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Version: The Age of Kings: 2.x
License: Retail
Votes: 4
Latest Rating: Platinum
Latest Wine Version Tested: 4.18

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The initial 3 videos.

What does not

The game crashes when loading the main screen (after the intro videos).


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Everything in game.

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  • GPU: Intel
  • Driver: open source

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Operating systemTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?Used
ShowUbuntu 19.10 "Eoan" (+ variants like Kubuntu)Oct 27 20194.18Yes Yes NoPlatinumconsolelogger 
CurrentArch Linux x86_64Aug 28 20183.14Yes No NoGarbageAlastair Hughes 
ShowUbuntu 17.04 "Zesty" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Aug 16 20172.14-stagingYes Yes YesGoldJacob Cameron 
ShowArch Linux x86_64May 19 20172.8Yes Yes NoGoldAve Elixire 
ShowFreeBSD 11.0 x86_64May 11 20172.7-stagingN/A Yes NoSilverSameed Pervaiz 

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Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected
34166 Fullscreen flickering on Mac RESOLVED NOTOURBUG View
47677 Age Of Empires 2 crash before starts an singleplayer game UNCONFIRMED View

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HowTo / Notes


To get multiplayer working you have to use by now the directplay libraries from microsoft, still (since 2006) no open source libraries for direct play that include libraries to open sockets and close to play games, so install winetricks:

(in ubuntu/debian) sudo apt-get install winetricks

and then exec:
winetricks directplay

It will download the directplay libraries from microsoft and install them, that's all, tcp/ip will work with direct connect.

Black screen issues

If you get only a black screen upon starting a game


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Can't get it to run on Wine 5.13
by Sean Ramey on Friday July 31st 2020, 0:09
I've enabled virtual desktop and (as far as I can tell) enabled the registry key for changing the D3D renderer to gdi.
I've also listed every dll in the install directory as a native override, and I've tried with Windows 98 and Windows XP (using win32 prefix).
When using Windows 98 it just crashes, and the version I've got is from the Collectors Edition. It should be able to work on Windows 95.
The best results I get are from Windows XP. The game will show the initial loading splash screen on the virtual desktop (won't show this if no virtual desktop)
and after a minute of accessing the cd rom it will crash with this error message:

0110:err:winediag:wined3d_dll_init Disabling 3D support.
0110:err:seh:NtRaiseException Unhandled exception code c0000005 flags 0 addr 0x7b646817

When it crashes on Windows 98 this is the error message:
00e4:fixme:vxd:__wine_vxd_open Unknown/unsupported VxD L"sice.vxd". Try setting Windows version to 'nt40' or 'win31'.
00e4:fixme:vxd:__wine_vxd_open Unknown/unsupported VxD L"siwvid.vxd". Try setting Windows version to 'nt40' or 'win31'.
00e4:fixme:vxd:__wine_vxd_open Unknown/unsupported VxD L"ntice.vxd". Try setting Windows version to 'nt40' or 'win31'.
wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 00000004 at address 004277F4 (thread 00e4), starting debugger...
Resolution problem
by hunter on Friday June 20th 2014, 19:17
When I start up the game, it occupies only the corner of the screen (the rest of the screen is black) I have been playing around with configure wine but it doesn't help

I use wine version 1.5 and ubuntu 12.04.
RE: Resolution problem
by Jarkko Korpi on Friday January 30th 2015, 21:18
your wine should be a lot newer. 1.7.35 is up to date now.
Performance issues
by Sven B. on Tuesday May 13th 2014, 14:59
For me performance is perfect (nothing is noticeably slow or anything) if I change X to start with 16-bit color mode (start X -depth 16). It's inconvenient because other things seem kind of broken in 16 bit depth mode (e.g. compositing), but at least it works. With that, the game works perfectly.

The issue with "Please insert the game CD" when selecting single player mode can apparently be avoided by installing the Full version of the game, instead of the Minimal one.
RE: Performance issues
by Sven B. on Tuesday May 13th 2014, 15:03
I forgot: a plausible explanation for why 16-bit mode helps can be found here:
Page fault on read access
by Robert Fivecoat on Thursday February 6th 2014, 5:14
So I have installed AoE 2, patched up to 2.0, and applied a nocd crack.

That said, every time I try to run the game, I receive an error from wine.

