Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
2weistein - Das Geheimnis des roten Drachen2weistein - Das Geheimnis des roten Drachen  1
AdiEducational Game like "Adibou" for 8-12 years old  1
Adibou Découvre l'AnglaisLearning English for 4-8 years old children  1
Adiboud'chou a la campagneLearn little children (2-4 years old) to use mouse : move, click.  1
Adiboud'chou au cirqueLearn little children (2-4 years old) how to use mouse : move, click.  1
Adiboud'chou merLearn little children (2-4 years old) how to use mouse : move, click.  1
Adiboud'chou sur la banquiseLearn little children (2-4 years old) to use mouse : move, click.  1
Adventure AcademyAdventure Academy is an MMORPG with educational content for kids 8-13 to level up.  2
Africa TrailAn educational computer game by the creators of Oregon Trail. Explore and learn social studies of Africa.  1
Alice GreenfingersHarvest some fun in this fascinating creative adventure! Help  1
Alphabet ExpressEducational game for ages 3-6 that focuses on learning the alphabet. Includes activities such as coloring, connect the dots, mazes, etc.  1
American Girl: Kit - A Treehouse of My OwnKit's Mystery Challenge is a video game loosely based on American Girl's Kit Kittredge series. The game is comprised of several minigames, such as a Bust-a-Move clone, an anagrams game, and a bunch of other activities, which when completed rewards you the tools Kit needs to start her own treehouse along with her friends.  1
Animal Jam ClassicAn online playground in which players interact as animals in a whimsical outdoor/nature environment.  Interactions with other players are limited by the design of the game and its moderation system to limit risks.  1
BAMZOOKi Zook-kitApplication for creating autonomous creatures (zooks) built from 3d primitives and simulator to allow zooks to compete against each other in predefined events.  1
Bananer i Pyjamas: It's Fun TimeBananer i Pyjamas: It's Fun Time is a game based on the TV show Bananas in Pyjamas.  1
Barbie als RapunzelNice children's game, 5+ years  1
Barbie Cool Looks Fashion DesignerCreate clothes for Barbie in a 1997 style.  1
Barbie in het ZwanenmeerBarbie explores the Swan lake. PEGI 3+  1
Barbie paardrijclubChildren's game 5+ years  1
Barbie StorymakerA 1999 Barbie game where you can create pixelated animations of Barbie.  1
Bible StoriesIntroduction to the Old Testament with games and activities.  1
Big Fun in FurbylandOfficial interactive Furby game made in 1999, which was also planned to be released for the handheld.  1
Blue's Art Time ActivitiesSteve and Blue need help creating art for The Really Big Art Show. Will you help them? Chalk Girl, Marky Marker, Al Luminum, and Blue's brand-new friend, Perwinkle, need help with their art, too. There is so much to do and learn with Blue!  1
Blues Clues ABC Time Activities­Blue's ABC Time Activities takes Blue's Clues, the Emmy-nominated #1 preschool TV series, to a whole new interactive level of playful learning.  1
Blues Clues Reading Time ActivitiesIt's Reading Time with Blue!  1
Blues Clues Treasure HuntBlue's Treasure Hunt, created by Humongous Entertainment, is  1
Boltkids game based in Bolt disney movie  1
Bookworm AdventuresSpell words to kill baddies and save Cassandra  1
Bookworm Adventures: Volume 2The vocabularious sequel to the hit PopCap word game!  1
BookWorm DeluxeOriginal description: Words! Words! Words! This classic vocabulary challenge really knows   1
Brain TrainerA programme designed to increase brain activity, speed, logic, concentration with many exercises to keep the brain busy.  1
Buzz Lightyear 2nd GradeA children interactive learning game about maths, language, geography, and music, based on characters from Disney-Pixar's Toy Story 2 film.  1
Bygg båtar med Mulle MeckA lovely childrens game based on the adventures of Mulle Meck where he builds boats of various sizes, travels the near world and visits his neighbors.   1
Bygg bilar med Mulle MeckA funny Swedish game for the younger ones where you build your own cool car with parts you find in the game.  2
Bygg flygplan med Mulle MeckA lovely childrens game where you partner up with scrap collector Mulle Meck who'm you build airplanes with in order to travel and visit his neighbors and exploring the surrounding area.  1
