Warcraft III

All official unmodified Reign of Chaos versions without the World Editor. Read the wonderful HOWTO note.

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Version: Reign of Chaos: 1.x
License: Retail
Votes: 7
Latest Rating: Gold
Latest Wine Version Tested: 6.0-staging

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Additional Comments

I get the following output and am then prompted to insert my Warcraft III CD (which is already in my drive): wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x004b7a7c at address 0x45ebea (thread 000e), starting debugger... WineDbg starting on pid 0xd Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x004b7a7c in 32-bit code (0x0045ebea). err:dbghelp_msc:codeview_process_info Unknown CODEVIEW signature C63A16CD in module war3 Register dump: CS:0073 SS:007b DS:007b ES:007b FS:003b GS:0033 EIP:0045ebea ESP:7fb9fda4 EBP:7fb9fe14 EFLAGS:00210216( - 00 -RIAP1) EAX:004b7a7c EBX:00000000 ECX:00000000 EDX:7fd4da40 ESI:004b7a7c EDI:00403000 Stack dump: 0x7fb9fda4: 00403000 00404120 00000000 00000000 0x7fb9fdb4: 40942400 00000000 00000000 7fd4da38 0x7fb9fdc4: 7fb9fde4 7ff8a27a 7fcf0020 7ffd39c4 0x7fb9fdd4: 7fb9fe24 7ff9761f 7fcf0020 00000008 0x7fb9fde4: 00000000 88500901 07f57641 00000000 0x7fb9fdf4: 00000000 00000008 00000008 00400003 Backtrace: =>1 0x0045ebea in war3 (+0x5ebea) (0x0045ebea) 2 0x0040126c in war3 (+0x126c) (0x0040126c) 3 0x7fb9fef8 (0x7fb9fef8) 4 0x00468090 in war3 (+0x68090) (0x00468090) 5 0x7fc4d01f in kernel32 (+0x4d01f) (0x7fc4d01f) 6 0xb7f7b637 wine_switch_to_stack+0x17 in (0xb7f7b637) 0x0045ebea: movl 0x0(%esi),%eax Modules: Module Address Debug info Name (90 modules) PE 0x00400000-004ac000 Export war3 PE 0x15000000-15050000 Deferred storm PE 0x21100000-2115f000 Deferred mss32 ELF 0x7bf00000-7bf03000 Deferred ELF 0x7dc0b000-7dc20000 Deferred midimap \-PE 0x7dc10000-7dc20000 \ midimap ELF 0x7dd63000-7dd7a000 Deferred msacm32 \-PE 0x7dd70000-7dd7a000 \ msacm32 ELF 0x7dd7a000-7ddbe000 Deferred wineoss \-PE 0x7dd90000-7ddbe000 \ wineoss ELF 0x7ddbe000-7de0a000 Deferred ELF 0x7de0a000-7de1a000 Deferred ELF 0x7de1a000-7de47000 Deferred ELF 0x7de5a000-7dec3000 Deferred ELF 0x7dec3000-7def0000 Deferred ELF 0x7df4a000-7df4e000 Deferred ELF 0x7df58000-7df89000 Deferred uxtheme \-PE 0x7df60000-7df89000 \ uxtheme ELF 0x7df89000-7df92000 Deferred ELF 0x7df92000-7dfae000 Deferred imm32 \-PE 0x7dfa0000-7dfae000 \ imm32 ELF 0x7dfae000-7e770000 Deferred ELF 0x7e770000-7e7f5000 Deferred ELF 0x7e7f5000-7e8db000 Deferred ELF 