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  • All previously encountered client 'unknown' error exceptions and crashes have been fixed
  • Every single ROSE feature has been rewritten and optimized - this did mean we had to fix hundreds of bugs which took time
  • Improved startup and loading times. Combined with our unique file storage system, we have the fastest client available
  • Added instant same-zone warp / revive - this change makes loading on the same map almost instant
  • 100s of changes to the game engine to cleanup, fix bugs and improve performance, as well as addressing some memory leaks
  • Added FatalCrash Mini-Dump - a new crash handler that helps us find the cause and fix crashes much easier.
  • Implemented new top left information box and menu:
    • A smaller design with the addition of the player's stamina bar
    • Improved layout of the main menu with addition of 'Events' and 'Game Shop' tabs
  • Implemented a new character information window:
    • New design and layout that features new images based on your Job and PvP Wins
    • Union Tab gives background information about the Union you are a member of. If you are not in an Union it informs you how to join and the available Unions.
  • Implemented new Inventory interface. A new bigger layout with the addition of the 'Costume' tab
  • Implemented Costume System:
    • Players can now equip items as a costume look to change their appearance and at the same time keep stats of better equipped items.
    • You do not gain the stats of items equipped as costume.
    • Costumes do not show in PvP Maps such as the Clanfields, Desert of the Dead and Forgotten Temple
  • Implemented new Options interface:
    • Improved layout arranges options into new categories: Main, Game, Messages and Advanced
    • The in game resolution options now display a wide range of possible resolutions that your graphics card supports
    • 'Render in Background' mode can now be toggled in game. This mode keeps the client window updating even if not primary focus
    • Advanced tab and some of the Game options will be extended and unlocked soon.
  • Implemented Event Calendar System:
    • Event Calendar lists community events that will be available for the month. By clicking on an event day you will get a pop-up containing additional information about the event.
    • Players may receive different coins (copper, silver or gold) for taking part in community events.
    • You will be able to insert these coins into a new Dispenser Machine to receive different capsules which can hold special items.
    • Holiday events such as Halloween will have their own themed coins and dispenser machine
  • New NPC Dialog interface implemented to the game. Dialog has a new layout with a portrait of the NPC you are talking to.
  • New 'Event' Dialog interface (quest, field warp etc) Similar layout to the new NPC Dialog.
  • Updated the System Exit menu to include a 'Return to Login' option
  • Added a new login and character select environment:
    • Features a new map, camera angles and user interface design
    • All your characters and their current location are now listed on the right side of character select, making it easier to select characters
  • New gem effects for all Grade 7 gems.
  • Fixed the sitting 'Run Fast' speed glitch
  • Fixed display bug with 'Sleep' status when hit by a monster
  • Fixed incorrect HP value displaying for clients when in a party and when a party member levels up
  • Fixed bug that caused glow to not work along with Anti-Aliasing and maximum quality
  • Players can now easily organize their storage by dragging items in the storage window and can even drag items across storage tabs
  • Improved HP/MP Regeneration system. Players now recover whilst standing or in movement.
  • Moved quickbar tab-scroll to Alt+(1-4) for Bar 1 and added Alt+(5-8) for Bar 2
  • Added new quickbar design. The second quickbar now has an unique design with 'ALT+' labels
  • The client and user interface will now correctly re size to the new resolution and aspect ratio if the window's borders are dragged
  • New Adventurer's Plains:
    The entire map has been redesigned with a new layout.
    Junon Fields has been removed from the game and the following quests have been modified and added to Adventurer's Plains:
    • Airship Debris for Akram
    • Lost Children
    • Ronk's Missing Crate
    • Scaring the Monsters

    Quest and Beginner changes:
  • Quest Notifications - All quests in the game now support quest notifications. These notifications tell you a summary of the quest when you start and when you complete the quest.
  • Quest Icon system has been improved. Quest Icons above a NPC's head now update instantly.
  • Players are now required to speak to Mairard at Adventurer's Plains to obtain their job identification papers
  • Players now learn a new 'Swift Blessing' self buff skill once they have obtained their job identification papers from Mairard
  • Decreased the zuly cost to change to a 2nd Job
  • 'Airship Debris for Akram' dialog has been completely re-written.
