Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
1000 MotsSoftware to learn reading. (in french)  1
101 Languages of the WorldLearn to Listen & Speak. "Guaranteed".  1
31 Languages of the World  1
3D World AtlasAn atlas and world statistics program.  1
777 Gebärden 1german sign language (Deutsche Gebärdensprache - DGS) learning programm and vocabulary videos  1
Accelerated ReaderProvides a testing environment for K-12 students for reading comprehension.  1
Accelerus MarkbookMarkBook is assessment software for schools looking to computerise their reporting process. Teachers can download their classes from a central Markbook database, track results and produce students' reports.  1
AccordanceAccordance is a bible study software.  3
AlgebratorAlgebrator is a homework helper/tutor that solves and tutors algebra, formulas, factoring etc.  2
All The Right TypeTyping tutor program for all ages  1
Alo7OnlineTutoringWebcam application with GUI for teaching tools and utensils.  1
American Girls PremiereBased on the American Girls franchise, the game allows you to create and direct your very own stage plays starring AG's historical characters, from Felicity Merriman to Molly McIntire.  1
Anagram ArtistAnagram Artist for Windows is an anagram creation tool, aimed  1
Anatomie des Gehirns - Interaktives LernprogrammInteractive training programm about brain anatomy (including animation and multiple choice tests).  2
ANI...PAINTANI...PAINT is a simple authoring tool for creating multimedia activities designed for kids.  1
AnkiAnki is an open-source electronic flashcard program for self-study. It uses a spaced-repetition algorithm to enhance retention of study materials. It tracks your success and determines when to review specific cards accordingly.  1
anytimeAnyTime, from Individual Software, is a personal information manager that helps you keep track  1
AppsAnywhere client (installer)Allows the user to launch applications provided by their academic organization's app store.  1
Articulate Storylinee-Learning creator  1
ASC TimetablesThe best school scheduling software for primary or secondary schools.  2
Atlas der Schweiz 2A multimedial and interactive atlas of Switzerland with 2D and 3D views.  1
Atlas of the Solar SystemAtlas of the Solar System is a 3D space explorer made by DK Multimedia as part of the Eyewitness series.  1
AuraliaA musical ear development program.  2
Évolu Fiches Sécurité routière et Gestes de premiers secours CE/CMThis application provides forms to teach road safety to French children.  1
Before You Know ItUse flashcards to memorize words in a foreign language. Words are also spoken and your pronunciation is checked.  3
Bendometer PSBendometer Playing System is a harmonica software that used the microphone to teach you how to play bends, overblows, and even songs in harmonica tab format.  1
BeookAn application to view electronic textbooks requiring a license  1
Berlitz Learning SystemBerlitz Learning System - Japanese & Mandarin Chinese is a suite of software to aid learning Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. There are two applications, Berlitz Learning System and Berlitz Before you Know it Flash Cards.  3
BiblioromThe application is a software which is a dictionary of  1
BlackBoard BackpackBackpack is an application that will synchronize information with the Blackboard software suite. It has the ability to schedule tasks and organize information from teachers. (IE documents, tests, schedules, class policies, etc...  1
Blackboard IMAn application used for communicating with teachers for on line virtual academies.(Formerly Pronto IM)  1
Blackboard IMAn application used for communicating with teachers for on line virtual academies.(Formerly Pronto IM)  1
BlitzrechnenA collection of mental arithmetic exercises.  1
BluebookBluebook is the testing app for taking CollegeBoard SAT and AP tests.  3
BoardMakerUsed teachers to build classroom materials  2
Bonniers TrafikskolaSwedish drivers licence educational software  1
Boson Exam EnvironmentBoson's certification exam environment  2
Boson NetSim 8.0CCNA Exam  - Network Simulator  1
BrainyooThe web site advertise says "Brainyoo is a free of charge learning software compatible for PC,  1
BurlingtonEnglishLocal client that connects to web based database, used with students whose first/native language is other than English  1
Business Kommunikationstrainer FrançaisThis application is for german native speakers who want to learn communicate and pronounce french.  1
Business Sprachführer FrançaisThis application is for german native speakers who want to learn french. It teaches different tasks to be able managing daily life.  1
Business Sprachkurs FrançaisThis is a german / french application to learn the french language in a professional business manner. It is written for native German speakers who want to amend there french skills.   1
Byki Language Learning Software ExpressByki is the name of our entire language-learning system  1
Calcul mental, MentaloProvide mental arithmetic for pupils, with different levels of difficulty (French language only)  1
CampusCampus is a results manager for teacher. Used in a lot of french schools to follow pupils results.  1
Can Do Problem SolvingInteractive CD-ROM software that allows you to teach mathematical problem solving to KS1 & KS2 children.  1
Casio FA-124Transfers data to and from casio calculators through USB.  1
CelcatThis is an application used at our university in lille . University of Lille 2 . It helps to create and manage timetables for students and teachers.  1
CertBlasterExam preparation software  1
ChemLabChemLab is a virtual laboratory. You can experiment with gases, liquids, etc.  2
ChemSepChemSep is a column simulator for distillation, absorption, and extraction operations. It combines the classic equilibrium stage column model with a nonequilibrium (rate-based) column model one easy and intuitive interface. The equilibrium column model in ChemSep LITE is free and can simulate columns containing up to 40 components and 300 equilibrium stages. The free ChemSep database covers 400+ chemicals.  ChemSep column simulation can be used in commercial & free flowsheet calculations for it is CAPE-OPEN compliant.  1
Circuit WizardElectronic circuit simulation software with ability to program Genie and PicAxe PICs.  4
Class Mate GradebookSoftware for teachers to calculate, manage, and organize grades.  1
Code 1 Takenboek CDCD-ROM delievered with the Dutch language training book CODE 1.  1
Code de la route pour les nulsWith this software you can learn and train for the exam of the French highway code. It's composed of : the highway code itself, many questions with their answers, training tests... You can visualize your progresses on a graph.  1
