Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
3uToolsThe Most Efficient iOS Files & Data Management Tool  1
4shared DesktopUpload and download to your 4shared account.  2
4SyncA cloud file-storage application.  1
Absolute FTPA really nice FTP Client.  1
Air Video Server HDAirVideo is a server/client application that allows you to stream (and convert on the fly) videos from your PC to your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. The quality and bitrate are automatically adjusted to the device and connection speed.  1
Allway Sync Allway Sync is free file and folder synchronization software for Windows.  4
Alt.Binzalt.binz is a powerful binary newsreader, for downloading and managing  6
Amazon DownloaderWhen you buy software on Amazon that's available as a download, you download this utility which then downloads the actual software you purchased.  1
Amazon DriveCloud drive storage provided by Amazon  1
Amazon MP3 DownloaderTo download purchased music, offers the Amazon MP3 Downloader  1
Amazon MP3 UploaderUploads music to Amazon's Cloud Player.  1
Amazon PhotosAn application that allows to save your photos in the Amazon Photos cloud.  2
ApexDC++A DC++ Spinoff which is also based on StrongDC++  7
AresAres is a free peer to peer file sharing program that enables users to share any digital file including images, audio, video, software, documents, etc.  5
Audiobook Downloader ProThis is a download manager of public domain audio books from LibriVox and Internet Archive (free online libraries/catalogs). The software supports multithreaded downloading and has auto updater.  2
BackblazeA utility to backup and synchronize files with a remote storage server.  7
Baidu NetdiskOfficial client of BaiduNetDisk (Cloud Drive service by Baidu, also called Baidu Pan)  1
BCDC++File sharing protocol based on DC++, which has its own entry. This is a distribution based on the DC++ source. Freely available from URL listed above.  1
BearShareBearShare is a Gn­utella file-sharing servent. It is mature and has advanced features.  3
Bit CheBit Che makes searching for torrents simple. It quickly searches lots of torrent websites for files and easily organizes the results.  3
BitlordA BitTorrent client.  1
BitSpiritA BitTorrent client with many added features.  2
BitTorrentBitTorrent gives you the same freedom to publish previously  6
blooploaderUpload an unlimited number of files from your computer to your account.  1
BoopBoop is a "snek friendly" servefile for 3ds homebrew title manager FBI. It has the user type their 3ds ip (which can be found through different 3ds homebrew programs), while automatically grabbing the computer ip. The user must supply a Citra Importable Archive, or .cia, of a program to send to FBI to install on the 3ds over wifi.  2
Box Sync for WindowsBox Sync keeps files in sync between your desktop and Box account to help accelerate your workflow and centralize content.  1
BulletProof FTP Clientvery nice full-featured FTP client  1
BulletProof FTP ServerFull-featured ftp-server which allows full control over user, connection, ratio, bandwith and other settings. Live config-update supported, kick/ban users and watch logged-in users possible.   1
CarboniteCarbonite is an offsite backup solution offered by the company Carbonite (the company and the program have the same name). Carbonite Inc., on its own, developed Carbonite the program. The program backs up files on your computer to storage on their servers via an Internet connection. Not for people with dial-up (it'd be ugly to say the least).  1
Channel 4 On DemandChannel4 On Demand, or 4oD, allows UK and Republic of Ireland users to view TV programs recently shown by Channel 4 for a limited time, similar in concept to the BBC's iPlayer.  1
chomikboxAplication for automating transfer/sharing with  3
Comodo BackupBackup your files to multiple kinds of targets.  2
Concept2 UtilityThe Concept2 Utility transfers workout data from Concept2 ergometers. It allows the user to connect directly to an ergometer with a USB cable, or to transfer saved workouts from a USB storage device. It also interfaces with Concept2's online workout database. Lastly, it contains functionality to update an ergometer's firmware.  2
cryptloadDownloading from One-Click-Hosters  1
Cucusoft YouTube MateCucusoft YouTube Mate is a Freeware YouTube Video Downloader.  1
CuteFTPCuteFTP is the fastest, easiest way to transfer files across the Internet. Whether publishing a Web page or downloading the latest digital music and software, CuteFTP provides the tools you need to make your life on the Net more enjoyable and productive.  3
CyberduckOpen-source (S)FTP client  3
DC++DC++ is a open source client for Windows for the Direct Connect Network  4
DepositFiles FilemanagerA download manager for easily downloading and uploading to  1
Digidelivery ClientDigidelivery Client automates sending and receiving of deliveries from The DigiDelivery System.  1
DiinoDiino is a subscription-based service that provides you with many different tools, and lets you:  1