Care Bears - Catch-a-StarWorks very good, It even closes good, Nice to know if you're a Care Bears fan  1
Care Bears - Let's have a BallChildren's games: puzzles, breakout, pinball, pool, soccer.  1
Carmen Sandiego Math DetectiveCarmen Sandiego Math Detective is an educational children's game in which a player must solve various math problems in order to restore 12 stolen landmarks. There are multiple levels of difficulty.  1
Carmen Sandiego's Greatest Chase Through TimeThis is an edutainment point-and-click adventure game. The protagonist Carmen Sandiego travels through time using a time machine to plant her accomplices at the appropriate time and place to alter the history for her own unsavory gains. The goal of the player is to use time tunnel to go back in time in order to catch the villains and retrieve the stolen goods, by interacting with the historical cultures and solving puzzles based on history.  1
Carmen Sandiego's ThinkQuick ChallengeCarmen Sandiego's ThinkQuick Challenge is an educational children's game in which a player or multiple players face off against Carmen Sandiego's "know-bots" by answering questions of various subjects. There are multiple difficulty levels available, as well as a custom question creator.  2
Cars 2Cars 2 movie game based  1
Cars: Mater NationalCars Mater-National features an all-new international group of  1
Cashflow 101 egameThis game is the computer version of a popular Monopoly like board game created by Robert Kiyosaki. The game teaches investing and financial principles and allows you to improve your skills in a safe and fun environment.  1
Cashflow 202 the E-GameVersion 1.0  1
Casper - Mystery in the CastleJoin Casper the Friendly Ghost to discover the mysteries of the castle while playing 'fun' thinking games.  1
Charlotte's Web"Watch scenes from the movie and learn as you play with Wilbur, Charlotte and their friends on Zukerman's Farm."  1
Chemicus Heureka KlettChemicus ist eines der Grafisch Aufwëndigen Lernspiele von Klett.  1
Clic d'ApiEducational games for children.  2
Clifford PhonicsClifford Phonics is a childrens education program which lets children develop reading skills while playing fun carnival games with Clifford, The Big Red DogTM  1
Clifford Thinking AdventuresHelp Emily Elizabeth get ready to celebrate her dog Clifford's birthday.  1
Den Fantastiska KroppenAn educational game in Swedish released in 1997 in which one may learn about the biological body.  1
der Löwe ist losDer Löwe ist los basiert auf der Kinderbuchreihe von Max Kruse und integriert 20 kurze Spiele in die animierte Erzählung.  1
Dig'n RigsChildren's game that includes a keyboard "truck controller" attachment.  1
DigiSpelA freeware computer program implementing some popular games like Mastermind, Tangram and Tetris.  2
Disney Sneeuwwitje in het toverboekspelGame Disney snowwhite in dutch, 3+ years  1
Disney's 102 Dalmatians, puppies to the rescueChildrens game, dutch & some other languages, 3+ years  2
Disney's Adventures in Typing with Timon & PumbaaThis typing tutorial for children teaches essential typing habits while having fun. Learn all this and more as you progress through five exciting and challenging activities. Throughout your typing adventure, get private lessons from Rafiki, and plenty of laughs from wild and wacky Timon and Pumbaa. Fun activities build essential typing skills!  1
Disney's Cinderella Royal WeddingChildren's game around Cinderella.  1
Disney's The Lion King II Simba's Pride GameBreakFour The Lion King themed mini-games for one or two players.  1
Dora au pays des contes de féesPresents the Famous DORA the explorer in an adventure games for kids (>2 years)  1
Dora the Explorer Fairytale AdventureAges 3 and up. Join Dora and Boots on an exciting adventure in Fairytale Land where the stories come to life.  1
Dora the Explorer: Animal AdventuresHelp Dora find all the animals.  1
Dora the Explorer: Backpack AdventureLearning adventures for very young children with the famous bilingual Latin heroine, Dora the Explorer.  1
Dora the Explorer: Dance to the RescueLearning adventures for very young children with Dora the Explorer, the famous Latin heroine.  1
