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Antivirus  14  
CompressionCompression Tools  38  
File SystemFile System Utilities (e.g. CD writer stuff, file managers, shells, ..  95  
Category: Main Utilities
Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
4GB PatchTool to patch executables with access to 4GB of virtual memory.  1
4UOnlyThis application stores and protects your passwords  1
@icon sushiA small utility that can extract Windows .ico files from .exe's as well as convert .png and .gif images to .ico and vice versa. Many more in-depth features.  1
A Hat in Time - Modding ToolsOfficial modding tools for A Hat in Time  1
A-Ray Scanner­­­  1
a-squared Anti-Malware Command Line Version (a2cmd.exe)The a-squared Command Line Scanner 2.0 final is available for public download now.  1
Acronis True Image HomeTrue Image Home is an image creating program who let's you copy whole partitions for backup, copying, and transfering.  2
Action Replay Max PSPThis application allows you to download & manage save games as well, it also alows conversion of media for use on the PSP.  1
Active@ ISO BurnerA freeware ISO burners. Its very easy to use just select the the ISO image & it burns it for you.  1
Acunetix Web Vulnerability ScannerAcunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner (WVS) is an automated web  2
Adobe AirAdobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), also known as Adobe AIR, is a cross-operating system  8
Advanced Disk CatalogAllows you to create a catalog from all your disks or removable media, which contains the filenames ,types and such data for every file on these disks.  1
Advanced File OrganizerAdvanced File Organizer is a cataloger for all disks, which are recognized by your Windows system.  1
Advanced RenamerAdvanced Renamer is a free program for renaming multiple files and folders at once.  2
Advanced System CareRemoves spyware, cookies, etc. Good privacy protection. Helps speed up slow computers.  2
Advanced Windows Password RecoveryAdvanced Windows Password Recovery (or simply AWPR) is a program to recover all types of Windows passwords - logon password (when user is logged on), screensaver password, RAS and dial-up passwords, passwords to shared resources etc. The program also shows all users and groups (with their properties), allows to run any programs under other accounts, reveal passwords hidden under the asterisks, enable disabled controls, and run brute-force and dictionary attacks on PWL files (Windows 9x). Finaly, and shows product ID and CD key for Windows and Microsoft Office installations.  1
Advik Gmail Backup ToolAdvik Gmail Backup Tool is designed and developed to download emails from Google Mail to PC. With this program, you can backup emails in PST, DOC, PDF, EML, MSG, DOC and 25+ file formats.  1
AequitasESL Aequitas is a tool which records steam-based games, which should help against cheating. It is needed now for playing in ESL (Electronic Sports League - biggest league in europe).  2
AIDA64 ExtremeSystem benchmark tool and information utility, used widely by PC enthusiasts to check stability of systems as well as learn more about them.  1
akFontViewerakFontViewer is a 32-bit utility that lets you view samples of all your installed fonts in Windows. It can show a list of fonts with each font rendered in its own typeface. Also a window much like a Character Map -- which is always active -- shows you which fonts have full character sets and which don't. Other features enable you to define a sample text string, and to check off attributes you'd like to display -- such as bold, italic, underline, and strikeout. Print function is also supported.  1
AkkuSoftBattery charger software for monitoring output from Schulze chargers.  1
Albert Heijn FotoserviceAlbert Heijn, a large supermarket chains in the Netherlands, offers a popular  1
Alcohol 52%Alcohol 52% is a lightweight and freeware version of well-known Alcohol 120% CD burning and emulating tool.  3
AllavsoftVideo/audio downloader, is it possible to download songs from Spotify, Youtube, Deezer, Tidal and SoundCloud.  1
AllDupIt can find duplicate files. For finding identical files, it can use byteby byte comparison or it can use checksums (md5, SHA1 (160 BIT), SHA2 (256-BiT, 384BIT, 512 BIT)..  1
Allok Video ConverterThis application convert your video media for your PSP, iPOD or other devices. It is very versatile and have many other formats.  1
Alteryx DesignerWith Alteryx, you have the power to load, transform, and export data in countless ways. String tools together using drag and drop features to execture queries that automate processes, replace spreadsheets, update dashboards, or email reports. Very powerful and flexible with multiple ways to approach a given problem to solve. Think an easy to learn, low code, graphical SQL software that can join, union, splice, and dice data into any way you want.  1
AM-DeadLinkAM-DeadLink detects dead links and  1
AMD overdriveAn app to allow easy overclocking and monitoring for AMD processors  1
Amiga ForeverAmiga Forever in an all-in-one Amiga emulation, preservation and support package by Cloanto. It includes licensed ROM and OS components, games and demoscene productions, and full RP9 support for easy authoring and playback.  2
Anno DominiThe Ultimate Software Calendar for ­IBM PC + Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98SE or 98 and now Linux (using wine)  3
Ant RenamerA mighty file renaming utility with a lot of options to rename a file and availble in 11 languages  1
Antec Chill ControlThis is a utility that ships with the Antec Kuhler 920 CPU cooler.  The hardware is a water based CPU cooler.  The hardware has a usb connection to talk to the utility software. The software controls the speed fan as well as receives information from sensors in relation to pump speed, fan speed and coolant temperature.  1
AntiTwin- A changelog is currently not available  1
Aorus RGB FusionUtility to control and configure lighting effects for Gigabyte products.  1
AP TunerA great little Windows shareware which allows you to tune any instrument by connecting it to the microphone input of your PC.  2
Apowersoft Phone ManagerApowersoft Phone Manager allows to manage Android and iOS devices through USB Cable or WiFi connection.  1
Apple iPhone Configuration UtilityThis application is no longer developed by Apple.  It only exists for the Mac OS X now.  2
Ardamax key loggerCaptures a user's activity into log file.  1
ArubaSignSign files with remote digital signature  1
Ashampoo Burning StudioAshampoo Burning Studio is a ightweight and easy to use program to burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.  2
ASRCASRC (Advanced Simulated Radar Client) is a client - similar to VRC - for use on the VATSIM simulation network.  1
ASTRA32ASTRA32 - Advanced System Information Tool is an ideal solution for providing comprehensive information about the configuration of your system. Not only does ASTRA32 provide a detailed analysis of your system it also offers diagnostics and comes with some powerful unique features such as a Drivers Troubleshooter and a quick HDD Health Status checker.  2
Asus PC ProbeThe ASUS PC Probe is a simple utility that monitors vital information in  1
AT4RE FastScannerFastScanner is a detector for most packers, cryptors and compilers for PE Files programmed in ASM and designed for ‎fast access to most needed plugins.  1
ATCAATCA is software that  1
AtlasUIAtlasUI is a windows shell replacement software for Windows users that wish to transition to Linux. AtlasUI however offers some features not readily available to Windows users, hence why support using Wine is important.  1
Audio/Video To ExeHas much predefined profiles for converting Audiofiles and Videos.  1
Aura SyncThis application syncs RGB animations across different ASUS products.  1
Auslogics Disk DefragA defragmentation program that works even on  2
AuthyMulti-platform alternative application for Google Authenticator that supports syncing authentication codes across multiple devices. Authy also allows you to encrypt your 2fa data and store it in the cloud, as well as having a master password to make sure only you can see your 2fa codes.  5
AutoHotkeyAutoHotkey is a free, open-source utility for Windows. Automate almost anything by sending keystrokes and mouse clicks. You can write a mouse or keyboard macros by hand or use the macro recorder. Create hotkeys for keyboard, joystick, and mouse. Virtually any key, button, or combination can become a hotkey. Create custom data-entry forms, user interfaces, and menu bars. Convert any script into an EXE file that can be run on computers that don't have AutoHotkey installed.  2
AutoItAutoIt is a freeware Windows automation language. It can be used  1
autopatcherDownload updates for Windows and apply them offline, saving bandwidth and time and limiting exposure of unpatched systems to the Internet.  1
AutorunsAutoruns by sysinternals is used to configure system startup and various other internals of the windows operating system.  1
AutoUnpackAutoUnpack is a freeware utility that can be use­d to automatically download, repair, and unpack all RAR-, 7z-, zip-, TS - archives, or splitted files (e.g.*.001). Which is especially useful for usenet binaries.  1
Ava FindA very great, small and powerful search program. Ava Find speeds up your daily computing experience by letting you find any file on your computer instantly.  1
Avira AntiVirAntivirus software includes VB100 award.  4
AxCryptAxCrypt File Encryption Software - Free Personal Privacy and Security  4
B&B COM TestComTest is a test program for serial ports.  1
BabelMapBabelMap is a really useful Windows program that shows the entire Unicode range and the characters that a particular TrueType font can display properly within that range. BabelMap can also find a particular character by codepoint search, specific Unicode range, or by character name search. BabelMap is capable of displaying both UTF-8 and UTF-16 font ranges.  1
Backup PremiumBackup Premium is a powerful tool for automatic Backup of valuable data. The program supports Backup to LAN, FTP, and SFTP servers. 128-bit encryption and flexible scheduler makes organizing automatic Backup easy and secure.  1
Backup To DVD/CD and Backup Made SimpleThis program will allow you to backup your data to cd/dvd and span multiple discs if needed. awesome program. i love it  1
Backup4allHighly configurable backup software with intuitive explorer style interface. Performs full, incremental, differential and mirror backups. Has wizards for backup & restore, powerful file filters and scheduler. Creates standard zip files or exact copies of files, spans to multiple disks, keeps track of file versions, has built-in CD/DVD burner, backs up to FTP, backs up open files, sends email notifications, command line and AES encryption support. More info on  1
