Sub CategoryDescriptionNo. Apps
AstronomyAn endless (almost) empty space... ;-)  54  
BiologyAll kinds of natural things.  59  
CAD/CAEComputer Aided Design, Computer Aided Engineering  263  
ChemistryAll kinds of application used for chemistry in science.  36  
EDA/MeasurementElectronics design tools, measurement and stuff  92  
Flowchart/Diagraming/graphsSoftware to design flowcharts and diagrams  35  
MathematicsMathematical and Statistical software.  95  
Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
555 Timer Pro555 Timer Pro allows for the design and virtual testing of 555 timer circuits.  1
aberratorThe Aberrator is freeware that generates star-testing images to show the effects of aberrations(distortions) influencing the quality of a telescopes performance.  1
ACD NMR ManagerSoftware to analyze and manage NMR Spectra.  1
ADMSA common leading atmospheric modelling software package created by Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants for predicting toxic chemical emissions from stack sources. More sophisticated than ALOHA as it can model time averaging, terrain and building effects.  1
AIMThis new ant­enna analyzer measures the complex impedance (magnitude and phase) at each frequency of interest in the range of 0.1 to 170 MHz. A PC is used to calculate several parameters, including SWR, and plot the results.  4
AirPakAirPak its a easy CFD tool for calculate air flow, ppd, prv, temperatur, thermal exchanges for climatization of areas.  1
Akta PrimeView FPLC SoftwareSoftware to acquire and evaluate data from AKTA (ÄKTA) Prime plus column chromatography equipment used for (eg) protein purification.  2
ALD Free MTBF CalculatorThe MTBF Calculator from Advanced Logistics Development is a free software tool for Reliability Prediction. The user enters electronic or mechanical component data and receives predicted MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and Failure Rate.  1
AlohaALOHA is an atmospheric dispersion model used for evaluating releases of hazardous chemical vapors. ALOHA allows the user to estimate the downwind dispersion of a chemical cloud based on the toxicological/physical characteristics of the released chemical, atmospheric conditions, and specific circumstances of the release. Graphical outputs include a "cloud footprint" that can be plotted on maps with MARPLOT to display the location of other facilities storing hazardous materials and vulnerable locations, such as hospitals and schools. Specific information about these locations can be extracted from CAMEO information modules to help make decisions about the degree of hazard posed.  1
Ambiente Italia 3DAmbiente Italia 3D is a three-dimensions viewer of Italian cartography. Using data from aerial photographs, it does a 3D rendering and can simulate a flight over Italy.  1
Aperio ImageScopeAllows to visualize microscopy slides in full resolution, as a virtual microscope.  1
AquadFree and open source software for qualitative analysis.  1
ArcGISArcGIS is a complete system for authoring, serving, and using geographic information. (GIS=Geographic Information Systems)  4
ArcView GISGeographic Information System  2
ASIMECSIMulator of Electronic’s Circuits for students to perform virtual labs.  1
Athena Visual StudioChemical process simulation and analysis package.  1
ATLAS.tiATLAS.ti serves as a powerful utility for qualitative analysis, particularly when working with larger bodies of textual, graphical, audio, and video data. The content or subject matter of these materials is in no way limited to any one particular field of scientific or scholarly investigation. Typical application areas for ATLAS.ti are characterized by a systematic, yet creative approach to analyzing unstructured data.  3
AutographA mathematics package which allows you to draw graphs and charts.  2
Bentley View 2004 EditionFree DWG and DGN viewer, which allows to print drawings.  1
Berkeley MadonnaApplication to solve Differential Equations.  1
BoxsimA Freeware audio speaker construction/simulation kit. As far as I know available only in german.  1
BrahmsBrahms is a Visual FoxPro 8 database application used for the administration of herbaria (scientific plant collections). It can be obtained free of charge from (registration necessary).  1
Brain ExplorerBrain Explorer is a desktop software application for viewing Allen Brain Atlas  4
BrainVoyager Brain TutorBrainVoyager Brain Tutor lets interactively explore 3D head and  1
Building Environmental Assessment Tool (BEAT)A PC tool for performing environmental assessment of products, building elements and buildings  1
CalPalCalibrate C14-dates using Dendrocurves.  1
CameoThe CAMEO software suite is a system of software  1
Chemical calculatorAn incredibly useful tool for converting the amount of solution or solid between moles and grams required for a final concentration  1
ChemOfficeChemOffice transforms your PC into a chemical & biological publishing, modeling, and database workstation.  7
ChemOffice ViewerChemOffice Viewer is a free basic structure and database viewer without  0