Comenius LogoAn educational programming and multimedia authoring environment.  1
Comprendre le monde - G�ographie CM2French educative software for France.  1
Comprendre le monde - Sciences CM2French educative software for France.  1
Crocodile PhysicsA easy-to-use simulator for electricity,  2
CTM CH-FahrschuleEducational application to learn for the Swiss driving test.  3
CueCardCueCard is a simple and intuitive flash card program. Just make up  1
cycleops poweragentA programme to allow PC's and Laptops to communicate with cycle computers  1
絵カードライブラリー1300An English vocabulary flash card maker marketed towards Japanese primary schools.  1
DaVinci's Graphic Tutorials [Phrozen Crew]Neat graphic tutorial application.  1
Davka DikdukProgram to teach basic Hebrew grammar in a fun way  1
Declan Japanese FlashCardsFree Japanese audio wordfiles totalling over 4000 common Japanese words and useful phrases  1
Declan ReadWrite KanjiLearn to read and write over 1900 Kanji characters with Declan Software's ReadWrite Kanji  1
Desafio SebraeIt's a software for a contest for university students in Latin America, where you have to raise a company that sell a kind of item each time the contest start.  1
DGS PhrasenThe application is a dictionary of German Sign Language. It provides the user with useful phrases to better communicate with deaf people.  1
DIALANGThe official description of this program below:  1
DIALux evo 5.2DIALux 软件由规划师设计给规划师.  1
Dicionario de Lingua PortuguesaIt's a portuguese (Portugal) dictionary. It includes thesaurus, conjugation and some other features of a complete dictionary.  1
Diercke Globus 3DThe 3D globe includes 400,000 places and is related to one of the most used German school atlases. The DVD-ROM costs 20 Euro.  1
Diercke Weltatlas digitalView, edit and save maps from the famous German atlas. Use with same programme at any school running the software.  1
Diet PowerSoftware lets you enter and track your daily exercise and food consumption in order to maintain body weight. Includes nutritional database.  3
DigiExamA program to lock you out of all other applications on your computer to allow you to do a test for instance without being able to cheat but googling for example.  1
Digitale SchulbücherThe program Digitale Schulbücher is an application to make digital books in a special format available. It works with Adobe AIR for showing the books content.  1
disc95.exeItalian dictionary  1
DM VysvědčeníApplication for data entry, accounting and printing reports in czech primary school.  1
Dora the Explorer Click & Create (Series)Three exciting activities to play, a Dora episode to watch, a quiz to do and Spanish words to learn  1
Dreyfous Edusystem ViewerEdusystem Viewer is an application for managing and using educational content from Edusystem.  1
Driving Test Success All TestsThe UK's most comprehensive learner driver pack  4
DynaGeoEUKLID DynaGeo is a  geometry program that lets you create dynamic drawings.  2
Виртуальный водитель (Virtual Driver) 2008Just a simple town driver simulator needed to get a driving license in Russian Federation.  1
e-Großwörterbuch Deutsch als FremdspracheMonolingual electronic dictionary for students of German.  2
Easy Grade ProEasy Grade Pro is an application that assists teachers with keeping track of student grades, assignments, and attendance.  2
eClass GradesGrading program to track student progress in particular classes. Used with in conjunction with Chancery's Winschool School administration program.  1
Edidoc - L'imagerieFrench application to make activities for young children. There is 1250 images that can be use to build A4 sheet with illustrations. These sheet can be printed and duplicated for use in classroom by teachers.  1
EdT[English]  1
eduROMEduROM is a polish award-winning educational program.  1
Emil und Pauline in der Südsee 2.0Educational Game with focus on mathematics and the German language for the second year in school.  1
Empires and CitizensEmpires and Citizens is a fully integrated print and electronic course for Key Stage 3 History.  1
Encyclopedia universalisThe famous encyclopedia...  3
English G21This software is used in many German schools. Cornelsen is one of the biggest Germen editors for school books. This software is availble for grade 5 to 10. It is one of these pieces of commercial learning software that used to make schools stick to Windows. Therefor it is very nice to see that wine changes this.  1
English Grammar in UseAn application that provides hundreds of interactive exercieses designed to help practise the grammar presented in English Grammar in Use  2
EnvolFrench learning programm for secondary class   2
eTeacherA series of educational programs for learning foreign languages.  1
Euroglot ProfessionalDictionary with several languages, thesaurus, optional pronounciation  2
Europress KS1 English testsKS1 English tests  1
EV3 Classroom AppScratch based robotics programming for LEGO mindstorms EV3  1
ExamproAllows access to past paper and example questions for AQA's GCSEs and A levels.  1
ExamViewAn application for teachers to create and edit tests.  2
eXe LearningThe eXe project developed a freely available Open Source authoring  1
FahrAPPIs an application to practice theoretical questions for the driving test.  1
FasTypeFasType is a touch typing tutorial program.  1
FCE Complete First CertificateIt is an application to help students practise their english skills - specifically for the FCE First Certificate test  1
Feu vert pour le permis de conduire 2008Feu vert pour le permis de conduire est un CD-Rom PC proposant  1
FlowolA computer aided control and modelling package used in schools  1
Fluenz  Language learning tool (Mandarin, Spanish, French, and Italian).  1
Focus on Wood JointsSoftware provides interactive 3D representations of joining techniques used in wood working, Carpentry, Furniture Manufacture and cabinet making.  1
Follett Digital ReaderThis is an educational eBook reader that was developed by Follett Software. It allows ebooks from Follett to be read on a machine.  1
Foundations of Music ApplicationCompanion program for quizzing oneself on the material of the book, Foundations of Music - Enhanced Seventh Edition (ISBN/978-1-285-44616-5)  1
Franciel F1 (1. Lernjahr)French class for Germans  1
FullRecallFullRecall is  software that can help  1
FUNdamentallyMathTeaching all of math from 1+1 through matrix algebra.  1
G1000 PC TrainerGarmin G1000 PC Trainer is a Garmin 1000 simulator.  1
G4FON CW TrainerVery capable program to teach Morse code, CW, using the proven Koch method. After the basics are acquired it will allow the student to increase speed of copying code and practice under varying "band conditions" of signal strength and noise.  2
