrative management, an agenda, statistics...  1
Glance.netGlance lets you share anything on your screen. Co-browse websites, demo software, and give presentations  1
GoalProTurbo charge your goals with GoalPro 2008. GoalPro is the finest goal-setting software program on the  1
HyperResearchHyperRESEARCH is a cross-platform qualitative data analysis (QDA) software designed for qualitative data analysis.   1
IBM Translation ManagerThe very first CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool on the market.  1
IBM ViaVoice Gold 98IBM ViaVoice Gold 98 - Spanish version is a complete speech recognition suite, including, voice registration tools, add vocabulary tools, speak pad utilities among others.  1
IndigridIndigrid is an opinionated, minimal text editor focused around creating and viewing lists.  1
Infacta GroupMailThis e-mail management and marketing solution takes the time and effort out of sending e-mail newsletters, announcing new products or services to your customers or running an e-mail marketing campaign. It is also ideal for customer support or for simply staying in touch with family and friends. With highly personalized messages, GroupMail Free Edition makes communicating with large lists of recipients easy.  1
Instant BossInstant Boss will time your work/break cycles, reminding you when to work and when to take a break.  1
InteGrade ProInteGrade Pro can set up classes based on information from your school's office  1
Knowledge StudioData analysis GUI with machine learning capabilities  1
Lidl FotoservicesFoto Bestellsoftware für den Discounter Lidl  1
Life BalanceLife Balance is a time and task management program that helps you focus  1
Lotus Word ProWord-processing application  3
Lutheran Service Builder 2Program to plan Church Services and create Bulletins.   1
Made2Manage"M2M ERP software administers your customer order management, materials management, production management, and financial management processes so you stay on track with your business objectives. With the M2M ERP software module, whether you are a make-to-order, make-to-stock, engineer-to-order, assemble-to-order, or mixed-mode manufacturer, you can gain real-time visibility over all of your back-office functions."  1
Madhura English-Sinhala DictionaryThis is an English Sinhala Offline Dictionary  1
Microsoft BobMicrosoft Bob was a Microsoft software product, released in March 1995, which provided a new, nontechnical interface to desktop computing operations.­  1
MindViewMindview is a mindmapping software built for windows.  1
MyLifeOrganizedMyLifeOrganized (MLO) is an excellent productivity tool for implementing a number of systems for time and task management, including Getting Things Done (aka GTD; Google it or visit  15
Newton Connection Utilities­  1
nimbus notesA web note program like evernote.  1
Nuance Power PDF StandardA Windows application to convert edit PDF documents (including OCR).  1
OuDiaTrain diagram drawing software  2
P-touch EditorLabel creation software for the QL-500 and QL-550 label printers from Brother.  1
PDF-XChange PROview, edit, create PDFs  1
Peachtree QuantumThe ultimate, high-performance Peachtree accounting solution.  1
Pert Chart ExpertPERT Chart EXPERT is a Windows-based projec­t management software application that is used to create PERT charts (also known as Network Charts, Precedence Diagrams and Logic Diagrams).  2
ProfitChart ProProgram for negotiations in the stock exchange, financial market.  1
ProShow Producer 9Makes video slideshows from pictures, videos, and music.  1
RealtimeBoardRealtimeBoard is an online-only, modular web app designed to be a virtual whiteboard for collaboration, brainstorming and mind-mapping. The service is available for free, with limitations (such as a maximum of 3 users, 3 "boards", and a lack of video chat, screen sharing, JIRA integration and custom templates)  1
SafeInCloud Password ManagerKeep your passwords and other private info safe  4
Samsung DexSamsung Dex offers a way to share your phone workspace to a PC with Android Desktop mode. You can continue working with your phone applications where you left it on your mobile phone.  1
SAP GUISAP Frontend GUI  4
SAS System viewerThe SAS System Viewer is a freely distributed application for viewing and printing files that were created by SAS. The  1
SDL TradosA CAT (Computer Aided Translation) software to increase productivity in the translation process.  4
SEFIPPrograma utilizado para a geração de FGTS de funcionários. (This piece of software is Brazilian and cannot be used in other countries for production. It's distributed and mantained by the Brazilian government.)  1
Simplemind ProSimplemind Pro is a professional mind mapping application. It works on Mac, Windows and Linux under wine. It also has Android and iOS versions. There are free and paid versions of the software.   4
SkedPalApp to efficiently manage your time and your tasks.  1
SoftMaker Vieweropen a document created in Microsoft Word, TextMaker, or OpenDocument format, but you haven't installed the respective word processor  1
SophieSewSophieSew is a totally free alternative for Brother PE Design software. It's used for making embroidery designs for machines, for digitizing images/logo's/text...  1
SQLNotesSQLNotes (code name) is a new type of information management software (IMS), with Ecco Pro style outlining, Access-like tables (for relational data), Excel-like Pivot table and Microsoft Word-like editing and mail-merge. SQLNotes is a PIM, but it is much more. It is also a Workgroup Information Manager, being fully networkable. Unlike other PIM or IMS, your SQLNotes data is fully accessible to other applications, whether it is Microsoft Office or any other modern Office suite (through the built-in ODBC  1
StickiesStickies is a full-featured yet purpose-focused sticky notes program.  Its design mentality is to include every feature that enhances the usability of the sticky notes per se without becoming bloated with features that don't actually relate to sticky notes.  1
Task List GuruA windows program. It allows you to create organizational task lists for accomplishment by yourself or others.  1
Teklynx LabelviewPowerful Label Design and Integration Software for Beginners All the Way Up to Advanced Users  1
TimeToTimeTo is a fancy and sophisticated to-do list manager.  2
timeTrackotimeTracko is the workforce monitoring and productivity software. This application is used to track attendance of the employees as well as other features like realtime tracking, idle time tracking etc.  1
ToDoListA very simple to use to-do list, with including many options, such as due dates, repetitive events, priorities, costs, links, , task alerts, task time estimation, and almost anything a to do list can have.  6
Toggl DesktopTime tracking client for Toggl. Requires an account (free or paid).  1
Tomahawk PDF+Tomahawk PDF +  1
Tony Robbins RPM Life ManagementGreat program for goal setting, planning, etc.  1
TrelloTrello is an online tool for organizing the progress of a user's project. A desktop app version was released on 12/21/2016.  1
U3 Smart AppsApplication windows on USB key  1
WBS Chart ProWBS Chart Pro is a Windows-based proj­ect management software application that is used to create and display projects using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Chart.  2
WinScribeWinScribe created a digital dictation/transcription software for use in the medical, legal, professional field.  1
WunderlistA task-management applications for creating to-do lists and their synchronization across various devices. The app offers a beautiful, simple and intuitive interface and provides only one functionality: creating and managing task-lists.  2
Yahoo! Widgets EngineYahoo! Widgets provides a platform for using and developing widgets for many and varied desktop interactive applications.  4