Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
1by11by1 is a lightweight audio player that features a tree-list type directory browser. Great for people who have their audio collection neatly organized by directory structure, and don't need a database driven music organizer. Supports Winamp input plugins, allowing playback of a large variety of audio formats.  7
Aimp 4Multi-format Playback:  2
AlbumplayerAlbumplayer is one of the best audio players out there, enabling you to play your music collection by surfing through the covers.  4
allTunesMusic search and purchase application for the service. Also can be used to manage your and add funds to your account. Allof allows the legal purchasing and downloading of music in multiple, nonDRM-crippled formats and bitrates. Formats incuded: mp3, ogg, wma, aac.  5
Amazing Slow DownerThe Amazing Slow Downer takes your favorite music, and allows you to change the speed, tempo, make loops, save presets, and change EQ. Very useful for practicing musicians trying to learn from a recording.  1
Amazon MusicAmazon Music is a desktop client used to stream music from Amazon's online music catalog, but can also be used to play local music files and purchased MP3s from Amazon's website.  8
Angel's VoxThis is the very first audio book player for Windows, with bookmarks, speeding-up, and sleep timer capabilities.  1
Apollo 37Apollo is a general purpose audio player for Windows.  1
Audio OverloadAudio Overload is an application designed to play music files for old video game consoles such as the Gameboy line, Genesis, Master System, Game Gear, NES, SNES, etc.  1
Avaya/Lucent Voice PlayerThis is the only option for playing the proprietary audio codec files (.lvp; audio/vnd.lucent.voice) generated by the Avaya Intuity Audix voicemail platform. See also  1
ソフトウェアFM音源MIDIプレイヤー (Software FM Ongen MIDI Player; fmmidi)fmmidi is a MIDI player. It is "an experiment to try to play MIDI using the principles of FM synthesis in software."  1
Bose SoundTouchProvides step-by-step instructions to set up your SoundTouch system in minutesEasily browse Internet radio stations, your stored music library and popular music services like Spotify�, Pandora�, iHeartRadio™, SiriusXM, Deezer and QPlay. Music services may vary.Quickly set your favorite music as a preset—so you can access it effortlessly on any SoundTouch system or remoteWith multiple SoundTouch systems, stream different music in different rooms, play the same music in every room  1
ClementineOpen source Amarok 1.0-based audio player with Linux version available. It's recommended to use that one instead.  1
CombiWaveCombiWave is an easy to use Digital Cart  1
CoolPlayerCoolplayer - Is a Open Source MP3/OGG Player for Windows.  1
网易云音乐 (NetEase Cloud Music)网易云音乐 (NetEase Cloud Music) is a chinese application like a free Spotify that gives unlimited access to almost any song you can imagine. Stream or download music or videoclips to the PC or Mobile.  2
Deckadance Club EditionEverything works flawlessly, i was able to use it with Wineasio, latency down to as low as 5.8ms with ALSA using Wineasio 0.7.5 with regular kernel, no RT kernel  1
Deezer Desktop AppA music player used to play music from  2
DeliplayerDeliPlayer is a multi format, free audio player for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.  1
doubleTwistA way to sync your iPod and other devices to your computer (Windows or Mac compatible). It is in Beta release currently. Syncs great with a Droid.  1
DSS PLayer LiteAudio Player that allows you to play Olympus DSS audio files.  1
DSSPlayerOlympus player for digital audio files (dss).  2
Evil PlayerEvil Player is a fast, powerful and flexible  2
eVoice PlayerThe eVoice Player is needed to play voice messages from the eVoice voicemail service. For more information on eVoice, see  1
FMPMD2000A program that emulates PC98 OPN family soundchips and two popular drivers, PMD and FMP, and can play music files created for the two drivers.  1
foobar2000foobar2000 is an advanced freeware audio player for the Windows platform.  9
GrooveDown!Small and simple application to download music from  2
Grooveshark DesktopGrooveshark Desktop is a desktop application for subscribed users of Grooveshark.  1
GrooveWalrusApplication written in Python to play and download music from Grooveshark. Easy to extent via plugins.  1
