Sub CategoryDescriptionNo. Apps
BrowsersNetscape, Opera, Mozilla, Mosaic, IE, ...  58  
Chat, Instant Messaging, TelephonyAIM, ICQ, NetMeeting, Speak Freely, ...  216  
Email, news and GroupwareEmail and related programs.  72  
File transfer/sharingFTP, NFS, document sharing, Samba, scp, ...  199  
HAM Radio  51  
Maps & NavigationElectronic maps, satellite tracking . . .  79  
Net ToolsTools such as proxies, web crawlers, search engines, ...  128  
Remote AccessSSH, Telnet, VNC, Terminal Services, ...  98  
Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
买卖通IMCommunication software  1
&MLAn alternative client for Mail.Ru services like qip/r&q  1
3Com Discovery3Com Discovery application is used for detecting Switch on the network.  1
ABC [Yet Another Bittorent Client]ABC  1
AcessDiverInstallation works fine. Does not run. Gives an error saying "Unable to get ping handle".  1
ActiveSyncSyncronizes Pocket PC or WinCE PDAs with the desktop computer running Windows.  5
ADPhoneVoIP communication software. You can call other adphone users, landline phones and mobile phones. It also offers free 30 minutes per day.  1
ai sp@ce Clientai sp@ce is a communication tool in which you create your Avatar character to interact with other Avatars, explore the locations based on locations from various anime/games (currently CLANNAD, Da Capo II, and SHUFFLE!). Along with Avatars, in ai sp@ce exist beings called CharaDoll, representing characters from the above universes. When interacting with a CharaDoll, you can write AI scripts for them to use, as well as share them with other users. Also you can watch movies from NicoNico Douga (the program uses accounts from this website) in special locations or participate in an event. The program is developed by various companies.  1
AlphaComAlphacom Terminal Emulator is a Telnet and SSH client capable of emulating a variety of terminal types, and offering a good range of configurable features.  1
America Online (AOL)*Note: The trends of version 7.0 and up are suggesting that garbage is being produced. Feel free to test as these submissions will make Wine better; however, keep in mind that you most likely won't get past the installation menu unless you're using AOL 4.0*  12
AnalogX WebserverNifty, simple and "Handy Dandy" little Win32 webserver to provide basic access to HTML documents. Can also server EXE CGI if EXEs are correctly configured.  1
Angry IP scannerAngry IP scanner is a very fast IP scanner and port scanner. It can scan IP addresses in any range as well as any their ports. Its binary file size is very small compared to other IP or port scanners. Angry IP scanner simply pings each IP address to check if it's alive, then optionally it is resolving its hostname, determines the MAC address, scans ports, etc. The amount of gathered data about each host can be extended with the available plugins.  1
Avaya CMS supervisorAvaya CMS Supervisor is a Microsoft Windows-based application that allows you to do the following tasks:  1
Avaya IP OFFICEAvaya IP Office is a tool to manage Avaya PBX   1
Avaya Site AdministrationAvaya PBX, administration software.  2
AventailConnectSonicWALL Aventail Connect provides users of IT-managed Windows,  1
bct15_usadThis is a scanner programing application for the Uniden BCT-15 Trunktracker III .  1
Belkin Network USB Hub Control CentreDriver for Belkin Network USB hub, which enables USB devices (e.g printers, external drives etc. to be connected via a wireless network and show in the file system as if they are attached to the computer.  2
BitCometBitComet is a p2p file-sharing freeware fully compatible with Bittorrent, which is one of the most popular p2p protocol designed for high-speed distribution of 100MB or GB sized files. BitComet is a powerful, clean, fast, and easy-to-use bittorrent client. It supports simultaneous downloads, download queue, selected downloads in torrent package, fast-resume, chatting, disk cache, speed limits, port mapping, proxy, ip-filter, etc.  15
BlackBerry Device ManagerBlackBerry Desktop Manager should do as its name implies - assist in the management of a connected BlackBerry device.  6
Blocklist ManagerWorks fine on wine after the instalation of the visual basic runtime 6  2
