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Real-Time Strategy  230  
Real-Time Tactics  68  
Turn-Based  203  
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1193 A.D.A historic economic simulation for 1 to 4 players. The game is set in the Middle Ages at the time of the 3rd to 7th Crusades.  1
7th Legion7th Legion is an Warhammer 40k style RTS game, developed by Epic MegaGames and Vision Software, and released by Microprose in 1997. As most Vision Softw­are games, the game features music by Blair Zuppicich.  1
A Force More PowerfulAFMP is a simulation game to teach players how to overcome a government with peaceful methods.  1
Abomination: The Nemesis ProjectA virus conquers the USA and only a small group of genetically mutated elite solders and some not affected civilians are left. And "The Faithful", who embrace the virus. Defeat them.  2
Act of War: Direct ActionThe world has changed. A crippling energy crisis has forced gas prices  1
Act of War: High TreasonAct of War: High Treason (abbreviated as AOW:HT) is a first expansion pack for Act of War: Direct Action. It is developed by Eugen Systems and published by Atari Inc.  1
AGEod's American Civil WarAGEOD'S AMERICAN CIVIL WAR (AACW) - The Blue and the Gray  3
Airborne Assault: Conquest of the AegeanConquest of the Aegean is played out in real time. This puts the game, and the Airborne Assault series in general, at odds wit­h virtually every other operational level wargame out there because operational level wargames are virtually all turn-based. Of course whilst I really enjoy turn-based wargames (of all varieties) they don't make for a completely realistic experience because in real life time is always progressing and events are frequently occurring that can change the nature of the battle. The Airborne Assault series has made a point of reflecting this and Conquest of the Aegean is no exception. As the name of the game suggests, Conquest of the Aegean primarily concentrates on the WWII battles for Greece and Crete. There are over 30 scenarios in all some of which are hypothetical, 'what if', scenarios  but most are fact based.  2
Airships: Conquer the skiesStrategy game where you build airships and fight with them. Also has a Linux version available, but these test results refer to running the Windows version under Wine.  1
Alien Legacy"Alien Legacy: A fantastic game of space strategy  1
Alien NationsNice funny game like Civilization. It learn bases of economics and tactics.  3
Allied GeneralFirst sequel to SSI's Panzer General, Allied General is the same game set in a different theatre in World War II, with some slight improvements.  1
AmericaAmerica is a real-time strategy game allowing players to step back into time and test their survival skills among the rough and tumble inhabitants of The Wild West. The new Expansion Pack features new missions from each of the game'­s four different groups -- Native Americans, Settlers, Mexicans  1
American ConquestGame based on Cossacks.In the year 1492, travel to America as Christopher Columbus and ignite  3
Ancient Wars: SpartaAncient Wars: Sparta recreates the epic history of Spartans, Persians and Egyptians in 3 vast campaigns.  1
Anno 1602: Creation of a New WorldBuild your empire and trade with your neighbours to improve your cities. A very indepth game which is quite addictive and enjoyable.  4
Archon ClassicInspired by chess, but adding combat that you control, Archon was the  1
Armageddon empiresArmageddon Empires is a 4x turn-based strategy video game for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It was released internationally for Microsoft Windows on July 16, 2007, and for Mac OS X on October 9, 2007.  4
Armies of ExigoExigo pits three races--the Beast Horde, the Empire and the Fallen--against each other in a hardcore RTS brawl. The single-player game features 36 total missions (12 for each faction), and multiplayer matches featur­e games like Capture the Flag and King of the Hill.  2
Armor CommandArmor Command was one of the very first fully 3D RTS games.  1
Armored BrigadeSolo tactical wargame set between 1965 and 1991 where Cold War is going hot. You can play USSR, USA, UK, Germany (East and West), Poland and Finland.   2
Army MenPlastic Army Men  1
Army Men RTSArmy Men: RTS is a real-time strategy video game in the Army Men video game series. In this game, Sarge, his heroes and the Green Army are hungry to put an end to their nemesis once and for all, the tyrannical Tan army, battling them in 15 campaigns missions, 8 special operation missions and 8 great battles in The 3DO Company's farewell to this series.  2
Arsenal of DemocracyGrand strategy wargame based on the Hearts of Iron II engine, and effectively a very modified sequel to that game.  5
Arsenal2"Arsenal 2 - Extended power" is the Win32 version of "Arsenal - Taste the power" by the french software house Tactical Soft.  1
AssaultHeroesAssault Heroes is an arcade-style, top-down shooter video game developed by Wanako Studios. The game has the player driving 4x4 vehicles, piloting speedboats, or proceeding on foot against enemy hordes. Players can play alone or co-operatively, including both online and offline 2-player co-operative modes.  1
Astral MastersThe game Astral Masters combines the features of the computer game called Astral Tournament and collection card games.  3
AugmentinelRemake of the 1986 "The Sentry" game. This remake is open-source and features the same map layout but an extra decimal point float level progression as well as fully accelerated Direct3D support, OpenGL support as well as (Unused and Experimental) Vulkan support.   1
AuroraAurora is a 4X science fiction strategy game.  It places a marked emphasis on fleet operations and detailed tactical combat.  2
Avalon Hill's Squad LeaderSquad Leader  1
axis and alliesThis is the PC version of the Hasbro Boardgame Axis and Allies.  It is a very basic strategic wargame with large parts of the world represented as single areas and units restricted to Infantry, Armour, Fighter planes, bombers, subs, air craft carriers, troop carriers and battle ships.  1
Bang! Bang!"The Cannon-fire Game for Microsoft Windows 3.0"  1
Base InvadersBase Invaders is a high-action, real-time strategy game  1
Battle Isle: The Andosia WarA great turn-based strategy game combining tactics and economy - you can conquer land, air and water as well as build your infrastructure.  4
Battle RealmsThis is a 3d Realtime Strategy game that got good reviews, but never was very popular, but it still has a loyal fan community.  1
BattleCityBattlecity is a unique game with­ extremely addictive game play. All players compete on the same giant battlefield in real-time using their tank and the weapons available. When you first login, you will have the choice to build your own city or join a city built by another player. The weapons you equip your tank with are produced by factories which the Mayor must build. Be sure to defend  2
BattleForgeThe Gods have disappeared and the old sun has died, letting a vile twilight engulf the world of Nyn. In exchange for all treasures the mortals possessed, the evil giants agreed to forge a new sun and hurl it into the sky.  1
Battleship 2Ther are two Modes in this Game.  1
Battleships Forever­Battleships Forever is a freeware tactical Real Time Strategy game that put's you in command of a small fleet of warships in space. Combat and damage mechanics are extremely detailed. Everything is simulated in game if possible. There are no abitrary "to hit chance" values in Battleships Forever. The game also features many innovative mechanics that you've never seen before. For example, the Cronus Battleship sports a Flux Shield generator that allows you to draw a defensive force shield around your ships in any shape you want. Another example are the Deflector modules that are used extensively through the game. These modules make a single  5
Battlestations: MidwayRelive the biggest sea battles of World  3
Böse Nachbarn 2The reality TV show of revenge and malice enters the second round. The  1
Beasts & BumpkinsA fun and rather unserious game from long time ago when "Our game is made for Windows 95!" was cool .  1
Bejeweled 3The goal is to align three or more gems, and more in the eight game modes.  3
Birth of America 2 - Wars in America 1750-1815Birth of America II: Wars in America 1750-1815 follows the successful historical strategy videogame Birth of America, AGEOD's American Civil War and Napoleon's Campaigns. It is the long-awaited well-expanded sequel of the acclaimed first game that made AGEOD. You can now fight all the big wars that made America between 1750 and 1815.  2
Black & WhiteEden. The perfect world. A lush, unspoiled paradise of small islands in a cobalt sea. Eight tribes live their lives here in harmony. They work the land, fish the sea, build homes and farm animals. They only want for one thing. A god.  7
