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NameFinal Fantasy XIV
VersionFFXIV:ARR 2.0 Beta
License Retail
Votes Marked as obsolete
Wine Version1.5.27
Maintainers of this version:
Beta for Version 2.0 of Square-Enix's MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Old test results
The test results for this version are very old, and as such they may not represent the current state of Wine. Please consider submitting a new test report.
Selected Test Results (selected in 'Test Results' table below)

What works
The game itself works fine, aside from broken gamepad support and a few graphical glitches (see below).

What does not
The initial download of the game data aborts with an error; this can be worked around by doing the download in a Windows VM (or a real Windows machine) and copying the data back to your WINEPREFIX. When trying to configure a gamepad, the program has no trouble seeing joystick buttons but fails to recognize analog input (sticks or triggers).

What was not tested

Additional Comments

Requires these winetricks overrides: d3dx9 devenum ie8 quartz wininet winhttp xact_jun2010 wmp10
Also needs a few extra registry keys to make the opening movie work (see my comment "Testing under Wine 1.7.0" below).

Onscreen objects may randomly disappear if "Occlusion Culling" is enabled in the graphics settings.

The UI overlay may flicker depending on GPU load (workaround in bug #34263).

Black squares sometimes appear on top of objects if "Improve overall graphics quality" is enabled (partial workaround in bug #34266).
Test Results
DistributionTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?RatingSubmitter
CurrentGentoo Linux AMD64Aug 17 20131.7.0 No, but has workaround Yes Silver Andrew Church 
ShowArch Linux x86_64Apr 12 20131.5.27 Yes Yes Gold KoKuToru 
ShowMac OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion"Mar 18 20131.5.26 No, but has workaround Yes Bronze Daniel Bethe 
ShowUbuntu 12.10 "Quantal" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Feb 25 20131.5.24 No, but has workaround Yes Bronze ergo 

Known bugs
Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected
34286 dinput doesn't report DIDOI_ASPECT* for joystick axes UNCONFIRMED View


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No text, graphic, login field
by Danny on Sunday August 25th 2013, 20:21
I've got 2 different mac's running 10.8.4, using engine 1.7.0x with wrapper 2.5.12.

I've tried several processes, orders, and routines to get this to work but ultimately i get stuck at the Screen you'd normally enter your SE ID and password and click the button to login and launch the game. That screen is missing the main rotating graphic on the top half, the dialogs to login, the button to start, and all the news/thread links below, see here:

Install directory and config file seem fine as I ran them from bootcamp and launched normally. Only things I can think of are an issue with the ie8 package, which throws a bunch of copy errors when running (though IE8 seems to run okay afterwards), and wmp10 does not install, saying wmp7 is required. IE8 error sample below:

err:setupapi:SetupDefaultQueueCallbackA copy error 2 "c:\\eda447e274f51d6a9b038ec5196b\\admparse.dll.mui" -> "C:\\windows\\system32\\DllCache\\admparse.dll.mui"
err:setupapi:SetupDefaultQueueCallbackA copy error 2 "c:\\eda447e274f51d6a9b038ec5196b\\advpack.dll.mui" -> "C:\\windows\\system32\\DllCache\\advpack.dll.mui"

...and seems to error with every file in the temp folder.

I've tried using the ffxiv installer (which prompts for dx to update successfully), trying just copying the SE folder and running it -- both ultimately end at the same point in the screenshot above. Even tried with the ie8 patch for the EULA screen fix but that didn't help.

If anyone has any thoughts would love to hear.

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Crash during ESRB screen
by Yulian Kuncheff on Sunday August 25th 2013, 2:00
So i got everything working, and I got it to a point where I can hit play, and it launches. But when I get to the ESRB rating screen, 2 seconds later, it crashes with an exception. I think its related to WMP10, but I am not sure how.

I followed all the instructions Ive seen here, including the registry entries (which happened to already be there when I installed everything)

This is what I got as output for the error:

Any help or a point in the right direction will help. I tried this using Wineskin, PlayOnMac, and even just installing Wine and Winetricks from Brew and using that directly.

Running OSX 10.8 w/ Wine 1.7.0

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IE8 Unsupported platform
by Dif on Thursday August 22nd 2013, 12:59
Hi all,
as suggested, I am trying to install IE8 with winetricks, but it refuses saying that it doesn't support my platform.

Tried with either Windows XP and 7 (in winecfg) and by making either a 64bit bottle (default in my system) and 32 bits (with export WINEARCH=win32 before creating the bottle).

As result I get a black windows when I try to open the launcher.

How can I solve it?

Thank in advace.

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ARR Black Box
by Eoin on Tuesday August 20th 2013, 17:41
I've been able to get past the User Agreement section by modifying the necessary files and also have tried to replace my program files installation directory with the one I've installed via Windows 7 but no matter what I do I am greeted with a black screen instead of the typical launch screen (where it shows news / play button)

Before anyone asks: Yes, I tried this during testing phase. I've also installed ie8, wininet and winhttp via winetricks and still no results. Does it have to do with native / built in settings? Anybody have a clue? Sorry, still relatively new to this.

