Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
123D DesignI'm a newbie to Wine but I was able to get 123D Design to work.   1
2D Design V2Industry-standard 2D CAD program used for laser cutters.  2
A9CADFreeware cad for windows  1
A9ConverterA good format converter for CAD, convert between different versions of dwg files and dwg files to dxf files.  1
ACE ConverterUtility to convert two dimensional DXF files to g-code.­  1
ActCAD 2020ActCAD is a 2D Drafting and 3D Modeling CAD software meant for Engineers, Architects and other technical consultants. ActCAD is a native DWG & DXF CAD software to create and edit drawings. ActCAD uses IntelliCAD engine, Open Design Alliance DWG/DXF Libraries, ACIS 3D Modeling Kernel and many other Technologies. In-addition, ActCAD has many add-on commands, features and other Productivity Tools. ActCAD CAD Software includes many other tools like block libraries (in the domains of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, Structural, P &IDs etc.), batch file converter, units converter, PDF to DXF Converter, image to DXF converter and LH sections. ActCAD supports many other file formats like dgn, STL, OBJ, 2D PDF, 3D PDF, SVG etc. All dwg/dxf versions from very old R2.5 to latest 2018 are supported.  1
ADIsimPLLADIsimPLL is a easy-to-use synthetiser and simulation tool to design PLL.  2
AdiSimRFA program to simulate aspects around some RF integrated circuits from Analog Devices  2
Alibre AtomCAD software with integrated CAM suite.   1
Alibre DesignAlibre Design is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) application featuring 3D solid modeling functionality. The "Alibre Design Xpress" version is freeware for registered users.  4
AllplanNemetschek Allplan is a CAD software designed for architects and construction engineers.  3
Altium DesignerComplete electronic design solution  21
AppCADAppCAD is a collection of tools and calculators for RF, microwave, and wireless circuit design.  2
ArchiCADArchicad is a software developed for architects, with excessive 3d house planning and a lot of facilities for the interior of houses. There are only releases for Windows and Mac OS X, there is no Linux port planned in next time.  17
Archicad BIM ServerA server for teamwork with Archicad  1
archline xpARCHLine.XP provides a simple, yet robust designing system for the architects that is efficient in executing even the most complicated drawing tasks and as an easy-to-use tool assists better productivity in design work from the early stages of a construction project through the project lifecycle to the construction.  1
ArCon+Software for planing houses with 3D visualisation. There are a lot of 3rd party vendor plugins (for stairs, roof and etc. planning)  1
AspireFeature rich 3 axis CNC toolpath generator.  1
AutoCADAutoCAD  22
AutoCAD ArchitectureAutoCAD Architecture is the successor of AutoCAD Architectural Desktop (ADT). ACA includes ordinary AutoCAD which has been extended with ARX to provide BIM-functionality.  5
Autodesk 123DAutodesk 123D is a program intended to help consumers build their own 3D models from various sources for 3D printing and modeling. For example, the user can take a number of photos of an object or person from various angles, import them into 123D, and create a 3D mesh model of the subject.  4
Autodesk 123D CatchAutodesk 123D Catch is a program intended to help consumers build their own 3D  2
Autodesk Design ReviewAutodesk Design Review software streamlines your design review process  3
Autodesk Fusion 360Autodesk Fusion is an entry level Computed Aided Design (CAD) program with lots of cloud-based features and a very reasonable pricing structure.  1
Autodesk InventorAutodesk Inventor is a 3D solid modeling program designed for rapid prototyping applications.  10
Autodesk Navisworks FreedomNavisworks® project review software enables architecture, engineering, and construction professionals to holistically review integrated models and data with stakeholders to gain better control over project outcomes. Integration, analysis, and communication tools help teams coordinate disciplines, resolve conflicts, and plan projects before construction or renovation begins.  1
