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Wine Version1.7.38
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The version purchased from STEAM.

When adding test results please specify video card and driver version you are using.

Selected Test Results (selected in 'Test Results' table below)

What works

  • Install via steam
  • Play via steam
  • Graphics and sounds

What does not

  • Sometimes, turning to a direction with the mouse doesn't work properly.
  • Loading can be longer than usual
  • Changing resolution forces the screen to go windowed. Restart the program saves the setting and fixes the problem


What was not tested
Level "Medical Pavillon" and after

Additional Comments

CPU Intel i3-530 2.93Ghz
GPU Nvidia Geforce GT 730 (346.47 non-free driver)
Resolution 1920x1200
Test Results
DistributionTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?RatingSubmitter
CurrentManjaro LinuxMar 21 20151.7.38 Yes Yes Bronze buttbadger 
ShowArch Linux x86_64Jan 16 20151.7.34 Yes Yes Bronze Dheart 
ShowUbuntu 14.04 "Trusty" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Jan 09 20151.7.33 Yes Yes Silver Chris Jung 
ShowMac OS X 10.10 "Yosemite"Nov 22 20141.7.28 Yes Yes Garbage Jonathan Procter 
ShowUbuntu 13.10 "Saucy" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Nov 03 20131.7.5 Yes Yes Platinum Jesse 

Known bugs
Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected
30123 Mouse pointer is confined in a box lesser than the full screen REOPENED View
34362 Bioshock takes way way way too long to load UNCONFIRMED View


This notes was updated: August 03 - 2013

Thank you for taking the time to support the development of Wine and help us make it even better!

In order to make your Bioshock AppDB test results more relevant to other users of Wine please include the following information: 

  • Detail your PC specification in the Extra Comments section (e.g. your video card, processor, and system memory) - please also include your video card driver version.
  • Specify if you installed the game into a fresh Wineprefix (or not).
  • Detail what version of the Windows emulation you use in your Wineprefix (e.g. Windows XP, 7, etc).
  • Add detailed comments about anything that is not working - be as specific as possible!!
  • Specify if you made any other changes to Bioshock e.g. installing a game "Mod", an .exe patch or details of any other modifications you made to the stock configuration files for the game.
  • Please, don't send tests results like "Everything is working" or "Nothing is working".

These are recommendations to make test results both more uniform and targeted (to include common information). This will make them more useful to other users of Wine browsing WineHQ.

How to install

You need:

  • A recent version of Wine, it's generally recommended to use the latest development release.
  • A video card with good 3D acceleration support (on your chosen flavour of Unix).
  • The native 3D driver should be correctly installed for that card.
  • It's not necessary to install Bioshock into a clean Wineprefix - but generally it's recommended.


This game will install on a vanilla version of Wine. Just download the Steam  client software from here, Install this following the steps on the Steam AppDB page and install the Bioshock game from your newly installed Steam client (as per Windows).

Be sure that you have 3D support working fully. You can quickly check this by typing the following command into a terminal:

glxinfo | grep "direct rendering:"

It's also recommended to install the following fonts: tahoma.ttf, arial.ttf and verdana.ttf.

The game should hopefully work OK. If you have any problems check first in the Troubleshooting notes (see below). If you are unable to fix your issues then post a comment (below) or submit a bug report on Bugzilla.


if you are encountering any problems with steam itself, please, visit the Steam Official Release page.

Several sound stuttering, hangs and loops when using PulseAudio.

Some people have problems when running the game using PulseAudio, a solution found by Jonas Jelten is to edit the file /etc/pulse/daemon.conf and change the value of default-sample-rate to 44100 and then restart PulseAudio.

Crash when changing the Video Resolution.

This bug was present in recent versions of Wine, but it appears that it was fixed in Wine version 1.6. Test again, after ensuring you have installed the latest release of Wine.

Bioshock red fog during game play.

To fix the red fog issue, follow the steps below:

We need to change 2 files in the Bioshock folder with modified versions that you can download below.

Download the following 2 files  HERE and HERE.

Extract the files and copy the 2 files you extracted from the downloads into "(your-prefix)/drive_c/Programs Files/Steam/steamapps/common/bioshock/builds/release" folder, overwriting the files that are already there.

This should solve the red fog issue.

Note : This only seems to be a problem with nVidia graphics cards. ATI users should not experience this problem.

Bioshock doesn't start.

First of all, be sure that you have working 3D Acceleration. To test this enter the following command in a terminal:

glxinfo | grep "direct rendering:"

The answer must be:

direct rendering: Yes

If not, you may have some problem with your native 3D video acceleration, normally this happens when the video driver is not working properly. Bioshock won't run without full 3D acceleration.

