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Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
001 Action / RPG MakerEngine 001 is a tool to create your very own Action RPG games. It has intuitive interface and quite good resource collection so you can create games very fast. Almost everything is customizable.  2
3D Editor3D world builder, model and mesh editor for Windows.  1
5211GameA Dotapod-like application which allow players to play Warcraft 3 and more games with friends in LAN mode.  1
Action Replay Code ManagerThis application manages codes and codelists for the Action Replay DS.  3
Action Replay Powersaves for 3DSSavegame editing tool for Nintendo DS & Nintendo 3DS cartridges. Uses an external cartridge reader connected via USB to read the saves from the cartridge.  1
ADRIFT: Adventure Development & Runner - Interactive Fiction ToolkitADRIFT is a set of two programs for Windows written in Visual Basic for working with interactive fiction (aka. text adventures, eg. Zork, Colossal Cave). The generator component is for creating games, or 'adventures', which is done by a powerful GUI, requiring no knowledge of programming languages. The runner component is for playing adventures saved in ADRIFT's file format.  2
Advanced Combat TrackerThe one and only Combat Parser for Everquest II. Reads log files in real time and generates data on the entire combat encounter.  2
Aemulus Mod ManagerA .NET / Dotnet mod package manager, made specifically for Persona 4 Golden on PC, Persona 3 FES, Persona 5, and Persona 5 Strikers.  1
Aeria IgniteA program from Aeria Games, which is installed with all games from Aeria Games which is required to run them.  1
ALOT InstallerThe ALOT Installer installs texture packs for the Mass Effect trilogy of games with the purpose of remastering them to look better than their original releases.  1
AlphaVespucciAlphaVespucci is a command-line map renderer for Minecraft Alpha maps.  1
Amazon Games and Software DownloaderNeeded to download software and games purchased through Amazon.  3
AMD Product Verification Tool SetupThe software to get the free games offered by AMD during special promotions with the purchase of select AMD products (ie: GPU cards).  1
AnnihilatorA very popular map editor for Total Annihilation. Some people think this is the best map editor around.  1
ARK Smart BreederA helper program for ARK Survival Evolved, showing tamed dino stats for the purpose of breeding. Also has a few additional helper functions in addition to purely breeding related ones.  5
Armed Assault 2 - Dedicated ServerArmA2Server.exe is the dedicated gameserver for the 1st person combat simulation "Armed Assault 2"  1
Army BuilderAn army design program for multiple table-top wargame systems.  5
ArtifactMageArtifact Generator for roleplaying games.  1
ArtMoneyA tool to edit the memory of running applications. Allows changing and searching for values, including unknown ones.  1
AstroSynthesis 2AstroSynthesis, is a program that creates detailed star maps - all in 3D space. it can, create detailed star maps using three-dimensional (3D) positioning, randomly create vast amounts of star and planetary data using the program's built-in  1
AtcWindows DeveloperTool to create your own ATC centers and sectors that can used by AtcWindows.  3
Athena's Armor Set Search (ASS)A basic GUI application designed to help with choosing armor set builds for games in the Monster Hunter Series.  1
ATMAAn application that lets you transfer items in between single player characters in Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Allows creation of stash files to hold unlimited number of items, item property viewing, importing/exporting of items in .d2i format, an item drop calculator, etc. More details at the program site.  1
AutomatonAutomaton is a modpack installer for games like Skyrim and Fallout that implements the feature in a way that's user friendly for users and non-invasive in file distribution for mod authors.  1
Batman: Arkham Asylum - Advanced LauncherThis application is an open-source game launcher for Batman: Arkham Asylum, running on .NET 4.5 (at the time of writing), extending the available features available to tweak for prospective players.  1 App is your gateway to all things Blizzard:  1
Battlefield 2 Stats ViewerA program used to view detailed statistics of Battlefield 2 players.  1
BattleLANA small application to play LAN games (starcraft via UDP, for example) via TCP/IP  1
Battleye Extended Controls (Bec)Bec is a admin tool for ArmA2/OA/CO dedicated servers for Windows that has enabled Battleye.  1
BFBC2 PRoCon console for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.    1
BFRemoteManagerThe BFRemoteManager is a Client for the Gameserver Management Daemon for Battlefield1942. It's a Standalone .exe without Installationset. Runs perfectly with wine.  1
Big Fish Games ClientThe Big Fish Games client.  2
Bink VideoVideo player for Bink! video.  3
Blizzard DownloaderDownloaders for Blizzard Games  8
BookMageBookMage is a random library generator for role-playing games such as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons or AD&D by Wizards of the Coast.  1
BSAoptBethesda Archive Management and Optimization  1
BSP Quake EditorMap editor for Quake 1 and Half Life, very easy to use with great documentation  1
BuildingMageBuildingMage is a random building floorplan and layout generator for role-playing games such as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons or AD&D by Wizards of the Coast.  1
BWAPIThe Brood War Application Programming Interface (BWAPI) is a free and  4
BYONDBYOND is a suite of tools for developing and deploying primarily 2D tile-based multi-player games, using a custom-made language and Virtual Machine system.  2
C&C:OnlineC&C:Online is a game launcher specific to Command & Conquer game series capable of connecting into Revora Game Servers instead of GameSpy Servers (which are, currently, offline) allowing online gaming without the need of VPN-based tools.  1
