Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
Aldec Active-HDLWindows-only based Verilog/VHDL/SystemC/Systemverillog simulator.  7
Allegro FREE ViewerThis is a printed circuit board layout review tool. It is used by engineers to view circuit board layout.  5
Anritsu Handheld Sitemaster Software ToolsHandheld Software Tools is a Windows program for the Anritsu "Master" product family. Using this software, cable, antenna and  1
Atmel ProChip Designer 4.0Atmel ProChip Designer is a suite of tools for PLD development.  1
BVS ConVisBalluff BVS sensor configurator  1
CADint PCBPCB schematic and Layout program.  1
Cam350Cam350 displays circuit board layout. The input is gerber files  1
CasaXPSCasaXPS is a software to import X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) measurement data of different measurement devices and to analyse these data. Features like Background Substraction, Peak Fitting etc are supported.  1
CASE Studio 2Design ERDs (with forward and backward engineering support) and DFDs.  1
Charge Master  1
Circuit Design SuiteCircuit Design Suite contain: Multisim and Ultiboard.  3
CleWinThe easy to use, but powerfull physical layout editor with an extensive  1
Clic02 EditA program used to create diagrams for PLCs (programmable logic controllers) manufactured by WEG.  1
Data Recorderdownload measurements from la crosse technology ws-9010 & ws-8610 (temperature & hygrometer)  1
DesignerAn implementation tool for place and route and  1
DesignWorks Lite 4Draw, save, edit and print complete, professional circuit diagrams using powerful features like bussing, multi-level Undo/Redo, and automatic gate packaging.  1
DesignWorks ProfessionalCapilano Computing's DesignWorks Professional is an electronic design automation (EDA) tool (also known as a schematic capture program). It allows you to create complex logic diagrams/circuits using various components (e.g. logic gates, decoders, multiplexers, full-adders). DesignWorks Professional also provides a simulator, allowing you to test your circuits as you build them.  1
DiagnoseThis is an application for using the OBDII automotive diagnostic tool available from The application was written in VB.  1
DipTraceDipTrace breaks the traditional mold for schematic capture and layout  7
EaglePCB Layout Editor  7
EasyWeatherConnect, download and display of weather station data.  2
Electronics WorkbenchAnalog / Digital circuit layout and simulation.  5
Ferrite Magnetic Design ToolAllows application-related parameters to be calculated for all available EPCOS ferrite cores and / or materials.  2
GALEP32GALEP32 is the host application for Conitec's device programmer GALEP-IV.  1
GammaVisionWith this application you can collect spectra from different detectors (over MCA ADC). The spectra may also be viewed, processed and evaluated. It is capable of different file formats, including ascii-type.  1
Handyscope HS3 USB driverDriver for USB oscilloscope, produced by Tiepie Engineering.  1
HBX (HobbyBox)Tool to measure characteristics of speakers or any other audio hardware. Also includes an oscilloscope and a waveform generator.  1
HYDRUS-1DThis is a commonly used hydrologic engineering software.  1
IBIS Development StudioIBIS Development Studio (IBISDS) is capable of viewing, editing and verifying IBIS models. You can view and edit the IBIS model in a graphical or in a text mode, just what you need for your task. The model verification is done using the golden parser (IBIS version 5.0) and can be called directly from the IBISDS user interface.  1
IC-progThis application is developed to program a set of chips in a serial manner.  2
Image AnalysisA tool for processing of data captured by NT-MDT measurement software.  1
ISE/WebpackDesign flow for CPLD/FPGA  4
ispLEVER ClassicThis is a Lattice Semiconductor IDE  / EDA suite, and it is the only thing that supports their older FPGAs and most of their CPLDs. The more modern software (Diamond) already has a Linux version, but for CPLD development one is stuck with... this  1
JTAGTestJTAG IEEE 1149.1 boundary scan testing and debugging tool  1
Keil uVision2Keil MicroVision is a program used to simulate various microprocessors such as the 8051. A free evaluation version is available.  4
Kemet SpiceThis application is used to evaluate surface mount ceramic and tantalum capacitor electrical specs  2
LabChartLabChart is an application by ADInstruments for reading and analyzing files from the PowerLab.  3
Layo1PCBLayo1PCB is an easy to use PCB layout program.  1
Leddar ConfiguratorThis software is used to display and record data from a lidar sensor.  1
LinkWareThe Linkware software provided by Fluke networks so import the results from the DSX-5000 and associated cable teaters  1
LTspice/Switcher CADLTSpice first released in 1999 is a free version of spice distributed by Linear Technology. Works well with wine. Its maintainer at LT is responsive to compatibility problems with wine.   3
Max+Plus IIDigital circuit layout, VHDL compiler and circuit simulation suite for programming Altera CPLDs and FPGAs  2
Meter ViewInterface software to Digital Multimeter Radio Shack Cat. No. 22-812  1
Micro-Cap (Portable version)Electronic design software with powerful analyzis features.  1
MicrocapElectronic circuit simulator  5
MicroCaseMicroCase is a powerful statistical analysis and data management program designed especially for social scientists. It includes a complete range of research tools for creating data files, cleaning and modifying data, analyzing data, and presenting results to a live audience.  1
miniVNASoftware for the miniVNA vector network analyzer.  1
ModelSim ALTERA Starter EditionVersion of Mentor Graphics' ModelSim tailored for use with ALTERA's FPGAs.  1
ModelSim PE Student EditionUse ModelSim to write and test hardware designs.  9
Modelsim XE III 6.0a StarterModelSim Xilinx Edition used for simulating hardware designs.  4
OrcadGeneral electronics simulation software.  5
