Dungeons & Dragons NeverWinter

Neverwinter is a true Dungeons & Dragons experience, brought to life with the dynamic Cryptic game engine. In the classic D&D setting of the Forgotten Realms, players will explore and defend one of the most beloved cities from Dungeons & Dragons, as it rises from the ashes of destruction.

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Version: 3.x
License: Free to use
Votes: Marked as obsolete
Latest Rating: Gold
Latest Wine Version Tested: 1.6

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Launcher login does'nt work without ie8.

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Long playing.

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game working with lags on modern hardware. (On windows with same settings no lags)
CPU: i5-3470 (4 core 3200mhz)
RAM: 8gb

ie8 needed for launcher.
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Operating systemTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?RatingSubmitter
ShowUbuntu 13.04 "Raring" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Jul 27 20131.6N/A Yes GoldDennis William Johansen 
ShowArch Linux x86_64Jul 22 20131.6N/A Yes GoldJustin Dray 
ShowSlackware64 14.0Jul 05 20131.6-rc4Yes Yes GoldEdward W. Koenig 
ShowopenSUSE 12.2 x86_64Jun 30 20131.6-rc4Yes Yes Bronzean anonymous user 
CurrentArch Linux x86_64May 11 20131.5.30N/A Yes GoldRevenantX 

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HowTo / Notes

Because of bug 33495 Neverwinter needs ie8 installed, which currently can only be installed in a 32 bit prefix.
(Alter the prefix path as needed)
WINEPREFIX=/wineprefixes/Neverwinter WINEARCH=win32 winetricks ie8 
Install and launch the game with the same prefix as before. WINEARCH isn't required after this point.
In the options panel of the launcher, it seems to help to check "Disable on-demand patching" and put "-enablerawinputsupport 0" in the "Advanced command line" editbox.

Per discussions below, some people experience a crash running in windowed mode. It seems full screen is more stable with some computer setups.

Only ie8 is needed for this game to install and run now. Previously it was required to install the following: WINEPREFIX=/wineprefixes/Neverwinter winetricks corefonts, d3dx9, msls31, winhttp, wininet, ie8

(Left here in case someone should need them)


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Crash after black Cryptic loading screen
by Gob on Tuesday May 26th 2015, 18:25
I was getting crashes due to some sort of D3D Invalid call error. I got past that by installing the 32 bit version of libtxc_dxtn. On gentoo, I had to do something like

echo "media-libs/libtxc_dxtn abi_x86_32" >> /etc/portage/package.use

and rebuild.

Ubuntu 14.04
by Ryan on Wednesday May 14th 2014, 23:02
Ubuntu 14.04 WINE 1.7.18 Arc installed VIA playonlinux easily without a hitch same with the launcher its self 32bit install havent launched the game its self yet but everything thus far has ran well
Click Play = Bye Bye Wine
by Chris Fetterly on Tuesday July 16th 2013, 22:49
Hey All,
I followed every direction for configuration and once I login, successfully, I click the big ol' play button. Shortly thereafter, the window immediately closes and then... nothing. :(

I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 on a Samsung Series 9 laptop. I have plenty of space. using Wine 1.5.29. Please halp!
Taking very long time or locking up durng loading
by Edward W. Koenig on Thursday July 4th 2013, 18:40
I'm using 32-bit wine-1.6-rc4 and have noticed that Neverwinter has a very hard time starting up and getting to the character screen due to not recognizing my video card. The long load times and lock ups can be fixed by following
to set video memory, Card ID and Vendor ID in the registy:
HKCU - Software - Wine - Direct3D
- VideoMemorySize 1025
- VideoPciDeviceID 0x0de1
- VideoPciVendorID 0x10de

This get me up and running but still does not solve the
Never winter
by Leon on Wednesday July 3rd 2013, 11:38
I can´t start the game can anyone help me
Dell L702X, i5-2410M @ 2.30Ghz and 4GiB DDR3: Fast and smooth
by Sébastien on Wednesday May 22nd 2013, 9:10
I collected all the tips here and found the best settings on my Dell L702X.

I found it best, not just a fair workaround, but very good to do NOT run Neverwinter on the NVIDIA. So no primusrun or optirun, just directly the wine command.

CPU: Intel Core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz
RAM: 4GiB SODIMM DDR3 Synchronous 1333 MHz)
GPU1: Intel HD3000

Xubuntu: 13.04 - 32bit
linux: 3.2.0
wine: 1.4
openbox: 3.5.0

Installed IE8 (I just had to install it to its default location)

- [Applications] Windows Version: Windows XP
- [Graphics] Automatically capture the mouse in full-screen windows
- [Graphics] *Don't* allow the window manager to decorate the windows
- [Graphics] *Don't* allow the window manager to control the windows
- [Graphics] *Don't* emulate a virtual desktop

$ wine Neverwinter.exe

Starting from now: *Don't EVER switch windows*
There seems to be a bug (?) where when you switch windows, you can't get back the keyboard focus on the launcher. You can see it when cycling windows (but don't do it!), it never focuses the Wine window. Killing it is the only way I found to close it.