C-Xbox ToolC-XBox Tool is one of the most All in One tool  1
Campaign CartographerVector based map making software for roleplaying games.  4
Campaign Cartographer ViewView and print maps from Campaign Cartographer.  0
CapsuleAn application required to download and play games purchased from web site.  1
CaptureAgeA tool for analyzing and observing Age of Empirs II: Definitive Edition games.  6
CBDSCryptEncrypts/decrypts cheat codes for the Codebreaker DS. Also generates Master Codes.  1
CFHodEdCFHodEd is a modding tool for Homeworld 2. It can completely create or edit the .hod files from the game.  1
Challenge CasinoChallenge Casino has more than hundreds of games.  1
CharacturgeThis is a character sheet generation tool predominantly used with games based on the old World of Darkness system created by White Wolf. The program uses specially formatted text files as templates and as actual sheets in order to provide an easy to modify system that ensures proper counting of dots, including experience points.  1
Cheat EngineCheatEngine is a memory editor, debugger and trainer creator all in one. It is used primarily for cheating in games by searching for the memory address of the value you specify and allowing you to modify the value.  7
CheMaxGood cheat-base for Windows.  1
Chess MentorChess training software  3
Chip's Challenge EditorCreate your own levels for Chip's Challenge.  1
ChummerChummer is an application to design and maintain characters for Shadowrun 4th Edition. It allows you to track your  3
CityMageCityMage is a random settlement generator for role-playing games such as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons or AD&D by Wizards of the Coast.  1
clrmameproclrmamepro means 'cool little rom manipulation and management engine'. ­It's a very usefull tool­ for managing emulator roms or simply list of files that must be up-to-date.  2
corion2CORION2 is a map editor for the strategy game "Master Of Orion 2"  1
Cosmic Forgemad god's *Cosmic Forge* Editor for Wizardry 6, Wizardry 7 and Wizardry 8  1
CPPS TrainerApplication used to open .swf files from a Club Penguin Private Server emulator such as  1
Crazy Vegas Casino(None.)  1
Creation Kit 64-BitThe 64-bit Creation Kit (a.k.a. CK64) is a tool created for developing mods for Skyrim Special Edition.  1
CronusThis software allow to customize (ie: reflash the firmware) the Chronus devices (they make multi devices adapters for console gamepads).  1
Crossword Construction KitA construction kit to construct crossword puzzles.  1
CryENGINE 3 SDKCryENGINE 3 SDK is popular, powerful and free game engine.  4
CRYENGINE LauncherA Launcher for the CryEngine and distribution platform for assets related to or using CryEngine.  1
CyberboardFree tool for playing boardgames by email on the computer  3
D-Fend ReloadedD-Fend Reloaded is a front end for DOSBox.  1
D2GSClosed game server (Diablo II).  2
Dart ProDartPro is a program that will help you improve your game of darts. If  1
DesuraDesura is a game and game mod distribution platform. Facilitating the purchase and downloading of games as well as mods while also finding games purchased from other services to act as a launcher and mod manager. From the Desura website: "Desura is a community driven digital distribution service for gamers, putting the best games, mods and downloadable content from developers at gamers fingertips, ready to buy and play"  3
DexPlorerSoftware that allows a DexDrive to communicate with a PC. The purpose of the DexDrive is to allow you to backup and restore PSX and N64 memory cards.  1
Diablo 2 Character EditorD2Editor is a program that allows you to edit Diablo2 characters that have been created. Works flawlessly and actually edits characters!  2
DLDItoolDLDI is the Dynamically Linked Disc Interface for Game Boy Advance and  1
DMM Game PlayerDMM Game Player is a storefont, much like Steam, Origin and the like, for the Japanese distributor DMM Games.  1
Doom BuilderDoom Builder is an advanced, revolutionary map editor for Doom and games  2
Dungeon Keeper 2 EditorThe official, yet unofficial editor for making Dungeon Keeper 2 maps.  1
Dungeons & Dragons: Character GeneratorA demo version of the character generator for AD&D 3rd Edition.  1
EA appThe EA app (formerly known as EA Desktop) is the latest tool from EA to buy, download and manage your installed games as well as EA Play subscription.  1
EA Download ManagerA downloading tool for EA games, similar to steam but not as central to the execution of games, only the installation.  1
EA Link (Formerly EA Downloader)EA Link is essentially EA's version of steam. Its a utility that can download patches for EA games, download EA games like Battlefield. Its also required for some games like BF 2142 if it was purchased from EA Link.  1
EasyUOEasyUO is a FREE piece of software that enables you to write scripts that make your characters in Ultima Online do pretty much anything possible.  1
Ecco Password ToolA password tool for various versions of the video games Ecco the Dolphin and Ecco: The Tides of Time.  1
EDDI: The Elite Dangerous Data InterfaceEDDI is a companion application for Elite: Dangerous, providing responses to events that occur in-game using data from the game as well as various third-party tools.  1
EschatonEschaton is the all-in-one solution for modding Halo. The de facto successor to HHT (Halo Hacker Tools) and HMT (Halo Map Tools), it is written by the authors of those two applications and more.  1
ESO External Friends ListThis application is used to see if friends are online on "Age of Empires III's" multiplayer service, "Ensemble Studios Online."  1
eToolse-Tools is a character generation software that was licensed by Wizards  1
EVE Fitting ToolEVE Fitting tool is a utility to calculate the results of a skillset and item-fit on any of the ships in EVE online.  3
