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Latest Wine Version Tested: 8.4

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Test Results

Old test results
The test results you have selected are very old and may not represent the current state of Wine.
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What works

Pretty much everything, sometimes with some lag, but mostly it runs just fine.

What does not

DirectX 11 does not work as expected - there are lots of missing or incorrect textures.

DirectX 10 does not launch.

It seems to work fine when used with DirectX 9 though.

The DDO store does not work - it doesn't ever open.


I used PlayonLinux to set my video memory to 2048MB to improve performance.

What was not tested

The DDO store - doesn't open.

In-app purchases.

Hardware tested


  • GPU: AMD
  • Driver: unknown

Additional Comments

Actually tested in wine 3.2, but worked fine in newer versions up to 3.19 as well, provided DirectX 9 is used. (PlayOnLinux doesn't allow newer wine versions to be installed currently - not sure why).

Once you have a configuration that works, don't change it! The game tends to break in hard-to-fix ways if you mess with configuration too much (especially DirectX-related configuration).

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Operating systemTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?Used
ShowEndeavourOSMar 29 20238.4Yes Yes YesGoldJames Potts 
ShowGarudaDec 22 20217.0-rc1-stagingYes Yes YesGoldJames Potts 
ShowLinux Mint 19.3 "Tricia"Mar 20 20205.4Yes Yes NoPlatinumHamish McIntyre-Bhatty 
ShowLinux Mint 19.3 "Tricia"Mar 20 20205.0Yes Yes YesGoldHamish McIntyre-Bhatty 
ShowSolusNov 30 20194.20Yes Yes YesGoldJames Potts 

Known Bugs

Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected
30984 Some keys do not work in different games (Trine, Skyrim, Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age 2, Star Trek Online, Gothic 2) STAGED View

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HowTo / Notes

Standard DDO Wine installation

Installing DDO

First, install 32-bit dependencies for wine. 32-bit mesa, Samba, GnuTLS, and possibly OpenAL are needed at minimum, along with 32-bit drivers for your video card (most are in mesa, but nvidia users will need to pay attention here). How to do this varies from distro to distro, so consult your distribution's documentation.

Next, install winetricks if it hasn't been installed already.  Most distros include a recent enough version, but if you're on a distribution that only includes stable wine versions by default (Ubuntu, for example), you should either make sure you get winetricks from the same repo you get wine from or just download it directly.

Now, open a terminal, create a wineprefix, and have winetricks install d3dcompiler_42:

$ export WINEPREFIX=$HOME/wine/ddo
$ mkdir -p $WINEPREFIX
$ winetricks d3dcompiler_42

Download and run it from the terminal in the wineprefix you just created:

$ export WINEPREFIX=$HOME/wine/ddo
$ wine $HOME/Downloads/ddolive.exe

Note: in all of the above snippets you can change WINEPREFIX to wherever you want it to be (just be consistent), and must change the location of ddolive.exe to wherever you downloaded it to $HOME/Downloads is just where some browsers will save it by default if they don't ask. Also, those snippets assume winetricks will be somewhere in your system's default path.  If not, you'll have to make sure it's executable and then provide the full path to it (i.e. $HOME/bin/winetricks).

Once the Launcher starts, it might crash a time or 2 (it didn't for me). If it does, just restart it (if it created a shortcut on your desktop, it's safe to use that).

Enjoy the game. :)

Game Tweaks

Game Tweaks

Tweaking the game:

Setting the video memory size usually fixes most performance issues. However there is a list of things you can do to try to kick the performance up an extra notch. Of course these are just suggestions. They are all optional.

Disable desktop 3D effects (In Unity switch to 2D session)

The 3D desktop features can cause some performance issues in the game. Logging out and changing your Unity session, or disabling 3D desktop effects can greatly increase game performance.

Choose a "Graphics Quality" in Options->Graphics

It's common for the auto detection to misdetect the card since there is a wine api in the middle of everything. Select this manually to get the quality you want. (I chose "very high" for my 1gb Nvidia card)

Increase "Texture Cache Size" in Options->Adv. Graphics

You can increase this to improve the game performance by increasing the amount of system memory used for graphics resources. This can decrease load times and in turn increase game performance.

Enable "Triple Buffering" in Options->Adv. Graphics

For video cards with extra memory you can use this setting to slightly increase rendering performance.

Disable "Player Mesh Combining" in Options->Adv. Graphics

This feature not only uses up more system memory, but also video memory. Saving a little video memory can always help game performance.

Disable "Distant Imposters" in Options->Adv. Graphics

This option simply allows trees and other objects to render over distant scenery. Can be disabled to increase game performance.

If you use the Turbine Launcher, and don't have the game installed on an SSD, enable preloading of game files (or client_gamelogic.dat?) in the launcher's options.

This preloads the client_gamelogic.dat file into memory, drastically decreasing initial login/load time, at the cost of needing about 300M of extra memory when launching the game (this is a fix/workaround for the first-login red-latency-disconnect bug).

If the Turbine Launcher hangs on startup...

If you're getting this, make sure you're using a current version of wine and that you're using a clean wineprefix.  If it still happens, run wineserver -k and re-run the launcher.  If it keeps happening, you can fix it permanently by using the following command to start the game:

  • DNDLauncher.exe -skiprawdownload

Note that that's DNDLauncher, not TurbineClientLauncher.  As far as I can tell, TurbineClientLauncher is now just a secondary loader for DNDLauncher (so that players with ancient installs don't have to update their shortcuts) and doesn't pass (all) arguments to DNDLauncher properly.  Also, unless you want the "grey grid" loading screens you may have seen with PyLotRO years ago, you should probably run the launcher at least once to get to the login prompt without -skiprawdownload to get loading screens.


The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. WineHQ is not responsible for what they say.

Breaks on Wine 7.18
by Dylan Piergies on Saturday November 19th 2022, 11:18
From Wine 7.18 onwards, graphics seem to be broken. The launcher runs fine, game starts up, title screen music plays, but the screen is black with only the mouse pointer visible.
More DDO store issues
by Troy Brumley on Tuesday May 3rd 2022, 6:08
Just a quick note of my experience. I'm on Manjaro and tried Bottles, Lutris, Steam, and naked Wine and experienced the DDO store issue. I learned how to create some logs and there's an apparent problem with HTTPS. I don't have enough information for a real bug report, but I was finally able to get this to work by using the GloriousEggroll wine package. It took a while to build so I don't regard it as a viable solution and will look to reproduce and file a proper bug report.

Release info -- working:
Manjaro 21.2
wine-ge-custom 1:GE.Proton7.10-1
wine-mono 7.1.1-1
wine-gecko 2.47.2-3

Clean wipes of directories and proper uninstall/reinstall between each test.

Release info -- tried and failed:
steam from their website
wine 7.5-1
bottles 2022.5.2-1
RE: More DDO store issues
by James Potts on Friday May 6th 2022, 18:02
Were all of the various failed variants pre-compiled? If so, this may be an abi issue that needs to be reported to the various downstreams (valve, arch/manjaro, lutris, etc) and not an actual wine bug. To verify, you could try manually building 7.5-1 and from source and seeing if that fixes the issue.
RE: More DDO store issues
by Troy Brumley on Saturday May 14th 2022, 6:34
I will see what I can do. Manjaro just did a big set of updates so lib32* and most of the rest of the system updated. I downloaded the pre-built 7.7 and had lutris use it, which didn't work well (generally, many configs I've tried don't support useful graphics resolutions) and the store behavior was the same.

I'll give a rebuild a try sometime this week if I can. Thanks.
RE: More DDO store issues
by Troy Brumley on Saturday May 14th 2022, 13:22
James: I spent some time futzing around with this instead of trying a full rebuild. I'm not familiar with Wine so took the opportunity to see what I could learn about running it :)

Anyway, I did find a hit on the winehq bugzilla and tried the recommendation there and it worked! It appears to be a problem with libglesv2.dll and the recommendation is to try:



Before the change my log looks like this:

[0514/] WSALookupServiceBegin failed with: 8
[0514/] eglCreateWindowSurface failed with error EGL_BAD_ALLOC
[0514/] eglCreateWindowSurface failed with error EGL_BAD_ALLOC
[0514/] eglCreateWindowSurface failed with error EGL_BAD_ALLOC
[0514/] eglCreateWindowSurface failed with error EGL_BAD_ALLOC
[0514/] eglCreateWindowSurface failed with error EGL_BAD_ALLOC

And after the override of libglesv2 I get:

[0514/] WSALookupServiceBegin failed with: 8
[0514/] Exiting GPU process due to errors during initialization

The bug report mentions the GPU process issue but it seems to be of no consequence.