BOINCUse the idle time on your computer to cure diseases, study global warming,  6
BoincTasks  1
BonjourBonjour for Windows allows Windows machines to discover advertised web  2
BORGChatMessenger type program for local area networks.  1
Bridgit - clientConferencing software. Bridgit allows for the sharing of multiple desktops, with VOIP, webcam, write-on desktop, remote desktop control.  1
C-SploiterC-Sploiter ist formaly known as an "exploiter" it has several features like sending POST-Data to Websites, analyse their sourcecode, make sql-connections aso.  1
CCENT/CCNA ICND1 Official Exam Certification Guide Second EditionThis covers the CD that comes in the back of the CCENT/CCNA ICND1 Official Exam Certification Guide, Second Edition.  1
CcPublisherAn application that allows automatic publishing and licensing under Creative Commons licence.  1
Checkpoint VPN-1 SecureclientClient for connecting to VPN service of Checkpoint firewalls.  2
Cisco CallManager Attendant ConsoleAttendant Console allows a group of operators to log in to a hunt group and receive calls to a single phone number. The client software runs on Java and uses the JTAPI interface (Java telephony API) to talk to CallManager. The software provides call control for the user's telephone.  1
Cisco IP CommunicatorThis is a virtual phone in software. It talks Cisco's proprietary SCCP signalling protocol as well as RTP & RTCP to a CallManager server.  6
Cisco Unified Personal CommunicatorCisco Unified Personal Communicator transparently  1
Citrix ICA ClientCitrix ICA Client allows users to connect to Citrix servers from a remote network location.  4
Citrix Program NeighborhoodThe Program Neighborhood Client is the Citrix ICA Client software you use to start applications published on MetaFrame servers.  1
clinck cybercafe managersoftware for cyber cafe management  1
cncnetCnCNet is one of the largest Command & Conquer multiplayer platforms.  1
Content Manager Assistant for PlayStationThe Content Manager Assistant is used for file transfers between your PS Vita and your PC.  2
Crafty Syntax Live HelpCrafty Syntax Live Help (CSLH) is an open source live support solution that helps  1
CrossLoopCrossLoop is a free secure screen sharing utility designed for people  9
CT ConnectEnvox CT Connect  1
dbToolkit NISThe dbToolkit NIS is an application that helps us design our network and keep the documentation up-to-date. Some of the functions are signal tracing, wire patching.  1
DigsbyDigsby is a multiprotocol instant messaging application developed by dotSyntax, LLC.  8
Download Accelerator PlusDownload Accelerator helps to optimise your internet connection (dial-up, ADSL, Cable etc) to download file quicker.  4
Downloader of Windows Vista 64 DVDA downloader program for Windows Vista business, the only way to download it (no links available). You have access to the download page if you are a student of a university which has a special agreement with microsoft, follow the link for more info  1
Downloader_v0201.exeThis application enables you to update the binary file in a sonicview satellite receiver using the computer serial port.  1
DrayTek SyslogDrayTek Syslog collects syslog messages sent from DrayTek routers.  1
DreaMuleDreaMule is an application based on eMule code, completely written by brazilians.  1
easyMuleOpen-source peer-2-peer client from China based on popular eMule.  2
Embedded Web BrowserAn Embedded Web Browser Component Pack in Delphi and a Web Browser as Demo, how to use the Components.  1
ePopePop is a communications software that allows you to communicate through a LAN or even to a remote server using a method similar to Window's WinPopUp. Supports chat rooms, advanced message editing including attachments and great networking possibilities.  1
ERALink32ERALink32 is a customised version of IBM's wIntegrate software. It is essentially a glorified telnet client that allows automotive dealers to access the ERA Dealer Management System which ironically runs on a version of Unix. As it is a simple telnet client, it would seem easier to run a different program to make this connection. There are two very good reasons why this isn't possible. Firstly, ERALink32 includes special interfaces to a server program that cannot be duplicated by a regular telnet client. Second...most telnet clients do not support Televideo 955/965 emulation which is also a requirement.  3