Dora the Explorer: La Casa De DoraHave a play date with Dora in La Casa de Dora. Discover eight exciting  1
Dora's Carnival 2: Boardwalk AdventureA boardwalk aventure game with Dora the Explorer.  1
Dr. Brain: Action ReactionPuzzle game made in the unreal engine  1
Лунтик учит буквыRemember the letter- employment is not boring, and even very funny. This is the opinion itself Luntik, and his good friends: GeneralSher,Pchelenok,Kuzmaand Mila.  1
EASe Funhouse Treasure Hunt!EASe Funhouse is a fun-filled treasure hunt video game that guides the player through a topsy turvy toy land, learning and collecting treasures, while listening to stimulating EASe encoded music.  1
Eye QEye-training software designed to increase reading speed and comprehension  1
farmscapesHidden Object / Bejewelled Like / Problem Solving Game.  1
Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanterThis macromedia-based game is based on the popular Swedish TV-series with the same name, created in the 70's, and helps young children to understand math and language.  1
Finding Nemo - Nemo's UNder Water World of FunThis is a game for young children ( nursery school level ).  1
Flash Action Software Addition/SubtractionAge Level: Ages 6 and up  1
Food ForceA free game to teach about the WFP.  1
Franklin - A Birthday SurpriseChildrens game where Franklin prepares a birthday surprise for his best friend  1
Freddi Fish 2: Het Mysterie van de Spoken op School /Case of the Haunted SchoolhouseChildrens game written by Humoungus Entertainment. The game is about a fish called Freddi and her friend Luther.  1
Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral CoveChildrens game written by Humoungus Entertainment. The game is about a fish called Freddi and her friend Luther. This game is about a sea monster which has taken over Coral Cove Park.  1
Freddie Fish And The Case of The Missing Kelp SeedsAn adventure game in which you play as Freddi Fish with a mission of finding Grandma Grouper's lost kelp seeds.  1
GeoSafari GeographyAn Educational Geography quiz game, by Educational Insights. Based on the famous GeoSafari electronic quiz game.  1
Gilbert och den kemystiska önAn educational game from 1998 in which you play as Gilbert the dragon who's crashed on an island in his egg-ship and in order to get back he has to search for pieces of eggshells and solve chemistry-puzzles in order to repair his egg-ship.  1
Go Diego Go! Wolf Pop RescueHelp Digeo rescue wolf pups.  From the familiar children's TV show.  1
HälgeEdwin and Bill have come to the forest to hunt elk! They have already built seven towers. So it would be a good idea if you started trying to knock the towers down as quickly as possible. To really irritate the hunters, you should pull down the towers while they are in them. Look for the sign that shows the way to the tower. You can see where the hunters are as they have cleared the bushes that partially blocked their view.  1
Hex-a-hopHex-a-hop is a puzzle game written by Tom Beaumont. A little girl has  1
Hier komt pipi langkousChildren's game, dutch, 4+ years  1
Hugo 5The in 1997 for PC platform released title of the same-named video game series featuring the troll Hugo, who tries to rescue his wife and kids from the hands of an evil witch.  1
I Love Science!An interactive science experiment game about energy, substances and life, for children aged 7-11.  1
I Spy FantasyI Spy Fantasy is one of the series of educational hidden object games. It features good acting voices, hand-drawn pictures and poems. Beside pure entertainment, the game is a very good aid for foreign children to learn English words.  1
I SPY Spooky MansionEscape a haunted house by finding a series of objects.  1
I Spy Spooky Mansion DeluxeA computer game fashioned after the popular series of "I Spy" books. Players navigate through a haunted house, finding named items in rooms throughout the house. Each completed room gets a puzzle piece to put into the puzzle to reveal a secret message.  1
I SPY TREASURE HUNTA computer game like the popular series of "I Spy" books.  1
Immune AttackAn educational FPS developed for, and by, the Federation of American Scientists (FAS).  1
InfluentVocabulary acquisition game for various langages.  1
Jack's AtticExplore an attic full of games and puzzles.  1
