Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
2x Client for WindowsPlease see  .  1
AAP Windows ClientAAP is a proprietary protocol for connecting with Aqua Connect's Remote Destop Services for Mac OS X computers via the proprietary AAP protocol, which offers better performance for media streaming, and increased reliability over high latency and international links as compared to RDP. Aqua Connects' Remote Desktop Services also supports RDP, and optionally VNC. Aqua Connect allows more than one person to use a Mac over the network, up to as many clients as your hardware can handle, and your license allows for. Contact Aqua Connect for more information and to request a free 14-day trial.  2
AirDroid 3With AirDroid 3 you can control your android smartphone or tablet from a PC, you can see notifications, control apps, transfer files and other  2
Amazon Workspaces ClientThe Amazon Workspaces Client for windows that allows one to connect to a windows virtual machine in the cloud.  16
ASUS PC LinkThis is an application for remoting an ASUS Zenfone mobile device running an Android via PC (Unfortunately, currently supports only Windows OS)  1
Back OrificeBack Orifice 2000 for windows. A network administration tool for windows.  1
Bitvies Tunnelier 4.62SSH client for Windows OS.  1
BlackBerry BlendAllows remote access to the BlackBerry Hub, messaging and BBM through a desktop interface.  3
BomgarBomgar enables clientless connection to any Windows, Linux, Mac, or Windows Mobile system by creating a remote desktop connection from the support rep's and end user's systems to the Bomgar Box outbound through firewalls. This eliminates the need to change firewall configurations and potentially weaken your network's security. And because you own the appliance, you can integrate with other tech support applications securely, keeping all of your sensitive data in-house where it belongs.  1
BrynhildrA simple and effective software utility that allows users to connect remotely to a server, supporting file transfer and voice transmission  1
BundestrojanerThe Bundestrojaner has been developed for the sole reason of protecting the citizens of or beloved Federal Republic of Germany (may she last a thousand years).  0
CheckpointVPN.msi E75Have wine 1.6.2, tried to install it but no go.  1
Client Access ExpressIBMs software package to allow Windows PCs to communicate with the iSeries (AS/400)  1
Core FTPThis is a great and simple FTP-client, wich I myself always use as my standard FTP Client in Windows.  1
dbx DriveWare GUIDriveWare is due to control the dsp line DriveRack from dbx (220i, 240, 241, 260, 442, 480, 481, 482).  1
DloadXDloadx -Alarm System Installer Program  2
dreambox control centerthe application is used to remotly control dreambox linux based satlliete rciever, to add file throughtftp, telnet to it, buckup files and more.  1
DVRManager + MFServerDVRManager: A tool to access your Kathrein-DVR and transfer videos, mp3s or jpegs between the DVR and your PC.  1
DynDNS UpdaterIP Updater for Dynamic DNS  2
EchoVNC ServerEchoVNC includes his own VNC server, WinVNC.exe, based on UltraVNC I think.  1
ESET Remote Administrator - Console­ESET Remote Administrator - Console(Microsoft­™Windowsâ„¢Vista/XP/2003/2000-32bit)  4
Exceed onDemandConnect to or create a new Linux terminal session remotely via Windows or Linux. Example: start a KDE, Gnome or terminal session at work and reconnect to it from home. Better than VNC. Requires Exceed onDemand server installed at your workplace.  1
Fog Creek CopilotAn open source TightVNC-based remote access program which uses a central server to to bypass all NAT and firewall access problems, for both Mac and Windows. Great for helping out Mac and Windows users remotely, without the pain of remote desktop or direct internet access for VNC. Note that although the software is open source, there is a charge to use their servers.  1
FRITZ!Fernzugang einrichtenThe program allows you to create vpn configurations for the avm fritzbox router. After create you can impoirt the generated configuration file into the router.  2
GoToAssistSupport Smarter  2
GoToMyPC ViewerThe windows viewer client for a web-based remote access service allowing users to remotely access  2
HP Remote Graphics ReceiverAllows connections to and remote control of machines running the HP Remote Graphics Sender server software.  1
HPE Lights-Out Standalone Remote Console for Windows (HPLOCONS)HPLOCONS is a .NET application that allows for remote administration of HPE ProLiant servers via the   1
IBM Personal CommunicationsPersonal Communications is an IBM 3270 and 5250 communication and Terminal emulator for Windows  1
Input DirectorSynergy-like app that allows for remote control of a keyboard and mouse on another computer, to create a seamless experience that feels like using a single computer with multiple monitors.  2