ESL WireESL Internet Messenger, Video Broadcaster and tool for ESL account administration.  2
Excalibur BBSExcalibur  1
FavoriteSyncAn app to sync bookmarks across browsers and computers.  1
FaxToolsFaxTools eXPert is a fax communication  1
File DownloaderFiledownloader is an application that allows you to download multiple files from the majority of file storage websites. Most notably rapidshare and megaupload. Users create an account and then add credits to their account. (Usually 5$ USD = 10GB).  2
FileZilla FTP ServerAn Open Source FTP-server for windows only. The client version has a native Linux-version  2
Firefly 2This softphone allows users to access voip as provided by Freshtel.  1
Float's Mobile AgentFMA is a free powerful phone editing tool allowing users to easily manage all of the personal data stored in their phones, via a number of different connections methods. FMA allows easy management of Phonebook (both SIM and Phone memory), SMS, Profiles, and Files stored on the phone. FMA can also allow you to pickup and dial calls directly from your PC." [FMA website]  2
FlylinkDC++File sharing application over DC++ protocol.  2
FolderShareFolderShareTM  1
FreeCapFreeCap is a program for  1
FreeProxyFreeProxy is a proxy program which enables a single connection to the internet to be shared by other computers on a network. Looked at another way, FreeProxy is a mechanism to provide controlled access to the internet or intranet. Controls now include advanced security methods, user name and password verification and IP filtering.  1
FriendBot SuiteFriendbot is a tool used to market individuals and bands on a networking site.  1
Fritz!Box MonitorWith this utility you can monitor some functions of your AVM Fritz!Box.  2
fritz!faxFritzfax uses the netapi and isdn to fax over the fritzbox, per natapi  1
Fusion WakeUp on LanUsing FUSION WOL you can take advantage of turning on a remote PC through the net interface (Wake On Lan).  1
GameComm ClientGameComm is a VoIP client for game communication.  1
GatherPlacePresentations and conferences over the web.  Host and client packages for win and mac.  1
Go To Meeting ViewerViewer for Go To Meeting  2
Google Backup and SyncGoogle Backup and Sync can keep folders synchronized with Google Drive and upload photos and videos to Google Photos  3
Google Drivea client, which sync your files from desktop to the google cloud  1
Google Talk"Google Talk enables you to call or send instant messages to your friends for free--anytime, anywhere in the world." (from the page)  2
Google Video UploaderUse for files larger than 100 MB Upload using the Google Video Uploader Upload multiple files at once  1
Google Voice and VideoThis is a plugin to allow you to use Google Video chat within Gmail. It could be useful if you are running e.g. Firefox within Wine.  1
Gox BoxGox box is a windows based peer to peer or client-server chat program. It is extremely simple and low overhead.  1
GPassGPass Client Software  1
GPS-Track-AnalyseMap / track / waypoint editor.    3
Groove Virtual OfficeGroove Virtual Office v3.0 is software that allows teams of people to work together over a network as if they were in the same physical location. Includes file sharing, calendar, contact manager, and discussion with automatic network synchronization and security. From the developers of Lotus Notes.  1
GTunnelGTunnel is a  Windows application that works as a local HTTP or SOCKS  1
Halite BittorrentHalite (named after the mineral) is a C++ BitTorrent client based on the excellent libtorrent library from Rasterbar Software. The program also relies heavily on the Boost libraries.  1
HamachiHamachi is a UDP-based virtual private networking system. Its peers utilize the help of a third node called a mediation server to locate each other and to bootstrap the connection between them. The connection itself is direct and once it is established no traffic flows through our servers.  6
Home Control AssistantHome Control Assistant is home automation software which allows the user to schedule device switching events and scripts to be executed.  2