So first (important), enter your login/password. Only then go in the Options and in the Advanced options text field, add:

-enablerawinputsupport 0

(it allows clicking on buttons in Monitor Calibration and to load your character at the character selection).

Submit the changes. Having gone in the options involved switching to another small window, so the bug is triggered and the keyboard focus is lost. Since you already entered your login/password, just click Login, then Play to load the actual client.

As previously said in other comments, sync'ing to monitor's refresh rate fixes the camera stuttering ("PrefEntry GfxSettings.UseVSync2 1" in Neverwinter/Live/localdata/gameprefs.pref )

Also for the stuttering sound, as previously said,

$ pulseaudio -k

... which restarts the pulseaudio daemon did help.

And finally, after a crash from Wine, I like to reboot it to start fresh. I ended up having this command each time I want to play:

$ wineboot;pulseaudio -k;WINEDEBUG=-all wine Neverwinter.exe

It's running very well, I could even enable antialias without any noticeable performance hit (with everything else to lowest levels). I'll increase progressively.

The only bug I've noticed in-game so far is not always happening and haven't found how to reproduce it, this is when dragging an item from the inventory window.

I think it should be possible to run GameClient.exe (located in Neverwinter/Live/), I just haven't found a way to enter my password. I can enter my email address but can't switch to the password field or can't even press Backspace. Sometimes the Password field gets focus but only after I entered much more than my email address in the first field.

by Catalin B on Tuesday May 14th 2013, 6:22
Arch Linux x64
GTX 680

Working using the install guide; I did my own combination of configuring and running, but the guide is also working.
The game will spend between 5 to 15 min on the loading screen and 1st time the log in will fail. After 20 sec or so you get the log in screen and you can log in.
From there the game is usable with minor issue:
- Playing this from a HDD will lag a bit (I move to SSD and it is a huge increase)
- Using dyes or previewing items is a bit bad: the items are always translated up outside of viewing port, but you can bring them into view by zooming out (I did not play this on Win past 2 min so I cannot tell, I will check soon)
- I had the game crash 2 times after about 30 min of play and did not try since to see if it is repeating and note down the time.
- 1st dungeon work (level 4) :)
- I tried about 5 vendors and no bugs on them
- retrieved mail without issues

What I did not try:
- character creation (had my dwarf created in the 1st 2 min of Win play)
- character customization
- domination maps
- foundry
- did not leave Neverwinter city yet

Over all seems to work without big issues if you can get past the 10 min loading :)
  • RE: by Catalin B on Tuesday May 14th 2013, 9:51
    • RE: by Xpander on Tuesday May 21st 2013, 12:48
Cannot click anything
by xenoryt on Sunday May 12th 2013, 22:01
After waiting several minutes at the Loading screen I was finally able to get past it only to be presented with a "Account Verification" prompt. For some reason I was able to type in the verification code but the enter, tab, backspace and arrow keys keys do not seem to work. The mouse seems to be unable to click anything either. All the other keys work (letters, numbers, shift, caps/nums lock, etc)

I have tried using virtual desktop and tried running in safe mode through options>safe mode on the launcher without any success.

I am using CrunchBang 11 (which is basically Debian wheezy) and I have set up the wineprefix and I have tried using both wine versions 1.4.1 and 1.5.29. Both get stuck at this screen.
New Character Appearance Customization does not work
by g s on Thursday May 9th 2013, 19:50
Has anyone else tested character appearance customization for a new character? I can select one of the presets but when I try to actually customize my character's appearance, the game hangs.

Start wine with WINEARCH=WIN32
From the Launcher, Select Options > Safe Mode
Login normally, press Play
Options > Video > 1920x1080, Windowed Maximized
Race selection works
Class selection works
Able to Roll stats + apply racial bonuses

When I get to character appearance,
- Select preset
Able to spin character model
Able to zoom in/out
Able to hide/show armor
- Press Customize button
- "Hair" feature is highlighted, the different hairstyles
to be displayed but then the game freezes
- Music continues playing in background
- The character model stops moving
- Game stops responding to mouse or keyboard
- Essentially, the game is hung. I have to kill from
terminal and restart

If I don't press the Customize button and just play the preset appearance as-is, I can proceed through the rest of character creation and eventually start playing the game normally.

Anyone else get this problem?
Mouse lag and audio stuttering
by Andrey on Thursday May 9th 2013, 10:34
After launching the game I am still experiencing 2 major problems: mouse is having input lag and the sound is stuttering. In the options sound output device is "pulseaudio(null)".