Géom' ÉcoleThis software provides examples and tools to help pupils learn geometry (French language only)  1
GMATPrepThis is the GMAT preparation software available for free download from the GMAT creators.  It simulates the GMAT exam and provides detailed information about what the exam is about and how it works.  1
GoldfingerGoldfinger 6 is a type trainer, 17 section, with dictation mode and other gimmicks  2
GoodFatherThis program is a GoodFather themed application to help educate first time fathers on everything through pregnancy, delivery, and caring for the new child.  1
GosInsp (UpVpo)This app is essential in Russian education planning (otherwise all goverment checks would be failed, they ask plans made in this program). Designing educational plans, checking it (only in full version, not tested).  1
GP UntisSoftware for generating time-tables for school's with extensive ressource planing (room's, teacher's etc)  6
GradekeeperGradekeeper is a gradebook system for classroom teachers. It allows teachers to setup multiple classrooms and assignment categories. It also manages attendance and seating charts.  2
GradeQuickEducation Software  2
GroundSchoolGroundschool is an FAA Written Test preparation application for a wide variety of FAA licenses. The software uses a database of the FAA exam questions and figures with known answers and explanations. This allows a user to study for the exam by not just memorizing the multiple choice answers but learn why the answer is the correct one for a question.  2
Guitar MethodBeginner courses for learning to play guitar.  1
Guitar PowerA very handy and useful app to lookup chords, scales, learn fingerings, and stuff, even includes tuner and metronome.  1
GUT 1 - Grundwortschatz und Transfertraining 1This application helps students with learning difficulties in german language to train their orthography and their grammar skills.  1
Harmony PracticeHarmony Practice - released as a freeware program - is designed to allow music-students  2
Heathkit Certification Test Preparation SystemAn "A+ Certification Test Preparation Program" cd that provides practice tests from both the Core Hardware and Core OS tests. It allows you to review the major "domains" of both parts of the A+ certification test. It includes a Custom Test Genator and Simulated A+ Certification Tests.  1
HIALGO_BOOST_V5_0.exeIt gives you a FPS Boost for games that are heavy such as CS:GO.  1
Homeschool TrackerA Homeschool software designed to help the teacher organize and plan Homeschool studies and activities.  4
Hot Soup ProcessorHSP is a beginner friendly programming language / IDE. It is used to teach programming in Japanese schools, and because it is freeware, it was a popular programming language for doujin soft in the late 1990s.  1
HP Prime Virtual CalculatorThis program emulates the physical HP Prime, a graphical calculator that includes a CAS system.  2
HQ Tutorial ViewerHQ Tutorial Viewer is an All-in-one Xbox 360 tutorials application.  1
Human JapaneseHuman Japanese offers a number of  2
HyperPlanning[English]  1
HyperStudio[href^=""]  2
iClicker CloudInstructors can conduct polls and quizzes in classes  3
Idaho Standard Testing (ISAT) CALThis allows schools in Idaho to administer the ISAT tests on the computers.  1
IFS Builder 3d3D fractals (IFS) builder.  1
ImagynasiumImagynasium is a children's educational game created in 1996 by Southpeak Interactive, Illumina Productions, and Robert Redford's Sundance Institute. Players can navigate around collage-like environments and use pieces of them to create stories, pictures, and music.  1
Ingenio Kanji TrainerA educational mutimedia application (avi, wav) for learning 1800 Kanji symbols.  Based on the learning-psychological levels-of-processing theory.  1
InspirationA graphical organizer/visual thinking tool, used in many k-12 schools. Inspiration creates graphical webs and diagrams will then convert them to linear/text based outlines at the click of a button. Has many other exciting features. (I use it in my 7th grade language arts classroom.)  5
InspireDataInspireData is educational software that allows users to visualise statistical data.  1
Instant Immersion - KhmerLanguage acquisition for Khmer  1
Instant Immersion 102 LanguagesThis application is a multi-language learning program that teaches you any language you may want to speak from Arabic to Zulu. This program includes multiple tools to learning a language of your choice. The program has three "R's" used to learning a language at your own pace. The three "R's" are:  1
Instant Immersion ChineseHelps teach Mandarin Chinese.  1
Instant Immersion ItalianThis program teaches you to speak Italian.  1
Interactive Atlas of Human AnatomyIncludes hundreds of Netter illustrations and images, as well as audio pronunciations for every label, image title and image subtitle. Incredibly useful for studying Anatomy if you can't afford Netter's Anatomy Atlas.  1
Interactive PhysicsThis software is the ultimate Physics simulation lab in your computer.  2
Interaktive Sprachreise EspañolGerman language learning/training software  1
InterlexA program for learning new vocabulary. Includes multiple choice and free answer testing, testing in both directions, and vocabulary file creator. Uses non-open ilx format, but could be easily hacked.  1
Intermediate Language practice MacMillanThis application is join with a book in order to learn english  1
Italiano SprachführerA language learning software for native german speakers to learn the italian language. Includes interactive features like voice pilot and intellispeech.  1
JamGuruJamGuru is a song-teaching tool like no other. Use a real guitar to play-along with high-quality tablature and specially-produced audio recordings while JamGuru listens and provides valuable feedback on your performance so you can learn your favorite songs quicker and easier.  1
JasperactiveA suite of training courses designed for Microsoft Office Specialist certifications. Runs alongside Word/Excel/Powerpoint to provide training assignments/quizzes/etc.  1
Java-EditorThe Java-Editor application is a simple but complete IDE especially done for use at schools teaching Java programming language. It was created for low hardware resources.  3
Jaynima Face To Face Study Pvt. Ltd.Face to Face Study is primarily a virtual classroom where teachers and experts from varied subjects are all set to share their knowledge and experience with students who want to learn something more than what books offer.  1
Jazz Piano MasterclassInstructional program containing interactive lessons.  1