I am currently running:

Wine 1.6
Emulate virtual desktop enabled
Windows XP (I have tried 95 and NT as well)

The error reads as follows:

Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x000082d0 in 32-bit code (0x0040d772).
Register dump:
CS:0073 SS:007b DS:007b ES:007b FS:0033 GS:003b
EIP:0040d772 ESP:0033fce8 EBP:0033fdd4 EFLAGS:00210212( R- -- I -A- - )
EAX:00400000 EBX:7b8b4ff4 ECX:0033fcec EDX:00000067
ESI:0012a85f EDI:00419fe0
Stack dump:
0x0033fce8: 00410db5 00000000 00400000 00000067
0x0033fcf8: 00419fe0 0012a85f 7b8b4ff4 0012b890
0x0033fd08: 00000000 00000002 00000850 0010fa48
0x0033fd18: 004595c0 00000000 00000018 00000064
0x0033fd28: 00000000 00400000 00000067 00459000
0x0033fd38: 00330001 00000094 00000005 00000001
=>0 0x0040d772 in empires2 (+0xd772) (0x0033fdd4)
1 0x0041a132 in empires2 (+0x1a131) (0x0033fe60)
2 0x7b85f33c call_process_entry+0xb() in kernel32 (0x0033fe78)
3 0x7b8605bb in kernel32 (+0x505ba) (0x0033feb8)
4 0x7bc7a120 call_thread_func_wrapper+0xb() in ntdll (0x0033fed8)
5 0x7bc7d12d call_thread_func+0x7c() in ntdll (0x0033ffa8)
6 0x7bc7a0fe RtlRaiseException+0x21() in ntdll (0x0033ffc8)
7 0x7bc4e75e call_dll_entry_point+0x33d() in ntdll (0x0033ffe8)
8 0xb75f276d wine_call_on_stack+0x1c() in (0x00000000)
9 0xb75f282b wine_switch_to_stack+0x2a() in (0xbfce5e28)
10 0x7bc545c0 LdrInitializeThunk+0x3af() in ntdll (0xbfce5e98)
11 0x7b866b92 __wine_kernel_init+0xa21() in kernel32 (0xbfce7048)
12 0x7bc54d7b __wine_process_init+0x25a() in ntdll (0xbfce70d8)
13 0xb75efccc wine_init+0x2db() in (0xbfce7148)
14 0x7bf00f43 main+0xf2() in (0xbfce7598)
15 0xb74254d3 __libc_start_main+0xf2() in (0x00000000)
0x0040d772: lcall Unknown mode ffffffff

I noticed another individual had a 64 bit error - can I apply any fix to this, and was the final proposed 32 bit wine solution successful?

Thank you very much.
RE: Page fault on read access
by Robert Fivecoat on Friday February 7th 2014, 19:10
So I created a 32 bit wine prefix and then attempted to run AoE, and received the following error:

err:winediag:xrandr12_init_modes Broken NVIDIA RandR detected, falling back to RandR 1.0. Please consider using the Nouveau driver instead.
err:winediag:xrandr12_init_modes Broken NVIDIA RandR detected, falling back to RandR 1.0. Please consider using the Nouveau driver instead.
wine: cannot find L"C:\\windows\\system32\\empires2.exe"
rfrederick@Wintermute:~$ err:winediag:xrandr12_init_modes Broken NVIDIA RandR detected, falling back to RandR 1.0. Please consider using the Nouveau driver instead.

Does anyone have a suggested fix? Xie xie.
So...Not Quite
by James McConnel on Sunday November 10th 2013, 20:22
I was a little hasty. The game still does not let you start a new regular campaign, because it thinks the CD isn't in the drive. You can get around this by completing the last scenario from the Learning Campaign. You can access all the Campaigns from the summary screen.

It might be easier just to install The Conquerors Expansion. It does not seem to have this problem.
Finally Got it to Work!
by James McConnel on Friday November 8th 2013, 23:00
It feels like years, but in the end the fixes were all to simple. It works great now. I don't know why this info is so hard to find:

-Copy the "game\sound" directory from the CD to the installation directory. (Fixes CD not found issue, but you will still need the CD to play!)
-You must start the game with the installation directory as your path. (Fixes the "display not initialized"/directdraw error)
To do this in the terminal, navigate to the installation directory before starting the game.
Or just use the desktop shortcut wine generated during setup.
Page fault
by Ellery Newcomer on Thursday April 18th 2013, 21:02
Tried installing aoe2 (successful) and then running it (not so much). Wine gives me