Download MasterDownload Master позволяет значительно повысить скорость закачки файлов через Интернет с использованием HTTP, HTTPS и FTP протоколов. Для этого используется разбиение файла на потоки, которые закачиваются одновременно. Программа также поддерживает докачку файла с текущей позиции после обрыва связи.  2
DriveHQ FileManagerUpload/download thousands of files, gigabytes of data as easy as 1, 2,  1
DropboxDropbox is a Web-based file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc. that uses cloud computing to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization.  2
DURIEIt's fine work. Not problem... :)  1
eChanblardAn eMule mod that work realy great!  1
eMulePopular/better alternative implementation of an eDonkey client; Open Source.  3
eMule AdunanzAThe most popular eMule mod (hence the most popular file sharing application) for Fastweb users in Italy, above 1.5 million users (about 13 % of total broadband users) hidden behind NATs who can reach the normal eMule network with great difficulty.  1
eMule MorpheMule Morph is a modification of eMule with some interesting functionalities and cool graphics.  2
eMule NeoMuleeMule mod with NAT traversal and a bunch of preferences for highest customization.  1
eMule Xtreme Moda popular mod for eMule  3
eMule ZZUL-TRAeMule mod based on ZZUL (upload/slotfocus and  1
EmuMovies SyncThe EmuMovies Download Service Utility completely automates the installation and use of all of our artwork packs and media in the front end of your choice. This means that instead of spending months of downloading, sorting and renaming it will now only take minutes per system (plus download time). The download service utility only downloads the content to match your roms and renames the content automatically to whatever romset you have so it just works!  1
File & Image UploaderYou can Upload Files and Image over 140 file hosting server online.  2
FilePipeIt is a multi-network p2p program, using Ares, FastTrack, OpenFT and Gnutella.  1
Fileplanet Download ManagerIGN Download Manager has become a requirement for downloading files through  2
FileZilla FTP ClientFileZilla FTP client is a fast and reliable FTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface.  2
fitbitThis is the application that connects your fitbit personal fitness tracker to your computer via USB and then transfers its logs to the fitbit website. The fitbit is a little device you clip to your belt and wear around all day. It logs your activity and sleep cycles and then connects to your computer so you can track your progress on the fitbit website.  2
FlashbtFlashBT is a p2p file-sharing freeware fully  1
FlashFXPFlashFXP is an FTP, SFTP, and FXP client that allows FTP transfers directly between two servers.  9
FlashgetOne of the best Download managers out there. It can resume, and split files into several parts and download them at the same time so you can utilise all your available bandwidth at once.  4
FoxyFoxy is a p2p file sharing software. It only support Traditional Chinense User Interface, and it's popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.  1
Free Download Manager"Free Download Manager (FDM) is a full-featured download accelerator and  13
FreeFileSyncFreeFileSync is a simple to use open source file transfer and synchronization program.  1
FrostwireOpen source fork of limewire.  2
Fshare ToolStorage, sharing files online (work best for Vietnamese people).  1
FTP CommanderFTP client  1
FTP Surfer­A professional FTP client featuring:  1
FTPRushFTPRush is a fast, reliable and powerful FTP/FXP client. Support for the latest technology including Implicit SSL encryption. Concidered one of the best FTP clients ever made.  5
FTPSyncFTP Sync is a shareware program that can synchronise local folders with FTP.  It is especially useful for web developers, uploading only changed files, downloading new log files, etc.  1
FuqidFreenet Utility for Queued Inserts and Downloads  2
Get Sky (Jottacloud)Get sky is based on Jottacloud.  2
GetRightResume Downloads, Schedule Downloads, Accelerate for Faster Downloads.  5
Gigaget (XunLei / 迅雷 / Thunder)Gigaget is the English version of Xunlei.  3
GigatribeGigaTribe is a program that lets you share entire folders with friends in a private peer to peer (P2P) environment. All connections are encrypted in a trust-based network.  3
GnucleusAn Opensource Gnutella client  1 Downloader is a reliable way to download games off your  1
GogoboxGogobox is a p2p file sharing software, which is designed for community sharing. People can exchange files by sharing links of gogobox web site.  1
Google Drive for DesktopA desktop client for file streaming and locally mirroring your Google Drive folders.  1
Happy-Foto-BestellassistentBestellassistent für den österreichischen Fotoanbieter Happy-Foto.  1
HDTracks is a website where you can purchase high quality audio files, like FLAC. After you make a purchase it requires you to install the HDTracks Downloader. The software downloads audio files to the Music Library inside of a folder called HD Tracks.  1