  • New characters now start with Self Target, Recovery Kiss, Hi, Salute, Grateful Bow skills
  • Players no longer learn 'Self Target' when they leave to Adventurer's Plains
  • Arua's Fairies at Birth Island now all have Quest Icon support
  • You can now access normal dialog options of '[Arumic Prophet] Olleck Basilasi' if you are during a quest that involves him
  • Fixed an issue with the 'Testimony of Retraining' quest not correctly updating under certain conditions.
  • Players are no longer forced to start 'Spiritual Flame of Eucar' to be able to complete Episode Quests associated with Pavrick
  • You can now obtain questitems for 'Stockpiling Spools of Threads' and 'Hunt 10 Choropies' quests at the same time
  • Increased chance of obtaining 'Doonga Claw' during 'Lunarian Coffee' quest
  • Increased chance of obtaining 'Wild Animal Claw' during 'Forbidden Potion' quest
  • Increased chance of obtaining 'Love Letters' from Kaiman Kings during the Dealer 2nd Job Quest
  • Decreased the amount of fruit required from Guardian Trees during 'The Owl Eye' to 5
  • Players now must complete 'Hunt 10 Choropies' quest to be able to start 'Ronk's Missing Crate'
  • Gray no longer displays a Quest Icon for his gathering materials quests if the player is above level 15
  • Players no longer have to start 'Eldeon: The Savage Jungle' quest to leave Eldeon to other planets
  • Added a new text notification about the 'Blinking' tutorial buttons
  • Increased amount of monsters at a few points at Birth Island
  • Arua's Fairies now have Quest Icons if the player has completed all the Hunting Practice quests but is still at Birth Island
  • If a player doesn't have basic skills (by leaving Birth Island via the Save Town option) obtaining their job identification papers will automatically learn them.
  • Players will witness new dialog with 'Arua's Fairy' if they leave Adventurer's Plains village without starting the Episode Quest.
  • Improved quest description of 'Healing Hands' quest to list exact monster that gives the quest items
  • Players now receive a body piece and 1,000 zuly when they change to a 1st Job. They no longer receive gloves (hawker/soldier) or hat (muse/dealer)
  • Improved Mildun's dialog options for the Cart Quest. He now gives advice depending on the stage of the Cart quest
  • 'Breezy Hills' is now mentioned in the quest description of 'An Eye For The Marketplace'
  • The amount of Dalping Eggs required is now mentioned in the dialog and quest description of 'An Eye For The Marketplace'
  • 'The Scheme' now lists the correct monster required for the quest in its description. Eva also now mentions an alternative location to finding the monsters
  • 'Red Heart' mentioned in quest descriptions have been changed to 'Scarlet Heart'
  • Improved dialog and quest description of 'Hovert's Mementos' to make the quest objective clearer
  • Improved dialog options when attempting to purchase whiskey from Anzhelika during 'Pavrick, the Craftsman on Luna'
  • Job quests now have new icons in the Quest window
  • The following quests can now be completed if the player has reached 2nd Job:
    • Living as a True Soldier
    • Hovert's Mementos
    • Solitary Orias
    • An Appropriate Compromise
    • Why Did Toddy Steal the Jewels?
    • The Essence of Speed
    • An Eye for the Marketplace
    • The Humble Craftsman
  • Players are no longer forced to start 'Est, the Wounded Shamanist' or 'Spiritual Flame of Eucar' quest lines to be able to view the quest giver's normal dialog options.