EVEMonEVEMon is a lightweight, easy-to-use standalone Windows application designed to assist you in keeping track of your EVE Online character progression. You can view your current skills and attributes, what you're currently training, and your ISK balance. EVEMon can track multiple characters across multiple accounts, so all your alts can be monitored through the same, simple interface.  1
EvolveA client for gamer's providing useful features such as VPN, gametime tracking, in-game overlay, and social aspects (forums, group chats, friends list).  1
eXtendable Wad EditorIt runs fine on Wine, it's laggy though. Everything works  1
ExtractorThis utility allows music extraction from various game files.  1
魔兽争霸官方对战平台/Warcraft III Battle PlatformBlizzard certified (CN) official Warcraft3 multiplayer platform.  1
Fallout 4 Script ExtenderThis application allows for injection of script commands directly into the games memory allowing for advanced mods to work.  1
Fallout: Tale of Two Wastelands InstallerFallout: Tale of Two Wastelands is a mod for the game Fallout: New Vegas by Bethesda Softworks. It combines assets of said game with those of its predecessor, Fallout 3. It requires both games to be purchased and installed, including all DLC, in order to work.  2
Farming Simulator 22 dedicated serverFarming Simulator 22 is the latest game in the Farming Simulator series, it's a game in the series and was released on November 22nd, 2021. It is developed and published by Giants Software. The latest game  version, is out on November 14, 2022. Platinum Edition of the game, alongside with Platinum Expansion was released on november 15, 2022.  1
FarmvilleBotA bot that does all the actions in the popular Facebook game FarmVille so you don't have to.  1
FEBuilderGBAA Fire Emblem 6/7/8 ROM Editor that edits graphics, animations, characters etc.  1
FeedbackA custom chart editing tool for making custom note charts for the Guitar Hero games, and  1
FFXIV TexToolsA modding tool for Final Fantasy XIV.  2
Fighter FactoryThis is a cool tools for make custom chars for mugen, also being able to do stages and screenpacks, ar first might take some time to understand the interface, but after that you will enjoy make your own fighter for any version of mugen.  3
FloEditFloEdit II, an editor for the classic Wolfenstein 3D game, allows you to completely modify and change many different aspects of Wolf3d, including sounds, music, graphics and levels.  1
FM genie scoutFM Genie Scout 2007 is a scouting tool for Football Manager by SI Games,  3
Forgotten Realms Interactive AtlasDigital atlas of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, developed at the request of TSR, Inc. (later Wizards of the Coast, the current owner). It includes over 450 maps. Later updates would bring the number of maps to over 850. The maps are consistent with the timeline as presented in AD&D's second edition of the campaign setting and novels.  1
Fractal MapperFractal Mapper is a mapping system that lets gamers create a wide variety of of maps -  2
Fractal TerrainsFractal Terrains Pro is a fractal world generation program mainly used for tabletop roleplaying games. It can create a world map in a matter of seconds, including such details as altitude, climate, rainfall, and temperature.  2
FrapsFraps is a universal Windows application that can be used with all  3
Frontier LaunchpadA Client from Frontier to launch and update their games  1
Frosty Mod Manager"The most advanced modding platform for games running on DICE's Frostbite game engine." (quote from the website)  1
FurnarchyFurnarchy is a "proxy" for the Furcadia client: it improves greatly the usability of Furcadia, via the use of plugable modules.  2
Galaxy ViewerGalaxy viewer browser - browser for PbEM game Galaxy+  1
Game Character HubGame Character Hub is an art program that is focused on game asset creation, especially RPG Maker's. It provides a built-in generator for character and tileset creation.  1
GameFly ClientThe GameFly Client software allows you to buy, download and rent various game titles (requires subscription to the gamefly service). Currently the software caters for Windows/Mac OS'. The client GUI acts as a portal to the various services offered by GameFly Inc. (formerly known as 'Direct2Drive'), and must be used to download/install games.  1
Gameforge LiveThe "Gameforge Live" client is used to download, update and start games offered by the Gameforge AG.  4
GameGuardnProtect GameGuard (sometimes called GG or GameMon) is a game anti-cheating rootkit software developed by INCA Internet. It is bundled with many multiplayer online games to block certain applications and common methods of cheating, and, to a lesser extent, protect the game user, like blocking keyloggers. It hides the game application process, monitors the entire memory range, terminates applications defined by the game vendor and INCA to be cheats, blocks certain calls to DirectX functions and Windows APIs and auto-updates itself to change as new threats surface.  3
Gamersgate Download ManagerDownload manager for games of the gamersgate online store.  1
Games for Windows - LIVEGames for Windows - LIVE enables the in-game Games  3
GameShadowUtility for updating games and system drivers.  1
GameShark for GBACheat Manager/utilities for the GBA Gameshark.  1
GameSpy 3Dtool for fetching server lists for various multiplayer games.  1
GameSpy ArcadeThis is a tool for finding games running on servers world-wide, and for launching games.  1
Gamespy ComradeGameSpy Comrade is the latest matchmaking, patching, everything-else-multiplayer-game-related tool from GameSpy Industries/IGN.  1
GameTapAn application for playing various games no matter what platform they were released on.  3
GameTime+GameTime+  1
GarenaZero lag, Hack-free Gaming. Anytime and Anywhere.  7
GatewayGateway has become the prescribed method for users to download Gravity Interactive's selection of online, free-to-play (F2P) games.   After registering, players use a single account to access both the site and client.  The client includes a messenger and probably other neat things that I have yet to see.  (still trying..)  0