ChemSepChemSep is a column simulator for distillation, absorption, and extraction operations. It combines the classic equilibrium stage column model with a nonequilibrium (rate-based) column model in one easy and intuitive interface.  1
ChemSep LITEChemSep is a column simulator for distillation, absorption, and extraction operations. It combines the classic equilibrium stage column model with a nonequilibrium (rate-based) column model in one easy and intuitive interface.  2
CitaviOne of the best applications for reference management and knowledge organization.  13
Coelix ApexComputes every relevant astronomical facts for the semi-professional astronomical observer.  1
COGPACK64 test and training programs, with 537 different task sets, e.g. for visuomotor control, comprehension, reaction, vigilance, memory, language, intellectual and professional skills. Tasks can be edited, changed, and expanded.  2
Comprehensive Meta-AnalysisNIH funded software to facilitate conducting meta-analysis.  1
Conan-mPopular Russian scientific program for the biosignal analysis .  1
Concant LTConcant is a software that allows to make bills of quantities and quotes for public works, using price lists  1
CrysalisProCrysalisPro is proprietary software (Oxford Diffraction, Windows only currently) that is used to process X-ray diffraction data.  1
CSPROCSPro (Census and Survey Processing System) is a public-domain  2
CumulusAn easy weather station software. Many useful functions. Supports the most common weather stations.  1
CypecadCypecad es una aplicación para calculo de estructuras, vigas, forjados, etc. En España es una de las más usadas en el campo de la arquitectura y construcción de naves industriales.  2
D878UV_1.12Radio programming software for Anytone D878UV. Used to set up the radio channels and other parameters particular to each operating radio channel.  1
Danaher Motion Engineer's Toolbar"Danaher Motion provides a convenient engineering toolbar to facilitate  1
DataStudioDataStudio enables students to record data from Pasco equiptment.  1
dChipDNA-Chip Analyzer (dChip) ( is a Windows software package for probe-level (e.g. Affymetrix platform) and high-level analysis of gene expression microarrays and SNP microarrays.  1
Design ExpertSoftware for experimental design and statistical analysis  1
dicomPermit to view radiology images on PC stored on CD-ROMs and/or DVDs.  1
Digiflex DrivewareSoftware that enables programming of AMC servo amps  1
Digital WorksThis is a circuit design program, for the testing of logic gates.  2
DigitalMicrographSoftware used to drive Gatan cameras for transmission electron microscopes.  1
DNA BaserDNA Baser Assembler is a bioinformatics software for simple and automatic DNA sequence assembly, DNA sequence analysis, automatic sample processing, contig editing,  metadata integration and mutation detection.  1
Dosimis­Material flow simulation in perfection  1
DPGraphDynamic Photorealistic Graphing (DPGraph) -- the world's most powerful 2D through 8D graphing software, optimized for the internet.  1
DrDepthSeamap creation software utilising echo sonder gps .  1
DryLab 2012A simple wine wrapped version of the 2010 DryLab software produced by the Molnar Institute. This application was created for educational use in university undergraduate courses.  1
DUBBEL interaktiv"Interactive" version of a handbook for mechanical engineers with a tradition of 80+ years.  1
Earthquake 3DEarthquake 3D is a freeware interactive earthquake browser that is able to use a variety of sources, including the USGS, EMSC, and BGS.  3
EasyGPSEasyGPS is the fast and easy way to transfer waypoints, routes, and tracks between your computer and your Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance GPS. EasyGPS lists all of your waypoints on the left side of the screen, and shows a plot of your GPS data on the right. Use EasyGPS to back up and organize your GPS data, print maps, or load new waypoints onto your GPS for your next hike or geocaching adventure. Works with .gpx and .loc formats.  6
Electronics AssistantMulti purpose application designed to help electronics hobbyists with many different calculators for working out resistance, capacitance, inductance, power, etc.  2
Engine AnalyzerComputer Program for Professional Engine Builders and Engineers to Simulate, Predict and Analyze Stock or Race Engine Dynamometer (dyno) Performance.  1
Engine Analyzer ProComputer Program for Professional Engine Builders and Engineers to Simulate, Predict and Analyze Stock or Race Engine Dynamometer (dyno) Performance.­­  1
ENVIENVI 4.7 is a application to work with geospatial images.   1
ENVI-metENVI-met is a 3D urban climate modeling tool for simulating the microclimatic effects of buildings, vegetation, and other objects in the fields of urban design and planning and real-estate development.  1
EpiInfoStatistical software for epidemiology.  2
ER Mapperermapper is a fairly well known and used gis (geographic information systems) application, which views and edits the popular ecw format for storing satellite data and other geographic raster data.  1