AutosketchAutoSketch provides a comprehensive set of CAD tools for creating precision drawings—from electrical details to floor plans, from conceptual sketches to product specifications, and much more.  6
AutoTRAX Design ExpressSchematic capture and PCB CAD application (EDA)  1
BabaCAD Home 2020BabaCAD is professional CAD software to be use as an alternative to existing expensive CAD software.  1
BassBox 6 ProBassBox Proâ„¢ is a state-of-the-art speaker enclosure design program. It is used around the world by professional and amateur speaker system designers to design worldclass speaker boxes. BassBox Pro is very versatile and can be used to design speakers for a wide variety of applications including home hi-fi, home theater, car, truck, van, pro sound reinforcement, recording studio monitors, stage monitors, PA, musical instruments, etc.  1
bCADbCAD is a 2D/3D CAD program.  1
BeckerCAD 3D ProA 3D/2D CAD package, not too dissimilar to AutoCAD/SolidWorks.Compatible with DWG/DXF/STL imports, can also export to STL + others.  1
Bentley LumenRTA visualization and reality modelling software.  1
Better Homes and Gardens - Home Designer SuiteBetter Homes and Gardens Home Designer Suite is a software suite designed to make the 2D/3D design and modification of your home easier. It sports a vast "parts-catalogue" with bits and pieces to put into your design, and an intuitive user interface.  2
BitCadCAD software with 2D and 3D drawing tools.  2
BlueBrickBlueBrick is a free software for Windows/Vista/Win7/Win8,/Win10 (32 and 64bit), developed by Alban Nanty in open source.  1
Bobcad v17A cad/cam program for drawing and programming work pieces to be run on CNC machining centers and wire machines.  1
Bobcad-CamCad Cam software  3
Bonzai3DSimilar to SketchUp, this is a very easy to use 3D modeler with a simple menu structure and shallow learning curve.  Unlike SketchUp, Bonzai3D uses nurbs, which makes it much more powerful.  1
bricscadBricscad is an Autocad-2.5 compatible 2d/3d cad package. It is based on the Intellicad source code. (Visio originated Intellicad, but stopped producing it once Microsoft bought them.) See also the appdb entry for Intellicad.  7
Burpee 3D Garden DesignerA gardening encyclopedia, tutorial, layout designer, and basic virtual reality viewer.  1
BySoft6 ToolboxBysoft 6 from Bystronic.  For lasers, waterjet and (I think glass)  1
C-GEOC-Geo for Windows is a computer application which enables importation of survey data from geodetic instruments (electronic tacheometers, code levels, field recorders, GPS receivers). The application performs functions of CAD programs ( editing of vector maps and raster maps). It also contains GIS systems functionality (databases associated with map objects). C-Geo is designed for surveyors, designers and engineers in other specializations. At present it is used by over two thousand small and large geodetic companies in Poland as well companies from branches such as: geodesy and cartography, constructing, road-building, archeology, railroad engineering, storage operation, geology, industrial plants (shipyards, breweries), municipal enterprises, military units, departments of geodetic administration, mining, medicine, advanced and mid-level university studies.  1
CADdy++ BasicCAD 3D Application for 3D Modeling and 2D Drafting.  1
CADdy++/SEE ElectricalCADdy++/SEE Electrical is an application to help design electrical installations  2
Cadence Allegro OrCAD PCB Designer ProfessionalDe-facto industry standard EDA package, PCB design application.  1
CADSTAR Design ViewerShare and Review CADSTAR Designs  1
CadStd LiteCadStd is a general purpose, easy to learn CAD/drafting program for creating professional quality  1
CamBamCamBam is an application to create CAM files (gcode)  2
CaseCADCaseCAD's custom case creator.  1
CatiaDesign and Product Lifecycle Management software used by well known companies like Boeing, Airbus, Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, jump-ING and many others.  7
ChoiceCADThis is a 2D drawing program  1
CircadSchematic capture and PCB design tool for electronic engineers and technicians.  2
