Version 7

26 October, 2005: Snagit v7.2.5

  • Bug fixes to the Japanese version of Snagit.

30 June, 2005: Snagit v7.2.4

  • Fixed the conflict with WindowBlinds from Stardock.

3 May, 2005: Snagit v7.2.3

  • Changed the setup to Windows Installer.
  • Fixed problem with flipping/mirroring stamps incorrectly.
  • Fixed the Windows Z-Order issue.
  • Fixed problem with not remembering the size or rotation angle of stamps when copying.
  • Fixed problem with the IE Add-in button size.

15 March, 2005: Snagit v7.2.2

  • Fixed a problem with remembering the last-used directory for saving an image. Leaving the output directory blank in the save dialog will use the last-used directory.
  • Fixed the problem of losing the content from Snagit Editor when printing from Catalog Browser.
  • Fixed a problem that added a thin line around an image after scaling in Preview Window.

10 January, 2005: Snagit v7.2.1

  • Fixed Window Autoscroll error on certain hardware configurations.
  • Fixed Window Autoscroll problem in Firefox and Microsoft Word where scrolling would start at the current cursor location rather than the top of the page.
  • Fixed the Evaluation Message Center window so that it will now only appear with the Snagit UI or the Snagit Preview Window. Previously, it would appear when Snagit launched, which is a problem if Snagit starts minimized.

10 January, 2005: Snagit v7.2

  • Added Task Panes in the Preview Window and Snagit Editor that present all image enhancement options in the menus.
  • Added more filters for capturing images in Web capture, such as filtering based on the dimension or aspect ratio.
  • Added Rich Text to the Text Tool.
  • Added file association capability to Snagit.
  • Added this file association support into Windows Explorer. Now, Snagit Editor and Batch Conversion can be launched from Windows Explorer.
  • Added the standard close button to the Evaluation Message dialogs.
  • Updated the gdiplus.dll to the latest version to avoid buffer overrun in jpeg processing.
  • Enhanced web capture to allow the capture of audio, video and other types of files.
  • Enhanced the Paint Tools to allow custom colors to be set for each Paint Tool.
  • Changed the size of the gripper handles for the Paint Tools. They are now larger.
  • Changed the printer scaling dialog.
  • Changed to the Windows standard Print dialog in Snagit Editor, Preview Window, Studio, and Catalog Browser.
  • Fixed a problem with Catalog Browser's Preview Window when scrolling a selected text file.

6 October, 2004: Snagit v7.1.2

  • Added the standard close button to the Tip of the Day and Check for Update dialogs.
  • Fixed a problem with a Full Screen DOS window minimizing when output is set to Printer.
  • Fixed a problem with the FrameMaker plug-in if the plug-in is installed to the FrameMaker plug-ins directory.
  • Fixed a problem with using Program output in German and Italian versions.

9 August, 2004: Snagit v7.1.1

  • Added the ability to capture the contents of drop down scrolling listbox controls using Auto scroll.
  • Enhanced Web capture to allow port number to be specified in the capture URL.
  • Fixed the drop shadow property in Paint Tools. It now accepts negative values in the Drop Shadow Options dialog.
  • Fixed a problem with inadvertently capturing the Magnifier window during an Auto scroll capture.
  • Fixed a problem with automatically importing registry settings from the SNAGIT.REG file on startup.
  • Fixed a problem in Snagit Studio using the Page Layout dialog.
  • Fixed a problem in Snagit Studio saving an .SSD file after saving a .BMP file.