  • Pink Opals have been added as possible rewards to the Jones' Quest
  • Fixed an issue with the Jones' Quest where players could obtain questitems when they were dead

  • Added new powerful items to the PvP Rank Shop:
    • Monarch Sword
    • Devastion
    • Unbreakable Wrath
    • Eminence Sword
    • Eternal Decimation
    • Dual Monarch Swords
    • Elon Wand
    • Marvel Staff
    • Crypto Gun
    • Crash Launcher
    • Hero Bow
    • Kraken's Knuckle
    • Menacing Shield
    • Bull Cart Schematic
  • Added new craftable items:
    • Illusion Bag
    • Explorer's Bag
    • Mechanic's Generator
    • Ikaness Worker Bag
    • Sikuku Wing
    • Fighter Gargoyle Wing
    • Shaman Gargoyle Wing
    • Warship Backshield
    • Raknu Backshield
    • Sikuku Backshield
    • Deathmold Backshield
    • Monarch Cape
    • Kraken Cape
    • Ugonium Cape
    • Cape of Aquilia
  • Added new materials:
    • Sikuku Metal Fragment
    • Gargoyle Fighter Feather
    • Gargoyle Shaman Feather
    • Elec Scythe
    • ???
    • ???
    • ???
  • Added new launcher ammunition:
    • Blaze Shell
    • Shock Shell
    • Mana Fusion Shell
    • Cold Shell
  • Added new Luna summon capsules:
    • Ruper Mage
    • Ruper Captain
    • Vulcan
    • Winter Maul
    • Winter Maul Leader
    • Basilisk
    • Basilisk Captain
    • Mini Mammoth
    • Dreadnaught
  • Added new Eldeon summon capsules:
    • Pincer
    • Hook
    • Nepenthes
    • Predator
    • Sikuku Fighter
    • Sikuku Veteran
    • Sikuku Hunter
    • Sikuku Shaman
    • Elder Sikuku
    • Lion Sikuku Assassin
    • Lion Sikuku Assassin Captain
    • Sikuku Gargoyle
    • Sikuku Elite Slaughterer
    • Orpe
    • Eudy
  • All the new summons feature their own unique AI, behaviour and their own skill
  • Launcher ammunition have been renamed from 'Cannons' to 'Shells'
  • Corrected launcher elemental shells being called bullets.
  • 'Blaze Shell' renamed to 'Fire Shell'. Previous 'Fire Shell' renamed to 'Mercenary Shell'. 'Blaze Shell' made a new, more powerful ammo.
  • Added new firing and hitting effects for the following ammunition:
    • Poison Shell
    • Fire Shell
    • Cold Shell
    • Blaze Shell
    • Shock Shell
    • Mana Fusion Shell
  • Added new icons for the following items:
    • Health Vial (S), Health Vial (M), Health Vial (L)
    • Health Bottle (S), Health Bottle (M), Health Bottle (L)
    • Herbal Medicine (S), Herbal Medicine (M), Herbal Medicine (L)
    • Vital Water (S), Vital Water (M), Vital Water (L), Vital Water (XL)
    • Mana Vial (S), Mana Vial (M), Mana Vial (L)
    • Mana Bottle (S), Mana Bottle (M), Mana Bottle (L)
    • Spiritual Water (S), Spiritual Water (M), Spiritual Water (L), Spiritual Water (XL)
    • Vital Jam (+1), Vital Jam (+2), Vital Jam (+5), Vital Jam (+10)
    • Wooden Arrow, Bone Arrow, Stone Arrow, Claw Arrow, Metal Arrow, Gilded Arrow, Platinum Arrow
    • Iron Shell, Track Shell, Bomber Shell, Mercenary Shell
    • All Summon Capsule icons have been improved to feature the 'monster type' and planet theme
  • Increased the monster level of Lunar Wolf, Yeti, Yeti Guard, Yeti Hunter and Yeti Rider summon capsules
  • Fixed 'Slag' monster capsule not dropping
  • 'Junon Fields Return Scroll' has been changed to 'Adventurer's Plains Return Scroll'
  • Due to the addition of the Rusty Cart parts other Engines have been given an increase in movement speed
  • 'Tarz' Shield and 'Oriental Drum' can now be crafted again
  • Increased the size of 'Party Hat' item
  • Increased HP and MP restores that the 'use-on-pickup' drops give
  • Added new effects when picking up Clan Points. It now displays the number of points gained above the player's head

    NPCs, Dialog and Shops:
  • Added an additional confirmation to [Mayor] Darren's dialog during the final steps of the 2nd Job Quest
  • Added new dialog to [Mayor] Darren to respond to the player if they are a visitor, or have just started their 2nd Job Quest.