ER ViewerViewer from ER Mapper    2
ESBUnitConvESBUnitConv is a freeware application designed to take almost any possible measurement and convert it to another. It can calculate area, torque, radioactivity and even light speed. I have yet to find something it cannot convert.  3
Estimation Program Interface (EPI) SuiteEPI Suite is a physical and chemical property estimation program for various common chemicals, as well as an environmental fate analyzer for said chemicals. EPI Suite estimates values such as Koc, Kow, Henry's Constant, and other environmentally significant constants using programs developed by the EPA.  1
EviewsEconometric software.  2
Examine2DTwo dimensional indirect boundary-element analysis for underground and surface excavations in rock.  1
Express ScribeExpress Scribe lets you transcript interviews provided as a an audio file (nearly all formats are supported). The main strength of the program is the ability to control the audio playback with freely configurable hotkeys. So you do not need to take your hands of the keyboard. Very useful also is the function, that it goes back some time in the track (again freely configurable) when continuing with the track after you stopped it.  3
Factory I/ONext-Gen PLC Training - 3D Factory Simulation  1
FalconViewMapping application developed for the Department of Defense  1
FEMMFEMM is a suite of programs for solving low frequency electromagnetic problems on two-dimensional  1
FirstRate 5FirstRate 5 (FR5) is a free energy rating software package that simulates the energy efficiency of a proposed new house designs in Australia. FirstRate 5 is developed by Sustainability Victoria, a department of the State Government of Victoria.  1
FlowCytomix ProThis Software is designed to analyze data gained by a FACS-machine, when using special Fluorescent Bead Immunoassays from the same vendor.  1
Fluke DAQ 3.0Fluke Data Acquisition software for use with a variety of Fluke DAQ modules.  1
FlukeViewFlukeView ScopeMeter software helps you get  1
Folding at Home GPU2 Console ClientThe Folding at Home GPU2 client is a High Performance folding client that takes advantage of GPU power through the use of CUDA technology on Nvidia GPU's, and ATI's Stream SDK on ATI GPU's.  2
Folding@HomeFolding@Home is a distributed computing project.  1
Framsticks GUISimulator of Artificial Life  1
FunRichThis app allows to classify a set of genes according to Gene Ontology Terms  1
FusionLIDAR program to construct 3D views of LIDAR data points in LAS or LDA files. Contour lines are added to the 2D map of points. A LIDAR Data Viewer is included to color points depending on sample options and what colors to use to render the view.  1
GenotyperGenotyper is  software to manipulate genetic data files for DNA  1
Geoplan-GeospaceGeoplan-Geospace is a set of two applications: GeoplanW et GeospacW. Each one allows to draw geometrical constructions in the plane or in the space respectivelly.  2
Geosonics EventMgrsoftware utility for extracting and transfering events from GeoSonics SSU 3000  1
GeoStudioEngineering software for geotechnical applications and modelling.  1
GIS Russa (PC version)Original RUSSA is a moving map & navigational software for Pocket PC + GPS  1
GPowerG*Power performs high-precision statistical power analyses for the  4
GPS Trackmaker-Most complete free program for GPS devices  3
GPX SpinnerGPX Spinner is shareware that takes pocket queries, slices/dices, them, makes a custom .gpx and .html indices for all the caches by waypoint, cache name, etc.  1
GR2AnalystWindows radar viewing software launched on WinXP in 2005 by Michael Scott Gibson himself. The power of live data in near real time at your finger tips. You are now in control of the radar not the weather man anymore. High resolution live nexrad level 2 radar data at your fingertips with the ability to load archived level 2 radar data from past weather events too. Used by chasers, weather geeks, and even some commercial television stations. Still considered by many to be the gold standard even today a true legend in windows software.  3
GrafstatSoftware to create surveys that can be publised on- or offline. Feed responses into the software per server, manually or per email. Analysis of gathered responses and presentation of results - all in one tool. It's a german software, so I'll cite from the website itself:Free Registration required to download the software. Commercial users have to pay.  5
GrandMA3 on PCProfessional lighting control software produced by MA Lighting. Used for pre-programming or running live shows including pre-visualisation. This is the PC based version of their world famous hardware consoles, used for programming in a more portable environment.   3
greeniusgreenius is a powerful simulation environment for the calculation and analysis of renewable power projects such as  1
GRLevel3GRLevel3 is a Windows viewer for live NEXRAD Level III data from the NWS Radar Product Central Collection Dissemination Service.  12