Here's said report:

Thanks for your help. Troy.
RE: More DDO store issues
by James Potts on Sunday May 15th 2022, 21:43
Now that you mention gles, I just remembered that a specific workaround is needed for the store to work:
winetricks d3dcompiler_47
Please try with that done and not WINEDLLOVERRIDES=libglesv2.dll - use a clean prefix.
RE: More DDO store issues
by Alejandro Rico on Friday May 27th 2022, 12:30
I can confirm that using WINEDLLOVERRIDES solved this issue for me.

What I tried:

Clean Install, store didn't work.

Clean Install, winetricks d3dcompiler_47.dll, didn't work

Then I used the OVERRIDE=libglesv2.dll=d and it worked.

I also deleted the d3dcompiler_47 that was inside the DDO folder, I can't say for sure if it copied the installed d3dcompiler or downloaded again. Tbh I got tired after my 8th clean wineprefix.

So to sum up:

Install the game, winetricks d3dcompiler_47.dll, add WINEDLLOVERRIDES=libglesv2.dll=d.

If that doesn't work, try to delete the d3dcompiler_47.dll inside the GAME's folder.
Game store stopped working
by Travis Sidelinger on Thursday December 16th 2021, 21:08
DDO game store has been working for several years now. It stopped working maybe 1-2 weeks ago. It's possible an OS update or a DDO update broke it. Not sure, as we don't use the store every day.

So far I've tried every store configuration, 32bit launch, different direct3d versions, internal or external store UI. Even tried a new wine prefix install. Nothing works.

System info:
$ cat /etc/redhat-release
Fedora release 33 (Thirty Three)
$ wine --version
wine-6.13 (Staging)
RE: Game store stopped working
by James Potts on Sunday December 19th 2021, 15:18
External store UI should *always* work, provided that it doesn't open iexplore.exe instead of your system's default browser (it just sends the store URI to whatever wine thinks should be the default browser, but if the internal browser is broken, iexplore will be as well since it uses the same engine). If wine is using iexplore.exe for the external browser, you should be able to fix it using the following instructions (they're from Ubuntu, but should work for Fedora as well):

As for the internal browser breaking, that's usually because https support gets broken. Make sure that you have 32-bit gnutls (and 64-bit ofc) installed and that wine is still configured to use it (this *might* not be needed for the 64-bit client, but I wouldn't count on it...too many "64-bit" windows programs still use 32-bit stuff).

I hope this fixes the issue.

RE: Game store stopped working
by James Potts on Tuesday December 21st 2021, 13:01
As an addendum to my earlier reply, telling wine to use the system default browser instead of its internal browser does nothing for DDO. I'm guessing this is because DDO calls iexplore.exe directly instead of simply letting the system choose what browser to use, probably as a "fix" to a potential security issue with the external store.

I'm testing potential workarounds, but have no idea what may or may not work here. I'll reply again if/when I find a way to fix the issue, which is likely a mismatch between wine and some X library (meaning you'll need to use a launcher like PoL, Lutris, or Steam to fix it).

RE: Game store stopped working
by James Potts on Wednesday December 22nd 2021, 16:42
tl;dr: winetricks d3dcompiler_47

The long version: Game installed and ran fine on Garuda (arch) linux using sytem wine, except the store didn't work - would display either a black window that went transparent after a few seconds. After a bit of frustration and shenanigans, I reinstalled DDO using Lutris' installer....and the in-game store worked out of the box. So as a second test, I tried running the game with my system wine (from the command line, no lutris), but using the wineprefix created by Lutris...and that worked just fine. Tried again with a clean wineprefix pointing to the already installed DNDLauncher.exe...nope. So..winetricks? Check the install script....nothing. Has to be something Lutris itself does by default, so I started looking over the logs...the non-lutris prefix is spewing fixmes about HLSL while the lutris prefix isn't. hmm...winetricks d3dx9? nope, winetricks list dlls | grep d3d....revealed the d3dcompiler series, with 3 dlls installed and one not - d3dcompiler_47, so I ran winetricks d3dcompiler_47 on the non-lutris prefix, and that fixed it. Just to be sure that's all that was needed, I nuked that prefix and tried again on a prefix with JUST d3dcompiler_47 installed....that worked.

Enjoy the game. :)

RE: Game store stopped working
by Travis Sidelinger on Saturday January 1st 2022, 22:33
Tried installing d3dcompiler_47 here, that didn't resolve the issue. It's possible something else may be buggered up. Let me go build a clean wineprefix.
RE: Game store stopped working
by Travis Sidelinger on Sunday January 2nd 2022, 20:59
Confirmed, that fixed the DDO store. Thank you.
Working great on 5.14
by Charles Hawkins on Tuesday August 4th 2020, 9:45
I just switched to Obarun, an Arch derivative and had a problem getting the game working. Both my old install prefix and a fresh new install didn't work. Installing lib32-openal fixed both. Apparently that doesn't necessarily get pulled in automatically. The new install got stuck near the end when the client was downloading data, but a kill/restart finished it.

It looks like the loader still gets stuck about half the time but I've been doing kill/retry for years so am used to it. Checking the "Leave launcher loaded" option minimizes the annoyance. I've never been able to see which options are checked so I just have to make sure I click it only once and then try it. Clicking the "Allow multiple instances" also avoids having to login every time. Very handy for daily rolls on multiple servers. I've found that if I actually want to run multiple simultaneous instances, it works better to use 2 separate installs in different wine prefixes.

For some time the store works occasionally but mostly gets stuck on the gray screen. I've not been able to find a pattern to it except that it seem most likely to work the first time I go into the game. On this new installation it worked the first time. We'll see.
RE: Working great on 5.14
by James Potts on Thursday August 20th 2020, 13:06
Thanks for the info, a new test result with a properly lowered rating would be nice to have here. I'll update the.prerepqs in the notes when I get the chance.

RE: Working great on 5.14
by James Potts on Thursday September 17th 2020, 15:35
I found a workaround for the installer hang when there's no update to be had: pass -skiprawdownload to DNDLauncher.exe (NOT TurbineClientLauncher.exe, if you're still using that as your launcher, you'll need to switch). This skips updating loading screens and things of that nature (the stuff not handled by the patcher), and should prevent the launcher from hanging on startup when you're not actually patching, reducing some of the annoyance (it'll probably still occasionally hang during patches).

Hope this helps. :)

DDO store and chat are working.
by Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty on Monday March 23rd 2020, 3:20
I have since tested both of these, and they seem to work just fine.
RE: DDO store and chat are working.
by James Potts on Monday March 23rd 2020, 4:46
Thanks for this. Is this a direct install using just WINE, or did you use a platform like Lutris to install the game?

RE: DDO store and chat are working.
by Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty on Monday March 23rd 2020, 6:44
I used PlayOnLinux, but didn't do anything other than create a wineprefix - shouldn't be any different to using vanilla WINE, I just use PlayOnLinux to make it easier for me.
RE: DDO store and chat are working.
by James Potts on Monday March 23rd 2020, 13:41
Thank you for telling me this. Using PoL IS different since, like Lutris, PoL provides a "standard library" for use with its built-in wine. This makes sure that a) necessary libraries (like gnutls) are available to wine and b) said libraries are of a version that is known to "just work".

I asked about PoL/Lutris for a specific reason: Using WINE directly is asking for trouble due to many distros not shipping 32-bit gnutls anymore, or not shipping wine with support for it. I wanted to know if, perhaps, Linux Mint (and possibly other ubuntu derivatives) were getting it right.

I personally don't care about PoL...if it gets the game working, great. PoL is, however, unsupported by the wine devs - to the point that discussing it here is almost banned. Please keep that in mind when submitting future reports. :)

RE: DDO store and chat are working.
by Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty on Monday March 23rd 2020, 14:32
I'm using wine, with PlayOnLinux, and not using any of the wizards - should make no difference apart from easier management of the wineprefix afaik, but I could be totally wrong.

Either way, thanks for the heads up :)
how is this gold?
by john fucking doe bitch on Friday November 16th 2018, 18:32
I have spent 3 fucking days trying to get this pos to work and nothing. Not one time. This should b listed as fucking garbage.
RE: how is this gold?
by James Potts on Saturday November 17th 2018, 12:22
First, watch the language please.