0x7e8db000-7e8f3000 Deferred ELF 0x7e8f3000-7e973000 Deferred winex11 \-PE 0x7e900000-7e973000 \ winex11 ELF 0x7e973000-7e992000 Deferred ELF 0x7e992000-7e9c0000 Deferred ELF 0x7e9c0000-7e9d4000 Deferred ELF 0x7e9d4000-7ea3d000 Deferred ELF 0x7ea3d000-7ea66000 Deferred ws2_32 \-PE 0x7ea50000-7ea66000 \ ws2_32 ELF 0x7ea66000-7ea7f000 Deferred wsock32 \-PE 0x7ea70000-7ea7f000 \ wsock32 ELF 0x7ea7f000-7ea93000 Deferred lz32 \-PE 0x7ea90000-7ea93000 \ lz32 ELF 0x7ea93000-7eaac000 Deferred version \-PE 0x7eaa0000-7eaac000 \ version ELF 0x7eaac000-7eb0e000 Deferred msvcrt \-PE 0x7eac0000-7eb0e000 \ msvcrt ELF 0x7eb0e000-7eb94000 Deferred winmm \-PE 0x7eb20000-7eb94000 \ winmm ELF 0x7eb94000-7ebbf000 Deferred winspool \-PE 0x7eba0000-7ebbf000 \ winspool ELF 0x7ebbf000-7ec75000 Deferred comctl32 \-PE 0x7ebd0000-7ec75000 \ comctl32 ELF 0x7ec75000-7ec93000 Deferred iphlpapi \-PE 0x7ec80000-7ec93000 \ iphlpapi ELF 0x7ec93000-7ece1000 Deferred rpcrt4 \-PE 0x7eca0000-7ece1000 \ rpcrt4 ELF 0x7ece1000-7ed70000 Deferred ole32 \-PE 0x7ed00000-7ed70000 \ ole32 ELF 0x7ed70000-7edca000 Deferred shlwapi \-PE 0x7ed80000-7edca000 \ shlwapi ELF 0x7edca000-7eea0000 Deferred shell32 \-PE 0x7ede0000-7eea0000 \ shell32 ELF 0x7eea0000-7ef3d000 Deferred comdlg32 \-PE 0x7eeb0000-7ef3d000 \ comdlg32 ELF 0x7ef3d000-7ef7b000 Deferred advapi32 \-PE 0x7ef50000-7ef7b000 \ advapi32 ELF 0x7ef7d000-7ef81000 Deferred ELF 0x7ef81000-7ef8e000 Deferred ELF 0x7f063000-7f968000 Deferred gdi32 \-PE 0x7f0b0000-7f968000 \ gdi32 ELF 0x7f968000-7fa90000 Deferred user32 \-PE 0x7f980000-7fa90000 \ user32 ELF 0x7fba2000-7fbaa000 Deferred ELF 0x7fbaa000-7fbaf000 Deferred ELF 0x7fbe2000-7fce0000 Export kernel32 \-PE 0x7fc00000-7fce0000 \ kernel32 ELF 0x7fce3000-7fce8000 Deferred ELF 0x7fce8000-7fcf0000 Deferred ELF 0x7fe02000-7fe0c000 Deferred ELF 0x7fe0c000-7fe15000 Deferred ELF 0x7fe15000-7fe2a000 Deferred ELF 0x7fe2a000-7fe33000 Deferred ELF 0x7fe33000-7fe36000 Deferred ELF 0x7fe36000-7fe40000 Deferred ELF 0x7fe44000-7fe46000 Deferred ELF 0x7fe49000-7fe6b000 Deferred ELF 0x7fe6b000-7ff62000 Deferred ELF 0x7ff62000-7ffe0000 Deferred ntdll \-PE 0x7ff70000-7ffe0000 \ ntdll ELF 0xb7e1e000-b7e21000 Deferred ELF 0xb7e21000-b7f50000 Deferred ELF 0xb7f50000-b7f62000 Deferred ELF 0xb7f63000-b7f66000 Deferred ELF 0xb7f76000-b7f90000 Export ELF 0xb7f93000-b7fa9000 Deferred Threads: process tid prio (all id:s are in hex) 0000000d (D) C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\War3.exe 0000000e 0 <== 0000000a 0000000b 0 00000008 0000000c 0 00000009 0