JFCJFC is a Japanese flash card program. It can be considered as a sister program to JWPce, a basic Japanese word processor for Windows, and it shares some of the same program files with JWPce if installed.  1
Junior Achievement WorldJunior Achievement World (or JA Global Marketplace in its rerelease in 2010) is an educational program released in 2004, containing four educational games made to teach the user about currency exchange.  1
Just Learn Morse CodeJust Learn Morse Code is designed to make it easy to learn Morse code, as well as improve the skills of those who already know the code.  1
Kanji GoldA Kanji learning program.  1
kanjilabProgram to memorize kanjis (meanings/ readings ).  1
Kaplan GRE Exam 2006 Premier Program Compaion CDCompanion to the GRE Prep book that contains practice exams.  1
Kaplan GRE Premier Program 2009 Edition Compaion CDSoftware accompanies the "Kaplan GRE Premier Program 2009 Edition" book. It contains practice exams and quizes for the GRE.  1
Kaplan LSAT PremierThis all-in-one guide also provides test-takers with the most current information on the latest LSAT test changes.  1
KarnaughMapKarnaugh map for 4 variables  1
KernzerfallThis educative application simlates radioactive decline.  1
Keyboarding Pro 4"This interactive and engaging software teaches new key learning while  1
KeychampWith Keychamp you can learn to touch type.  1
KidspirationHelps students in k-5 grades to understand and create stories.  1
Klett MathetrainerKlett Mathetrainer is an educational mathe training software. It is designed to be used together with the Klett Lambacher Schweizer "Mathematik für Gymnasien"  3
Klett SprachtrainerKlett Sprachtrainer is an educational language training software. It is  1
KompassBerufThe program 'KompassBeruf' is a software for students, to look what kind of job is the right job for them (you).  1
KorsakowThe Korsakow System (pronounced ‘KOR-SA-KOV’) is an easy-to-use computer  1
KRESZ Egyéni Gyakorlo ProgramKRESZ Egyéni Gyakorló Program - A, B, C, D, E kategóriákhoz  1
Kurso de EsperantoA multimedia interactive learning course designed to teach the user the language Esperanto.  2
Kuta Infinite CalculusInfinite Calculus covers all of the fundamentals of Calculus: limits, continuity, differentiation, and integration as well as applications such as related rates and finding volume using the cylindrical shell method. Designed for all levels of learners, from beginning to advanced.  1
La Lecture CE2, CM1, CM2This software provides exercises to help pupils learn French reading.  1
LanguageDrinksa russian language trainer for german people  1
LanguageNowAn application to teach you how to speak foreign languages.  1
LanSchool TeacherLanSchool Teacher is the application used by teachers in the LanSchool suite of applications to monitor, control and interact with student computers. Teachers can broadcast their computer screen, take control of individual student computers, restrict Internet or application use, administer tests, chat with students, and more.   1
Le Permis Réussi - Het Geslaagde RijexamenIt's a very basic driving license simulation for any theoretical examination for Belgian Driving licenses ranging from A to D.  1
LeapFrog ConnectThis is the application that allows the user to install additional books on to the Tag pen.  4
Learn Japanese NowLanguage Tutor CD-ROM  1
Learn Russian NowThis is a language tutor software to teach Russian language to the English speakers.The application depends on Quicktime for video/audio playback.  1
Learn to speak frenchLearn to speak french...  1
Learn To Speak GermanThis is an english application for Children, teens, and adults interested in learning the German language. The company making the software appears to be defunct. The application depends on acrobat reader (ver4.5) for displaying the help files and uses Quicktime version 5.0 for video/audio playback.  1
Learning Ladder Year 3Educational software for children ages 7-8. Covers reading and writing, numbers and shapes, and the world around you.  1
Learning Ladder Year 4Devised to develop children's skills in literacy and numeracy, learning  2
LearnkeyTraining system  1
LEGO MindStorms Robotics Invention SystemGraphical (block-based) programming environment for the yellow RCX.  1
LESEN 2000 plus RechtschreibtrainerEducational software that makes it easy to develop listening, reading and writing skills in German.  1
LesewerkstattAn interactive environment with reading exercises.  2
Letter Chase Typing TutorLetter Chase Typing Tutor is a typing program aimed at all abilities. As well as acting as a stand-alone application, it can be used over networks making it suitable for use in schools and college's as well as business.  1
Lexia ReadingBeginners reading program for educators  1
Lexia Strategies for Older StudentsA program to help children with dyslexia learn to read.  1
Libers Körkortsfrågor för personbil 2007Öva teoriprovet med hjälp av CD-skivan Teoriprov.  1
Lilos Lesewelt 1Deutsch für die 1. Klasse  1
Lilos Lesewelt 2Lernprogramm "Deutsch für die 2. Klasse"  1
Lilos Lesewelt 4Lernprogramm Deutsch für die 4. Klasse  1
Lingoversity­­Lingoversity is an awesome vocabulary  1
LingvoSoft Learner's SuiteA language learning package which includes a flash card application with made sets and a builder, a dictionary, and a picture dictionary. Available for dozens of destination languages and several source languages.  1
LiveMath EditorA computer algebra system (CAS)  1
Logger ProA educational program that helps you make graphs on the computer.  4
logischa collection of math exercises for primary school  6
Logos Library SystemA frame-software which handles different Bible databases.  1
Longman Exams Coach-Exam Coach  1
Longman Exams DictionaryThe only dictionary published specially for advanced exam  1
Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test: iBT Second EditionInteractive Program to prepare for the TOEFL English exam. There are preparations for all parts of the exam: listening, reading, writing and speaking.  1
Looking GlassLooking Glass™ is an interactive physics package that helps students visualize and understand the effects of optical components on light rays. While creating and exploring their own lenses and mirrors, students encounter the core concepts in optics. Looking Glass™ was designed for use in high school and college physics courses.  1
Lose luege läsea collection of reading and writing exercises  1
LuPO"LuPO: Planungs- und Beratungstool für die gymnasiale Oberstufe" (mostly called "LuPO")  3 training videosThe training videos help you use certain apps such as Dreamweaver, photoshop cs2.  1