BarahaThis application is used to input text in Indian languages like Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, etc.   2
Battlenet system checkSimple application that is supposed to gather data about your pc and submit them to blizzard so you can join for beta testing.  1
BeInSyncFile synchronization utility. Allows sharing files between computers  1
Belarc AdvisoryThe Belarc Advisory is a FREE program that scans your computer to determine information about the components, software and other information inside your shell, without the need to open it up.  1
Beyond CompareA compare utility to keep folders in sync, compare files analyzing differences in detail and reconciling them. Includes a wide range of file and text operations, as well as script commands for automating tasks.  2
Beyond CopyBeyondCopy is a LAN hosts clipboard synchronism tool. BeyondCopy allows you to copy something in one computer, and paste it in another computer directly. It is useful if you have to work using two or more computers at the same time.  1
Birthday ReminderBirthday reminder will alert you to birthdays and other events you need to remember, in advance of relevant dates  2
Blackberry Desktop SoftwareAllows blackberry hand held mobile devices to sync, file transfer etc.  7
BlackLightA free security tool for detection of hidden system processes, commonly used for rootkit detection and elimination.  1
Blackmagic Disk Speed TestDisk Speed Test is an easy to use tool to quickly measure and certify your disk performance for working with high quality video! Simply click the start button and Disk Speed Test will write test your disk using large blocks of data, and then display the result. Disk Speed Test will continue to test writes and reads from your disk so you can evaluate both performance and readability over time.  1
Blumental's Rapid PHPFull IDE for PHP, (X)HTML, XML, CSS, JS, ... with code highlighting and -hinting. Runs perfectly with Apache2 and MySQL.  3
Borderlands 3 Save EditorA savefile editor for Borderlands 3, written in C#.  1
BrawlBoxThe installer works, but there is a problem with the application  2
BugmanagerBugmanager is the desktop application to which, over USB, the Fitbug pedometers can report the steps and from there those results be uploaded to the Fitbug servers.  2
Bulk Rename UtilityThis application allows you to rename multiple files at once in a simple GUI, including extension change, numbering, adding dates and many more. It's freeware and updates often.  4
c't offline updateDownload Updates for Windows (2000/XP/VISTA/2003/2008) and Office (2000/XP/2003/2007) to use offline.  1
Calendar CreatorSimple calendar program that supports several different styles and sizes. Several built-in dates that can be included or excluded.  2
Calmira XP"Calmira XP is a shell for Windows 3.1, based on Calmira II, that gives  1
Capi@homeAn application used by TNS Nipo to gather information from users. (Users get awarded NIP-points and can exchange them for AIR-miles and the like.  1
CaptureWizProCaptureWizPro is a professional tool for capturing anything on your screen, even tricky items like the entire contents of scrolling areas, drop-down lists, tool tips, mouse pointers and screen savers. You can also record instructional demos, streaming video and audio! Innovative features make it fast and easy.  1
CarChipThe application connects to a CarChip device, downloads the data from it and displays the data in both tabular and graphical form.  1
CathyAn extremly small, very fast and easy to use media cataloging tool. You  3
CCleanerCCleaner is a simple utility borne of the need to excise cruft from Windows installs.  5
CCProxyAn easy-to-use and powerful Internet Access Control software designed to run on Windows systems.  1
CD Bank CataloguerCD Bank Cataloguer will help you maintain and organize  1
CD BremseLittle program, that can change (slower) the speed of CD/DVD drive, which is pretty useful, when watching movies (less noise from the drive).  1
CD FinderSoftware to organize your CDs.  1
CDBurnerXPCDBurnerXP is a free application to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs.  1
cdi2neroConverts discjuggler images (.cdi) to nero images (.nrg)  1
CDVistaCDVista enables you to scan your removable drives or photo CDs  1
CHM To PDF ConverterConvert CHM files to PDFs  1
CiderPressCiderPress is a utility for managing disk images and compression formats for Apple ][ micros.  1
CinebenchCinebench is a CPU rendering/ OpenGL benchmark program.  5
Citrus Alarm ClockCitrus Alarm Clock is a small alarm clock application.  1
ClickTray CalendarCalendar, task manager and address book that allows you to easily keep schedules, reminders and alarms on your task bar or desktop.  1
Clip2NetA clipboard content sharing tool.  1
ClocXClocX is analog clock application for Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. It is programmed in C++ language,  1
cmd.exeCommand Prompt (Windows)­­ - c­md.exe is the command line interpreter on  Windows NT-based operating systems (including latest Windows and Windows Server).  1
Codec all in oneAudio & video codec for windows applications like any video player software  1
Comodo FirewallComodo Personal firewall  1
ComTestSerialSerial port communications and testing tool for Windows.  1
ConEmuWindows console emulator with tabs, font antialiasing, fullscreen mode etc.  6
Console2Console is a Windows console window enhancement. Console features include: multiple tabs, text editor-like text selection, different background types, alpha and color-key transparency, configurable font, different window styles  1
Copernic Desktop SearchEasily search your entire hard­ drive in less than a second to pinpoint the right file, email, music or pictures.  2
Copernic Desktop Search HomeEasily  1
Copy Cata cd/dvd copying program  1
Core DamageCPU stress tester.  1
Core TempCPU core temperature monitor  4
Cosmos UI Patcher ApplicationThis is a application for installing and updating World Of Warcraft User Interface addons.  1
CPU-ZCPU-Z is a freeware that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system : Processor name and number, codename, process, package, cache levels.Mainboard and chipset.Memory type, size, timings, and module specifications (SPD).Real time measurement of each core's internal frequency, memory frequency.  1
Crucial System ScannerScans your BIOS (or EFI) for information to determine system specs and generate information about your system's RAM.  1
CryptoolCryptool is a utility which can make and break codes from ancient to fairly recent, eg. Caesar shift, transposition, Vigenère and solitaire.  2
CubeCafe PCEditorThe Relook PCEditor is an application to change several settings of the DGStation satellite-receivers.  1
Cynapse InfoCryptora password manager  1
Daemon Tools LiteTool for mounting cd images (iso or img files) as drive.  4
DAMN NFO ViewerDAMN NFO Viewer is an utility for viewing text files containing ASCII Art  1
Dancing monkeysDancing Monkeys was my individual project while at Imperial College London.  2
Dashlane Password ManagerPassword Manager  6
Data Deposit Box BackupData Deposit Box Backup is the application used to backup data when using the Data Deposit Backup online service.  1
Datapilotprogram used to connect cell phones to windows.  similar to activesync for wmobile phones.  used to tranfer files, backup info, etc.  absolute must have and Susteen doesn't have a linux version.  1
Dead Pixel BuddyIt allows you to easily test your LCD screen for dead pixels  1
debug.exeDebug tool used to edit memory, assemble/disassemble 8086 asm, etc.  1
DeepBurnerFreeware burning program with autostart creation, print function and nero-like interface.  2
DefragglerDefraggler is a disk defragmentation from Piriform (creators of popular programs Recuva and CCleaner) similar in look and feel to the Disk Defragmenter that was included in versions of Windows pre-XP, but with added features, such as the ability to defragment specific files or folders within a drive, as well as the ability to defragment a whole disk drive as you would with Disk Defrag in Windows.  5
DegooDegoo is a cloud backup storage, not a file sync. You can select any folder to upload, and then delete the folder, keeping it in the cloud, as long as "keep deleted file" is marked. There is no proper file manager where you can move folders, files, etc. The uploaded files will appear as they were uploaded. You can delete files remotely, but not move them.  1
Delta Flight SchedulesDelta Flight Schedules is a program offered by Delta Airlines to provide flight schedules, aircraft, and airport information offline without accessing the website. The program attempts to update itself over the Internet to provide new information on a weekly basis.  1
DERescue Data Recovery Master  1
Deutsche Bahn Fahrplanauskunft 2007/2008Timetable information software for the Deutsche Bahn  1
DeviceLockEndpoint device security solution designed to lock out unauthorized users from USB and FireWire  1
DiE (Detect it Easy)Fast and easy-to-use packer/cryptor detector.  1
DiskGetor Data RecoveryDiskGetor Data Recovery is a powerful hard drive data recovery software  1
Disktest PROA utility for use with 3.5" floppy disks.  1
Display ChangerAn application that changes various display properties, including resolution, color depth, and refresh rate.  1
DosvoxSet of programs in Brazilian Portuguese for the blind, more than 80 applications: text editor (Edivox), e-mail client (Cartavox), etc. In continuous development since 1993!  1
Dr. Web CureItEasy to use FREE curing utility to clean your computer infected with  3
Dragon Unpackertool which can extract data from big game files and archives  3
dreamboxEDITWith this program you can modify the program list, delete, sort, edit programs. Programs can be easily added to a bouquet, arranged, alphabetized, etc. In any case, this program makes it easy to sort programs in just a few minutes. More information on the program site. It is a must have for anyone who has a DVB device with Enigma(2).  1
DropBookPalm DropBook is a simple application for Windows  which allows  1
DS ClockA nifty little clock that stays on top off your windows. Very customizable.  1
DS4WindowsAllows the PS4 controller to be automatically mapped to a Xbox 350 controller  1
DSECONTROLDeep Sea Electronics is a producer of high quality PLCs for diesel and gas generators, this software is designed to interface with the controller so that the monitoring and safety parameters may be changed.  1
