Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
AlkonasALKONAS – PC version of Bronislovas' Piesarskas' "Didysis anglų-lietuvių kalbų žodynas" (The great English-Lithuanian language dictionary), which has approximately 100 000 English words and quotes. ISBN 9986-02-918-X  1
American Heritage Talking DictionaryThe full text of the third edition of the American Heritage Dictionary. The program comes on CD-ROM, but the text can be installed on the hard disk and viewed without the CD. The program can also pronounce each word through the sound system; however this requires the CD to be in the drive.  1
AnglonasPC version of Bronislovas' Piesarskas' "Didysis anglų-lietuvių kalbų žodynas" (The great English-Lithuanian language dictionary). It has approximately 118000 English and 145000 Lithuanian words and phrases. ISBN 9955-9825-0-0.  1
Anglonas 2English-Lithuanian Dictionary  1
ASP32ASP32 is a proprietary dictionary for Slovenian language.  1
Aurelio - Seculo XXIThe most well-known Portuguese Dictionary in Brazil, in its software version.  1
Babylon-ProBabylon is an easy and intuitive software for reading and writing. Just click on any term to immediately receive translations, information and conversions, from Babylon's 13 comprehensive language dictionaries, 1,600 diverse glossaries in 70 languages and conversion tools.  3
BelazarBelarussion-Russian-Belarussion translator and dictionary.  1
BookshelfMicrosoft Bookshelf was a electronic dictionary.  2
Cambridge Advanced Learner's DictionaryThe Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary is an dictionary for advanced EFL/ESL learners. It contains over 170,000 words, phrases and examples explained in clear and natural English.  2
Cambridge English Pronouncing DictionaryEnglish pronouncing dictionary. Includes British English and American English pronunciations.  1
Chambers 21st Century DictionaryChambers 21st Century Dictionary is a monolingual dictionary for native speakers of English.  1
Chambers Dictionary & ThesaurusCD ROM version of the Chambers Dictionary which is widely used for British cryptic crosswords.  1
Clue for WindowsDictionary with quick word translation features, primarily for Scandinavian languages, but also a few European languages. Specialized dictionaries for several fields such as technical and medical available. Very useful "On-the-fly" search that updates while you type.  1
Clue LookupFantastic little dictionary, translates between Norwegian, English, German, Swedish, Spanish and French, plus includes a Norwegian medical dictionary.  2
Collins CobuildEnglish dictionary for advanced learners, English grammar, English usage, Thesaurus, wordbank, based on Lexicon software by Lingea s.r.o.  2
Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus­Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus 3rd Edition (CD-ROM)  1
Concise Oxford English DictionaryAccess the Concise Oxford English Dictionary with over 240,000 words, phrases and definitions.  2
Devoto-Oli 2013This is the 2013 digital version of the great Devoto-Oli Italian dictionary, possibly the last one released as a desktop program  1
Diccionario de la Lengua EspañolaThis is the installer of the official dictionary for Spanish, published by the Spanish Royal Academy of Spanish Language.  1
Dicionário HouaissBrazilian Portuguese dictionary with the new rules.  1
Dicionários PROA pack of dictionaries (separate products) from the portuguese largest company in dictionary production: Porto Editora.  1
Dr. EyeDr.eye is translation software (PC Maintenance Utility Software) in the Chinese-spoken area.  1
EBWinDictionary application with Epwing format support. Used mainly in Japan and for Japanese dictionary and ebooks.  1
Euroglot­A simple but good translation program. It translates Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. It also has a Thesaurus  1
Euroword 2001 proA Finnish - XX dictionary supporting English, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Estonian.  1
Francese_clicInteractive French <-> Italian dictionary, with conjugation of verbs  1
FrankonasA French - Lithuanian and Lithuanian - French dictionary.  1
Gads BogskabThis is a Danish-Spanish dictionary.  1
GIB SzótárakGIB is a dictionary framework (setup is downloadable for free), its dictionary databases are available for purchase on the website of the vendor.­  1
Gran Larousse Ing-EspThe electronic version of the Gran Larousse English-Spanish dictionary.  1
Gyldendals BogskabGyldendals Bogskab is a collection of dictionaries for the danish language.  1
Harrap's Unabridged Pro  1
IL PICCOLO RIZZOLI-LarousseThe ideal dictionary for studying Italian. 59000 words with their ethymology and pronounciation, 28000 names, 4000 photos, pages with quotations, proverbs and a historical, artistic and scientific chronology.  1