CircuitCamLPKF CircuitCAM PCB software provides the user with a sophisticated CAM station. It can control all production data, modify the design, step and repeat the complete layout, perform different design rule checks, generate ground planes, input text using TrueType fonts, and generate routing data. LPKF CircuitCAM PCB is also a very efficient data converter, such as converting AutoCAD data to Gerber data.  1
CircuitMakerNew version (2015) 1.04 is working in a cloud, and is a simplified derivative of Altium Designer.  3
Climate Consultant 3 to 5Displays and manipulates data to do with heating and cooling, sun and shade etc., with respect to climate and seasons, monthly and yearly cycles. Intended for architects designing heat-efficient buildings.  2
Clo3dModern software for 3d clothing / fashion design  1
COCalculates heating systems, radiators, convectors and floor heating  1
COHydraulic calculation of water heating. Used by many developers of heating equipment: Danfoss, Kan-Therm, Herz Armaturen and other. The program with equipment database may be downloaded (free) from YOUR LOCAL web site of the equipment developer! Only a demo version may be downloaded from  1
Cobalt3D modeling, surface modeling, engineering CAD.  1
CoCreate Modeling PECoCreate Modeling Personal Edition (PE) is 3D CAD software.  3
CreaToonA fairly simple application which lets you morph and tween between animation frames.  1
Creo Elements 6.0A very nice application for direct modeling, which is god to use for making the files for 3D-printing.  1
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling ExpressA free CAD application, formerly called "CoCreate Modeling Personal Edition". CoCreate was spun off from HP's Mechanical Design Devision in 2000, then bought by PTC in 2007.  1
Creo ParametricIs a parametric design software developed for use in industrial design, mechanical and manufacturing CNC, written in C. Its management as a support tool in the mechanical design is taught in many universities.   4
Cube SoftwareAvailable for download from the 3D Systems website. Processes .STL models into .cube files for the Cube / Cube 2 3D Printer. Official versions are for Mac & Windows, but not Linux.  1
Cut2DCNC G-Code generator  1
Danfoss COHeating and piping calc  1
DelftShipDELFTship(Freeship): Visual 3D hull modelling and stability analysis perfectly suited for students, home users or anyone else with an interest in ship design.The model database contains a large number of free downloadable DELFTship™ models submitted by various users. These are a good starting point to see how things are done, or can be used as the basis for a new design of your own.  1
DeltaCadCheap, easy to learn, very handy yet accurate and  2
Design It! 3-DAn easy to use budget 3D modeling tool for Windows 95/3.1 and Macintosh, best used for home arrangement designs and a "Walk" mode to tour your creations. It was first released in 1995 and had a rerelease in 1997.  1
DesignCAD 3D MAXDesignCad 3D Max 15 is a full featured CAD system for designing and  4
DesignCAD Pro 2000Windows based CAD application, originally developed by ViaGraphics, then Upperspace, now IMSI  1
DesignSpark ElectricalElectrical installation and automation systems CAD.  Probably based on Elecworks.  It is distributed by electronics distributor RS Components (aka. Allied Electronics, Electrocomponents).  1
DesignSpark MechanicalFree 3D CAD application based on the principles of the Sketch application.  2
DesignSpark PCBFree schematic capture and PCB design application developed by Westdev Ltd (Pulsonix, Number One Systems/Easy-PC).  It is distributed by electronics distributor RS Components (aka. Allied Electronics, Electrocomponents).  8
deskcncthis is a simple controller for cnc machines mcuh like mach2/3.  1
DewpointApplication to do condensation analysis on building element designs.  1
Dietrich's PlanCADA CAD program for designing timber constructions.  1
Dietrich`sDietrich`s CAD/CAM - design software for any type of wood construction, especialy for engineering and building.  1
DoubleCAD XTDoubleCAD XT is a free CAD application, with the interface based on AutoCAD 2008. It has powerfull features and is compatible with AutoCAD 2009 and Google SketchUp.  4
DraftChoiceDOS drafting program  1
DraftSightDraftSight is a CAD software with this features:  9
DrawingBoardEarly CAD Package  1
