Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
AthanAthan (Azan) allows you to hear automatic Athan (Azan) at the right time five times a day.  1
BCS (Bible Companion Series)a bible study program - now discontinued  1
BerBibleA very simple bible-reading application.  1
Bhaktivedanta VedaBaseThe Bhaktivedanta VedaBase is a collection of notable written works published by the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, the Bhaktivedanta Archives, and other branches of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). Important sacred texts of the Gaudiya Vaishnava (Hare Krishna) faith, English translations, and relevant commentaries are included. Prominent features include the complete available collection of works, lecture transcripts, and written correspondence by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (Srila Prabhupada), Founder-Acarya of ISKCON; well-known vegetarian cookbooks; and a number of other notable works published by prominent ISKCON devotees and sannyasis on a variety of devotional, preaching, historical, and instructional topics. Based on the Folio® Views software, Bhaktivedanta VedaBase utilizes an integrated software platform for viewing, searching, and annotating the text. The software was originally written for Microsoft Windows but is able to work well with Wine.  3
Bible LibraryBible Study Software, including the popular Barclay's Daily Bible Study program.  1
Bible Study ProThis is a new bible study program.  1
Bible Study ToolsA Bible tools for Chinese , English bible. Which can search English  & Chinese character & phrase.  1
Bible WindowsBible research software.  1
BibleLightningBibleLightning is is a lightning fast KJV Bible study program, featuring the King James Version and over 240 000 cross references, with a lightweight, easy to use, quickly starting and intuitive interface. BibleLightning lets you search and browse the Bible like the internet, with clickable links to verses and cross references, and back- and forward buttons. It natively supports both Windows and Ubuntu Linux and comes both in a Graphical User Interface and a Command Line Interface version. BibleLightning contains everything to enable fast and intensive Bible study.  1
BiblemapperA tool to create maps of mostly Bible related geographic areas, using highly detailed geographic maps (provided in the installation) and imported geodata.  1
BibleProBiblePro is a free bible study program. This progra­m is downloadable for free and available on CD for a shipping fee (the CD itself is free). This program requires the installation of .NET 1.1, MDAC 2.8 and JET 4.0.­  3
BibleQuoteBibleQuote is a very popular Bible program in Russia and Ukraine. Several dozens of modules with different translations may be freely downloaded in the Internet. It also supports several other books.  2
BibleReader  2
BibleWorksA Bible research package.  6
BpBible portable appfree bible study software  1
ChurchBoardA program to view the Bible, Psalms, slides, illustrations, presentations, schedules, announcements, etc. using a projector / monitor with a variety of features and settings.  1
CLCLT3 : CETEDOC - Library of Christian Latin TextsThe CETEDOC Library of Christian Latin Texts is a CD-ROM publication containing a set of forms representing the entirety of the volumes published in the Corpus Christianorum, both the Series Latina and the Continuatio Mediaeualis, the opera omnia of major authors such as Augustine, Jerome, and Gregory the Great, as well as several works not yet available in the Corpus Christianorum but included in the Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum of Vienna, the Patrologia Latina, or other collections.  1
Digital Buddha Vacana“Buddha Vacana” means the Words of the Buddha. Digital Buddha Vacana is a daily readings software that automatically displays a verse from the Buddha’s teachings on your PC, facebook, handheld or other supported devices and platforms.  1
Do you know the Bible?(Flash-based?) game created for Windows that presents to you trivia questions from the Bible. You are required to answer the questions correctly from several choices.  1
e-Sworde-Sword is the best free e-bible i know, and have a lot of useful  14
EasyWorshipEasyWorship is designed to easily display songs, scriptures, videos, and alerts to your congregation with little or no distractions. This is accomplished by utilizing a video graphics card with two outputs. One video signal is sent from the first output to the working monitor at the computer. The second output is sent to the projector and to the congregation. This allows the operator to control all aspects of the service and only show the congregation what they need to see for effective worship.  3
EG (Evangelisches Gesangbuch)It is an bible and songbook software/database for church workers.  1
God's Word for WindowsA shareware Bible reader. Simple, but powerful.  1
Gospelink 20013 Infobase CDs containing over 3,000 works from classic literature to common Christian cannon with an emphasis on Mormon literature.  1
HymnQuestHymnquest is a Christian worship hymn and songbook database program produced by Stainer and Bell in the UK. it contains the text and tunes of more than 21,000 songs and hymns from over 380 current books.  1
Ictus 3Ictus is a powerful search engine with a complete catholic textbase.  1