HFS (Http File Server)You can use HFS (HTTP File Server) to send and receive files.  3
HiDownloadProports to allow downloading streamed audio and video from a variety of sources.  1 SmartDrivejava app used to up/download multi files and sync function to cloud storage with now owned by  1
iCloud Control PanelThe iCloud Control Panel makes it easy to keep your contacts,  4
ImageShack UploaderThe Imageshack Uploader is a standalone application for  1
iMuleiMule (invisible Mule) is a free open source anonymous P2P file sharing software which connects through the anonymous I2P network and the Kad network.  1
Internet Download AcceleratorA freeware\shareware download manager with great features.  3
IrvineIrvine is a downloader which supports HTTP, FTP, MMS.  1
itwin.exeinstalls the drivers to use the itwin device for sharing files  1
JDownloaderJDownloader is open source, platform independent and written completely  2
Juice (formerly iPodder)A podcast receiver for Windows.  1
kMulekMule - short form for "kad mule" - is intended to be the most  1
LiboxThis is a peer to peer (P2P) file-sharing and synchronization platform for synchronizing all of your media across all of your computers.  1
LICEcapAn application capable of capturing the screen as an animated gif image.  1
LimeWireJava app for Gnutella file sharing. Can be run under Linux, but should be testing on wine anyhow.  2
M3 PerfectM3 Adapter allows you to download free games, movies and music from a PC to a GBA(SP) / NDS.  2
MailDownloaderMailDownloader is a program for downloading attachments from mailboxes (using HTTP protocol, not POP3/IMAP). It allows creating of DMML files and use it for accessing the mailbox, not the plain login/password. You can scan the mailbox and select those attachments that you want to download.  1
Media eLinkerfile transfer between humax digital terrestial receiver  1
MediaGetThis is torrent-client of a new age with built-in search which makes you able to find any movie or music which you were searching for for a long time. Or you can download torrent from your favorite tracker..  4
Mega ManagerOfficial Megaupload download manager.  1
MEGAsyncSync your files with service.  3
Metaboli PlayerMetaboli is an European gaming download service, not dissimilar to Steam. The Metaboli Player is a downloader utility for the subscription service.  1
Microsoft GrooveMicrosoft Office Groove is a desktop application designed for document collaboration in teams with members who are regularly off-line or who do not share the same network security clearance.  1
Microsoft OneDriveGet to your files from anywhere, on any device, with Microsoft OneDrive. Share and work together with anyone in your work and life.  3
Microsoft Onedrive for BusinessSync client for Microsoft Onedrive for business  1
MimoWith Mimo it is easy to find and download pictures, docs and free stuff from the Usenet! You can choose between 2 search engines: 1) the search engine from Giganews or 2) the search engine from NZB Index.  1
MionetMionet, also know as WD Anywhere Access, is a program by Western Digital to share files between PCs and WD NAS drives.  1
Miponydownload manager for sharing file on mediashare as like as rapidshare  2
MorpheusMorpheus is a file sharing application to share non-copyrighted audio, video, and other files between peer to peer users  1
mSpotSync your music to the cloud and playback on your computer and android handset.  2
Multiupload Batch UploaderMultiupload Batch Uploader is an application which will  1
MulveMulve makes discovering new music easy!  1
MX MonitorUpload Manager and "Leech Killer" to use in conjunction with WinMX.  1
Nearby ShareSend and receive photos, documents and more between nearby Android devices1 and Windows PCs.  1
Net TransportNet Transport (NetXfer) is a download tool.supporting  1
NiciNici is a picture downloader --- it automatically downloads free pictures and movies from public webpages. Nici uses your standard internet connection to grab and s­ave web pictures to your hard drive.  1
Offline Explorer ProMetaProducts Offline Explorer Pro is an offline browser*** that allows you to download an unlimited number of your favorite Web, HTTPS and FTP sites for later offline viewing, editing or browsing. RTSP, PNM and MMS streaming media downloads are also supported.­  1
Orbit DownloaderOrbit downloader is a download manager with features like the ability to grab and download embedded Flash video files from popular video-sharing web sites.  8
PandoPando is free personal p2p software that lets you easily download and share HD media and other large files via email, IM and the Web.  2
PanDownloadA tool allow you to bypass download speed limit with free account on Chinese BaiduNetDisk(The Chinese company Baidu's cloud drive that widely used in Chinese website for file sharing, it limited the download speed for free account lowest to painly 10kb/s)  1
Peak Imaging OnlineHelps you ready your photos for upload to Peak Imaging then uploads them for Peak Imaging to print.  1
Peer2MailPeer2Mail is the first software that lets you store and share files on any  2