Black & White 2Will you be an evil or benevolent deity?  4
Black Moon ChroniclesBlack Moon Chronicles is great strategy game based on a comicbook  2
BlitzkriegEisenhower, Rommel, Zhukov; Assume your rightful place among the great  2
Blitzkrieg IIBlitzkrieg II is a real-time tactics computer game based on the events of World War II, the game is an evolution of its predecessor Blitzkrieg. The game takes place in Africa, Russia, the Pacific and Europe, and features the different sides that fought there during the war.  2
Bloons TD 5The fifth and latest iteration in the wildly popular Bloons TD series.  1
Bloons TD 6A popular tower defense game from the long-running Bloons series, now with 3D graphics.  1
Breach & ClearBreach & Clear brings deep tactical strategy simulation to PC, Mac and Linux! Build your Special Operations team, plan and execute advanced missions, and own every angle.  1
Brigade E5: New Jagged UnionA real-time tactics game, spiritual sequel to Jagged Alliance.  3
Brutal WarsAnother turn based "Battle Isle" like strategy.  1
Carrier Command: Gaea Missionlike the 1980 carrier command  1
Carriers At War (2007)Carriers at War is a simulation of fleet carrier air and naval  1
Castle SmashCastle Smash is a strategy game developed by Hamumu Software for the Ludum Dare 24 game competition.  1
Catan: Die Erste InselThis is the pc adaption of a famous german game.  1
Caveman Craig 2Build a tribe by training your fellow caveman.  1
Celtic Kings: Rage of WarAn Age of Empires like game which has a realistic engine and graphics too. It rules the war between Roman and Gauls  3
Chariots of WarStrategy game set in the Near East during the Bronze Age. Sequel to "Legion".  1
ChessicaJust another chess player. Runs on frans morsch engine 1997. Written for windos 3.1 and NT.   1
chinese chess deluxeits chinese chess. a deluxe version at that. less than 30 sec install on windows  1
Chip's ChallengeA puzzle game originally for the Atari Lynx, 1989, ported to DOS/EGA in 1990, best known from the Windows Entertainment Pack.  1
ChromatronReflexion game involving mirrors and lenses  1
Civilization II: Test of TimeStrategy game of the Civilization series  1
Close Combat III: The Russian FrontThe third instalment in an award-winning series, Close Combat III: The  3
Close Combat IV: The Battle of the BulgeOne of the best RTS gems ever. Simple top down graphics and a simple interface, but real strategic depth. The close combat games are partly based on the wargame 'Advanced Squad Leader'. Moral is everything ...  3
Close Combat: A Bridge Too FarConsidered by many to be the best of Atomic Games' 'Close Combat' series, Close Combat 2 is a real time tactical squad-level wargame depicting the abortive Market Garden campaign in Holland during World War 2. In it, you take control of a number of platoons full of gung-ho Audie Murphy wannabes and reduce them to shellshocked, gibbering, basket cases, through a mixture of Atomic's detailed simulations of military hardware and combat psychology, combined with your own tactical ineptitude!  1
Close Combat: Invasion - NormandyClose Combat: Invasion Normandy is the fifth game in the highly acclaimed Close Combat series.  2
Codename: Panzers ColdwarCodename: Panzers: Cold War is the successor to the title "Codename:  1
Codename: Panzers Phase TwoWorld War II Real Time Strategy focusing on authentic units and cinematic conflict. In Phase Two you will meet both new heroes as well as the ones from Phase One as the WWII battlefield shifts to Africa, the Mediterranean and the Balkan. A mission editor has been added to the gameplay.  1
Codename: Panzers, Phase OneWorld War II Real Time Strategy focusing on authentic units and cinematic conflict.  5
Cold War Conflicts"Cold War Conflicts" is a realtime strategy game set in the historical  1
ColobotCOLOBOT combines both a real time game of strategy and an initiation to programming. You are at the head of a space expedition and you are assisted only by some robots. Your mission consists in successive attempts at the exploration and colonization of various planets. (more...)  1
Combat ChessCombat Chess is a version of the classic chess strategy but with  1
Combat Mission 2: Barbarossa to BerlinCombat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin (CMBB) is the revolutionary successor to the award winning game system pioneered in Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord. Bigger, bolder, larger in scope with layers of more detail, it is the epitome of the state of the art in combat simulations.  1
Combat Mission: Beyond OverlordCombat Mission: Beyond Overlord takes you from Normandy 1944 to Germany  2
Combat Mission: Red ThunderCombat Mission: Red Thunder is a computer game mixing turn-based and real-time strategy.  It focuses on fighting between Russia and Germany late in World War 2.  2
Combat Mission: Shock ForceCombat Mission: Shock Force is poised to become the new gold standard for computer wargames and military simulations. With over three years of intensive ground-up development, Combat Mission: Shock Force is ready to succeed Battlefront's previous series of top rated, award winning WW2 tactical simulations; Combat Mission Beyond Overlord, Barbarossa to Berlin, and Afrika Korps.  2
Command Ops 2An new edition of the critically acclaimed operational wargame - Command Ops. It is one of the few wargames that don't require the player to issue orders to every unit on map. Instead the game has a command structure and issuing an order to a large unit will result in the AI issuing orders to its subunits.  2
Commander: Europe at WarCommander – Europe at War is the first in a series of high level turn based strategy games. It is being jointly developed by Firepower Entertainment and being released Slitherine Software. The first game spans WW2, allowing players to control the axis or allied forces through the entire war in the European Theatre. Can Germany’s rise be stopped or will the jackboots of the SS march through London.  1
Commandos 2 - HD RemasterIn Commandos 2 � HD Remaster, take control of an elite group of  1
Commandos 2: Men of CourageCommandos 2: Men of Courage is the sequel to Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines and Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty. The games were developed by Pyro Studios, and published by Eidos Interactive. The Mac OS X version of the game was released in 2005 by Feral Interactive along with Commandos 3: Destination Berlin as part of the Commandos Battle Pack.  5
Commandos 3: Destination BerlinCommandos 3 is a tactical action strategy game set against the backdrop  6
Commandos: Behind Enemy LinesLate 1940. All of Western Europe is controlled by the Axis forces. Momentarily held back by the English Channel, the German army gathers strength for an imminent invasion of Great Britain.  5
computerized war in europeThis game is a port of one of the largest board games ever made to a computer. There is no AI.  1
Conquest: Frontier WarsReal Time Strategy engine released in 2001 by Ubisoft and Fever Pitch Studios.  3
ConstructorConstructor is a Strategy game where you build and try to conquer the "­world"  2
Crazy FactoryCrazy Factory (or also known as Gadget Tycoon) is a factory management game simulation that requires you to design and develop gadgets.   2
Crown of GloryCrown of Glory: Europe in the Age of Napoleon, the player  1
Crusader Kings4X strategy game set in Medieval Europe. Control a dynasty, gaining titles, piety, and prestige in your quest for power and glory. Uses the Europa Universalis engine.  2
Crying SunsCrying Suns is a strategy game where we play as commander of starship on mysterious journey to unveil the truths about fallen human empire.   3
CubemenGood game for Tower Defense players.  2
CulturesStrategy game.  2
Cultures 2: The Gates of AsgardThe action is varied and it even provides you with background information about the Middle Ages. Meet historic heroes and legendary scoundrels. Cultures 2 provides different options for reaching your targets, whether you are a diplomat or a warrior. Tacticians and strategies will be delighted by the new military system. Weapons and armors are individually upgradeable; the use of bonus is even more effective.  (From the website)  4
CutthroatsCutthroats is a game for Windows 98 where you play a pirate and have to grow your fleet up to such size that you rule the seven seas.  1
Cyberstorm 2: Corporate WarsSuccessor to the original Cyberstorm; You now control 1 of 8 corporations fighting for control of an important star system. According to .inf, released in 1997, start screen says (c) 1998.  1
damA simple freeware program that play the game of draughts (also known as checkers in USA) on a 10x10 board (European version) Is one of the strongest.  1
DarkoutA 3D platformer sci-fi adventure game with beautiful graphics and complex building & crafting features.  1