Now...some questions:
- Do you have 32-bit versions of wine's dependencies installed? Most important is 32-bit opengl stuff (mesa), but also gnutls is a great idea too.
- Have you tried installing and running the game in a clean wineprefix? Try that first, and then IF you have problems, re-read the suggestions.
- After checking the above...please tell me what's going on here. Include your OS and version, and your wine version. Any console output from wine may also help.


by Ralph Eidenholt on Monday January 29th 2018, 14:29
root@asdf:/home/agile717 # dmesg | grep drm
info: [drm] Initialized drm 1.1.0 20060810
drmn0: on vgapci0
info: [drm] RADEON_IS_PCIE
info: [drm] initializing kernel modesetting (PITCAIRN 0x1002:0x6810 0x1043:0x0464).
info: [drm] register mmio base: 0xFDE80000
info: [drm] register mmio size: 262144
info: [drm] radeon_atrm_get_bios: ===> Try ATRM...
info: [drm] radeon_atrm_get_bios: pci_find_class() found: 0:1:0:0, vendor=1002, device=6810
info: [drm] radeon_atrm_get_bios: Get ACPI device handle
info: [drm] radeon_acpi_vfct_bios: ===> Try VFCT...
info: [drm] radeon_acpi_vfct_bios: Get "VFCT" ACPI table
info: [drm] radeon_acpi_vfct_bios: Failed to get "VFCT" table: AE_NOT_FOUND
info: [drm] igp_read_bios_from_vram: ===> Try IGP's VRAM...
info: [drm] igp_read_bios_from_vram: VRAM base address: 0xd0000000
info: [drm] igp_read_bios_from_vram: Map address: 0xfffff800d0000000 (262144 bytes)
info: [drm] igp_read_bios_from_vram: Incorrect BIOS signature: 0xFFFF
info: [drm] radeon_read_bios: ===> Try PCI Expansion ROM...
info: [drm] radeon_read_bios: Map address: 0xfffff800000c0000 (131072 bytes)
info: [drm] ATOM BIOS: 6810HB.
drmn0: info: VRAM: 2048M 0x0000000000000000 - 0x000000007FFFFFFF (2048M used)
drmn0: info: GTT: 512M 0x0000000080000000 - 0x000000009FFFFFFF
info: [drm] Detected VRAM RAM=2048M, BAR=256M
info: [drm] RAM width 256bits DDR
info: [drm] radeon: 2048M of VRAM memory ready
info: [drm] radeon: 512M of GTT memory ready.
info: [drm] Supports vblank timestamp caching Rev 1 (10.10.2010).
info: [drm] Driver supports precise vblank timestamp query.
info: [drm] MSI enabled 1 message(s)
drmn0: info: radeon: using MSI.
info: [drm] radeon: irq initialized.
info: [drm] GART: num cpu pages 131072, num gpu pages 131072
info: [drm] Loading PITCAIRN Microcode
info: [drm] PCIE GART of 512M enabled (table at 0x0000000000040000).
drmn0: info: WB enabled
drmn0: info: fence driver on ring 0 use gpu addr 0x0000000080000c00 and cpu addr 0x0xfffff8006733ec00
drmn0: info: fence driver on ring 1 use gpu addr 0x0000000080000c04 and cpu addr 0x0xfffff8006733ec04
drmn0: info: fence driver on ring 2 use gpu addr 0x0000000080000c08 and cpu addr 0x0xfffff8006733ec08
drmn0: info: fence driver on ring 3 use gpu addr 0x0000000080000c0c and cpu addr 0x0xfffff8006733ec0c
drmn0: info: fence driver on ring 4 use gpu addr 0x0000000080000c10 and cpu addr 0x0xfffff8006733ec10
info: [drm] ring test on 0 succeeded in 3 usecs
info: [drm] ring test on 1 succeeded in 1 usecs
info: [drm] ring test on 2 succeeded in 1 usecs
info: [drm] ring test on 3 succeeded in 2 usecs
info: [drm] ring test on 4 succeeded in 1 usecs
info: [drm] ib test on ring 0 succeeded in 0 usecs
info: [drm] ib test on ring 1 succeeded in 0 usecs
info: [drm] ib test on ring 2 succeeded in 0 usecs
info: [drm] ib test on ring 3 succeeded in 0 usecs
info: [drm] ib test on ring 4 succeeded in 1 usecs
info: [drm] radeon_device_init: Taking over the fictitious range 0xd0000000-0xe0000000
radeon_iicbb0 on drmn0
radeon_iicbb1 on drmn0
radeon_iicbb2 on drmn0
radeon_iicbb3 on drmn0
radeon_iicbb4 on drmn0
radeon_iicbb5 on drmn0
radeon_iicbb6 on drmn0
radeon_iicbb7 on drmn0
drm_iic_dp_aux0 on drmn0
info: [drm] Radeon Display Connectors
info: [drm] Connector 0:
info: [drm] DP-1
info: [drm] HPD4
info: [drm] DDC: 0x6530 0x6530 0x6534 0x6534 0x6538 0x6538 0x653c 0x653c
info: [drm] Encoders:
info: [drm] DFP1: INTERNAL_UNIPHY2
info: [drm] Connector 1:
info: [drm] HDMI-A-1
info: [drm] HPD5
info: [drm] DDC: 0x6540 0x6540 0x6544 0x6544 0x6548 0x6548 0x654c 0x654c
info: [drm] Encoders:
info: [drm] DFP2: INTERNAL_UNIPHY2
info: [drm] Connector 2:
info: [drm] DVI-I-1
info: [drm] HPD6
info: [drm] DDC: 0x6580 0x6580 0x6584 0x6584 0x6588 0x6588 0x658c 0x658c
info: [drm] Encoders:
info: [drm] Connector 3:
info: [drm] DVI-D-1
info: [drm] HPD1
info: [drm] DDC: 0x6570 0x6570 0x6574 0x6574 0x6578 0x6578 0x657c 0x657c
info: [drm] Encoders:
info: [drm] DFP4: INTERNAL_UNIPHY1
info: [drm] Internal thermal controller with fan control
info: [drm] radeon: power management initialized
info: [drm] Connector DP-1: get mode from tunables:
info: [drm] - kern.vt.fb.modes.DP-1
info: [drm] - kern.vt.fb.default_mode
info: [drm] Connector HDMI-A-1: get mode from tunables:
info: [drm] - kern.vt.fb.modes.HDMI-A-1
info: [drm] - kern.vt.fb.default_mode
info: [drm] Connector DVI-I-1: get mode from tunables:
info: [drm] - kern.vt.fb.modes.DVI-I-1
info: [drm] - kern.vt.fb.default_mode
info: [drm] Connector DVI-D-1: get mode from tunables:
info: [drm] - kern.vt.fb.modes.DVI-D-1
info: [drm] - kern.vt.fb.default_mode
info: [drm] fb mappable at 0xD114B000
info: [drm] vram apper at 0xD0000000
info: [drm] size 8294400
info: [drm] fb depth is 24
info: [drm] pitch is 7680
fbd0 on drmn0
info: [drm] Initialized radeon 2.29.0 20080528 for drmn0 on minor 0
RE: Graphics Acceleration
by James Potts on Monday January 29th 2018, 20:17
After looking at this (which does indicate that your baseline hardware acceleration is working), I did some poking around. The issue looks like something I've run into a few times with Linux users: 32-bit compatibility. WINE needs a fully-working 32-bit graphics stack in order to provide 3D acceleration, otherwise it's going to fall back to software rendering. I haven't got any idea how to set this up in FreeBSD, as I have never used it. Your best bet may be to inquire about this on the FreeBSD forums/wiki/mailing lists. Sorry I can't be of more assistance.

Grahic lag!
by Ralph Eidenholt on Monday January 29th 2018, 2:43
I'm experiencing graphic lag when running DDO. It looks great on the loading screens but when I come to character select screen the graphics are at 1 fps per 3 seconds. I feel like I've experienced this bug/lag before but don't remember how it was fixed.

Any help is much appreciated!

Using FreeBSD 11.1 / radeon / wine staging 2.21.
RE: Grahic lag!
by James Potts on Monday January 29th 2018, 11:19
I'm not familiar with freebsd, but if you have an equivalent to glxinfo for Linux, please run it and verify that 3D acceleration (called direct rendering on Linux/glxinfo) is enabled?