Jip en Janneke doen spelletjesGames and stories, in dutch, 3 - 7 year  1
JumpStart 1st gradeAn educational game sold during the 90's which was aimed to aid first graders in their schoolwork. This title was distributed by a number of distributors who translated the game to different languages. More information about that on  1
JumpStart 2nd GradeAn educational game in the JumpStart-series released in 1996 on a single CD-release. Play through educational subjects such as math, grammar, language, geography etc.  1
JumpStart 3rd GradeAn educational game aimed at kids in 3rd grade packed with mini-games. The plot is to save history from evil daughter of a scientist who has sent robots back in time to alter some of mankind's greatest achievement just because she is too lazy to study.  1
JumpStart Advanced 1st GradeLearning activities for children  3
Jumpstart Advanced 2nd GradeThe JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade 4-CD set takes children on a worldwide adventure teaching them critical skills through engaging, interactive learning activities while auto-leveling helps children learn at the pace that suits them. They will develop a full range of language arts, math, science, music, and art skills. Kids can even adopt, groom and train a virtual pet in the new Pet Playground.  3
JumpStart BabyBabies interact with a teddy bear on screen. No computer skills needed, pressing any key or clicking the mouse button continues the game. It's designed to stimulate audio and visual devlopment.  1
JumpStart Preschool Educational game for preschoolers. Teac­hes:  1
JumpStart ToddlersThe Toddler "Puppy Dog" learning game with music and animation.  1
Junior Science Series - Volume 5: LightJunior Science Series Volume 5: Light (Original North American CD-ROM Release by Magikids, Keshet Orion, 1996)  1
Kao the KangarooKao the Kangaroo is a Polish oldie, once very popular not only with children but also with their parents. It's been released in 2000 for PC and Dreamcast. Many reviewers described it as a Rayman 2 clone.  1
Kao the Kangaroo Round 2Sequel to a Polish platformer classic, Kao the Kangaroo. Play once more as brave marsupial and use new swats and licks to defend poor animals from evil slave driver.  1
Kid CADCAD software for kids, released for Windows 3.x  1
Kid Pix Deluxe 3Original released version  1
Kid Pix Deluxe 4Teaches childeren to create pictures to add to a story.  1
Kidsongs Musical MysteryA 1996 edutainment game based on the Kidsongs franchise, it takes the usual "point-and-click talkie" approach of that day and age.   1
Kleiner Eisbär kennst du den Weg?Little Polar Bear, from Hans de Beer -- German  1
Knorretjes Grote Spel / Piglet's Big GameMinigames, puzzles and educational tasks while piglet is looking for ingredients to make an Extra Big Soup.  1
Komodo MathsKomodo Maths  1
Krakels ABC: Den Galna DammsugarenA childrens game from 1998 in which you learn to spell and make sentences in Swedish using funny puzzles and word games.  1
Löwenzahn 3Löwenzahn 3 is a german education Software containing lots of small games, videos, hand craft instructions and encyclopedia.  1
Learn Japanese To Survive! Hiragana Battle  1
Learn Spanish with PhonicsEducational software for children from Rising Star Learning. Teaches Spanish (using Phonics) through games and challenges.  1
LEGO Alpha TeamFrom product description:  1
LEGO ChessA chess game that uses Lego characters. It also features a nice set of tutorials.  1
LEGO Digital DesignerFrom the LEGO Factory website:  5
LEGO Football ManiaFrom the original website:  1
Lego IslandA­ LEGO based action-adventure computer game developed by LEGO and Mindscape­.  1
Lego Island 2The sequel to Lego Island.  1
Lego Island Xtreme StuntsFrom the original website  1
LernwerkstattSome educational games (math, german, english,... ) for the basic school  3
Let's Explore the Airport with Buzzy The Knowledge Bug!Let's Explore the Airport with Buzzy the Knowledge Bug is an educational computer game, and part of the Humongous Entertainment's Buzzy The Knowledge Bug series. Children can explore a "working" airport (including a concord jet and a sea plane), as well as play mini-games, and get the definitions of many vocabulary words pertaining to aviation and the airport. The application runs differently in Windows 3.1 and Windows NT.  1