GrlevelxGrlevelx is a suite comprised of Grlevel2, Grlevel3 and GR2analyst they are a very complete suite of Meteorology tools, a very sophisticated radar and weather report analysis  4
GuidosToolbox 32bitCollection of generic raster image processing routines.  1
GyrometerMeasures the rotation speed (current and integrative) and manages a highscore list for the GyroTwister training tool.  1
H2OThis program was designed to graphically support designing of the interior water supply systems.  1
H2testwThis application was created to test the USB-Stick, if its capacity works fine.  1
HEC-RASHydrologic Engineering Centers River Analysis System (HEC-  6
Honda EPCThis is the Electronic Parts Catalogue for Honda cars, from 1982-2011. Version 17.00. Release Date: 2010-08-01  1
IGOR ProIGOR Pro is a data analysis and visualization program for windows and mac.  6
IlwisOpensource Geographic Information System. Useful because sometimes import and convert data in formats that some other GIS can't open.  1
ImageFocusEuromex ImageFocus is free software for the Euromex microscope cameras.  1
IMPLANModel for performing economic input-output regional analysis.  1
Index PersonarumThe "Index Personarum" is a yearly published Searching Tool for Genealogy Data and Person information (primarly in Franconia).  4
Interactive GroundwaterA Real-time,  1
iSISA flow solver for the St. Venant equations for one dimensional steady and unsteady flows in open channels. The program comprises an interface which is a graphical environment for creating fixed-width data files and viewing results, and a solver which computes the results.  1
JanusMultifunctional astrology software  2
KH CoderOpen source software for quantitative content analysis and text mining. Can analyze text in several languages including (as February 2018: English, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Russian and Slovenian French, German, Italian, Portuguese and  1
LAS AF LiteFree of charge version of the confocal software LAS  1
LimdepLIMDEP  1
Lit-LinkA free large an flexible software to organize your knowledge. Only available in german (needs more than two minutes  2
LivewireAn application to design and test electric circiuts  1
MapInfoMapInfo is a popular Geographic Information System (GIS) for Windows  3
Martin LightJockeyHigh End Intelligent light control software. Demo with no hardware control is fully functional and a free download from Martin.  1
MassLynxMassLynx is distributed by Waters for use in controlling their mass spectrometers and analyzing the data created by the same.  Waters is best known for their mass spectrometers made for proteomics work, which is the identification and accurate mass of proteins or other biological samples.  Depending on what kind of data needs to be extracted, some times MassLynx is the only software that can be used to read Waters mass spec files.  1
MAXQDAMAXQDA is a software for professional text analysis.­  4
MAXQDA ReaderThis is the read-only version of MAXQDA, qualitative text analysis software. The reader allows use of all search and export functions of MAXQDA when reading data files produced by it.  1
MaxwellElectromagnetic Field Simulation for High-Performance Electromechanical Design  1
Meshlab 1.3.2 win_32  1
MicroTech CncSimulatorThis software allows you to simulate the behavior of a CNC Machine.  2
MMLogicFreeware electronic circuits simulator.  1
MobomathEquation editor that translates handwritten tablet input into formatted text.  1
MorphWizardSoftware for editing source morphology dictionaries and generating their binary versions.  1
MotionLab 3MotionLab is the perfect companion for all Ingenia Servo Drives. It comes with a collection of applications that let you configure, program, test and run your servo drive in ways that are intuitive and simple. And it's loaded with useful features you'll wonder how you ever did without.  1
MultisimMultisim, the world's only interactive circuit simulator, allows you to design better products in less time.  10
Murata Chip Capacitor and Inductor S-Parameter & Impedance LibraryCalculate, view and print graphs of the impedance and S parameter data for Murata chip capacitors or chip inductors. S parameter data in Touchstone format can also be copied.  1
MUSICMUSIC is designed to simulate urban stormwater systems operating at a  1
MystatMystat is a free student version of the Systat statistical calculation software. It includes functions for importing from excel and a lot of commonly used statistical methods. The main advantage is that it is free, but you have to sign up to download it.  1
NoxturnalSleep records automatic analysis, scoring, and reporting tools for clinician  1
Oakflat PWR Nuclear Power Plant SimulatorA Nuclear Power Plant Simulator. Great for training Nuclear scientists in control room operations and failures.  1
Oasys GSAStructural a­nalysis, finite element analysis package  1
OctaveIt's a powerful tool for data analysis, and the mostly compatible to Matlab  1
ODLogProgram designed for precise recording of observational data.  1
OpenBUGSBUGS (Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling)  4