GXSCCA unique type of MIDI player from Japanese developer GASHISOFT. When a MIDI file is dragged and dropped on top of the GXSCC window, GXSCC will play it back as if it were a song composed for Konami's SCC sound chip.  1
Helium Music Manager 2009Helium Music Manager 2009 is an application designed to manage huge amounts of music.  2
hifreehifree is a free music streaming service for hinet subscribers. Users can listen music, watch MTV, News via hinet's broadband internet network, or login with hinet's user account and password.  1
iTunes­  5
J River Media Jukebox 12Music playback to suit your preferences.  2
JetAudioIt is a sophisticated multimedia player which plays wav, mp3, mpeg, vcd, audio cd, midi, real audio streaming, wma and records audio into wav , ra or mp3 with advanced configuration options.  8
K-JöfolK-Jöfol (or Kjofol) is a multimedia audio player. It has true free-form skins than fixed-form Winamp 2.x skins It was also support Winamp 2.x plugins.  1
KKBOXKKBOX offers unlimited music streaming and download service which is  2
Last.FMConnect y­our media player to  1
McoolMinimalist audio player  1
Media GoTransfer media (music, photos, audiobooks, podcasts,...) to and from your Sony and Sony Ericsson portable devices like  4
Media Player Classic Home CinemaMedia Player , this version embedded into the klite codec pack  7.04  4
MEO MusicIt's a portuguese program to stream music, similar to Spotify. It's developed by PT Comunicações.  1
modplug playerOne of the best and most used mod playback programs available. supports many formats e.g. XM,IT, MT2 etc. Reverb,Surround,Eq supports compressed mods. Works great in the latest Wine distro.  2
MP3TunesEncoder: XAudio of MPegTV  1
Music CenterSony Music Center is a music player that allows to play, arrange, and transfer your music to your Walkman. It's HD audio compatible, and Chromecast compatible.  1
MusicBeeA freeware audio player that is feature packed! (as of Jun 2010, currently maintained). Standard features include: media database, advanced tag editing, CD ripping, auto-playlists, syncing, and much more. The more unique features include: time stretching, pitch stretching, A-B repeat (useful for musicians).  4
MusicMatch JukeboxMP3 Player, Ripper, Recorder  2
musik cubeMusik cube is a open source lightweight music management and mp3 player.  1
MuziicMuziic is a media  player which is able to download music from Youtube without actually accessing it.  1
NapsterNapster is a program that allows you to access the Napster online music service. You can browse, listen, purchase, and download music on Napster.  3
NightingaleA semi-bifurcation of Songbird targeted at G.N.U./Linux, but to date having no binaries for G.N.U./Linux, but rather for Mac OS X & Windows.  2
Nordbeat's JukeboxVery nice touchscreen jukebox software.  Beautiful, easy-to-use user interface.  1
PhonostarPhonostar is a program for listening and  recording a great number of especially German but also many international internet-radio-stations (about 6.000).  1
PzizzPowernap generator. Helps you get the sleep you need.  2
QCDQcd is a Winamp like media player. It can use some Winamp plugins and can rip music with several format supported. It is completely free of charge.  1
QobuzQobuz is a French commercial music streaming and downloading service with focus on high resolution audio (Hi-Res) and handpicked curated playlists.  1
QQ MusicQQ Music (QQ??) is a popular music player in china. It provides online music, karaoke and music-centric live-streaming services, and also aims at social connection integration like liking, sharing, commenting, following, virtual gifting, etc.  1
Quintessential playerMP3 player  3
Radio365-DesktopWorks very well in wine 1.1.42 . By downloading this from the website, you get 5 days of no commercial streaming internet radio from Live365. They have about 100+ genres each about with 10+ stations per genre. If you want more than 5 days of uninterrupted music, you have to sign up for their VIP service. Enjoy, needs working internet connection under wine. I have all sound drivers selected in the configuration, plus Windows XP being the windows version emulated.  1
RadioSureInternet radio player with thousands of stations pre-configured. Ability to save (record) streams from most of the stations to individual MP3's.  5