Let's Ride! Silver Buckle StablesHorse riding 3D simulation. Raise and train your horse to be a champion.  1
Lilos Lesewelt 3Lernprogramm "Deutsch" für die 3. Klasse.  1
Logical Journey of the ZoombinisMath and logic game for mostly children.  4
LogicCoachLogicCoach consists of an extensive series of computer modules that cover virtually all topics taught in a college course in logic including most aspects of:  2
Magic School Bus Explores in the Age of DinosaursMrs. Frizzle and her class travel backwards in time to learn about dinosaurs.  1
Mario Teaches Typing 2A sequel to the original Mario Typing game.  1
Math WorkshopIn this game the player chooses from 7 areas in a math fun house. In a bowling area, a gorilla bowls a strike every time you correctly complete a round of eight problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, equivalency, or estimation. In another sub-game you match the fractions of a sectioned bar by cutting (with a power saw) and pasting (with glue) a whole bar.  1
MathelandMathematik Lernprogramm Cornelsen Verlag für Klassen 3,4  1
MathetigerMathetiger is a Education Application for children.  2
Maths Blaster 6-8Sharpen students' math skills through number challenges that build operations and data skills. Students are introduced to addition and subtraction and learn to sort both simple and complex sets. Additional exploration activities build visual and logical thinking skills. Correlated to NCTM Standards.  1
Max & Mario (4) Dr. Düsters SchattenSkipper & Skeeto: The Shadow of Mr. Shade / Magnus og Myggen: Skumlesens Skygge / Max & Mario: Dr. Düsters Schatten  1
MayaQuest - The Mystery TrailAn educational game where you will learn social studies about ancient Mayan mysteries.  1
MemoduxMemodux is a program for vocabulary learning from the C.C. Buchner publishing house Bamberg it is made for the Bavarian schoolbooks from the same publishing house "Roma" and "Felix".  1
Mia's Math Adventure: Just in TimeMia: Just in Time (2002) by Kutoka (French: Mia: Juste a Temps)  1
Miss Spider's Tea PartyMiss Spider's Tea Party invites children 3 to 7 years old to enter David Kirk's world of color and wonder.  1
Mon 1er Lapin MalinFrom website (in french) :  1
Monsters Vs Alienskids game based in monsters vs aliens movie  1
Mr. Potato Head Activity PackThe 1997 Mr. Potato Head Activity center by Hasbro.  1
Music Ace 2Helps teach children about music  1
My Amazing Human BodyIntroduction to human body, internal organs and how it was assembled.  1
My Personal Tutor: Alphabet PlayhouseMy Personal Tutor: Alphabet Playhouse - an educational game circa 1997  1
Neues von Petterson und Findustolle Spiele mit Findus  1
Nijntje trekt er op uitLearn and play with Nijntje, in dutch: six games: voorleesspel, verschillenspel, vliegspel, toverlijnen, kleurplaar, blokkenpuzzel.  1
Noddy and the Toyland FairNoddy and the Toyland Fair is a 2000s/2010s era educational video game for children designed to run on Windows XP-7.   1
Noddy en de magische klokA nice children's game: 3-6 years. Runs well under XP  1
Note Attack!This is a game aimed at helping people learn to read music using their keyboard or a Midi piano  1
Odell Down UnderIn Odell Down Under you will take on the role of a fish who must eat, stay clean and avoid being eaten by predators to survive.  1
On-Track Does It Belong­Practice preschool skills in preparation for kindergarten.  1
On-Track Same or Different­Practice preschool skills in preparation for kindergarten.  1
Oregon TrailOregon Trail - Learning game  3
P.B. Bear's Birthday PartyInteractive childrens' story book  1
Pajama Sam Sokken SoepChildren's game, based on Atari game, dutch  1
PaskarzA small game in which you can learn resistor's color code by reading resistors from drawings. Color table is supplied in attached manual.  1
Perfil de RiesgoIt's an educational game by AFIP (Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos - Argentina), it try to teach children the importance of paying taxes. It's in an adventure like game format, were kids are supposed to find clues and solve cases of tax related issues. According to the game site, new levels will be available for download, the originally planed to release 12 levels, but if the game goes well the will continue to add new levels.  2