7 June, 2004: Snagit v7.1

  • Added the ability to import and export capture profiles. A single profile, group of profiles or all profiles may be imported or exported.
  • Added Instant Messenger output. Send captures to any contact on Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger.
  • Added Program output. Open captures automatically using another application (e.g. Adobe Photoshop).
  • Added new automatic file naming controls to File, Catalog, External Program, Instant Messenger outputs as well as files originating from TWAIN sources.
  • Added new edge effects, Saw edge, Sharktooth edge and a Beveled edge. Torn edge now has a settings for a finer edge.
  • Added the ability to apply edge effects to a rectangular selected area.
  • Added drag and drop functionality to the Catalog Browser, Editor and Snagit Studio.
  • Added Windows Explorer cut, copy and paste to the Catalog Browser file operations.
  • Added command line parameters to launch Editor and Catalog Browser directly.
  • Added a feature that automatically checks for product updates.
  • Added a button to clear the URL history in Web capture. Added a button to clear all history information in Snagit.
  • Added an opacity property to the Highlight tool in Editor. Added Copy To and Paste From options to the Edit menu in the Preview Window and Editor.
  • Added the display of the automatic filename in the status bar of the Main Snagit window and Preview window.
  • Added support for .CUR files to the Stamp tool (i.e. Paint Tools).
  • Added support for .CUR files to general file input/output. Enhanced auto scroll to capture more application windows.
  • Added interactive canvas resizing in Snagit Studio.
  • Added drag and drop file support to Snagit Studio's main view.
  • Enhanced web capture robustness. More Web sites images can be automatically scanned and downloaded.
  • Enhanced automatic file naming to allow configurable starting sequence number, use of system date/time, computer name, user name, or any date/time component as the filename.
  • Enhanced automatic file naming to optionally overwrite files.
  • Enhanced usability of the Text drawing tool dialog in Editor.
  • Enhanced usability of the Shadow property dialog in Editor. The shadow settings can be changed on the fly while drawing.
  • Enhanced the folder selection dialog to be sizable and allow creation of new folders.
  • Enhanced the Flip and Mirror operations to work for selections.
  • Enhanced the File Open and Save dialogs to use the XP style theme on Windows XP, 2000 and Me.
  • Enhanced the Canvas size dialog and added image position controls in Snagit Studio.
  • Enhanced the Image Open Options dialog in Snagit Studio.
  • Changed the default image file type from BMP to PNG.
  • Changed the memory limit for Extended window capture.
  • Changed the menu name from Crop to Crop to Selection in Editor.
  • Changed the behavior of the paste operation in Editor. The pasted image is now initially placed on the image.
  • Changed the behavior of the Shape tool (i.e. Paint Tools). Foreground color is used when drawing with no frame.
  • Changed the add-in for Microsoft Word to use a template file if necessary.
  • Changed the startup behavior in Snagit Studio to open with a blank document by default.
  • Fixed a problem with the Trim functionality being backwards in Editor.
  • Fixed a problem capturing tooltips on multi-monitor displays.
  • Fixed a problem with the Program Options tab, displaying a unnecessary message box.
  • Fixed a problem with the meaning of the COM Server UseMagnifier Window property being reversed.
  • Fixed a problem displaying menu icons in 32-bit mode.
  • Fixed a problem with autoscroll capture disabling scrollbars in other applications.
  • Fixed a problem with setting the font properties and caption position in the COM Server for the caption annotation filter.
  • Fixed a problem pasting in images directly into Snagit Studio from Adobe Photoshop.
  • Fixed a problem dragging objects when zoom level is greater than 100% in Snagit Studio.

26 January, 2004: Snagit v7.0.3

  • OneClick settings are now saved upon Windows shutdown.
  • Added a "Tell a Friend" menu item to the Help menu.
  • Updated the IE add-in to use XP style controls on Windows XP.
  • Changed the order of the menu items for the Edit menu in the Preview Window.
  • Changed the edit box label of the Proxy server and Port setting in the Web Output tab dialog.
  • Fixed the annotation filter to correctly handle long strings with no spaces.
  • Fixed the menu highlight color not following the Windows color scheme.
  • Fixed the enumeration values for the COM Server's printer scaling method.
  • Fixed a problem saving files with long filenames in Snagit Studio.

25 November, 2003: Snagit v7.0.2

  • Fixed the problem with the Paint tools mouse cursors not being visible over solid black colors.
  • Fixed a problem with the scrolling selection speed in the Preview and Editor windows.
  • Fixed a problem with Printer Capture file output when TIFF format is not specified in the Output.
  • Fixed a problem with multiple Outputs in Video capture.
  • Fixed a filter status display problem in video capture mode. The annotation setting was not being shown.
  • Fixed a Paint tools drawing problem when a drawing operation is extremely long in duration.
  • Updated the catalogue menus in Snagit Studio to keep at least one catalogue open at all times.

3 November, 2003: Snagit v7.0.1

  • Added F1 keyboard help file access for the Snagit OneClick configuration dialog.
  • Updated help files for Snagit the Snagit add-ins.
  • Updated Microsoft Excel and Outlook add-ins for compatibility with Microsoft Office 2003. Removed automatic pasting of captures for non e-mail based documents in Outlook.
  • Fixed a problem with Preview window and Snagit Editor zoom.
  • Fixed a problem with the File > Delete menu item being disabled in the text editing view.
  • Fixed a problem with keyboard accessibility using the drop down menu buttons for Input, Output & Filters (only on XP).
  • Fixed a problem with pasting an image that is larger then the canvas.
  • Fixed a problem with the selection not displaying correctly after a new image is placed in the Preview Window.