Dremel Digilab 3D SlicerA 3D slicer program supplied by Dremel for use with their Idea Builder line of 3D printers, based on the open-source Cura software. This software takes a CAD file (such as a .STL) and "slices" it, preparing it for printing.  1
DualCADDualCAD is a CAD program created to support both Microstation and OpenDesign formats.  1
DWG FastViewA lightweight CAD design software for fast, precisely & easily opening, viewing & editing CAD files.  1
Easy-PCSchematic capture and PCB CAD application  3
eCabinetsCAD/CAM for Cabinetry and woodworking.  1
EcotectECOTECT is a complete building design and environmental analysis tool that covers the full range of simulation and analysis functions required to truly understand how a building design will operate and perform. It finally allows designers to work easily in 3D and apply all the tools necessary for an energy efficient and sustainable future.  1
eDrawing ViewerFree eDrawings Viewer software to view, print, and review all types of eDrawings files, SolidWorks Viewer and AutoCAD Viewer (DWG and DXF).  6
Electric QuiltWhile EQ6 is the newest and most advanced version of our best-selling  1
eMachineShopeMachineShop is an online machine shop for custom parts. The freely downloadable software allows you to draw the part to your specifications. The software gives you pricing options based on a downloaded pricing file. You simply click to order and the part is machined by eMachineShop and delivered to your door.  7
Engineering Equation SolverEngineering Equation Solver can solve simultaneous equations, make parametric tables and graphs. It is best used for Engineering Thermodynamic applications because it has built in functions for that purpose.  4
ePLAN VIEWePLAN View gives users-read only access to native ePLAN projects, which contains electrical circuit diagrams.  1
EstlcamThis app is for driving CNC machines (generate GCode and driving mill). Price is cheap for CNC-Software: currently € 49.  3
ETABSA two- and three-dimensional structural engineering software that models, analyzes and designs structures such as buildings.  1
ETOOLBOX Mobile CAD ViewerPropietary software : CAD-Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.  1
ExpressPCBCircuit board and schematic CAD programs. Nice, easy to learn and easy to use; reasonably powerful.  5
FelixCAD LT2D CAD drafting  1
FemapFEMAP is a Finite Element Modelling software which provides a 3D enviorment to modelling and meshing. Can output directly to Nastran or with other Finite Element Analisys Software as well.  5
Festo PARTdataManagerFesto PARTdataManager - access 2D and 3D data for Festo Products, 3D view of products and theyre specification, CAD export  1
FidoCADFidocad is an electronic drawing program. It is widely used among newsgroup's people because it uses simple text for object description, allowing a simple inclusion into mail's body.  1
FlexiSIGN-PROThe  1
Free DWG ViewerView & measure AutoCAD drawings Opens DWG, DWF & DXF formats  3
free2Designfree2Design is a free standalone Drafting CAD, based on think3's thirty years of experience in 2D CAD technology.  1
freecadFreeCAD is a parametric 3D modeler made primarily to design real-life objects of any size. Parametric modeling  1
FreeDraftAutoCAD like 2D CAD Software. Able to read and write dwg and dxf files.  1
FreeMillFreeMill is a fully functional 3D Milling package with simulation and the ability to output G code.  1
FreePCBFreePCB is a free, open-source printed circuit board layout editor for  1
Front Panel DesignerThe Front Panel Designer is a design and ordering program which can be  3
GBW32GBW32 version 5.0 is a 3D structural CAD program that allows interactive creation and finite element analysis of various structures.  1
GC-PrevueViewer supporting PCB RS-274X (Gerber) and drill files.  1
GCPrevueAllows artwork for printed circuit boards in "Gerber" file-format to be viewed and printed.  1
General Cadd ProGeneral Cadd - CAD Software  1
GerbtoolGerbTool is a robust suite of PCB CAM tooling and analysis software.  1
Hager ElcomThis application is a CAD application to draw and manage low voltage distribution boards.  1
Home Design Architectural Series 18Software to design and layout floorplans for a house or building. It can display 2d floorplans in 3d to view the virtual house.  1