selected in Test Results table below
Operating systemTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?Used
ShowUbuntu 20.04 "Focal" (+ variants like Kubuntu)Apr 25 20216.0-stagingNo, but has workaround Yes YesGoldbacruru 
ShowUbuntu 18.04 "Bionic" amd64 (+variants like Kubuntu)Apr 09 20194.5-stagingYes Yes NoPlatinumjohsjo 
ShowSlackware64 14.2 multilibDec 15 20183.17-stagingYes Yes YesGarbageClaudio 
ShowLinux Mint 18.2 "Sonya" x86_64Apr 22 20183.0N/A Yes NoPlatinumNeZZy 
ShowDebian 10.x "Buster"Nov 05 20172.20-stagingYes Yes NoPlatinumJuanjo Salvador 

Known Bugs

Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected
1631 Sound underruns occur in directsound CLOSED FIXED View
2075 vsnprintf: glibc and win32 not compatible CLOSED FIXED View
2398 OpenGL is only used on top level windows so child windows get overdrawn CLOSED FIXED View
2723 error while trying to install warcraft3 reigh of chaos CLOSED FIXED View
2853 World of Warcraft Experiencing Severe Buffer Underruns CLOSED ABANDONED View
3051 UNIX path names are not translated correctly and cause some applications to fail CLOSED ABANDONED View
3067 Mouse problems (Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3) CLOSED ABANDONED View
3175 Switch to SG_IO ioctls breaks Diablo II CLOSED FIXED View
3192 Diablo2 doesn't work anymore with wine-20050725 CLOSED FIXED View
3563 Warcraft III install crashes and select folder dialog is buggy CLOSED FIXED View
3730 Warcraft III don't switch resolution back after use CLOSED FIXED View
3929 Warcraft 3 doesn't change the cursor properly CLOSED FIXED View
4093 deadlock in alsa driver: CriticalSection WINEALSA_mmap_crst CLOSED FIXED View
4095 Warcraft III Polish installer crashes CLOSED FIXED View
4128 Trainz demo: crash in msvcrt (regression) CLOSED FIXED View
4143 Regression: wgl.c, opengl.c wine>0.9.3 CLOSED FIXED View
4619 Warcraft III 5 minute timeout when trying to connect a badly hosted game on CLOSED FIXED View
4904 Critical error when trying to start warcraft 3 CLOSED FIXED View
4948 Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne freezes / gets stuck during splash screen CLOSED FIXED View
5390 Blizzard Games give unhandled exception with ALSA driver CLOSED FIXED View
5732 preloader and mmaping seem seriously broken on FreeBSD CLOSED ABANDONED View
6323 Numeric keypad keys do not work in WoW or only work once. CLOSED FIXED View
6618 Warcraft III Crash on intro movie playback CLOSED FIXED View
8770 Warcraft III freezes in BN ladder games after a few seconds/minutes (ATI) CLOSED FIXED View
9465 WarCraft III causes OSS to emit loud noise CLOSED FIXED View
9787 Warcraft3 Doesn't work (Needs AcceptEx) CLOSED FIXED View
10304 Warcraft III 1.21a freeze when loading single player mission CLOSED DUPLICATE View
11120 Fatal Error in Warcraft III on new wine versions CLOSED INVALID View
11188 Most attempts to save in Warcraft III 1.21a Reign of Chaos crash the game CLOSED FIXED View
12792 Warcraft III videos is not playing CLOSED FIXED View
13252 Warcraft III: Unable to Host CLOSED DUPLICATE View
13335 Wine virtual memory exhaustion causing OpenGL crashes / slowdowns CLOSED FIXED View
13547 Warcraft III loses all textures after game window loses focus in OpenGL mode CLOSED FIXED View
13956 Warcraft III does not start CLOSED FIXED View
14099 Warcraft III: Flash on mouse click CLOSED DUPLICATE View
14129 Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos can't find CD/DVD Drive (SecuROM 4.x) CLOSED FIXED View
14812 dsound bug causes games to crash CLOSED FIXED View
14900 Warcraft 3 ocassionally has connection instability on BattleNet CLOSED ABANDONED View
16106 Warcraft 3 map mouse scroll bug (fullscreen compiz-fusion) CLOSED DUPLICATE View
17809 Warcraft III crashes when logging into battlenet CLOSED INVALID View
18518 Warcraft 3 haven't Keyboard focus in Unmanaged mode CLOSED WONTFIX View
19515 Warcraft 3 crash CLOSED INVALID View
20455 Warcraft III fails to finish movie correctly. CLOSED INVALID View
20653 Warcraft 3 freezes after successful login into CLOSED FIXED View
23902 Games crash during audio initialization CLOSED FIXED View
27004 Warcraft III fails to select units by mouse drag CLOSED FIXED View
27045 Warcraft III - Reign of Chaos - Cannot play video's (xdivx) CLOSED DUPLICATE View
27616 Warcraft 3: missing mouse cursor CLOSED FIXED View
28282 Sound constantly crackling in lot of games STAGED View
29835 Warcraft 3: Black stripes on some graphics CLOSED INVALID View
31245 xrandr12 warcraft 3 regression NEW View
31839 Mouse jumps to the upper left corner of the screen RESOLVED ABANDONED View
32959 Warcraft 3: Minimizing problems CLOSED FIXED View
35241 Warcraft 3: Crash on starting the game CLOSED DUPLICATE View
35308 Warcraft III and it's extension Frozen Throne crash at start if winegstreamer isn't disabled CLOSED INVALID View
35309 Warcraft III and Frozen Throne : can't move mouse more than 2/3 of the screen CLOSED ABANDONED View
35528 Warcraft 3 - all textures are lost with opengl parameter CLOSED INVALID View
35651 Warcraft III: Some videos are not played NEW View
39223 Warcraft 3: Game conflicts with other applications UNCONFIRMED View
39224 Warcraft 3: Sound rustles without -opengl UNCONFIRMED View
40894 Warcraft 3: Crash on starting the game CLOSED FIXED View
45773 Warcraft 3: Game can't be installed via the downloader on non-english languages UNCONFIRMED View
46303 Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos (Czech language) can't be installed from CD CLOSED FIXED View
50288 Warcraft 3: Crashing on Wayland (mutter/gnome) UNCONFIRMED View