Migration from ArchWiki
by Svito on Saturday December 23rd 2017, 19:14

You can incorporate useful bits from this into HowTo / Notes and delete the comment:

This guide will show you how to install and run Dungeons & Dragons Online using [[Wine]] on GNU/Linux.

== About ==

[ Dungeons & Dragons Online] (DDO) is a [[wikipedia:MMORPG|MMORPG]] similar to World of Warcraft. DDO usually appeals to more mature RPG fans and focuses more on exploring and completing quests in dungeons rather than on terrain. DDO is ''free to play'' and doesn't require month subscription fees like WoW but unlike WoW players will often find that leveling will require buying additional ''modules'' that grant access to certain quests and areas.

== Installation ==

First, install [[Wine]].

If you have already installed DDO on Windows, you can just mount that partition and run {{ic|wine 'Dungeons & Dragons Online/TurbineLauncher.exe'}}.

You will need an account to play. Sign up for an account on the [ Dungeons & Dragons Online website]. After you have gotten an account, download the Windows client from the website and start it:
$ wine ddolive.exe

=== PyLOTRO ===

The official launcher is known to hang sometimes. Some people report better results with the unofficial Python-based ''PyLOTRO'' launcher.

To use PyLOTRO, [[install]] the {{AUR|pylotro-git}} package. Then run ''pylotro'', set the right game in ''Tools > Switch Game'', and point to the installation directory in ''Tools > Options''.

== Configuration ==

=== DirectX 9 ===

As of Wine 2.0 (January 2017), only the DirectX 9 mode works. If you have accidentally set it to DirectX 10 or 11, open {{ic|~/Documents/Dungeons and Dragons Online/UserPreferences.ini}} and set {{ic|1=GraphicsCore=D3D9}}.

(With {{Pkg|wine-staging}} 2.0, D3D10 and D3D11 ''do'' work, but with lots of graphics artifact, making the game unplayable.)

=== Copy settings from Windows ===

If you have DDO installed on Windows, DDO run through Wine will not recognize the settings from the Windows DDO install. These will need to copied to your GNU/Linux install:

$ mkdir ~/Documents/Dungeons\ and\ Dragons\ Online/
$ cp /mnt/win/Users//Documents/Dungeons\ and\ Dragons\ Online/* ~/Documents/Dungeons\ and\ Dragons\ Online/
RE: Migration from ArchWiki
by Pednick on Thursday February 7th 2019, 7:47
Concerning dirextx, I'm using wine-staging-nine version 3.18 with 0001-wined3d-Use-bindless-textures-for-GLSL-shaders.patch in which directx11 works with textures are fixed but so far I know directx11 enabled works with ESO and the dreadd WoW but does not work with DDO for some reason only directx9 works. I don't know why it doesn't work, I'm not a coder, maybe some library dll is missing or something to do with that awesome crap being used with DDO's code again I'm not a coder so those are just guesses. Concerning that patch, it does break after version 3.18 of wine, again I'm just gessing but maybe because their slowing iplimeting ARB_bindless_texture support. Anyway just wanted to mention this and if anyone did come up with a directx11 fix, an answer would be much appreciated.

Link to patch I talked about:
RE: Migration from ArchWiki
by Pednick on Saturday February 9th 2019, 7:00
Replying to my own post because when I did install the directx that came with skyrim the game works now with directx11, how ever you would still need to use the patched wine for now to fix the textures.
RE: Migration from ArchWiki
by James Potts on Sunday February 10th 2019, 20:46
Thank you for this, but can you please make a new comment (NOT a reply to any other comment....please use the "post new comment" button at the very top of the comments section) and/or submit a test result explaining exactly what you did so that others can replicate it (and I can put the info into tweaks)? Not that DX11 is needed for DDO yet (maybe in Win11 and/or with a wayland-only desktop, but the former hasn't yet been hinted at afaik and the latter is still a long way off). If you know where to download the DirectX installer you used, that'll help too.

In-game store
by Charles Hawkins on Wednesday November 1st 2017, 19:12
Yet again, I haven't played for a couple of months and the game wouldn't start so I followed your advice and copied the Turbine directory to a fresh wine prefix and it works fine again. Thanks!

I noticed that the in-game store is supposed to be working again for Windows 7 & above which is one of the reasons I wanted to try playing again. However, it doesn't seem to work for me using Wine's Windows 7 mode. I suppose it's like the previous problem they had with it not working in XP. Is this something we just have to live with? It's pretty much been a show stopper for me since I don't have a Windows computer. Does it work for anyone else?
RE: In-game store
by James Potts on Wednesday November 1st 2017, 20:15
I don't know about getting the in-game store working (make sure you're in Win7 mode and have 32-bit gnutls installed), but you should be able to tell DDO to open the store in an external browser as a workaround (try searching settings for "store"). It's not ideal, but that's the "bone" SSG tossed to their die-hard WinXP users.

RE: In-game store
by Charles Hawkins on Thursday November 2nd 2017, 11:15
Thanks. I am running Win7 mode and have 32-bit gnutls but the in-game store still didn't work so I changed the WebstoreExternalWindow to "True". Alas, it still doesn't work for me; all I get is a blank window. When I close that window and return to the game, the graphics are messed up (same size as before but stretched like trying to fit 1280 into 1680) and sometimes it no longer recognizes mouse clicks or key presses (I have to kill dndclient.exe to exit). I can run "wine iexplore" (in the right directory) and get a browser, but apparently DDO is trying to load something else.
RE: In-game store
by Charles Hawkins on Thursday November 2nd 2017, 17:57
I upgraded wine and set the "legacy client" option. Not sure which fixed it, but the external store is working now. Thanks!
ATI error
by Charles Hawkins on Thursday July 6th 2017, 14:37
Something has happened on my computer that uses the open source ATI driver. I'm able to run other games but with DDO (and LOTRO), I get "Game Error [129]", "Hardware texture compression support was not detected. This video card feature is required to run the game." I'm pretty sure it used to work. I haven't been able to play for a while (2-3 months) so I'm not sure when it stopped working. Suggestions?
RE: ATI error
by James Potts on Thursday July 6th 2017, 14:55
The only thing I can think of that could cause this is S3TC texture compression, tho I don't recall whether DDO/LotRO use it. Unfortunately, because of potential patent issues, support for this is not included by default in any open source driver, tho if your card has hardware support for it it's usually passed through. The easiest way to check/fix this is to install libtxc_dxtn for your distribution. Let me know if that works, because if it does it may not be too late to poke SSG about changing texture formats, at least for DDO.

RE: ATI error
by James Potts on Thursday July 6th 2017, 15:19
Actually, that may not be correct....but check anyway. If installing libtxc_dxtn (usually via s2tc) doesn't work, I'll start poking around myself a bit better.

RE: ATI error
by Charles Hawkins on Thursday July 6th 2017, 15:40
Thanks for the reply. libtxc_dxtn didn't seem to change anything. My laptop running Intel HD Graphics still runs DDO just fine, so I assumed the problem was with ATI. However, the working/Intel laptop is running Arch which already had libtxc_dxtn (64 and 32 bit) installed, whereas the non-working one is running Void which doesn't seem to have a 32 bit version of it, so that might be my problem.
RE: ATI error
by James Potts on Thursday July 6th 2017, 15:55
Yep, you need 32-bit drivers and libraries for wine. After looking at the homepage for Void, it looks like your best bet for getting this done right will be the xbps, at least for now - just make sure you build 32-bit versions of all the relevant libraries, including gnutls (which only LotRO needs atm, tho DDO will be needing it again soon, most likely). Remember: DDO and LotRO are still 32-bit programs, and that's unlikely to change anytime soon.

RE: ATI error
by James Potts on Thursday July 6th 2017, 15:59
bah, I'd better clarify - Void apparently has an AUR-like system in place for source packages - I guess it's built into the xbps. You'll probably have to build missing 32-bit libraries using that. Teach me to reply about a distro I'm unfamiliar with without researching it properly, eh? :)

RE: ATI error
by Charles Hawkins on Thursday July 6th 2017, 16:03
Ok, thanks. Void has 32-bit versions of most of the libraries, just not this one. I'll try to figure out how to do it.
RE: ATI error
by James Potts on Thursday July 6th 2017, 16:06
Gah, actually scratch that - if I'm reading the docs right, you need to enable the nonfree, multilib, and multilib-nonfree repositories (you probably only have nonfree and multilib enabled multilib-nonfree is a separate repository). That should get you access to the correct libraries. If it doesn't, you'll have to build them.