OpenDSSThe OpenDSS is an electric power Distribution System Simulator (DSS) for  1
Origin ViewerOrigin Viewer is a free-to-download viewer for Origin Project, Graph, Worksheet and Matrix files that have been created using Microcal (later OriginLab) Origin version 4 and up.  1
osiris­Osiris is a viewer for Papyrus / DICOM images (the actual standard for viewing, storing acquiring, communicating radiological and non-radiological medical images). It has been developed at the Digital Imaging Unit (UIN) of the Service for Medical Computing (SIM) of the Radiology department of the University Hospitals of Geneva (Switzerland).  1
OziExplorerOziExplorer allows you to work with maps on the computer screen that you create from scanned or digital maps. Ideal for planning trips for boating, 4 wheel driving, flying, hiking etc and as a real time navigation aid.  1
OziExplorer3D3D viewer for maps that allows some image manipulation and interaction wih OziExplorer  1
Pajek­Pajek (Slovene word for Spider) is a program for analysis and visualization of large networks. I­t is freely available, for noncommercial use.­  3
Parallax USB Oscilloscope SoftwareOscilloscope software that displays and processes data output from Parallax USB Oscilloscope.  1
ParaviewGeoDeveloped from the codebase of ParaView, ParaviewGeo is visualisation  1
Past­PAST (PAlaeontological STatistics) is a free, easy-to-use data analysis package originally aimed at paleo­ntology but now also popular in ecology and other fields. Inspired by PALSTAT, it includes common statistical, plotting and modelling functions:  5
PathSimPathSim is a simulator of radio signal distortions which normally occur in ionospheric (shortwave radio or ham radio) channels. An audio file is taken as input and a distorted version is then output to another file. Useful for designing and testing digital modulation schemes.  1
PC-AxisPC-Axis is a set of programs under development since 1998 following research in the 1970s which enables the presentation of statistical information. PC-Axis is used by State statistical offices of various countries to grant access to employees and the public to official statistics (including Sweden, Finland, Norway and Ireland).  1
PCB WizardA very good schematic capture and PCB autorouter program.  1
PeakFitPeakFit is a sophisticated data analysis application for deconvoluting spectroscopy and chromatography spectra.  1
PExpertDesign Software for Magnetic Components  1
Phonology AssistantThis application allows a user to perform linguistically-informed searches on a lexical database with phonetic information, and test and refine hypotheses about phonological properties of that data.  1
PhunPhun - the 2D physics sandbox  1
PL7 ProDesigned for setting up Modicon TSX Micro and Modicon Premium PLCs, Telemecanique's PL7 software range is distinguished by its simpli­city, offering more productive design functions, high-performance debugging, as well as easier operation and diagnostics.­  1
PlaxisIt's a geotechnical modeling and analysis software.   1
Pleiade + ComfieDynamic Thermic Simulation for houses  1
PMWINMODFLOW is the U.S. Geological Survey modular finite-difference flow model, which is a computer code that solves the groundwater flow equation.  1
poc32Decoder for the POCSAG protocol used in amateur radio and other VHF/UHF applications  1
PowderCellChemistry- Crystal Structure - ­Powder Cell will visualize structures, perform classical phase transition structure transformations, display the resulting powder patterns and can handle multiple structures for quantitative analysis a­nalysis.  2
Power Tools for Windows (PTW)SKM's PTW software is a robust program for multiple aspects dealing with power distribution and arc flash hazard analysis.  1
PresentationPresentation is a precise and powerful stimulus delivery and experimental control program for neuroscience. Presentation runs on any Windows PC, and delivers auditory, visual and multimodal stimuli with sub-millisecond temporal precision. Check out Presentation special features for experiments using psychophysics, eye movements, fMRI, ERP, MEG, single neuron recording, and more.  1
PriMus DCFPriMus is a software that allows to make bills of quantities and quotes for public works, using price lists  1
PrismIntuitive statistical software for professionals from biochemistry.  4
ProfilTecGeological Software to create profiles from wells and driling.  1
ProKon@page { margin: 0.79in }  1
PropcalcA propellor thrust calculator and design tool.  1
PSPPFree and open source alternative to SPSS for statistical analysis.  3
PSS/EPSS/E is a software tool used for electrical transmission planning, it is the standard Siemens offering serving this market and is currently in use in 123 Countries. Since its introduction in 1976, the Power System Simulator for Engineering tool has become the most comprehensive, technically advanced, and widely used commercial program of its type. It is widely recognized as the most fully featured, time-tested and best performing commercial program available.  2
PulseTools  1
PVSystDeveloper: University of Geneva  2