DupKillerDupKiller is a powerful tool for searching and removing duplicate or similar files on your computer. A lot of options allow flexibly customising the search. There is  include or exclude files by mask  1
Duplicate File FinderThis app restores sanity to stripping out those duplicate files that you have on your system.  1
DVD ProfilerDVD Profiler can manage any size DVD collection. It is Internet  2
dxdiagDirectx is a collection of application programming interfaces for  1
e-comoE-como is a litte freeware from "la poste" in France that allows you to track a parcel (and being notified each time a new information is available).  1
Easy duplicate finderA nice little app that finds duplicates of any file type by searching byte by byte. It is very fast, and processes 3 GB in 1 min.  2
Easy MailA full-featured envelope utility which can quickly and easily . . .  1
EasyBCDVista bootloader manager. Can also be use to set your primary OS boot when using dual boot.  4
eFax MessengereFax Viewer is a small application to view efx attachments. Those attachments are faxes received by your eFax account and sent to your own e-mail account. The basic service is free.  3
eLynx PrintUtility.exeThere are a half dozen companies competing in the WebPostServices sector for Mortgage Notary programs. These programs allow Windows pcl (printer command language) files to be transmitted electronically over the internet rather than being printed and FedEx'd. This allows lenders to create documents using Windows software to print to pcl and also saves the expense of purchasing Acrobat Creator licenses for each desktop, and also ensures that there are no format changes as might happen when trying to convert from pcl to pdf.(Proofreading for format changes would negate the cost savings of electronic transmission versus courier service)  1
Energizer USBChargerThis tiny and handy application allows you to monitor the charging status of the batteries put in your Energizer DUO USB charger.  1
Enigma MonitorHelping along the M4 project is nice enough, but it's a pity that there's not much to see locally, except the log of server communications. I thought many users would appreciate a utility that shows more precisely what your machine is doing, and how fast it's actually spinning its virtual rotors. In that way there's a little more gratification for the spent CPU cycles.  1
EpsonNetUtility for managing the network config of Epson printers.  Essential for machines without an integral display, e.g. XP-202  1
Eset Online ScannerESET's free virus scanner tool  1
EST blue editionEST Blue Edition is free simple bidirectional English-Serbian dictionary.  1
eSureITUsed for Cloud Based Backups.  1
EULAlyzerEULAlyzer can analyze license agreements in seconds, and provide a detailed  3
EuroscopeEuroscope is a virtual radar client similar to VRC or ASRC.  2
Eusing Free Registry CleanerEusing Free Registry Cleaner is a free registry repair  4
EverestA small but powerful system diagnosis tool.  8
eWalletPassword and general data keeper.  6
ewidoAnti spyware  1
EZback-it-upEZBack-it-up is a personal file backup utility. It is designed to be  1
F.luxChanges color temperature of screen depending on time of day & coordinates.  2 CS LoaderThe CS Loader is designed to load bin files onto the Coolsat receivers in order to flash new software onto the unit.  1
Fast CopyFast Copy is the Fastest Copy/Backup Software on Windows. I tested its speed by HDD and it is way much better than Default Copy utility specially while copying >1Gb Files.  1
FBackupA free backup software.  1
FC_EditAlso known as FC Datalogit or FC-Datalogit, this software and hardware interface box provides access to all of the settings in the Apexi PowerFC ECU. Also adds datalogging capabilities of both sensors and auxiliary inputs.  2
Feitian ePassFIDO-NFC OTP ToolA utility to apply various settings to a U2F (universal second factor) hardware security key.  1
FFSJ: The Fastest File Splitter and JoinerEasily split large files in small chunks or join them back together. Supports encryption. FFSJ is often used for Rapidshare and other hosting sites with limited upload file sizes.  1
File ShredderFile shredder for Windows with several shredding options.  1
FileHippo App ManagerFileHippo App Manager is a great application that will keep your system up-to-date. FileHippo App Manager will scan your computer for installed applications, check the versions and then send this data to to ascertain if there are any newer releases available.  1
FileMenu ToolsA tool for editing the context menu entries in Windows Explorer.  1
FilmeritDisplays DirectShow filters, their settings, and identifies errors.  1
FlashGotDownload manager integration and audio/video capture for Mozilla Firefox, IceWeasel and other Gecko-based web browsers.  1
FLEXnet PublisherFLEXnet Publisher makes it easy for software and hardware producers  1
Floomby AgentThis application allows you to easily do screenshot of entire screen or it's part and publish it in few clicks. After making screenshot it'll publish it on free image hosting and copy the link in your clipboard.  1
Folio ViewsFolio Views is a viewer program for electronically published books or sets of books, like laws. (Somehwhat like Acrobat-Reade­r but with more emphazisis on searching).  5
Font ValidatorThe Font Validator is a tool that evaluates how closely a TrueType or OpenType font adheres to the current font format specification, as well as whether the font meets basic recommendations and deliverable guidelines from Microsoft.  1
FontExpertFont manager that allows you to preview, compare, and manage TrueType, OpenType, and PostScript fonts.  Supports plug-ins for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.  2
FontPageFontPage lets you examine and compare all of the fonts on your system.  1
FoxyJoystick configuration, calibration, and programming software.  1
FreeTrackFreetrack is a free software similar to Track-IRâ„¢ It makes it possible to simulate head movements in your  2
Fresh DiagnoseFresh Diagnose is a utility designed to analyze and benchmark your computer system. It can analyze and benchmark many kinds of hardware, such as CPU performance, hard disk performance, video system information, mainboard / motherboard information, and much more...  2
FrhedFree binary file editor for Windows 95/98/NT  1
G6 U-Disk ManagerManagement utility for the G6 and G6 Lite GBA/DS flash cartridge. This software is not for the newer G6 DS Real cartridge.  1
Game BoosterGame Booster is an app that speeds up your PC by temporarily eliminating unnecessary processes.  1
Gaming Mouse DriverThis program is a Driver Software to allow you to change 8 programmable buttons and LED Lights to your hearts content only for the model MS-2541.  1
Garmin GPS updaterthis is the firmware updater for garmin GPS 16/17  1
Garmin VoiceStudioAllows users to create their own voice packs for their Garmin GPS navigation devices.  1
Garmin WebUpdaterUpdates the software and/or firmware on all newer garmin products.  2
gBurnerCan create, edit and burn VCD/SVCD discs.  1
Genie Backup Manager ServerGenie Backup Manager Server is a very easy to use yet powerful and  1
GetDataBackNTGetDataBack will recover your data if the hard drive's partition table,  2
Glary UtilitiesIt offers numerous powerful and easy-to-use system tools and utilities to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC.  1
GlobalView for WindowsGlobalView runs on an IBM-PC compatible under Microsoft Windows (3.1, 95, 98, possibly ME but not NT, 2000, or XP due to the use of .386 VXDs).  1
GoodSyncFile backup and synchronization  3
GoogleMVGoogle Maps Viewer is application which allow to download maps from google maps, browse them, and produce offline calibrated maps.  1
GPS UtilityA utility program for mapping, managing and manipulating GPS waypoint, route and track information and for transferring data between GPS receivers and PC files.  4
gpssfreeware GPS turn by turn solution  1
GPU-ZGives information about GPU features, speed and memory  5
GrabJPGGrabJPG is software that helps you to find images on the internet.  1
gray256.exeApplication to demonstrate use of grayscale 8bit (mode 19) VGA programming. Source & executables were origi­nally distrubed with the book "Graphics Programming Solutions" by Julio Sanches and Maria Canton in 1993.­  1
Greedy TorrentGreedy Torrent is a small utility used with a BitTorrent client. It multiplies either your download or upload speed according to whatever you set to multiply by, to produce Fake uploads. Fake uploads Produce High ratios quicker. This utility is very vital for people who live in countries such as Australia (Crap Upload Bandwidth & you pay for your uploads)  2
GreenshotGreenshot is a small utility for taking quick pictures of your desktop.  1
GsplitAn application to split files into smaller pieces  1
Hachathis application joins and cuts files  1
Handy BackupHandy Backup is a powerful award-winning automatic backup solution for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. The utility supports the widest range of storage media and can backup to DVD, CD-R/-RW, Blu-ray, HD DVD, USB, Flash, FireWire, FTP, LAN, hard drive and online. Can perform full and incremental backup, synchronize files and folders; has presets to backup Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, ICQ, E-mail, system registry, My Documents, Favorites, Desktop, as well as data and settings of other popular applications. Comprehensible Wizard-based user interface provides easy step-by-step adjustment of backup tasks through the use of numerous backup options that include on-the-fly ZIP64 compression, 128-bit blowfish encryption, pre- and post- actions, backup with timestamps, etc. The program is very flexible in scheduling and administering: it can run as Windows service, supports command line interface, e-mail notification and logs generation. In addition to the core functionality Handy Backup Standard can be supplemented with advanced plug-ins designed to backup to SFTP; backup MS Exchange Server, MSSQL database, ODBC-compatible databases, Lotus Notes/Domino data and perform image backup - complete PC backup through creation of drive image with all data and system records. Handy Backup is proven to have superior performance and is certified with the Microsoft "Works with Windows Vista" logo which guarantees that the application satisfies all requirements of availability, reliability, security, and supportability.  1
Handy Safe DesktopSecure storage for passwords. There are desktop and smartphone versions and you can synchronise between them.  1