MacGAMUT 2003MacGAMUT is an ear-training program that is intended for anyone that wants to improve their ear for music. MacGAMUT is used internationally by students at colleges, universities, and conservatories.  2
MacGamut 6Simple Ear Training software required by many music schools  1
MAP TestTakerThis is the client software used by students when taking the NWEA assessments to measure academic progress.  1
Marco Polo Turbo Vocabulary Tutor"Marco Polo Turbo Vocabulary Tutor" is a small Shareware for learn vocabulary.  1
Markbook 2007Student mark database and reporting tool for teachers  1
Markbook 2009A full featured marks manager for Windows, often licensed annually by school boards.  1
Math XLAn ActiveX plugin to use  1
Mathe-AsKleines Mathe-Testprogramm für Grundschüler, das mit der Aufzeichnung  1
MatheAssMatheAss (former Math-Assist) is a computer program for the numerical solution of many problems in school mathematics.  1
MatheBits BruchrechnenThis educational software is edited by a German school book company. It is written for pupils in forms 5+6 (aged 10-12). In different units and exercises, the user is guided to perform different types of fraction calculus.  1
MatheGrafixMatheGrafix is a program for drawing, presentation and printing graphs of functions and geometric objects.  1
MathsResourceStudioTe application is used by teachers to generate a wide range of maths worksheets and activities.  It is easily used and very handy.  1
Mavis Beacon Teaches TypingSoftware to teach typing.  8
MediatorMediator 8's icon-based editing allows you to drag-and-drop your way to Flash™, HTML and interactive CD's quicker than with any other web or multimedia tool. Combine text, images, sounds and videos. Apply transitions and interactivity -no programming needed! Then simply use the "one click" export to Flash™, HTML or CD-Rom.  1
mediscript GK1mediscript Kommentierte Examensfragen 8/93-8/2000  2
MemBrainMemBrain is a graphical neural network editor and simulator for Microsoft Windows,  1
MemoryLifterA virtual flashcard system based on the Leitner card box algorithm.  1
Memostation 2011Memostation is educational software using principle of spaced repetition. Its algorithm is based on Ebbinghauss forgetting curve which predicts a forgetting rate of piece of information. Memostation is taking care of reminding you informations that you don't forget it.  1
Merriam-Webster English-Spanish Dictionary 6.3Large Spanish-English-Spanish dictionary with examples, grammar, conjugations, etc. Emphasis on Latin American Spanish. 85.24 MB. As far as I can see, this dictionary is free.  1
MicroPower English Works MultimediaIt's a bidirectional english <> brazilian portuguese dictionary  1
Microsoft DinosaursLearn more about dinosaurs with this multimedia CD-ROM from Microsoft. More than 1,000 color illustrations are included, along with summaries of each species and factoids. Dinosaur expert Don Lessem narrates multiple guided tours, and video clips are available from the PBS television series, The Dinosaurs. Information can be found by searching through an index, or by clicking on the following buttons: Atlas, Timeline, and Dinosaur Families. Print out your own dinosaur fact cards to review, or cut and paste the disc's images into your documents.  1
MicroWorlds EXMicroWorlds EX is the latest version of LCSI's logo-based educational multimedia programming environment.  1
Mind Sparke Brain Fitness ProThis software uses the only brain-training protocol scientifically proven to increase fluid intelligence.  1
MindManagerMind Mapping is quite common nowadays - not only at schools. This commercial tools is well known by Windows users as it was spread to schools for free: The reduced SMART edition could be downloaded by teachers, pupils still have to buy the thing. Some free alternatives to MindManager: There is VYM, KDissert and Freemind. Most of those are available for several platforms.  10
Mission Orthographe ! CM1 CM2This software contains games to help pupils learn French spelling.  1
MonoConc Pro (MP 2.2)Monoconc Pro is software that Open University students use for module E303.  1
morse machineMorse Machine teaches Morse code using a tried and tested technique called the Koch Method.  1
Mots entrecroisésMots entrecroisés est un logiciel conçu dans le but de  1
MultidingsdaEdutainment application for learning German words.  1
Multimedialny słownik PWN -- język polskiENGLISH: multimedia polish dictionary  0
Musician Training Centerlearn guitar., tutorial, drills, upload messages and drills, share with others, learn scales and fret board quickly.  2
myco 06Fungal database with determination keys and detailed descriptions for more than 1000 species of fungi and 2300 highres photos  1
MyScribeMyScribe is a client-server application that allows to download and read books from the web site. MyScribe allows to upload PDF files to the client, too.  3
NavigiumNavigium is a computer training software for Latin. It includes a vocable and a grammar trainer.It is only available in German.  1
NetLogoA programmable modelling environment used in educational institutions.  1
neuron toolbook runtimeNeuron is the ToolBook Runtime (playback) engine with the extra ability to show itself within a Browser window. It can run toolbook-applications in its own wind  2
New Basics Electronic CookbookA old software designed to be the electronic replacement of the printed cookbooks, bundled in a CD-ROM.  1
Nook for PCThis is an eBook reader that can be installed on a PC to read files in the Nook format.  It is produced by Barnes & Noble.  2
NOOKstudyAn eBook application designed for use with eTextbooks with the college student and professor in mind.  4
North American BirdsAn electronic guide that helps identify birds. Filled with beautiful illustrations, bird calls, audio commentary, and videos of the birds in action.  1
Nota Bene module professeurIn France there many programs for scoring the works of students.  4
Nuclear Power Plant SimulatorNuclear  1
Nya MultigramThis application practices spelling, languages, words and much more.  1
OceanOcean is a popular and free searchable library of the world's religious writings and contains over 1,000 books from 10 global religions. It is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Russian, and Portuguese. CDs of this application may be ordered at $5 each to "anywhere on the planet" from the main site.  1
Olive Tree Bible SoftwareThe Olive Tree BibleReader for Windows has over 20 English Bible translations and more than 1,300 resources for PC that allow you to study your Bible on your home computer. Study your Bible anytime, anywhere on your PC desktop.  1
OPACSubset of the Follett Library automation suite of programs which allows for students to browse library materials.  1