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by Matt on Saturday August 17th 2013, 22:21
I am trying to install FF XIV, but I am just starting the process and I'm quite the newbie to this.
I got the installer for ie8 to show up, but I am unable to select accept to the agreement to get it started. What am I doing wrong? I tried to google this, but couldn't find an answer that applied to this situation.

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  • RE: ie8 by Eoin on Tuesday August 20th 2013, 17:20
  • RE: ie8 by Zak on Saturday August 24th 2013, 2:25
by Matt on Saturday August 17th 2013, 22:21
I am trying to install FF XIV, but I am just starting the process and I'm quite the newbie to this.
I got the installer for ie8 to show up, but I am unable to select accept to the agreement to get it started. What am I doing wrong? I tried to google this, but couldn't find an answer that applied to this situation.

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Testing under Wine 1.7.0
by Andrew Church on Saturday August 17th 2013, 19:19
The short version
Install these packages from winetricks: d3dx9 devenum ie8 quartz wininet winhttp xact_jun2010 wmp10

Add these keys to the registry:

@="VMR ImageSync"


@="VMR Allocator Presenter"


The updater (the first thing you download) needs the ie8, wininet, and winhttp overrides to get past the EULA.

As others have noted, the initial download of the game data doesn't work in Wine -- the launcher reports an error (in my case: [30410][30607][10009][19900][12017]). If you run the download in a real Windows VM and copy the "Program Files/SquareEnix" and "My Documents/My Games" directories back to your WINEPREFIX, the game will succesfully launch.

When you first start the game, it'll prompt you to configure a joystick. I'm using a USB-connected PlayStation 3 gamepad; the configure dialog has no trouble seeing button input, but I can't get it to recognize any analog stick input (even after playing with the "Alias" values in FFXIV.cfg, and even with KoKuToru's XInput library). An Xbox 360 gamepad has the same problems.

Opening movie
Initially, the game hung on a black screen with an animated loading icon (using ~55% CPU on each of two threads) when I tried to start the game. I was able to fix this by installing devenum, quartz, and wmp10 through winetricks, then adding the two keys listed above to the registry.

Character creation
After proceeding all the way through the character creation sequence, I got an error when trying to save the character on the server. I was able to fix this by exiting the program, setting "UPnP" to 0 in the section, and restarting.

Graphical glitches
In stock Wine, the UI overlay flickers heavily at times, and black squares can appear on the screen if the "Improve overall graphics quality" option is enabled. I resolved the flickering using the patch in bug #34263, and at least some of the black squares using the patch in bug #34266 (there seem to be additional cases which I'm still chasing down). Note that both of these patches have a significant negative impact on performance.

Separately, enabling occlusion culling will cause objects to randomly disappear. This is a known issue in Wine (see dlls/wined3d/query.c, though I can't find an open bug for it).

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Missing 'Play' button
by Jim on Monday June 17th 2013, 11:10
I upgraded from beta 2.
Installed ie8 from Microsoft + patch KB2360131 in order to click the ULA confirmation.
Then did the version update using a Windows VM.

After I do the login it does a version check after which the 'Play' button never appears. All I have is a black empty box where it should be.

I tried a couple of the latest versions Wine with the same result.

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Can't get it to patch
by Dalendry on Saturday June 15th 2013, 18:56
I've got to the launcher, Im signed in and everything, but when it begins to check the version right before it would start patching it says it can't check the version. I have IE8 with the update installed. Any ideas what would stop it from being able to check the version? Thanks for any help!

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by Mike on Friday June 14th 2013, 13:44
I did all the above including installing ie8 which I finally got working but when i start ff14 it connects to the net and gives me a black screen. When I click it it shows a dropdown box of language choices and some japanese characters on a blank white screen. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I have dx9 installed through winetricks. I just can't figure it out

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Beta3 installer
by Ivan on Thursday June 13th 2013, 4:41
Finally managed to get the client to install and update on mac with wineskin and wine 1.5.27

wininet, winhttp are needed to get ffxiv boot to update.

ie8 is needed make the beta3 eula show. with ie6 you get a error, ie7 you get a black screen. With ie8 from winetricks I got a kb927917 error on eula page which made the accept button not work. After a few hours of frustration I found that I needed to install KB2360131 ie8 version (google for KB2360131 ie8 its the top link)

Now its updating and 1.2MB/s (Thank god we arent back in ffxi days downloading a file at a time)!

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AMD Cards?
by Jim on Friday April 19th 2013, 21:50
Has anyone got the graphics working with an ATI/AMD video card. I am getting crazy shader problems using OS X AMD Radeon HD 6750M

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ffxivlauncher.exe crash
by Kris on Friday April 19th 2013, 20:40
Wine VER: wine-1.4.1 (Installed with brew)
OS: Mac OS X 10.8

I was able to use the ffxivsetup.exe to install, then I had to manually launch ffxivboot.exe, it was able to update the launcher, but once the launcher launches, I get an error and wine crashes.

