Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
Amairo IsleNauts(天色*アイルノーツ)Visual novel for 18+   1
Amayakase - Spoiling My Silver-Haired GirlfriendAmayakase is a Japanese R18+ visual novel game sold exclusively outside of Japan.  1
Amorous Professor CherryA classical japanese erotic i-fiction. Hentai.  1
Astraythem(アステリズム)Visual novel for 18+   1
あにラブ~女装美少年革命!~The hero named  Naoki Kashiki (樫木直希) found a girl in his older brother's room. And it turned out to be his older brother Yuki Kashiki(樫木由希) himself!  1
ぼくらの診察室〜姉妹とりかえっこ調教〜An adult game published by Japanese developper Black Lilith in 2004.  1
サクラノ詩 -櫻の森の上を舞う-Galgame Sakura no uta.  1
BalderheadIt is Japanese arcade where you play like the pilot of the robot. The game include adult content.  1
Bazooka CafeCome see me tonight 2 is a hentai visual novel.  1
Bible Black ~La Noche de Walpurgis~An erotic interactive novel style adventure game that has achieved a degree of notoriety among hentai enthusiasts.  1
Biko 1Japanese hentai adventure game.  1
Biko 2: Reversible FaceJapanese hentai adventure game from 2001.  1
Bishoujo mangekyou 美少女万華鏡They are visual novels.  1
Brass RestorationBrass Restoration is a school dating sim.  1
BRIGANTY The root of DarknessJapanese platform arcade with elements of RPG and adult content.  1
Castle of SuccubusJapanese retro-style erotic fantasy platform video game by Libra Heart, part of their Succubus series.  1
Cat Girl AllianceCat Girl Alliance is a hentai visual novel.  1
Chaos LabyrinthJapanese hentai visual novel/labyrinth-style RPG. It includes 3d backgrounds and 2d enemy.  1
Clover Day'svisual novel for 18+  2
Come see me tonightCome see me tonight is a hentai visual novel.  1
Come see me tonight 2Come see me tonight 2 is a hentai visual novel.  1
Corruption of Champions IIErotic fantasy text-based role-playing game by Fenoxo.  1
Cosplay Fetish AcademyCosplay Fetish Academy is a hentai visual novel.  1
Cross DaysCross Days is the third in the release order of the "Days" series in 2010, following the 2006 Summer Days and preceding the 2012 Shiny Days, is a parallel story to School Days where the main character is second semester male freshman: Yuuki Ashikaga  1
Crossing BrothelJapanese erotic video game.  1
紅蓮華 -ぐれんか-ADV game.  1
Da Capo 2Da Capo 2 is the visual novel sequel to Da Capo by Circus. English translation developed and published by MangaGamer.  1
DaiteikokuJapanese hentai strategy game  1
Des Blood 3Japanese hentai action-adventure game with adult themes from the year 2000.  1
Divi-DeadDivi-dead is a Japanese translated to english 2D eroge released by C's Ware in 1998. The game's theme falls into the category of adult horror, as it deals with supernatural and sexual topics.  1
Do you like horny bunnies?Do you like horny bunnies? is a hentai visual novel.  1
Do you like horny bunnies? 2Do you like horny bunnies? 2 is a hentai visual novel.  1
Doukyuusei: Bangin' SummerThe sun may be hot. The babes are hotter! You've worked half the summer and it's time to cash out—splash out all that hard-earned pocket change chasing tail. But time waits for no man and summer never lasts, so you'd better be quick about it.Be at the right place at just the right moment and who knows what kind of cutie will happen by. It's up to you to flirt your way through town, learning about each girl's hopes, dreams, and secrets, and maybe—just maybe—take a chance on true love.  1
Dragon Dares: Strip PokerDragon Dares: Strip Poker invites you into a thrilling and enticing poker experience set in the captivating universe of Dragon Dares.  1
EdelweissEdelweiss is a hentai visual novell, or more precisely, a dating sim.  1
Edelweiss Eiden FantasiaEdelweiss Eiden Fantasia is a hentai visual novell, or more precisely, a dating sim. This title is a sequel for "Edelweiss".  1
ef - a fairy tale of the two.  1
EroicoIndie semi-erotic platform video game with the possibility of turning off erotic content.  1
Fairy Fighting2001 Japanese indie erotic fighting video game by Eluku about a fairy fighting monsters.  2
Family ProjectFamily Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~ is a hentai visual novell.  1
Flyable HeartVisual novel for 18+  1
Gamer StrugglesGamer Struggles is an adult 2D platformer game developed and published by Cumbusters.  1
Gibo - Stepmother's SinGibo - Stepmother's Sin is a hentai visual novel.  1
Good girl gone badAn 18+ erotic Choose your own story visual novel with many MAny different variables  1
Grisaia no Kajitsu (グリザイアの果実 -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-)Grisaia no Kajitsu: Le Fruit De La Grisaia (グリザイアの果実 -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-, lit. "The Fruit of the Grisaia") is a Japanese visual novel, the first in a series of visual novels by Front Wing, with character designs by Akio Watanabe and Fumio.  2