November 2003: Snagit v7.0

  • New Main User Interface window - The existing profile view has been updated and is now the "normal" view of Snagit. The traditional view of Snagit is available in "classic" view. The functionality of the previous profile list view is encapsulated in the new profile list box. The details of the user interface changes are summarized below.
  • New Paint Tools - Added powerful image drawing tools to the Preview Window and the new Snagit Editor window. The drawing tools include to following capabilities:
    • Pan - Navigate the image using the mouse for easy viewing.
    • Magnifying glass - Zoom and out using the left and right mouse button. The mouse wheel will also zoom in and out.
    • Selection - Select a portion of the image for copy, cutting, pasting, image effects, etc. Selections may be rectangular, elliptical, polygon or freehand. Support for transparent and opaque paste modes.
    • Brush - Draw freehand on the image. Control the brush's color, shape, width, opacity, antialiasing & drop shadow.
    • Line - Draw a line on the image. Control the line's color, shape, width, opacity, antialiasing and drop shadow. Also draw using Bezier curves.
    • Arrow - Draw an arrow in the image. Same attributes as Line including setting the arrowhead style and size.
    • Eraser - Freehand erase. Control the color, width, opacity and antialiasing.
    • Text - Write text on the image. Control text font, layout, drop shadow, antialiasing, color, border and fill color.
    • Stamp - Apply special effects & annotations. Snagit comes with many artistic stamps for you to use (arrows, callout boxes, cursors, pointers, etc.) Support alpha channel transparency, resizing, flipping and mirroring. Quickly download other additional stamps.
    • Fill - Flood fill using any color. Control the fill tolerance and opacity.
    • Shape - Draw any rectangular, rounded rectangle, elliptical or polygon shape. Control shape style.
    • Spray can - Spray paint can. Control color, size, density, opacity and drop shadow.
    • Eyedropper - Select any color using the left and right mouse buttons.
    • Highlight - Highlight any part of the image using any color.
  • Added Snagit Editor Window - This window allows direct access to drawing and editing tools found in the Preview Window and the Catalog Viewer window.
  • Added Batch Conversion wizard - This wizard steps you through the complete batch conversion process.
  • Added New OneClick Capture Window interface - This fly-out window has been added for quick access to your capture profiles. A single click immediately performs the capture.
  • Added a Add Profile Wizard that steps through all capture options and lets you create a custom capture profile.
  • Added Spotlight/Magnify effect - Bring out a specific area of the image by increasing the size of the area, or by dimming/blurring the non selected area.
  • Added Perspective/Shear effect - Give images a 3D look by applying this effect.
  • Added Join operation in the Preview and Snagit Editor windows. Deletes a vertical or horizontal band in the image and automatically joins the remaining parts.
  • Added Cut to the Preview and Snagit Editor windows.
  • Added Paste to the Preview and Snagit Editor windows.
  • Added Redo to the Preview and Snagit Editor windows. Undo and Redo support an unlimited number of operations.
  • Created a new Snagit add-ins for Microsoft Outlook - quickly access capture options from the Explorer and Inspector views. Take captures and immediately insert them into a new e-mail message.
  • Added an Organize profiles dialog (File > Organize Profiles) to simplify profile management.
  • Added all Snagit outputs to the Preview Window. Interactively select any of the outputs (e.g. File, Printer, E-mail, etc.)from the new Output toolbar.
  • Added a balloon tips window to various locations in Snagit. These tip windows will only appear for a few times to help the first time user. Reset tips via the Help > Reset Balloon Tips menuitem.
  • User Interface Changes for Normal View are as follows:
    • The Input, Output, Filters menu have been relocated to the window client area, Capture settings pane.
    • There are 3 new tabs organize Snagit's primary functions into Capture, Edit and Organize.
    • Input and output properties can now be accessed via the ellipsis buttons next to the drop down menu controls.
    • Printer capture has been moved to Tools > Snagit Printer Capture Settings.
    • Input menu now has a scrolling option which is where all the scrolling capture inputs are now selected.
    • A new File menu has been added.
    • New Office style menus added.
    • Video capture and Web capture preference dialogs have been moved to the Input Properties tab dialog.
    • In Classic view, the Options menu has been removed. Items have been moved to the Tools and View menu. A new Mode and View menu has been added.
  • Added image file formats to the Snagit Studio Open, Save and SaveAs dialogs. Now open or save directly any file type including Snagit Studio project files (i.e. .SSD).
  • Added image import settings to the Snagit Studio File > Open dialog.
  • Improved Catalogue background color and text color in Snagit Studio.
  • Removed Import, Import options, and Export menu options from the Snagit Studio File menu.

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