DarwiniaThe world of Darwinia is a virtual theme park, running entirely inside a computer network and populated by a sentient evolving life form called the Darwinians. Unfortunately Darwinia has been overrun by a computer virus which has multiplied out of control. Your task is to destroy the Viral Infection and save the Darwinians from extinction.  3
Deadlock 2: Shrine WarsSeven interstellar empires all vie for control of ancient shrines  3
Deadlock: Planetary ConquestDeadlock is a god-like strategy game.  4
DeathtrapDeathtrap is a tower-defense game with action RPG elements. Can be played in coop.  1
Decisive Battles of World War II : Battles in ItalyThis is the third entry in Matrix Games' Decisive Battles of WWII series, which also includes 'Korsun Pocket' and 'Battles in Normandy'.  1
Decisive Battles of World War II : NormandyThis is one of Matrix's 'Decisive Battles' series, which also includes 'Korsun Pocket' and 'Battles in Italy'.  1
DEFCONA clone of the game Global Thermonuclear War from the movie WarGames.  4
Defender of the Crown - digitally remastered collector's editionDirectx version of the classic game.  1
DemigodDemigod is a real-time, tactical strategy game that includes extensive role-playing  2
Desert lawPost-nuklear real-time strategy with RPG elements. Original, CZ full localization.  1
Desert Rats vs. Afrika KorpsDesert Rats vs Afrika Korps is a 3D, Real-Time Strategy game focused on WWII battles in North Africa. The game contains two campaigns and allows to control Axis or Allied units.  1
Die Siedler 6Die Siedler 6, Settlers 6  1
Die Sternfahrer von Catan"Die Sternenfahrer von Catan" is a spin-off from the popular "Settlers of Catan"-series. It revolves around trading in outer space involving different alien races and new resources to find on a variety of planets.  1
Die Völker 2A strategy game with some elements of a city building/god sim.  2
Die VoelkerA charmfu Strategy Game, with 3 folks, which are new on a planet called Lukkat  1
Diggles: the Myth of FenrisUnique strategy game, where you have to find and re-chain Fenris, the dog of Odin. You are supervising a small group of dwarfs from a new, unique side-view (instead of top-down), and ha­ve them to eat, dig, fight, sleep, make love, explore in order to progress. After a while the game looks like an ant-house. A German version of this game was released under the name "Wiggles."  2
Disciples IIDisciples II: Dark Prophecy, like its predecessor, is a turn-based RPS game that pits four races - the Empire, the Mountain Clans, the Legions of the Damned and the Undead Hordes - against each other in a battle for control of the Sacred Lands.  5
Disciples: Sacred LandsIs a turn-based PC strategy game  2
Dominions II: The Ascension WarsDominions 2: The Ascension Wars is an epic turn-based fantasy strategy game unlike any other fantasy strategy title that you've ever played. On the surface it may seem familiar; after all you're raising armies, conquering enemy lands, and wielding powerful spells. Scratch deeper though and you'll soon find that Dominions 2 introduces a depth that will satisfy even the most hardcore strategy gamer.  1
Dominions III: The Awakening DemoDominions III: a strategy game. This is the demo version.  1
Dr. Drago's Madcap ChaseDr. Drago's Madcap Chase is a great game that succesfully combines monopoly principles with strategy.  1
Dracula, le guerrier des carpates1997 PC Game  1
DreamlordsDreamlords is a mmorts where you can build your empire and army on a floating island.  4
Dungeon KeeperDungeon Keeper takes real-time strategy into a fantasy setting. You command a dungeon and its hellish minions, and must take them to glory against the hated good guys. You must use your gold to build a fortress and weapons to attack.  6
Dungeon Keeper 2Funny real-time strategy where you play the evil overlord of a dungeon of monsters.  5
Dungeons & Dragons: DragonshardDragonshard™ is a real-time strategy experience based in the mystical  2
DysonSmall open-source strategy featuring abstract gameplay. Game is using mono, but it fails to run using mono on 64-bit systems.  1
East India CompanyIn East India Company, you build commercial routes between Europe and Asia, build your fleets, and can even live through naval battles…  1
Emperor of the Fading SunsEmperor of the Fading Suns is a space empire strategy game.  1
Empire Deluxe for WindowsAn economic/strategy game that is addicting.  1
Empire XPEmpire XP is a Windows  2
Empires: Dawn of the Modern WorldEmpires: Dawn of the modern world is a real-time strategy game released on the 21st of October 2003.  2
EntrepreneurStart a company, conquer the world. Entrepreneur is a real time multiplayer or single player strategy game in which you must build a global corporate empire while competing against ruthless opponents. Create new technologies, manufacture them faster than your oppponents, and try to make sure your marketing can fend off the nasty rumors your competitors may spread.  1
Escape From Paradise CityThis game is similar to Grand Theft Auto. It can be viewed from top down, isometric, or in 3D.  2
EtherlordsTurn Based Strategy  3
Etherlords IICard based strategy game.  1
EufloriaEufloria is an ambient game of space exploration and conquest that employs surprising themes of plant growth and bio mechanical evolution.  2
Europa UniversalisEuropa Universalis is a historical strategy game that simulates all aspects of world history from 1492 to 1792. Each player takes on the role of one of the major nations of the era, controlling diplomacy, economy, warfare, exploration, and colonization. The game takes place on a map divided into approximately 1,500 provinces, and proceeds in a pausable real time format  3
Europa Universalis IIEuropa Universalis invites you to a global struggle for supremacy from the dark times of Jeanne D'Arc to the flaming wars of Napoleon. As the leader of a country you have to guide domestic and foreign policies. Engage in religious struggles, set up expeditions to claim the New World, lead your country to prosperity and victory. Send your Privateers to roam the seven seas, muster mercenaries to bolster your defences, and send missionaries to convert infidels to your State Religion. Interact with true historical events and persons to determine which path your nation will take in the game.  3
Europa Universalis IIIEuropa Universalis III delves deeply into the areas of exploration,  12
Europa Universalis IVEuropa Universalis IV (abbreviated EUIV or EU4) is a grand strategy computer game developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive.  2
Europa Universalis RomeThe game features the period of the Roman Era.  3
EverestEverest is a simulation-strategic game that let you manage every aspect of a real Mount Everest expedition. Facing all the dangers of this famous and hostile mountain, like climb slick ice walls,  evade avalanches, and try to survive to the terrible weather conditions. All this in a full 3D environment who tries to simulate every aspect of the mountain.  1
Faces of warAn RTS game taking place in European battlefield during World war 2.  4
Fantasy WarsFantasy Wars is a turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy world. Combining both classic strategy gameplay and sophisticated 3D graphics players can experience epic battles like never before.  3
Farscape The GameFarscape The Game is a third-person perspective, team-based (or squad-based) game. It's sort of a cross between an RPG and a strategy game. This game is based upon the Sci-Fi television series of the same name. The game's home page domain lapsed a long time ago, but you can still find a listing for the game on Amazon along with reviews and a brief description.  1
Field of Gloryversion 1.1.0  2
Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000Final Liberation is Games Workshop's 1997 Turn Based Strategy game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe but in the same scale as Epic (at that point called "Warhammer Epic 40,000").  2
Fire Department 2Fire Captain is one of the most intense real-time strategy games around. You command a professional crew of firefighters equipped with highly effective vehicles and equipment to bring the most extreme situations under control. Fire Captain delivers an incredible level of realism, enhanced by superb graphics, where the game fire and smoke propagation systems lend a terrific and thrilling urgency to the missions. Control dozens of units and vehicles ina relentless fight against the inferno for an unforgettable gaming experience!  1
Fire Department 3Fire Department 3 is a "serious game", you play with firefighter and you stop fire in many country.  1
Firefight­Firefight is a World War II real time simulation game. It relies heavily on the use of artificial intelligence to create a realistic game, while having a user interface so simple and intuitive that you can learn to play in minutes  2