OSC48x pc oscilloscope for windowsIts an oscilloscope(CRO) software. The CRO is OSC482.  1
PADS ViewerFree viewer for PADS schematic and PCB layout files.  2
PASCO CapstoneThis is a program which uses user input data or measurement data and processes it.  1
PC-WetterstationWetterstation Bedien- und Auswertesoftware  1
PCB ArtistFree schematic capture and PCB design application developed by Westdev Ltd (Pulsonix, Number One Systems/Easy-PC).  It is distributed by PCB manufacturer Advanced Circuits and designs can only be submitted and ordered from them.  3
PicoScope­Oscilloscope application for picoscope scopes­  2
Protec 506 RS232Floppy with software used for handeling measurement of the Protec 506, 505 and 504 digital multimeter.  1
Protel 99SEProtel 99 SE includes an easy-to-use schematic capture editor with a huge range of components, a powerful PCB design editor with sophisticated interactive routing and placement features that are second-to-none, and an easy-to-use shape based autorouter that routes like a professional board designer.  1
Protel DXPA sophisticated, professional PCB design software package. The successor to Protel 98SE.  2
ProteusProteus is software for microprocessor simulation, schematic capture, and printed circuit board (PCB) design.  3
Proteus Professional Design Suite VSM v7.7 SP2Proteus is a simple and yet a powerful electronics circuit simulation tool and printed circuit board (PCB) designer.  2
psimpower system simaution tools, can simulation PWM buck boost PFC  3
PSpicePSpice is the de facto standard for analog and mixed-signal simulation. Engineers rely on PSpice for accurate and robust analysis of their designs. Universities use PSpice as part of their electrical engineering curricula. Semiconductor vendors around the world provide PSpice models for their devices. Numerous books have been published on PSpice that span 10 languages! PSpice includes a powerful and robust simulation engine and works with Orcad Capture, Concept HDL, or PSpice schematics in an integrated environment where engineers create designs, set up and run simulations, and analyze simulation results.  2
QSPICEQSPICE is a spice simulator from Qorvo, developed by the original developer of LTspice.  1
Quartus IIQuartus II (R) is the Altera synthesis tool for CPLDs and FPGAs.  6
QuickworksQuickworks is a suite of programs to enter a schematics or HDL code to implement logic to be programmed into a Quicklogic FPGA and simulate the logic at RTL level or after place and route.  1
Reinhardt MCT 192 CabletesterMCT 192 is an easy-to-use high-speed cable tester for testing  1
RFSIM99RFSim99 is a free  1
ServiceLab 12ServiceLab is a software package for installation on SIMATIC programming devices and other PCs.  1
SimplorerSimplorerâ„¢ is multi-domain, system simulation software for the design of high-performance electromechanical systems commonly found in the automotive, aerospace/defense, and industrial automation industries.  1
Simulator SCOPFPowerWorld Simulator is a simulator for 3-phase power networks. It allows simulation of high-voltage transmission lines, generation and loads, complete with fault simulation.  2
SimWindowsSimWindows is a 1D semiconductor device simulator based on rate equations for various physical processes and the detailed balance principle. The propagation and reflection of light in the structure is treated as well, so that optoelectronic devices can be simulated. The development at University of Colorado seems to have ceased at the beginning of 1999 with version 1.5.0. This is not a professionnal quality software, but you can get started in no time, so that it is good for teaching the physics of semiconductor device.  1
sPlanschematic editor for Windows  4
Sprint-LayoutEasy to use PCB editor for Windows.  2
SystemBuilderUtility to generate project files for DE10 Nano FPGA education board for use with Intel Quartus design and programming software.  1
SystemVisionSystemVision is a System Modeling solution using industry-standard models.  2
Tektronix WaveStar for MetersWaveStar for meters an application program from Tektronix  1
Tera's GN3 Publishing System (Good News)­Simple, flexible and extremely configurable, GN3 ensures the highest performance - as demanded by todays newspaper and magazine industry - at the lowest cost of maintenance.  1
ThermaData Logger SoftwareApplication to download, display and analize measurements from an "Electronic Temperature Instruments" (ETI) temperature logger. You may also configure and reset your loggers.  1
THRSim11Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller  2
THViewer (TH9100,TH7100 series,TS7302)Viewer for *.sit files from *.SIT files (TH9100,TH7100 series,TS7302) Thermal scanners from Nippon Avioinics   1
TX-LineTX-Line is a transmission line calculator.  The user enters physical layout constants and it calculates the electrical constants, or vice-versa.  Handles popular PCB structures (and more).  1
Ultra Librarian Free ReaderUltra Librarian Free Reader opens the vender-neutral BXL file format for printed circuit board footprints and schematic symbols and exports files for a number of EDA packages.  1
Uni-T InterfaceA simple program to interface with various Uni-Trend multimeters and instruments, via a serial port (also with a serial-to-USB converter).  1
Velleman PC Lab 2000 SELatest software for Velleman's PCS500, PCS100, K8031, PCG10, K8016. Runs under Windows versions 95/98/ME, NT4, 2000, XP and Vista (and also Wine). The program contains  3
VeroDesVerodes allows you to lay-up circuitson veroboard/stripboard.  1
WHO AnthroSoftware for research on nutritional status for children under 5 years old.  1
WINEPR SimFoniaEPR Spectrum simulation software for isotropic Hamiltonian and powder samples.  1
WINEPR SystemEPR Analysis software for EPR spectra measured with the BRUKER ESR Spectrometer.  1
Xilinx ISE Design SuiteSimulator/Design Environment for FPGAs and CPLDs.  2
ZemaxOptical design program combining  1