Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
1C:EnterpriseOne of the most most successful accounting computer software in Russia.  3
Abalon CRM clientClient to access the Abalon CRM system.  1
AbilityCashAbilityCash is a tool to track all your personal expenses, check and plan how much you spend and on what. It can also be used by owners of small businesses.  2
ABMIS ProfessionalABMIS Pro is a software solution for inventory control, accounting and distribution.  1
Account ProBasic accounting program.  2
AcombaAcomba is a management system developed  2
Act!Contact management software. Very powerful and useful business tool.  2
Adminsoft AccountsUK accounts software that exceeds expectations and is more usable than some paid-for small company accounts software.  1
Aldelo For RestaurantsAldelo restaurant point of sale and management solution empowers restaurateurs to achieve simplicity and efficiency.  1
ALFBanCoVery user-friendly, easy-to-use homebanking software that supports the german hbci-standard.  3
AmiBrokerAmiBroker is a comprehensive technical analysis program, allowing you to study and predict trends in the market and to maintain a portfolio of shares.  9
Amicron-FakturaAmicron-Faktura is a small-bussiness application for accounting, billing, warehouse management and more. It is available only in German.  2
Andica SA800 Partnership Software­Andica SA800 Partnership Tax Returns Software<­  1
Aplicativo ItaúAplicativo Itaú is a desktop application to acess banking services from Brazilian bank Itaú Unibanco.  1
AptistockAptiStock is the FREE stock market analysis software developed for every level of trader. The basic intention of AptiStock is to allow everyone to use technical analysis software without the needs to buy an expensive tool. It is ideal for the novice who are passionate in stock market and has a short learning curve of less than 30 minutes. It is simple and powerful that more expensive charting tools cannot match.  2
Aspel - SAEMexican Accounting Software, extremly popular.  1
ATAS PlatformThis software allows analyzing trading data with advanced methods and also direct trading of various assets (forex, stocks, crypto). Crypto package is completely free.  1
Atrex­Point Of Sale program, Inventory Tracking system and Customer Data Base  1
Autodesk VaultData management product for tracking engineering documents  1
AvaTradervaTrader 3.1is an online FX platform, that will let you perform financial trade.  2
Baan ClientThe client needed to connect to the Baan IV through Infor ERP LN 6 erp system  6
Banana AccountingThis is an application for double-entry book-keeping. It is not much more than a glorified spreadsheet, but does the job for small businesses and other organisations with miminal requirements.  4
Bank Offline DeluxeThis Dutch program is made for home users. You can import your bank account details (all transfers) and assign a category to it  2
Banking 4WBanking 4W is a Windows Onlinebanking tool.  6
BankLink Books 2009BankLink Books 2009 Australian accounting software for doing TAX  2
BankPerfectBankperfect is a banking software (personal financ­ial management),  1
baufakturaA German business and invoicing application which has specifically been developed for building sites and the building industry.  1
BinanceCryptocurrency Exchange with multicoloured graphs of historical prices of currency pairs that are traded by Binance  1
BitcoinBitcoin is a free open source peer-to-peer electronic cash system that is completely decentralized, without the need for a central server or trusted parties.  Users hold the crypto keys to their own money and transact directly with each other, with the help of a P2P network to check for double-spending.  3
BiuTickerSimple stock chart software  1
BL AdministrationA .net (4.5.2) based application for book-keeping, Invoices, suppliers and similar administrative chores.   1
BMD-ClientThis is the client software from a client-server based accounting & warehous solution well known in Austria and surrounding countries.  1
BOB Acounting Software (Dutch version)BOB software is an accounting program that's available in both Dutch and French.  1
BookmapBookmap trading platform accurately shows the entire market  1
BSSB WinManagement software for shooting clubs (specific to Bavaria)  1
BudgetExpressIt is an accounting software a little bit like kmymoney but with an easier interface.  2
Buhl tax Standard / ProfessionalReasonably priced software for tax declaration in Germany provided by Buhl.  16
Business Plan ProThe easiest way to write a business plan  3
Busy 17Accounting Software for daily needs  1
BusyWin36.exeaccounting software specifically useful for indian business.  1
c@shflow Home ManagerC@shflow Manager is a home banking application, only available in Dutch.  2
Cashbook CompleteA small business cashbook accounting system  1
CashCommCashComm is one of the leading Swiss personal  1
Cashflow ManagerCashflow Mana­ger is the simple cash GST bookkeeping solution for non-accountants.­  2
CashmanFinancial, order management and HR solution for small business.  1
CC FacturBilling business management for freelancers and companies in most sectors.  1
Checksoft Check Designer Personal DeluxeSoftware for printing personal bank checks.  1
Church Membership OnlineWeb based church membership solution. Manage households, individuals, contributions, calendars, attendance and much more! Empower your volunteers to connect from anywhere! Windows Vista, XP, Apple Mac OS X compatibility!  1
CIEL ComptaFrench best seller accounting application.  1