JustRemoteIT ClientWorks like most remote access software except that you use the server to connect to clients not the other way around, can save a huge amount of time not having to open ports client side if you don't have easy access. Also being freeware is a plus.  1
Kaseya Live ConnectKaseya Live Connect allows you to manage servers and workstations using the Kaseya VSA managed services product.  With Kaseya Live Connect, you can review hardware and software details of a machine, run scripted agent procedures, initiate file transfers, and initiate a remote control console with Kaseya Remote Control.  1 is a remote support tool which allows to connect to a remote Microsoft Windows desktop and perform support and administrative tasks. According to the developers the tool can be used at no charge even for commercial purposes.  2
Logmein IgnitionLogMeIn provides remote access to machines.  1
LogMeIn Rescue Technician ConsoleLogMeIn Rescue is a remote support system allowing a technician to connect to unlimited Windows and Mac computers with the user's permission. It has two parts:  7
Microsoft Remote Desktop ClientAllows a PC to control a desktop provided by a remote server.  1
MikogoMikogo is a screen sharing tool, allowing a presenter to show its own desktop to the other meeting partecipants. The presenter can allow a remote partecipant to control the desktop and yield its role to another partecipant.  2
Mocha TN5250Emulator TN5250 for remote access to IBM AS/400  1
MSView.exeMSView.exe is an user configuration and communications program that uses TCP/IP or a RS-232 serial connection to monitor and configure Morningstar MPPT Solar Charge Controllers.  A solar charge controller is a hardware device used to regulate storage battery charge from attached solar panels, and to monitor and control attached electrical loads supplied by battery through the controller.  MSView.exe is a software application used to configure and monitor the operation of the solar controller.  2
MyMobilerThis program allows you to operate your PDA, change settings, install programs on it and transfer files from a distance.  1
Net Keeper (闪讯)A client for college students to connect the Internet In Zhe Jiang Province,China.  1
NETGEAR ReadyNAS RemoteRemote Access to NETGEAR ReadyNAS.  1
NetOp Remote Control GuestWith the NetOp Guest module one can connect to a remote computer which will need have a NetOp Host module running. NetOp Remote Control supports Linux, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS X and OS/2.  3
NetTermThis is a telnet client that supports ZModem, XModem and Kermit.  1
NetwireRemote Access   1
Nexus PersonalNexus Personal is used to authenticate with some Swedish banks and for using BankID.  1
NGX R60 HFA3  1
OrbORB allows a user to stream audio and video (as well as webcams, and live TV) to iPhones, Wiis, PS3s, Xbox 360s, other computers, and more.  1
pcAnywherepcAnywhere remote access software.  4
PCDuoApplication to remotely control windows servers.  1
PCHelpWareSelf contained single click Windows executable that combines VNC server and 256 bit encryption without the need for an installer, nor the need to modify any registry entries. Pairs itself with a small client, neither of whom is over 500 kb.  1
PocketCloud Windows CompanionWyse PocketCloud allows IT administrators and end users to securely access their PC and virtual desktops remotely through the convenience of their iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Android phone.  1
PuTTYPutty is a free and simple telnet/ssh client for windows.  6
PuTTy Connection ManagerPuTTY Connection Manager is a freePuTTY Client Add-on  2
Q-See CMS ControlCenter 1.6.2Q-See CMS 1.6.20 is the video software to view CCTV cameras made by Q-See DVRs.    1
RconITA server administration tool which allows you to easily send Rcon commands to a Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory server.  1
RDP 6.0 PortablePortable RDP 6 client is a very small footprint RDP6 client (2,5 MB versus 40 MB of the Microsoft one). It is just one .exe file – No installation at all, just run it. It is a full featured RDP 6 client, including the support of TSE gateway and the Terminal Services RemoteApp (TS RemoteApp). PortableRDP6 can run any Windows PC, without having to install 300 MB of SP3. More, you can copy it on your USB stick to start a TS session from this USB stick from any PC! Enjoy.  1
RealVNCControl and view your PC screen from a distance.  1
Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMSTerminal emulation application.  1
Remote Administrator (radmin)Remote Administrator (Radmin) is the award-winning secure remote control software that enables you to work on a remote computer  9
Remote Desktop Connection ClientRemote Desktop in Windows XP Professional and above provides remote access to the desktop of your computer running Windows XP Professional, from a computer at another location. Using Remote Desktop you can, for example, connect to your office computer from home and access all your applications, files, and network resources as though you were in front of your computer at the office.  22