HoneyBOTHoneyBOT is a (freeware) windows based low interaction honeypot solution.  2
HostsmanHostsman is a program that manager the systems hostsfile. This file maps hostnames to IP addresses. This is an alternative to the slower DNS. However, the hostsfile allows you to block annoying adds (and other stuff) by pointing their hostnames (like to ip addresses that don't exist. Your browser will then display an error (or an empty spot) on pages that contain the ads hosted by the blocked host. Hostsman gives you the option to:  2
HyperTerminalHyperTerminal is a terminal emulation program capable of  2
ideri Note Clientideri Note is a client-server application that is specifically tailored for Active Directory Environments. It allows for one-to-many distribution of text messages to users' desktops using integrated windows security and remote procedure calls as the underlying middleware layer.  1
ideri Note Command Line ToolsCommand line frontend that allows to create, modify or delete ideri Note messages.  1
IGZonesSince the closing of the MSN Gaming Zone in Mid-2006, IGZones  3
iLinciLinc provides Web and audio conferencing solutions that are secure,  2
IntellisyncThe Intellisync application is written by Puma Software. Yahoo! distributes a free version of this software for use with Yahoo! online tools (mailbox, calendar, notepad, etc.). The software will synchronize your Yahoo! info with most handheld computers.  2
Internet Download ManagerGreat Download Manager with queue, resume, scheduled and ability to split up to 16 thread per download.  2
Irma for MainframeIt's a terminal 3270 emulator.  1
iSiteClient software for management and monitoring of iDirect DVB-RCS satellite modem/router.  Software is only available with hardware from manufacturer to my knowledge.  1
j2gplusOld Version of Efax. A program to send and receive faxes.  1
Kayako LiveResponse­LiveResponse is accompanied by a free Microsoft Windows Application  1
klickIdent ProfiPlus 20, Frühjahr 2008Klick Ident 2008 Profi Plus is a reverse phonenumber tool which uses the KlickTel 2008 (Frühjahr 2008) Database finding people by a given phone number.  1
Komatsu Airprojector Client  1
KonnektKonnekt is small application which shares connected plug-ins communication system, profiles service, files service and basic messages sending system. User selecting plug-ins can create tool answering his needs. Now, for example, Konnekt can be a messenger or small application sending SMS. Of course it can be both.  1
LiveZillaLive help/support system for websites.  1
Magic JackMagic Jack device and phone application.  1
Magic Mail MonitorMagic Mail Monitor (MMM) is a free POP3 mail monitor with multiple accounts support.  1
mc-wolSends a "magic packet" to power up a WOL (Wake On Lan) enabled host.  1
Mercora IMRadioMercora IMRadio is a program that allows you to access the Mercora music network to listen to music of all genres. It works in a way similar to P2P. You can legally search, browse, and listen to music from different artists, disk jockeys, or other users. Legal information for Mercora can be found here.  1
Microsoft Edge WebView2Windows Component  4
Microsoft File Transfer ManagerMicrosoft File Transfer Manager­  1
Microsoft Office CommunicatorIM client from Microsoft that uses only MS proprietary protocol.  1
moonyMoony is an ISDN call monitor program. It's basic purpose is to show the phone number (and names) for incoming calls. Other highlights are telephone answering machine, fax (send and receive), SMS notification, speech output and network support.  1
mRemotemRemote allows you to connect to multiple servers and machines using multiple protocols like RDP, SSH, VNC etc.  1
MultipingMultiping is a network monitoring tool to monitor multiple hosts.  It pings these hosts at pre-set intervals and graphing the ping times.  The only version of this tool is for windows and in windows it has the habit of dropping sockets and showing false latency if left running too long  2
MyspaceIMThe Instant Messenger of the MySpace Network.  1
Nettime CS Suite Internet Cafe SoftwareThe complete Client Server solution for your network of public access computers.  1
Netzero­Free ISP  1