Here is the dump from the console.

here is where I think it crashed

wine: Call from 0x7bc2f608 to unimplemented function urlmon.dll.CoInternetSetFeatureEnabled, aborting
wine: Unimplemented function urlmon.dll.CoInternetSetFeatureEnabled called at address 0x7bc2f608 (thread 002c), starting debugger...

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by Daniel Bethe on Monday March 18th 2013, 3:14
I am very dismayed, because this game has run very well (about 20+ fps) for quite a bit of time, but it then it goes unplayably slow (about 2 fps).

As with most postings found in all FFXIV-based threads in the appdb, I did the following:

* use the latest beta XQuartz 2.7.5_rc1, on Mac OS 10.8.2, with drivers, on a GTX660
* installed FFXIV entirely on Windows
* create a new wine prefix with 'winecfg', set to Windows XP and a virtual desktop at 1920x1080, run 'winetricks ie8 winhttp'
* run ffxivsetup.exe, install DirectX, and cancel the game installation
* copy the "C:\Program Files\SquareEnix" from Windows to the WINE prefix and run 'ffxivboot.exe'
* disable the occlusion optimization, to eliminate flicker
* I turned down the graphics performance settings to the minimum, just in case

Based on a comment in the FFXIV 2.0 Alpha thread, I've also tried running it with this command:

WINEDEBUG=d3d wine ffxivboot.exe &> /dev/null

It had run just fine for just about a whole day. I advanced through several levels at acceptable performance, which looked like somewhere between 10-20 fps. I was overjoyed because it was significantly faster than in Parallels although nowhere near the speeds that my hardware has been reported to achieve in this game on Windows.

The next day (Saturday or Sunday), its performance instantly dropped to about 2 fps. That's what I mean when I say 'slow'. I don't mean kinda slow; I mean unusably slow, at literally 2 fps. I can't see any consistent coincidence with this behavior; it mostly just happens. Sometimes it'll happen only during particle effects, when I or anyone around me casts a spell, and then it instantly gets fast again after the particles are gone. Other times, it'll just be permanently slow for many minutes and then it'll instantly get fast again for several minutes and then get slow again. Other times, I can be surrounded by particles and people and all manner of busy things, like at an Aetheryte and it's still fast. But most of the time, it's just unusably slow.

I've tried repeating all the steps again except for reinstalling the game in Windows. I could try that, in case the game got somehow corrupted, though I doubt it. I've created a new WINE prefix.

I've tried running 'winecfg', creating entries in the Libraries tab for d3d10, d3d11, d3dx10, d3dx11 (I wasn't sure of the spelling) and disabling them all, because I was told that WINE's DirectX 10/11 implementation is substandard and may be slow. I just don't know what else to try.

This is a fast system! It runs FFXIV at a playable speed with medium-to-high settings at 1280x720 in Parallels. It runs SWTOR at full speed at max settings in Parallels.

Is anyone else getting this behavior, on Mac OS or on any other platform? Thanks!

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Graphical Glitches and General Thoughts
by Chiitoo on Monday March 11th 2013, 8:11
For those just arriving here, I may refer to many things that were mentioned in the 'Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 Alpha' entry.

Regarding the initial version check error (not the one that occurs without the winhttp and the ie8 overrides), it is still there, but it does not appear with subsequent version updates. I still haven't looked more into that.

As for graphical glitches, I haven't had many chances to get to play, but as I was testing a little bit recently, I noticed that the

fixme:d3d:wined3d_occlusion_query_ops_get_data 0xXXXXXXXX Wrong thread, returning 1.

flood stops whenever the camera is moving. I discovered this while testing how much it affects my FPS, and so, whenever the camera was /not/ moving, my character and half of the world would disappear! That made me pay extra attention to the terminal while moving/not moving. No idea why I didn't notice that before, if it's not new with the ßeta.

The workaround is rather simple for the time being, since there is the in-game setting: “Disable rendering of objects when not visible. (Occlusion Culling)” which, when unset, 'fixes' the issue. Without the option, everything I could test seemed to work very well. Even the 'blinking' of the UI was gone at least mostly. Things occasionally flickered a little in the title/character selection\creation screens though, but it was pretty rare. Though I did mention I didn't get to test game-play much, yet.

Another setting that seems to cause weirdness is the “Improve overall graphics quality.” This causes black squares or 'blocks' to appear when the environment darkens.

I still didn't think to try letting the installer proceed with the DirectX setup (I used the files as described in my earlier post on the 'Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 Alpha' entry).

This on 3.8.2-gentoo x86_64, nvidia-drivers-313.26, Asus ENGTX 275, Phenom II X6 1090T, wine-1.5.25.

Just some quick thoughts.

'til next time!

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by Michael D on Wednesday February 27th 2013, 1:58
Please keep in mind the Non Disclosure Agreement until such time as it is lifted. no screenshots may be published until such time. thank you for your consideration and thank you for your help in making this a working game in WINE

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  • RE: NDA by Rothschild on Sunday August 4th 2013, 19:41
    • RE: NDA by Michael D on Sunday August 4th 2013, 21:40

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