PWGen for WindowsPWGen is a password generator capable of creating large amounts of cryptographically-secure passwords or passphrases consisting of words from a word list.  7
Pyrosim 2017Thirdparty GUI Program for Fire Dynamics Simulator  1
Quick Terrain Modeler  1
Radar 10This is an application for homeopathic practitioners.  1
RadDecayVery useful radiation database, has almost all known isotopes with half lifes, radioactive spectra, probability of decay, father son lines, decay calculator, energy of particles, abundance, etc...  1
Radio Mobile FreewareRadio Mobile is a tool used to predict the performance of a radio system.  2
rawconverterFree software to convert .RAW Thermo Fisher mass spectrometry files to other formats.  Note that this is only for the Thermo Fisher format, which is different from the Waters format that also uses the .RAW extension.  Furthermore neither of these formats are in any way connected to the .raw image format.    1
RayfractRayfractâ„¢ Seismic Refraction Tomography software allows imaging of subsurface velocity structure based on seismic first break energy propagation modeling.  1
RayTech RNSPC based navigation solution.  1
ReadCube  1
REFPROPREFPROP is a scientific program that allows you to calculate the properties of fluids at different temperatures and pressure. These properties include thermodynamic properties such as density, internal energy, entropy etc, as well as thermophysical properties such as viscosity and conductivity. It includes a moderate-sized database for fluids, include many of interest in the HVAC field, and provides a file format via which users can add support for new fluids.  2
RegressiData proceding software for scientific/educational purpose.  1
Rezistory (Resistors)Rezistory is a small Czech application. It allows calcalate vaule of the resistor.  1
RiverWareRiverWare is a generalized riverbasin modeling package in use by several government agencies and consulting firms.  1
RockSimRockSim is a model rocket and high power rocket design and simulation suite. It allows the user to design a rocket using any combination of components, including the ability to add custom components. It can handle staged rockets, clustered rockets, odd fin configurations... you name it.  2
RockWorks 2023The application hinges around a borehole manager (though it doesn't have to be used for RockWorks to work).  The usual gambit of borehole sheets are associated with the borehole manager (collar, survey, assay, lithology, stratigraphy, sampling, downhole point data etc).  1
RocLabRocLab is a software program for determining rock mass strength parameters, based on the latest version of the generalized Hoek-Brown failure criterion.  1
Saab Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC)This is the Saab EPC (Electronic Parts Catalog) edition 2009-2.  2
Saab Workshop Information SystemSaab Automotive's official Workshop Information System (WIS).  1
Satmaster ProSatellite link budget, antenna aiming, and solar outage prediction software.  1
SciFinder ScholarSciFinder Scholar is a staple for research in a University setting. It allows you to search a huge database of articles, patents, and other sources to find information on a research topic, chemical, reaction, or look up a citation.  2
SDDP­­SDDP is a hydrothermal dispatch model with representation of the transmission network used for short, medium and long term operation studies. The model calculates the least-cost stochastic operating policy of a hydrothermal system, taking into account the following aspects:  1
SeeYouSeeYou is a flight planning and analysis tool for glider pilots.  5
Selectronic SP LinkRetrieves data from your Selectronic SP-Pro inverter and allows settings to be changed and monitored.  4
SenstoolsSenstools is a set of tools to analyse data from sensory and consumer  1
serialEMSerialEM is software package for data acquisition from electron microscopes  1
Seventeen or BustSeventeen or Bust is a distributed computing proje­ct to prove the Sierpinski Conjecture.­  1
Siemens SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional 2010Universal automation software STEP 7 Professional  1
Sierra ChartSierra Chart is a leading, high quality Realtime and Historical  9
SigmaStatStatistical advisory software.  1
Simfit­Simfit: a package for simulation, curve fitting, statistical analysis and graph plotting. It employs mathematical models from a library or user-supplied equations, and can be used in biology (growth curves), psychology (factor analysis), physiology (transport), pharamacology (dose response curves), pharmacy (pharmacokinetics), immunology (ligand binding), biochemistry (calibration), biophysics (kinetics), epidemiology (survival analysis), medical statistics (meta analysis), chemistry (chemical kinetics), physics (dynamical systems), and mathematics (numerical analysis).  1
SIMNRASIMNRA is a Microsoft Windows program for  1