RE: ATI error
by Charles Hawkins on Friday July 7th 2017, 10:50
My bad, Void does have 32 bit version of libtxc_dxtn and both DDO and LOTRO work after I installed it. Thanks very much! Muchas gracias! Asante sana!
Minor Pylotro problem
by Charles Hawkins on Tuesday June 7th 2016, 5:58
I don't see anywhere to leave comments on the pylotro page so I'll ask here. I apologize if this is inappropriate.

I have a minor annoyance which may be related to my windows manager (pekwm). The "Launch Game - Wine output" window pops up with the "Always on top" flag set and is thus on top of the game. I have to manually change it every time. I can research it myself but thought someone more knowledgeable about Python might be able to tell me exactly what to look for.
RE: Minor Pylotro problem
by James Potts on Tuesday June 7th 2016, 7:31
I don't think this is in PyLotRO itself, but rather either in your shortcut's settings or in your WM's settings for the shortcut or for python itself somewhere. I haven't played for a while, but this didn't used to happen on KDE, Gnome, XFCE, MATE, or Cinnamon.

You might try asking about it on the mailing list or forums for pekwm. :)


by Charles Hawkins on Wednesday April 6th 2016, 4:13
IMO, DDO should no longer be rated platinum since this is a major game feature that is not working.
by James Potts on Wednesday April 6th 2016, 12:40
Unfortunately, I cannot directly change the rating. You can, however, submit a new test result (assuming you don't use PoL) with a lower rating, if you like. This, given the recent "gold" ratings, may be enough to reduce the rating to Gold instead of Platinum.

RE: DDO Store not working
by Charles Hawkins on Friday April 8th 2016, 19:24
Their response to the problem was to change the Minimum Requirements to no longer include Windows XP. I think it is a safe assumption that they have no immediate plans to fix it. It will be up to the Wine folks to do that.

To submit a test result I would want to reinstall from scratch and I'm not in a position to do that (limited bandwidth Internet). Hopefully this thread will serve as a warning that the DDO Store no longer works under Wine but the game is still playable otherwise. One would need access to an Windows Vista or above computer to spend Turbine Points. Without that, the game is very limited.
RE: DDO Store not working
by Charles Hawkins on Tuesday June 7th 2016, 5:45
At last, DDO Update 31 fixed this problem. Store is very slow, but I think that may be true on all platforms. Everything appears to be working fine again.
RE: DDO Store not working
by James Potts on Tuesday June 7th 2016, 7:32
Yes, the new store is slow. I hate that they chose to outsource it to the company they did.

Good to hear it's working again now, tho. :)

Store problems
by Charles Hawkins on Sunday February 28th 2016, 5:24
When I try to go into the Store, DDO crashes. I get a:] Check failed: old_info. : Success

This was on wine 1.9.2. I tried upgrading to 1.9.4 and it does the same thing.

Any suggestions?
RE: Store problems
by James Potts on Monday February 29th 2016, 0:37
This looks like it might be a gnutls error of some sort. I'd recommend posting it in the DDO technical support forums, since it may not be something that can be fixed from our end. This has happened before, and is why the SSL connection code for PyLotRO is so convoluted.

RE: Store problems
by Charles Hawkins on Monday February 29th 2016, 23:36
Thanks! I should have searched there first. There's already a thread about it. Apparently even some Windows users are having the problem.
RE: Store problems
by Charles Hawkins on Wednesday April 6th 2016, 4:11
Last response from Turbine was "We have been looking into these reports, and are working on a solution" on 2016-03-10. So far it appears their "solution" has been to remove Windows XP (in which this error also occurs) from being a supported platform. With the serious problems they've had with the new data center move, I suspect fixing this is pretty low on their priority list.

Bummer, I really picked the wrong time to go VIP with an annual subscription--thousands of TP that I can't spend.
Is Epic Destinies working?
by Charles Hawkins on Wednesday December 23rd 2015, 7:11
First off, the game has worked very well for several months. I have to start it anywhere from 2 to 12 times to get it going, but if it ever gets to loading the splash screens, it works fine. Unfortunately, pylotro doesn't work anymore so I have to let it download the VC runtime every time.

Now, I have a real problem. I finally made it to level 20 and when trying to spend Epic Destiny points, neither the Accept button nor the Cancel button become active. Sometimes, not always, I can allocate the points, but have no way to accept them. I don't have a Windows computer to see how it is supposed to work, but it seems like it should be pretty straight-forward. Anyone else have this problem? Is there a work-around?
RE: Is Epic Destinies working?
by James Potts on Thursday December 24th 2015, 10:53
I haven't played DDO on Linux in a while, but EDs always worked for me. If you're a VIP, just swap which destiny you're looking at and swap back and everything should light up. If you're a Premium player (or a Free player) you need to go talk to The Fatespinner every time you want to change something (talk to her to get the buff needed and you can manipulate your destiny as much as you want provided you don't leave the zone). Again, if after talking to her things don't light up, swap which destiny you're looking at then swap back - this is a bug on Windows, too.

As for PyLotro, have you tried the installing the Windows version in your DDO Prefix? If not, I recommend you do so. It's available from (I'll update the tweaks section above to indicate that better). Newer versions are available from a couple of places, but they're native-only, so I'm reasonably certain that both need to be patched before they'll work with DDO on Linux, at least until Turbine changes datacenters, since the current login server's SSL support is broken in a way that gnutls doesn't like.

Note: If the windows PyLotro doesn't work, the native PyLotro from does (I use it myself, even on windows, to get past an annoying bug in the Turbine Launcher), but you'll probably have to use Python 2.7 to run it, which works around a gnutls misfeature. There's a newer fork of it, but I haven't tried it yet.
RE: Is Epic Destinies working?
by Charles Hawkins on Friday December 25th 2015, 14:48
Thanks! I'm Premium and talking to the Fatespinner worked. Sorry, I assumed it worked like enhancements. So, apparently it isn't a Wine problem, just a mine problem. :D

Native Pylotro stopped working for me some time ago perhaps with a python update but I don't remember. I play in spurts so have no way to tell. I'll give the Windows version a try. I don't like having multiple versions of programs like python unless absolutely essential.
RE: Is Epic Destinies working?
by Charles Hawkins on Friday January 22nd 2016, 11:39
Yes, I tried the Windows version of pylotro but apparently don't have it configured correctly and can't figure out what's wrong. I just get a blank "Output" window when trying to log in. I've left it for several minutes and there's no network or CPU activity.

With the native version, I tried the Settings Wizard which gives the same directory path I have in the Windows version. When I login, it returns "wine cannot find ''".

I would guess that both are actually having the same problem but I'm stumped as to what it could be. Apparently something is missing that pylotro expects to find.
RE: Is Epic Destinies working?
by James Potts on Friday January 22nd 2016, 16:47
First question: Are you installing the windows version of PyLotro *in the same wineprefix* as DDO (i.e. if you installed DDO with WINEPREFIX="~/wineprefix/ddo" did you also install PyLotro with WINEPREFIX="~/wineprefix/ddo"? If not, that's the first step - they need to be in the same wineprefix or DDO won't run right (remember, PyLotro needs to run DDO directly, and the windows version will do so in whatever wineprefix it's currently installed in).

For the native version, there's a setting in there somewhere for wineprefix - set that to the same value you used for WINEPREFIX when installing DDO. The error(s) you're currently getting seem to be related to not having this set correctly.

I hope you can get things working properly. :)

RE: Is Epic Destinies working?
by Charles Hawkins on Thursday February 4th 2016, 3:24
Thanks. Yes to both. I'm quite certain WINEPREFIX is correct and it matches what is in the pylotro setting on both versions.

I leave the client running as long as it is stable since it is such a hassle to start, so haven't had a chance to try again until now.
RE: Is Epic Destinies working?
by James Potts on Thursday February 4th 2016, 10:21
One last question, then: What filesystem is your wineprefix on, and how is that FS mounted? Wine has known problems with fuse-mounted filesystems, and I have personally run into problems with btrfs. I don't know why, but neither League of Legends nor DDO would work properly for me when installed to a btrfs-managed partition (yes, btrfs-managed, meaning that thin-provisioning an ext4 partition within your btrfs pool won't work if you use btrfs).
RE: Is Epic Destinies working?
by Charles Hawkins on Thursday February 4th 2016, 11:40
It's a plain ext4 filesystem--an SSD on a laptop.
RE: Is Epic Destinies working?
by Charles Hawkins on Thursday February 4th 2016, 8:46
I'm pretty sure there's a problem with pylotro. I don't know python, but looking through the code, it is looking for the app name in ~/.LotROLinux/launcher.config with a tagname of GameClient.Filename but there is no such tag. I tried changing to use a tagname of GameClient.WIN32.Filename and that at least tries to run the program.