Flappy Kirb!Just another Flappy Bird clone, but it did make me smile.  1
For the Glory: A Europa Universalis GameFor the Glory is a game based on Europa Universalis II developed by fans.  4
FortixQix-like fantasy arcade game.  2
FortsForts is a realtime strategy base building game.  2
From DustFrom Dust is the latest original video game concept by Eric Chahi, creator of the cult classic, Another World.  2
Frontline Attack War Over EuropeFrontline Attack - War Over Europe depicts the struggles of armored and  1
Full Spectrum Warrior­Persuasive in peace. Invincible in Combat.  3
Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten HammersFull Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers is the sequel to the Full Spectrum Warrior - a real-time tactics videogame. It was developed by Pandemic Studios and published by THQ. It was released on March 27, 2006 for the Xbox and PlayStation 2; and on April 4, 2006 for Windows. The game features improvements and additions in gameplay. [Wikipedia]  1
Future WarsSimilar to classic titles such as Advance Wars and Battle Isle, the game  1
Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords"The year is 2225. The reckless humans have formed a coalition to defend themselves from the rising power of the evil Drengin Empire. The galaxy is about to be set ablaze but there is something far worse out there than each other..." -- From game's website.  3
Galactic Dream: Rage Of WarGalactic Dream: Rage Of War is a classic real-time strategy game, with massive battles in space, an alien invasion and with galactic warfare.  1
Galcon FusionGalcon Fusion is an awesome high-paced multi-player galactic  1
Gangsters 2In Gangsters 2, you play as Joey Bane, a small-time mobster looking to  3
Gangsters: Organized CrimeGangsters: Organized Crime is a strategy game played by alternating  1
Genesis RisingGenesis Rising: The Universal Crusade is a 3D Real-time strategy game set in a distant future (similar to the Homeworld series). The game is being developed by Metamorf and published by DreamCatcher Interactive and has a planned release date of March 20, 2007. The game takes place in space, where players control ships and try to eliminate the opponent.  4
Ghost MasterDon't be frightened -- be frightening! In this unique haunting game you are  4
GladiabotsYour AI vs enemy AI in tank-based warfare - once the battle begins, it's too late to change your strategy!  1
Global DominationMissile Command with fancy 3D graphics.  1
Gods & GeneralsA simulation of the American Civil War, Gods and Generals puts you on the front line as a company commander in various battles throughout the war.  1
Gorky 17Gorky 17 was released as ōdi∙um (or Odium) in the U.S., and as Gorky 18 in Russia.  3
Grand Ages: RomeMy line: A very good city-builder  in the style of Caesar IV.  4
Grant - Lee - Sherman: Civil War 2: GeneralsA turn-based game that allows you to refight the entire Civil War.  1
Gratuitous Space BattlesGSB is the new game from UK developer 'Positech Games'. It's a strategy / management / simulation game that does away with all the base building and delays and gets straight to the meat and potatoes of science-fiction games : The big space battles fought by huge spaceships with tons of laser beams and things going 'zap!', 'ka-boom!' and 'ka-pow!'. In GSB you put your ships together from modular components, arrange them into fleets, give your ships orders of engagement and then hope they emerge victorious from battle (or at least blow to bits in aesthetically pleasing ways).  5
Grey GooCommand & Conquer like strategy game  1
Ground ControlGround Control is a frenetically paced RTS played out in a visually stunning 3D world. During the course of the game, players will be challenged in an intense arena of battle- effectively managing tactical squads of foot soldiers, mobile units, air craft and support units as they vie for control of a distant planet. Unlike it's more famous RTS brothers like Command and Conquer and Starcraft, Ground Control involves no building or resource-gathering. Instead, troops and equipment are "dropped" into the battlefield via Dropships.  1
Ground control 2 : Operation ExodusA 3D Real Time Startegy game focused on tactics.  2
Guardians of GraxiaGuardians of Graxia features fantasy turn-based strategic gameplay with  1
Hammer & SickleIn 1949, the fate of the world was hanging by a thread. Irreconcilable  1
Harm Jetten's draughts programOne of the best freeware program that play the draught game (it plays the European variant on 10x10 board)  1
Hearts of Iron IIThe sequel to Hearts of Iron.  4
Hearts of Iron IIIHearts of Iron III, sequel to Hearts of Iron I & II.  5
Hearts of Iron IVHearts of Iron 4  5
Heaven & HellHeaven and Hell is a real-time strategy game where players choose to play as either god or the devil.  2
Hegemonia: Legions of IronA state-of-the-art 3D space strategy game from Digital Reality.  4
Helldorado"Helldorado is a Wild West Tactical Action & Strategy game based on  2
Heroes of Annihilated EmpiresA nice Strategy with RPG elements, based on Tolkien's world  3
Hogs of WarA fantastic turn based multi/single player game. Almost a 3D worms variant, with loads of good humour and great gameplay.  2
HoplitesHoplites, named after the heavily-armored troops of ancient Greece, is an excellent, although unofficial, computer version of SPQR,  1
Hospital HustleA good time management game. You are a nurse who have to take care about patients, and make your hospital grow.  1
Hostile WatersOld game with a very small following. You control a carrier and a number of different vehicles, trying to stop a group of evil old-school dictators from taking over the world in a utopian future where war has been abolished.  4
HSLHSL 幻世錄 is Chinese a turn base Strategy Games.  1
Imperial GloryForge the destiny of the world amid the turbulent times of the early 19th century. Lead one of the Great Empires in titanic conflicts, or achieve economic dominance backed by shrewd diplomats and resolute military. Choose to rule as absolute despot or constitutional monarch. Unleash Hussars, Lancers, Dragoons and Imperial Guards across more than 50 battle maps - from the green fields of England, to the icy wastes of Russia and sweeping deserts of Morocco - all in stunning, full 3D. Fight for naval dominance in breathtaking, real-time sea battles.  2
ImperialismA game where you try to dominate the world, by means of diplomacy, trade or war.  2
Imperialism II: The Age of ExplorationImperialism II: The Age of Exploration is a 1999 strategy game by SSI and Frog City. Decent turn-based strategy taking place in the Age of Imperialism. You control a country and make your move to take over the New World, and maybe even the Old.  1
Imperium CivitasA strategy game based on the raise and development of an ancient roman city  2
Imperium II - The punic warsImperium II is the sequel to Celtic Kings - Rage of war and it is a real time game that blends strategy, role-playing and  1
Imperium RomanumSet in the time-honoured Roman Empire players will marvel at the  3
Imperivm Civitas IIThe second installment of the Imperivm Civitasgames.Great gameofstrategy basedon theconstruction ofthecitynot to forgetthe war.  1
Imperivm Civitas IIIIt is a very good game of military strategy.  1
Imperivm: Great Battles of Rome(This works with the 1.0 version of Imperium III)  2
Impossible Creatures­The year is 1937 and you are Rex Chance, renowned world adventurer and war correspondent. You have spent your life exploring the wilds of Africa, the ice shelves of Antarctica, and the sultry jungles of the Amazon. You've seen every beast on earth  or so you­ thought. You've just received word from your long lost father, scientist Dr. Eric Chanikov, who disappeared many years before. Suddenly, he now begs to see you. So you fly to the Isla Variatas in the South Pacific where he works in the employ of wealthy industrialist Upton Julius. But what begins as an innocent reunion quickly turns sour as you come face-to-face with the Sigma Technology.  3
Incubation: Time is Running Out­­­On the colonized planet Scayra, an unknown virus  5
Infectonator : SurvivorsZombie survival RTS tower defense game.  1
Jagged Alliance 2Fight for freedom, kill for cash.  6
JAZZ: Hired Guns3D Strategy game... Jagged Alliance in 3D  2
Jeff Wayne's The War of the WorldsSpeed is fairly good, sound usually works. Tested on Slackware 10 and Fedora Core 2. Works right out of the box.  1
John Tiller's Battleground Civil WarA tactical-level simulation of several American Civil War battles, Battleground Civil War includes all of John Tiller’s famous original  1
Joint Task ForceCommand the frontline forces in tomorrow's most hazardous conflicts.  1
Jurassic Park: Chaos IslandChaos Island is a real-time strategy game loosely based on the second Jurassic Park film.  1