GCFScapeGCFScape is an explorer like utility designed to allow users to browse Half-Life and Steam packages and extract their contents. GCFScape supports .bsp, .gcf, .pak, .wad and .xzp packages and runs independently of Steam.  3
Genetics Kit for Creatures 3The official tool for viewing and modifying the genome files used by Creatures 3 and Docking Station.  1
GliderGlider is a tool for World of Warcraft that allows a user to make the game do certain actions automatically like "walk around an area and kill/loot/gather X mob/item/herb/mineral".  2
GlyphTrion World's game launcher.  1
GM EditorThe GM Editor allows players of the Fantasy Hockey League simulator to manage their teams.  2
GOG GalaxyA Steam-like client to access the game library  2
GtkRadiantGame Level Designer for:  1
GURPS Character AssistantGURPS Fourth Edition lets roleplayers create any  7
GURPS Character BuilderGURPS Character Builder is the official character-creation program for  2
GURPS Character MakerGURPS Character Maker is a GURPS 3rd edition character management tool.  1
GURPS Vehicle BuilderGURPS Vehicle Builder (GVB) is the official vehicle creation program for GURPS 3rd edition. GVB lets you design, optimize, store, modify, and print out vehicles built using the rules from GURPS Vehicles, Second Edition, including the optional rules Vehicles Expansions 1 and 2. Support is included for the modular design systems from GURPS Traveller, GURPS Space, and GURPS WWII.  1
GZDoom BuilderIt's forked from DoomBuilder 2 with the additions of GZDoom OpenGL rendering support. So it can show dynamic lights and 3D models.  3
GZDoom Builder BugfixAdvanced tool to create and edit maps for games based on classic Doom engine and it's forks (GZDoom, Zandronum etc.)  1
Half-Life Model ViewerHalf-Life Model Viewer is an application for previewing Source MDL files, using a rendering output similar to that of the game engine. It can be also used by modelers to refine a ­f­ile by finding the exact origin and physics constraints and generating a .QC with the right values.  1
Half-Life Sound SelectorHalf-Life Sound Selector is a simple application that allows you to play, specially formatted .wav files, through your microphone in Half-Life based games/mods.  1
Halo Hacker ToolsHalo Hacker Tools is an essential program in the toolkit of any Halo modding enthusiast. It comes with support for dependency, XML meta tag editing and even support for PMI (perfect model injection).  1
Hattick Coach Professionalthe installation works perfect, but is the only thing that works.  1
Hattrick ControlHattrick Control is an assistant for the online game Hattrick.  3
Hattrick ForeverThis application helps you manage a hattrick team (  1
Hattrick ManagerHattrick Manager is a tool for the onlinegame Hattrick where you coach a virtual football team. With Hattrick Manager  1
HattrickPoliHattrickPoli is a great free tool for Hattrick managers.  1
hayoolahayoola is an iranian video game store client similar to steam, it's mainly used for selling iranian games  1
Hearthrangerit is a hearthstone bot made for the game hearthstone, the bot uses written algorithm to decide whats the best thing to do in the game during your turn, then plays it automatically.    2
Hearthstone Deck TrackerAllows you to keep track of your and your opponents cards.  1
Heavy Metal ProProgram that let's you design and edit Mech configurations for use with the tabletop wargame Classic Battletech.  2
Hero LabCharacter generator for tabletops role-playing games  7
HLDJHLDJ is a graphical interface for games based on the Half-Life and Source engines. It allows users to play music or sound files over the microphone input channel.  1
HLSWWhat is HLSW?  2
HoardMageHoardMage is a random treasure hoard generator for role-playing  1
Hold'em ManagerKeeps personal statistics on texas hold'em games played at various online sites.  1
HTRatingsa tool to help you manage your team on  2
Hyrule MagicA "Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" ROM editor.   1
iCCup LauncherThis application launches Warcraft III Frozen Throne (given that you already have that installed) and lets you enter The Abyss.  5
IndiegalaClientIndiegalaClient allows gamers to reach their games from the desktop. One can buy, download and play all Indie games available in Indiegala website.  1
InformInform is a design system for interactive fiction  7
Inner SpaceInnerSpace is an in-between layer that works between the windows API and the game itself. It can do pretty much anything to the game, and the game won't suspect anything.  5
Interactive Map of CyrodiilThis application provides an interactive map of the province of Cyrodiil, in which you can easily locate places.  1
IPlay Download Games ManagerDownloader and front-end for games distributed by IPlay.  Uses Awesomium HTML UI engine (WebKit).  1
IPSwinA simple IPS patcher.  1
ISK per HOURISK per HOUR is a tool for MMORPG Eve Online to track manufacturing.  2
jGreatEdjGreatEd is a level editor for FDS Super Mario Bros 2 (Japan). It allows you to create new areas, add, delete, move and resize objects on all areas, also you can easily make pointers for pipes, vines etc. Also you can make a lot of modifications on an engine. This editor is based on the GreatEd engine.  1
Kaneva Game PlatformThe Kaneva Game Platform (KGP) is a game development solution geared towards end-to-end MMO games of the first-person shooter and RPG genres.  1
Keep-AliveKeep-Alive is an external application for Disney's Toontown Online to allow you to stay logged in indefinitely by keeping your Toon awake.  1
Keyclonekeyclone is a p2p unicasting kdb emulator. this means it will pass keys  1
Killing Floor 2 Dedicated ServerKilling Floor 2 Dedicated Server, running via the Windows version of SteamCMD.  1