Instant Immersion FrenchThis program is a tutorial for French.  2
Instant Immersion: 18 languageslearn to speak the following languages  1
IrisHebrew-Russian / Russian - Hebrew dictionary  1
JGlossatorJGlossator is a Japanese parsing tool which features automatic clipboard parsing, furigana injection, kanji lookup, and the ability to hover over words to get more readings and definitions in a manner similar to the Firefox browser extension Rikai-chan.  1
Kingsoft Powerword 2005Chinese Dictionary  1
Langenscheidt e-DictionariesThe digital version of the Langenscheidt dictionaries. The software provides a interface with gives you access to all installed Langenscheidt dictionaries. It includes also a pop-up search which works with texteditors or webbrowsers.  1
Langenscheidt e-Grosswörterbuch Deutsch als FremdspracheIt is a dictionary, which can be integrated with other software like text editors or web-browser. It also works like a common dictionary, where you can type a word and it shows the meaning.  1
Le grand Robert & CollinsOne of the most comprehensive French English / English French dictionary  3
Lingea LexiconLingea Lexicon is Czech electronic dictionary which supports different languages, depends on distribution. Its supported languages are English, German, Spanish, or French.  3
LingoDictLingoDict is a multilanguage wordbook wich comes with German -> English and English -> German preinstalled, other languages could be installed with the integrated update manager.  1
LingoPadLingoPad is mainly a German-English translator but you can import several other dictionaries like Spain, French, Japanese or Latin. The program is build for stand-alone use so you don't need an Internet connection.  1
Linguatec personal translatorProvides tools for translating between pairs of European languages. Works with large blocks of text to a reasonably precise level  1
LingvoABBYY Lingvo­ is a family of the most comprehensive electronic dictionaries in Russia with vocabulary databases for a range of popular languages, including English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. It contains the most authoritative and up-to-date dictionaries available on the market. Lingvo gives you immediate access to this wealth of language information so that you can get accurate translations of words and phrases (i.e. word-by-word translations of sentences) within seconds.  6
Longman Business English DictionaryMonolingual English dictionary with business-related terms.  1
Macmillan English DictionaryMacmillan English Dictionary - Second EditionYou cannot just buy the CD. It is an addon to the book "Macmillan English Dictionary".  1
Madura DictionaryMadura is a sinhala-english dictionary that lets the user find the meaning of sinhala and english words easily.   1
MAGENTA Dictionaries Explorer IIDictionary application for a bunch of Greek-X and X-Greek dictionaries.  1
McGill English Dictionary of RhymeAmerican poet, Bryant H. McGill, has announced the release of a  1
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate DictionaryMerriam-Webster's Collegiate English Dictionary  1
mtdFVP2004Dictionary french <=> vietnam and others utils multimedia to learn.  1
Multitran English-RussianA professional Russian-English dictionary software with many million definitions.  1
MZ-WinTranslatorTranslation program for the languages:  1
Office Wörterbuch Französisch proThis application is a professional translator german <-> french. It is able to determine semantics and proposes the most likely translation.   1
Ordnettnorwegian dictionary  1
Oxford Advanced Learner's DictionaryMonolingual English dictionary.  2
Oxford Collocations DictionaryA dictionary of collocations: words that often occur together.  1
Oxford English DictionaryThe Oxford English Dictionary is the internationally recognized authority on the evolution of the English language from 1150 to the present day. The Dictionary defines over 500,000 words and traces their usage through 2.5 million illustrative quotations from a wide range of literary and other sources.  3
Oxford Spanish Dictionary 3rd Edition on CD-ROMThe Oxford Spanish Dictionary on CD-ROM.  1
PallawaPalawa adalah program translator huruf untuk mengkonversi huruf latin ke huruf Jawa (Ha Na Ca Ra Ka).  1
PC TranslatorProgram for translating from one language to another, plus dictionary.  2
Petit RobertA CD version of Petit Rorbert, a well-known French language dictionary, with more than 60,000 entries (12,000 with pronunciation) and 300,000 definitions (version 2). Since 2007, a new version has been edited each year.  2