King of Dragon PassKing of Dragon Pass is a computer game set in Glorantha (the world of the games HeroQuest, Hero Wars and RuneQuest). It blends interactive stories and resource management into an epic saga of conflict, magic, and community.  4
King's Bounty: the Legend (new, 2008)The remake of the old unofficial game "King's Bounty 2" made by Sergey Prokofiev as the second part of the NWC's "King's Bounty"  5
Kingdoms Heyday  Have you ever dreamed of living in a world full of magic? Wanted to rule a kingdom and affect the fates of people with just one word? With Kingdom's Heyday you can!  1
Knights of HonorKnights of Honor is the first Empire Conquering Simulation in real-time, and your goal is simple - become the Emperor of all of Europe by fair or foul means.  2
Kohan II: Kings of WarA nicely updated sequel to Kohan Immortal sovereign, Kohan 2 provides a rich real time strategy adventure.  4
Kohan: Ahriman's GiftKhaldun was a world at peace. It has been ages since the last cataclysm  2
Kohan: Immortal SovereignsKohan: Immortal Sovereign  3
Larry Bond's Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval WarfareDo you remember Tom Clancy's "Hunt for Red October" and "Red Storm Rising"?  He used Larry Bond's Harpoon Naval Warfare Simulator to 'test' his story(s).  It was originally written for Naval Academies (if you are a 'friendly' government you can still buy a version to train your navy).  1
Laser Squad NemesisAddictive turnbased email game from the creators of XCom. Uses SDL and Directx.  2
LegendaA realtime strategy game with roleplaying elements.  1
Legends of EisenwaldLegends of Eisenwald is an original mix of RPG and strategy, with tactical turn based battles and a simple economic model.  2
Legion ArenaLegion Arena is a Role Playing Strategy game on a massive scale. Take  1
Les fourmisGame about ants life refer to Bernard WERBER books.  1
Liberation DaySequel to Fallen Haven, also known as Fallen Haven 2.  1
Lord MonarchA quick and simple RTS-like game about careful selection of where to build territory and who to attack first.  1
Lord of the Rings: War of the RingReal-time strategy game set in J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth.  2
Lords of EverquestLords of EverQuest is a real-time strategy game that combines the rich  1
Lords of the Realm IILords of the Realm II is a medieval turn-based strategy game released in 1996.  2
Lords of the Realm IIILords of the Realm IIIfeatures authentic medieval history, multi-layered strategy, and lifelike battle action rendered in stunning visual detail.  1
Lula: The Sexy EmpireAdult management game. Manage a porn production/distribution empire.  1
M.A.X. 2Sequel to MAX. Roundbased 2D Strategy game.  3
MachinesMachines is a 3D RTS for the PC. You control an army of machines with weapons such as plasma cannons, flame throwers, autocannons, and more. It also features a first-person mode where you can take control of one of your machines.  1
Magic & MayhemFantasy meets Real Time Strategy in this often overlooked 1998 offering from Mythos Games, the creators of the legendary X-Com. As a wizard, you choose your arsenal of spell ingredients, before setting forth to the arena to do battle. Occupy places of power, to recharge your mana, summon up an army of mystical monsters, cast a plague on enemy creatures, cover the land in a green, gelatinous, gooey blob, or just zap your enemies with lightning bolts until they die. It's up to you...  2
Magic & Mayhem 2 The Art of MagicThe Art of Magic is a 3D role-playing / strategy hybrid.  1
Making History the calm and the windVery much like Axis and Allies, MH is a wolrdwide strategic game where the player is starting in 1933 until 1945.  1
MankindMankind is a "online realtime strategy massively multiplayer" game featuring a persistant universe and a large number of units/buildlings per player.  4
Master of DefenseMaster Of Defense is a wonderful strategy game that lets you assume the role of a brave hero, who has been chosen to save the ancient kingdom from the hordes of monsters. The challenge of the game is to ward off relentless attacks of monsters and prevent them from capturing people in your castle.  2
MechCommanderReal-time tactics (RTT) game based on MechWarrior/BattleTech.  Succeeded by MechCommander 2.  2
MechCommander 2Real-time tactics (RTT) game based on MechWarrior/BattleTech.  Sequel to MechCommander.  2
Mecho WarsMecho Wars is a turn-based strategy game where you command your troops to expand control and conquer your enemies.  1
Medieval ConquestFunny and quirky RTS in a fantasy setting.  2
Medieval Lords: Build, Defend, ExpandMedieval Lords is like a medieval version of SimCity being like a city building game where the violence and battles take a back seat to village management like providing food, entertainment, religious amenities and transit to your peasants so you can collect taxes on them.  1
Men Of WarThis is a real-time strategy game in which you control WW II soldiers.  7
Men of War: Assault SquadIs a sequel to real-time tactics game Men of War.  3
Metal FatigueWithin a classic-RTS game, Metal Fatigue introduced the concepts of 3  2
Metal MarinesA real time strategy game, you build a base complete with facilities to increase your money and energy, as well as Marines and missiles to take on your opponent. Set in the future after a massive nuclear war.  1
Military History Commander - Europe at War GOLDTurn- and hexagon based World War Two strategy game, covering the European (including northern Africa) theatre. Supports single player, and multiplayer against one opponent via hotseat, play by e-mail (PBEM) or Internet. Contains historical commanders, research, navies, various unit types. Campaign or different scenarios available.  1
Moon ProjectThe Sequel to Earth 2150, released before Earth:2160  1
Moonbase CommanderMoonBase Commander™ puts players in charge of their own lunar territory in a quest to build the most powerful empire on the moon. The key to winning is to find, exploit and use valuable energy pools to eliminate rival factions who are also on the same quest. Along the way players must choose the best way to accomplish their goals by using weapons, surveillance or shields to fortify their defenses. MoonBase Commander™ features multiple and unique opposing factions, bright graphics, a light storyline and various types of terrain that can be easily customized with the terrain editor. Bottom line: MoonBase Commander™ is an addictive, turn-based strategy game with a simpler feel that provides an exciting entrance into a proven genre.  2
MultiwiniaMultiplayer RTS game based on Darwinia, a 2005 game by Introversion.  1
Napoleon's CampaignsGrand strategic simulation of the Napoleonic Wars.  2
NetStorm: Islands at WarIs a real-time strategy PC game  2
Nexus: The Jupiter IncidentThis game is called Nexus - The Jupiter Incident and it is described as a "Tactical Fleet Simulater" on it's web page. It is a space strategy game similar to Homeworld and Homeworld 2. Full playable demos for both the single player and multiplayer portion of the game can be downloaded here.  2
Northland"Northland is a stand-alone Adventure Strategy game. The exciting plots tells the story of the Viking God Loki who tried to take revenge on Godfather Odin for his banishment from Asgard to Earth. For that he abuses our four human heroes with his intrigues and traps."(From back of the box)  1
O.R.B.: Off-World Resource BaseA 3d RTS in space, strongly similar to Homeworld, dating back to 2002  4
Omerta: City of GangstersA simulation game with tactical turn-based combat.  2
One Night StandAfter a night of fun, passion, and one too  1
Open TTDOpenTTD is a clone of the Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe", a  11
Orcs Must Die!Third person Tower Defense like game.  2
Orcs Must Die! 2Orcs Must Die! 2 thrusts players and their friends back into battle  1
Original WarOriginal War is a non-linear real-time tactics computer game developed by Altar; it has a great mix of RTS and some RPG.  3
OutliveEnglish:  1
OutpostIn this turn-based game, Earth is faced with total annihilation by an asteroid. Mankind decides to leave and colonize another solar system. You have to build and manage a colony, manage scarce resources, and research advanced technologies.  2
Outpost 2: Divided DestinyA game based off of proposed NASA colonizing missions. This addictive, yet complicated, real-time strategy offers rich story line (that is best played through while reading the Novella coupled with the mission) based in the far future where humanity has had to leave earth in order to survive.  2
Pacific GeneralWargame from the well known five stars series, you have control over the US Navy or Japan Navy during WWII.  1
Panzer General 3D Assault3d accelerated version of the classic hex-based turn-based wargame.  3