Unhandled exception: page fault on write access

and a nice long stack trace. This is on 64 bit fedora and wine 1.5.24

Any ideas?
RE: Page fault
by K1773R on Thursday April 18th 2013, 23:44
you should post the full terminal output so we can help you, without informations we cant.
RE: Page fault
by Ellery Newcomer on Friday April 19th 2013, 18:15


env WINEPREFIX="/home/ellery/.wine" wine C:\\Program\ Files\ \(x86\)\\Microsoft\ Games\\Age\ of\ Empires\ II\\Empires2.Exe

terminal output:
wine: Unhandled page fault on write access to 0x003fffc5 at address 0x40e466 (thread 0009), starting debugger...

stack trace at
RE: Page fault
by K1773R on Saturday April 20th 2013, 8:07
can you change directory to the folder where Empires2.exe is and retry?
RE: Page fault
by Ellery Newcomer on Saturday April 20th 2013, 10:40
same results
RE: Page fault
by K1773R on Saturday April 20th 2013, 10:55
there is no output from wine aside this? if so try an older version and if its the same then its something with ur enviroment (ie libs, graphic drivers, etc).
RE: Page fault
by D. Wilson. on Friday July 12th 2013, 19:04
Try creating a 32-bit wine install and running the game from that.

cd /your/aoe2/install
WINEPREFIX='/home/username/.wine-32' WINEARCH='win32' wine 'wineboot'
WINEPREFIX='/home/username/.wine-32' WINEARCH='win32' wine empires2.exe
RE: Page fault
by Falk Schramm on Wednesday June 26th 2013, 3:22
On wine 1.5.31 I have a very similar problem. Installation is successful, but starting the game results in
"Unhandled exception: page fault on write access to 0xb27cc5d6 in 32-bit code (0x0040e412)."

Stacktrack is here:

I'm running on Ubuntu 13.04.
T need help with the graphics
by hunter on Wednesday August 15th 2012, 15:50
I have ubuntu 11.10 and i tried everything and everything worked but the graphics, i do not remember what wine version i have.

but this is what it looks like when i am playing the first level on william wallace's campaign.
by Aaron on Thursday July 12th 2012, 23:42
I keep getting the "can't find winemenubuilder.exe" error
no matter what I try
"System files were updated, you must reboot before continuing"
by Friedrich Weber on Friday July 6th 2012, 11:56
If you run into the problem with setup.exe exiting with the message "System files were updated, you must reboot before continuing" and using `wineboot` not having any effect, try removing the `EBUReboot` key in Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce (system.reg). You can do that via regedit or by deleting the corresponding line (`"EBUReboot"="blablabla"`) in ~/.wine/system.reg
Can't install...
by JD Stankosky on Monday May 28th 2012, 2:18

err:seh:raise_exception Exception frame is not in stack limits => unable to dispatch exception.

This is what I get whenever I try to install Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. This is getting frustrating because a buddy installed it just fine in a virtual machine with Ubuntu on his windows box.

I have Wine 1.5.5
Linux Mint 13: 64-bit
RE: Can't install...
by tim on Saturday June 2nd 2012, 17:02
try 32bit mint
RE: Can't install...
by K1773R on Sunday June 3rd 2012, 3:47
wont fix it, these error messages are because wine cant execute a program/code, this is not the fault of any library and so it dosnt matter if its 32/64bit.
RE: Can't install...
by K1773R on Sunday June 3rd 2012, 3:45
i had this problem too, the problem was a "noexec" in the mount parameters of the CD/DVD/Drive. simply copy it to a local folder (the whole CD) and install it from there. if you cant install it, then i could send you the game (portable), altough you must own a copy of AOE2 otherwise it may be illegal in your country.

RE: Can't install...
by JD Stankosky on Wednesday June 6th 2012, 23:25
Ha ha ha, such a simple solution, thank you! It worked.
RE: Can't install...
by K1773R on Wednesday June 6th 2012, 23:50
your welcome, have fun playing this awesome game :D
My experience with sound
by Florin Jurcovici on Monday February 6th 2012, 18:24
Just disable hardware acceleration for sound, select the audio output plugin to be ALSA, and you're good.
Workaround for sound, graphics, and
by Charles Wise on Thursday July 7th 2011, 8:23
After a lot of troubleshooting and testing, I finally got Age of Empires II to run pretty successfully on my Samsung laptop with Ubuntu 11.04 using Wine 1.2.2. I encountered and solved the following issues:

1) No game CD detected.
2) No sound in game.
3) Choppy scrolling

1) No game CD detected
Despite carefully installing AOE2 through PlayOnLinux from the CD, this error kept coming up, even after configuring Wine to look in the CD-ROM drive to run the game. Eventually I ditched PlayOnLinux and just installed the game directly through Wine using the command-line, which overcomes the "executable-bit" problem of Wine trying to run a read-only executable on a disk.

