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NameHearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
VersionOpen Beta
License Free to use
Votes Marked as obsolete
Wine Version1.7.13
Free Download Hearthstone Download
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The Open Beta for Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft has opened on 2014/01/21 in NA.  On 2014/01/22 its opened for Australia and NZ.  So presumably, its now available world wide.

Old test results
The test results for this version are very old, and as such they may not represent the current state of Wine. Please consider submitting a new test report.
Selected Test Results (selected in 'Test Results' table below)

What works
The game is fully playable without any kind of glitch/crash.

What does not

Out of box, the launcher will crash after few second. If the game is already downloaded, it is possible to click on play before the crash and launch the game.

But the best option is to follow instructions bellow.

What was not tested
I tested about 40 games and no problem detected. I tested also arena mode.

Additional Comments

Test Results
DistributionTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?RatingSubmitter
CurrentDebian GNU/Linux 8.x "Jessie" x86_64Mar 05 20141.7.13 Yes Yes Gold an anonymous user 
ShowLinux Mint 16 "Petra" x86_64Feb 14 20141.7.12 Yes Yes Gold Benjamin Taillon 
ShowUbuntu 13.10 "Saucy" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Jan 24 20141.7.11 No, but has workaround Yes Gold Michael Speth 
ShowUbuntu 14.04 "Trusty" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Aug 04 20141.6.2 Yes Yes Gold Richard 
ShowFedora 20 x86_64Feb 01 20141.7.8 Yes Yes Gold an anonymous user 

Known bugs
Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected

Installation Guide


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft uses the new app for downloading and launching Blizzard's games.  The app doesn't work without some dll and winetricks tweaks.  This guide helps you install Hearthstone through wine.


  • Add dbghelp lib as override
  • Add msvcp100 as override
  • Install wininet through wine tricks

Detailed Instructions

The following are detailed instructions for each installation task


  1. Run winecfg
  2. In the libraries tab, type dbghelp into the New override for library box.
  3. Click Add, then Yes when it asks.
  4. Click on dbghelp in the Existing_overrides list.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Set to Disabled.
  7. Click Ok. Then Ok.


  1. Run winecfg
  2. In the libraries tab, type msvcp100 into the New override for library box.
  3. Click Add, then Yes when it asks.
  4. Click on msvcp100 in the Existing_overrides list.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Set to native,embedded.
  7. Click Ok. Then Ok.


The instructions in this section assume you have winetricks already installed.

  1. sh winetricks wininet


Installing through Play On Linux

This guide details how to install the app through Play On Linux (version 4.2.2).

  1. Select Tools –› Manage Wine Versions
  2. Select 1.7.11 and use the > button
    1. Wait for wine 1.7.11 to install
  3. Create a new prefix
    1. Select configure –› new
    2. Click next
    3. Select 64-bit windows installation and click next
    4. Select 1.7.11 wine version and click next
    5. Enter battlenet for the name of the prefix
    6. Click next
    7. Wait for the virtual prefix to be created
  4. In the general tab, make sure wine 1.7.11 is set in the Wine Version pulldown
    1. If its not, then select 1.7.11
  5. Configure wine for
    1. Click on the Wine tab
    2. Click on Configure Wine Button
    3. Follow wine instructions in the general installation guide to add library overrides
  6. Run the installation file
    1. Click on the Miscellaneous tab
    2. Click on the Run a .exe file in this virtual drive
    3. Select the installer and click open
    4. Wait for installation to complete
  7. Create a shortcut
    1. Click on battlenet prefix
    2. Click on the General tab
    3. Click Make a new shortcut from this virtual drive button
    4. Select Hearthstone Beta Launcher
  8. Close Configuration Window
  9. Double click on the Hearthstone Beta Launcher
The game should start at this point.


The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. WineHQ is not responsible for what they say.

Black Screen on all blizzard games
by Ata Ali Kılıçlı on Sunday November 16th 2014, 7:31
I get a black screen whenever I try to launch any blizzard game. All library overrides are done according to tutorial here. Battle net connectivity seem OK. Here is the output of the wine call :

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Failed to initialize player
by Kilian on Monday February 17th 2014, 15:19
Installation worked, but when I click play I get this:

"GL: failed to choose pixel format for dc 18003d
GLContext warn: failed to setup offscreen pixel format: Success.

GLContext: failed to create offsceen context: Success.

Failed to initialize Direct3D 9.
Make sure you have DirectX 9.0c installed, have drivers for your
graphics card and have not disabled 3D acceleration
in display settings.
InitializeEngineGraphics failed"

Im on Ubuntu 12.04 and wine 1.7.12 and dbghelp(disabled) and msvcp100(native, builtin) are set as overrides.
anybody know how to get a fix?

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Problem loading content
by Vlad Firoiu on Sunday February 9th 2014, 16:14
In the window I get:

"Whoops! We're having problems loading some content..."
More help: BLZBNTBNA000003E8

This happens for every game listed on the left (WoW, SC2, Diablo 3, and Hearthstone).

I have followed the installation guide, and tried running Agent.exe --nohttpauth prior to, with no effect.