I am on Ubuntu 13.04 using wine 1.5.29.
It still not possible to pass the login button
by Andrey on Wednesday May 8th 2013, 15:26
Even after installing the game in win32 wineprefix with ie8 installed pressing login button causes no reaction from launcher, except the error message in a console (err:mshtml:HTMLFormElement_submit Submit failed: 805303f4).
Stopped working after 2 days of normal playtime
by mg on Wednesday May 8th 2013, 13:37
I ran into an issue this morning where running the launcher (NeverWinter.exe) no longer brings up the login window.

It has been working with very minor performance issues for a few days now. I logged out last night, but can no longer get past the issue of the launcher window not even appearing. No reboot or anything in the meantime.

I checked the forums and I didn't see anything about login servers being down etc, but I'll try again after work.

Seeing if anyone else has run into this where it's working fine and just all of a sudden, no more launch window appears.
Can't even log in.
by Cinaed666 on Wednesday May 8th 2013, 6:32
I'm running a 64bit system, but I followed the instructions regarding the 32bit prefix. It launches, but when I try to log in, the login button doesn't even do anything!
Crashing after patch
by gotsanity on Sunday May 5th 2013, 19:24
I managed to get the game installed and patched (ubuntu 13.04 with wine 1.5 from the ppa) and even after installing everything mentioned above I still get a silent crash immediatly following clicking on the play button. I'm at a loss. Any ideas?

by Ferg on Sunday May 5th 2013, 14:27
Working here. Did not require DirectX via winetricks.
by Evil on Saturday May 4th 2013, 23:08
Just to let you know, I did not have to install DirectX on the two machines upon which I've tested.

If you run it in real Windowed mode (not via a Virtual Desktop in winecfg settings), it will eventually crash. I saw this about once every 45 - 60 minutes. Fullscreen appears to be very stable though and does not crash.

However... fullscreen may eventually slow down (after a couple of hours). Sometimes switching to windowed mode and back to fullscreen (alt+enter) will fix it. Other times, not. And, if you switch back and forth too many times, you may just end up with a black screen. This makes me think it's related to some memory leak with video RAM that only shows itself when playing under Wine.

I have also seen the bug where it sits at the "Loading..." screen for a *long* time. When this is happening, one of my 6 cores is spinning at 100%. I usually just restart the game to get it to work, though at least once I walked away and it did eventually continue on its own.
by Jen on Saturday May 4th 2013, 10:11
Has anyone been able to get into the Foundry from the character select screen? I know they're having server issues, so I didn't know what was WINE and what was them.
Low performance
by croma25td on Friday May 3rd 2013, 2:09

I can play the game without major problems on my system:
AMD Phenom X6 1055T
AMD 7850 2Gb
Ram 16Gb
Distro: arch 64bit

But into the city I have to set the details to medium (1920x1200 screen resolution), is this a problem with the game (this is a beta so this is not optimized) or is this a problem with my hw?

I can't try the game on Windows because I don't have it...
I followed the directions, stuck on "loading" at neverwinter logo
by Konner Shea on Wednesday May 1st 2013, 9:51
The servers down right now, but my brother is able to ATLEAST get past that on Windows 7. I wanna use linux. I love linux. But i wanna game. And I HATE switching back and forth

Please help me figure out why it wont load. I'm using Ubuntu 12.04.2 Precise, updated, AMD graphics installed, etc. Idk if I'm setting the prefix up right or not. (I'm not completely linux savy yet, ive been a windows user my whole life)
Game Won't Load
by Antonín Mareček on Monday April 29th 2013, 13:57
I have made clean new wine 32 prefix and install stuff with winetricks like it is in description. Install works, Launcher works, but when game start Cryptyc loading works fine and then i see Newerwinter(Dungenons & Dragons) Loading and on the bottom of scree reloading materials this take while. After few seconds this text in bottom disappear and i see olny screen with Newerwinter (Dungenons & Dragons) logo and under it Loading. This loading never loads. Or i test it about 10 mins and nothing happens.

I have olny this in terminal with WINEDEBUG=-all:

fixme:win:GetRawInputBuffer (pData=(nil), pcbSize=0x10e0e818, cbSizeHeader=16) stub!
fixme:win:GetRawInputBuffer (pData=0x278c2d0, pcbSize=0x10e0bbb8, cbSizeHeader=16) stub!

This i see all time when i stareted game.

And at last i use wine 1.5.29.

I will be happy for any tips.

And after all I am sorry for me English:)
Won't work on it's own
by Jon on Saturday March 23rd 2013, 23:28
Not working on 64 bit is a big issue as it won't work as its normally run. Please let people know as to how to actually get the game working in the future.