Remote KeyboardRemote Keyboard is a program that connects PC keyboard and mouse to your Pocket  1
Remote Utilities ServerFree self-hosted server for Remote Utilities Viewer witch can work as :  1
Remote Utilities ViewerRemote Utilities Viewer is a program that allows full remote control access to Windows systems running Remote Utilities Host program.  This particular tool is extremely secure, and will only allow access if you have either the IP or special encoded 9-digit randomly generated web code, as well as a password setup on the Host program.  2
Royal TSRoyal TS is a multifunction remote connection manager for Windows. You have the ability to group machines that you administer. It has full AD functionality and extra tools to maximize the functionality for admin based remote desktop.  2
RSA SecurID Software TokenApplication for generating passphrases for remote access using the RSA SecurId system.  5
Samsung Smart ViewerRemote management software for Samsung DVRs  2
ScreenheroScreenhero is a screen sharing application integrated with #slack.  2
SecureCRTExcellent SSH/Telnet/rlogin/serial etc program. Supplies a tabbed interface and scripting for sessions.  Powerful session management, generation of SSH keys, Zmodem support for in-session file transfers.  4
SecureGuard CMSit is a dvr client software that is used to connect to all types of speco tech dvrs  1
SecureLinx Spider ViewSpider View is a Windows®-based application designed to facilitate the management of  1
SharedViewHold more effective meetings and conference calls  1
SideSyncSideSync allows remote viewing/ access to Samsung devices over USB or WiFi connections.  2
SkyFexWeb based remote access  1
SoftEther VPN Server ManagerSoftEther is open source multi-protocol cross platform VPN software.  1
Spacedesk-driverit is a network display driver that can project the desktop screen on any other device including android and ios using respective clients and allows mouse and keyboard control.  It works only on local network and it has  feature to auto detect server ip address and as for windows it does not require any other setup of ip adress or display interface. It can also use multiple devices as displays simultaneously.  1
SplashTop Business AppThis is the SplashTop Business App - the app that you use to access other computers, not the streamer.  You must have a SplashTop account, etc.   4
Splashtop for RMMA client for various RMM tools to use Splashtop for remote desktop access. Used by clicking connect links in a web interface. There is no local GUI to initiate connections to a remote machine in this edition.  1
SpykeeSpykee is a wifi robot.  1
SSH Secure ShellSSH Secure Shell, which contains a connection (terminal) client and a file transfer client, is a software aims at creating an easy-to-use encrypted file transfer over the Internet.  1
SupremoSupremo allows to easily connect to and control computers behind firewalls and NATS, like teamviewer, anydesk, etc.  3
SwannView LinkPC Client for remote monitoringDVR SwannView Link  2
TeamViewerTeamViewer is a software for remote access, remote support and online meetings  5
TeamViewer ManagerThe TeamViewer Manager is an additional tool which manages all your connection  1
Terminal Services ClientThis is the terminal services client you can use to connect to Windows 2000 Terminal Servers. The program itself runs fine, with the exception of a cache error on startup. However, the terminal client response itself is very slow.  1
TightVNCviewerTightVNCviewer is a free viewer for remote computer control.  2
TinyTERMTerminal Emulation for:  1
TP-Link Printer ControllerConnection facility for access to USB printer running on TP-Link modem-router.  1
TunnelierApplication that allows you to securely connect using the the ssh protocol.  2
UltraVNC ViewerThe vncviewer executable from the UltraVNC package.  11
usbip-win2Its another USB/IP Client for Windows   4
Vista tn32703270 terminal emulator, used for connecting to IBM mainframe systems.  1
WannaCryptThis is purely intended as a humorous/novelty entry added as a response to the attached tweet of a security researcher.  Do not install the software.  1
WEB.DE SmartsurferCheap Internet access via modem/ISDN  1
WinboxGUI for Mikrotik router management.  11
WinRemotePCRemote control/administration  1
ZensesZenses is a small freeware application to scrobble tracks to from Creative Zen players. Zenses is .net based.  1
ZOCZOC is a powerful and well-established terminal emulator and telnet client, well known for its outstanding user interface. ZOC lets you access character based hosts using telnet, modem, Secure Shell (SSH/SSH2), ISDN and most other means of communication. It can be used to connect to Unix/Linux hosts and shell accounts, BBS's, IBM mainframes (via TN3270 or TN5250) or internet muds.  3