It also looks for GameClient.Args which I tried changing to GameClient.WIN32.Args but that looks like a string that is expecting some string substitution to be done on it which I don't see any code in pylotro that does such substitution.

It looks like the launcher.config file is downloaded and perhaps its format has changed but pylotro hasn't?

Anyway, as I said, I don't know python so I'm pretty much stumbling in the dark.
RE: Is Epic Destinies working?
by James Potts on Thursday February 4th 2016, 10:27
Thank you for the heads-up on this. Have a look at the "native" pylotro at and see if that fixes your problem. If it does, it seems like I'll need to reinstall pylotro myself before it breaks for me. :)

tbh, I wish I could make a windows build like the one at mcgillsociety myself, but apparently the windows build script is out-of-date and I don't know how to update it.

RE: Is Epic Destinies working?
by Charles Hawkins on Thursday February 4th 2016, 11:43
I will. The commit comment says "Apparently Turbine changed the argument template. This fixes ..." I guess I managed in my stumbling in the dark to actually find something. Thanks, very much!
RE: Is Epic Destinies working?
by Charles Hawkins on Thursday February 4th 2016, 12:13
Yay! Thanks! That worked after I fixed a number of missing parentheses and tab/space errors. Apparently the latest version of python is more picky about such things. Very much a relief. The last time I started DDO, I had to retry 19 times, a new record. This started on the first try.
RE: Is Epic Destinies working?
by James Potts on Thursday February 4th 2016, 14:08
Good. I'm trying to get this working for me...did you use git to download that? If so, could you submit a pull request to the repo (no, it's not mine, but it might be noticed, and I should be able to merge it locally as well)? When submitting the request, mention you're "fixing Python 3.x support" (the errors are 2.x->3.x migration errors). :)

Edit/Repost: I've fixed these errors locally, and the new version still doesn't work for me on Python 3.4, but it does actually run. I'm going to look into the error, but regardless I'm going to push the fixes for Python3 support and probably make a "windows exe" package for it, since it's gonna be needed going forward.

RE: Is Epic Destinies working?
by Charles Hawkins on Thursday February 4th 2016, 22:35
I'm GMT+3 so didn't see your reply until this morning. I didn't use git but can if needed. It looks like you've already taken care of it but let me know if you still want me to work on it.
RE: Is Epic Destinies working?
by James Potts on Friday February 5th 2016, 0:09
Ya, I fixed the problems and made the pull request for them. I have more stuff in the pipe, so keep an eye out here in case you ever need to reinstall or know some linux-using friends that might like DDO (or ddo players that might like linux) :)

Timing out
by Kevin J. White on Thursday August 27th 2015, 15:34
I just recently moved from windows to Linux mint, got DDO on and the splash screens set. However, Im experiencing extremely long load in times, and often time out 4 or 5 times, only successfully getting in out of random. Its making trying to play quite a bother, And fixes for this?
RE: Timing out
by James Potts on Friday November 13th 2015, 10:53
Sorry for the long wait on the reply, but if you use the Turbine launcher, you can set 2 settings: Don't close the launcher, and Preload game logic. Setting those may fix your problem. If not, you probably need to look into vmtouch, which is a program designed to get linux to cache files.
Launcher allows login and server choise; client does not start
by Test on Saturday January 10th 2015, 22:42
Hey guys. I am cloueless as to what might be wrong and I will appreciate any kind of advice.

Up until now I have used Makulu linux wine folder to play DDO on my xubuntu 13.10 and 14.04. Unfortunately after update 24, This no longer works. So i decided to use winehq guide step by step. Everything is fine up until choosing server. Launcher downloaded updated and patched everything, but when it closes and client is supposed to start, it doesnt. no error, it simply doesnt start.

I have used ddr fix, memory size fix, regedit fix. doesnt help.

Some things that might be the reason, but im not able to resolve them:
1. winetricks cant install tahoma package, connection timeout till eternity.
2. I have a 64bit system. But in my repos there are no 32bit nvidia drivers, nor 32bit gnutls or lib32gnutls

RE: Launcher allows login and server choise; client does not start
by James Potts on Sunday January 11th 2015, 12:08
The way you install 32-bit versions of programs has apparently changed with *buntu 14.04. To install 32-bit gnutls, run the following command:

sudo apt-get install gnutls:i386

I don't remember the name of the nvidia driver package, but installing the :i386 version should install that as well.

I hope this helps.

RE: Launcher allows login and server choise; client does not start
by Test on Tuesday January 27th 2015, 4:12
Hi James,

Thank You for your advice, I appreciate it, and sorry for my belated response. I had some setbacks, but can finally test the issue again.

Since there is no 'gnutls' package in ubuntu, I installed 'gnutls-bin:i386'. I had no issue with the installation.

As for the Nvidia driver. I am currently using proprietary driver 'nvidia-331'. I tried installing 32-bit version, but terminal output says it cannot be installed, because that package depends on dkms 32-bit and xorg 32-bit and many other packages, and those packages apparently do not have installable candidate in the repos (I tried installing 32-bit dkms but it failed).

So my final question is, can there something be done with the driver issue, or is it better to give up and dualboot with a 32-bit linux system?
RE: Launcher allows login and server choise; client does not start
by James Potts on Friday January 30th 2015, 8:22
I will say that I've always used 32-bit ubuntu, for a few reasons. That said, there are some minor benefits to 64-bit over 32-bit.

Instead, try creating a new 32-bit (important - export WINEARCH=win32 before running any commands on the new prefix) wineprefix as specified in the "wine users" guide on this page, and running (not necessarily reinstalling, tho doing so won't hurt) ddo from there.

Manually downloading splash screens
by Brian J. Rogers on Friday July 18th 2014, 10:14
I kept getting messages about "Retrieving content list from akamai" or "Downloading EN Splash Screen". I was able to fix this by using a script found at

I looked at the script before running it, and it seems to just using a loop to wget several images from ddo's CDN.

To get the splash screens, in a terminal navigate to the game's raw/$LANG directory. Should be similar to "~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Turbine/Dungeons\ &\ Dragons\ Online/raw/en". Create a directory called logo, and you'll need to download the splash screens. In that directory, download and run this script:

That should get the screens, and the next time I started DDO, I was able to login and play.
RE: Manually downloading splash screens
by Phillip Whelan on Saturday August 2nd 2014, 6:42
This no longer works for me as of the 2nd of August while running with 1.7.23 (with PlayOnLinux). I've tried using a Virtual Desktop and other things but nothing seems to budge.
RE: Manually downloading splash screens
by James Potts on Saturday August 2nd 2014, 12:44
You don't need them, and can bypass this by using PyLotro instead of turbine's launcher. The Windows version, which you can install in the same prefix where you have DDO installed is available at [1], or you can install the linux-native version from [2], but only if your system still has Python 2 available - it doesn't work with Python 3 anymore.

I hope this helps. :)


Intermittent problem entering game
by Charles Hawkins on Wednesday July 16th 2014, 11:39
This problem started about a week ago and seems to be getting worse. After selecting a character and clicking "Enter", I'm often getting an error. In the "Output" window (I think from pylotro), it says:

[39:58:?????? pipe error: 109
(?????? is a number that changes, the others may as well, I don't know.)

The pipe error is sometimes 233. In the terminal window, I get:

err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x1092e9b4 "?" wait timed out in thread 00??, blocked by 1092ea44, retrying (60 sec)

I have to exit and retry, sometimes as many as 5 times before it works.

64-bit Arch, running wine 1.7.21. Any ideas?
RE: Intermittent problem entering game
by James Potts on Friday July 18th 2014, 13:40
What updates hit your system right before/after the problem started (iirc pacman keeps logs of that, have a look). The problem is almost certainly an update that hit your system that's causing DDO to do that, as I'm not having the problem here. It could also be the wine version you're using, but that's unlikely.

RE: Intermittent problem entering game
by Charles Hawkins on Sunday August 10th 2014, 10:26
I had done a system upgrade at the same time I installed the 32-bit gnutls library and several of the 32-bit libraries were updated. Can't say for sure it started then since it is intermittent and the first few times I would have ignored it.