Grisaia no Meikyuu -LE LABYRINTHE DE LA GRISAIA-This is the sequel to The Fruit of Grisaia. It is strongly recommended to play the first game before starting this.  1
Hapymare(ハピメア)The main charactor is a high school student, who lost his little sister long long ago.  1
Harlem Blade 2: Dark AngelJapanese hentai RPG.  1
Heart de RoommateHeart de Roommate is a hentai visual novel.  1
Hoshi Ori Yume MiraiTone work's 2nd eroge visual novel developed under VisualArt's Siglus Engine. It was released on 2014 which includes physical and downloadable copies.  1
Hoshizora no Memoria (星空のメモリア-Wish upon a shooting star- Complete Edition)Visual novel for 18+   1
House PartyHouse Party, in its concept and sense of humor, is inspired by the older adventure style games of the 80s and 90s like Leisure Suit Larry, but it is rendered in a 3D first-person context.  2
Hypno-training My Mother and SisterMinoru’s mother and sister, servicing him, against their will. Even  1
Idol Step!An idol agency recruit the first team members, and starts to pursuit their goal to make the first and most popular idols on Japan.  1
Iinazuke wa Imouto-sama!18+ visual novel.  1
Imouto no Seiiki(妹のセイイキ)Visual novel for 18+  1
iStripperStrippers dancing on your desktop  1
Kagura DouchuukiIt is japanese turn-based RPG with visual novel elements. The plot tells about miko-girls who fights terrible dimons to rescue the village. There is also adult content: tentacles, rape, sex etc.  1
KanonAn adult Japanese visual novel developed by Key.  2
Kara no ShoujoKara no Shoujo Visual Novel developed by Innocent Grey, released in English by Mangagamer.  1
kimi to kanojo to kanojo no koi. (君と彼女と彼女との恋。)Susuki Shinichi(須々木 心一) is a common high school student. One day, he met a strange girl Aoi(アオイ), who suddenly tried to kiss Shinichi.  1
Kira KiraKira Kira is a hentai visual novel, or more precisely, a dating sim.  1
Koi ga sakukoro sakuradoki.(恋がさくころ桜どき)Visual novel for 18+  1
Koiiro Soramoyou(恋色空模様 after happiness and extra hearts)Visual novel for 18+  1
Large Library's Shepherd or The Shepherd of the Great Library大図書館の羊飼い(Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai: A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd )is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by August and released on January 25, 2013 for Windows PCs as a DVD. The gameplay in Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai follows a branching plot line which offers pre-determined scenarios with courses of interaction, and focuses on the appeal of the five female main characters by the player character.  1
Leisure Suit Larry ReloadedLeisure Suit Larry Reloaded is a full remake of the Leisure Suit larry: Land of the Lounge Lizards for DOS, with new high-def graphics, expanded puzzles and extra content.  1
Let's meow meow!Let's meow meow! is a hentai visual novel.  1
LewdApocalypse2020 erotic survival shooter game about a girl trying to escape from a zombie apocalypse.  1
Little My MaidA wonderful bishoujo simulation adventure from Peach Princess, this is the long-awaited Little My Maid!  1
Lula 3DLula 3D is an adult third person adventure. You control Lula with keyboard and mouse and have to find three missing porno-actresses.  2
Mashiroiro Symphony(ましろ色シンフォニー -Love is pure white-)Visual novel for 18+  2
Melting PotAccording to DLsite:  1
Monster Girl QuestMonster Girl Quest  1
Monster Girl Quest! Paradox [Part 2]The second installment of Monster Girl Quest! Paradox.  1
Monster Girl TailesMonster Girl Tailes is a 18+ hentai adventure game based on harem anime  1
Muv-LuvMuvLuv (マブラヴ) is a Japanese visual novel released in 2003 by âge. It consists of two parts:  1
Muv-Luv AlternativeMuvLuv Alternative is a Japanese sci-fi visual novel released in 2006 by âge. It is a sequel to the Unlimited part of the first MuvLuv, starting immediately after its epilogue.  1
Oni Gokko! Fan disk(鬼ごっこ! ファンディスク)Visual novel for 18+    1
OrctionAlso known as Orction, it's a hardcore erotic fantasy management minigame.  1
OshiRabu: Waifus Over HusbandosSukeraSomero's maiden work, Yuri comedy.  1
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru  1
Otomeriron to Sonosyuuhen(乙女理論とその周辺 -Ecole de Paris-)Otomeriron to Sonosyuuhen(Otomeriron for short) is the sequel of "Tsukini Yorisou Otome no Sahou(月に寄り添う乙女の作法)".  1
Parasite in City2013 Japanese retro-style erotic platform video game by Pixel Factory involving a blonde girl fighting zombies and insects.  2
Pastel Chime 3: BindseekerHentai RPG game.  1
Phenomeno - Mitsurugi Yoishi wa KowagaranaiPhenomeno - Mitsurugi Yoishi wa Kowagaranai (フェノメノ 美鶴木夜石は怖がらない) is a visual novel developed by Nitroplus, adapted from the youth horror novel written by Hajime Ninomae and illustrated by Yoshitoshi ABe.  1
PlayHomePlayHome (プレイホーム in Japanese) is an eroge created by the Japanese H-game company Illusion. The game was released on October 13, 2017.  1
