Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen's Odyssey

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Latest Wine Version Tested: 1.7.16

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This is russian version with patched to make it work under Windows XP The game runs as 640*480 box on top-left and everything else is black. If I change resolution to 640*480, then it doesn't run. Message: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Desired resolution: 640*480*8 err:xrandr:xrandr12_set_current_mode Resolution change not successful -- perhaps display has changed? Error initializing video mode --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If resolution is native, console outputs: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [valka@jerboa Twinsen]$ wine twinsen.exe err:menubuilder:init_xdg error looking up the desktop directory err:module:load_builtin_dll failed to load .so lib for builtin L"winemp3.acm": невозможно открыть разделяемый объектный файл: Нет такого файла или каталога Identifying Operating System. Please wait... Operating System : NT Version : 5.1 Service Pack 3 Identifying CPU. Please wait... CPU Manufacturer Identification String: GenuineIntel (Intel) Family : 6 (Pentium Pro/Pentium II Class Processor) Model : 10 Stepping: 7 FPU Instructions supported CPUID Instruction supported MMX Instructions supported Level 1 Unified Cache : 0 KB, 0-way(s) set associative, 0 bytes lines. Cache allocate on Read and Write Initialising Sample device. Please wait... Sample device : DirectSound - Primary Sound Driver Digital configuration : 16 bit, Stereo, 22050 Hz Mixer Device found. Used for WAVE volume control. Initialising Smacker. Please wait... Digital Sound Driver linked to Smacker. Initialising SVGA device. Please wait... fixme:win:EnumDisplayDevicesW ((null),0,0x33f238,0x00000000), stub! Desired resolution: 640*480*8 fixme:d3d_surface:d3dfmt_p8_init_palette No palette set. Best Mode Found : 1600*900*8 Frame buffer type : Linear fixme:winmm:MXD_SetControlDetails What should the sw-side mixer controls map to? fixme:ddraw:ddraw7_WaitForVerticalBlank iface 0x164a18, flags 0x1, event (nil) stub! wine: Unhandled page fault on write access to 0x00eec1b6 at address 0x45b02f (thread 0009), starting debugger... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and as soon as the first dialogue with Zoe ends it crashes: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unhandled exception: page fault on write access to 0x00eec1b6 in 32-bit code (0x0045b02f). Register dump: CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:0063 GS:006b EIP:0045b02f ESP:0033f5e0 EBP:0000000a EFLAGS:00210202( R- -- I - - - ) EAX:00001f47 EBX:00000907 ECX:00000004 EDX:00000250 ESI:0063f2b0 EDI:00eec1b6 Stack dump: 0x0033f5e0: 0000000a 00425f52 7fff0060 004d001a 0x0033f5f0: 00000007 00469f01 00000004 00000007 0x0033f600: 00605ce3 00426098 00000007 00000007 0x0033f610: 0000001a 000000bf 000000c4 00000000 0x0033f620: 00000000 00000007 0043da5d 00000eb5 0x0033f630: 00989600 0049a188 000002c7 00000000 000c: sel=0067 base=00000000 limit=00000000 32-bit r-x Backtrace: =>0 0x0045b02f in twinsen (+0x5b02f) (0x0000000a) 0x0045b02f: repe movsw (%esi),%es:(%edi) Modules: Module Address Debug info Name (102 modules) PE 340000- 36b000 Deferred mss32 PE 370000- 386000 Deferred smackw32 PE 400000- 4e3000 Export twinsen ELF 794ba000-7b800000 Deferred ELF 7b800000-7ba5e000 Deferred kernel32 \-PE 7b810000-7ba5e000 \ kernel32 ELF 7bc00000-7bce4000 Deferred ntdll \-PE 7bc10000-7bce4000 \ ntdll ELF 7bf00000-7bf04000 Deferred ELF 7c2f8000-7c400000 Deferred ELF 7d013000-7d02b000 Deferred ELF 7d02b000-7d045000 Deferred ELF 7d045000-7d071000 Deferred ELF 7d071000-7d0fd000 Deferred ELF 7d0fd000-7d132000 Deferred ELF 7d132000-7d14c000 Deferred ELF 7d14c000-7d1ef000 Deferred ELF 7d1ef000-7d216000 Deferred ELF 7d216000-7d28a000 Deferred ELF 7d28a000-7d2b8000 Deferred ELF 7d2b8000-7d304000 