Ciel Compta LibéraleFrench well known accounting application for self-employed and small business entities  1
Ciel Devis FacturesCiel Devis Factures vous accompagne de la réalisation de vos devis et  1
Ciel Gestion commerciale V8.01Very famous French business management software:  1
Ciel Gestion de Contacts (par ACT!)A program to file and sort customers. Allows the user to search for a contact, note the upcoming events with the customers.  1
Complete Time Tracking ProfessionalSingle or multi-user time tracking software to record time worked on various user-defined categories, such as clients/projects/tasks or systems/products. Time is recorded to a central database allowing reports to be produced for all staff time.  1
ConnectWise Manage Internet ClientCRM/PSA Application for IT Professionals  1
Count-e (wisacc)Finance and accounting software for schools in Belgium.  2
Cresus-facturationThis is a billing application. It's mainly used in Switzerland actually so for as I know.  2
Crossover WorkSmartApplication to track working time and made activities like keystrokes, mouse clicks, desktop state and web camera usage.  1
CSI Unfair AdvantageA program for downloading stock and futures historical prices. It also has a small charting abilities. (Downloading requires subscription [not free])  1
cTraderApplication used for trading foreign exchange. It is a Microsoft .NET 4.0 OneClick application.  1
CTS T4 DesktopT4 Desktop is a lightweight, high performance Futures trading system intended for professional and retail traders alike. This internet based system can be accessed from anywhere in the world and offers access to multiple exchanges.  1
Danea Professional ManagerPersonal finance manager for families and small businesses  1
dave ramsey personal finance softwarePersonal finance software for financial planning by the Lampo Group.  1
DDBAC - DataDesign Banking Application Components (HBCI/FinTS)German:  1
DealBook 360This is an application to trade forex stock with GFTforex, This software would allow some stock traders to migrate to linux based machines without the problems  2
Dental Lab NTDental Lab NT is a dental laboratory administration app for small and medium size companies. Its indeed made for the swiss maket and has a wide usage in the dental szene.  1
DIMM FormulariosThis program is used by all people who want to file their tax reports  1
DonorPerfectFundraising, CRM, Accounting  1
DonorwiseDonorWise is an easy to use donation tracking application designed for use by Campus Crusade for Christ for use by national ministries. It provides an effective way to keep track of donations intended for staff and ministry projects.  1
Dynamics AXMicrosoft Dynamics AX is Microsoft's flagship enterprise resource planning framework.  It is part of a larger family of related products, under the name "Microsoft Dynamics".  1
ПАРУСCollection of several modules for (each item means each module):  1
САМО-Тур (SAMO-Tour, WinTour.exe)Commercial, not very good program written on Delphi for automation of the tour operator  1
САМО-Тур Агент (SAMO-Tour Agent, client_sqlnet.exe)Computer software for tourism applications, automation solutions  1
e-paydayA payroll administration system designed to comply with Australian taxation legislation. It handles PAYG withholding, FBT, super and can submit employee TFN's directly to the ATO.  1
e-Recorde-Record is a free, electronic record keeping software product. It  2
E-StaffSoftware for recruitment process  1
Eastmoney Choice Finanical EndpointChoice financial terminal is an super terminal for users of various types of financial investment institutions, research institutions and academic institutions. The data covers stocks, funds, bonds, indices, commodities, foreign exchange and macro-industry data, and 7×24 real-time push of various announcements, various information data and research reports.  1
Easy Cash & TaxEasy Cash & Tax is a Finance & Tax managment software for Germany and Austria.  6
easy2000 BuchhaltungApplications for the management of accounting. The applications are in German language and are focused on the Austrian and German market. Versions in English language will come.  1
EasyTaxOfficial tax program for the canton Aargau/Switzerland (Basel-Landschaft has the same, here the AG-Version was reviewed).  1
EBP Comptabilite Liberale 2001A software to have a legal accounting in France, specially built for independant workers.  1
Eclipse (Activant)A fully integrated, real-time business management solution.  1
eFile ExpressInexpensive Federal (+state: CA, MI, MN) eFile application.  Presents forms to be filled in, essentially operating like a spreadsheet as they're filled in, then allows them to be printed or filed.  1
Elance TrackerThis is the official Elance work time tracker application.It is used by freelancers to track their work time and sync it with their elance workview. It requires Adobe AIR.   1
ElsterFormularNOTE: Accourding to the German tax authorities this software is deprecated.[1]  1
ENK standaardFramework is een programma voor het verwerken van calculaties en werkadminstraties voor bouw- en installatiebedrijven  1
ETaxElectronic preparation and submission of Australian tax returns.  10
eTrading Securities HOTSHome Online Trading System (HOTS) is a software developed by eTrading Securities for its Online Trading Platform in Indonesia Stock Exchange.  1