News RoverAutomatically decodes, searches and downloads binaries from USENET newsgroups  6
Niji ShowJapanese TV broadcast tool.  1
No-IP DynamicUpdateClientBy using the free No-IP service you can assign easily rememberable address like [email protected] which is automatically updated by the No-IP DUC software to match your current IP. The service is best used with computer directly connected to Internet.  2
Nokia PC SuiteApplication for communicating with several different Nokia mobile phones.  2
NonohApplication for calling regular phones in lots of destinations for free.This application is made by the same compay that made VoipCheap and InternetCalls  1
Nortel Contivity VPN ClientNortel Contivity Windows client  1
Novell iFolderNovell iFolder™ lets your files follow you, everywhere. iFolder allows  1
NowWAPnowWAP is a cellphone wap gateway server. This will allow you to use your PC as a wap gateway so that you can use your own computer as an internet gateway for your cell phone.  1
olifax/voixolifaxvx.exe version 7.50 is the install file for Olifax/voix software. This is to be used together with the serial faxmodem "OLITEC self-memory V92 Ready", produced by the Olitec Company (France) - it also suits the USB connection version.  1
OmemoOmemo, it's a software who make p2p network and share the disk space of each user for create one and unique hard drive without space limit.  1
ooVoo­ooVoo is a free voice-video softphone  8
OPML EditorProgrammable outliner and environment supporting an array of web content management tools. Also implements standard protocols for interfacing with existing tools (e.g. WordPress).  1
Oxygen Phone Manager IIAccess to Phonebook, Calendar, SMS, MMS, Gallery (images, photos, wallpapers, melodies, ringtones, music, play lists, video clips, themes, voice records), Java applications and games, Profiles, Call register, FM radio, To-do list, Notes, WAP bookmarks and settings, GPRS modem settings.  1
P2PQuakeP2PQuake is a P2P application to share information of earthquake in Japan. Users can send information when an earthquake occurs with location in Japan. Furthermore, the server (NOT this software) polls the earthquake announce from JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) web site and sends alarm to users. When client receives these information, it shows dialog to notify that the earthquake occurs with sound.  1
Palm Desktop and HotSync ManagerSynchronize your palm with Linux - use your windows conduits!  5
PalmOne Desktop LifeDrivePalm Desktop software puts the tools you need for managing appointments, tasks, contact information, and many other tasks at your fingertips.  1
PalringoPalringo is a vocal instant messaging program for PCs and phones which also supports bridges messaging services such as MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, Gtalk/Jabber and Gadu-Gadu.  3
PCMan ComboA GNU/GPL Windows applications that give easy access to telnet-based BBS forum  1
pidginpidgin messenging  2
PowerLed Led ControllerThis Application is for control a Dot Matrix Display Led (P10) and many other  1
PowertermConnects to Unix boxes with heaps of different emulation modes to choose from, including vt420. It has column 132 support.  2
ProSafe Plus UtilityNetGear utility to configure advanced features of ProSafe Plus line of switches.  E.g., VLAN and QoS.  6
ProxyWayAnonymizer  1
PRTG Traffic GrapherPRTG Traffic Grapher is an easy to use Windows software for monitoring and classifying bandwidth usage. It provides system administrators with live readings and long-term usage trends for their network devices. The most common usage is bandwidth usage monitoring, but you can also monitor many other aspects of your network like memory and CPU utilizations.  3
PushbulletPushbullet allows you to share messages, links, and images to other computers and other users running it.  1
QCTermQCTerm is freely distributed to all users for their  1
QIP INFIUMNew IM client, based in QIP.  4
Quick 'n Easy Web ServiceQuick 'n Easy Web Service is a windows service that allows you to run an asp (vbscript or jscript) web server based on Quick' n Easy Web Server but without a graphical interface.  1
QVTRemote terminal access via ssh, telnet, ftp and others.  1