Deferred ELF 7d304000-7d37d000 Deferred ELF 7d37d000-7d3ce000 Deferred ELF 7d3ce000-7d4c7000 Deferred ELF 7d509000-7d53a000 Deferred winealsa \-PE 7d510000-7d53a000 \ winealsa ELF 7d53a000-7d675000 Deferred oleaut32 \-PE 7d550000-7d675000 \ oleaut32 ELF 7d675000-7d698000 Deferred mmdevapi \-PE 7d680000-7d698000 \ mmdevapi ELF 7d6e3000-7d6f9000 Deferred midimap \-PE 7d6f0000-7d6f9000 \ midimap ELF 7d6f9000-7d712000 Deferred msacm32 \-PE 7d700000-7d712000 \ msacm32 ELF 7d712000-7d72b000 Deferred mcicda \-PE 7d720000-7d72b000 \ mcicda ELF 7dcbd000-7dcc2000 Deferred ELF 7dcc2000-7dcca000 Deferred ELF 7dcca000-7dccf000 Deferred ELF 7dccf000-7dcd6000 Deferred ELF 7dcfa000-7dd45000 Deferred dsound \-PE 7dd00000-7dd45000 \ dsound ELF 7dd45000-7dd4b000 Deferred ELF 7dd4b000-7dd56000 Deferred ELF 7dd56000-7dd67000 Deferred ELF 7dd67000-7dd6b000 Deferred ELF 7dd6b000-7dd76000 Deferred ELF 7dd76000-7dd81000 Deferred ELF 7dd81000-7dd87000 Deferred ELF 7dd87000-7dd8b000 Deferred ELF 7dd8b000-7dd92000 Deferred ELF 7dd92000-7dd96000 Deferred ELF 7dd96000-7ddb9000 Deferred ELF 7ddb9000-7def0000 Deferred ELF 7def0000-7df03000 Deferred ELF 7df04000-7df0f000 Deferred ELF 7df0f000-7df16000 Deferred ELF 7df16000-7df1f000 Deferred ELF 7df1f000-7df45000 Deferred imm32 \-PE 7df30000-7df45000 \ imm32 ELF 7df45000-7dfdd000 Deferred winex11 \-PE 7df50000-7dfdd000 \ winex11 ELF 7dff8000-7e021000 Deferred ELF 7e021000-7e05c000 Deferred ELF 7e05c000-7e0ca000 Deferred ELF 7e0ca000-7e1d5000 Deferred ELF 7e1d5000-7e22a000 Deferred ELF 7e22a000-7e263000 Deferred ELF 7e263000-7e307000 Deferred ELF 7e307000-7e35f000 Deferred ELF 7e3a1000-7e4b1000 Deferred opengl32 \-PE 7e3c0000-7e4b1000 \ opengl32 ELF 7e4b1000-7e5f4000 Deferred wined3d \-PE 7e4c0000-7e5f4000 \ wined3d ELF 7e5f4000-7e66b000 Deferred ddraw \-PE 7e600000-7e66b000 \ ddraw ELF 7e69a000-7e6c6000 Deferred msacm32 \-PE 7e6a0000-7e6c6000 \ msacm32 ELF 7e6c6000-7e74c000 Deferred rpcrt4 \-PE 7e6d0000-7e74c000 \ rpcrt4 ELF 7e74c000-7e891000 Deferred ole32 \-PE 7e760000-7e891000 \ ole32 ELF 7e891000-7e9f3000 Deferred user32 \-PE 7e8a0000-7e9f3000 \ user32 ELF 7e9f3000-7eaad000 Deferred winmm \-PE 7ea00000-7eaad000 \ winmm ELF 7eaad000-7eb21000 Deferred advapi32 \-PE 7eac0000-7eb21000 \ advapi32 ELF 7eb21000-7ec46000 Deferred gdi32 \-PE 7eb30000-7ec46000 \ gdi32 ELF 7ef78000-7efbe000 Deferred ELF 7efbf000-7efcf000 Deferred ELF 7efcf000-7efe6000 Deferred ELF 7efe6000-7f000000 Deferred version \-PE 7eff0000-7f000000 \ version ELF f738d000-f7392000 Deferred ELF f7393000-f73a0000 Deferred ELF f73d4000-f7581000 Deferred ELF f7581000-f759d000 Deferred ELF f759d000-f7754000 Dwarf ELF f7755000-f7777000 Deferred ELF f7777000-f7778000 Deferred [vdso].so Threads: process tid prio (all id:s are in hex) 00000008 (D) C:\Program Files (x86)\Adeline\Twinsen\twinsen.exe 00000029 0 00000025 0 00000024 0 00000023 15 00000022 0 00000009 0

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Operating systemTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?Used
CurrentArch Linux x86_64Apr 16 20141.7.16Yes Yes Bronzean anonymous user 
ShowArch Linux x86_64Feb 03 20131.5.22N/A No GarbageP. Neidhardt 
ShowUbuntu 13.04 "Raring" i386 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Oct 14 20131.4.1Yes Yes Platinuman anonymous user 
ShowArch LinuxJul 20 20111.3.24Yes No Garbagefetter_oml 
ShowUbuntu 11.04 "Natty" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Jul 20 20111.2.2Yes Yes Goldan anonymous user 

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23921 LBA2 doesnt refresh its screen REOPENED View

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HowTo / Notes


The game works almost perfectly with older Wine version such as Wine 1.2.

Installation: you must choose ''Keep Voices on Hard Disk''. You also need to copy the MUSIC and VIDEO folders from the install disc to where the game has been installed.

You may want to use the XP patch, it might help.