Klick & PlayA 2D game maker for Windows. Allows you to make games without complicated programming knowledge.  1
Knytt Stories Level EditorA level editor bundled with the game Knytt Stories. It allows you to create new levels, and edit existing ones.  1
Kuma Games InstallerThe Kuma Games Installer enable the installation of games published by Kuma Reality Games.  1
Launchpad EnhancedApplication for assisting in the installation and use of the SWGEmu project's StarWars Galaxies Emulator client.  1
Learn to Play BridgeThis software introduce you in the world of Bridge with a lot of lessions.  1
Legacy Games LauncherLauncher / Game Downloader   1
LightsmarkA 3D benchmark and tech demo featuring extensive lighting effects.  1
LiquidSkyThin client game streaming service  1
LiveSplitLiveSplit is a timer program for speedrunners. It allows them to easily track their splits, show their times on stream, share their times to, and much more.  4
LOOTTool to help optimise the load order of mods/plugins for The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, TES5: Skyrim, TES5: Skyrim Special Edition, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4.  7
Lunar Magic (Super Mario World ROM editor)A Super Mario World ROM editor.  7
Mafia BotThis is a bot that will play Mafia Wars for you, to do the stuff you don't really want to do, or if you want to do the stuff, it will do the stuff you can't do when you're doing other things like sleeping.  1
Magic WorkstationMagic Workstation is a powerful tool intended for collectible card players  1
MapMageMapMageâ„¢ is a random dungeon generator for role-playing  1
MetacreatorUniversal tabletop RPG character generation application.  2
Mids' Hero DesignerMids' Hero Designer is a character planner for the MMORPG City of Heroes and City of Villains. It lets you plan your hero or villain's build, starting with archetype and powersets, going right through enhancement slotting and calculating the effects of self-buffs.  1
MinewaysMineways is a free, open-source program for exporting Minecraft models for 3D printing or rendering.  1
MinionThe MMOUI Minion could help the ones having trouble with Curse Client past version 4.X (when wine support broke).  3
MobMapMobMap is the best ingame position database for World of Warcraft.  2
Mod OrganizerOverlayFS based mod manager for Bethesda-engine games (unrelated to Nexus Mod Manager, FOMM, and similar)  2
ModioModio is the most robust modding utility out there, however it is so much more than that. Modio gives everybody the chance to get into the world of console modding. Modio will not only provide you with tools to mod your favorite games, it also allows you to download gamesaves from a seemingly endless database of user submitted saves. With thousands of gamesaves and millions of downloads, Modio has become the most widely used modding utility out there.  1
MPQ EditorMPQEditor is one of the most advanced and full-featured editor of MPQ archives in the Windows Explorer style. It can execute files directly from archive,  1
MuckClientA GUI MU* client. ansi colour suppor, colour changing. Seems to have problems in lines returnes from ljust() and/or left(), mush code functions. As with MushClient, it raises an error, dont close it and it works fine, better than mushclient for i have not tried to anything and have it halt thus far. Tested in recent normal release on the DataPrty site  1
Mud Master 2000MM2K is a 32-bit MUD client that is very customizable and fast. It is free under the GNU/GPL License.  1
MUSHclient32-bit MU* client, supporting ANSI color, macros, triggers, scripting in LUA, built-in timers, MXP and MCCP support. MUSHclient is user friendly, and quite a powerful MU* client.  6
myACmyAC is a Anti-Cheat system of the type client/server.  4
Mz AssistantAn assistant to the online browser game "managerzone".  1
NCSoft LauncherThe NCSoft Launcher is an application for managing NCSoft games. It can automatically download/install/uninstall/update and run games.  1
Neverwinter Nights 2 ToolsetOfficial toolset for NWN2 from BioWare.  1
Neverwinter Nights Aurora ToolsetThis is the official Neverwinter Nights module editor supplied by Bioware with the Windows version of Neverwinter Nights. It allows you to create custom items, creatures etc, as well as designing maps and storylines.  3
New Vegas Script ExtenderA tool that extends the built-in script functionality for Fallout: New Vegas and enables creation of various mods.  1
Nexus Mod ManagerA tool for managing, downloading, and installing mods for many of Bethesda's games.  9
Nexus Vortex Mod ManagerThis is the successor to Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) and is currently in Alpha so some features are problematic, however it appears to work better then expected compared to NMM and MO2.   6
Novalink MyLauncherThe games manager of NovaLink (Russian company) for their games.  1
NWN2 EditorAllows you to edit game saves.  Supports the original campaign, Mask of the Betrayer and Storm Over Zehir.  1
Oblivion Mod ManagerOblivion mod manager is a tool for managing Oblivion mods, with conflict detector, load order sorting, etc. It's a great complement to Wrye Bash.  1
Oblivion ReloadedIt's an amazing obse plugin, that greatly enahnces the capabilites of Tes4 Oblivion, including new graphical features, shader replacement and post processing effect, and completly new gameplay features ad mounted combat and spellcasting, dual wielding, a dynamic framerate manager, a new first person camera, numerous patch for official bugs, and many other things  4
Oblivion Script ExtenderA utility that adds new scripting commands to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Used to create many different mods for Oblivion.  1
OpenlegendsOpenLegends is a game like The Legend of Zelda. This game has an editor that creates quests and gamesets.  1
OriginOrigin is an integrated store and gaming platform, similar to Steam.  2