Panzer General III: Scorched EarthThe latest, and last, installment of the famed Panzer General series takes place on the Eastern Front in a series of battles from Poland to Moscow and back to Berlin. You play as either the Germans or the Soviets, and the game features a branching mission set based on the different thrusts and parries that took place during the war. Based on the same engine as Panzer General 3D Assault, Scorched Earth uses the newer 3D graphics engine and leader/promotion system.  3
ParaWorldOK. Let's get one thing straight: ParaWorld isn't a game about a planet  2
Patrician IIPatrician II is a real-time trading simulation featuring elements of construction and the historical background of maritime trade in the North European area between London and Novgorod during the 1300's. As a citizen of a medieval town, the aim of the game is to rise from the status of a simple, insignificant trader to that of a big businessman and perhaps even become the head of the Hanseatic League  2
Patrician III: Rise of the Hansereal-time trading simulation  2
PatronCity builder game  1
Pax Imperia: Eminent DomainA nice space domination game from 1997.  1
People's General'Future' game of the General Series. In the year 20xx, the world vs China.  1
PerimeterPerimeter is a ground breaking real-time strategy game which brings, a range of fresh ideas to the RTS genre. Use strategic Terraforming to acquire resources, project a impenetrable perimeter force shield to protect from attack and marshal your forces though manipulation of nano-technology.  3
Perimeter 2 : New EarthRTS very much like Supreme Commander.  1
PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HDA content packed tower-defence game with great music and attractive graphics. Previously released on PlayStation consoles this Ultimate version contains all previously released add-on content.  1
PixelJunk Nom Nom GalaxyTycoon-ish game to explore planets and exploit their resources to build a soup factory and compete with other soup companies for market share.  1
Plague Inc. EvolvedAn infectious disease simulation game where the goal is to cause the death of all of the human beings within the world by mutating your virus/fungus/etc.  2
Plants Vs. Zombiesdefend your house from hoards of zombies using an army of plants and plant-related weaponry.   3
Pocket TanksA projectile combat game.  5
Polanie IIVery good strategy game - partly similar to Warcraft 3  1
Police Quest: SWAT IIA 1998 sequel to the original RTS.  3
Populous: The BeginningThird game in the PCstrategygod games of the Populous series, developed by Bullfrog Productions in 1998. The game was the first in the series to use true 3D graphics. Unlike earlier games in the series, which cast the player in the role of a god influencing loyal followers, The Beginning took a radical departure from the earlier games and cast the player instead as a shaman, who directly leads her tribe against opponents. (Wikipedia)  4
Port Royale - Gold, Power and PiratesStrategy game in the Caribbean: "Set sail and embark upon your journey through the Caribbean. Trade,  5
Port Royale 2"Port Royale 2" is the sequel to the well-known trade simulation game "Port Royale". Set in the 17th century you are able to trade with over 60 towns and create your own production facilities.  3
Port Royale 3Fight or Trade in "Port Royale 3" the newest game in the Port Royale series. Advancing the series with multiple campaign modes and multiplayer.  3
Pretty Soldier Wars A.D. 2048A hentai RPG-style turn-based game, similar to Final Fantasy Tactics (but much simpler). Apart from the battle style (no special attacks), the game is just like any other hentai sim game.  1
Pride of NationsPride of nations is a 1850-1920 grand strategy game of Paradox Interactive  1
Priority: SurviveA real time strategy game, starcraft clone.  2
Project Earth: StarmageddonA Full-3D RTS game similar to Homeworld  2
Project NomadsProject Nomands  1
Project RevolutionProject Revolution is a WarCraft3 : Frozen Throne Mod, that will turn StarCraft:BroodWar into 3D.  1
ProjektWProjektW is a turn-based strategy game for world domination. You start out as one of five super nations, which has the ability to research new technologies, fight wars, and take land from other nations. Once a nation has no land, they are considered dead. Destroy all nations to bring peace to the world and win the game!  1
RaftBuild, Swim, Fight, and Survive, with nothing but your little Raft.  3
Rails Across AmericaA railway strategy game set in North America. Features a variety of locomotives and time periods.  1
Real WarReal-Time Strategy with the weapons of todays military. Based on the Offical Joint Chiefs of Staff training game developed for the U.S. Military.  1
Return FireAn action/strategy mix where you take control of a jeep, helicopter, tank or missile launching vehicle. From your base you attack the enemy (AI or second player) and try to take his flag or destroy him.  1
ReversiThe Reversi game given out by Microsoft with Windows 1, Windows 2.x and Windows 3.0  1
Rise & Fall: Civilizations at WarEmpires Rise and Fall. But Heros Live Forever  2
Rising KingdomsRising Kingdoms is a Real-Time Strategy set in a fantasy world, which  2
Risk IIEnhanced version of the classic strategy board game. Includes realistic battle scenes and network play.  1
RISK: The Game of Global DominationThis game includes single player and multiplayer classic Risk and Ultimate Risk. Up to six players are supported, with any combination of AI and either hotseat or networked human players.  2
Rites of WarRites of War is a turn-based strategy game set in the Warhammer 40.000 universe, using the Panzer General II-engine.  1
Robert E. Lee: Civil War GeneralCivil War General  1
Robin Hood: Defender of the CrownPlayers take on the role of the legendary outlaw himself and must use strategy, cunning, and quick reflexes to overthrow a tyrant prince, rescue the true king, and reunite England.  2
Robo RumbleA Robo Rumble  1
RockBasherBoulderDash Clone for Windows ­(  1
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIStrategy and empire-building in ancient China.  3
Rule the WavesA Game of Naval Ship Design and Naval Combat at the Birth of the 20th Century.  2
Rush for BerlinReal time strategy game  2
S.W.I.N.E.S.W.I.N.E. is a real-time tactical strategy game in which you must  1
S2: Silent StormSilent Storm is a 3D turn-based tactical combat game. Set in 1943 during World War II, Silent Storm plays much like Jagged Alliance 2, with some very noticeable differences, such a true 3D world, completely destructible environments, and ragdoll physics.  1
Samurai Warrior 2A "Dynasty Warriors" like game. You fight people to conquer lands, you control your characters and fight with them.  1
Sang-Froid - Tales of WerewolvesEpic folktale action/strategy, in which two brothers will have to save their sister, who is pursued by the Devil himself.  2
SchiffbruchTurn-based survival game.  2
Scooby-Doo 2 - Monsters UnleashedRetail Version.  1
Scorched3DScorched is a game based loosely on the classic DOS game Scorched Earth "The Mother Of All Games".  3
Sentinel ReturnsThe Sentinel sees all, from the highest point of the plane you are on. You, a robot, create a new robot shell and teleport into it, absorbing your previous shell and any rocks or trees around you to restore your energy supplies. You may only absorb an object which has a visible base.  1
Seven KingdomsSeven Kingdoms is a real time-strategy computer game developed by Trevor Chan of Enlight Software.  2
Seven Kingdoms II: The Fryhtan WarsTake control of any of twelve emerging Human civilizations or you may choose to play as one of seven Fryhtan races and experience a completely different type of gameplay. A style of play where fair dealing and mercy count for little. Seven Kingdoms II gives you heroes, 3D rolling terrain, a Random Campaign Generator, an incredible number of fighting units and weapons, more beautiful and detailed buildings than you will know what to do with, expanded espionage and research capabilities and numerous other new features.  3
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the ShogunThis is a game in the spirit of Commandos, Desperados and Robin Hood.  1
Shadow WatchIn Shadow Watch you command a team of specialists out to battle crime - the hard way.  2
Shattered GalaxyMassive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy  1
Shattered PlanetPretty fun Space Roguelike.  1
Shattered UnionStrategy war game based upon a fictional future United States civil war.  1
Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the BaskervillesSherlock is back with a new adventure based on the books: The Hound of The Baskervilles. Try to stop the curse that envolves the Baskerville family!  1
shogidokoroA GUI for running USI-based shogi engines. Supports connecting to the Floodgate server for engine vs engine game databases.  1
Signus: The Artefact WarsSignus is turn-based strategy developed by Czech company Zima Software and issued in 1998.  1