Hash SuiteHash Suite is a very efficient auditing tool for Windows password hashes (LM, NTLM, and MSCash). It is very fast, has modest memory requirements, the GUI is simple, yet uses modern features offered by Windows 7 and includes a reports engine.  1
HDD Unlock WizardThe HDD Unlock Wizard will scan devices attached directly to the motherboard and check if any are locked.  It will then unlock the HDD after a Unlock Code is purchased (For as little as $5 for 40GB and less).  This works for X-Box drives, etc very well.  1
HijackThisHijackThis is a popular, freeware, lightweight and widely-recommended spyware, virus and browser hijack / BHO (Browser Helper Object) toolbar removal tool for Internet Explorer / Windows ilk. Installed programs can be added to an ignore list and then anything new (and possibly unwanted) can be easily removed. Windows users need a tool like this because they tend to use file sharing tools to download and run unsigned applications, such as screensavers and chat buddy icons.  1
HotRunYou'll have a taskbar icon similar to the windows start menue.  1
HP photosmart (Lead)provided with any HP Deskjet 5550  1
HWiNFOHardware detection, diagnostics and performance monitor.  2
HxD - HexeditorHxD is a carefully designed and fast hex editor including raw disk editing, modifying foreign RAM and handling files of any size. Its clear interface offers searching/replacing, exporting, checksums/digests, insertion of byte patterns, a file shredder, concatenation or splitting of files, statistics and more.  2
Hypersight Rootkit DetectorMalware scanner based on virtualisation technology.  1
ICE Book ReaderE-book reader. It is also possible to use ICE Book Reader Professional as a teleprompter. Includes native support for .LIT, .CHM and .ePub files, and does not utilize any Microsoft Reader or Microsoft HELP components.  1
ICE ECCGenerates ECC files, which provide recovery information that can be used to reconstruct files after they've been damaged (in transit, by bad media, etc.). Much more useful than PAR/PAR2, as ICE has no practical limitations on # of files and it supports complex directory structures without difficulty.  1
IceTeaConvert PSX games to PSP compatible Eboot along with in-game manuals.  1
Icon SuckerIcon Sucker is a utility that allows you to extract, or "suck," icons out of the files on your hard drive. Many different file types on your computer contain one or even many icons that you can use. Icon Sucker makes it easy to open these files and "suck" the icons out of them.  1
IDOSIt is application, that search in timetables of traffic companies in Czech republic (maybe also abroad) and find fastest connection.  3
Idoswin ProIdoswin is only in German available:  1
iexpressCompresses multiple files into a single EXE that, when run, extracts them to a temporary directory and launches a particular command.  1
iFingerA dictionary program that stays in the tray bar and can look-up a marked word in a browser or other text programs.  3
img2gpsA Windows GUI to the DOS app Sendmap / Sendmap20 to upload .img mapfiles to a Garmin mapping GPS receiver.  1
IncUpdate"IncUpdate is the tool that helps you to add a professional web  2
InfraRecorderOpen Source CD and DVD Burner for x86 and x64  5
installriteRecords modifications made to your PC during the installation of software, and also provides a way build an install kit, of an installer , so that you can extract installed files, and written registry keys, in a very easy way , on another computer.  1
iPodResetUtilityApplication to reset a jammed Apple iPod Shuffle.  1
ipTool 1.1.5 printer ink level resetterThis tool allow reset ink level and EEPROM of printer to  allow use cartridge reloaded with new ink.  1
ISCalertA system tray icon that displays the status of the ISC SANS infocon - danger on the internet.  1
IsobusterIsoBuster is a tool to recover damaged optical disks and to create, extract and manipulate fileimages of optical disks.  8
ISOEditISOEdit is an powerful editor for CD-ROM/DVD image file. It can process almost all CD/DVD image files, such as: .iso, .bin, .img and .cif.  1
J-Edita computer editing interface for the J-Station  1
J-Sig ClientThe J-Sig client is very simple, you start it, it gets some hardware/software information such as your processor, video card, RAM ammount ect. It then uploads these stats at regular intervals to the server. This server then through several options allows you to configure a signature to use on forums to show off your 'uber' computer setup to your friends/enemies. The app and site itself hasn't seen any development since mid 2005 but it all still relatively works despite some annoying bugs (all server-side).  1
jamManager v (Windows)JamManager is a free software application developed and built by  1
Journal MacroThis is a mouse and keyboard macro recording product.  1
JoyToKeyJoyToKey is an application written by Vector Inc. The application is available in both English and Japanese interface. It has been fully ported to Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP and works in Windows Vista under Windows XP SP2 Emulation.  2
Jungle DiskCloud backup, virtual drive, and file sync with Amazon S3 or RackSpace Cloud.  1
kagswfKagswf is an easy to use, open-source, free (GPL) tool for building SWF  1
KamusKamus is a free digital dictionary to translate word in Indonesian to English also English to Indonesian.  1
Kaspersky Internet SecurityKaspersky Internet security is an extensive and very effective protection suite!  1
KeepassToday you need to remember many passwords. You need a password for the Windows network logon, your e-mail account,  2
KetarinProgram to maintain an updated version of installer files for a list of programs.  2
KillProcessTerminate any Windows process with the click of a button with KillProcess. The program terminates processes immediately, ignoring the 20-second delay time that is standard in the task manager. It can also terminate several processes at a time.  1
KProbeK-Probe is a utility for scanning PIE/PIF error rates on burned DVD media using Lite-On drives, and displaying the scan results to the user in the form of text and graphs.  1
Labelflashâ„¢ Index MakerA small utility that enables you to draw custom labels on LabelFlash compatible DVD's. A Labelflash compatible drive is also required.  1
Lazy MirrorLazy Mirror copies changes made to one or more sources and archives the previous versions  1
LCD SmartieLCD Smartie is a great program to configure many different kinds of LCD and VFD screens that are typically serial or USB based.  Its easy to use, very efficient, very compatible, and lots of features.  1
Lemur EditorEditor for iPad Lemur app.  1
Lenovo UtilityIt's an app that pops up a toast message when you press Caps Lock or Num Lock. It also supports additional function keys (like flight mode on/off) on Lenovo laptops.  1
LG BH10LS30 Firmware updater (rev 1.02)  1
LiberKey Ultimate 4.6A pack of application for windows...  1
Line6 VyzexVyzex Pocket POD V1.05 is the Tone Editor/Librarian software for Line6 Pocket POD guitar preamp. It uses USB and provides realtime control over all the Pocket POD parameters.  1
LingoesFree dictionary software  8
LinkstashLinkStash is an outstanding bookmarks/favorites manager that works with  1
Linksys BEFSR11/BEFSR41/BEFSRU31 Firmware upgrade utilityFirmware upgrade utility for the Linksys BEFSR11/BEFSR41/BEFSRU31  1
Linksys EasyLink AdvisorLinksys EasyLink Advisor allows access to status and network information of your Wireless Router, it also allows you to accept/block any devices that try to link up with the router.  1
Linksys SPA3102 firmware upgrade utilityUtility needed to upgrade the firmware SPA3102 VoIP router.  2
LinuxLive USB CreatorLiLi USB Creator is a free software  1
Lioncast LM15 SoftwareThe software that accompanies the LM15 Gaming mouse from Lioncast. It allows to set various settings of the mouse.  1
LiveUpdate Administration UtilityUtility for administering aspects of Symantec's LiveUpdate services.  2
LogFusionA log monitoring and parsing application  1
LoginControlLoginControl is the best tool to manage yours Login  1
Longman Dictonary of Contemporary EnglishA high quality English to English dictionary package.  4
Lunar IPS (lips)Lunar IPS is simple IPS patcher and creator with minimalistic GUI. There's an alternative app called JIPS written in java so you can run it without wine but it's buggy and sometimes patched game has bugs like wrong titles.  1
Magic DiscA nice freeware tool to mount CD/DVD in virtual drive supports 9 virtual drives in an instance, and has tool to compress or decompress uif to iso or vice versa and tool to make CD/DVD images.  1
Magic ISOMagicISO is an all-in-one program which claims to support all major disk image formats, as well as supporting burning and converting between them.Originaly disigned for windows it allows you to transform .Bin files, to .ISO files and "au contraire". It also makes backups of your hard drive, for you to burn in DVD or CD, in that program or in onother application.  3
Magic PacketUtility to send magic packets to computers with wake on lan enabled.  1
Magical Jelly Bean KeyfinderThis program looks into the registry and displays product keys it finds there. It can find the Windows product key, the MS Office key, and many others.  2
Mega Hack InstallerAn installer for the Mega Hack mod menu for Geometry Dash  1
MegaDownloaderMegaDownloader is a download client for MEGA.CO.NZ, allowing you to easily download files from MEGA.CO.NZ  1
Memorex exPressit Label MakerCD  1
MemTurboMemTurbo increases your system performance by making more RAM  1
Merge MP3Freeware utility to merge MP3 files.  1
Microsoft Fixit CenterApplication that diagnoses Windows PCs and offers troubleshooters for the problems that you are having. The application also provides a centre to control and support devices  1
Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic ToolThe Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool provides detailed  1
Microsoft ProjectMyScreenDisplay your windows phone 8.1 screen on PC  1
Microsoft ReaderMicrosoft Reader is for reading Microsoft .LIT Literature files. It has options for text sizes for easy reading. Also supports adding bookmarks and annotations into the files for your easy reference.  1
Microsoft Toolkit (Office toolkit)Microsoft Toolkit is a .NET Framework program that is able to manage, license, deploy, and activate Microsoft Windows (from Vista to 10 and from Server 2008 to Server 2016) and Microsoft Office (versions 2010, 2013 and 2016).  1
Microsoft Virtual PCVirtual PC is an x86 PC emulator capable of running most x86 operating systems and has additions (drivers for accelerated speed) for OS/2 and Windows 98 up to Windows Server 2008.  3