Exact Compact for WindowsExact Compact for Windows is a 'boekhoud programma', a financing program for the Dutch market. It's one of the biggest software companies in the Netherlands on the financial market, and known for their vendor lock-in and VERY expencive support. This particular version is NOT supported for windows 7, and, indeed doesn't work at all under Windows 7 unless you purchase an other expensive upgrade.  1
ExpertTraderAG-FINANCIAL NETWORK LTD is a leading provider of real-time quote information from the Athens and Cyprus Stock Exchanges as well as the Athens Derivatives Exchange through user friendly applications, now built on .NET technology. The provision of data is through direct connection, such as Frame Relays and ISDN and through the internet. We have been providing real-time quotes to institutions, money managers, brokerage houses and individual investors, for more than 16 years. We provide timely, accurate and complete quotes, including trade price, trade volume and bid / ask prices, all within seconds of when the trades actually occur on the floor.  1
Express InvoiceInvoicing software to invoice your customers.Create invoices, quotes and orders quicklyAutomate recurring invoices and templatesEasily add multiple users and enable remote access  1
FactuCont 5Software for invoicing  1
FakturaA German application for handling of invoices, addresses offers etc. You can also maintain various products. Ideal for small offices.  2
FastReport 4 compiled DemoReports viewing tool.  1
FINANCE 2003It is a french logiciel written by softchrit (Christian Martinez). It is like Microsoft Money.  But it is Free.  1
Forex Tester 2Great tool for offline forex testing.  1
ForexGen PlatformForexGen Trading Station  1
FX Trading StationFXCM feeds real-time streaming prices into the FX Trading Station.  1
FXCM Trading Station 2An application for trading forex and other instruments.  1
GestanGestan is an WinDev based accounting software with ERP and CRM functionality.  1
GestwinComplete accounting, financial and sales force application.  1
Gill BroGill Bro is a trading terminal provided by Gill Broking Pvt. Ltd. for its clients for mcx transactions. Download Free Mobile Trading App: Trade in the online commodity market on the go with Gill Broking mobile trading app. Stay on top of the commodity market.  1
Global Trading SystemThis is the forex trading platform of FX Solutions.  1
Golden Sunshine Stock MarketA Chinese stock market application created by Everbright Securities that allows you to buy, sell, and view stock markets from China, Hong Kong, and America. However, it is required to have a stock market account with money deposited in it.  3
GoldMineGoldMine is a small to medium enterprise CRM application, boasting many features such as an activity scheduling, inbuilt email client, Outlook Integration, Word/Excel, Adob­e Acrobat Integration, customizable fields, sales forcasting, opportunity and project management, etc.  3
Grapher OCStock graphical analyser  1
H&R Block At Home Basic (2010)Do-it-yourself tax software.  1
H&R Block At Home Deluxe (2010)2010 version of H&R Block's US Income Tax Preparation software.  Used to be called TaxCut, now called H&R Block At Home.  1
H&R Block TaxCutWith TaxCut Premium Federal + State, you can:  10
HandiTax­Australian professional tax package.  2
HansaWorld Express"With HansaWorld Express, small and medium companies can take care of  1
Haufe SteuerOfficeAn information database for the German tax law.  2
Haushaltsbuch"Wo ist das ganze Geld geblieben?"  1
HábilSystem of management for small enterprise.  1
HebRechHebRech is accounting software for freelance midwives in Germany.  4
HemekonomiDiscontinued swedish software for personal finance. Were quite often bundled with new computers.  2
Hitta KursvinnareWith 'Hitta Kursvinnare' (Find Stock/Share winners) you improve your chances to find interesting stock/share winners. Something that many, sucessfull users will agree upon.  3
Hogia ReseräkningReseräkning is an application for registering travel expenses claims.  1
Huur- en zorgtoeslagThis is a Dutch fiscal program with which it is possible to calculate the money you receive for rent and care.  1
IBChartsIBCharts is a privately owned software development company based in Toronto Canada.  1
IBM Rational Portifolio ManagerA piece of IBM software some companies use to keep track of personal time.  1
IIFL Trader Terminal (Beta) trading in stocks,currency,options & futures on Indian Stock Markets i.e. BSE & NSE  1
Impot Rapide (Quick Tax)Quebec and Canada tax income software  1
InfoPlusInfoplus has been designed as a business management software for general use.  1
ING Home'BankThis software is used to access your bank account, transfer money and so for. ING provides also a native version.  2
Intellectnext-generation email client AND contact manager, all in one great CRM program!  2
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant Solutions 19.0The defacto standard Windows accounting software  1
Invoice2go_5.0Easily customizable invoicing software for the Desktop, iPhone, and Android devices.  This particular version is for Desktop use.  1
ISTEAISTEA is a french agriculture accounting software.  1
KineQuickKineQuick is administrative software for Belgian physiotherapists which allows easier financial and therapeutical overview.  1
L2 DealerIG Markets DMA CFD trading platform.  1
Lexware BuchhalterKind of the standard, cheap accounting software in Germany for small to medium companies.  5