Sirenia Sleep ProSirenia Sleep Pro is a signal processing software that offers automated power analysis, semi-automated scoring methods, and statistical/graphical analysis for data obtained via EEG and EMG. Sleep data is scored using one of three different methods: cluster scoring, threshold scoring, and manual scoring. Power analysis performs automated FFT on 6 frequency bands: full, delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma.   1
SkygazerPlanetarium software, often perscribed for tertiary education courses.  1
sLORETAlow resolution brain electromagnetic tomographyon the EEG or MEG data  1
Smath StudioTiny, but powerful mathematical program with WYSIWYG editor and complete units of measurements support. It provides numerous computing features and rich user interface translated into about 40 different languages. Application also contains integrated mathematical reference book. Application can be easily extended based on your needs. Built-in Extensions Manager tool allows to get access to hundreds official and  1
SNLOSNLO is a Windows based program with several functions to assist you in selecting a nonlinear crystal and in modeling nonlinear frequency conversion processes in those crystals.  2
SolisSolis is the proprietary software from Andor, PLC to open and analyze.sif files (solis image format).  6
SonnetFull-wave 3D Planar Electromagnet­ic Field Solver Software for High Frequency EM Simulation  1
Spectrum LaboratoryA very versatile spectrum analyzer and real time signal processing application. It is offering spectrogram, waterfall and waveform views of the signals plus many more analyzing funtions. On top of that the application can be used as a programmable real time filter, modulator, demodulator and can even be connected to other applications via network or a message based data transfer system.  1
Speech AnalyzerSpeech Analyzer is for acoustic analysis of speech sounds.  1
SPLUS 8.0 - statistical softwareThis is a great software the commercial version of R for those who know anything about the statistical industry.This is a free download for students. So the limits are on the size of  1
SRIM­SRIM, the Stopping and Range of Ions in Matter, is a group of programs which calculate the stopping and range of ions (up to 2 GeV/amu) into matter using a quantum mechanical treatment of ion-atom collisions (assuming a moving atom as an "ion", and all target atoms as "atoms"). This calculation is made very efficient by the use of statistical algorithms which allow the ion to make jumps between calculated collisions and then averaging the collision results over the intervening gap. During the collisions, the ion and atom have a screened Coulomb collision, including exchange and correlation interactions between the overlapping electron shells. The ion has long range interactions creating electron excitations and plasmons within the target. These are described by including a description of the target's collective electronic structure and interatomic bond structure when the calculation is setup (tables of nominal values are supplied). The charge state of the ion within the target is described using the concept of effective charge, which includes a velocity dependent charge state and long range screening due to the collective electron sea of the target.  5
Stata/SEStata is a complete, integrated statistical package that provides everything someone might need for data analysis, data management, and graphics.  1
Statgraphics CenturionA powerful statistical analysis program  1
StatGRaphics PlusStatistical analysis suite, complete statistical design  2
statviewGraphical software for statistical analysis  1
STKSTK (formerly Satellite ToolKit) is a complex astrodynamics, communications, and resource modeling application for both civilian and military users.  2
StruCalcStruCalc is design software for structural members (e.g., beams, columns, etc.)  3
SuperfishAutofish is a code for solving Poisson equations for a known field geometry. It is a very powerful rf cavity and magnet design tool developed by Los Alamos National Lab.  1
SuperLab 5.0.0Scientific program to design and run experiments, mainly but not only focused in Psicology.  1
SurferA scientific graphics package to plot 2-argument functions and maps.  3
Surpac3D visualisation and modelling software for geology and mineral resources  2
TanagraA free data mining software for academic purposes.  1
TAS GISTAS GIS is free software prepared for GIS analysis mostly concered on 2D terrain research  1
TDSLThe TDSL (Tube Data Sheet  1
TecplotApplication for visualizing three-dimensional scientific data. Uses opengl.  1
TeXaidea graphical editor for mathematical formulas, which exports entered formulas to latex code via the clipboard.  1
The Weather Channel Desktop Weather App for Windows  1
TheCalcThis is an universal calculator with formula calculator, measures convertor, user's functions, date converter, equations solver, numeral calculator, accountant's calculator, financial calculator, programmers calculator and chemical calculator.  1
THERMA two dimensional heat transfer modelling program useful for analysing building heat transfer problems. Especially useful for calculating thermal bridge psi values and for data Passivhaus standard. Also used for the US standard NFRC.  3