OtaClockA clock with Otacon (Hal Emmerich) from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.  1
Path of BuildingTool for making and experimenting builds for the game Path of Exile.  2
Perfect World ArenaPerfect World Arena is a PVP platform developed by the China-based company Perfect World, which is currently the leading esports and gaming platform in China, and is the exclusive operator of the well-known esports products DOTA2, CS:GO, and the Steam platform in mainland China. Perfect World Arena is the client for DOTA2 and CS:GO of the official platform servers operated by Perfect World.  1
PES LauncherPES Launcher is an utility that eases online play with Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and Winning Eleven 8 International.  1
pickup.listcheckerAllows you to host a Warcraft 3 game in LAN mode (with low latency) and to have it in battlenet's games list  1
PKHeXPKHeX is a save-game editor for the mainline Pokemon game series (including the spin-off GameCube games) written in C# with Windows Forms.  9
PkmnDexThe Pkmndex is a downloadable standalone Pokedex program without the need for a browser or something similar, with a TM listing, a level-up movelist, and a few other tidbits.  1
PlaynitePlaynite is an open source video game library manager with one simple goal: To provide a unified interface for all of your games.  1
PlayVigShows ads in exchange of some in-game prizes for many popular games: Hearthstone, Overwatch, Rocket League  1
Poker Tracker Hold'emPoker Tracker keeps personal statistics on PartyPoker and clones.  3
Poker Tracker StudA poker utility that tracks your play in Seven Card Stud, as well as the play of your opponents.  1
PokerAce HUDPokerAce Hud is a companion application for the PokerTracker online poker hand history tracking application. PA Hud reads the statistics from PokerTracker and places them directly on the poker client window as you play. (Description from official website.)  2
PokesavPokésav is an application that can edit Pokémon Diamond and Pearl save files. Any aspect of the save files can be changed, including Pokémon (and the­ir movesets) as well as items.  1
Populous Reincarnated MatchMakerThe Populous Reincarnated Matchmaker is a application which acts as a  1
PS4 Remote PlayApplication that allows remote access to your PlayStation 4 from your PC  1
psx emulation cheaterPEC (PSX emulation cheater) is a program to activate cheats on your  PSX games, it's compatible with most of the PSX emulators (like ePSXe, PSEmu Pro, AdriPSX, PSinex, PCSX, FPSE)  2
PSX Multi ConverterA Playstation 1 movie player and file converter.  1
PunkBusterPunk Buster is an anti-cheat software that uses various detecting methods to ensure players aren't using cheats like aimbots, wall hacks, etc.  1
PunkBuster Setupan simple Updater for PunkBuster  1
QtrackerQtracker is an Internet/LAN game and MP3 server browser. If you want to find  1
QuArK­Quake Army Knife (QuArK)  20
Quest ProNow you can create your  1
Ranked Gaming ClientWe believe that the RGC will be the next big hit in gaming. It uses an IRC-like chat with a fully featured friends-list, private messaging and your own profile. If you enjoy playing professional games of DotA, make sure to download the client as soon as possible!  2
Razer CommsCommunication application for gamers. Much like RaidCall.  3
RazorOn the cutting edge of Ultima Online game play, Razor offers UO players  3
Real ArcadeReal Arcade is a subscription based game distribution platform that caters to casual gamers.  1
Realm of Empires Power ToolsThis is an application that maps the villages in the Realm of Empires web based game. It also allows you to schedule attacks.  1
RealmWorksStory managing software for tabletop RPGs  2
Reloaded IIThis application is an agnostic DLL injection-based mod loader.  1
Renegade 64A cheat code hacking tool capable of hooking many different emulators of various game consoles. Features disassembly features for N64.  1
Renegade Free Dedicated ServerRenegade Free Dedicated Server (FDS/RenFDS) was designed to setup a server witch users could join and play online in unique environments.  1
RenGuardProgram which acts as a launcher to the Renegade first person shooter game by Westwood Studios with the purpose to prevent cheating. Scans for modifications during play which may be classified as cheating.  1
Revert3DA game creating engine with modern take on the old-school titles when 3D games were not really true 3d like they are today.  1
RPG MakerThe RPG Maker are a series of (J)RPG creation tools, which trys to provide an easy entry in game design.  20
RPGdsRPGds is a powerful, intuitive, game development tool that utilizes a fast and flexible scripting system to help you create your cross platform masterpiece.  1
RtoolDSrtools aids in keeping track of sav games and roms used w/ many linkers for the nds.   1
RustAdminRust server management GUI.  1
Sanny BuilderSanny Builder is a (de)compiler of MAIN.SCM created for GTA 3D game series (GTA3, VC and SA). MAIN.SCM is containing game scripts (for example missions).The compiler is have a convenient editor with a many useful functions such as; error checking,  1
SCAR Divi CDESCAR is the most popular and most used  3
SCMDraft 2Scmdraft 2 is a first third party map editor for Starcraft.  ScmDraft 2 can do everything StarEdit can and more. Features include opening multiple maps, zoom, brushes, copying terrain, units, d­oodads, and sprites between maps, advanced triggers, string editing, and much more.  1
Serious Editor (Serious Sam Classic - The Second Encounter World Editor)World editor for Serious Sam Classic - The Second Encounter.  1
SevillaSevilla is a tournament management program for various games and sports  3
ShivaFrom the vendor site :  4
SimpleMUSimpleMU is a popular shareware client designed for playing MU*s (MUDs, MUSHes, and the like), made by Kathleen MacMahon. The evaluation version has no nag screens but lacks a few features such as a built-in dictionary and a text editor available in the pay version, however, it does everything anybody needs to do and a fair bit more.  1