Opnet IT Guru Academic EditionIt is an academic s/w used in networking courses. Quite widely used BTW...  1
Oriolus Deutsch GrundschuleThis is educational software that intends to train elementary school pupils in the German language.  1
PabloA Chinese-English dictionary based on CEDICT and incorporating many  1
PahamifyPahamify is Indonesian video learning software which is the desktop version from the mobile version  1
PALmill+CNC milling programming training according to DIN 66025.  1
PALturn+CNC turning programming training according to DIN 66025.  1
Paradigms Master ProGrammar learning app for Hebrew, Greek and Spanish, generates quizzes to help learn forms of verbs and nouns  1
Parsons Technology Greek TutorThis application allows you to learn Biblical Greek and to pronounce it. It includes more than twenty grammar and vocabulary lessons.  1
Pass4Sure (CISCO 640-802) (CCNA EXAM)This program has 394 questions with explanations and answers for typical Cisco CCNA (640-802) questions. It is one of the best rated Cisco CCNA exam preparation tools.  1
Państwowe Testy Egzaminacyjne na Prawo JazdyPaństwowe Testy Egzaminacyjne na Prawo Jazdy (National Exam Tests for a Driving License) is a Polish application distributed by which allows driving license candidates to revise in their homes.  1
PC Study Bible 5A reference tool for studying the bible  2
PC-FahrschuleApplication including the officail questions for the german driver license and to help study for the theoretical test.  1
PDG SNCO GoldThis is the study guide for the USAF promotion.  1
PDS School Management SoftwarePrinciple Data Systems School Management Software is one of few completely web-based school administration solutions that offers a completely integrated suite of tools for private and independent schools. No client needed. Administrators and teachers simply login using a username and password, which determines each user's level of access.  1
Persian TutorThis CD includes lessons on the Persian language, with reading, writing, pronunciation and dialogue. The same company also makes CDs for Arabic and Hebrew, probably using the same type of software.  1
phase6Phase6 is a program to learn, memorize and transfer vocabulary of almost every possible language to long-term memory. It is based on scientific research and increases the benefits of flash card based learning. The program can be used for other terms such as formulas, too.  5
Phywe Measure 4-2Educational software to communicate between PC and handheld measurement instruments or between PC and the Phywe Cobra-III interface.  1
Piano MarvelOn-line piano training program using MIDI.  Requires an account (free trial or paid subscription) to use.  1
Playground SessionsSoftware for learning to play the piano.   2
Playway 3With Playway learning English is fun!  1
Posit Brain FitnessThe Brain Fitness Program is a computer-based software program  1
Power ChineseTeaching software for Mandarin Chinese.  1
POWERPREPThis is a GRE preparation application.  It contains two computer practice tests to take the GRE  2
PowerTeacher DeLuxePowerTeacher DeLuxe is a german Application to learn stuff for the Driver Licence in Germany  1
Profesor Henry Slownictwo 3&4English vocabulary training application with Polish UI. Uses algorithms for automatic scheduling of repetitions.  1
Profesor Klaus SłownictwoApplication which helps you to learn german words with repetition scheduler.  1
ProfNoteProfNOTE is a school grading tool distributed in France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium. ­Standalone version of ProfNOTE is downloadable freely.  3
programa libros y Bibliotecas en LinuxSoftware that enables comprehensive management of libraries.  1
PRONOTE[English]  10
PsykTrekSupplemental material for psychology 101 course. Contains videos, glossary of terms, interactive lessons.  1
PWN Oxford Wielki Multimedialny Słownik Angielsko-PolskiBidirectional English-Polish dictionary with small set of functions.  1
Pytacz Masterprogram for vocabulary training. Here you can learn such words, designs, concepts, definitions, multiplication tables, elements, months, capital of the countries, historical dates  1
QtranslateQTranslate is a free translator for Windows (Windows  1
Questrade IQThis is a desktop trading application for stocks and options. In order to get the application you must log in to your account. I've provided a download link to my website so that you can have the exact exe file that I downloaded from my account at questrade. This link should allow you to save the file locally on your system.  1
QuickTest ProMercury QuickTest Professional provides the industry's best solution for functional test and regression test automation.  1
QuickVerseBible study Software  3
Rapid RoteFlash-card simulation program for studying language vocabulary.  1
RapidTypingRapidTyping is designed to teach adults and kids to use their  2
Read Write HiriganaThis is a progrram that helps you learn the Hirigana symbols from the Japanese Language.  1
Read Write KatakanaA japanese language charactor writing learner.  1
Reader+An e-book reader for some high school textbooks  1
ReadMaster PlusReadmaster Plus is an educational application used by homeschoolers and private Christian schools. It is a suite of modules including "Math Builder", "Readmaster", "Word Builder", "Typemaster", and a database that runs it all.  1
Real LivesReal Lives lets you experience what happened if you were born in another country by simulating a typical life in a random country based on statistical data.  2
Real Time RelativityPhysics software used for teaching Special Relativity. Uses the Graphics Processing Unit to do the calculations necessary to fly around in a world obeying relativistic optics.  1
Rechentraining – Kopfrechnen ab 6. Schuljahra collection of math exercises  1
Registro ValutazioniAn application (in Italian only) for Italian students, to register the marks received during the school year.  1
RenWebThis next-generation school management software is totally integrated into one database on the web. A school management solution that embraces the varied needs of administration, staff, teachers, parents and students. "Gradebook, and taking attendance is a breeze. No more averaging!"  1
Repetitio AnatomiaeEducation software to learn the human anatomy.  1
RespondusFrom Website:  2
Respondus Lockdown BrowserTest-taking browser for use with Blackboard.  8
reversemytrailerSimulator designed to help you learn how to reverse-manoeuvre any kind of towed trailer.  1
RideReadyPractice for the oral portion of an FAA Practical Test (for example to get a Private Pilot certificate).  1