RealJukeboxAn early multimedia player/downloader from the makers of RealPlayer.  1
ReasonMusic virtual rack/sequencer.  8
RhapsodyRhapsody gives you unlimited access to the deepest catalog of legal online music in the world. Listen to over 700,000 songs on demand. Create custom playlists and radio stations or burn mixed CDs.  8
Riffster LiteAudio player that allows to slow down a song or change the pitch.  1
RoonRoon is a hi-fi, multi-zone, multi-speaker media player, library and streamer.  1
RPG AtmosphereCreate ambient soundtracks for table-top role playing games.  1
SAM BroadcasterWebcasting software for webradio stations. Based on Firebird SQL server.  5
Sam Party DJSAM Party DJ is a specialized media player. It includes features that are useful for the Professional/Semi-Pro Disc Jockey.  1
Serato DJSerato DJ has grown to be the world-leading digital DJ software.  2
Serato Scratch LiveConsidered the industry standard for laptop-based DJing in venues worldwide.  Allows scratch control using hardware controllers such as analog turntables or CD Decks like the CDJ-1000.  Also supports video mixing with the new plugin.  1
sforzandoSoftware tool for music makers.  1
Simple audio Roomplayer desktop applicationThe app is a music player on your computer that streams your music through the Simple Audio Roomplayer onto your hifi-set.  1
SongbirdSongbird was an open-source customizable music player that was under active development.­  7
SonicStageAn audio player as well as a program to manage audio on Sony Walkman devices.  3
SoniqueIt is a mp3 player with 20 eq  2
Sonos Desktop ControllerThis is the Sonos Windows desktop controller. It is an application that allows you to control a Sonos music installation.  8
SoundplantThe computer keyboard sound triggering software  1
SpotifySubscription-based streaming audio player  8
SynthfontThis is a softsynth that plays midi files, written in Delphi. This program is quite like Timidity, except it's newer, and it handles VST and VSTi effects - something that is VERY hard (imho) to fix in Linux. And as a great plus, it doesn't require Soundblaster.  3
Techno 4 Ever PlayerThe T4E Player is a Player that plays only the T4E stream with some extras.  1
Telia Music PlayerApplication for managing "unlimited" music subscriptions at Telia, Denmark, as well as downloading and playing the music (DRM controlled AAC)  1
uLillithuLillith is a unicode audio player stemming from the development of Lillith by  1
vanBasco's Karaoke PlayervanBasco's Karaoke Player  is a MIDI Karaoke Player for Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4/2000/XP coming with full-screen lyrics display. It supports skins, change and recall of tempo, volume, key control, mute/solo instruments, and much more.  1
VGSPlayerVGSPlayer  1
WiMPWiMP is a application/service much like Spotify. There are applications for MS Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android. The MS Windows and Mac OSX applications run on Adobe Air.  5
WinampMP3 playing software for Windows. It also plays many other formats, is skinable, has plugins, and much more...  5
WingrooveWingroove is a software MIDI wavetable synthesizer for Windows 32 bit platform. The quality of the sounds generated by this program are far superior to similar programs available for Windows.  1
Wrzuta PlayerWrzuta Player is program, which plays music from popular Polish  1
Xiami musicXiami Music is a popular music app in China.  1
XionXion is a music player with features from Winamp.  1
XMPlayXMPlay is an audio player, supporting the OGG / MP3 / MP2 / MP1 /  7
ZaraRadioZaraRadio is a Radio Automation program for radio stations to be able to setup music playlists and programs. It will crossfade songs, play sweepers ever few minutes that you define (called Events), setup jingles you can play manually, and more. It's a great application for Radio Automation.  1
Zencast OrganizerThis is a podcast organizer that connects to the creative zen mp3 players. It is supposed to connect from firefox and then add the podcast to the zencast organizer.  1
ZuneIts the application that allows your computer to connect your zune player to your computer and manage your music and add or buy new music etc.  1
ZXTuneCrossplatform chiptunes player  1