Random MAC address generatorGenerates random MAC address for you each time you run it.  1
RaySourceRaySource is a p2p freeware for downloading files from the RayFile ( free file hosting service with its own fs2you:// protocol.  3
RealtermRealterm is a terminal program for serial and telnet. Primarily designed for work with hardware and communications problems (as opposed to connecting to BBS's or filetransfer like some other programs)  1
Rediff Bold Instand MessengerRediff BOL is an instant messenger by Rediff. It is primarily used in India.  1
Rockstar Games Social ClubRockstar Games Social Club is a free online service and application provided by Rockstar Games for use with their latest generation of games.  2
RouterControlMit RouterControl kontrollieren Sie den Online-Status und weitere Eigenschaften Ihres Routers.  2
SafariSafari Web Browser based off of KDE's Konqueror KHTML layout Engine. This version is made for Microsoft Windows.  4
SAPO MessengerMessaging (Jabber) and VOIP communication software from one of Portugal's ISP.  1
SemagicSemagic is a Windows client application for weblogs based on the LiveJournal ( engine.  9
Shockwave Multiuser ServerMacromedia Shockwave Multiuser Server (SMUS) is a server application specifically designed for use with the Multiuser Xtra in Shockwave sites and applications. It forms the backbone of some prominent online Shockwave games.  1
ShowMyPCShowMyPC is now a Community for Remote Support providers. Providing tools for Instant Support to Service Providers and Users.  1
SimpProEncrypt messages in various IM services and IM clients.  2
sm50bSM50B is a tool to get the connection information of some ADSL routers used i.e. by Arcor and others (SpeedModem 50 and 200)  1
smartBridge Simple MonitorsimpleMonitor is the only software that is made to control smartBridge AirBridge wireless broadband transmitters.  1
SNMPcSNMPc is a network management tool similar to HP OpenView. It uses SNMP based polling techniques to show the general state of a network at a given point in time. It is also capable of recording network health history and redisplaying this information for an extended length of time.  1
SocksCapSocksCap™ is a non-commercial client for use with any SOCKSv5-compliant server. It is licensed for NON-COMMERCIAL HOME USE ONLY and should not be used by or in any governmental or commercial organization.  1
Sonork IMSonork IM is an instant messaging application.  1
Sony Ericsson PC SuiteThe Sony Ericsson PC Suite communicates with your Sony Ericsson phone, and hosts a number of useful utilities.  5
Space Desk Remote MonitorThere is a corresponding Windows program which acts as a virtual monitor and a server. On another computer you open this client and connect to the server and the client computer will act as a second monitor for the server computer. Unlike VNC or RDP which only support "cloning" of displays, this software appears to windows as an actual second monitor and therefore also supports extended desktop.  3
Spam ReaderSpam Reader is an MS Outlook plugin that extends Outlook functionality with a Bayesian spam filter. There is no need to run an external program. Spam Reader fully integrates into MS Outlook. Spam Reader analyzes each message when you receive it and puts it in the Spam folder if needed. SpamReader does not break existing Outlook filtering rules. The Bayesian spam filter is self-trainable. You can also tune it up for better accuracy.  1
SpoilerSyncSpoiler  1
Sprint Connection ManagerThis software lets you use a sprint phone as a modem.  2
Stat 'n' PerfA useful application that monitors your upload and download.  1
StreamTransportApplication allows user to download videos in Adobe Flash format from certain websites that make it difficult to do so (including Hulu.)  2
SuperscanPowerful TCP port scanner, pinger, resolver.  1
SX590This commercial application allows one to communicate with an EPOS till, in order to:  1
teemtalkteemtalk is a terminal emulator, with TCP/IP serial and modem support.  1
Teleport UltraTeleport Ultra is a highly advanced yet simple to use web crawler that can grab all the files off just about any server.  1