Home Designer SuiteBHG Home Designer Suite is a amateur home design program, which allows for editing and viewing in 2D & 3D simultaneously.  1
Home Plan ProThis program is for home or addition design, but can be used for much more.  1
HornrespHorn speaker simulation program.  1
HydrocadStormwater modeling software. An excellent lightweight and easy to use app for stormwater runoff modeling.  1
ideCAD Architectural 5ideCAD Architectural allows you to draft projects of any dimension.  1
Ikea Home PlannerA set of softwares to make a plan of your house.  4
IMSI FloorplanIMSI Floorplan allows you to create complete floorplans of buildings and allows a 3D perspective that can be navigated using the keys and mouse.  1
IntellicadAutocad Clone. DWG compatible R2.5 thru 2000.  2
intellicad professionalOpens (autocad) dwg files version 2004-2007.  1
Ironcad 20133d cad software similar to Pro/E and Solidworks  1
KOMPAS-3DFrom Vendor's site: "KOMPAS-3D is intended for creating three-dimensional associative models  13
Landscape ArchitectLandscape design and virtual-reality viewing.  VR component by Virtus.  1
Landscaping and Deck DesignerCad software for developing deck and landscaping plans for your home  1
Library Expert ProPCB footprint calculator with IPC-7351 compliance.  Part of the Library Expert product line.  Known as the "Lite" edition prior to release 2018.01 (January 2018).  3
Library Expert ViewerPCB footprint calculator with IPC-7351 compliance.  Includes sample library.  Part of the Library Expert product line.  1
LiderSpanish energy building simulation tool  1
LOCAD2004LOCAD2004 is a CAD program for logical circuits used to teach the basics of the digital technology.  1
LogicWorksStudent version of the DesignWorks circuit layout program. Powerful design tool for value but frustrating UI, utterly worthless error messages. Moderately common use in digital design classes as inexpensive alternative to AutoCAD or DesignWorks (which in this context means, US$100 rather than $US1000).  2
LSynthLsynth is a program that reads in LDRAW format files (produced my LDRAW and MLCad), and writes out the  1
Mach3a Windows based CNC controller to pilot mills/routers/lathes.  2
Malz++Kassner CAD 52D CAD DRAWING  1
Mastercamcad/cam app used to create nc code from cad drawings to machine actual part rendered in cad drawing  4
MDSolidsSoftware used for learning Mechanics of Materials.  1
MecwayMecway is a comprehensive user friendly finite element analysis package for Windows with a focus on mechanical and thermal simulation such as stress analysis, vibration and heat flow. It is inexpensive and has an intuitive graphical interface for easy mesh creation and display of solutions.  3
MegaCAD 3DMegaCAD  2
MeshCAMMeshCAM lets you create toolpaths from your 3D files quickly and  2
Microchip StudioIDE for developing and debugging AVR® and SAM microcontroller applications.  1
MicrostationA CAD software from Bentley; competitor to AutoCAD  4
MicrowindThe MICROWIND3 program allows the designer to simulate and design an integrated circuit at physical description level.  1
MillWriteMillWrite is a versatile computer aided machining program designed primarily for producing "G-code" files for engraving with CNC machines. Engraving can be done on many surfaces such as flat, sloped, cylindrical, cone shaped, and spherical. MillWrite can also contour, spiral pocket and contour/pocket with islands. MillWrite also imports DXF, NC, and Plotter files and can export to DXF.  1
MLCADMike's LEGO Computer Aided Design (MLCAD) is a CAD program for making virtual LEGO models. It uses the extensive LDraw parts library and it allows the user to create practically any model of any size and complexity.  2
Modelpress Reader"Free" 3D Viewer for  1
MoIMoI (Moment of Inspiration) is a new 3D modeling/CAD program for designers and artists.  3
MTproBosch Rexroth MTpro - Software designed for easy to navigate through Bosh Rexroth product catalog, Easy CAD download of chosed product to be loaded in prefered CAD software, and not last a 3D layout designer where you can assemble an view, generate BOM list and order products from Rexroth  1
myHouseA simple architectural CAD program for people designing houses.  1
NanoCADFree DWG-compatible CAD system  3