ThermaCAM ReporterThis is a MS Word plugin that lets temperature data to be extracted from JPEG files created by FLIR infrared digital thermography cameras. Their JPEG format is proprietary and there is no other way to extract this data.  1
TINA-TIBased on a SPICE engine, TINA-TI provides all  2
TopocalApplication useful for topographer and surveyor, you can create MDT, level curves and terrain profiles  2
Toyota EPC Electronic Parts Catalog for Windows 98This is the *European* Toyota EPC (Electronic Parts Catalog). I am unsure of the version, but I beleive it is from some time around 2000. The Japanese-spec EPC should be identical except for the actual vehicle data.  1
TSoftTSoft is a software package for the analysis of time series  3
TurboMedFamous medical software (in Germany)  1
TwoDFrameSoftware for linear elastic structural analysis and design  1
Ucinet"A comprehensive package for the analysis of social network data as well as other 1-mode and 2-mode data. Can read and write a multitude of differently formatted text files, as well as Excel files. Can handle a maximum of 32,767 nodes (with some exceptions) although practically speaking many procedures get too slow around 5,000 - 10,000 nodes. Social network analysis methods include centrality measures, subgroup identification, role analysis, elementary graph theory, and permutation-based statistical analysis. In addition, the package has strong matrix analysis routines, such as matrix algebra and multivariate statistics.  4
ultiboardUltiBOARD is a powerful, yet easy to use PCB layout and routing program that delivers the features and flexibility you need to effectively build reliable boards.  2
United Devices (UD) AgentUnited Devices supports non-profit projects like our current Intel-United Devices Cancer Research Project. UD maintains a member policy of full disclosure and full choice. Members always know what project is running on their machine and will always be able to opt out if they do not want to participate. The UD Agent isn't invasive on either a personal or technical level. Our Agent runs unobtrusively in the computing background, and we have stringent policies to protect our Members' privacy and security.  1
VIANAViana is a German program to analyze videos.  1
Virtual TIEmulates many TI calculators from TI-82 to TI-92.   1
VirtualBreadboarda virtual breadboard app  1
Visual AnalyserMultipurpose tool for electronics: oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, etc.  1
VOAPropVery useful HF propagation prediction tool with a simple and effective graphical interface. Uses the powerful VOACAP engine for the analysis.  1
WarpEMWarpEM is a software package for analyzing Cyro-electron-microscopy data.  2
WaspWASP is a program for the recording, display and analysis of speech.  1
Weather DisplayWeather Display is the software to get the most from your weather station. Not only does it support a huge range of stations from all the major manufacturers but it's also stacked with features and options.  2
Weather MessageSoftware to decode and process National Weather Service  1
WeatherScopeWeatherScope is a freely available (for eduacational and non-commercial use), OpenGL-based, weather data viewer from the Oklahoma C­limatological Survey.  1
West Point Bridge DesignerDesigns and tests the stability of bridges, quite accurate, but intended for educational use only.  7
WilburWilbur is a terrain editor mainly of use for worldbuilders.   1
WIN-Statik Frame AnalysisThe programme is used for calculating forces, deformations and stresses  1
WinCuplAtmel-WinCUPL is a complete and easy to use design software suitable for all Atmel SPLDs and CPLDs.­  1
WinFACTWinFACT is an innovative, modular built program system  2
WinTR-55 Small WaterShed HydrologyAnalyzes watershed systems.  1
WSxMImage processing for atomic force microscopy  2
WUHUWeather station software with many functions. Can upload data to Wunderground, CWOP, AWEKAS, PWS and Weatherbug and draw simple graphs.  1
WXSpotsWXSpots is FREE software for use by responsible weather enthusiasts.  The software connects to a server which relays information in real time between all connected users.  WXSpots can also connect to your home weather station so that reports can be sent automatically during weather events.  Reports can be filtered so as to only display alerts for your preferred area.  1
XcaliburThis is a suite of tools that run mass spectrometry machines, and proteomics analyses for the discovery of protein content.  2
XM-studio SoftwareXM-studio software provides the complete range of facilities in one very easy to use package. From test setup, to experiment execution, to data analysis and final report; the software provides ready built templates to get you started, and tests can be setup and run in just a few mouse clicks.  1
ZettelkastenZettelkasten is a freeware note organisation tool, mostly for scientific purposes, which claims to follow the techniques developed by the German philosopher Niklas Luhmann.  1