Televantage ViewpointTelevantage Viewpoint is used to communicate with the Televantage server. It is a client used by IP-PBX systems to manage calls (take, hold, park, transfer, conference, etc) in call centers.  1
Telnet Willi Firmware UpdaterFirmware Updater for telephone manager Telnet Willi  1
telnet32Config tool for ISDN PBX Telnet Willi6 by Telnet/Telebau, Germany. Company doesn't exist anymore.  1
TerminalTerminal is a simple serial port (COM) terminal emulation program. It can be used for communication with different devices such as modems, routers, embedded uC systems, GSM phones,... It is very useful debugging tool for serial communication applications.  1
The DudeThe Dude network monitor is a new application by MikroTik which can dramatically improve the way you manage your network environment. It will automatically scan all devices within specified subnets, draw and layout a map of your networks, monitor services of your devices and alert you in case some service has problems.  2
ThinLinc ClientThinLinc is a fast and versatile thin client system. It is based on  1
TI Connect CESoftware to able to connect your graphing calculator on your pc, for upgrading calculator's OS, add software, make programs  3
TimeMaker­TimeMaker is Leadership Software.  1 is instant messenger, widely used in Poland. Highly configurable and featurefull. Supports voice talking, files transfer, plugins, communication with payable telefony services Tlenofon. Design's basics were taken from Jabber, but you cannot use any Jabber client to log in to network, you need the original one or any other dedicated application. Native version works only with Windows.  1
Tpad SoftphoneUsed for IP telephony.  1
TTWinTerminal emulation software. Partial list of supported terminals includes: IBM 5250, 3270, 3101, 3151  1
Tube blaster proLatest version  1
uconuCon is a terminal emulator with a lot of extra features...  1
Vertical TeleVantageClient software for the TeleVantage IP-PBX Phone System  1
VisualGPSXPVisualGPSXP is a general purpose utility for monitoring the  1
VoipBusterVoipBuster is a Skype like application that lets you call freely to regular  4
VoipCheapFree calls are just a minute away - download VoipCheap now and call regular phones in lots of destinations for free.  3
VoipDiscountClient for VoipDiscount phone service  1
VPNSecurely connect to a remote network.  2
VSeeThis app allows users to stay in contact with people with many of the same functions as skype. However it uses very low bandwidth and is ideal for low bandwidth connections. It features Video conferencing and several degrees of quality (all the way up to 780p). Desktop sharing as well as individual window sharing.   5
Wake on Lan Command LineThis is a command line tool for sending a magic packet, needed to start a PC with Wake on Lan.  1
WD Print ShareApplication to access a printer connected to the USB port of a WD router.  1
WebLog ExpertWebLog Expert is a fast and powerful access log analyzer.  1
Webshots Desktoputility to upload your digtial Pictures to their website.  1
WeFiautomatically discover and connect to wireless networks.  1
Winamp RemoteWinAmp Remote is based on Orb technology. It allows the sharing of video and music between yourself and friends, mobile devices and even your PS3, Wii or XBox 360.  1
Windows Live EssentialsCollection of Windows Live programs with a unified installer. Includes Windows Live Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery etc  3
windows mobile device centerthe new version of activesync. it works only with windows vista or higher  1
WindscribeWindscribe is vpn service provides  1
Winfax Fax Viewerminiview.exe is a free application for viewing fax (.FXM) files created by Symantec's Winfax application.  1
WiRES-IIUses DTMF signaling to establish a bridge between WIRES-equipped, amateur (ham) stations anywhere in the world.  1
wms studio proit s an app to setup the blinds or shutters from a house in combination with the wms stick that sends out the info to the programmable blinds  1
XB BrowserXB browser is the new version of TORpark, its basically a specialized version of "Portable Firefox" that has a built in TOR server in it.  1
YnHubGraphical hubsoftware for the direct connect (dc) protocol.  1
YuuGuuYuuguu provides an online meeting/whiteboard and screen sharing.  1