a) With the AOE2 CD inserted, open Terminal and navigate to the CD-ROM drive (the directory is called AOE2 and is located in /media/AOE2). Run the installer by typing "wine aoesetup.exe." The installer will start in the Wine Program Loader.

b) Click through all the steps to install the game (it's not a bad idea to make a desktop icon either so that you don't have to launch the game through the command-line each time). When the install is finished, do not start playing immediately but exit the game installer.

c) Open Configure Wine by typing "winecfg" at the command-line. First, add the program "empires2.exe" by clicking "Add Application" and browsing to the program location (Program Files -> Microsoft Games -> Age of Empires II -> empires2.exe).

d) Set the Windows version to Windows XP, then click on the "Drives" tab. Click "Autodetect" to see if your CD-ROM drive will automatically be detected. If not, then click "Add" and specify the path as /media/AOE2, which is where the CD is inserted. Click "Apply" and then click "OK."

e) Test the CD-ROM recognition by opening Age of Empires, creating a new user, and then click on "Single Player." The game should allow you to choose from the single-player game options now.

2) No sound in the game
Another problem that affects Age of Empires in Ubuntu is that Wine doesn't do a very good job of utilizing PulseAudio, the default sound server for Ubuntu. Before opening the game, go to the command-line and type in "killall pulseaudio" before starting. Make sure you stop running any audio programs as well before opening the game.

a) Once in the game (meaning playing on the map), there may still be no sound. No to worry. Just open the command-line again and type in the "killall pulseaudio" command to get your in-game sound. The sound will reboot and start playing from the beginning.

3) Choppy scrolling and annoying desktop intrusions
You may have noticed that the in-game performance is a bit weak. This can be fixed by resizing the graphics inside the game itself and by disabling "Desktop Effects" in the CompizConfig Settings Manager under System Settings. If you do not have this manager installed, it is highly recommended you do so, so that you can make edits to the Compiz settings.

a) Open the manager, select effects, and get rid of all effects except for "Window Decoration." This should help eliminate flickering in the game.

b) In the game, select the Options button, and resize the screen to the standard 800x600 output, even if your screen is not this size. The performance will improve dramatically using this resolution, especially the scrolling. Though it may not be the best graphics display ever, the benefits outweigh the costs in my opinion.

After all this, you should have a decently-functioning version of Age of Empires in Wine on Ubuntu.
DirectDraw problem and multiplayer problem
by Defiance on Wednesday March 2nd 2011, 9:51
Hello. I have tried run AOE2 wine (which I have installed with apt-get) and I was receiving the message that could I cannot connect (cannot join) to the game in multiplayer. I have tried the tip of DLLs in the page of game in wineappdb too.

So, ok. I recompile the wine and after that the game not runs, and I received the message "Could not initialize Graphics System. Make sure that your video card and driver are compatible with DirecDraw".

I think my tip will also work in another distribution linux and another version of wine (I was used the version 1.3.14). So, make this:

For debian users, first make this:

sudo apt-get install libfreetype6-dev
sudo apt-get install fontforge
sudo apt-get install ftgl-dev glutg3-dev freeglut3-dev ftgl-dev
sudo apt-get install xorg-dev
sudo apt-get install gcc flex bison libc6-i386 libc6-dev-i386

So, I was make this steps for solve my problem:

1- Uninstall the wine

2- Execute the follow commands:

cd /usr/lib32
sudo ln -s
sudo ln -s
sudo ln -s
sudo ln -s

2- Download the source of the wine.

3- Extract the source with: tar jxf wine-version.tar.bz2

4- Enter in the source directory and execute the command:
LDFLAGS="-L/lib32 -L/usr/lib32 -Wl,-rpath,/lib32 -Wl,-rpath,/usr/lib32" ./configure --enable-opengl --disable-trace --disable-debug --with-x

5- Execute the command:

make depend && make all && sudo make install

6- Ok, now wine it's finished to be installed. So, place the DLLs of winepage (the first tip of this page) in Wine's windows/system32 directory. Then, start winecfg and add dll overrides (native, builtin) for the following DLLs: dplayx, dpnet, dpnhpast and dpwsockx.