  • Players are now able to refine items at the City of Junon Polis by speaking to [Weapon Merchant] Crune
  • Storage option added to [Ferrel Guild Staff] Hayen at City of Junon Polis.
  • [Arumic Researcher] Catherine has been replaced with a new NPC called [Arumic Researcher] Edeline.
  • Added 'Vital Water (XL)' and 'Spiritual Water (XL)' to [Arumic Researcher] Edeline and [Cleric] Jude's shops
  • Added costume item 'Hide Hat' to Lisa's shop at Junon Polis. This item can be used to hide your equipped hat piece.
  • Added costume item 'Hide Mask' to Lisa's shop at Junon Polis. This item can be used to hide your equipped mask.
  • Added costume item 'Hide Gloves' to Lisa's shop at Junon Polis. This item can be used to hide your equipped gloves.
  • Added costume item 'Hide Back' to Lisa's shop at Junon Polis. This item can be used to hide your equipped back item.
  • Added 'Rusty' Cart parts and Cart backseats to Mildun's shop at Junon Polis
  • The basic skillbooks such as 'Sit', 'Pickup' etc can no longer be purchased. 'Swift Blessing' skillbook has been added in place for current characters
  • All cases of the word 'Faction' in the game have been changed to 'Union'
  • Added missing Union tabs to Xita Refuge NPCs
  • NPC Names highlighted in dialog have been changed to yellow from dark red. Zones highlighted in dialog have been changed to green from dark green.
  • Improved and rewrote numerous strings and text entries in the game.
  • The following Eldeon monsters have had their HP, Attack, Defense and Magic Defense decreased:
    • Warbiz
    • Hornet
    • Pincer
    • Pincer Queen
    • Hook
    • King Hook
    • Nepenthes
    • Poison Weaver
    • Plunder
    • Predator
    • Sikuku Spearman
    • Sikuku Leader
    • Sikuku Hunter
    • Sikuku Shaman
  • The following Eldeon monsters have had a decrease in their HP and Attack Power:
    • Ikaness Worker
    • Ikaness Miner
    • Ikaness Leader
    • Ikaness Guard
    • Ikaness Soldier
    • Ikaness Engineer
    • Orpe
    • Eudy
    • Orpe Lukete
    • Eudy Lukete
    • Follen Ant
    • Melt Dizzle
    • Melt Dut
    • Moss Ant
  • Altered spawnpoints of a few monsters at Marsh of Ghosts to prevent the monsters spawning on cliffs
  • Added more monsters to a few spots at Xita Refuge and Shady Jungle

  • Added new skills:
    • Championship Study
    • Raging Blood
    • Health Support
    • Mana Support
    • Item Apprasial
    • Swift Blessing
  • 'Moonlight Flash' taunt can now be used to taunt other players during PvP.
  • Increased the inventory capacity given by the 'Bagpack Mastery' skill
  • Cleric's target and party buff durations have been increased from 8 minutes to 15 minutes.
  • 'Call Fairy' summon is now able to perform health and mana restores to players.
  • Decreased the price of all job skill books.
  • Buff Fairy buffs now last for 15 minutes
  • Reduced the cooldown on Resurrection skills
  • Buff and Debuff status strings have made simpler
  • Moonlight Flash is now correctly listed as a new skill and not a higher version of an existing skill on the skill tree
  • All status buff and debuffs the player is under can now be viewed in the party window. No longer a limit
  • Cleric Party skills now have the letter 'P' on their icons.