National Instruments MultisimMultisim and Ultiboard are electronic PCB design software packages (perhaps the interface and usability are still a little dated) but it involves the creation of schematics and PCB's for manufacture.  1
NCplotViewer and producer of Gcode from different file types like DXF, TXT, GERBER, ...  1
NormicaApplication for viewing some kind of Plot files  1
ODB++ ViewerViewer for ODB++ PCB CAM files.  Part of the Valor software product line for PCB manufacturing.  2
OmniGlyphIntegrated Schematic to finished PCB CAD system. Very fast. Extensive library support and offers I/O conversion from several other popular systems. All native I/O files are openly documented and in ASCII format.  1
OneSpace Modeling PECoCreate OneSpace Modeling Personal Edition (PE) is our free  1
Open IFC ViewerViewer for BIM files in IFC interchange format  1
OpenVSPOpenVSP is an open-source parametric 3D CAD/CFD software for aircraft geometry design and analysis.  1
OZCCalculates heat losses of buildings and also prepares results for Heating system calculations in CO software.  1
P-CADP-CAD is a PCB design system for individual designers, and both large and small corporations.  3
P-CAD 2006 ViewerFreeware schematic and PCB viewer for P-CAD 2006  1
p-cad schematic viewerThis is the viewer for schematic P-CAD files. Its interface is identical to that of the full P-CAD, except that it doesn't allow to make modifications.  1
Pad2PadPad2Pad is a CAD/CAE/CAM program for designing and ordering custom-made printed-circuit boards via the site.  2
PC-WinPlotA free utility from Altium (the pre-Altium Altium) for printing P-CAD Master Designer plot files (*.plt).  1
PCB CreatorA limited free version of DipTrace that can only generate output files for submission to Bay Area Circuits.  Can be upgraded with a registration code.  1
PCB123PCB123 provides the complete circuit board solution, design through  4
PCBWebFree schematic capture/PCB layout CAD system.  2
PC|SCHEMATIC Automation 40Electrical CAD software for  1
Photon WorkshopPhoton Workshop, a resin slicer, is an open-source code 3D slicer  1
Pro/DesktopSchool/private version of the popular Pro/Engineer CAD/CAM software.  2
Pro/ENGINEERPro Engineer Wildfire is an high-end 3D CAD System  3
Pro/IntralinkProvides collabration capabilities for Pro/Engineer design teams.  1
ProBasic3Computer-AidedBoat & Ship Design and Construction  1
ProfiCADczech CAD software  1
ProgecadProgeCAD is a real innovation for all the CAD software world.  5
PulsonixSchematic capture and PCB CAD application  3
Punch! Home & Landscape Design EssentialsA simple floor plan designer that can produce 3D renderings of your plan.  1
Punch! Home Design Architectural Studio 4000 v 8.0Architectural CAD software primarily for Home Design offers wide variety of GUI tools to develop foundation, floorplan, roofing plan, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, outdoor deck and landscape.  Enough detail to meet National Code standards, but still easy to use.  1
Punch! Home Design Platinum version 8Punch! Home Design Platinum Version 8 Is a fully customizable computer aided design program that creates floor plans for residential buildings and landscapes that offers tutorial videos and the option to do virtual fly through views of the design results.  1
qcag2D CAD Program. A native GPL'd Linux version exists too.  1
quick3DA viewer and converter for 3D files.  1
QuickRouteQuickRoute is a computer program for Windows that allows you to display a route from a GPS device, such as a GPS-clock, on an orienteering map saved as an image file.  1
RADF ViewerRADF Viewer (aka. RADFViewer, RADF RS) is a freeware ACIS SAT file viewer developed by Spatial Corp (formerly Spatial Technology, acquired by Dassault Systèmes).  Registration is required for download access.  1
RapidHarnessCAD tool for designing wiring harnesses.  1
RDWorksControl software for laser cutters that have Ruida controllers.  1
RETScreenThe RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software is  2
Revit ArchitectureAutodesk Revit Architecture is a pure parametric BIM modelling tool for architects, similar to ArchiCAD.  9
RhinoRhinoceros   1