Lexware Faktura und Auftrag 2005Lexware faktura+auftrag handels all daily tasks in your business. The portfolio contains creating offers and invoices in quick and reliable way. The program provides a holistic architectural design, enable customers through base data management to us several different function of the program. It saves time and speed up all office related tasks in your company.  1
Lexware Financial/Business Office Pro"Lexware Business Office Pro" is a German business applications package consisting of  4
Lexware LohnauskunftWhether net and gross compensation, whether or midi Minijob whether  1
Lexware QuickenLexware Quicken is a personal financial software. The german version is published by the company Lexware. The first version of quicken was developed of the American software-producer Intuit. Later in Germany Intuit was taken over by Lexware. So the German version of lexware has totally different routines for which a extra wine application form is necessary.  1
Lexware QuickSteuerGerman tax software  3
Lexware Taxman­Lexware Taxman is a german application for tax-calculation.  3
Livros FiscaisBrazilian software concerning invoices management.  1
LohnabzugLohnabzug is an application to facilitate the bookkeeping of salaries, health insurance, vacation times etc. of the staff of your company. It is only available in german and is tailored to the tax and insurance legislation in Germany  2
Lotus OrganizerA calendar program, part of Lotus Smartsuite.  3
Mail Order Manager (M.O.M.) 7iMail Order Manager is a order management program for E-commerce.  1
Mamut Business SoftwareMamut Business Software is offered  1
MARG All Version._44eb54-hoverMenu {  1
Market MakerMarket Maker is a stock analyzing program only available for windows.  1
MarketBrowser PETool for tracking stock and fund prices.   1
MarketProTrading sofware from CMC market.  1
MAS90Recommended by more CPAs than any other business management application in its class, Sage MAS 90 ERP offers a broad selection of feature-rich solutions, including core accounting, e-commerce, business intelligence tools, HR and payroll, customer relationship management (CRM) and financial reporting software. In addition, this award-winning application boasts robust project management, manufacturing and wholesale distribution software solutions that help small and mid-sized businesses automate key processes, including inventory management, bill of materials and job costing.  2
MatchedBettingSports arbitrage application to match bookmakers' bonus offers.  0
Matriks DataData terminal for Turkish stocks and global indices. The program is nonfree.  1
Maximizer­Customer Relation Management software.  Big in the business industry in some places.  2
Méropsthis app helps you managing your stock exchange wallet.  2
Medlin Accounting and Payroll SoftwareSimple yet powerful, inexpensive accounting software.  1
MeetingMaker Client Win32Office Scheduler and Human Ressource Manager - depends on the proprietary server software for Meeting Maker.  2
Membership PlusComprehensive church management software. Covers membership list  1
MercoMerco is a business management application that is web-based and fully integrated. It allows businesses to manage Accounting, Customers (CRM), Inventory, Suppliers, Employess and projects.  1
MetaStock"MetaStock is the best selling investment analysis software in the world  3
MetaTraderOnline trading platform designed for financial institutions dealing with Forex, CFD, and Futures markets.  3
MFS-ERPMFS-ERP is an open source CRM and ERP system. It provides management of quotes, invoices, documents, sales and purchase management, tasks, ...  2
MicrolobuSoftware for German HR offices and accounting.   1
Microsoft MoneyMicrosoft Money is a personal finance program. Featuring, online banking, stock portfolios, and more.  16
Microsoft ProjectMicrosoft Project is a project manager. Specially used to design Gantt tables  6
MigrosBank E-BankingEBanking software for Migros Bank.  5
MiniMRPMiniMRP is a low cost, easy to use Parts List Manager with Multi Level BOM (Bill of Materials) and other MRP-Like features usually only found in larger ERP/MRP packages.  1
Minipak Faktuuroffice accounting software for keeping track of sales and payments  1
MLDownloaderMLDownloader downloads recent and historical quotes (OHLC) for any and all stocks in 50+ exchanges worldwide and writes them in the industry standard Metastock format (any version) or in form of ASCII files (CSV). Technical Analysts must have. Data is compatible with Insider TA, Wealth-Lab, TradeStation, Elliot Wave Analyzer, WallStreet, SuperChart 4, Omni Trader and all the other industry favorites.  1
MLM Easy MoneyA complete business management solution targeted to the direct selling industry (e.g. Avon consultants). Includes contact management, inventory management, emails and letters, invoicing, and a very basic financial program.  2
MMS Buchfuehrung und BilanzEinfaches aber professionelles Finanzbuchhaltungsprogramm mit GoB-Testat, Mandantenfaehig, Netzwerkfaehig. Die UStVA erfolgt mit Elster.  1
ModalTraderBrazilian Modalmais Homebroker  1
ModernForexTrade terminal  1
MoffFreeCalcSetup.exeAdjustable Tape Calculator.  1
Money S3Czech accounting/ERP application for small and medium businesses.  2
MoneySpireMoneySpire is a personal finance manager and an alternative to Quicken and other major retail personal finance software.  MoneySpire started out as Fortora Fresh where it offered the personal finance software for Windows, OSX, and Linux.  After MononeySpire acquired FortaFresh it shut down its Linux based offering stranding many users to run under Windows or OSX.  1
MoneyWizBoth MoneyWiz 2 and MoneyWiz 3 for Windows does not complete the installation.  1