  • 'Epic - Obtain a level 205 Weapon' can now be unlocked
  • 'Can I keep them?' requirements changed. The achievement now requires 5 minor Junon monster capsules
  • 'Pet Collector' changed to 'Junon Pet Collector'. The requirement of 15 monster capsules has been reduced to 10 and now only accepts 'adult' capsules
  • Added:
    • Luna Pet Collector - Obtain 10 Luna monster capsules
    • Eldeon Pet Collector - Obtain 10 Eldeon monster capsules
  • Monster capsules from events no longer count towards any of the General pet achievements
  • 'Junon Fields: Little Helper' name and requirements changed. You must now complete the non repeatable quests at Adventurer's Plains to unlock this achievement
  • 'Cake is a Lie' name and requirement changed. Obtain a Party Hat during titanRose's Anniversary week to unlock this achievement

    Miscellaneous Changes:
  • Disconnecting will send the user back to the login menu instead of closing the game
  • Old characters left at event maps such as Santa's Planetoid will be instantly warped to Zant on login
  • Junon Fields has been removed from Junon's Worldmap
  • Removed the scroll bar and slightly decreased the size of the 'Skill Window'.
  • Level up skill button no longer remains on skill icons that can't be leveled due to incorrect 2nd Job
  • Changed the slot icon 'Pink Opal' uses, so it no longer looks like Ruby
  • Buttons in the 'Achievement' and 'Skill' windows now show the correct visual when hovered over
  • Dragging the minimap has been made smoother
  • Text box scroll bars have been improved to be more precise and no longer skip
  • Friend list changed to sort by Online Status/A to Z instead of by A to Z
  • Highlighting materials in the craft window now displays their full name in a tooltip.
  • Fixed bug that caused some items listed in the craft window to have blank name entries
  • Fixed 'transparency' size bug with Skill and Storage windows
  • Fixed Luna Field Warp dialog sometimes displaying to the player when they weren't near the Warp portal or when they entered the game
  • Fixed display of NPC and Summon Chat bubbles. You can now see summons and NPCs saying certain things in chat bubbles above their heads
  • Fixed character creation and appearance changer button designs. Removed black outline/transparency and fixed 'hover over' display
  • It has been made easier to move the chatbox when pressing and holding the bottom right 'button'
  • Added 7 new Loading Screens, new startup screen and removed several old loading screens
  • 'Sale' and 'Buy' buttons in the Vending shop window have been changed to 'Selling' and 'Buying'
  • Fixed the current shop status display for the owner (Open/Closed)
  • When viewing other Vending shops players no longer see whether the shop is open/closed or the 'Stop' button
  • Stamina gauge changed to Green. Stamina drop changed to green so it no longer looks the same as Clan points and has a new use effect
  • Removed skill delay 'Waiting...' messages
  • Removed 'Weight Percentage' messages appearing if the player is not overweight
  • Added Error handling for if the Client fails to open gamedata ( Should resolve 'NOT ENOUGH MEMORY' errors and cases where the client would close on startup without warning )
  • The exchange window when selling or buying to a NPC Store now has a new header, stating that it is for the NPC Store
  • Fixed the Community Window opening on 'Parties' tab on inital open instead of 'Friends'
  • Fixed a visual bug where players could appear to be inside certain bridges at Junon Polis
  • Fixed 'MP' not displaying on Separation window for Artisan 'Item Divide' skill
  • Words in all text cases can no longer be cut over 2 lines. Instead if the word is too long for the current line it is moved onto the line below
  • Fixed a few locations where it was possible for players to get stuck behind rocks
  • Fixed Vending shop coupons displaying 'Job' and a value on their tooltip. It now displays hours instead.
  • Fixed bug that caused animated objects to render twice
  • Fixed display bug where players could appear to die several times

  • 'Monster Madness Bag' rewards one of the following items:
    • Green Jellybean Costume
    • Red Jellybean Costume
    • Blue Aqua Costume
    • Moldie Costume
    • Rackie Costume
    • Aqua King Costume
    • Coal Mine Moldie Costume
    • Rackie Hooligan Costume
    • Woopie King Costume
    • Elite Pomic Soldier Costume
    • Queen Bibi Costume
  • 'Hat Gift Bag' rewards one of the following items:
    • Red Knit Cap
    • Blue Knit Cap
    • Green Knit Cap
    • Ushanka Cap
    • Purple Flower
    • Pink Ribbon
    • Black Ribbon
  • 'Celebration Bag' contains all of the following items:
    • Party Hat
    • Lucky Star
    • titanRose Fireworks

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