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HowTo / Notes

Running Warcraft 3 under Wine

by Jesse Allen; the3dfxdude at gmail com

small updates by Jasmine Iwanek

Last updated 2008-07-11

Before you get started

This HOWTO only lists information specific to this app. Please keep comments and test reports brief. Please don't post copies of wine logs here! If you have trouble, see other ways of getting help.

Wine+Warcraft 3 Status as of Wine 1.0.0/1.1.1

Known Problems

  • D3D8: Direct 3D mode is slow on anything but the lowest settings.
  • FreeBSD: could work on version 6.2 or later, but problematic
  • quartz: Divx movies have poor playback performance.
  • opengl: Resolution bugs, window management bugs. Losing focus will crash the game.

Minimum Requirements

  • Video card and driver that supports hardware based acceleration with OpenGL.
  • Correct device node permissions to your audio, video, and cdrom.
  • winecfg: A drive letter for your cdrom, and running as Win2k, XP or later.
  • A REAL COPY OF THE GAME -- The game probably won't work right if you don't have a real copy.
  • Linux kernel 2.6 with NTPL or FreeBSD kernel 6.2 (preferably 7) or later.

Recommended Requirements

  • Warcraft 3 1.21b or later
  • Wine 0.9.18 - 0.9.45. If using later wine, you must patch it--see below.
  • Linux kernel 2.6.17+ or FreeBSD kernel 6.2+

**Bad Versions**

Even with patch 1.21b, it's recommended to not use these versions of software because they break the SecuRom copy protection (ie "Please insert disc"):
  • Linux vanilla x86-64 kernel: 2.6.9-2.6.15, and versions less than 2.6
  • Wine compiled with GCC 4.0.0-4.0.2
  • Native msvcrt.dll
  • Nvidia video driver compiled against mismatched X11 header files
  • Fedora Core 6 kernel package less than 2.6.18-1.2784.fc6, and kernel package "kernel.x86_64 2.6.20-1.2933.fc6".
  • FreeBSD

Additionally, FreeBSD kernels less than 6.2 might not work with current versions of Wine at all.