Mini vMacAble to run Mac OS 7 while Windows is running. It is a fully working version of Mac OS 7. It can be moved to a memory stick, Mac on a Stick!  1
MiniReminderMiniReminder is a small, but fast, and simple program for Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7  1
MirrorOp Win ReceiverThis MirrorOp receiver is a good tool for you to test with other MirrorOp senders you’re interested in. You can use your Windows PC as a virtual MirrorOp receiver device to receive videos and audios, or even remotely operate the sender device. We can mirror and operate our phone through this in our pc or laptop.  1
MobaXtermThis is a program which can store and execute many types of remote access sessions, such as SSH, RDP, VNC, and many other protocols.  3
Mobile MasterNice but unfortunately not free Windoze gui utility which allows mobile phone file transfer from to hard using serial usb link (other functionalities not tested yet due to lack of mobile) -  1
Mobile PhoneToolsThis application is Motorola's mobile phone utility  5
MobileGo Android ManagerBrowse, sync and backup your android phone.  2
Mobogenie for PCMobogenie is a free application for easily managing your phone or tablet. It allows cleanup, software installation, and more!  1
mode19.exeShareware/Freeware application to demonstrate use of color 8bit  1
ModemDoctorWindows diagnostic and configuration tool for serial (COM) ports and modems.  2
Moffsoft FreeCalcMoffsoft FreeCalc is a basic calculator that makes a replacement for the Windows calculator.  1
MotionBased AgentRetrieves GPS track and heartrate data from a Garmin GPS device and sends it to for mapping and analysis.  1
Motorola PcSyncSyncronisation tool for Motorola mobile phones  1
Motorola Software UpdateMotorola Software Update provides the latest approved software (firmware) for devices.  2
MozyHomeMozyHome is a free online file backup utility. After the user creates an account, he or she can backup important data to Mozy file servers. Note that the free version is limited to 2GB of data.  3
Mp3FileManagerThis is a utility that you place on your Sony Mp3 Player that let you transfer mp3 files to it.  2
MsixCoreMSIXCore is a preview for downlevel handler for MSIX. MSIXCore enables MSIX installation on supported Windows operating systems prior to Windows 10 1709 (such as Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2012)  1
My Password ManagerAs a PC user, you will understand the need  1
MyPhoneExplorerMyPhoneExplorer is a free and useful program with the help of which you can administer its Sony-Ericsson mobile phone simply.  10
NavigationNavigation is a freeware which helps pilots to prepare their navigations.  5
NCH Tone GeneratorThis Program basically generates tones of different frequencies, waveforms, etc....  It supports continuous, duration, linear and logarithmic spectrum sweeps. It can also export the tone as a sound file.  1
NEC Test Pattern GeneratorNEC Test Pattern Generator is an easy to use Windows freebie designed to lend you a hand when trying to test or calibrate your monitor.  1
Nero CD-DVD SpeedCD-DVD Speed is a utility that can run a variety of tests on optical media, such as CDs and DVDs.  1
NetcatThe TCP/IP swiss army knife. It's a tool which can work as backend for TCP/IP communications. You can use it to test networks, exchange messages (also in UDP mode) and do lots of nice networks stuff.  1
NetOdinNetOdin is a tool to flash Samsung Firmware Files onto Samsung Devices over a wireless connection. Mainly used for smartwatches, which don't have a wired connection available (eg: USB). Unlike Odin, which only works with wired connections, NetOdin uses a wireless connection to transfer the firmware to the device.  1
New PC StudioUtility to manage data on select Samsung cell phones.  1
NFS Carbon SaveEditorThe handy SaveEditor enables you the following features:  1
Nikon PictureProject In TouchAn easy to use Picture-Sharing-Utility. It's simplycity makes it worth a try. Simply register on and download the Software.  1
NOD32Most effective antivirus for desktops/servers, without the bloat of norton/mcaffee.  1
Norman Malware CleanerApplication for removal of malware from a Windows(tm) installation  1
Norton CommanderOriginal Norton Commander for Windows 95 Version 1.0  1
Norton Security ScanFree antivirus and adware scanner. Can scan on demand or on schedule but has no resident module.  1
Nostromo Array Programming SoftwareProgramming software for use with the Nostromo n40, n45, n50, and n52 USB devices. This software allows the user to bind keyboard keys, mouse clicks/gestures, and macros to the buttons on the devices.  1
NotesHolderNotesHolder lets you quickly type in any piece of information so  2
NovaNet-WEB ClientThis is the client-side of a web backup application. it should inventory files to be backed up, compare them to the server's list, and then compress, encrypt, and send any new or modified files to the storage server.  1
NZXT CAMUtility that allows control of NZXT smart devices.  1
ObjectBarObjectBar allows you to create your own custom Start bars, finders, pop-up menus, program launchers, wharfs, docks, etc.  1
OCCTAn application that stresses the system, designed to find out if the system is stable after an overclock  2
ODD Firmware Update UtilityUpdate which is used e.g. for Pioneer DVD drives  1
OfflineListOfflineList is a console rom sorting application that supports a few different archive types as well as the ability to merge different versions of the same rom into one archive.  1
OmZiffOmziff is a straightforward encryption utility that uses various cryptographic algorithms to encrypt and decrypt textual files. These algorithms include: Blowfish, Cast128, Gost, IDEA, Misty1, AES/Rijndael, and Twofish.  1
On-Screen Keyboard (portable)On-Screen Keyboard Portable is a handy way to bring your settings  1
OpenGL Extensions ViewerOpenGL Extensions Viewer ( glview.exe ) is a handy utility for testing OpenGL compatibility of widows and wine.  1
OpenIVA tool for viewing, extracting and editing files of games that use RAGE / Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (namely Grand Theft Auto IV, V and Max Payne 3).  2
OpenPhone IPC 65Software phone as a VoIP solution to work with the systems of OpenCom-100-and OpenCom-1000-family  1
Orange DownloaderTo get this application (I thing if you search for help on this apply, it's because you have it already) :  1
OSAM: Autoruns ManagerUtility to contol all way of autoruns (startup applications, loading drivers, services, plugins to explorer, printing monitors, URL hooks, etc).  1
OSC_Setup_3.29.exeUtility by LG to modify setup of Ultra wide screen monitor, to setup multiple windows inside it  1
otwincfgotwincfg is the configuration utility for the OpenTracker APRS tracker developped by Argent Data Systems.  2
PABX propabx pro is  a pabx management application for  telecoms companies  1
PalmToCSVExtracts data from Palm Log Pro files and exports it to a CSV file.  1
ParitionMagic­PartitionMagic is capable of resizing NTFS or FAT (16 or 32) partitions without data loss, and can copy and move partitions, including to other disks. It also has various other features, including being able to convert between FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS, modify the cluster size of FAT16/32 and NTFS filesystems, and merge adjacent FAT or NTFS filesystems (all without data loss, though some NTFS-only metadata is lost on conversion to FAT). Additionally, it has somewhat limited support for ext2 and ext3 partitions.  1
PassKeeperPassKeeper is a Windows utility that allows you to keep a list of accounts with usernames, passwords, and notes. This list is stored encrypted.  1
PassPack"PassPack is a secure, streamlined and incredibly compact manager of  1
Password AgentHandy small app for storing usernames, passwords, URL's, and notes in an encrypted password protected file using Blowfish encryption (256-bit key). App does not require any additional "runtime" files. "Lite" version is free, and can store 25 username/passwords.  3
Password CorralPopular password management program  1
Password Keeper 2000A Windows program that allows you to store passwords in a password protected ".pwk" file  1
Password Manager XPPassword Manager XP allows you to create several databases for  3
Password Memory 2010Application for the secure storing of passwords.  1
Password SafeA good password manager makes high security easy. Easy to log into scores of web sites, confident that your accounts and identity won't be compromised. Easy because you only need to know the master password. You don't ever need to know - or even see - any of your other passwords.  12
PasswordsProThe program is designated to recover passwords for following types of hashes:  1
PBP UnpackerA little app to unpack .PBP files to an IMG file.  1
PC Inspector File RecoveryPC INSPECTOR File Recovery 4.x is a data recovery program that supports the FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS file systems.  1
Pc inspector Smart Recovery­PC INSPECTOR smart recovery is the new data recovery program from CONVAR for Flash Card, Smart Media, SONY Memory Stick, IBM Micro Drive, Multimedia ­Card, Secure Digital Card or any other data carrier for digital cameras.­  1
PC Shareport UtilityA utility to configure the USB port on a Dlink wireless router  1
PeaZipAn open source archiver.  3
PEiDPEiD is a GUI-based program which identifies more than 600 different packer/compiler/etc signatures in PE files. It supports external plugins via it's Plugin Interface.  1
Perfect DiskIt defrags the NTFS and FAT (32 or 16) filesystems ...  1
Personal Address FileADDRFILE is a utility which can be used for keeping personal address information. For example, one can keep addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. on card-like files. It is similar to the old Windows CardFile and it can read .CRD files created by that program.  2
Personal BackupThis software is used to make backups of files.  2
Personal VaultPersonal vault is a small password keeper application.  1
PGP"Pretty Good Privacy"  1
Phantim3"PhanTim3 is a fully customizable and skinnable countdown timer. It can  1
Phone Manager (Avaya)This app is a user application that compliments there phone when connected to an Ip Office  3
Photoscore LiteMusic recognition software often bundled with Sibelius.  1
PINs, secure passwords managerPINs is a free feature-rich Windows program for safe and comfortable storing of any secure information like passwords, accounts, PINs etc. PINs uses a secure 448 bit Blowfish algorithm to ensure the data are not crackable. The password used for securing access to stored data is not saved anywhere.  1