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Could not log in to the service
by Vlad Firoiu on Sunday February 9th 2014, 15:48
I've followed the guide (disabling dbghelp, msvcp100 was already native, builtin (no embedded), winetricks wininet). Running the Hearthstone setup works fine, until I have to login to At that point, I enter my email and password, and get an error message:

Could not log in to the service.
More help: BLZNTBGSB0000020

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Fix! [February 9th]
by Boushiya on Sunday February 9th 2014, 7:30
Managed to get past the Battle.Net update stage and successfully installed Battle.Net & Hearthstone!

Following the installation instructions on the WineHQ page, using a 64Bit system and Wine setup..

I had to install the 32Bit version of libldap (lib32-libldap) for my system.

If this doesn't solve the problem, you should go into the Configure > battlenet > Miscellaneous tab, press the "Open a shell" button, and cd into drive_c/users/Public/Application Data/Battle.Net/agent/ and run one of the Agent.exe files using "wine Agent.exe --nohttpauth" and see what error it gives you to help solve your problem. Mine gave me the libldap 32bit error.

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So close!
by Jackie on Friday February 7th 2014, 13:12
I feel like I'm so close to getting this game to work. The only problem is that when I run it from PlayOnLinux, the launcher opens up, checks for updates, then crashes with a Blizzard error report. If anyone knows what I need to do, please let me know!

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Installed, launches but get Error
by Fernand on Thursday February 6th 2014, 21:47
I'm so close!! Trying get Hearthstone installed on Ubuntu 13.10. Seems to have installed correctly. "Checking for updates" runs fine and moves on, launcher appears. Here I can launch WoW fine (don't have D3 or SC installed), and Hearthstone launches. However I get a screen that says "Closed. Failed to load asset PlayError32" Any suggestions? I'm a pretty new Ubuntu user, eagerly shunning my Windows life for bigger and better things!!

Have edited libraries, and currently have:
*wininet (native, builtin)
dgbhelp (disabled)
mscvp100 (native, builtin)

(Not sure if this is needed, but it may help)
Asus G75VW
8GB ram
nVidia 660m

Ubuntu 13.10 (updated, as far as I know)
Wine 1.7.11 (again, updated to best of my knowledge)

If I missed anything, please let me know.

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by prosid on Sunday February 2nd 2014, 6:27
The game works fine for me with tips of the Installation Guide
excepted that I've to launch agent.exe before the hearthstone launcher. If i don't do this the launcher blocks on checking update and says that it gets an error the game doesn't work

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by maciusz on Sunday January 26th 2014, 14:54
Everytime the game init's, while checking if i need an update i assume; i get a popup from the app prompting me to log in as an administrator and try again.



I have the installation located on an ntfs partition which im mounting with fmask=002,dmask=002,gid=10 , 10 being wheel and the file/dir permissions being 755 as stated, my user having the same priv as root for this case: being in the wheel group. Could i be confusing wine since the ownership is set the root? (does wine even check for such, haven't experienced a problem before)

the prefix i'm using contains the following from winetricks:

All the liboverides mentioned in the instructions have been applied.

My attempt has been with Agent running separately appending the --nohttpauth parameter

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  • RE: by maciusz on Monday January 27th 2014, 13:29
cannot run game
by pedro on Sunday January 26th 2014, 13:52
I followed the steps detailed in the instructions. The app runs and installs hearthstone, but when I run the game it looks like a new window opens, but it is empty. I can't alt+tab out of the window, but it seems like a couple of error messages pop up, but I can't read them. Am I missing something? Has anybody had the same issues?

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Can not install
by Brendan on Saturday January 25th 2014, 16:04
I started fresh, removed .wine to start from scratch. I can not get the game to install.

I did steps:

1) winetricks wininet
2) set dbghelp to disabled
3) set msvcp100 to (native, builtin)
4) ran wine Hearthstone-Beta-Setup-enUS.exe

I never gets past "Checking for updates..." and after 5 minutes or so eventually gives a failure message.

Can anyone else get to install, what am I missing?

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Unable to get it to install
by Willow Plays WoW on Friday January 24th 2014, 19:31
Running Fedora 3.5.3-1.fc17.i686
Wine build wine-1.5.11

First time: I had WoW running when I clicked on the setup file. Machine slowly ground to halt; top showed agent.exe taking up 20%+ of the cpu, WoW changing from 20-50%, firefox taking up to 114%. Killing all my firefox windows didn't remove the firefox program, had to kill it directly from top. WoW eventually disconnected me. Finally killed Agent.exe from top, only to find some vast quantity of Agent.exe processes all taking about 5%. Kill kill kill kill...

Second time: setup ran seemingly well, downloaded the program, asked to install. I changed the install directory and pressed start, and immediately got this error:

The program has encountered a serious problem and needs to close. Details includes a large register dump. First line reads: Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000009 in 32-bit code (0x7e861542).


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Cards, heros, etc are all black
by dolphinling on Wednesday January 22nd 2014, 23:40
Anywhere there should be artwork for a card, a hero, a minion, or a few other random things, instead I see just black. Luckily the card's cost, attack, defense, and text are all visible, so the game is still playable, but it's rather jarring to look at. Is anyone else having this problem?

GPU: Intel HD 4000
Mesa: git (as of a few days ago)
Kernel: 3.12.*
Wine: 1.7.10, patched with the patch from comment 0 of and a few other non-graphics-related patches

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