Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Star Wars: The Old Republic
The galaxy is in turmoil. War rages across countless worlds as Republic and Imperial forces struggle for control of critical resources. Amidst the chaos, threats emerge from all sides. The planet Denova, known for its extensive deposits of baradium ore, has been seized by a band of mercenaries and veteran Imperial defectors with mysterious motives. If they are not dislodged, the explosive arsenal they can create will give them the power to destroy any armed force – Republic or Imperial. On Corellia, a corrupt councilor attempts to maximize hypermatter profits by playing both sides of the conflict, and the crazed mastermind behind the Rakghoul outbreak, discovered on Ord Mantell, continues to threaten the lives of all sentient beings in the galaxy…

Application Details:

Version: 1.3.x - Allies
License: Retail
Votes: Marked as obsolete
Latest Rating: Silver
Latest Wine Version Tested: 1.5.13

Maintainers: About Maintainership

Link Game Update 1.3 - Allies

Test Results

Old test results
The test results for this version are very old, and as such they may not represent the current state of Wine. Please consider submitting a new test report.
Selected Test Results

What works

Everything with patch mentioned below.

What does not

Game is too slow to really play, but it may be caused by not-so-fast hardware. Anyway, I've managed to do Black Talon flashpoint somehow.

What was not tested

Operations, other planets, than Korriban and Dromund Caas.

Additional Comments

3.5.4-1-ARCH, AMD E-450 (2x1.6GHz) & RadeonHD 6320, 8Gb DDR3 RAM, SSD.
selected in Test Results table below
Operating systemTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?RatingSubmitter
CurrentArch Linux x86_64Oct 01 20121.5.13Yes Yes Silveran anonymous user 
ShowUbuntu 12.04 "Precise" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Jul 18 20121.5.9N/A Yes GarbageJason Wood 
ShowUbuntu 11.10 "Oneiric" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Jul 11 20121.4N/A Yes GoldChilihead 

Known Bugs

Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected
29168 Multiple games and applications need realtime updates to KSYSTEM_TIME members in KUSER_SHARED_DATA (Star Wars: The Old Republic game client, GO 1.4+ runtime) STAGED View
30148 Star Wars: The Old Republic - slow loading times RESOLVED NOTOURBUG View

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Important info for test results posters
Thank you very much for wishing to spend some time on improving AppDB. I have to warn you that general AppDB policies forbid (a) accepting test results for patched Wine versions and (b) forbid accepting results obtained from PoL-driven Wine installations, only "vanilla" unpatched Wine or Wine that had came by default with your distro are considered to be valid. I'm really sorry for that, but it is the way it currently is. For more details feel free to read recent (as of 16th of May, 2012) discussion on wine-devel mailing list. Aside from the requirements above your test results should comply with some simple rules to be accepted:
  • Please, test an application under fresh clean wineprefix;
  • Include exact specs of the computer you had tested an app on (CPU, GPU, amount of RAM and VRAM) in the "Extra Comments" section of the report;
  • Specify versions of essential software components, most notably: is your system 32bit or 64bit, what is the version of the GPU display driver you use and what is the version of the OS kernel;
  • Include detailed information on the native dll overrides you had to use in order to get the game working. If you had installed dlls yourself - include complete information on the sources of dlls and the exact steps you took to install them.
Thank you in advance!
How to compile wine from git

1) Ensure that git is installed:

sudo apt-get install git
sudo yum install git

2) Get a copy of the wine source:

git clone git:// wine-git
cd wine-git

3) Get a copy of the patch:


4) Make sure that you have the requirements to compile wine:

Check out this link for 64 bit systems.  You may want to only build the 32bit version to simplify things:

5) Apply the patch:

cat KUSER_SHARED_DATA | patch -p1

6) Build wine:


See Bug 29168 for more details.

How to install prerequisites with winetricks

You need the native libraries d3dx9 and vcrun2008 installed to run the game.  The easiest way to install these libraries is by first installing winetricks with your package manager:

sudo apt-get install winetricks
sudo yum install winetricks

You can also download winetricks directly:

chmod +x winetricks 

Installing the prerequisites:

winetricks d3dx9
winetricks vcrun2008
Black launcher window work around

The launcher window seems to be composed of two different frames: the actual useful frame that contains the login screen, and a style frame that is mostly black.  As of a recent patch to the launcher, these two frames no longer align properly making it impossible to log in to the game.  You can work around this problem by launching the game in a virtual desktop sized to fit the launcher window:

wine explorer /desktop=SW:TOR,1000x614 launcher.exe

You can later select a different resolution when the game launches.