Monitor-CRM (Монитор-CRM)Very good russian analytical CRM system. There is also demo-version  1
My Invoices and Estimates DeluxeMyInvoices & Estimates Deluxe makes it easy to create accurate invoices, estimates and customer statements. This small business billing software is all you need to manage your invoicing and cash collection efficiently. Track business expenses and manage inventories of products and supplies. Create professional invoices, estimates and purchase orders in a few short steps using business forms and templates customized with your company logo. With just one click, you can print monthly statements to send to all of your customers.  2
MyMicroBalanceMyMicroBalance is a tool to get an overview of your spendings and savings. What makes it different from other finance software is that it requires second to no time to get used to it. It's main interface shows the money spent and gotten for the current month.  1
MYOB AccountingAccounting.  5
MYOB AccountRight Plus v19Accounting software widely used in Australia.  1
MYOB BusinessBasicsMYOB BusinessBasics is an entry-level accounting package for small companies and sole traders. It includes VAT accounting, creation of quotes, and will subsequently let you convert quotes to invoices. A very useful feature is that you can download and try the software before you buy it. This is in contrast to QuickBooks.  2
MYOB PremierMulti-user accounting.  4
MYOB Premier EnterpriseMYOB Premier Enterprise  1
mytaxespressCanadian income tax preparation for netfile, efile and printable tax returns.  4
NavisionBusiness accounting and productivity software for mid-level vend­ors. General Ledger, A/R, A/P, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Inventory Control...  5
Neo HOTS30HOTS is a leading stock online trading applications for Customers of Mirae Asset Sekuritas  1
Neuroshell Trader ProfessionalDevelopment system for neural network and genetic algorithm based trading systems for financial markets  1
NinjaTraderStock charting/trading platform.  2
Notia Business Server - win klientComprehensive ERP and CRM system focused primarily on the Czech environment.  1
Notowania 3 MAXIt's an application which show as live qoutatiions of stocks, futures, bons and other instruments from Warsow Stock Exchange and also from foreign markets. It also provides tools for Technical Analises, also in real time.  2
Notowania On-Line (NOL)Analysis tool for Warsaw Stock Exchange (Poland). Use by most of Brokerage House's in Poland.  2
Novativa Streamsterthis application for trading forex in marketiva  1
Odin Diet ClientODIN DIET is developed by Financial Technologies (India) Limited and is used by users of Various Brokerage houses in India, like Religare Rally (r-ally), Angel broking,, bajajcapital, etc,. The most popular versions of this product among our users are: 1.0, 9.0 and 9.1. The name of the program executable file is dietodin.exe.  1
Office Accounting ExpressAccounting and business management software.  1
Omni AccountsOmni accounts is a scaleable accounting package. It supports "double entry" accounting. The application is available for free, with additional features that can be purchased to suit your needs. Most of the extra features can be enabled for a trial period of 14 days, after which you'll have to purchase it to keep on using it.  4
Omni AccountsAccounting software package  1
OmnitraderA stock market analysis tool  1
Open WorkbenchOpen Workbench is the open source successor to Project Workbench, the trusted tool used by more than 100,000 project management professionals worldwide.  4
Optimum clientOptimum is accounting program client. It connects to Optimum server DB.  1
osFinancialsOpen-source GPL-licensed accounting application  4
OTS EzyProfessional v 4.00Stock market trading package including Ezy Chart , Ezy Analyser and Ezy Manager  1
P?atnikImportant program for scaling of fee for polish taxpayers.  2
pastel evolutionaccounting software that allows you to manage items and and tasks etc this software comunicates with a server if that is relevant  1
Pastel Partner V11   1
PathFinderWhether you trade Futures, Forex ECN or both, PathFinder Traderâ„¢ allows  1
PaywindowPayroll application.  Updated yearly.  Alternative to Quickbooks Payroll.  2
PC Mars Farm Accounting SoftwarePcMars is a complete farm record-keeping program which provides a detailed record of all receipts, expenditures, inventories, payroll, capital assets, corps produced and livestock feed records. This program also has bundling packages (PcMars Plus) that allow cash operations to study their operation on an accrual basis, and keep more detailed crop and livestock records.  1
Peachtree AccountingPeachtree double entry accounting system for windows with user maintained payroll tables or payroll tables annual subscription.  1
Peachtree Complete Accounting­Peachtree Complete­ Accounting includes the robust, network-ready accounting features you want, and helps provide the valuable insight you need. Better manage your accounting and business with such advanced features as job costing, time and billing, the Financial Manager, and more! Peachtree Complete helps you get the insight behind your numbers.  5
Peachtree Premium AccountingVery reliable and solid Accounting software.  1
PeopleSoft CRMCRM Application.  1
Perfect TellerPerfect Teller is a financial application used to access some financial institutions.  1
Personal Finances ProApplication to keep track of your income and spendings.  2
Pessoal Plus ProfissionalDont work. Found a serius problem sory.  1
