Sub CategoryDescriptionNo. Apps
BenchmarkBenchmark tools  15  
DictionaryMultilingual Dictionary, Language Resources etc  100  
Encyclopedia'sEncyclopedia's  13  
GenealogyGenealogy Software & Associated Utilities  42  
ReligiousReligious Programs - Bible / Historical etc  55  
Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
100 Jahre LuftfahrtA German Infotainment Software about one hundred years of aviation.  1
3M Cloud Library PC AppAn application for browsing, checking out, and reading and listening to ebooks and audio books from various public libraries, as well as sychnronizing checked out materials with supported ebook readers. A valid library card from a participating library is required.  2
5555 MeisterwerkeAn image catalog with 5555 famous paintings (masterworks).  1
AAA Map N GoMap Application sponsored by the American Automobile Association.  3
ABC Amber HLP Converter"ABC Amber HLP Converter is a useful tool that allows you to create printable, manual-quality documents from Microsoft Windows Help files. The program converts hlp files to any document (and database) format you wish - PDF, RTF, HTML, DOC, CHM, TXT, DBF, XML, CSV, XLS, MDB, etc."  1
ABC Amber LIT ConverterABC Amber LIT Converter is an advanced utility which converts your LIT  1
Action Request System (Remedy User)­A trouble ticketing system in use by many large organizations.  4
AlldataThis discontinued software was designed to be a "digital" version of car factory service manuals (as opposed to Chilton, Haynes, etc...). Specific car information is available online (and previously via DVDs). There are lists of recalls/factory service bulletins as well as repair information, diagrams, and DTC (diagnostic trouble code) diagnosis.  3
AMH CD-ROMDrug reference primarily intended for pharmacists, doctors and nurses in Australia.  3
ANWB Examentraining Rijopleiding BCD-ROM accompanying the ANWB driver's education theory book.  1
Assimil FrenchAssimil publishes Language Learning Courses. This is the French version.  1
AutorouteAutoroute is a route finder providing local information and the best routes between multiple locations.  5
BoardviewerBoardviewer is app for open boardview file like .asc, .bdv, .brd, .bv, .cad, .cst, .gr, .f2b, .fz. and others.  1
Brockhaus MultimedialMultimedia content  1
Busspur AVV Winter 2010/2011Fahrplan für Aachen, Niederlande und weitere Gebiete  1
Cambridge Grammar of English, CD-ROM VersionThe application is the electronic version of the  1
CAMPUSA materials database for the plastics industry.  1
Cartes du CielFree planetarium/star charting software.  1
ConvertA little utility to convert various units.  1
CoPilotMap viewing and installation program for Motorola A780 smartphone.  1
Cornell Lab of Ornithology Guide to Birds of North AmericaOne of the premiere birding software titles. Primarily a database of pictures, sounds, and descriptions of birds that are found in North America.   1
D-InfoGerman telephone book on CD  2
D-SATA german satellite atlas of Germany from 1996. It's like an offline (2 CD's) ancestor of Google Earth.  1
Day-Timer AddressbookThe addressbook runs successfully in desktop mode. I have not tried to print but can use it directly from a DOS harddrive with my existing addresses.  1
DigiGuideTV + Radio Listings in the UK  1
Digitale BibliothekThe driving force behind the expanding line of books published on CD, complete with a huge set of research/search/marking/and-so-on functions included.  2
Dragon Magazine ArchiveThis is a 5-CD archive of Dragon Magazine (a magazine for paper RPGs) numbers 1-250. The magazines themselves are stored in PDF format, but the included program has to be used for doing searches, and is Windows-only.  1
Druide Antidote HD 2010 + Visuel IntégréFrench dictionaries and phrasebooks.  1
DynaTextDynaText app supplied with HP "Instant Information" documentation CDs and is used for viewing contents thereof.  1
eLibraryThe eLibrary Project is an ebook organizer with tagging and search capabilities.  1
eMapZone/CarteSurTablePrepare a trip on any map from a scanner or a digital cameraObtain total distances and elevations in a flash (some altitudes have to be set)Print a personalized map at any scale for terrain usePrint the elevation curve at the required scaleSend or receive  1
Fine Woodworking ArchiveFine Woodworking Magazine archive 1975-2008 (issues 1-201)  2
GARPA Topographical SurveyGarpa Topographical Survey is the EVEOnline map-application no capsuleer should live without. It assists the game's players to plot routes through New Eden by gate, jump bridges or jump drives.  2
GEBLibrarianThis application allows you to generate ebooks that are compatible with the GEB 1150. This device is available from Ebookwise sells books, but if you want a book that is not sold you can use this software to generate the file and transfer it to your ebookwise device.  1