If everything is OK with your video drivers, there may be a problem with your audio configuration. Setting your native OpenAL driver to use alsa as the default output sink may fix this issue.

You should try to copy the content of /etc/openal/alsoft.conf to ~/alsoftrc.

Then edit the ~/alsoftrc with your predilet editor and find the line:


and change to:

drivers = alsa

Note: This line maybe commented (#drivers=), if so please uncomment first.

Sound isn't working.

Most of the time, this bug is caused by the OpenAL library, you can fix this problem by setting the library openal32 to native (using winecfg).

General Troubleshooting.

  • Verify if your native video driver is installed properly (the 64-bit version of Wine will require the 32-bit libraries of your video driver to be installed - alongside the 64-bit version).
  • Install the Steam client and BioShock, to a separate/clean Wineprefix.
  • Set your Bioshock Wineprefix Windows version to Windows XP (using winecfg).
  • Close BioShock and Steam client, and reboot Wine by typing wineserver -k.
  • Check the integrity of the game through Steam client window, you can do that by right clicking on Bioshock (in your games list) and selecting Proprieties.
  • To rebuild the prefix you can reinstall Steam to a clean Wineprefix then copy over the folder (your-prefix)/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common that contains all the installed Bioshock files (from the existing/old Wineprefix).

Old Problems.

Note: These problems don't affect the newest versions of wine, it's only here for precaution, if you have any of these bug's maybe you should upgrade your wine version.

Sound isn't working.

In some old versions of wine you need to set audio to alsa, to do that open winecfg, go to Sound tab and set sound to ALSA.

Mouse is holding at the edge of the screen, can't turn 360.

Make a new text document called  mousewarpoverride.reg in your home folder and add the follow content:


Run the following code in Terminal:

env WINEDEBUG="fixme-all" WINEPREFIX="(your-prefix)" wine regedit ~/mousewarpoverride.reg


The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. WineHQ is not responsible for what they say.

Works With Wine 1.7.12
by Carlos Rodriguez on Saturday February 15th 2014, 21:09
Tested on:

Wine 1.7.12 (compilado)
Nvidia Drivers 334.16 (.run package)
Linux Mint 16 KDE Edition 32Bit - Kernel PAE
CPU: INTEL Pentium G3220 (Nucleo Haswell a 22nm) 3.0Ghz (Dual-Core) Stock Clock
MEM: 8GB DDR3 1333 (2x4) Patriot value (128 bit dual channel: 21.3 gb/s)
GPU: Zotac Nvidia Geforce GT630 (GK208 28nm: 384 Shaders / 8 ROPS) Zone Edition Passive Cooling 2GB DDR3 1800Mhz a 64Bit (14.4Gb/s)

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Game crashes after intro movie
by Joseph Bartolo on Sunday November 24th 2013, 8:04
Using wine 1.7.6, the game ceases to continue after the plane crash scene, along with some graphical artifacts if the resolution isn't altered.

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Mouse sticks at edge of screen
by Michael Abbott on Wednesday September 25th 2013, 11:38
Back to the good old days (this with wine 1.7.2, no less): can't rotate in game more than about one full turn. Interestingly, I then find the mouse in the menu screen won't move past the middle of the screen!

Used to work about six to nine months ago.

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No sound, or else game won't start
by Michael Abbott on Tuesday September 24th 2013, 13:50
I haven't tried playing Bioshock for a few months, now it will not start (very little reported in the console) unless I either disable sound with -nosound or else reassign the AudioDevice setting in default.ini, as advised by Rezkeh here:

Unfortunately in neither of these cases do I get any in-game sound.

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Failure on Wine version 1.7.1
by Harry Bullen on Sunday September 8th 2013, 16:38
I could not get Bioshock to start at all for wine version 1.7.1
When I start the game in stream I see this error.