Phonics Grades 2-3Phonics quizzes alternated with simple games for a fun educational experience.  1
PhysikusDas Spiel  1
Pinball ScienceA pinball game that involves creating pinball field using items collected by answering science quiz.  1
Playconomics 2A multiplayer educational game designed to allow university students to learn the basic principles of microeconomics. It presents an online world where players can advance themselves by making strategic economic decisions, as well as providing feedback through gameplay and the actions of other multiplayer users in the game.  1
Playhouse Disney Stanley Tiger TalesJoin Stanley, a little boy who loves animals, on a jungle hunt for his swim tube tiger, Theodore. Kids learn to solve kid-sized problems with the help of animals and imagination, and explore early math, science and language art skills.  1
Pony Art CDA child-oriented program for designing and printing stationery, postcards, party invitations, DVD sleeves, etc.  1
Pre-AlgebraPre-Algebra by Teaching Textbooks is a set of 126 lessons, problems, and solutions on seven CDs.  The lessons are audio lectures with synchronized shockwave flash video of the mathematics being taught.  1
PrivatesSex.  1
Pumuckl KlabauterjagdEin Klon von Lode Runner mit Pumuckl als Spielfigur / a clone of Lode Runner aimed at children  1
Putt-Putt Saves the ZooA young children's game where Putt-Putt the car has to complete some tasks at the Cartown Zoo.  1
RatatouilleJump n run game. Related to the disney movie  1
Reader Rabbit 1Play basic games accompanied by Reader Rabbit and friends in the Word Factory. Ages 3-6.  1
Reader Rabbit 1st GradeCoelho Sabido 1ª Série­ is the Brazilian Portuguese  1
Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade (Dreamship Tales)Develops math, reading, science, thinking and creativity.  1
Reader Rabbit PreschoolThis program teaches basic skills to pre-school age children. It is recommended for ages 3-5. It does involve the mouse.  1
Reader Rabbit Preschool Sparkle Star RescueCoelho Sabido e a Estrela Cintilante is the Brazilian Portuguese version of the Reader Rabbit Preschool Educational Software, intended for children from 3 to 5. English name Reader Rabbit Preschool Sparkle Star Rescue.  1
Reader Rabbit's ToddlerReader Rabbit games for toddlers (18 - 36 months) with no mouse-clicking required. Includes Sky Shapers, Peek-a-Boo Zoo, Follow-Me-Theater, Baby Basket Bingo, Rainbow Rock, Musical Meadow, Bubble Castle & Pop & Play Animals.  2
Reading CenterReading Center is an application that provides reading assistance and remediation for elementary students.  1
Reading Readiness Grades K-1Simple reading-related puzzles in a fun animal-themed environment.  1
Ready to Read with PoohHelp various characters from the Whinnie The Pooh franchise, each with a different reading-related task for the player to perform. This can unlock fun items back at your treehouse.  1
Retro Granny's GardenThis is the original 1983 BBC 32K version of Granny's Garden. It has been converted to run on Windows without the aid of a separate emulator. It has the original tune and the mode 7 graphics which are so fondly remembered.  1
Santa Clause In TroubleVery nice Christmas game: 3D Jump & Run platformer. You are Santa Clause and collect presents by running and jumping over flying platforms. Don't fall over ... Professional Quality, well known music (Jingle Bells, etc.). Playable with Mouse, Keyboard or Joystick. Any resolution (see config.txt).  1
Science ExperimentsOn-Screen science experiment about gravity, liquids, air, motion, light, colors, heat, sound, and magnets.  1
ScratchScratch is a new programming language that makes it easy to create your  3
Scribblenauts UnmaskedPuzzle Game sequel of Scribblenauts unlimited  1
SebranLearning of ABC, letters, words, counting, mathematics, memory, etc. for children. Easy to use, nice, big graphics, neat music.  2
Sesame Street Learn, Play & Grow PreschoolTeaches 2-4 year olds fundamental skills in music, colors, shapes, counting, creativity, animals, matching, numbers, letters, computer & mouse skills, sorting & grouping, language development, listening skills, people & places, and objects & sounds with multiple, automatically adjusting skill levels.  1