Installing the Game

To default the game to use OpenGL, see the registry import below. This creates HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft III with new DWORD value called "Gfx OpenGL" with the value set to 1. So you may create a file using the text, or use regedit to do the same.

When the game's installed, everything should run as expected.

Running the Game

Use the shortcuts created by the game found in your launcher menus.

Multiplayer Setup

Make sure you have the correct ports open. Open outbound and inbound, TCP and UDP, port 6112, or whatever you set in the game configuration. More Network Ports

If you try to play using the Local Area Network option, and do not see a game hosted from your machine on another or vice versa, and you are in the same subnet, this is likely caused by not having a default gateway. The game relies on sending UDP packets to the broadcast address and Linux will not send them unless there is a default gateway or another rule to handle them. To fix it, there are two methods:

Add a default gateway.
- OR -
Route 255. 255. 255. 255 to your local network.

See Wine Traffic #62 for another description of the issue. This is not considered a bug.

Mouse Automatic Edge Scrolling

When running windowed, if you move the cursor out of the screen and back again, sometimes it stays as the scrolling cursor and not the pointer cursor. Hover the mouse over a unit or building to fix the cursor. This is an oversight in the game itself and not a bug in Wine. Use mouse grab or full screen mode to bypass this problem. You may also disable automatic scrolling and use the middle mouse button or the directional keys (non-keypad) for manual scrolling.

How to disable window manager's alt key combo

Window managers often have the alt key bound to certain features, especially the alt-click. THIS IS NOT A WINE BUG. If you have problems with the alt key in any way DO NOT REPORT IT. Fix your window manager. I'm not going to list steps for every one because there are too many possibilites. Figure out yourself or ask in a help forum (here is okay... but be warned all I use is TWM). If you are desperate, turn off window manager managed windows in winecfg.


Go into KDE Control Center, expand Desktop, click window behavior, then click window actions tab. You can turn off the alt-combos. If you want to make window specific settings, click on window specific settings under window behavior on the side.


The option to change the key binding is in System Menu -> Preferences Menu -> Windows.

How to play without CD?

Connect to to upgrade to the latest version of Warcraft 3 which doesn't need a CD.

If you ever get "Please insert disc", this is NOT a problem with detecting the CD. The protection system is probably still built into the game even though the CD check itself is disabled. Make sure you use version 1.21b or later. If you get this problem after having this version installed, you are likely suffering from a buggy video driver as this is the only known (and proven possible) cause at this point.

DO NOT USE NOCD PATCHES - They are pointless, and won't fix the real problem.

Skip the intro videos

Method 1: Rename the videos

After installing the game, its highly recommended that you browse to your Warcraft III folder and rename the movies folder. Many people crash from the movies because of buggy sound drivers, or simply hang, so you should do this in case you are one of them. You can still play the movies under mplayer (or xine if you so choose)! TutorialIn.mpq is the very first cinematic of the game, and for the rest; *Op.mpq is the cinematic at the start of the campaign and *Ed.mpq is the cinematic and the end. If you wanted to follow the story, it's not hard at all to play the ones corresponding where you are at.

Method 2: Mark the intro as seen

If you don't want to play the campaign, but only want to start Warcraft III without a crash while playing the intro then you can simply mark the intro as seen:

  1. Open reedit:
    $ wine regedit
  2. Navigate in regedit to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Blizzard/Warcraft III/
  3. Create a key (folder) Misc in the Warcraft III key. You can do so by right clicking the key.
  4. Create a DWORD value seenintromovie with the value 0x1
  5. ­


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Downloaded Installer
by Lyn on Monday August 26th 2019, 5:50
When installing from the small-size executable, perhaps available from the account management, it might be needed to set the OS mode to "XP" or the setup won't be able to proceed past the language selection.