Phoenix GatewayPhoenix Gateway is an easy to use financial recording package allowing  1
PIAPro Property investment analysis software  1
PITyPITy is a very popular in Poland, free application used for filling in and printing income-tax returns.  1
Platypus Billing SystemPlatypus Billing System is a billing and subscriber management system  1
Plus500 Online tradingThis is a trading client  application made by the plus500 broker. Can be used for for trading a live or a demo account.  3
PnTThis application is used to operate shares in stock exchanges in Brazil market.  1
PointPoint is loan origination software, that creates and tracks loan applications for borrowers or prospects. Used by the mortgage lending industry.  1
PopersopPopersop is a program desing to allow remote banking. There are no plans to migrate this aplication to Linux.  1
PrestoSoftware for architectural projects (costs, times, finances...)  1
Primavera P6Primavera P6 is lastest version of popular project planning and control program Primavera P3. It is fully 32Bit application and uses a database as backend (local or remote).  3
ProAccProAcc is an accounting program for the belgian market.  1
professionals@workEnterprise management tools.  1
Profi cashGerman banking software for professional use. It allows HBCI banking with PIN/TAN, SmartCard etc.  2
programa Facturas y Facturación LinuxBilling business management for freelancers and companies in most sectors.  1
ProjectProject management tool.  3
Pronto Thin ClientAccounts,Sales Orders and Purchase Orders and Customer Relationship Management Warehouse Managemen, Retail Point-of-Sale, Facilities Managemen, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and other related functions  1
Prophet Business SoftwareSmall to medium business accounting software.  1
QChartsFull featured stock charting software with real time streaming quotes.  2
QuickBooksIt's an accounting software for small businesses. GUI design to make the process of daily bookkeeping as simple and easy as possible.  17
Quickbooks Enterprise SolutionsAccounting software for small businesses that implements a multi-user networking environment.  3
QuickenQuicken is a personal financial software. To manage all your personal financial info.  51
Quicken Rental Property ManagerRental property and tenant management application  2
QuikQUIK is a software package for providing on-line access to the exchange  2
QuoteTrackerQuote tracker displays real time prices and charts of your stocks portfolio. It is integrated into many brokers data feeds for both US and International quotes.  2
RationalPlan MultiRationalPlan Multi Project by Stand By Soft is a project management software designed to assist project managers in developing plans, allocating resources, tracking progress, managing budgets and analyzing workload.  1
RatsRats works quite well under Wine, you may do calculations and save the output to files, but there are problems when trying to save the graphics. Rats saves the graphics in several formats but none of them are correctly writen from Wine.  1
RechnungsManagerPoint of Sale Software.  1
Religare Race-pro­R-Ace-Pro is a trading terminal provided by Religare Securities Pvt. Ltd. for its clients for nse/bse transactions.  1
Rema Faktura for WindowsAccounting Software from the year 1996 (as far as I know, it is a 16-Bit app), for Small BusinessThe app uses the following DLLs (tried native also):  1
RNGE2 - Gestão EmpresarialModules:  1
S-HOAIHOAI is an acronym for "Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure", roughly "Law governing fees for architects and engineers". T­he law's introduction says  1
Sage Accounts Production AdvancedSage Accounts Production Advanced is Sage's market-leading, final  1
Sage BusinessVisionDesigned to fill the gap between entry-level and complex high-end systems,  1
Sage Line 50Sage Line 50 is an all-in-one accountancy tool for Windows.  3
Sage MAS 500A complete business operations software. It has a MS SQL back-end.  1
Sales BookProgram to fill Mailers.  1
Saral TaxSaralTax is used to calculate, and file income tax forms in India. Software has inbuilt support to calculate taxes and fill forms.  2
SARS e@syFileA software package designed by the South African Revenue Services (SARS) to help taxpayers manage their engagements with SARS quickly, easily and conveniently on their deskto.  1
Savings Bond Wizard IVWith the Savings Bond Wizard, you can:  2
SaxoTrader 2Trading software for foreign currency and stock exchange.  1
SBClientClient interface connecting to a central database in e.g. a company.  2
Schwab StreetStart EdgeThis software allows the user to trade stocks, bonds and funds at  1
SClog FahrtenbuchSoftware to write a logbook for your car.  1
Scottrade EliteScottrade Elite WAS trading software that is given to you by Scottrade inc. when you open up an account with a value of $25K ore more. It is real time information on the financial markets.  Scottrade was bought by TD Ameritrade, so Scottrade Elite is replaced by Think or Swim.  Think or Swim runs in Linux under Java, so it doesn't require WINE.  2
Secomea GateManager TinyClientGateManager is a safety program necessary to login to the Danish online salary program provided by 'Proløn'.  1
Servant Keeper"Servant Keeper is the world's finest Church Management Software brought to you by Servant PC Resources in alliance with Decathlon Information Systems.  1
Siac.exe Sistema administrativo de carteraSoftware for account  management of microcredit  1