See Bug 31186 for more details.


The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. WineHQ is not responsible for what they say.

by Bob on Sunday May 5th 2013, 8:22
New to FreeBSD.
Wine= 1.5.29
  • RE: by Bob on Sunday May 5th 2013, 8:23
Swotor wine patch 1.5.21
by dlbonsai on Saturday January 5th 2013, 13:14
Since the patch for wine is not working with the last git sources
here is a modified patch that will work with the wine 1.5.21
SWTOR on playonlinux weird error
by Omar Moustafa on Sunday December 16th 2012, 8:51
Hi all, I installed the game from the DVDs on playonlinux and patched it. After I hit the play button, the virtual desktop just goes blank for a few seconds then a wine error pops up:
Wine Program Crash
Internal Errors - invalid parameters received.

Does anyone have a clue what that means, or what to do?
I'm running a Precise Pangolin box, 64-bit.
Graphics card is Nvidia GT540M

On a separate note: I've installed and played DCUO and it works fine, so I don't think it's a hardware issue.
SWTOR stuck loading on password screen
by Kane on Tuesday November 27th 2012, 9:55
Hey is any one able to help plz?

I am using Linuxmint 14 (version derivative of Ubuntu)
I downloaded wine 1.4 and installed with git, I applied the patch and downloaded the recomended patches through apt-get build-dep wine1.5, installed vcrun2008.
When i try to run the application I enter my password and it sits loading (have tried normal and in a wine window).

When i installed Linuxmints version of wine 1.4 it allowed me to pass the login screen but when i select launch it says 'i am using an unknown operating system' (without the patch applied), Im going to see if i can add the patch lines directly into this version of vine and see if i get any where but any help would be great!

Hanging when logging into a server...
by Ryan Y on Sunday November 18th 2012, 11:59
Got the launcher to install, got all the patches downloaded, and managed to get to the server list using the loading screen workaround. Now the game hangs whenever I try to select a server ("Logging into selected server..."). Anyone seen this?

Did winetricks d3dx9 and vcrun2008. Clean win32 wine prefix.
Exception: resolve: Unknown error
by Dif on Saturday November 17th 2012, 9:22
since the game has become free to play I decide to give it a try again.

I patched Wine as suggested in this page and I am using "wine explorer /desktop=SW:TOR,1000x614 launcher.exe" to get the launcher, but when I get the main window after the launcher log in, I still get a black screen with the TOR mouse pointer (I can move it around if I move the mouse and I can ALT+F4 without problems, so I don't think it is a game hang).

When I launch the launcher I see the following in the terminal:
[1117/] WSALookupServiceBegin failed with: 8
err:ole:CoInitializeEx Attempt to change threading model of this apartment from multi-threaded to apartment threaded
Exception: resolve: Unknown error
Exception: resolve: Unknown error
Exception: resolve: Unknown error

From there all the output seems ok.

It seems that the game has some sort of network issue.

Any idea?

Thank in advance.
Loading Screen
by Geriain on Wednesday November 14th 2012, 23:43
Hey folks,

I have a strange problem, I got the launcher working with patched wine and using the mentioned line

explorer /desktop=SW:TOR,1000x614 launcher.exe

but after I log into the game it takes like 3-4 minutes for the game to pop up ( claims that he can't start the renderer ) but then magically the game starts. Now the Problem is that the loading screen loads for 15 minutes at the moment...

Thats what wine tells me while loading:

fixme:win:GetWindowPlacement not supported on other process window 0x110078
fixme:d3d:query_init Unhandled query type 0xc.

I'v installed vcrun2008 and d3dx9 with winetricks.
Unable to load application configuration
by gregor on Sunday November 11th 2012, 10:13

i downloaded the swtor client from this side:

i installed the client under windows 7 because i get the same error before the client downloaded ~12gb of files. now all files are installed and i get the error "Unable to load application configuration" and then the game stopped. no intro or anything else.
the FixLauncher.exe did not help in that case.

had anybody a similar problem and maybe a solution for that?