iLumina Gold PremiumMost complete interactive bible software on the market.   Includes animations, multiple bible translations, tours of biblical areas, maps, etc.     1
Jagannatha Hora jhoraFree Vedic Astrology software by PVR Narasimha Rao  2
JW CLM SchedulerJW CLM Scheduler is a theocratic software app or program to help elders schedule the Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting CLM. This JW app helps elders schedule the school parts, prayers, readings and all other JW theocratic talks and assignments. It is simple to use, time-saving and secure.  2
kpstaroneKpstarone is the best free KP astrology software.  1
Lamplighters Interactive Bible Study CourseInteractive Bible Study tool  1
Laridian PocketBibleReader for Bibles and supporting literature  1
LDS Collectors LibraryThis is a religious LDS study software. On the box says that it only works with windows 2000 or XP and that if one uses any other windows system the aplication may not properly work. It is a library which contains over 3.000 books and articles all dispayed in one page.  3
LDS Scriptures­The Latter-day Saint collection of Holy Scriptures. The Bible, the Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price.  2
Libronix DLSScholar's Library is a comprehensive collection of texts and tools for serious Bible study using Greek, Hebrew, and English resources. It is the best value in  3
Logos Bible Software (Verbum)Logos Bible study software is one of the leading Bible study platforms. It has ebook functionality similar to kindle but with extensive research tools, data tagging and links between books etc.  9
MFchiThis is popular Software in German speaking countries to use many copyrighted religious texts on PC. While the name of the Software is MFchi, the products that use this software are often published under different names like 'ELBIWIN', 'CD-ROM Bibel Edition' or 'Bibel digital'. All of these products can be used with the same installation. The Software (in it's 'basic' version) is also available in the following languages: Hebrew, Old Greek, English, French, Slovene, Lettish and Estonian. Copyrighted Bible Texts are available to all these languages. However, the extended version is only available in German and most published texts are in German language.  3
Online BibleThis is a free bible utility that has several versions avaliable for download. It also­ contains various notes, study helps, and full classic books. Easy to use and very powerful. Easy to port.  9
ParatextTranslate Scripture from Start to Finish  1
Power Bible­Power Bible CD is an easy-to-use Windows application for Christian Bible study. Features such as floating cross-references, floating Strong's definitions, a lesson editor, and fast Bible searches will help you get the most out of your Bible study time.  2
PresenterA program for displaying words on a screen - typical of churches, etc.  1
Psalmen - Lieder des LebensPsalmen - Lieder des Lebens ist ein digitales Andachtsbuch. Es enthält 365 Andachten zu ausgewählten Psalmenpassagen. Es zeigt automatisch jeden Tag die nächste Andacht an.  1
QSoftQsoft is an Al-Qur'an data mining software, the work of a servant of Allah who loves the Qur'an who has dedicated more than 16 years of his life in the form of energy, thought and time to do research from various sources and compile it into a software application that is very beneficial for all Muslims in the world.  1
SABDAOriginally based on Online Bible, SABDA is a free bible utility designed for Windows for bible reading and study. This software, depending on versions, contains bundles of Holy Bible translations, biblical study notes and resource, and others including translations of the Qur'an.  1
SeedmasterSeedmaster was a great Bible study program in the Windows 3.1 days. The free/shareware program was abandoned by the company in favor of a more commercial version. Version 3.1a, the last shareware version.  1
Sword project from crosswire The sword project for windows is one of the nicer free Bible programs out there (as well as being open source) it is very easy to use. It actually seems to run slightly faster than bible time for kde for some reason.  1
SwordsearcherBible Program. Slick interface. Similar to Crosswire SWORD and e-sword.  2
The WordA freely available Bible Study program, providing many study resources. Simple for beginners to start using, but very powerful and configurable for the advanced user. Very flexible interface.  6
Virtual RosaryVirtual Rosary is a free program with three goals in mind:  1
Watchtower LibraryWatchtower Library™ is a collection of Bibles and publications of Jehovah's Witnesses.  17
Watchtower ReaderAn electronic version of some of the Watchtower society's publications  1
WORDsearchA Bible and Bible reference application. I has tools such as side-by-side version comparisons, text highlighting and notes, bookmarks and many others.  4
WORDSearch9Complete application for casual to detailed bible students.  Full array of addons, easy account management, nice cheat sheets and videos.  1
Worship AssistantDesigned to present song lyrics  1
Zondervan Reference SoftwareI have several of these CDs that came in cereal boxes several years ago. Of course the CD booted and loaded ISP software, but it was actually in the box and had a NIV Bible on it for free.  2