PeLink DC++Description in Russian language because app has russian localization only.  3
perfect darkPerfect Dark is a Japanese peer-to-peer file-sharing (P2P) application designed for use with Microsoft Windows. Its author is known by the pseudonym Kaichō (Japanese for President (会長,President)). Perfect Dark was developed with the intention for it to be the successor to both Winny and Share. It is currently in an open testing phase, with frequent updates.  11
PhoneSuitePhonesuite, is the only inte­rface available to manage phonebook (all fields), sms, ringtones, etc, for most mtk based cellphones.  1
PicoTorrentA tiny torrent client written from scratch.  1
PioletApplication is designed for use as a file sharing program, that does not connect to a centralized network.  2
PLAYSTATION™ Network DownloaderProgram intended to download from Sony's PC Playstation Network store,  1
Proton DriveIt is the desktop app for the cloud storage service Proton Drive.  1
puushUse keyboard shortcuts or drag-drop gestures to quickly capture any portion of your screen or upload any file. These files are near-instantly puush'd, leaving behind a short URL in your clipboard, perfect for sharing. Paste these easily into your Twitter, IRC or IM clients. Share them with the world or make them private, for your eyes only.  1
QtraxQtrax is the world's first free and legal peer-to-peer (P2P) digital  1
QuickParQuickPar is a utility for creating Parity Volumes using the Reed Solomon algorithm. For details of the algorithm used, see the parchive website at SourceForge.  1
QwixQwix is a very simple to use XBOX Remote File Management and ISO Creation Tool. Works with Avalaunch dashboard and XBOX Media Center.  1
Ranger OutpostSoftware which allows you to access another hard disk over the Internet. Commonly used for education purposes, accessing the school hard disk over a network.  1
RapGetRapGet (RAPidshareGET) is a downloader with code recognition for such  1
Rapid UploaderThe RapidShare Uploader simplifies uploading of files to RapidShare. It offers many  2
RapidGetWith RapidGet PREMIUM-Account users are able to comfortably download  1
ReGet DeluxeReGet Deluxe -- the powerful download manager. Aimed at advanced  1
Replicator­Automatically backup files, directories, even entire drives! Karen's Replicator copies selected files from one drive/folder to another. Source and Destination folders can reside anywhere on your network.  1
RevConnectRevConnect is a file sharing program based on DC++. It is fully compatible with the Direct Connect network and made the following major features:  1
S3BrowserGraphical interface for logging into AWS S3 and managing buckets, uploading/downloading files, setting access control, among other administrative tasks.   1
S3SafeS3 Safe is a desktop application to manage files stored on Amazon S3. Full Windows  1
Samsung Smart SwitchFile sharing and tool for updating your Samsung smartphone  2
ScanRouter LiteThis application is used as an interface between Ricoh multifunction devices, and users. It captures the scanned documents, and places them into the approate mailbox for access via file share.  1
Secure Download ManagerSecure Download Manager is a specialized downloader program designed to work with and Microsoft Imagine (formerly Dreamspark and MSDNAA) download files (.SDX).  It is provided by Microsoft Imagine (previously known as DreamSpark) and OnTheHub and is developed by Kivuto Solutions Inc. (formerly e-Academy Inc.).  It is required to download the software from both DreamSpark and OnTheHub software orders.  11
SecureFXWorks great.  1
serv-uservu is a flexible and powerfull remote and local ftp server administrator for windows .It allows remotely editing of the configuration ini file and changing easy remotely ports,users,directories,chmoding..  3
SFT Loaderfor downloding *.SFT files  4
ShareShare is a closed source Japanese anonymous p2p application, developed by an unknown author.  2
ShareazaShareaza is a multi-network peer-to-peer file sharing client that allows you to download any file-type found on several popular p2p networks. Shareaza is free & contains no Spyware or third-party products.  6
SHAREitSHAREit is a wifi file sharing app/program from Lenovo. Released on Android, ios, Windows but not linux.Very easy to use.  1
Sharemanp2p application for (  1
Simtel uses a proprietary program to download files from their servers. If you get past the download pages to get to this program, it then needs to be run with wine.  1
SiteUnseen"SiteUnseen is the website content analyzer and download manager that parses HTML and JavaScript in Web Pages, finds, downloads and saves user specified file types, jpg, mp3, mpg, etc and searches the website following links, analyzing pages and finding files throughout the site." That is the description from the site, which I pasted here because I couldn't have said it better myself. In short, a download manager that can scan a web page and find all the files available for download within in it, which means you can download it all with one click, rather than doing so individually for each file, as one would usually do.  1