Simutronics Game Entry (SGE)This application allows access to the Simutronics suite of games.  1
SixaThin client game and workstation streaming service.  1
SkyNXStreamerIt steams your desktop on your Switch console and lets you use up to 8 switch controllers on PC as Xbox 360 controllers (full description on GitHub)  1
SLADEUber powerful WAD editor for doom with extremely extended support for everything. It's a better version of SlumpEd with many new features such as a hex editor and a extended offsets editor.  1
SonEdSonEd is a program to view, edit and hack Sonic-related ROMs for Mega Drive/Genesis. There are two versions: one for DOS and one for Windows. This entry is about the Windows version.  1
Sonic Mania Mod ManagerA tool to manage and use mods and cheats on the game Sonic Mania and it's Plus DLC.  1
Source Dedicated ServerValve's Source Dedicated Server (shortly srcds) allows you to to run a game server for source based games including but only limited to Counter-Strike: Source, Day Of Defeat: Source, Garry's Mod and Half Life 2: Deathmatch.  1
Source SDKThe source SDK gives you all the tools to produce brilliant game creations.  1
SparkIVSparkIV is a tool for editing and modding Grand Theft Auto IV.  1
SSToolSSTool is an all-in-one patcher / installer for System Shock 2. You do not need to struggle with the original installer. Just copy the Shock folder from the CD, copy SSTool into that folder, then run it from there. The game will be installed and fully patched.  1
Star Wars: Battlefront dedicated serverThe dedicated server tool for Star Wars: Battlefront (I)  1
Starcraft 2 Map EditorA map editor that ships with Starcraft 2. Allows you to create custom maps for the game.  0
Starcraft Campaign EditorStarEdit or "Starcraft Campaign Editor" can be used to alter or create maps for the strategy game StarCraft.  0
Station LauncherStation  1
SteamFrom Valve website: "Steam is a broadband business platform for direct software delivery and content management. At its core, Steam is a distributed file system and shared set of technology components that can be implemented into any software application.  1
Steam Achievement ManagerA manager for game achievements in Steam.  2
Super CardAn application for patch your NDS roms for the Supercard  5
Super Mario 64 ROM ExtenderA app to expand Super Mario 64's roms, so you can edit them.  1
Super Mario 64 Text WranglerA app to change texts in Super Mario 64' roms.  1
Super Metroid Integrated Level EditorAn editor for Super Metroid coded in VB with some C dll's. Some bugs,  2
Swiss managerThe program Swiss-Manager is an administration and pairing program for chess tournaments (round robin, team-round robin, swiss-system, team swiss-system tournaments).  2
SWMiniManagerKeep track of your collection of Star Warsâ„¢ Miniatures with this wonderful application written by Chuck Monarch.  1
sXe Injected ClientsXe Injected is a Anti-Cheat system of the type client/server. It  4
TexmodTexMod is the program that extracts the necessary files  1
The All-Seeing EyeAll Seeing Eye is a server browser - much better than gamespy.  2
The Games Factory 2The Games Factory 2 is an easy to use program for making your own games, from the graphics, to sounds and coding using simple to use "point and click" interface.  1
The KeepInformation manager for tabletop role-playing games; The Keep allows the game master to organize and compile notes, maps, images, pdfs, character sheets, and so on.  Support for other NBOS products is integrated.  1
Tile StudioTile based map editor, can create tiles, 2D maps based in tiles and export for several languages.  1
Toad's Tool 64An application for edit roms of Super Mario 64.  1
Torchlight 2 GUTSOfficial mod tools for Torchlight 2.  1
Torchlight EditorA level editor for the game, Torchlight.  1
Torque Game BuilderProfessional Game Making For Everyone  2
Tournament IndicatorAn online poker tool that attaches to a particular game, provides player profiling and hand analysis.  1
TradeSkillMaster desktop applicationThe TradeSkillMaster desktop application is used for a suite of addons for the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW), called TradeSkillMaster (TSM). Its main use is to download information about the in-game economy while the game itself is not running and makes the information available for the addons to use. This frees the user from the task to manually scan data by using said addons in-game.  1
TresEd: The Trespasser Level EditorTresEd is a level viewer and editor for Dreamworks Interactive's game Trespasser. At the time of release the  1
TrizbortAn application to create maps fot interactive fiction, or just another way to draw flowcharts.  1
TrizbortAn application to create maps fot interactive fiction, or just another way to draw flowcharts.  1
TwineTwine is a free tool used to create Choose Your Own Adventure-like games.  1
Twitch Desktop App / Curse ClientThe Twitch Desktop App is everything about Twitch, on your desktop : streaming, chat (video & voice included), addons install, overlay, and more.  1
Ubisoft Connect (UPlay, Ubisoft Game Launcher)From Homepage:  1
UltiCalcUltiCalc is a free arena point calculator to see how many arena points you will receive for the upcoming Tuesday on World of Warcraft. It works on 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 team sizes. Very fast and instant calculation.  2
uModAn open source port and spiritual successor of Texmod.  1
Unreal Development Kit (UDK)A 3D game engine and IDE. Very professional.  8
UnrealEdThis app, distributed with the games Unreal and Unreal Tournament, is used for the creation and editing of new maps and modifications to be used with these games. No Linux version is available.  3
Uo Auto-PilotA very useful scriptable tool that sends macros, clicks on locations and checks colors on the Uo screen, making it possible to overcome much of the UO internal macros' limitations.  1