It's this ! After this steps my wine runs AoE2 in multiplayer :D

(and sorry for my english too :)
by Defiance on Wednesday March 2nd 2011, 9:54
And I forgot to say: my system is a debian 64-bit.
by Vndecid on Sunday January 30th 2011, 6:27
I probed Multiplayer LAN , and it works fine . I didnt use very much but the conection wrks just fine
ery bad image
by Vndecid on Saturday January 29th 2011, 4:19
Hi i have a problem with the image in this game.
I used Mandriva and wine -1.2 so i installed the game fine but when i run the game at the menu the game looks like this . I thougth thta this problem is because the NVIDIA drivers are new or something so i change the drivers i used VESA but the results were the same.
So after that upgrade the wine version to wine-1.3.12 at the menu was all ok with some "glitches" but when i start a game the game these glithces are the game and AOE II looks like this

Any idea?
RE: ery bad image
by Vndecid on Saturday January 29th 2011, 17:27
The solution: Open regedit HKEY_current_user->Software->wine->Direct3D
and change Directdrawrender that have the opengl value for gdi an done...
Workabout for the Regicide/Random Map hang
by Joel Holdsworth on Sunday September 19th 2010, 10:49
I found that if the app is hung entering the game, you can release it from the deadlock with this workabout.

I started the game up with this command:
$ wine explorer /desktop=1024x768,AoE empires2.exe
Go into Regicide or Random Map and set up the match. After pressing start game, the game will be hung showing the dreaded hourglass forever. When this happens open any other Wine app (e.g. notepad). When the second app has opened clicking back in the game's window should release the deadlock.

I might try and debug the problem at some stage.
Still present the black text color bug with Wine 1.2-rc2
by marco on Tuesday June 1st 2010, 19:06
Still present the black text color bug with Wine 1.2-rc2
Successfully running on Kubuntu 10.04
by labosch on Sunday May 16th 2010, 5:37
The game runs smoothly on my rather old system with Kubuntu 10.04 and wine 1.1.42. What I did:

1. Installed the game via CD
2. Patched it to version 2.0a
3. Fetched a NoCd-exe
4. Selected "Emulate Virtual Desktop" in winecfg/Graphics as Miaz Akemapa suggested (otherwise the game crashed at startup)
5. Disabled "Desktop Effects" in Kubuntu's System Settings as this makes the mouse flicker

Minor problems:
1. Black font in main menu
2. Scrolling the map in the game is a bit choppy

The rest works perfectly, I have no performance issues or sound problems.
DirectDraw Error
by William Haggie on Monday February 22nd 2010, 13:01
I saw in the test that someone had managed to get AoE running on Snow Leopard under Wine, I just get the error "Check your graphics card is compatible with DirectDraw"

does anyone know how I can get around this?
RE: DirectDraw Error
by William Haggie on Saturday March 6th 2010, 17:20
Fixed it, just needed to check the desktop box in winecfg. works great, only issue is when time machine is plugged in the game slows down massively during backups,
Ubuntu 9.10 ; Wine 1.1.31 ; Age of Empires II not running!
by Ery Hartanto on Saturday January 16th 2010, 9:37
I have Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic, with Wine 1.1.31, I am having problem running Age of Empires II.
I copied the whole directory of Age of Empires II to my program files under Wine. When I run it from "browse" I am having this "Could not initialize Graphics System. Make sure that your video card and driver are compatible with DirecDraw. Can somebody enlighten me on this? How do I run Age of Empires II under my Ubuntu?
RE: Ubuntu 9.10 ; Wine 1.1.31 ; Age of Empires II not running!
by anton on Thursday February 18th 2010, 13:29
If you cd into AOE directory then "wine empires2.exe" it works. There is probably another way to do it, but thats how I do it. :)

I have problems with lag and the sound so it's not really playable now though...
Working well (with sound too)
by Miaz Akemapa on Tuesday January 12th 2010, 3:36
I have this game working well with sound and no lagged.
running this on window mode at ubuntu 9.10.

open winecfg, select Graphics tab, and check "Emulate a Virtual Desktop"
and type your desktop size.

but when i run this on fullsize (not window mode), it always restart my desktop.
Sound problem
by Sasan Rose on Thursday August 27th 2009, 14:52
I have strange sound problems. When i run the game i have sound in menus but when i start the game i don't have any sounds.
RE: Sound problem
by Wellington_Jr on Sunday December 6th 2009, 8:39
Hey, I was having the same problem. What I did was to configure wine to work as windows 98. After that the sound problems was gone.

Hope it helps...
runing fine, out of the box
by Andurian on Saturday January 3rd 2009, 2:58
all i did was add -nostartup at the 'command' section of the shortcut(the one at the desktop).
decent gameplay speeds too.

for further info, check for my comments on the conquerors section.