The good news is that I've finally gotten DDO working on my laptop as well which is 32 bit and Intel video using the native pylotro. Nothing else seemed to work(POL, Windows pylotro, manual). But the laptop has the same problem mentioned in the OP. Both computers are running Arch and have the latest updates. I suspect it could be some kind of timing problem due to our slow and flaky internet. A work-around that works *almost* every time is to let it sit on the character selection screen for about a minute before trying to log a character in.
DDO Store not working
by Charles Hawkins on Wednesday June 25th 2014, 0:19
I haven't played DDO for a few months and I'm pretty sure the store used to work, but it doesn't now. This is wine-1.7.20.

Possibly related? Whenever I start DDO, it always downloads and tries to install VC++ 2005 SP1. If I try to install vcrun2005sp1 through winetricks, it says vcrun2005 is already installed. On our slow internet, this is very annoying.

Once I get in the game, everything but the store works fine and performance is very good.
RE: DDO Store not working
by James Potts on Friday July 4th 2014, 12:47
I'm not sure why the store isn't working for you, it does for me, tho I haven't tried it on 1.7.20 yet (I use 1.7.15 through PlayOnLinux). If you could confirm whether it works for you in 1.7.15 and/or 1.7.21 that would be great. If it does work for you in 1.7.15 and hasn't been fixed in 1.7.21, a regression test would be nice to have.

What I CAN tell you is that the launcher downloading vcrun2005sp1 (or trying to) every launch is normal (or at least happens to me too). To get around this, download and install PyLotro for Windows from and install it into your wineprefix. Start it up, go to "tools->switch game" and choose DDO, then go to "tools->patch" to patch your game. After that just select your server from the list and log in like you would with the official launcher, and use PyLotro to run DDO instead of the normal launcher (only use the normal launcher if you want to update your splash screens - I do this every once in a while)

I hope this helps.


P.S. there is a newer version of PyLotro at which works and has the feature of being able to go back to the login screen if you want instead of just exiting completely, but it's currently native-only with no windows build available, which makes setup more involved.
RE: DDO Store not working
by Charles Hawkins on Sunday July 6th 2014, 7:49
Thanks, James! I couldn't get the new pylotro to work, but the old one did fix the vcrun reload problem. It now takes only 4 minutes to get in the game instead of 9. :D

I've also upgraded to wine 1.7.21 but Store still doesn't work. I get an all white frame titled "DDO STORE" with "Error: An Unexpected Error Occurred". I'm hesitant to downgrade wine as that has caused me problems in the past with other programs and I don't have enough disk space to sandbox it.

If it isn't that, I only have 1 totally wild guess that perhaps I don't have all the 32-bit libraries installed that are needed but don't know how to tell which ones. I'm running Arch which requires them to be installed manually.
RE: DDO Store not working
by James Potts on Sunday July 6th 2014, 8:23
Ahh, 64-bit you have 32-bit gnutls installed? If not, try installing it and see if that fixes your problem.

RE: DDO Store not working
by Charles Hawkins on Sunday July 6th 2014, 15:54
Ta-Da! That fixed it. Thanks so much!
RE: DDO Store not working
by James Potts on Sunday July 6th 2014, 16:38
NP, Enjoy the sales :)

DDO No Longer Boots
by Brian Stewart on Friday June 6th 2014, 20:13
I've never had this problem before. Granted, it's been a while since I've played.

After I enter my password and click the 'login' button, it hangs at "checking account details".

I'm not opposed to reinstalling it, but there are so many hoops to jump through, I'm hoping someone else has run into this and knows how to fix it.

I'm running Kubuntu 14.04 using the wine version 1.6.2
I have an nvidia gforce gtx 260m

If there is anything else anyone needs to know, please let me know.
RE: DDO No Longer Boots
by James Potts on Monday June 9th 2014, 11:23
2 things here: First, I always use the very latest wine (1.7.x), tho 1.6.2 should work if you don't feel like setting up the wine PPA.

Second, I've never had much success with Turbine's launcher. For that reason, I recommend you install and use PyLotro to patch and launch DDO. PyLotro for Windows is easier to install and still works with DDO, but is difficult to find because it no longer works for Lotro. Newer versions of PyLotro don't have a windows installable version, but are readily available - just google PyLotro and you'll find it quickly enough. Note: There is a PPA for PyLotro, but it's out-of-date, so if you go with native PyLotro you're best off installing it manually.

If all else fails, you can reinstall DDO, but you WILL need to run the installer in virtualbox now - it uses Netsession instead of Pando now, and last I knew nobody had been able to get Netsession to work on linux.

RE: DDO No Longer Boots
by Brian Stewart on Monday June 9th 2014, 17:25
I'm using PyLotro.

I'll try updating to the latest wine.

If nothing happens, I'll probably try reinstalling.
DDO hangs at "Getting in line to connect"
by Eric Hawk on Friday May 16th 2014, 18:37

I have troubleshot a bunch of stuff in getting WINE to work with Dungeons and Dragons Online LOL...but now get to the point where it hangs at "Getting in line to connect"

An error to the effect of getting a "number" isn't working and that protocol "" is not recognized.
RE: DDO hangs at
by James Potts on Monday June 9th 2014, 11:41
First, sorry for taking so long to get back on this, I'm currently very limited in what internet access I have.

Now, I've never seen or heard of this error you're getting, so I would try starting over with a clean wineprefix, installing d3dx9, corefonts, tahoma, vcrun2005, vcrun2008, and vcrun2010, and then copying a known-working installation of DDO from a windows machine. Failing that, try to find a full installer somewhere to install it with - I know that'll be difficult, but last I checked the current downloader (using Akamai Netsession) doesn't work on wine.

I hope this helps.

Trouble with Lubuntu, DDO and wine on Acer travelmate 2410
by Sami Kyllönen on Tuesday April 15th 2014, 1:44
I have lubuntu 13.10, wine that has been updated from 1.4 through 1.6 to 1.7.16 and the new DDO installer that uses Akamai.
The machine in Acer travelmate 2410, with directX 9 capable integrated Intel 128M graphics card.

I had to run TurbineInvoker several times to get all the needed data files. It also seems that the game has stored lots of DirectX dll:s inside the game folder.

After I give my login infrmation and choose the server, I get game error 128, Fatal error with DirectX.

I do have direct rendering on.

I don't have access to my old XP installation, as I wiped the whole hard disk in installing the lubuntu.
RE: Trouble with Lubuntu, DDO and wine on Acer travelmate 2410
by James Potts on Tuesday April 15th 2014, 8:36
This seems to me to be a hardware issue. I'm guessing you always played in Standard Resolution on WinXP? The default now may be to use High Resolution, which may not work with your video card. 2 things to try here:

First, tell the launcher NOT to use high resolution game data. To do this, click on the little arrow pointing down at the top of the launcher and click on Options, then uncheck that box (if it's already unchecked, go to the next step).

Second, the game may be trying to default to DX10/11 - neither of those work on Wine atm, and your card isn't supported anyway, so lets fix that too: While on the options page, click to the right of where it says "General". This will bring up the "Recovery" tab. Click on the only checkbox there, then click OK. Now see if the client starts. :)

I hope this helps. :)

RE: Trouble with Lubuntu, DDO and wine on Acer travelmate 2410
by Sami Kyllönen on Tuesday April 15th 2014, 10:05
On the second try I got the graphics to reset.
This was hard because the ticks in the boxes do not show.
I lowered the screen resolution to 800x640 in order to try to get the ticks to show, but no luck.

For some reason the installer wants me to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86).
I got the impression that I have standard resolution install.
The error is still same, but output is bit different.