SIAp Sistema Integrado de AplicacionesIt is asystem designed by theAFIP, whereyou will entergeneral information abouttaxpayers,which alsofeed intodifferent "Applications", which theninstall theuserfrom theSIAP, the information containedin it, will servefor the generation ofthe affidavitsthat those responsiblemust providefor the different taxes, facilitatingand expeditingthe taskof taxpayers.  1
Siebel Thin ClientUsed by many organisations who subscribe to the idea of outsourcing their IT solutions and wasting money to produce complete junk. We (my employer) are forced to use a particular useless application to order stuff from the local $TELCO. The $TELCO decided it was a great idea to force ISP's into using windoze :(  1
Simply AccountingA full featured Accounting package.  4
SMARTLEDGER First AccountsSMARTLEDGER First Accounts is an entry-level accounting system for small businesses. It avoids the jargon of typical accounting solutions and can be run in English, Spanish, French, and Irish languages. The system is multi-currency and is compatible with Artemis Accounts.  1
SnelStart DemoSnelStart Classic are a range administrative parcels for the small  5
SoEasy AccountingSoEasy is a fully featured accounting and business management package suited to small to medium sized businesses.  1
spaiectaclespecific french sofware for editing performing arts staff payroll , specific payroll deductions sheets , accouting export , electronic transfert for payroll deductions and so on  1
SPCS (VISMA) BokföringWell known swedish accounting software  1
SPCS AdministrationSPCS Administration is a Swedish accounting software for Windows.  1
SpeedBalance 5.0Free bookkeeping application. Based on spreadsheet.  1
StabicadDutch enginering software  0
StarmoneyDeutsch : Starmoney ist ein Homebanking-Programm, das von der StarFinanz GmbH entwickelt wird. Es existiert eine vergünstigte Version für Kunden der Sparkasse.  7
SteuerTax software for Germany sold by the German grocery discount chain Aldi which often includes documentation and an electronic guide (Lotse) to make your tax declaration faster and easier.   6
Steuer Spar Erklärung 2010Program to make the German Tax declaration for the year 2009 (It's not a fault. The program has the year 2010 in the name but shall be used for tax declaration 2009)  2
Steuer-Spar-ErklärungTax program for making the german tax return. It can be installed and used for free. For the transmission of data to the tax office by ELSTER or for printing the completed forms the program must be released for about 25 €. The program is only available in German language.  18
SteuerSparErklärung 2020With this app you can do your tax declaration and submit it via Elster to the tax-office.  1
SteuertippsFinance Application (tax return)  1
Stockmarket PlusManaging and tracking share portfolios.  1
Stone's SummaSummarumDanish accounting system featuring everything that you would expect from a expensive accounting system.  2
StudioTaxStudioTax from BHOK IT Consulting helps Canadians preparing and filing their federal and provincial income tax returns including Quebec provincial returns.  8
SynesisMost popular and widely adopted software among accountants in Croatia. A great number of accountants would cross to linux, but they are tied to MS Windows because of this software.  2
SysproSyspro is an extensive Accounting / Inventory package including P.O.S interface, xml, ODBC interfaces. Written in Cobol.  1
Table Point of SaleA simple POS system for restaurants. Reports in OpenOffice (Calc) -- as such, you must have the Windows (read Wine) version of it installed.  1
TallyTally is the primary Accounting Package used in India. As India had opted for VAT system for Tax Administration, more people are switching to this wonderful accounting package  4
Tarak MehtaNational Stock Exchange Software for trading in share  1
TaxActTaxACT prepares, prints, and e-files US  17
TaxCalcUK tax return completion tool with File By Internet tool.  5
TaxCut FederalTax preparation software.  6
TD Ameritrade StrategyDeskStock charting and trading platform provided to account holders belonging to TD Ameritrade.  2
tdxwAnalysis tool for stocks in Chinese stock exchanges  2
The DownloaderEnd of day financial data download tool.  1
The Online TraderThe Online Trader is an advanced and sophisticated information-  1
Tiger Paw CRM+Tigerpaw CRM+ is an all-in-one business software system built for small  2
TimepanicAn app that keeps track of my working time. I capture tasks and assign them to projects. Projects are assigned to customers/rates. I produce my invoices from this app.  2
TimeTTrackerTimeTTracker is a time tracking application that allows you to keep track of time spent on projects, and export the data in a variety of formats.  1
TimeWriterTimeWriter is software for project time tracking.  1
TntConnectTntConnect is a free program for managing your relationships with  8
Total 2010Residential real estate appraisal software; form filler with limited spreadsheet/analysis grid, property layout sketcher, location mapping, property photos, electronic signatures, PDF conversion, and e-mail to client/recipient.  1
Trade NavigatorThe Trade Navigator is a program based on experience, trader input and  1
Trade TigerTrade Tiger is an important application for trading in NSE, BSE & other stock exchanges of India. It is a must application for every Share Khan Client.  3
TradeBlazer (TB)A futures analysis and trading platform for the Chinese market.  Provides quotes, charting and more importantly programming, strategy testing and automated trading.  2