RE: runing fine, out of the box
by Samu Voutilainen on Saturday January 3rd 2009, 20:01
Wine currently isn’t AoE compatible at all. I tried to look it a bit but weren’t able to get any decent result. Those dll overrides are obsolete; it seems that wine’s behaviour has changed so that windows dlls can’t operate properly anymore.

I’ll probe that again after two years...
RE: runing fine, out of the box
by Andurian on Saturday January 3rd 2009, 22:41
well to me it has worked fine for over an year now...
i only havent gotten multiplayer to work, but the game is pretty decent fps wise. not a dream, but pretty decent.

maybe your computer specs are too low to run it?
RE: runing fine, out of the box
by Samu Voutilainen on Sunday January 4th 2009, 2:37
It’s playable, but it’s not as smooth as it were with 200MHz Pentium. That’s not really fun.

Linux Moon 2.6.27-gentoo-r7 #1 SMP Wed Dec 24 22:05:31 EET 2008 x86_64 AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+ AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux
RE: runing fine, out of the box
by Andurian on Sunday January 4th 2009, 14:20
well you more then have the processor to run it, i dont know why it lagged for you.
to me you could say the gameplay was fluent. Any slight roughness has to do with wine graphics, and not fps. wine is always rough anyways...

other then that... it was pretty much overall similar, or during gametime, the same as the original under XP.

-under crossover games, its all good since they have a decent directx api. However, in cxgames there is a MAJOR fps problem, so its unplayable...
(i dont know what causes it, but i assume that the api is just too efficient -since it runs half-life 2 very well, for instance- and anything efficient in the windows world = trouble. specially for windows games...)

Game installs/runs but very choppy.
by Alan on Monday December 29th 2008, 21:46
I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid and I have Wine 1.1.11 and the game and the game installer works under Windows XP emulator. The game is very choppy and so slow as to be unplayable. The cursor also blinks in some menus. The game installs and runs, but it is not playable.
Game does not run
by Matt Smith on Friday August 15th 2008, 7:30
I am using openSUSE 10.3 with PulseAudio. The game installs ok. When I run the game the splash screen is displayed for several seconds, the following lines are printed in the console, but the game doesn't start and no errors:
ALSA lib pcm.c:2106:(snd_pcm_open_conf) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/alsa-lib/
ALSA lib pcm.c:2106:(snd_pcm_open_conf) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/alsa-lib/
err:richedit:ReadStyleSheet ReadStyleSheet: skipping optional destination
err:richedit:ReadStyleSheet ReadStyleSheet: skipping optional destination
err:richedit:ReadStyleSheet ReadStyleSheet: skipping optional destination
err:richedit:ReadStyleSheet ReadStyleSheet: skipping optional destination
err:richedit:ReadStyleSheet ReadStyleSheet: skipping optional destination

I have tried full and typical installs, with and without no CD crack, with and without the dll patch. What can I do?
RE: Fedora 8 wine 9.56 Intel X3100 age of conquers fails to start
by Michel Aartsen on Thursday March 27th 2008, 14:39
Hi Patrik,

I've got the same issue, but then with BF1942. So it looks like a bug in Wine and not in the game.

Can anybody tell us what the problem can be??
Slow game play not linked to CPU or RAM!
by Barry Bingham on Sunday February 10th 2008, 12:37
I've been trying to play AoE2 & Conquerors on and off for some time using Crossover and vanilla Wine. Under 0.9.54 play is as good as it's ever been, but is still compromised by the slowdown that occurs when you select a building (especially town centre or castle) or a unit (especially military units).

Until recently I've played using an AMD 3000 64 bit CPU and 1GB of RAM and assumed, as others have said that the problem was that for some bizarre reason this elderly Win98 era game was eating masses of power and RAM.

I've now played the game on a tiny Koolu micro PC with an AMD Geode 800 processor and just 512MB RAM running Ubuntu Feisty. To my amazement it's pretty much at the same playability state as on the vastly more powerful tower system: meaning it looks great but cannot be properly played because of the slowdown on unit selection..... Anyone got round this, or any idea what the cause might be??
RE: Slow game play not linked to CPU or RAM!
by Cervantes on Wednesday September 10th 2008, 5:05
This is due to the missing dib engine, bug nr 421 see
Can run without CD crack
by Brad on Wednesday January 23rd 2008, 14:20
I got it to run without the nocd crack. I had to Configure Wine, and under drives, make sure that the cdrom is there, and that type is CD drive.
RE: Can run without CD crack
by Alcudra on Thursday February 21st 2008, 10:55
I tried to configure wine, but it didn't run. The win-drive D: is assigned to /media/cdrom0. I think, that so it must be right, but then it would run, or? So where's my mistake?
Some buttons missing
by Thomas on Friday November 30th 2007, 16:42
When a military unit is selected, there should be several buttons available in order to change their behaviour eg. "do not attack" or "agressive". These buttons are just not there.
As allready recognized by my precedator, when a building is selected, the game becomes really slow.
Probably those two problems are related one to the other. Might be difficult to backtrace.
RE: Some buttons missing
by fenerli on Wednesday December 12th 2007, 23:05
The other buttons not being there is probably a result of having "advanced options" disabled. IIRC, the toggle for this is on the top right of the minimap (an icon of two cogs).
slow down
by roberto zandonà on Friday November 2nd 2007, 1:43
there are strange slow-down when i create units and the building is select
if you create many units (units go in the queue) the game become unplayable but if you select a unit the slow-down disappear