Here is the console output:
wine TurbineLauncher.exe
fixme:heap:HeapSetInformation (nil) 1 (nil) 0
fixme:system:SetProcessDPIAware stub!
fixme:toolhelp:CreateToolhelp32Snapshot Unimplemented: heap list snapshot
fixme:toolhelp:Heap32ListFirst : stub
fixme:win:FlashWindowEx 0x32f044
fixme:winhttp:WinHttpDetectAutoProxyConfigUrl discovery via DHCP not supported
fixme:ole:RemUnknown_QueryInterface No interface for iid {00000019-0000-0000-c000-000000000046}
fixme:imm:ImmReleaseContext (0x2003c, 0x10cf6870): stub
fixme:win:FlashWindowEx 0x32cdb4
fixme:win:FlashWindowEx 0x32d164
fixme:win:FlashWindowEx 0x329e14
fixme:win:FlashWindowEx 0x3276d4
fixme:ntdll:NtQueryInformationToken QueryInformationToken( ..., TokenElevation, ...) semi-stub
fixme:ntdll:NtQueryInformationToken QueryInformationToken( ..., TokenElevation, ...) semi-stub

(process:6386): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed
fixme:toolhelp:CreateToolhelp32Snapshot Unimplemented: heap list snapshot
fixme:toolhelp:Heap32ListFirst : stub
fixme:win:FlashWindowEx 0x32d164
fixme:win:FlashWindowEx 0x32c744
fixme:win:FlashWindowEx 0x32a104
sami@sami-TravelMate-2410:~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/DDO/Dungeons & Dragons Online$ fixme:toolhelp:CreateToolhelp32Snapshot Unimplemented: heap list snapshot
fixme:toolhelp:Heap32ListFirst : stub
fixme:d3d:check_fbo_compat Format WINED3DFMT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM with rendertarget flag is not supported as FBO color attachment, and no fallback specified.
fixme:d3d:check_fbo_compat Format WINED3DFMT_B8G8R8X8_UNORM with rendertarget flag is not supported as FBO color attachment, and no fallback specified.
fixme:win:EnumDisplayDevicesW ((null),0,0x33f6b8,0x00000000), stub!
fixme:d3d:wined3d_check_device_format_conversion wined3d 0x13ef10, adapter_idx 0, device_type WINED3D_DEVICE_TYPE_HAL, src_format WINED3DFMT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM, dst_format WINED3DFMT_B8G8R8X8_UNORM stub!
fixme:d3d:wined3d_check_device_format_conversion wined3d 0x13ef10, adapter_idx 0, device_type WINED3D_DEVICE_TYPE_HAL, src_format WINED3DFMT_B8G8R8X8_UNORM, dst_format WINED3DFMT_B8G8R8X8_UNORM stub!
RE: Trouble with Lubuntu, DDO and wine on Acer travelmate 2410
by James Potts on Tuesday April 15th 2014, 22:12
Gah, I thought I'd replied to this earlier, but I guess not. The fact that it wants to install vcrun2005sp1 is normal - ignore it because the launcher will insist that you need to install it even if you already did (one reason to try PyLotro later - but PyLotro isn't gonna fix the problem you're having atm).

Now...on to the real problem. The common factor in your errors is the FBO error, which indicates that FBO is causing you problems. Lets see if that can be fixed....First lets install a few things with winetricks and set your Video Memory Size correctly - From a terminal, with WINEPREFIX set correctly (export WINEPREFIX=/wherever/you/set/it/when/you/installed/ddo), run the following commands:

$ winetricks vcrun{2005,2008,2010} corefonts tahoma d3dx9
$ winetricks videomemorysize=128

Leave the terminal open at this point until you're done here (unless you want to set up WINEPREFIX again :) ). The first command installs a few things that you may or may not have already installed, and may fix the bug for you. The second sets VideoMemorySize correctly for your computer, which may also either fix the bug or prevent other problems down the road. BTW, If you have your Shared Memory Size for your video set to less than this in your bios, change the numbers to match (preferably increase the one in the bios, and bear in mind that 64M is the absolute minimum you need it to be). Once this is done, you can try running ddo again and see if it works. If it doesn't, there's one other thing we can try - telling wine to use something other than fbo for offscreen rendering. Here's how - from the same terminal you were using a moment ago, run the following command:

$ wine regedit

This will bring up Regedit. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Wine/Direct3D. In that key, add a new string value called "OffscreenRenderingMode" and set it to "pbuffer". Now exit regedit (but leave the terminal open) and run DDO. If that doesn't work, run regedit again and change OffscreenRenderingMode to "backbuffer" instead, then run DDO again. If backbuffer works, you should technically be able to log in but you'll probably have very bad performance. Ideally you want pbuffer or fbo working (preferably pbuffer for ddo, apparently).

If neither of the above fixes work (or if the ORM=backbuffer is the only way to get it working and causes the framerate to be crap), it probably has to do with your video chipset, in which case there's not much more I can do except recommend getting a laptop (or desktop) with nVidia graphics on it, and hope you have better luck with linux in the future.

RE: Trouble with Lubuntu, DDO and wine on Acer travelmate 2410
by Sami Kyllönen on Wednesday April 16th 2014, 3:12
I am starting to think there is something wrong with my install and I should re-install both linux and wine.
I wrote:
sami@sami-TravelMate-2410:~$ export WINEPREFIX=~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/DDO/Dungeons\ \&\ Dragons\ Online/
and in that folder:
sami@sami-TravelMate-2410:~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/DDO/Dungeons & Dragons Online$ winetricks vcrun{2005,2008,2010} corefonts tahoma d3dx9
vcrun 2008 used builtin native overrides, an tahoma fonts were installed, everything else I had already

Then I tried to set the video memory size, and failed:
sami@sami-TravelMate-2410:~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/DDO/Dungeons & Dragons Online$ winetricks videomemorysize=128
Unknown arg videomemorysize=128
It fails also if I write videomemorysize = 128
Anyway I set videomemorysize to 128 through regedit.

I found Drect3D from registery, and tried both string values with no luck.

If I were to get new XP install and run the game there, and to keep that partition, do You believe there would be any chance run it from linux partition using wine, or would another linux distribution make any difference?
RE: Trouble with Lubuntu, DDO and wine on Acer travelmate 2410
by James Potts on Friday April 18th 2014, 8:26
Not sure what's going on here then....It may be quite simply that your borderline video chipset, while good enough on WinXP just isn't good enough to run DDO on Linux. It may also be an issue with the drivers. Maybe Lubuntu 13.10 or 14.04 will work better, but I'm not sure. I did, however, have a problem on 14.04 with the open-source nVidia driver.


P.S. If you read my last post here, ignore it...It would only have been relevant if you had an actual nVidia card in your system.
Slow Character movement
by No Name on Wednesday January 22nd 2014, 15:10
OS: Ubuntu 13.10 x64
Wine: 1.7.10
CPU: 2x Xeon 5150
GPU: Nvidia 560 GTX Ti
Memory: 12GB

Version: DDO Standard Resolution

Tried from just vc runtimes installed to the full blown guide on winehq.

Also tried graphics settings from very low to very high. Result always the same.

Tried it on Lubuntu and Ubuntu 13.10s.

Ok I get the game loaded and installed. I login with pyLotro. Everything is great. I log my Character in. When I get the play screen I move forward and backwards very very slow. But I can turn at normal speed. When some one passes me they are going full speed.

Weirdest thing ever. So what am I doing wrong?
RE: Slow Character movement
by James Potts on Saturday January 25th 2014, 15:00
Looks to me like your default movement mode is "walk" mode for some reason. Might wanna check your settings (or reset them to defaults).

RE: Slow Character movement
by No Name on Saturday January 25th 2014, 19:06
I just figured it out about an hour ago. Seems during an update they changed the level of my armor I was wearing. So I was now 1 level under what needed to equip it. So everything was full speed but when I went forward or backwards it was in slow motion even when set to run.

When I noticed it, When I removed it I could immediately go full speed. Was weird, but had nothing to do with Wine. Maybe if this happens to someone else they can find this post and have something to check for in game.

I can now put it on the highest settings and run full speed. I removed all natives I had. I copied this install from Network installed copy.

So wine can successfully run it with no winetricks vcrun2005, no dll overides with PyLotro for Ubuntu-precise build. 1 thing I do though from just running it straight out is add it to WineCfg and set to run in a desktop with this resolution and leave the game full screen. Instead of setting it to window at this resolution. But I do this with all the games I play.
RE: Slow Character movement
by James Potts on Saturday January 25th 2014, 19:12
"Burden of Guilt" eh? I guess it's been awhile since you'd played...The ML update was a long time ago, then a few updates later they introduced the burden because people had figured out ways to equip items waaaaay to high for them (think epic-level items on level-1 TRs).

Have fun :)

RE: Slow Character movement
by No Name on Wednesday January 29th 2014, 10:56
I had on an armor that was lv10 now. But I am sure it was lv9 before. I am lv9 :)
RE: Slow Character movement
by psihnofrost on Saturday June 14th 2014, 4:07
you are rights, helped me