RoadquizRoadQuiz is an traffic simulator for Swedish driving license training.  1
Robot KarolRobot Karol is a development platform with an easy programming language. It is designed to help students understand the basics of programming.  1
Rock ProdigyGuitar learning software.  1
Rocket ReaderRocket Reader is a speed reading training program. The version tested here is only the free trial version downloaded from their website.  1
Rocksmith 2014Rocksmith 2014 is a game where you use any guitar/bass (with 1/4" jack) to play songs, trying to master your skills with the instrument. Rocksmith 2014 is the newest edition of Rocksmith, and is sometimes called Rocksmith 2 internally.  1
Rosetta Stone"Rosetta Stone" is a highly efficient language training tool.  7
ruangbelajarIndonesian Education Application  1
RUBICon - RUB Internet ConnectoreCampus-tool for the Ruhr-University of Bochum, Germany.  1
Rund ums AdjektivA collection of 180 interactive language exercises.  1
Russian With Ease (german version)Language Learning Course for the russian language (german Version).  1
Słownik ortograficzny PWNENGLISH: polish dictionary (+spelling)  1
S103 Discovering ScienceDiscovering  7
S151 Maths for ScienceMaths for science is one of a series of short, flexible 10-point courses introducing fascinating topics in science.  1
S180 Life In The OceansLife in the oceans: exploring our blue planet  1
S197 How The Universe WorksHow the Universe works is one of a series  2
SayzmeSayzme is a TTS program for windows that uses sapi4 voices to read text highlighted and copied in any document or website.  1
Schwedisch AktivExcuse me but the next part will be german because ist an swedish trainer for germans ;)  1
Scia EngineerSoftware for modeling and computing structures (civil engineering)  1
ScienceMatrixEducational software, currently only the "Cell Structure &Function" version is available.  1
SeifertViewFrom description: a Seifert surface is an oriented surface, bouned by a knot or link. WIth SeifertView these fascinating mathematical objetcs can be defined and viewed.  1
SelfTest SoftwareFor many software products - like Oracle - you can get certified. A lot of the exams questions are multible-choise. For preparation purposes you can buy sample questions which make the test preparation a lot easer. Unfortunately most for this software group can only run on MS- but not any longer!  1
SGP Baltie 3SGP Baltie 3  1
SimEnzymeSimulation software for analysis of enzyme reactions. Let's you simulate laboratory experiments without having to physically run the lab.  1
Simulador de Construcción de Circuitos DigitalesSimulador de Construcción de Circuitos Digitales lets electronics students build their own circuits in a user-friendly interface with a protoboard.  1
SiyapathaSiyapatha is one of the very few typing tutor software for Sinhala users.   1
SmartmusicAllows students to play music into a microphone along with computer accompanyment.  4
Snooker MathematicsAn interactive CD for school use that helps players of all ages to practise their mental maths skills while having fun.  1
Solo Typing Tutor 9Typing tutor which guarantees solid typing skills and can help you increase your typing speed. The course is suitable for both novices who are eager to learn the correct hand positioning and fingering, and for beginner typists who are concerned about their typing speed and accuracy.  1
Sonic's SchoolhouseA rather bland educational game featuring Sonic the Hedgehog.  1
Stackz List EditorStackz is a flashcard organizer program running on the Windows  1
STAR ReadingAnalysis of Reading comprehension  1
StArtThe application is a tool that aim to help the researchers to apply the systematic review technique.  1
StartwriteWorksheet generator for handwriting for teachers. Has several fonts similar to D'Nealian, Zaner-Bloser, Getty & Dubay and Handwriting Without Tears in both manuscript and cursive styles. Worksheets can be made with or without rule lines. Rule lines only apply to included fonts. Extra fonts installed on system cannot have lines added. All included fonts can be generated in dotted trace, solid or shaded styles. Worksheets can also include graphics.  1
Stern Sprachkurs EnglischThis is a learning Software for people who wants to learn for example english. Their is a video tutor, voice recognition, personal learning planer, vocabulary trainer, grammatic trainer, audio CD's for  on the way. It is for the levels A1 to B2.  1
STI OfficeStudent Managment System  1
StrokesSeveral Language course software packages  3 is for virtual building using LEGO bricks, for rendering images of builds, and integration with BrickLink shop aggregator helps to buy needed pieces for real build.  14
StudieknepStudieknep helps pupils practice reading and text understanding.  1
StudyMate AuthorTool for teachers to create Flash-based activities and games using templates.  1
Super Solvers: Outnumbered!OutNumbered! is an educational computer game published by The Learning Company in 1990 aimed at children ages seven to fourteen and is designed to teach children mathematical computation and problem solving skills. It is the second game in the Learning Company's Super Solver Series.  1
SuperMemoSort of an over-glorified digital-flash card application with scientific basis.  7
Swift SpanishIt is a multimedia spanish tutor, that employs animation sound affects and music to teach a person spanish.  1
Switched on SchoolhouseHome school curriculum.  1
Switched-On SchoolhouseComputer-based curriculum.  2
Sybex CCNA Virtual Lab - Titanium Edition 2.0A virtual lab platform for training to achieve the CCNA certification.  1
SYBEX Test EngineTest Enigne is downloable part of CompTIA A+ Complete Certification Kit (ISBN 978-1-118-38842-6).  1
Syntorial DemoA program to learn synth program patching by ear.  1
Table Aliens 2000Times Table Game with Aliens built in 2000 and for Windows 95 or later and Mac  1
Talk Now FrenchLanguage learning software that teaches through the use of image association.  1
TalkNowCD-rom beginners language course for a large number of languages. Has to be run from the cd.  2
Tarski's WorldPart of the "Language, Proof and Logic" suite of instructional software for introductory logic courses. Lets you manipulate a blocks worlds and write sentences in first-order language, and evaluate their truth in the worlds.  1
Teach Me Pianointeractive piano lessons  1
Teach2000Stable, easy, complete.  4
Teaching TextbooksThese lessons are for learning mathematics. They consist of encrypted flash animations of lecture, problems, and un-encrypted solutions.  3
teachmasterTeachmaster is a program that helps you learning new words/vocabulary more efficiently.  2