Sesame Street ToddlerEducational application for toddlers. Teaches shapes, colors, etc., using Sesame Street characters.  1
Sesame Street: Elmo's Reading BasicsHelp Sherlock Hemlock get clues to solve mysteries and match  1
SeterraSeterra is a Geography game for people at all ages. It consists of 70 small exercises. You can Learn about countries, capitals, flags and cities in Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Asia and Australia, using outline map exercises!  2
Spider-Man & Friends Superhero AdventureSide-scrolling educational arcade game featuring Marvel superheros.  Subjects include letters, math, geometric shapes, and colors.  Published by Activision Value Publishing.  1
SpongeBob SquarePants Diner Dash 2A remake of Diner Dash, with SpongeBob SquarePants characters.  1
Spy Fox: Operation OzoneThis is a classic detective / puzzle type game in which Spy fox, who is a fox that sounds like Maxwell Smart, must solve.  1
Star Stable: Autumn RidersAn easy quest-oriented horseback riding game for children and young adults. The precursor of the currently supported Star Stable Online game.  1
Star Wars: DroidWorksStar Wars Droidworks is an educational video game made by Lucas Learning, where the purpose is to create a droid using many different parts that can be assembled in almost endless combinations and have said droid complete a mission. These missions are where the educational properties come into play, as the missions puzzle specifies, it will teach the player about Energy, Force and Motion, Simple Machines, Light, and Magnetism.  2
StarFlyers: Royal Jewel RescueFirst StarFlyers CD-ROM Game from The Learning Company. Version 1.0. (2002)  1
Storybook Weaver DeluxeAn interactive game that teaches how to write a story for Grades 6 and UP.  3
Super Duper Arcade 1A compilation of four kid-friendly arcade games featuring Spy Fox, Freddie the fish, Putt-Putt and Pajama Sam. Runs completely off a CD.  1
Super MachinesSuper Machines is a French educational game for children where you control various vehicles(Cars, fire engines, etc..)  1
Tap'touch GarfieldA game keyboarding (typing skills acquisition tool)  1
The Blob (De Blob)A funny game also suitable for little children: you roll and jump with a "Blob" through a city and you need to paint the whole grey city by "collecting" coloured people and get their colors.  1
The Fairly OddParents: Breakin' Da Rules!Wow! It must be the absolute greatest to be a kid with Fairy Godparents. You could wish for anything you want! Well maybe - except there are a few rules. Like not being able to drop a small asteroid on your evil babysitter's head. Or not being allowed to let anyone find out that your Fairy Godparents really exist. But that's not too tough to handle, right? Right?! What's the worst that could happen if you started breakin' da rules?  1
The Famous Five - Treasure IslandThe first interactive adventure game about the famous five! Based on the book of Enid Blyton. This game seems to be only sold in Germany. There it is called "Fünf Freunde auf Schatzsuche"  1
The Incredible MachineA Puzzle - Discovery game suitable for children over 6 years  3
The Incredible Machine: Even More ContraptionsBuilding Rube Goldberg machines to solve over 250 problems.  2
The Incredibles Rise of Underminerkids game based in disney incredibles  1
The Lost Mind of Dr. BrainAn educational puzzle game  1
The Magic School Bus Explores Inside the EarthArnold loses some rocks and minerals from his collection, and the class takes a field trip to various parts of the Earth to find them and learn about geology.  1
The Magic School Bus Explores the Solar SystemMs. Frizzle is lost as soon as the bus flies off into space and the goal  1
The Pink Panther: Passport to PerilSimple, adventure, educational game that teaches children about six different countries with the Pink Panther.  2
The Return of the Incredible Machine: ContraptionsMore modern sequel to the incredible machine series. Players are given a 2-dimensional environment with most pre-existing and freely moveable apparatus, and a goal to complete.  3