GeoInfo-MünchenA geographical information system for the city of Munich, Germany.  1
Grosser Falk ReiseplanerNavigtion on the PC with GPS mouse (optionalle) calculating routes, shows point of interest  1
HAFASWIN-fahrinfoTravel-information-system-software licensed by many european public-transport-companies.  1
HEAT: Call LoggingCall Logging as an application in the HEAT suite of software by Frontrange. It allows your IT department to organize and assign work orders to different people/departments and manage their work load.  3
HP Product BulletinHP Product Bulletin is software for HP Partners and HP Customers and available for free. It has got all information technical and pricing of HP Product. I work for a HP Partner company in Pakistan. I'm using Ubuntu form last 3 years started from Ubuntu 6.04 and now using 9.04. Most satisfied user of Ubuntu/Linux. I also deliver trainings of Linux (user level). I have to use windows for only 2 applications. 1- HP Product Bulletin, 2-HP SBW [(Sale Builder for Windows) it is only for HP Partners and HP Employees.].  2
I.I.I. Home InventoryI.I.I. Home Inventory helps you keep detailed information about items in your home.  The list can be helpful in quickly settling an insurance claim (if the need arises), choosing the right amount of insurance, and otherwise reporting losses.  Photographs, purchase dates, and other vital information are stored in a file, which can then be transmitted directly to the subscription Vault24 service, printed, or possibly backed up privately.  I.I.I. Home Inventory is intended to make the whole process of insurance record-keeping simple and painless.  1
IGN RandoMapping/Charting software, available by regions (France only).  1
JS LatvijaA mapping software. Includes data about Latvia and latter version also rudimentary information about Lithuania & Estonia.  1
Kosmos Campingwijzer Europa 2008The software comes on CD with the KOSMOS Campingwijzer 2008 book and  1
LTrackLtrack is a program for tracking one or more football league tables through a season.  1
MactrackerA database of many Apple's computers, accessories and other hardware with information about components, compatible operating systems and expansions.It allows to store user's own information about computers, for example to create units list in collection.  1
MagicMaps 3DThe MagicMaps 3D package provides the official TOP25 topographic map (1:25,000) of Germany. A digital elevation model (25m resolution) is used to visualize the topography using OpenGL in real time and helps analyzing the height profile of planned tracks. Tracks and waypoints can be in- and exported in various formats.  2
Manila MapQuite a good map of transit options in Metro Manila - the capital of the Philippines. Mentions tourist attraction locations.  1
Maple ProfessionalDocuments and notes organizer  1
MapPointMapping software from Microsoft.  2
MapRouterSmall app for a distance measurement on a map in a jpeg-file.  1
Martindale 35 cdromMartindale: The complete drug reference has been a trusted  1
MastercookRecipe collection software  2
Microsoft Press Readiness Review SuiteSoftware by MeasureUp to prepare for Microsoft Certification tests.  2
MODESMODES in an xml based application for museums. It allows you to collate, manage and share your collections information effectively. Modes supports the SPECTRUM Primary Procedures required by the museums Accreditation Scheme. Most settings, such as record templates, indexes, outputs and validation, are pre-defined.   1
My Home InventoryHome inventory management software  1
New Millenium World AtlasMap software covering the entire globe. Includes articles on various geographic features.  1
noteexpress­NoteExpress is a perfect assistant and information manager for researchers, scholars, students, and librarians. NoteExpress is designed to help you organize research notes and bibliographic references, generate bibliographies automatically, search and capture bibliographic data from Internet with efficiency and ease. NoteExpress is well integrated with Microsoft Word. It can format bibliographies in many popular styles. NoteExpress works the same as many other bibliograhic software but with many additional efficient features like...  2
NTE Quick CrossNTE component cross reference utility.  2
Passwords PlusPalm/Windows Password storage program with the ability to sync between Palm handhelds and desktop computer.  1
PasswordWalletPasswordWallet stores passwords and other private information in one location.  1
PastPerfectMuseum administration and collections from cataloging of objects, archives and photos to tracking membership, donations, mailings, etc. Allows standardized lexicons, many reporting options, simple backup mechanism. Includes options for networked computers.  1