Uo AutoMapUo Automap is a tool for the classic Ultima Online 2d client.  It tracks your moves through out the facets of Britannica.   2
UO CartographerMap assistant for the game Ultima Online.  1
UOAssistA utility for Ultima Online by Origin: An Electronic Arts­ Company.  3
UOGatewayThis software allows owners of Ultima Online to play on unofficial servers.  2
UOSteamA macro and hotkey assistant for the Ultima Online classic client, and successor to AssistUO.  2
Utopia AngelData formatter util for Utopia web-game at  1
Valve Hammer EditorHalf-life/mods map construction tool.   3
VGMTransVGMTrans converts a music files used in console video games into standard midi and dls/sf2 files. It also plays these files in-program.  1
VMooVMoo is the world's most advanced Moo client for Windows computers. This client for Windows '9X/NT/2000/ME supports multiple world windows, advanced triggers, Tcl 8.3 as macro language, logging, word (re-)wrapping, inline links, drag&drop, ANSI colors, multimedia, a player list, page windows, smart complete, auto login, auto reconnect, socks, telnet and ssl proxies, a moo database, macro keys, a command history, connection encryption and MCP/2.1. VMoo has the most advanced syntax colored moo-code/text editor available (It finds most code errors, before you transfer your code back to the moo). The client is programmable and extendable from almost every programming language available for Windows (via ActiveX-Automation).  1
VODKALIBURVODKALIBUR is a GUI multi-tool program for performing various modding tasks for SoulCalibur VI.  1
VortexThis is a small application that allows to play games remotely on servers maintained by For most titles game ownership is still required Steam, Origin etc). Vortex application does optimized streaming of game window. Application is free, membership is subscription based. Free account allows to play games that are free otherwise.  1
W3D HubLauncher for W3D engine based Command And Conquer mods  1
Waaagh!TVWaaagh!TV is a tool which allows an unlimited number of users to observe Warcraft-Matches live. It is comparable to HLTV for Half-Life.  1
WabbajackWabbajack is an open-source automated mod-list installer meant for use in conjunction with Mod Organizer in order for players to experience a consistently working modded Bethesda game (namely for the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises).  2
WallyThe freeware texture editing program for 3D games like Half-Life or Quake.  1
Warcraft III Delay ReducerThis application can change delay in game or before a game to any value from default 250ms ( and 100ms (LAN).  1
Warcraft III World EditorOffical editor installed with Warcraft III.  5 Game CenterInstall and updates games from  1
WBFS ManagerThis application basically provides a GUI for working with hard disk drives that have been formatted to the WBFS file system.  1
WeGame ClientWeGame is a free tool for capturing footage of your gameplay. It is much better than FRAPS for the fact that it has more options, works equally as well withough slowing down your gaming and is FREE.  1
Wii Backup ManagerWii Backup Manager is a program to work with DVD backups, FAT32, NTFS  1
WillowtreeProgram to modify gamesave information for Xbox 360 game Borderlands.  1
WindowerThis application allows the user (at their own risk) to use minor interface addons with Final Fantasy XI.  1
Wizard Front EndWizard Front End  1
wLauncherIt's the launcher used by every Korean playing StarCraft: BroodWar. It's manly used at Fish server and becomes more popular in other countries. You cannot play on Fish server without this program.  1
WolfR4WolfR4 is a launcher for Re-Volt (version 1207), designed to fix some  3
WorldcraftA map editor/maker for Quake-based games and mods. Supports making .bsp map files with use of "The Quake Adapter"  1
Wow CartographeWhat is this application?  3
WoW Model ViewerAllows you to view 3d models from the game world of warcraft  2
WoW UI DesignerWoW UI Designer is an full featured IDE to create Interface AddOns for WoW easily. It has a XML UI Designer with live preview (eg: like Qt Designer, etc.), XML Editor for manual changes on the UI, a complete Lua Editor with WoW API function highlighting, completion and much more. Interface AddOn developing for WoW was never that easy with this fancy nice Tool. Also the TOC (Table of Contents) file can be easily generated using this Tool.  1
Wrye BashWrye Bash is a Swiss Army Mod Tool. This is a mod installer/manager plus a whole lot more. Bash is crucial for resolving many types of mod conflicts through the "Bashed Patch" feature. It also does: Save Profiles, PM Archiving, and (oddly) people tracking.  2
Xash3DXash3D is the powerful independent open-sourced 3D-engine, aimed for high compatibility with GoldSource engine formats.   1
XBConnectXBConnect is software that runs on your PC and will let you play  1
Xbox 360 Controller Emulator (x360ce)Allows your controller to function as an Xbox 360 controller  2
XBox-Saves ManagerCurrently, the software provides the following functionality:  1
XDVDMulleterThe program allows you see and modify the details of the XBOX360 ISO image.  1
Yoko InjectionInjection it is program - analogue UO Assist - the auxiliary player tool for client side of UO game. Wrong or ill-intentioned use of it may exploit some server bugs, but the good craft macro may only be done with Injection.  1
Zelda RandomizerA tool to generate modified NES ROMs of The Legend of Zelda with many aspects of the original randomized: find items in different dungeons, caves and dungeons shuffled, enemies in different dungeons and much, much more.  1
zMUDA client for playing MUDs (Greatly enhanced play over plain telnet)  4
ZodiacThe application is an online store to buy adventures games for pc. It has a web site and an app where you can buy, download and play games.  1