Right Track SoftwareAtlas' Right Track Software allows you to design your model railroad design using various scales such as HO, O and N scale. It features a massive array of track sizes. You can also order all the parts required of Atlas. You can also view the layout in a 3D environment.  1
RISA 2DThe educational version of RISA-2D, a computer program developed by RISA Technologies  1
Room ArrangerDesign your room or apartment, plan gardens and more!  3
Rstab 3dRSTAB represents a 3D framework program for the structural engineer  1
SAP2000 V12SAP 2000 V12 - Structural Analysis Program  1
Saturn PCB Design ToolkitCalculators for PCB designers and engineers (current capacity of a PCB trace, via current,  7
SCARMModel railroad Track Designing software.  2
SignLab 9This is a sign making software.  1
SizerTesting, look, the industrial embroidery  1
SmartSketchLegacy 2D CAD. Full featured, including "snap to" drawing tools, user programmable active symbols, automatic dimensioning, sheets, layers, double lines. Includes templates for AEC, Electrical, Site, Org Chart, Welding. Includes tutorials.  1
SmcPneuDrawThis is a new free application from SMC corporation that alows you to layout and diagram SMC pneumatic equipment.  1
SoftPlan 13SoftPlan was developed specifically to automate the design and presentation of residential and light  1
Solibri AnywhereSolibri Anywhere is a viewer for files in IFC format (, an interchange format for BIM models.  1
Solid edgeA CAD program used by Engineers to quickly model and make drafts  10
SolidConcept2D and 3D CAD  1
SolidThinkingsolidThinking is the 3D conceptual design software  1
SolidWorksSOLIDWORKS - Linux (Wine-Version)  19
Solidworks viewerThis is the free viewer for SolidWorks 3D parts, assemblies and drawings.  4
SoliprintA program used to interface with Solidoodle's new 3D printer, the Press.  1
SolveSpaceParametric 2d/3d CAD.  2
Spirit 14SPIRIT is one of the most important modules of the BUILDING INFORMATION NETWORK which consistently supports you from the first sketch to visualization and from permit planning to quantity take-off. Disciplines comprise architects, interior designers, stress analysts or carpenters as well as town councils or general contractors.­  1
SprutCAMA CAM software for CNC programming for cutting, wire EDM, 2, 3 and multi axial  1
SR 3D BuilderA 3D CAD program that uses the LDraw library of LEGO(R) parts.  4
StairDesignerStair design to measure  1
Swansoft SSCNC SimulatorVersion : 7.0.75  1
Synopsys SynplifySoftware for microelectronical syntesis, design and modelling  1
Target3001TARGET 3001! represents a new generation of CAD/CAE software for circuit design. TARGET 3001! has been created to meet the requirements of professional design engineers.  7
TechSoft Design Tools - PCB Design and MakePrinted Circuit Board CAD/CAM for Windows  1
TeklaStructures (aka: Xsteel)Tekla Structures is a highly advanced 3D CAD type program for Building Information Modeling. Tekla Structures enables the creation and management of detailed 3D structural models regardless of  2
ThinkDesignPowerful 3D Cad.  1
Tina ProTina Pro is an electronic simulator package with schematic capture. It is very easy to use, very fast and quite accurate. It also features virtual test equipment such as network analysers and oscilloscopes.  3
TinyCADTinyCAD is an open source Windows only electronic circuit drawing package. It can output net lists in a variety of formats for use with PCB design packages or Spice simulators.  3
TopoCadTopoCad is a Geographic Information System whose development began in 1993. TopoCad is a project developed with free libraries.  1
TopsolidTopsolid in der Version von 2007  2
Total 3D Home DesignEasy to use program for drawing house plans. Draw 2D floor plans and elevation views, using drag and drop icons for different kinds of rooms and architectural elements. 3D perspective walkthroughs can be done at any time.  2
TraceProTracePro is a software tool for modeling the propagation of light in imaging and non-imaging opto-mechanical systems.  1
TraCFoilTraCFoil use the DAT Files from UIUC Airfoil Coordinate Database and the files from my WEB page  4
TranscadCAD/GIS tool for transportation designers.  1
TREPCADTREPCAD is a CAD/CAE application that assists in drawing stairs to be made of steel that adhere to common standards, like DIN 18065, ISO 14122-3. The actual CAD is done 2D, but you can view a 3D model of the stair.  2