PlanetGIS ExplorerPlanetGIS is a fast, friendly and compact Geographic Information System (GIS)  1
Power RouteGerman Maps for travel by car, planning of routes.  1
Ptaki EuropyMultimedia atlas of European birds (in Polish)  1
Ptaki Polski II red CD companionThe second volume of "Birds of Poland" by Andrzej G.Kruszewicz (ISBN: 83-7073-455-3) contains two CD-PLUS suplements in different colors. The red CD contains the interviews with the author, accessed from a menu.  1
QiqqaA software to manage scientific articles in PDF format. It lets you annotate the PDF documents, create libraries and share them.  1
Reference ManagerA program that manipulates a scientific bibliographic database. It also places  4
Route 66One of the most famous route planners for users in the Benelux.  1
Software Toolworks World AtlasThis is a Windows program for displaying a number of political maps of the world as it appeared twenty years ago (populations as of 1986, East and West Germany shown seperately, a big country called "Soviet Union" in northern Asia...).  1
Star Trek: Captain's ChairStar Trek: Captain's Chair is a virtual reality tour of the bridges of five of the most famous bridges in the Star Trek universe. Featured are the bridges seen in Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and the Sovereign class first seen in Star Trek: First Contact.  1
Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive Technical ManualA QuickTime VR panorama tour of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701D from Star Trek: The Next Generation, along with detailed descriptions of the locations, equipment, and technologies of the ship excerpted from the print version of the Technical Manual. Also includes the voice of Majel Barrett as the ship's computer and a video tour voiced by Jonathan Frakes as Cmdr. Riker.  1
Street Atlas USAnavigation / trip planning software with GPS support  8
StreetFinder & TripMaker Deluxe Suite5-CD set, giving you everything you need to plan trips and get accurate city routes right on your computer.  1
Streets & TripsStreet Mapping & Routing Application  4
TecDoc CATALOGApplication is very useful catalog of cars spare parts for personal usage, shops and garages.  1
The Real Yellow PagesAT&T's Yellow Pages on CDROM, a major phone directory in the U.S.A.  1
Threads Magazine Archive 1985-2009Complete archive of all Threads (sewing magazine) magazines from 1985 - 2009.  1
TomeRaiderThe worlds most advanced e book reader | cross platform reference viewer. Only TomeRaider can handle super-large reference works. Now supports Raid Scripts for the free creation of some awesome unique e-books. Fast, powerful, functional and innovative. These are some TomeRaider files freely available: Wikipedia(Full), Internet Movie Database, Wornet Dictionary, How Stuff Works, Encyclopedia of Modern Music, the Bible, The Koran, World Fact Book, Computing Dictionary, Encyclopedia of Mythology. Now available for Palm, PPC, EPOC and PC devices...  1
TOP50TOP50 is a topographical mapping software which uses official German TK50 maps.  1
Topo!Topo! is topographical mapping software, used with National Geographic's State Series of topographical map data CDs.  4
Totally MADThis is a collection of every issue of MAD magazine on CD-ROM with a Windows application for browsing.  1
TVAnywhereProgram that downloads tv channels (norwegian channels), you can set alarms, get notices etc.  1
TwixTel/TwixRouteTelephone database and streetfinder for Switzerland  3
uBook ReaderBook is a simple and lean, yet powerful ebook  1
UpToDateUpToDate is an evidence based, peer reviewed information resource -  5
USAPhotoMapsUSAPhotoMaps is a program that retrieves and displays satellite and topological maps of any location in the US.  1
VBB-Fahrinfo OfflineOffline journey planer for Berlin public transport  1
Vivid WorkshopData ATISoftware that implements a great database; specially designed for car workshop's. Includes more than 7000 car models; with wiring diagrams, specifications about torque, fluid capacities, belt mounting, On-board diagnostics (OBD) definitions, and much more...  1
Walt Disney World ExplorerFilled with fun facts, behind-the-scenes glimpses, animation, and  1
Waypoint+To be able to upload and download Routes, Tracks, and Waypoints from a Garmin* GPS to a PC, simplifying the processes of creating and editing these data.  1
WDGPSFree software for handheld GPS receivers and multi formats  1
WinCAPSThe Mitsubishi Computerized Automatic Parts Search System (CAPS) is  1
winibwProfessional client application for library that connect to the french national Sudoc database. create, modify metadata about document and other library tasks about document.  2
wxtide32WXtide32 is a tide prediction program adapted from the UNIX program Xtide.  1