Sins of a Solar EmpireA real-time strategy game that is designed to combine the depth of a turn-based game. It focuses on letting players build a strategy instead of how fast they can click o­n things.  8
SlaySlay installs and allows you to play on first install but will not run on subsequent attempts  1
Soldiers of AnarchySoldiers of Anarchy is a real-time squad-based tactics game set in the  1
Sorcerer KingStrategy. You must form/manage something to prevent an evil someone from becoming a god (and destroying the world in the process).  2
Space CivilizationsSpace Civilizations is a turn-based massive multiplayer space strategy game that is played with a downloadable client.  1
Space Empires IIIA original 4x space game where you take control of your own space system. You then find new technologies and build your empire while defending yourself from rival empires.  1
Space Empires IVOne of the best 4X (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) games  3
Space Empires VNew member of famous Space Empires family.  6
Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angelsport of the Space hulk boardgame on PC, released in 1993.  1
SpartanOver 2000 years ago there was a city called Sparta. The city had only two purposes  to train for war and to fight the wars she trained for. Over time Sparta became renowned for having the strongest, fastest, bravest and most deadly fighters in the known world. They were the Spartaites and were feared by all. With these warriors Sparta carved out an Empire for itself  Lakedaimon. However, it was soon to find that its reign was not to be unopposed and other great cities were rising to the fore; Athens, Thebes, Corinth, Macedonia and not to forget the threat from the east  the massive Persian Empire.  2
SpectromancerSpectromancer is an online fantasy strategy card game. It's creators include Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering.  2
SpellForce 2: Shadow WarsWith the disappearance of the Circle its magic also started to fade. The power of the runes ebbed and the rune warriors were freed from the bonds of immortality, but also lost their power.  5
SpellForce: The Order of DawnSpellForce: The Order of Dawn is a Real-Time Stragey game similar to Warcraft III. Single and Multi-Player is available.  6
Spirits of MetropolisSpirits of Metropolis is a unique puzzle game by independent game developer Vertigo Games which intends to breath new life into the tired match-3 gem game. The game boasts over 120 levels, 10 game play modes, a level editor, and colour blind options.  1
Sportsbook Poker ClientPoker client skin for customers. Connects to the Cake network for poker.   1
Star ChamberStar Chamber: The Harbinger Saga is an online collectible card game (CCG) with strategy elements.  1
Star GeneralPart of SSIs most famous General series. Hexfield round time strategy game, not as good as Panzer General but still a classic. 2 level gameplay, you have first to fight the fleet of your enemy and later you can invade their planets..  2
Star Trek LegacySTAR TREK: LEGACY is an epic game of Starfleet combat spanning the entire Star Trek Universe, featuring all the ships from every episode, every film. Players become the Admiral of a task force of warships and must lead their fleet to victory in large-scale battles complete with stunning visuals and special effects.  2
Star Trek: ArmadaStar Trek: Armada is a real-time strategy game in the Star Trek universe.  3
Star Trek: Armada IIStar Trek - Armada 2 is a real-time strategy game in the Star Trek universe.  4
Star Trek: Away TeamDeadlocked in a desperate war, the Federation creates a covert team of specialists trained to eliminate problems Starfleet can't officially touch. Their identity is undocumented; their purpose is essential.  1
Star Trek: Birth of the FederationStar Trek: The Next Generation: Birth of the Federation is a 4X turn-based computer strategy game, based in the Star Trek fictional universe.  1
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Dominion WarsStar Trek: Deep Space Nine(TM): Dominion Wars will allow gamers simultaneous control of up to six different ships from any of four different races - Federation, Klingon, Cardassian and Jem 'Hadar - in real time combat. Players will be able to recruit a range of different ships and captains through the use of a point system and engage in both single and multi-player battles.  1
Star Trek: Fleet CommandA Star Trek mobile game is now on PC. Start as an independent, mine, run missions, rat and research to upgrade.  1
Star Trek: Starfleet CommandStar Trek: Starfleet Command is a computer game based on the table-top wargameStar Fleet Battles. It simulates starship operations, and ship-to-ship combat and fleet warfare in the Star Trek universe.  2
Star Trek: Starfleet Command II: Orion PiratesStand-alone expansion for Starfleet Command II, based on Starfleet Battles boardgame.  1
Star Trek: Starfleet Command Volume II - Empires at WarStarship combat in the Star Trek universe. A PC implementation of the Starfleet Battles board game.  3
Star Wars - Force CommanderStar Wars: Force Commander is a real time tactical computer game, similar to StarCraft. released in 2000.  1
Star Wars: Empire at WarLand or space, you cannot hide from the Empire's troops, but you can blow them into little pieces with a pulse rifle. This is a great strategy game with space and land battles that combine just the right balance of shoot-em ups, it's heaps of fun in a multiplayer setup as well. The expansion set "Forces of Corruption" introduces a third side for three way battles of massive destruction. The movie mode is great when you set the battles up.  7
Star Wars: RebellionA strategy game where you play as either the Rebellion or the Empire and try to take the galaxy from the other side. You get to command all sorts of ships from starwars such as star destroyers, mon calimari cruisers, and even death stars. You can conquer planets, ally with them, or destroy them.  3
Starborne: Sovereign SpaceMMORTS game among the stars.  1
Stars!Stars! is a turn-based 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) sci-fi strategy game, originally published in 1995 for 16-bit Windows. It supports both single-player games against an AI, and play-by-email style multi-player games. Despite its age,  it is quite complex and sophisticated and maintains an active player base.  2
Starships Unlimited IIIA turn-based strategy game of star empires and starships. Build  1
StellarisStellaris is a grand strategy game that takes place throughout an entire galaxy. Forge a galactic empire by sending out science ships to survey and explore, while construction ships build stations around newly discovered planets. Discover buried treasures and galactic wonders as you spin a direction for your society, creating limitations and evolutions for your explorers. Alliances will form and wars will be declared.  1
Sternenschiff CatanA round-based strategy game  1
Strategic Command: European TheaterExcellent strategy game about WW2.  2
Street Wars: Constructor UndergroundThis game is an abandon ware now and can be downloaded for free from the mirror located in the Version (Version 1 bellow).  1
Stronghold Crusader EditorIt is a application that you can use to design new castles that the AI will create when you play against them and other features for the Stronghold Crusader game to customize it.  1
Submarine TitansReal time strategy that takes place under water  1
SuperPowerA turn-based strategy game set in 1997. You take control of the nation of your choice and attempt to reach goals you set for yourself. The game touts itself as being "based on official data taken from US military and CIA databases."  1
SuperPower 2SuperPower 2 is the only global geopolitical simulation game which allows players to control entire countries. Players control countries in 3 major areas: political, economic and military, but this time, in a beautiful real-time 3D environment. Players build up their own countries and increase their influence in the broader world while competing against sophisticated A.I. Along the way, gamers make use of economic sanctions, political alliances, and military actions to wage their battles. SuperPower 2 offers the ability to fine-tune each country's performance, from creating or breaking treaties, to making tactical decisions in particular military conflicts.  4
Supreme Ruler 2010The year is 2010...  2
Supreme Ruler 2020From BG site: "Fueled by Oil, Political  3
Sword of the StarsA "4X" space strategy game in the spirit of "Master of Orion" or "Spaceward Ho!"  7
System Protocol OneA tower defense game set inside the Tron-like neon world that is the inside of a computer.  As a system operator you must place programs strategically in the way of viruses attacking your data.  1