PiToolThis is the service and configuration software for the PiMax 5k and 8K hud goggles.   1
POI LoaderPOI Loader allows you to load custom points of interest into your PNA unit.  6
Polar FlowSyncPolar FlowSync syncs training data from your Polar V800 watch with a Polar Flow web-application.  5
Polar ProTrainerThe application is design to :  1
Polar WebLinkPolar WebLinkTM  2
Polar WebSyncPolar WebSync is a software used to transfer data from Polar CS500+/CS500/FA20/FT7/FT40/FT60/FT80/RCX5/RCX3/RC3 GPS/RS300X to the web service and from Polar Active to for further analysis and storage.  2
Portable Apps MenuPortableApps is a program that normally embeds itself in the windows start bar for accessing multiple programs from a portable memory stick.  3
Portable Apps is the world's most popular portable software solution allowing you to take your favorite software with you. A fully open source and free platform, it works on any portable storage device (USB flash drive, memory card, portable hard drive, etc), cloud drive (DropBox, Google Drive, etc), or installed locally. With millions of users all over the world and a full collection of open source software as well as compatible freeware and commercial software and partners in the software and hardware industry, is the most complete solution for life on the go.  4
POSE (Palm OS Emulator)Palm OS Emulator­  2
postimageQuickly take screenshots and upload them to  1
PowerISOAn application to burn CD images. Uses yet another proprietary CD image format that only this software is able to use, with the file extension '.daa' (which they state stands for 'Direct Access Archive').  7
PPF-O-MaticA tool to apply ppf patches to Playstation ISOs.  1
Process ExplorerEver wondered which program has a particular file or directory open? Now you can find out. Process Explorer shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded.  5
Process ViewerA simple (and powerful) process monitoring utility, available on both GUI and command line.  1
ProcX.exeProcX displays all running processes and modules on your systems. It is a necessity to monitor running processes on your system to determine if anything malicious may be running. ProcX allows you to perform various functions on these running processes and DLLs. ProcX is especially useful for system administrators who disinfect computers.  1
Program Manager (NT)Program Manager is the shell of Windows 3.x and Windows NT 3.x operating systems. This shell exposed a task-oriented graphical user interface (GUI), consisting of icons (shortcuts for programs) arranged into program groups. It replaced MS-DOS Executive, a file manager, as the default Windows shell, and in turn was replaced by Explorer.  1
Project Smash AttacksProject smash attacks (or PSA for short) is a moveset editor for super smash bros. brawl. it allows the user to alter the abilities (among other things) of the characters and create new movesets.  1
PromoSoftThe Promosoft application is used to manage software submissions to directory and listings sites on the internet. It can help automate a task with usually takes several hours. It works primarily with the PAD system, the XML software submission format promoted by the Shareware Association.  1
ProntoEditProntoEdit is for programming the remote control like RU890.  2
ProntoEdit Professional TSU9600Configuration editor for Philips TSU9600 touchscreen remote control panel.  1
ProtectionIDFinds and identifies copy protection and DRM software present in applications, including SafeDisc, SecuROM, and dongles.  11
ProvideSupport Live Support ChatLive chat with clients who request backup, it must connect to some especific servers  1
PSO2 TweakerA replacement for the normal PSO2 launcher, used to update, patch, and launch the Japanese and Global versions of the game. It also allows you to download and install some fan-made patches, such as a translation patch to play the Japanese version of the game in English.  1
PsToolsPsTools is a suite of excellent Windows utilities from Sysinternals (although they were recently purchased by Microsoft).  2
Puntotek V2Application for the cross point models creation.  1
QQDownloadThis is a download manager from Tencent Technology, supports BitTorrent, eMule, Magnet Link, Http, Https, FTP. It uses P2P to accelerate downloads.  2
QSYNCQSYNC is an application that allows you to sync a folder on your NAS (Network Attached Storage); works similarly to the Application DropBox or Google Drive, with the difference that the data is stored on our device and not on a remote server on which we have no control.  5
Quick MacrosQuick Macros is a utility for making macros and automations. It can easily access mouse, keyboard, clipboard, windows etc and it supports advanced scripting language.  1
Quick SFVQuickSFV integrates into the Windows Explorer shell and makes it  easy to verify files. Just double-click on the .SFV file and QuickSFV does the rest. QuickSFV also understands several other file verification formats including .CRC, .CSV and .CKZ.  2
RainmeterRainmeter is a free program (GPLv2) which allows the user to display utility information concerning their system (memory available, processor speed, etc.) utilizing various skins available from the community to display on the desktop.  2
RapidCRC UnicodeAn open-source utility to determine various hash sums and CRC values for files on the fly, and compare/test them with known good ones to verify file integrity.  1
Razer CortexUtility to make your (Windows) system leaner but also has some features to interface with your Razer account.  1
Razer SynapseConfiguration program for Razer HIDs, including the Blackwidow and Naga.  1
rbackupThe software is a commercial online backup system from Remote Backup Systems Inc.  1
RCON SEThis application is used for monitoring a server in Jedi Academy that is running the mod JA+. It is a very useful tool for anyone running with those specifications.  1
RDG Packer DetectorRDG Packer Detector is a detector for packers, cryptors, compilers,  1
ReactOS ExplorerThe Reactos Replacement for Windows Explorer.  1
ReadpleaseReadplease is a text to speech application.  2
Recover KeysSoftware that can scan a windows HD and registry to attempt to locate and recover software activation keys.  1
RecuvaRecuva is a freeware utility to restore files that have been accidentally  4
Registry CleanerSmall free application that efficiently scan Windows registry in order to find and remove invalid entries, that may slowdown the whole system. It is a free app off the suite Auslogics BoostSpeed, which is the retail version.  1
RegmonRegMon is a Registry monitoring utility that will show you which applications are accessing your Registry.  1
reMarkable Desktop AppThe reMarkable desktop app syncs files with the reMarkable cloud. It can be used to upload files to your reMarkable paper tablet, view files in your library, and to download/export your notes/files to your computer.  12
RememBearPassword manager from the creators of TunnelBear.  1
Remote Control ProgrammerThis is the program that you use to communicate with your JP1 remote. You can use it to download your current programming, you can save a copy of your current programming on your PC as a backup, you can make changes to the programming, including adding upgrades, etc and you can re-load it to your remote.  1
Repligo PDF MobilizerConvert pdf documents to repligo format to view in pda using its free repligo viewer.  1
Repligo ViewerA free document viewer for desktop and pda. Documents are created from any program from a printer driver (in Windows) or using converter (only for pdf format) to its own .rgo format.  1
Resource HackerResource Hacker is a freeware utility to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract resources in 32bit Windows executables and resource files (*.res). It incorporates an internal resource script compiler and decompiler.  4
Resource TunerResource editor that allows you to view, extract, and edit resources in Windows executables.  1
RestoratorAllows editing of Windows resource file formats for images and other content.   1
Revista do CD-ROMBrazilian CD-ROM magazine published from 1995 to 2013 by Editora Europa, aggrouping games, utilities, entertainment programs and miscellaneous. Also published later on under the names Revista do DVD-ROM and Revista dos Apps.  18
Revo UninstallerAn extremely useful tool to get rid of programs when "wine uninstaller" may fail you. It can get rid of registry and startup settings, which is very useful. I would even recommend this for Windows use, please let others know about this program, it saves time and is much better than appwiz.cpl (Windows' Add/Remove Programs list)  3
Revo Uninstaller ProRevo Uninstaller Pro helps you to uninstall software  2
RoboformRoboForm is a proprietary software password management program developed by Siber Systems, Inc. It is available for many web browsers,but mainly supports Internet Explorer(and other browsers based on it),Mozilla Firefox,and Netscape, as well as support for Palm,PocketPC,Symbian.RoboForm is also a web form filler that automates password entering and form filling.  2
RocketDockA dock for windows  2
RominatorFully functional rom manager for the Nintendo DS  3
Roxio Creator 2009A program which has multiple features. It does every thing with discs. Burning, ripping, ect. It has music editing software, and multiple utilities.  1
RS Audials OneA easy software for legaly free downloading music and videos from Youtube etc.  1
RufusRufus is a utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pendrives, memory sticks, etc.  4
SamFwToolSamFw Tool is a program that fixes common problems with your Android Smartphone.  1
Samsung Pc StudioA utility for synchronizing data from the Samsung Mobile Phone range with a pc  9
SandboxIEThe only free sandbox for Windows.  1
SARDUCreate a multiboot USB/HD/CD/DVD ... boots iso files directly.  Creates master ISO image ready to 'dd' or burn to dvd, with multiple ISO files.  Very versatile and customizable.  1
Saving Bond WizardWith the Savings Bond Wizardâ„¢, you can:  1
ScanahandScanahand is a free font generator for Windows.  1
Schulze WinsoftSchulze software for monitoring charger output for the ISL 6, ISL 8, and LiPoCard.  1
Searchopia IE 5.00Non-indexing desktop search engine with advanced search functions such as customizable proximity search, all words, any word etc.  1
Secunia PSIChecks installation for out-of-date/vulnerable Windows programs and provides links to download updates.  1
SecurableSecurAble probes the system's processor to determine the presence, absence and operational status of three modern processor features:  1