err:winediag:wined3d_dll_init The GLSL shader backend has been disabled. You get to keep all the pieces if it breaks.
fixme:process:GetProcessWorkingSetSize (0xffffffff,0x53e7f4,0x53e7f0): stub
fixme:win:EnumDisplayDevicesW ((null),0,0x53f688,0x00000000), stub!
fixme:dxgi:dxgi_adapter_CheckInterfaceSupport iface 0x13fb08, guid {9b7e4c0f-342c-4106-a19f-4f2704f689f0}, umd_version (nil) stub!
fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (0xa4): stub
fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (0xcc): stub
fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (0xd8): stub
fixme:win:EnumDisplayDevicesW ((null),0,0x53ef78,0x00000000), stub!
fixme:system:SystemParametersInfoW Unimplemented action: 59 (SPI_SETSTICKYKEYS)
fixme:thread:start_thread Started native thread 00000016
fixme:thread:start_thread Started native thread 00000018
fixme:thread:start_thread Started native thread 00000050
err:seh:raise_exception Unhandled exception code c0000005 flags 0 addr (nil)
m files\steam\steamapps\common\bioshock\Builds\Release\bioshock.exe: pthread_mutex_lock.c:326: __pthread_mutex_lock_full: Assertion `robust || (oldval & 0x40000000) == 0' failed.
err:seh:raise_exception Unhandled exception code 80000101 flags 1 addr 0xf7701425
err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0xe3674c "?" wait timed out in thread 002f, blocked by 0030, retrying (60 sec)

I have already checked that have direct rendering turned on and have my drivers set to alsa. I'm using ubuntu 13.04

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Graphic problems during gameplay
by Mike on Wednesday September 4th 2013, 3:11
I have been trying to get Bioshock to run for quite some time, and with the Catalyst 13.8 beta drivers, the game runs, but I get terrible graphical glitches. They are worst when there is movement from the Splicers within the game. I think I saw a post that said there is a problem with ATI drivers. Can anyone help?

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audio issues fix
by Jonas Jelten on Tuesday March 5th 2013, 17:28
i'm using wine with pulseaudio on gentoo

i got severe sound issues: stuttering, hangs, loops, weird stuff like that.

FIX: /etc/pulse/daemon.conf: default-sample-rate = 44100

after killing pulseaudio it worked.

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Graphics Issues?
by Amber J. on Monday May 7th 2012, 15:24
I'm running Bioshock on Precise Pangolin LTS through Wine 1.4. Specs are: 2.13Ghz Intel Pentium M (Dual Core), 4Gb RAM, Intel Ironlake M HD Graphics card, 320Gb HD, and Steam installed through Winetricks. I've run all fixes for Bioshock described in this forum and also upgraded my graphics card drivers and libraries using the method described here:

I'm still somewhat of a Linux noob, but as far as I can tell, this should run smooth. It installed easily and without problem--patch included--but I'm running into issues on the menu screen. The menu is invisible and so is the mouse. I enabled the "show cursor on Ctrl" and saw that the invisible mouse is stuck on the middle of the screen. What the frag is wrong? The mouse is stuck on the point shown on-screen but is invisible outside of the screenshot here:

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Saving doesn't work.
by Christopher Cope on Thursday April 28th 2011, 23:04
I have over 100GB free on my drive, but if I try to save it says that there is not enough room on my hard drive.

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crash on new game
by Kevin Whitaker on Thursday November 4th 2010, 16:28
On starting the Steam version of Bioshock(with vcrun2005 and native libs set and -dx9) I get to the menu fine, but in the middle of loading a new game, it crashes. Tried different wine versions(from 1.1.44 to 1.3.6) and same in all versions. Also does the same with lowering the graphics settings.

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C++ Runtime error
by Jeremy on Friday October 29th 2010, 13:43
Hi, I followed the instructions fully and after installing trying to install the game on step 2 of 2 it crashes and says "program is trying to access the runtime library incorrectly.", and the console gives me "err:module:attach_process_dlls "MSVCR80.dll" failed to initialize". I've tried re installing VCRUN2005 via winetricks and even erasing and reinstalling a new wineprefix. I've got both MSVCP80.DLL and MSVCR80.DLL applied and native in the libraries tab but it still halts at this step. Help pls?

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Game gives crash error.
by Steve on Tuesday August 24th 2010, 22:44
Every time I try to load the game, it crashes on me. Sometimes it continues to load anyway, but it just means that the graphics settings are constantly reset.

Anybody know how I can get a log of the error with Wine 1.3.1?

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Does not start
by Eric on Sunday November 15th 2009, 10:05
Hi. I have a standard Karmic installation on a Dell XPS laptop with 8888MGTX nvidia GC. I installed Steam correctly, my other games like HL2 work well.
I installed Bioshock and then launched it. The 1st time it installs directX. Now whatever I launch it nothing happens, I do have a process running, but nothing happens:
5435 ? Sl 0:10 c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\bioshock\Builds\Release\bioshock.exe

Please how did you do it working ? Can you give more details on how it is supposed to work ? Thanks a lot ...

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