PHI workplaceThe PHI Workplace is a program for Microsoft Windows which utilizes the PHI CD-RO­Ms #5 (Latin) & #6 (Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri, Classical and Christian Inscriptions).­  1
polyglot.exeMulti-lingual dictionary encompasses Eng-Azeri, Azeri-Eng, German-Azeri, French-Azeri, Azeri-French, Russian-Azeri, Azeri-Russian, English-Russian  1
Pons Dictionary English/Wörterbuch EnglischPons dictionary CD which was included in the German-English Pupil's Dictionary (Schülerwörterbuch)  1
Power Translator ProPower Translator Pro 7.0 is a suite of applications with automatic translation of entire documents, many bilingual dictionary and a embeddable (in any window) translator server called Barcelona Server.  1
Pragma 5Best machine translator for ukrainian and russian to others. Free usage.  1
Prisma woordenboek (Prisma Dutch dictionary)Prisma dictionaries are very common Dutch-XX dictionaries in paper form. A CD with electronic version is added in every copy.  1
QuickDicQuickDic is a small offline translator for english in german and vice versa.  3
RWF Talking DictionaryTalking dictionary desktop application with word look up, browse and speech.  Product works with or without a screen reader on Win.   1
SA DictionaryEnglishBulgarian Dictionary  4
SAOL PlusThis is the electronic version of the official Swedish dictionary, Svenska Akademiens Ordlista (SAOL), version 13  1
Shorter Oxford English DictionaryThe New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary is the third edition of the SOED. The two volume print edition was published in 1993 and the CD-ROM version by Oxford University Press and AND Electronic Publishing B.V. was produced in 1996.  2
Signs of AustraliaA dictionary of Auslan (Australian Sign Language). Edited by Trevor Johnston  1
Sunda Tool WorkstationThis is a machine translation tool.  1
Słownik Medyczny (Medical Dictionary EN-PL PL-EN)English-Polish and Polish-English medical dictionary.  1
The New Kosciuszko Foundation Dictionary / Nowy Słownik Fundacji KościuszkowskiejEnglish-Polish and Polish-English bilingual dictionary.  1
Thinkmap Visual ThesaurusEnglish visual thesaurus  1
TLG workplaceProgram to read the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae CD-Rom (Read Greek Text)  1
Tłumacz i Słownik Języka AngielskiegoPolish-English English-Polish dictionary and translator developed by Kompas.  1
UltralinguaA powerful English-foreign language dictionary, currently supporting  2
Van Dale groot woordenboek der Nederlandse taalThis program is the, in the Netherlands well known, Dutch dictionary of van Dale (Biggest version of van Dale) in digital format. Program can be used stand alone of from Microsoft Office.  2
Van Dale Groot woordenboek EngelsDutch - English/English - Dutch dictionary from Van Dale.  1
Van Dale Hedendaags NederlandsDutch Dictionary  3
WakanWakan is an English/Japanese, English/Chinese dictionary and automated translator. It also includes a character dictionary and has features such as creation of vocabulary lists.  1
Wielki multimedialny słownik angielsko-polski polsko-angielski v3Wielki multimedialny słownik polsko-angielski angielsko-polski is a bilingual Polish-English and English-Polish electronic dictionary published by PWN/Oxford. Over 1000000 lexical items, English pronunciation, advanced searching, the user's own dictionary etc.  1
Wielki Słownik Ortograficzny PWNPolish orthographic dictionary published by Polskie Wydawnictwo Naukowe.  1
WinDizioItalian to English and English to Italian translator.  1
WinLEDWinLED is a dictionary application. It consists of a viewer program and dictionaries files. Now the following dictionaries are available:  1
Woordenboek Latijn-NederlandsDigital version of the dictionary with the same title, aiming to help  1
Word Ace!­Word Ace! is an English-Whatever dictionary program no longer offered by the company. It includes verb conjugation.  1
WordFindA Crossword word finder and Scrabble solver  1
WordWebFree dictionary.  3
WordWeb ProWordWeb is a quick and powerful international English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows. It can be used to look up words from almost any program, showing definitions, synonyms and related words  8
WSOY English-Finnish-English General Dictionarythe largest available English-Finninsh and Finnish-English dictionaries in electronic form  1
XDICT ( powerdict )A Chinese <-> English dictionary, the most widely used one in P.R.China.  1
zkanjizkanji is a dictionary for the Japanese language. It offers a search tool to look up the meanings of words in addition to some examples of their usage. The dictionary also offers a kanji search with multiple ways of looking kanji (radicals, grade, number of strokes, etc), and a study tool to test and memorise kanji and words in a similar way as in Anki.  1