tradestationThis is a desktop application from  1
Trading SolutionsA program which uses neural networking techniques to predict stock market movements.  1
TradingBlox BuilderA program for testing computer trading models using large amount of historical data and portfolio approach  1
TurbocashTurbocash is a complete account package including general ledger, full inventory  1
TurboProject ExpressProject planning application.  1
TurboTaxTurboTax is an American tax preparation software.­­  14
UFile WindowsCanadian Tax Return preparation software for the tax year  7
Uni_basAn Swedish accounting program with the aim to be easy to use even for non economic persons. Built for minor companies but with capacities for large data volumes.  2
VAT entryMandatory application of the Mongolian tax Administration to enter the VAT bills into their system.  1
VatowiecVatowiec - a suite of 4 independent accounting applications for polish users:  2
VeroWakkaFinnish balance sheet and taxation SW for farmers.  1
VersaCheckThis application is useful for printing checks, and has been sold bundled with check forms for your printer.  2
VertexFX TraderVertexFX Trader is one of the best trading platforms worldwide, it is an award-winning platform, which contains all the needed functionalities for any end-user clients along with the dealing rooms Backoffice.  0
Viking FX trading applicationForex trading application developed by Currenex inc.  1
Virtual Account NumbersThe CitiVAN.exe application allows Citicard holders to create virtual account numbers for online or telephone credit card transactions by creating a single-use or single-vendor credit card number linked to your personal one. Your real credit card number is never exposed, nor could your card be used by any organization other than the one authorized on its first use. On successful installation, the program will create a system tray icon and allow the user to access it in a Linux session.  6
Visma Administration 200Accounting program according to Swedish standards.  1
Visma SkattHelps you keep track of your taxes. Including portfolio manager with online quotes for stocks and mutual funds. Automaticly generates the K4 form and tons of other features.  1
Visual ChartVisual Chart is a tool to analyse stock market.  1
Visual FactureApplication for billing customers. Network working.  1
Visual TraderVisual trader is a trading and technical analysis software. It can be used to trade in varius markets or only to make and test trading system. It has a programming language to make trading systems or personalized indicators  1
Visual TransactionVT Transaction (VT Transact) is a fully featured accounting/bookkeeping package for Windows.  1
Votre Budget 2007Votre Budget 2007 is a personal finance application.  1
VR-NetWorld SoftwareOnline-Banking software used by Volksbanken/Raiffeisenbanken  8
VT Cash BookFree software to record the day to day  1
vt tradercharting software that allows you to trade forex directly from the chart  2
VYAPARVYAPAR is a free business accounting software made for Indian Small Businessmen to deal with invoicing, inventory, accounting needs. The goal is to make a businessman’s daily routine less tiring and let them focus more on growing their business, less on paperwork.  1
Webmoney Keeper ClassicClient for WebMoney  3
Wenhua Mytrader2009The program is touted to be the most widely used futures trading platform in China - used by institutions as well as individual investors.  It contains quotes for stocks and futures, charting, programming language for analysis and strategies, automated trading, and news.  1
WinMUWinMU is a complex economical agenda solution for small and medium businesses by WERX System, s. r. o., a Czech software company. It consists of several modules of which some can be sold separately, including deposit management, financial analyses, accounting, banks, salaries, production control (esp. for bakeries), expedition, and branch specific modules (lift machining and servicing, hotel receptions and restaurants, theatre settings and deposits, greenhouse management and much more).  1
WinOmegaWinOmega is a Warehouse, invoice and accounting software for small and medium size business.  2
Winvask faktura gratisThis is an Norwegian accounting program that's free to use, and with no yearly costs.  1
WISO (Steuer) SparbuchWISO Steuer Sparbuch, also known as ­­WISO Sparbuch in older versions is a german application for tax-calculation.  17
WISO Büro komplett 2006Software for financial office or small business with online banking.  1
Wiso Mein GeldWiso Mein Geld is a Homebanking-Software, allowing you to manage several bank-accounts, Depots etc. via HBCI or ScreenParser.  3
WISO MeinVerein DesktopThis app is for maintaining your Club in Germany or Austria.  1
WISO2016Software for doing annual tax declaration in Germany.  1
YNAB (You Need a Budget)YNAB Pro is a stand-alone personal finance and budgeting application which allows users to effectively keep track of their spending and aims to help them scale it back and even save money through the use of the program and online support.  4
YNAB 3This is a personal finance and budgeting tool. Runs on the Adobe Air platform.  1
Yuza Open ERPItalian open ERP based on access database  1
ZFacturaZFactura is a billing software for small companies, allows to create invoices, quotes, delivery notes,...  1
ZGestión FacturaciónZGestión is a invoicing software for self employed, allows to create bills, delivery notes, installments, invoices, quotes.  1