Project X: Love Potion Disaster2008 indie erotic Sonic platform fighting game by The Zeta Team, unrelated to Sega and the Sonic Team.  1
Rain's RaveHardcore erotic fantasy role-playing video game about a girl who fights monsters to maintain a peaceful order in the world.  1
Rance IX: The Helman Revolution9th game in the Rance series, an adult visual novel with strategy gameplay.  1
Re;Lord 1 ~The witch of Herfort and stuffed animals~Re;Lord 1 is a strip battle game layered with a fun, thorough story and an addictive gameplay of strategy and action  1
Real Girlfriend­­sophisticated dating/sex sim from the famous japanese sex games company.  1
Riana Rouge@page { margin: 0.79in }  1
Sakura Strasse(さくらシュトラッセ)Visual novel for 18+    1
Saya no UtaSaya no Uta(沙耶の唄),Saya no Uta(Song of Saya) is a visual novel by Nitroplus with grotesque horror and detective elements. Age 18+.  1
Secret wive's clubSecret wive's club is a hentai visual novel.  1
Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2-The sequel to Aselia the Eternal and comes with a similar premise - a young man from earth is flung into another world and left to figure out what to do from there.  1
Shin Sei-DenJapanese erotic fantasy role-playing video game.  1
Shugaten! -Sugarfull Tempering-This is the debut work for Recette, a sister brand of Palette. Fueya is a  2
Snow DropSnow drop is a hentai visual novel.  1
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Anata to Koibito TsunagiThis is the 3rd game in Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o yuri visual novel series.  1
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Mikaeru no Otome-tachiThis is the 11th game in Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o yuri visual novel series.  1
Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo - A Kiss for the PetalsThis is the first game in SonoHana yuri visual novel series.  2
Soukoku no ArterialYou're an academy student when your world is suddenly taken over by an alternate reality where demons and angels battle each other relentlessly and monsters roam freely. The game has some sort of card-based combat system.  1
Southern Cross Love Song(南十字星恋歌)Visual novel for 18+  2
Subarashiki Hibi: Furenzoku Sonzai (素晴らしき日々 ~不連続存在~)Subarashiki Hibi is a Japanese adult visual novel developed and published by KeroQ.  2
Succubus2015 Japanese retro-style erotic fantasy platform video game by Libra Heart, part of their Succubus series.  2
Succubus: The Six SpellsJapanese retro-style erotic fantasy platform video game by Libra Heart, part of their Succubus series.  1
Suteki na Kanojo no TsukurikataSuteki na Kanojo no Tskurikata is a Japanese visual novel about romance, adventure, and dysfunction. Gameplay consists of making choices. The JAST release claims to be available in English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.  1
TeraurgeAdult visual novel/RPG�game where you explore a fantasy�land full of alien creatures after being pulled through a portal.  1
The Adventures of KincaidKincaid is an 2D action platforming adventure with lewd and cute elements. Follow Kincaid, an intrepid explorer, as she ventures through unexplored planets teeming with vibrant wildlife!  1
The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era!A Simple Hentai Novel in School with some Sci-Fi parts.  1
The Sagara FamilyA hentai game that plays like a picture-story book.  1
The Sword of Succubus2018 Japanese retro-style erotic fantasy role-playing video game by Libra Heart, part of their Succubus series.  1
The Tower of SuccubusJapanese retro-style erotic fantasy role-playing video game by Libra Heart, part of their Succubus series.  1
The Town of LightThe Town of Light is the first person psychological adventure.  2
Tokimeki Check-In!Tokimeki Check-In! is a hentai visual novel.  1
Tsukini Yorisou Otome no Sahou(月に寄り添う乙女の作法)Navel 10th anniversary game.  1
Which girl should I choose?Which girl should I choose? (Hinata Bokko) is a hentai visual novel.  1
White Album 2White Album 2 (ホワイトアルバム2) is a duology of Japanese adult visual novels developed by the visual novel company Leaf for the Microsoft Windows PC, and is the sequel to Leaf's earlier visual novel, White Album.  1
X-Change 3X-Change 3 is a hentai visual novel.  1
YU-NOA complicated game where your objective is to find your lost father by travelling through different parallel worlds.  1
YUME MIRU KUSURIJapanese eroge for the PC developed by Ruf and localized into English by the California-based Peach Princess.  1
Yumina the EtherealQuoted from the official website:"From debate team ace to savior of the universe! An epic dungeon-crawling RPG from the creators of Aselia the Eternal."   2
Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga OsowarenaiYuusuke is an office worker with a dislike for people, preferring to do  1