similar behaviuos in starcraft
RE: slow down
by Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes on Thursday November 8th 2007, 1:44
Known problem.

by James on Sunday August 12th 2007, 11:26
Perfect installation. Followed the steps given on this page correctly. Applied the multiplayer DLL fix and the removal of that one DLL. Yet whenever I launch the game, I get the following error:

"Could not initialize graphics system. Make sure that your video card and driver are compatible with DirectDraw."

I am using Ubuntu 7.04 and I have the nVidia Accelerated Driver installed correctly and it is working. All other programs and packages are working correctly. I also have the latest Wine version (0.9.43) and have installed it correctly as well and configured it, as it too is working properly.

Any suggestions? I see this use to be a bug for this game, but it has since been labeled as "FIXED". If I don't get a solution though, I'm going to reopen it with my information. Thanks in advance.
by James on Sunday August 12th 2007, 17:52
Fixed. Launch the game from the menu link instead from the actual .EXE itself or by using the Terminal if you're having the same issue I was. This managed to make everything perfect, except the slow frame-rates and the black-text, bold, and hard-to-read menu lettering.

Either way, it works, and it's a great game. XD
by Hermann Höhne on Saturday October 13th 2007, 12:48
Hi James
Thank you for this post. Your solution also worked for me. I was looking for this information for hours.
the screen keeps scrolling up
by jeremy on Saturday May 5th 2007, 20:36
Everytime I start a game on my brand new Age of Empires 2 the screen scrolls diagnally up. Its making me real mad, I even downloaded a demo to my labtop and it did the same thing. Is there anyway i can fix this????????
RE: the screen keeps scrolling up
by Brynley on Saturday May 5th 2007, 22:12
In The Link On Your Desktop, Do A Right Click The Left Click Properties. Go To The Tab "Application" The I The Command Box A The End Type

Note Must Do Space

So It Looks Like This

wine "/home/Your Name/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires II/empires2.exe" mfill

RE: the screen keeps scrolling up
by Thomas on Tuesday March 11th 2008, 20:15
I can prevent the screen from scrolling into one direction by pressing the cursor key that scrolls into the same direction.
In your case this would be the "upwards" or the "left"/"right" key.
Added On
by Brynley on Friday April 13th 2007, 15:21
Also I am running wine version 0.9.29 (as it says in winecfg) and have installed crack and installed 2.0a update

please help
Help Me!!
by Brynley on Friday April 13th 2007, 15:17
I am running suse 10.1 install works fine but when i run this command in terminal:
wine empires2.exe

it gives me this error message:
wine: could not load L"c:\\windows\\system32\\empires2.exe": Module not found

can someone help me
RE: Help Me!!
by [email protected] on Friday August 31st 2007, 7:08
register app at winecfg and give full path at shell, like:

wine "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Games\\Age Of Empires II\Empires2.exe.

maybe this path is not correct but importent is:

use \\ for \ and type case sensetive!

See the right path at winefile.

if possible run kappfinder and add unseen apps to menue.
mybe you will find the app at menue *wine *programs ...