Game doesn't load after launcher
by Brad Ringel on Saturday October 6th 2012, 21:45
Under Mac OS X and Wind 1.5.1 the launcher loads up fine in the virtual desktop, but after clicking play nothing happens. The logs suggest that mabye it can't start the renderer?
Crashe on map access as of SWTOR 1.4
by sacha on Saturday September 29th 2012, 12:33
Following the 1.4 patch, SWTOR crashes predictably when you mouse over a POI on the minimap or main map. Makes it fairly difficult to play. (Wine from git + patch, Ubuntu 12.04, nVidia drivers).
Game hangs after a while
by Yiorgos Niotis on Friday September 28th 2012, 12:03
Hello there, i am posting on this thread since no thread for patch 1.4 is created yet. Before patch 1.4 was released the game was running smoothly. After the patching it hangs with the following output:

fixme:dbghelp:elf_search_auxv can't find symbol in module

I also observed some graphic anomalies on the tabs of character select but i am not sure if they were there before the patch.

I am using wine 1.5.9 with the KUSER patch on Ubuntu 11.10 64bit [GPU Nnvidia GeForce GTS 450 - driver version 280.13 (recommended in packages)]
Failed to load game assets..?
by Taras on Friday August 31st 2012, 4:57
Anyone got the "Error code: C5. Failed to load game assets" error message at the game loading screen..? Tried both existing windows install and new install, checked game data and fixed game launcher with no success. Game version 1.3.6. Patched wine version 1.5.11 with d3dx9, vcrun2008 and winhttp installed wia winetricks
by Shawn on Monday August 20th 2012, 22:55
Got it running now. Had to type the following in a terminal prior to launching the game:

echo 0|sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope

Now the game runs but the sound is awful. Specifying the sound device in winecfg helped. Tried solution mentioned here: and either did it wrong or it didn't help.
  • RE: Better.. by Shawn on Wednesday August 22nd 2012, 21:40
Hang after pressing "Log in"
by Shawn on Saturday August 18th 2012, 20:13
I compiled wine from source on 32-bit mint 13 according to the instructions. The game launcher starts but when I enter my password and click Log In it hangs indefinitely. This is with wine 1.5.11. If I install wine through apt-get I can log in but can't get past the launcher because it's unpatched. Any ideas what's going on?
Unable to get past the Loading Screen
by John Marszalek on Tuesday July 31st 2012, 22:42
I have this installed via PlayonLinux, with Wine 1.5.1 and the patch applied, and I am able to get into the character selection, but once choose my character, it will load about 36%, then completely stop. Any ideas what's going on?
Enabeling high resolution textures
by sxe on Sunday July 29th 2012, 4:26
Hi guys,

i copied this from the old thread because it is a pretty big deal i think. At least it is for me.
Without this fix, i have two problems.

1. Even on high quality settings my textures are not as good as they could be.
2. After a short time the texture quality drops for no reason.

By changing your windows version to XP this gets fixed and the game looks better then ever!

Here is the old post with an explanation:

by haxx on Friday March 23rd 2012, 18:00
I had these texture issues as well, but after finding the following on the swtor forums, I tried setting wine to run as windows XP instead of windows 7, and the textures all display properly.

---Technical Details---
Currently the engine/game is turning off the GPU RAM virtualization features of Vista and Windows 7 which is a major feature of the WDM/WDDM technology. This technology allows Windows to manage GPU RAM, by prioritizing textures and assets as needed without saturating the video card’s onboard RAM.

Quality Gain:
Allows medium and high resolution textures, better antialiasing, and various other features to remain enabled for a higher quality image on video cards with lower amounts of RAM. It also allows the higher quality textures to be used on objects in the distance which helps with the terrain, grass, building flaws as you are moving in the game.

Performance Gain:
Increases FPS even with higher Quality settings enabled and reduces the GPU stress by not having to load in and out lower resolution textures. This will even reduce GPU temperatures, as the Memory Controller on the GPU has to do less work with constant loading, unloading, and reloading of game textures and other assets.

By setting the game to Windows XP Service Pack 3 in the compatibility tab, the game/engine doesn’t override this feature of Windows, and this lets Windows manage the GPU RAM, and even if you have 256mb or 512mb of GPU RAM, Windows will tell the game you have 1024mb or more GPU RAM based on how much system RAM you have available and Windows can allocate to the game.