Take Command - 2nd Man.Following up their award winning Take Command: Civil War Bull Run, MadMinute explores this pivotal battle of the Civil War in 1862. An exciting new feature of TC2M will be carryover in scenarios or connected battles. New carryover scenarios will start with the men that survived the previous day's battle. So your command decisions will not just affect today, they will affect tomorrow as well and maybe even the day after that. TC2M will also include 2 other crucial battles of the 2nd Manassas Campaign: Cedar Mountain and Chantilly.  3
Thandor: The Invasion demoThandor: The Invasion is an science-fiction-game. It was developed in 1999 by Thomas Gereke and published by Innonics.  1
TharsisTurn-based strategy game using dices  1
The Battle for WesnothThe Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme.  4
The Corporate MachineThe Corporate Machine - World domination through corporate warfare  1
The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-EarthBattle to Control Middle Earth.  2
The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth IIA great "Lord of the Rings" game.  3
The Lost Cases Of Sherlock HolmesYou have to solve mysteries and find the clues.  2
The NationsLike The Settlers a game where you are the regent of a nation.  3
The Operational Art of War IIILatest version (2006) of a long-running series of strategy games covering major land battles of the 20th century.  3
The Spirit Engine 2Sequel to The Spirit Engine, with similar gameplay, but set in a different fantasy world.  2
Theatre of WarTheatre Of War is a real-time tactical strategy game centering  2
Theatre of War 2Theatre of War 2 is a real-time tactical strategy game centering  2
They are BillionsThey Are Billions is a Steampunk strategy game set on a post-apocalyptic planet. Build and defend colonies to survive against the billions of the infected that seek to annihilate the few remaining living humans.  Can humanity survive after the zombie apocalypse?  2
This Is the Police 2Jack Boyd, a police chief in the game's location of Freeburg, is set to retire in one hundred and eighty days. Playing as Jack Boyd you are responsible for the safety of the town and to protect your own life.  1
ThreadSpace: HyperbolThreadSpace: Hyperbol is fast paced 2D but 3D viewed action-strategy game set in space, in the distant future. Its focus is online play, with deeply emergent gameplay from many tactical options.  3
Time of DefianceTime of Defiance is a space-based MMORTS.  1
Titans of Steel: Warring SunsAn excellent turn-based strategy with RPG elements. You fight on a hex grid with customized (or pre-built) mechs. Your pilots gain experience and skills as you use them in combat. The program consists of three "modules":  1
Tom Clancy's EndWarFrom wiki  1
ToribashToribash is turn based fighting game for one or more players. The emphasis is on tactics rather than reaction.  10
Tower WarsRTS Tower Defence Game  1
TownopolisTownopolis is a fun strategy game with highly addictive gameplay and  1
TrashTrash is a Real-Time Strategy game (RTS game) based in a post-apocalyptic  2
Two Worlds II Castle Defense"Two Worlds II Castle Defense" is a strategy and skill game in the Two Worlds Universe. The prequel to Part 2 of the Antaloor Saga tells of the thrilling duel between Gandohar and Rogdor in the winding corridors of Vahkmaars before the mighty Emperor struck the Orcs devastatingly. The player's task is to protect Gandohar in reversed roles from the Orcs by committing and organizing his warriors strategically. The first chapter is available as a free download!  1
Tzar: The Burden of the CrownA fun strategy game out of Europe - has some neat features.  1
UFO ExtraterrestrialsA 2007 remake of the classic "XCOM: UFO Defense".  4
UFO: AfterlightUFO: Afterlight is the next instalment in the UFO: Aftermath and UFO: Aftershock  1
UFO: AftermathThe unofficial Sequel to the famous Strategie Series UFO (UFO: Enemy Unknown, X-Com: Terror from the deep,...) with a clever mix of round-based and realtime Strategie.  3
UFO: AftershockAnother game in the spirit of X-Com:Ufo Enemy Unknown and X-Com:Terror from the deep.  2
UFO: Enemy UnknownFirst game of the legendary X-COM series, a turn based strategy where your ultimate mission is to protect Earth from invaders from Space.  1
Universe at War: Earth AssaultThis is an alien invasion tale where, refreshingly, humanity takes a  2
V for VictorySecond world war strategy game released in 1993, depicting the operation Market Garden (September 17 -- September 25, 1944), a large-scale airborne operation that failed disastrously. Turn-based.  1
VGA PlanetsPlanets 4 (VGAP4) is a competitive,  3
Victoria: An Empire Under the SunVictoria: An Empire Under the Sun, also known as Victoria, is a real-time strategy game by Paradox Entertainment (now known as Paradox Interactive). It covers its namesake the Victorian period, specifically 1836-1920 and runs on a modified version of the Europa Universalis engine.  4
Virus (Alter Life 2)Virus, or Alter life 2, is a game oriented around using 'attractors' to control the movement of viruses inside a computer network in order to defeat enemy viruses and take over the computer network, the storyline is rather vague, however the gameplay is quite enjoyable.  1
War in the Pacific: Admiral's EditionWar in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition is the stand-alone expansion, to War in the Pacific. Players take command on either Allied or Japanese Forces in an ocean-spanning, historic conflict.  1
War WindReal-time strategy game set on a planet  2
Wargame European EscalationFirst game of the Wargame series. Real Time Tactic game set during Cold War going hot (1970's/1980's).  1
Wargamer: Napoleon 1813Wargamer series. This game focuses on Napoleon's campaign in 1813. The game was available under the GNU at the turn of the millenium.  1
Warhammer: Mark of ChaosTHE WARHAMMER WORLD:  3
Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat1995 strategy game set in the Games Workshop Warhammer fantasy universe.  1
Warrior Kings BattlesReal-time strategy. The game is set in a fantastic medieval world. You  2
Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite SpaceWeird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space is a grand space opera that will take you from a down and out starship captain to an amazing intergalactic hero whose renown travels light speed ahead of you!  2
Westward IINice RTS-Game in the Wild West. This is a direct sequel of Westward, where you hunt a person called "Mad Russian".  2
WidelandsWidelands is an open source (GPLed) real-time strategy game where player builds and expands a settlement, gathers and control resources' flow.  1
WigglesA strategy game like settlers. From the side view it is placed in a dungeon like world. An English version of this game was released under the name "Diggles: The Myth of Fenris."  2
winboardWindows port of the xboard client. It operates the same, but has a better GUI and allows you to save settings. You can view or edit games (usually in Portable Game Notation or PGN format), play on an Internet Chess Server, or play against a computer opponent.  1
World Empire VSimulated world conquest  1
World FablesWorld Fables is an Realtime Strategy game based on Fairytales, but the Stories and the Characters have a slightly twist  1
Worms 4: MayhemWorms 4: Mayhem is as infectious and accessible as the classic Worms  3
Worms Forts: Under Siege!"Worms Forts: Under Siege" puts you in command of a crack team of up to four fort-dwelling worms.  2
X-COM: ApocalypseThe 3rd part of the X-Com games. This time you have to protect a town  1
X-COM: UFO DefenseIt is the year 1999. Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have started appearing with disturbing regularity in the night skies. Reports of violent human abductions and horrific experimentation has struck terror into the hearts of millions. Mass public hysteria has only served to expose Earth's impotence against a vastly superior technology.  2
X-ForceX-Force is a Tactical Round Strategy Much Like the X-Com Series was.  1
XIII Century - Death or GloryXIII Century is a medieval-era real-time strategy game.  2
Yosumin!Puzzle game. The goal is to make rectangles of the same yosumin types to make them disappear.  1
Z­Z is... a real-time wargame in a totally free environment, unhampered by discrete turns or dull hex grids. A hair-raising race for territory and resources as you attempt to crush your opponent completely before he overpowers you.  1
Z: Steel Soldiers (Z2)Big explosions and fun loving robots give a fast paced if slightly flawed strategy experience.  3
Zafehouse: DiariesA text-based survival tactical game about a zombie apocalypse. Manage a group of survivors and their actions, needs and relationships. The game writes a diary as you go along and you can later share it with others.  1
Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov's Revenge  1