SecureDoc Encrypted USB Drive ViewerSecureDoc Encrypted USB Drive Viewer is installed to removable devices encrypted with WinMagic's SecureDoc full-disk encryption so that files/folders can be viewed/extracted on computers without SecureDoc present.   1
Security boxEncryption application   1
SequoiaviewHandy little utility that let's you see the size and kinds of files in directories at one glance. See screenshot  1
ServInfoServInfo is a freeware utility that provides integrated information for the on-line flying activities in the  1
shadeyouAn VPN client with boult in OpenVpn. It also supports PPTP and P2TP  1
SharPEsharpE is a full featured shell that can replace explorer.exe  1
ShellExView (Shell Extention Manager)The ShellExView utility displays the details of shell extensions installed on your computer,  1
ShortkeysShortKeys is a utility that allows you to set up replacement text or paragraphs for any given number of user defined keystrokes. ShortKeys monitors the keyboard activity on a global nature and anytime a user defined keystroke combination is typed in, it will be replaced with the replacement text.  2
ShubraVirajVideo Streaming App For Students  1
Sidewinder G2 Firewall Admin ConsoleSecure Computing Sidewinder G2 is a firewall appliance that not only has passed EAL4+ certification, but is recertified with each updated release. Built on a BSD base and using Type EnforcementTM technology to enforce the barriers between network segments (or "burbs," as they're called), the Sidewinder G2 firewall is a solid bet for any network that needs to be protected.  1
SIMEditorThis is software provided with the Trust 39-in-1 Mini SIM & Memory Card Reader CR-1370p. Allows you to copy phone number and SMS messages from the SIM to the computer.  1
SimPESimPE is a tool to manipulate files of the game "The Sims 2" (and its expansion packs). Usually those files are called "packages", thus the name.  1
Simple Popstation GUIBase tool for converting ISO/BIN/CUE images into an EBOOT.PBP file that Dark_Alex's 3.03 OE-A and newer firmwares can read.  2
SiSoft SandraSiSoft Sandra is a multi-purpose system information and benchmarking utility. Tom's Hardware uses Sandra to compare hardware components. It is useful for benchmarking CPU, memory and disk performance.  2
SIVA system utility for every kind of information.  1
SjBoy EmulatorUtility for emulation Java Mobile Edition (J2ME) Platform.  1
SmartBarXPSmartBarXP is a bar that runs down the side of your  1
SoftFSBA utility which can be used to overclock CPUs in real-time. Especially useful with motherboards that do not support overclocking.  1
Softoken-IISoftoken-II   1
Sony Ericsson W810i DeskmateThe Sony Ericsson W810i Deskmate 2.0 is a fun application that lets you listen to groovy new songs every week during the promotion period. The deskmate also has funny & cool animations to keep you entertained.  1
SP-404SX Wave ConverterThis is a very minimal tool to add .wav audio files to an SD-card formatted for use with an SP-404SX or SP-404A sampler. It can do two things:  1
Spatial Media Metadata Injector v2.1 for Windows 64-bit (Youtube)Free app (in this case, v2.1 for Windows 64-bit) for automatic metadata configuration for 3D photo-sphere interactive video files to be uploaded in Youtube  1
SPB WalletDescription:  1
SpeccyA great program to get an overview of your system's specifications.  4
SpeedfanSpeedFan is a program that monitors voltages, fan speeds and temperatures in computers with hardware monitor chips. SpeedFan can even access S.M.A.R.T. info for those hard disks that support this feature and show hard disk temperatures too, if supported.  9
SpeedSimBattle simulator for ogame and others games.  4
SpiceworksSpiceworks is free network management software designed for medium sized networks. It combines inventory, monitoring, help desk  7
SpinRite (installer only)This entry is just for the SpinRite installer.  1
Spybot - Search & DestroySpybot - Search & Destroy detects and removes spyware, a relatively  3
SpyderApplication for monitor calibration  1
SSC Service UtilityThe SSC Service Utility for Epson printers, will allow you to do simple or very advanced things with your Epson printer.  1
StarForceStarForce - system of protection who established on some game disks. This system protects disks from illegal copying. Games containing such protection are not started. It is established as service  1
StarparseNext-Gen SWTOR Parser  1
Steelseries EngineManagement software for configuring Steelseries devices.  1
Supercard Micro SD converterThis is an Supercard lite software to convert/patch Supercard .GBA/.NDS Games to run them on the Supercard microsd/lite.  1
Supercard SD Rom ConverterSupercard SD Rom Converter is software used to patch rom files for use with the Supercard SD and miniSD devices for the Nintendo DS.  1
SwiftSwitchSwiftSwitch is a RuneScape client that plays both the RuneScape  3
Synapse XSynapse X is a hacking and exploiting tool designed for Roblox.  2
SyncToySyncToy is an application that allows the user to synchronize, backup and contribute data.  2
SynergySynergy let's you share your keyboard and mouse with multiple computers, and can be setup to operate multiple computers with just one keyboard and mouse.  1
Sysinternals ClockResShows system clock resolution.  1
Sysinternals DesktopsAllows to create up to 4 multiple desktops with own taskbar and windows.  1
Sysinternals LoadOrderShows drivers (and "drivers") load order.  1
Sysinternals NotMyFaultIntentionally triggers Windows kernel instability via DKOM.  1
Sysinternals Process MonitorProcess Explorer lists all processes in a Windows environment.  3
Sysinternals RegJumpOpens regedit showing the neeeded path.  1
Sysinternals sigcheckA tool to verify digital signatures of/for a PE file or a catalog file. Has some additional features like checking file hash aginst VirusTotal and displaying various information.  1
Sysinternals Strings32-bit command-line tool that dumps Unicode or ASCII strings from EXEs and DLLs  1
Sysinternals vmmapAllows to view memory layout of a process  1
TA Demo RecorderThe TA Demo Recorder is the standard third-party utility for any online players of Total Annihilation. It provides game recording capabilities along with a couple tweaks such as map annotations, autoclick, and lag fixes.   1
TaigaTaiga tracks and synchronizes your anime progress with online services such as MyAnimeList and Kitsu (formerly Hummingbird).  2
Take command/32GUI tool for accessing 4DOS (an enhanced COMMAND.COM replacement) command-line features under windows.  3
Taskbar ShuffleAdds the ability to drag-and-drop taskbar icons to a different position in Windows 98-Vista.  1
Taxcut Delux + state 2005Prepares your state and fedral returns. Files them via the internet.  1
TCP OptimizerOptimizes your internet connection  1
TDK CD/DVD label printer LPCW-100Prints directly onto CD  1
TeracopyTeraCopy is a compact program designed to copy and move files at the  1
TeX2WordUtility to convert TeX files into MSWord files.  1
TexterTexter executes predefined hotstrings by pressing a hotkey. It is a text replacement tool, that can replace words for text or scripts.  1
TF EditorSimple application to allow set-up of Yamaha TF series pro live sound mixing consoles  1
TGUP - The Great Unattended ProjectThe Solution for Windows Silent Software Installation. The Great Unattended Project - TGUP is an executable Package that downloads and installs latest versions of commonly-used freeware silently or manually in sequence and sorts them into the startmenu.  1
The Enigma ProtectorA file protector similar to Themida, it encrypts exe/dll files and adds options such as not being able to run it in a VM.  1
The OpenGL Geometry BenchmarkThe OpenGL Geometry Benchmark tests the geometry Transform & Lighting power of various video cards under OpenGL.  1
Thinstall Virtualization SuiteThinstall is a program that allows users to create portable versions of windows programs.  2
ThreatExpert Submission AppletThe ThreatExpert Submission Applet is a stand-alone tool that provides you with an quick easy way to submit your samples to ThreatExpert (a free multi-vendor virus scanner).  1
Tilt and Wrap CalculatorThe application allows to compensate for a prescription if a tilted and wrapped frame (e.g. sunglasses) where to be used. It allows to use different materials, base curves, refraction vertex index, frame vertex index and minimum blank size. The involved mathematics are not shown, but you can see, print and save the obtained result.  1
Time StampTimes tasks as part of a project, incorporating a slack-timer, hourly rate calculator, and task annotation.  1
TimeViewerLiteprogramm for work-time terminal  1
Timex Data Link (Ironman)Timex Datalink software to communicate with their special DataLink watches  2
TinyTaskA simple mouse and keyboard automation program that allows a user to press record preform a task then stop record then play back that task in normal mode or fast mode there is also an option to set how many times the recorded task is played back. The program also allows to save the recording to be opened and played again at another time.   1
Title Bar Changer StudioTitle Bar Changer Studio is an title bar changing application for Windows. It changes window title texts, icons and customizes the Windows user interface.  1
Toshiba Stratagy ES AdminApplication for accessing and configuring Toshiba Voicemail Systems over a network.  1
Total UninstallTotal Uninstall is a freeware which lets you take care about what and where an app does install (system, registry) and then simply uninstall it completely without leaving your system "polluted".  1
TP-Link Power Line UtilityA utility to show connection speeds and control a few features of TP-Link's powerline ethernet adaptors.  2
Trackmania color-coderLittle utility that can help you changing the color of your TrackMania nickname.  1
TreeCompTreeComp is an interactive utility to keep two directory trees and the files within the directories in sync.  2
TunebiteTunebite converts DRM  2
TuneCloneNormally, one can legally remove DRM from audio files by burning them as an audio CD, and then ripping the CD back into MP3s or WMAs.  1
TvprogrammetProgram that downloads tv tables (swedish channels), you can set alarms, get notices etc.  1
TypingMaster 2002Touch typing tutor.  1
U3Utilize utilities in Gator Cruzer via Linux.  1
UEFITool NEUseful to extract a firmware body image from a capsule (*.CAP) file (as released for ASUS motherboards etc), for editing and flashing.  1
UltimateZipUltimateZip is a archive manager. It can decompress RAR, ZIP and many other files  1