SkyDrive Pro client for WindowsStand-alone version of the Skydrive Pro client for Sharepoint 2013 or Sharepoint on-line in Office 356.  2
SmartFTPSmartFTP allows you to transfer files across the Internet. With a Windows modern look and feel and features including SSL/TLS (Implicit/Explicit), FTP over SSH, FXP Support, Multiple connections, Proxy Firewall support, Drag and Drop from Explorer, and Remote Directory caching. SmartFTP is a solid FTP client that is constantly being improved.  5
Sony Ericsson Update ServiceReplaced by Sony PC Companion.  2
SoulSeek­Soulseek is an ad-free, spyware-free, just plain free file sharing application.  3
StealthNetStealthNet is a new client for the anonymous RShare network.  1
Stream DownCoCSoft Stream Down is a streaming media download tool. It supports not only HTTP, FTP download, but also streaming media downloan, such as RTSP, MMS, MMSU, MMST  1
Streambox VCRThe much sought after web mirror tool which is also capable of recording video streams. StreamBox VCR Suite contains all the  1
StrongDC++StrongDC++ is a client for sharing files in Direct Connect network. It is modification of program DC++ and it brings many news and features from other modification. DC++ is developed under GNU/GPL.  7
sugarsyncOnline backup of multiple computers  4
SupermegaspoofThe application provides a p2p tool for finding spoofs  1
SurDocWe believe that cloud storage should be free, just like email.  1
SUXXSUXX is yet another xiso extractor that does rar-files on the fly, and some other stuff  1 is a secure zero-knowledge cloud storage and syncing service.  9
SyncBackProSync and back up files and folders.  1
SyncBackSESynchronization/backup-utility with loads of options: (s)ftp, scheduling, filters etc.  2
Synchredible ASCOMPSynchronize folders and drives with only one click. Specify which files to synch and configure many conditions.  1
ThunderMiniSoftware for Downloading, support BT and e2dk.  1
TI Graph_Link 83+An App to upload and download files to a TI-83+ Calculator. Runs under wine but wont connect to calculator as it is unable to connect to the seriel port.  1
TI-Nspire Computer LinkThis application connects the TI-Nspire CAS handheld calculator to the PC and makes possible sharing documents.  1
TresoritOnline storage software, which encrypts the files on the user side. Syncing with other computers. Free online storage of 5GB.  2
TriblerPrivacy using our Tor-inspired onion routing  1
TrueDownloaderA download manager.  1
TYPSoft FTP ServerA tiny and easy-to-use FTP Server.  1
Universal Share DownloaderUniversal Share Downloader can download files from Rapidshare, Megaupload and others "one-click" files hosters servers.  4
Viewsat Loader 1Loader application for Viewsat Platinum and Viewsat Xtreme FTA satellite receivers  1
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Wam!Net Transmission Director XWam!Net is a high-speed server based P2P Application  1
WD My Cloud DesktopSoftware for managing Western Digital personal cloud (NAS).  1
WebCopier ProIt downloads websites and rewrites the URL's for local viewing. It has a offline browser feature to view offline.  1
Wii U USB HelperWii U USB Helper is a free tool which allows you to easily backup your 3DS and Wii U content  1
Wiki-UpA bulk uploader for wikis powered by MediaWiki  1
Windows Live MeshA file synchronization tool that works by syncing between different machines and your allocated storage in the cloud.  1
Windows Live SyncAllows synchronization of files between multiple computers.  Free service provided for Microsoft for Windows XP+ and Mac OSX systems.  1
WinHTTrackA simple program for downloading websites for later viewing.  4
WinMXWinMX is a file sharing application.  2
WinnyWinny (also known as WinNY) is a Japanese peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing program that claims to be loosely inspired by the design principles behind the Freenet  2
WinSCPWinSCP is a freeware SCP (Secure CoPy) client for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP using SSH (Secure SHell). Its main function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer. Beyond this basic function, WinSCP manages some other actions with files.  4
WinWgetWinwget is a Download manager, based on the windows version of GNU wget with a nice gui.  1
WS_FTPFTP client, works fine under Linux, stable and good. A little screenshot on (documentation)  4
Xdrive Desktop LiteThis is a application that helps you access your online Xdrive account.  1
XUploadAn Uploadmanager for the  1
Yamaha File Utility for CLP Series Clavinova PianosThe Yamaha File Utility is supplied with their CLP-150 and CLP-170 "Clavinova" digital pianos. It allows MIDI files to be transferred to and from the piano.  1
Yandex.DiskA free file storage service accessible from some internet-enabled device.  3
�Torrent (uTorrent)�Torrent is a full featured Bit Torrent client with a minimal footprint. It features a customizable interface, advanced connection settings, a scheduler (with on, custom speed and off).  5