Teknia Language ToolsTeknia language tools is an electronic flashcard system for learning New Testament Greek vocabulary and grammar. It is based around the book Basics of Biblical Greek by William D. Mounce (Zondervan)  1
Tell me moreTellMeMore is an application used to learn some languages, there are  7
testtest  0
testoutThis is an interactive study by Testout. This is one of the best in the world and it is certified.  4
Testout NavigatorTestout Navigator is the multimedia application that runs the courses installed into it.  1
TestWareTestWare software included with REA guides for CLEP test preparation.   1
thai111.Exea multimedia Thai language course for French, German, English and Dutch    1
Thames & Kosmos Microcontroller SoftwareThe Software that comes with the Thames & Kosmos Microcontroller Kit. It is used to view data from the microcontroller.  1
The American Girls Dress DesignerThe American Girls Dress Designer, as the name implies, allows you to create and edit period dress designs based on various characters from the doll line's Historical Character roster, from Colonial-era Felicity Merriman to WWII-era Molly McIntire, giving young girls and their parents an insight on what it's like to live during various points in American history.  1
The Complete National GeographicEvery National Geographic magazine from 1888 to 2008. It requires Adobe Air.  3
The Language of MedicineThis is a CD that accompanies the text of the same name, by Davi-Ellen Chabner.  It provides definitions and pronunciations for all words in the text, and copies of all images and diagrams in the text.  It also includes a number of animations and six games.  1
the mystery of the lost lettersEducational program for dyslexic adult and childs.  1
The Official DVSA Guide to Hazard PerceptionThe official interactive guide to revising for the UK driving hazard perception test.  1
Thinkwell PlayerThe player for the Thinkwell educational videos.  1
Time LinerUsed for History class reinforcement. Used to create time line's and chart them.  1
TimePassagesTimePassages is perfect for beginners, as well as professional astrologers such as Rob Brezsny, Alan Oken, Antero Alli, Lyn Borsodi, and many others, who use the Advanced Edition to do their astrological work.  1
Timez AttackTimez Attack is an educational game to teach multiplication in a fully three dimensional interactive game.  3
TonyFordz Basic HiraganaLearn the Basic Hiragana Alphabet & there sounds. Just click the alphabet of choice to hear its sound.  1
Total TesterTotal Tester Practice Exams will prepare you to pass the corresponding  1
Touchone Self-Study AudioTouchone Self-Study Audio is a software developed by Cambridge University and published to accompany Touchone Student's Book for listen conversations, exercises, and record your voice to compare with the computer.  1
Train DispatcherOutstanding simulator of a train dispatcher desk.  3
TranscenderCertification Training Software  2
Triple Play Plus!"Triple Play Plus!" is a series of educational programs of three languages - English, German and French, developed by Syracuse Language Systems Inc. in 1994. It tests and develops a general knowledge of language at the elementary and intermediate level.  1
Troytec exam enginesTroytec is an exam simulator for certification tests.  3
Tutor 6This modular self-testing software for students to quiz themselves on various topics (economics, nursing, math, etc).  1
TypeEase (金山打字通)A typing tutor program developed & published by Kingsoft, Inc., which has tutors for both English and Chinese typing.  1
Typen op de PCTyping training program completely in Dutch  1
Typing TutorA classic typing tutor program, which features a "Letter Invaders" typing game.  1
Typing Tutor 7A typing tutor program.  1
Udemy File UploaderA mass uploader of lectures for Udemy instructors  1
Verjo ExamentrainingA dutch training CD for your driver license.  1
VerseQVerseQ is a new generation high performance typing trainer! Instead of a set of predefined tasks, this program for the first time uses powerful mathematical methods and a semantic language model for adaptive generation of reference strings.  1
Virtual Physics LaboratoryVirtual Physics Laboratory was written as an aid to teachers and students of physics. It is not intended to replace practical work in a school laboratory, nor is it meant to displace the use of text books (or teachers!). This software library serves to illustrate and animate most of the topics taught in a modern physics curriculum. Some of the animations and virtual experiments go beyond what is required at school, but are included to stretch the more able pupils.  1
Visual CertExam ManagerVisual CertExam Suite is a test engine designed specifically for  5
Visual LogicVisualLogic is an educational app used by many colleges to teach students how to begin programming. The language is purely visual in that mostly you point and click and then edit any parameters related to the function. The graphic capabilities of the language are based on logo and no direct access to hardware is permitted.   1
VitalSource BookshelfVitalSource Bookshelf provides a locked-down DRM reader for reading Ebooks.  3
Vocabulary MasterSoftware for learning words in other languages by using flash cards.  1
VocatudeStudy foreign language vocabulary. Add the words from your course book to a word  1
Voice of JapanThe program is a simple texteditor combined with a high quality speech engine.  1
VokabeltrainerThis application applies you to learn vocabulary items from arabic to zulu.  6
WenlinThe program includes a Chinese-English dictionary, character reference, flashcards, handwriting recognition, and a number of other features.  2
Whizlabs SuiteA program for preparing for java certifications, contains example questions etc.  1
Winflash EducatorWinflash Educator is a multi-function multi-media flashcard program that allows the user to create and use flashcards to learn just about any subject.  1
Winfunkits only available in german as far as i know  2
Wordshark 3This is a program which helps children with learning difficulties improve reading skills.   1
YenkaA free (for personal/home use) educational title that provides facilities for science, maths, tech, computing & IT.  1
YousicianLearn to play guitar, bass, piano, ukulele or sing  5
Zahlenbuch 3 - Rechnen bis 1000Software for the German language schoolbook "Zahlenbuch 3 - Rechnen bis 1000".  1
Zebra 3 - Arbeitsheft SpracheSoftware for the German language schoolbook "Zebra 3 - Arbeitsheft Sprache".  1
zeugnisprogrammmit dem programm können leherInnen zeugnisse erstellen.  1
Zuoyebang Yike (作业帮一课)A online live broadcasting learning application.  1