UltraISOUltraISO is an ISO CD/DVD image file creating/editing/converting tool and a bootable CD/DVD maker, it can directly edit the CD/DVD image file and extract files and folders from it, as well as directly make ISO files from your CD/DVD-ROM or hard disk.  5
UnderCoverXPUnderCoverXP, is a application made to simplify print covers for DVDs, CDs, ect.  2
Unimatic AddonUnimatic Addon is used for United Pilots to access schedules and other important information  1
Universal ExtractorFrom the website -  1
Universal USB InstallerUniversal USB Installer (UUI) is a Live Linux Bootable USB Creator Software. This ISO to USB imaging tool allows users to boot from a USB flash drive.  1
Unstoppable Copier­Recovers files from disks with physical damage. Allows you to  1
USB Duplicator NowCopy files from a PC to many USB drives at the same time. Autodetects USB sticks and copies in parallel.  1
USBDeviewUSBDeview is a small utility that lists all USB devices that currently connected to your computer, as well as all USB devices that you previously used.  1
USBUtilUSButil is a tool to create and manipulate games which can be played with USBExtreme or USBAdvance on Playstation 2  1
VAG-COMVag-Com is a software package for Windows that emulates the functions of the dealers' very expensive proprietary scan tools.  6
VATSpyVAT-Spy is a simple application that allows you to view current ATC staffing  3
ViceVersa ProViceVersa lets you synchronize files, replicate folders, perform backups and do file and folder comparisons.  3
Virtual CD"Put an end to the annoying business of looking for and inserting your CDs/DVDs.  2
Virtual Floppy DriveProgram that allows you mount an image file of a floppy disk as if it were in a real floppy drive.  1
Virtual Infrastructure ClientThe Virtual Infrastructure Client is used to manage VMware installations.  2
Vista Upgrade AdvisorWant to see if your Windows XP-based PC can run Windows Vista?  2
VistaTaskVistaTask provides advanced automation for Microsoft Windows. It can control every aspect of your computer, such as the mouse, keyboard, and web actions, without needing to write any programming code. VistaTask is useful in many different scenarios, such as software quality assurance testing, IT administration jobs, repetitive data entry, program installations, or recurring internet tasks. It offers simple Windows automation, while still providing enterprise-level features such as data-driven models, low-level Win32 API access, and image masking.  1
Visual Basic Community RuntimeThe Visual Basic Community Runtime is an extended runtime for applications written in Visual Basic 6 including the original runtime libraries SP6.  1
vLitevLite is the evolution of the program nLite, both remastering programs for Windows installer disks, they allow the user to select various (often difficult or impossible to remove normally) components of the Operating System (in this case Windows Vista) as well as add hotfixes, patches, service packs, drivers and various software packages.  1
VLtoolsUtility to upload/download data to and from a Digifly flight instrument.  1
VMWare Converter StandaloneVMWare Converter Standalone is a utilitiy to convert physical systems into virtual machines for VMWare-based hypervisors (i.e. vSphere ESXi).  1
VPC Software SuiteThis is a tool for configuring, testing and updating firmware on Virpil's input devices, such as joysticks, throttles, collevtives, rudder pedals and button panels.  1
VRCVRC (Virtual Radar Client) is a client for the VATSIM virtual simulation network.  2
VSO InspectorVSO Inspector is a freeware application to report various information about your CD/DVD hardware as well as CD/DVD media. Reported information includes: Vendor, Model, Region Code, Buffer Size, Firmware, Media Type, Capacity, Sectors and much more.  1
Vxconnect 32A terminal emulator that can emulate just about any proprietary  1
w3chartw3chart is a program to analyze Warcraft III replays. It can tell you details about your apm(actions per minute) and more information about the game played.  1
W6ELPropW6ELProp predicts ionospheric (sky-wave) propagation between any two  1
WakoopaWakoopa is a distributed software program that tracks your software usage and charts it online for yourself and others to see.  1
WD_PROXKey.exeIts is an application to provided with usb token to run and encrypt digital signatures and certificate for class 3 digital signatures in India. The developer is watchdata.  1
WeatherEyeA program that can track weather for almost any city around the world, though primarily designed for use in North America  2
WebIS FlexWallet 2006Software to store passwords on device with Windows Mobile support.  1
WebmonSmall tool to check internet pages for new content.  2
Website-WatcherWebsite-Watcher is an application for checking multiple web pages for changes and updates. It has many nice features such as filtering, automation, and more.  4
Western Digital DiagnosticsThis is a Windows version of the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics utility.  1
Whiskey Militia Desktop AlertGet a notification on your desktop as soon as a new deal pops up on, you can then click the notification to go straight to their website  1
WiiBrickBlockerThis application patches Wii ISO images, allowing the user to change the DVD region so it matches their Wii, it also attempts to remove firmware updates from the ISO, as a different region update may brick the Wii.  1
Win-getWin-get is an automatic software installer tool and package manager. Win-apt allows you to install Windows software tough a command line interface and it is inspired by Debians apt-get.  1
WinbarIt is a windows 9x style taskbar for Win 3x.  1
WinCatalogWinCatalog Standard is a program for cataloging  1
WinCE CAB Managerlittle tool to create WinMobile installer CAB's  1
WinContigWinContig is an easy-to-use stand-alone defragmentation tool that  1
WinDirStatWinDirStat is an open source application for making a graphical analysis of your hard disk. It also contains cleaning tools for deleting files you no longer need.  1
Window BlindsWindowBlinds is a program that enables Windows users to completely change the look and feel of Windows users interface.  2
Windows 7 InstallThis is the install file for windows 7 which manages the first part of the Windows 7 Install. The latter part is done by Windows itself.  1
Windows 7 USB/DVD Download ToolThe Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool allows you to create a copy of your Windows 7 ISO file on a USB flash drive or a DVD.  1
Windows Home Server ConnectorWindows Home Server is a "stay-at-home" server that delivers the  1
Windows InstallerAllows installation of software that uses the .msi format.  4
Windows Journal ViewerThis accessory enables users who do not have a computer running Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition to view files that were created in Microsoft Windows Journal on a Tablet PC.  1
Windows PowerShellWindows PowerShell is a task-based command-line shell and scripting language designed especially for system administration. Built on the .NET Framework, it helps IT professionals and power users control and automate the administration of the Windows operating system and applications that run on Windows.  3
Windows UpdateWindows Update is the online extension of Windows that helps you to keep your computer up to date.  1
WindXWindX allows you to use a graphical user interface to connect to a server running a ProvideX-based software package.  2
WineIconsWineIcons is a Win32 program for Wine, that allows you to extract icons  1
WinFFThis program converts video files into other formats. It offers the user a number of presets to choose. Presets include smart phones, ipods, and Quicktime.  1
WingetA windows app get/installer  1
WinGOD BenchmarkCPU and 2D graphics benchmark, results can be compared with other computers (database included).  2
WinHexWinHex is in its core a universal hexadecimal editor, particularly helpful in the realm of computer forensics, data recovery, low-level data processing, and IT security. An advanced tool for everyday and emergency use: inspect and edit all kinds of files, recover deleted files or lost data from hard drives with corrupt file systems or from digital camera cards. Features include (depending on the license type):  1
WinImpA "High Performance Archiver" that can handle (to varing degrees) zip, arj, rar, tar, gzip, bzip2, and imp files.  1
winMd5SumFreeware MD5 checksumming utility  1
WinMSSMatch Scoring System (WinMSS)  2
WinRFAWinRFA is a tool to extract and pack .rfa archive type files (rfa= Refractor File Archive) used in the Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam file structure.  1
WinToFlashUtility to prepare an USB storage device to be a bootable replacement for a windows installation disc.  1
WinUtilities Free editionOptimization suite for windows  1
Wise Installation SystemCompresses all files into a single EXE file. Allows custom scripting  1
wizmoSimple but impressive utility, programmed in assembly (but using Windows API functions!), that implements various simple utility functions, listed below. The names (left) are the parameters passed to the executable.  1
Wmware PlayerFree Virtualization program  1
WowAceUpdaterThis tool provides an easy way for you to keep your Ace addons up to date. When it first launches, it will download a list of available addons from If it can determine your local World of Warcraft installation folder, it will also compare that list with the addons you currently have installed and pre-check them.  1
WT5The 'Swiss Army Knife' of world clocks  1
X-Mouse Button ControlExcellent tool which permits remapping Mouse Buttons.  1
XEditAn utility to manage mod files for TES 4 Oblivion, Tes5 Skyrim, Follout3, New Vegas.The  2
XmingXming is a port of the X Window System to Microsoft Windows. It is based on the cygwin/X codebase, but is built with mingw so that cygwin is not required.  2
XpadderAllows the free a assign of any mouse/keyboard key to a button on a gamepad.  3
YACCYet Another Cso Compressor (YACC)  2
Your Uninstaller! 2008 PROThe application is used to remove unwanted applications from Hard disk. It removes also registry entries for the uninstalled application.  1
Yugioh Virtual DesktopAllows you to connect to other people online and duel them using Yugioh Cards.  2
YUMIYUMI ­Multiboot USB Creator i­nstalls multiple boot discs (ISO Files) onto one USB memory stick.  8
Zone AlarmSoftware firewall  1
ZonfireApplication to edit Diablo 2 Characters.  Formerly Hero Editor.  1
微点(Micropoint)This is an antivirus software. It is antivirus  1
提督業も忙しい! KanColleViewerAn application for managing the game Kancolle  1