The Simpsons Cartoon StudioAllows users to create their own cartoons, using characters, sounds, music, and locations from the The Simpsons.  1
The Time Warp of Dr. BrainThe Time Warp of Dr. Brain is the fourth installment of the educational puzzle game series.  1
The Way Things WorkAn interactive CD version of David Macaulay's book introduction to machines, "The Way Things Work".  1
Thomas & Friends - Railway AdventuresDrive Thomas around the island of Sodor, solve 4 Really Useful puzzles, and play a few games along the way too.  1
Thomas & Friends Special DeliveryThomas & Friends video game for children.  1
Thomas & Friends: The Great Festival AdventureIts the day of the Great Festival and the engines are ready to help out by doing different jobs around the island of Sodor.  2
Thomas & Friends: Trouble on the TracksThe coal stock for the engines at the sheds is low so the Fat Controller asks James to fetch some more. However on his way, James has an accident by coming off the tracks on a tight bend.  1
Thomas and Friends: Building the New LineYou're the new engine driver who's been invited by The Fat Controller to help build the new lines so for the railway to run smoothly on Sodor.  1
Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle GamesTimon & Pumbaa's Jungle Games is a children's game.  2
Tiny op de boerderijChildren's game, dutch,  1
Tonka GarageRun the Tonka garage and service station or design your own vehicles.  1
Tonka on the JobChildren complete tasks with equipment such as dump trucks, cement mixer, helicopter and front-end loaders.  Includes 13 Tonka vehicles.  1
ToonTalkInside of  2
Toy FactoryChildren's game connecting pipes and routes, to deliver toys safely.  1
TuneLandTuneLand is a sing-along music appreciation program for preschool and  2
Tweenies - Spelen met muziekTweenies games, 3+ years, dutch, runs fine under XP  1
Type to Learn 3Teaches typing in a game format.  1
Type to Learn AssessmentAssesses the user that has been practicing in Type to Learn  1
Typer Shark DeluxeSink your teeth into this action-packed educational adventure.  1
Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5Typing tutor for kids/children.  1
Veggietales: The Mystery of Veggie IslandAccompany Junior Asparagus on a Cub Sprout adventure. A camping trip on Veggie Island goes awry when the canoe drifts away, but Mr. Nezzer offers a boat ride home for the cub sprouts in trade for Junior helping him find his ancestor's buried treasure.  1
Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?The player goes on many missions around the USA, using clues given by locals of certain cities, to successfully gain enough information to release a warrant on a suspect, and to then capture them at the final destination.  2
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Treasures of KnowledgeAn educational point-and-click adventure game re-released in 2001 (not the same as 1986 or 1996 versions.) Player controls two agents who travel all over the world to find clues to solve mysteries and puzzles, acquiring knowledge around the world as they progress.  1
Widget Workshop: The Mad Scientist's LaboratoryWidget Workshop is a "software toy" designed for children.  1
WolfQuestWolfquest is a wolf semi-educational simulation/game developed through a grant and sponsored by a zoo. In it, a player plays the role of a wolf in Yellowstone National Park and must hunt, find a mate, and otherwise act as a wolf. Features a multiplayer mode where players make an online pack.  1
word munchers deluxeAn educational arcade game that manages to be entertaining and honestly useful education-wise. This makes it very unusual!  1
Worksheet CrafterAn application aimed at school teachers wishing to create worksheets for their lessons and pupils.  1
Writing and CalculatingOn-screen activities about counting, calculating, reading, spelling, thinking, memorizing, matching, and creating. For children aged 5-7.  1
Yukon TrailAn educational game based on the California Gold Rush.  2
Zac BrowserZAC  1
ZhuZhu PetsLet hamsters roll through a maze. Children's game. PEGI 3  1
Zoombinis Island OdysseyAn educational adventure/puzzle game that can be just as fun for adults as kids.  2
Zoombinis Mountain RescueAn educational adventure/puzzle game 7+  1