TrueviewUse the free* DWG TrueViewâ„¢ to accurately view, plot, and publish authentic DWG and DWF files. And now, DWG TrueViewâ„¢ incorporates all the functionality of DWG TrueConvertâ„¢. This means you can translate any AutoCADâ„¢ or AutoCAD-based drawing file for compatibility.  6
Tube CADTube CAD is a tube audio circuit computer  2
Turbocad3D cad program  13
Turbocad LEExcellent easy to use 2D Cad program.  1
Ultimaker CuraCura is a program to which slices a 3D model into layers to create a file from which a 3D printer can print the model. Cura supports several 3d file types, visit their website or Wikipedia for more info.  2
Valor Universal ViewerIt's a gerber viewer to see PCB layout used in R&D hardware laboratory (Electronics,  telecomunication etc )  1
VariCADA comprehensive, powerful, and easy to use, cross-platform, 3D/2D CAD system for all aspects of mechanical engineering design.  1
VCarvePro2D CAD program specializing in generating toolpaths for CNC machines like the ShopBot.  1
VectorWorks2D and 3D CAD, available to Mac and Windows. Until the version 7 it was knowed as MiniCAD. Many CAD users working with this around the world.  It is used for drafting, technical drawing and 3D modeling.  7
VeeCADLike a PCB layout program, VeeCAD takes a schematic generated netlist  4
ViaCad V11A powerful CAD/CAE system for a good price. This software offers a simple entry to the world of CAD.  1
ViaCADPro Demo2D/3D CAD for mechanical and architectural applications.  Low cost, but appears to be rather powerful.  1
ViewMateA file viewer, used for printed circuit board design. Supports Gerber (RS-274D, RS-274X) and ODB++.  2
Visual CADDInexpensive, easy-to-use 2D CADD, based on Generic CADD. Can use both 2-letter commands and icons.  2
Visual Sample PlanVisual Sample Plan (VSP) is a decision support tool built to create sample plans on a grid. You can set up a polygon map of the building/area you want to sample from and VSP will propose the locations to take your samples and compute various statistical measures.  1
Volo View ExpressVolo View Express â€” the free viewer for AutoCAD-based DWG, DWF, and DXF files as well as Autodesk Inventor files. Start viewing and printing AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor design data with ease.  1
Win NC32WinNC  1
WinISD & WinISD ProWinISD ver 0.7.950, 29.10.2016 latest version  3
WinPLACEWinPLACE provides a development environment for entry, simulation, and compilation for all of ICT's PEEL programmable logic devices and arrays.  1
WinQcadWinQcad is a complete electronics design software. It includes schematics and PCB (printed circuit board) modules. The schematic module supports flat design, simple hierarchy, and complex hierarchy (providing for multiple instances of the same schematics). The part/net list generated by the schematic module provides a link to the PCB module which supports interactive and automatic placement of elements, a manual and full automatic wire routing, as well as an exhaustive DRC test.  1
WintrackModel railroad Track Designing software.  3
Wire Gauge CalculatorWire gauge/PCB trace width calculator.  Uses Visual Basic.Net runtime.  1
WitnessPlant Efficiency Design/Simulation Software  1
Wolsink FrameworkStructural calculation with 2D-3D beam elements, with EC support (steel, concrete and wood structures).  1
Working Model 2DThis software is used to analyze two dimensional models of mechanisms and machines. It is used by many Professors as part of their teaching aid in courses of Mechanical Engineering such as Mechanics of Machines, Theory of Machines & Machine Design, etc.  1
WSCadWSCad is powerfull 2D/3D CAD application, compatible with AutoCAD. It has a intuitive GUI interface written in portuguese language.  1
WYSIWYGA lighting and set design tool.  1
xCheckERC/DRC utility for use with ExpressPCB  1
ZmodelerZanoza Modeler is a 3D modeling program to build and design models. It is specifically designed for games and supports various game formats including NFS,GTA, Re-Volt, MidtownMadness, and others. Since version 1.07b it has become shareware.  1
ZwCADAutocad Clone, based on IntelliCAD. Using DWG as native format. Compatible DWG versions R2.5 thru 2007  6