by Matthias Deissenberger on Sunday April 8th 2007, 9:27
Hi I installed the the game today, added the no cd crack, but nevertheless I can't get it running. I always get the following errors: fixme:system:SystemParametersInfoW Unimplemented action: 110 (SPI_GETSHOWIMEUI)
fixme:d3d:IWineD3DDeviceImpl_GetAvailableTextureMem (0x168de8) : stub, simulating 64MB for now, returning 64MB left
fixme:ddraw:IDirectDrawImpl_SetCooperativeLevel (0x163810)->((nil),00000008)
fixme:d3d:IWineD3DStateBlockImpl_Release Releasing primary stateblock
And a popup saying that the Graphicsystem can't be initialized.I'm using Opensuse 10.2 and wine 0.9.34 On an older Suse Version it worked last year.
by Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes on Sunday April 8th 2007, 13:03
You must use Wine 0.9.31 or earlier.
Can't get it running
by Matthias Deissenberger on Sunday April 8th 2007, 9:20
Hi I installed the the game today, added the no cd crack, but nevertheless I can't get it running. I always get the following errors:
Multiplayer doesn't work
by Martin Klapetek on Saturday March 17th 2007, 16:40
Hi, I've added those libraries stated above, but I can't get the multiplayer runing. I can play the singleplayer (slowly, but that's not the problem here), but when I choose the multiplayer, I can't see any LAN games. When I try to create a LAN game, no one sees me and if I click on the 'IP' button, it shows that my IP is I've also tried Internet TCP/IP, when I create, it is the same (I have public IP and it still shows and no one can connect to me, nor can I connect to anyone. Furthermore, I tried it with compiled effect. I'm using wine 0.9.32, Hamachi the latest release for linux and Fedora Core 6.

What can I do to get the multiplayer running? Thanks in advance
RE: Multiplayer doesn't work
by Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes on Saturday March 17th 2007, 17:32
Your hostname along with the correct IP must be listed in /etc/hosts, or you can use IPX networking.

for /etc/hosts, add a line with the ip followed by a space and the hostname
RE: Multiplayer doesn't work
by Martin Klapetek on Thursday March 29th 2007, 13:21
I've changed the IP to my Hamachi IP address in /etc/hosts and it worked! But it is too slow on multiplayer:)
It works well
by Dark Apostrophe on Sunday December 31st 2006, 9:31
The game works pretty well. As I said in the test data form, it runs but crashes once in a while, though probably due to bugs in the software. Initially, I needed to fiddle around with winecfg to get it running properly, but other than that, the only thing I had to do was find a crack. I haven't tested multiplayer.
Here's a link to a screenshot:

Running Debian Etch, kernel, KDE 3.5.
Font distortion fixed.
by Robert Schuster on Monday October 16th 2006, 12:16
As of Wine 0.9.23 the problem that ingame fonts where unreadable is fixed.

by federico on Tuesday July 18th 2006, 20:35
I tested AOE2 v2.0 on slackware 10.2 with wine0.9.17, the game runs very good in single player (only with some small audio bugs). And Multiplayer works very good too. you have to download dxplay dlls and set as native in winecfg(for more info read at the top of the page). Also Age of empires 2: the conquerors 1.0c runs great
by thunderduck3141 on Sunday July 16th 2006, 22:03
tried windows versions 98 200 ans xp
my graphics card is an nvidia geforce fx 5700 le (i know, oooold)
but i know its supported, i have run the game in cedega, but i disapprove of transgaming so im quitting them and going for wine
RE: yeah
by Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes on Monday July 17th 2006, 8:42
Use winver 2000.
Perhaps there is something wrong with the crack you are using; update the game to version 2.0a and try this one.
Wine 20050419
by Debarshi Ray on Wednesday July 27th 2005, 16:39
I used the Wine released in April 2005 to run Age of Kings and the Conqueror's Expansion. Everything is ok except the fonts which are black and so the stockpile can not be seen. The fonts are missing in other places too. Moreover I miss the sound and the multiplayer.
RE: Wine 20050419
by Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes on Wednesday December 21st 2005, 11:24
The sound works fine now, and all the fonts except for those on the main menu are shown correctly.
Age of empire II
by oneforall on Saturday July 9th 2005, 5:16
Its installed 20050211 cvs
But its the sound thats a problem lots of echo wich slows the game down
If you goto the games ooption and turn off the sound it plays a bit better. But the sound is good for warning etc.
I noticed that glib with nptl it cut down the sound probnlem a bit . eg:as the gqmeloads the load bar goes farther before you hear the echo. and it stops for a bit and starts again. Before when it started about have loaded it never stoped
This was a 2 ganme pack Gold Edition it has Conquerors expantion.
couldn't get that to install
RE: Age of empire II sound problems
by [email protected] on Friday August 31st 2007, 6:50

try to emulate audio device at winecfg.
by Ivan Leo on Friday December 3rd 2004, 16:32
At time of writing (03/12/2004) the installation program works, and the trial version runs correctly (but slowly) in single player mode. More work is needed for multiplayer, and the full version fails because of copy protection.
RE: Update
by Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes on Saturday May 13th 2006, 14:42
Follow the new HOWTO, and you will be able to play network games! :)