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Version: Current
License: Retail
Votes: 34
Latest Rating: Gold
Latest Wine Version Tested: 4.10-staging

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The test results you have selected are very old and may not represent the current state of Wine.
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What works

Tested 32 bit client in a clean 32 bit prefix using WINE 4.4 staging.  Everything appears to work.

What does not

Inventory icon loading lag/delay when in tile sets of great complexity and/or size.


Stick to using the town in ACT II.  Items during rifts/greater rifts/adventure mode may take a few moments to show up so back track as necessary.

What was not tested

64 bit prefix was not used for this test (I will submit a separate dedicated test data set for this in a clean 64 bit prefix).

Hardware tested


  • GPU: Nvidia
  • Driver: proprietary

Additional Comments

Would be a platinum rating if not for the item icon lag or delay.

Intel i-7-3770K 3.5GHZ

Geforce GTX 970 (proprietary driver version 410.93)


Although not officially supported by AppDB, DXVK dll overrides appear to still (as of version 1.01) resolve the item delay problems.

selected in Test Results table below
Operating systemTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?Used
ShowDebian GNU/Linux 9.x "Stretch" x86_64Jun 16 20194.10-stagingYes Yes YesGoldAcridwax 
ShowDebian GNU/Linux 9.x "Stretch" x86_64May 03 20194.7-stagingYes Yes YesGoldAcridwax 
ShowDebian GNU/Linux 9.x "Stretch" x86_64Apr 20 20194.6-stagingYes Yes YesGoldAcridwax 
ShowDebian 9 (Stretch)Mar 22 20194.4-stagingYes Yes NoGarbageAcridwax 
CurrentDebian 9 (Stretch)Mar 22 20194.4-stagingYes Yes YesGoldAcridwax 

Known Bugs

Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected
11674 Dual-core unsupported in WoW and SC2 STAGED View
29168 Multiple games and applications need realtime updates to KSYSTEM_TIME members in KUSER_SHARED_DATA (Star Wars: The Old Republic game client, Blizzard games, GO 1.4+ runtime) STAGED View
30967 Diablo III: Resolution problems without virtual desktop UNCONFIRMED View
30993 diablo 3 d3d device error UNCONFIRMED View
31072 Diablo III: Sound is very quiet UNCONFIRMED View
31262 Diablo III in game mouse cursor Out of sync, hangs in place. UNCONFIRMED View
31839 Mouse jumps to the upper left corner of the screen UNCONFIRMED View
32083 Diablo III: Missing logo on startup NEW View
32084 Diablo III: Crash on changing from fullscreen mode to window mode UNCONFIRMED View
32179 Diablo III: changing keyboard layout to nonlatin makes all letters to be questionmarks UNCONFIRMED View
33111 Graphical Artifacts in Diablo 3 on AMD Graphics RESOLVED NOTOURBUG View
35990 keyboard becomes unresponsive in blizzard games UNCONFIRMED View
42191 Multiple games require d3d11 deferred contexts (Diablo 3, Dark Souls 3, The Evil Within, Elex, Alien: Isolation) STAGED View
45443 Diablo 3: Starting the game causes a black screen softlock on the X-environment UNCONFIRMED View

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HowTo / Notes

Wine version

Please note that due to bug #45443, Diablo III will work only in Wine Staging. The game will not launch in vanilla Wine (both stable and development releases) until the patch for this bug is integrated.

32- vs 64-bit game client

32-bit game client uses DirectX 9, while 64-bit client uses DirectX 11. For some reason the 64-bit client has abysmal performance (around 1-2 fps).

In order to get around this and have a usable fps, either 1) use the 32-bit client, or 2) use DXVK (not directly supported on AppDB).

(To use the 32-bit client, go to App -> Settings -> Game Settings -> Diablo III -> "Launch 32-bit client (instead of 64-bit)".)

[OBSOLETE] Workarounds

Below workarounds should not be needed anymore to run the game. If you find that they are still required, please post it in the comments.

1. How to run the game on 64-bit systems

On systems with more than 4 GB of memory Diablo III sees an unusual amount of memory (from its perspective) due to differences in the memory layout on Windows and Linux. As a result of this, many aspects of the application will fail to function properly (including chatting, authenticating, and closing the game). To resolve this problem you need to run the game in particular way to tell Linux to use a Windows-like memory address space:

setarch i386 -3 wine '<path to Diablo III.exe or Launcher.exe>'

2. How to fix audio with PulseAudio

Edit /etc/pulse/daemon.conf and add

default-fragment-size-msec = 5

After that the volume was really low and it appears that pulse volumes bars per application. so just clicking on the sound Icon, tools icon and going to Applications tab allowed me to adjust the volume of the game.

Tested on Alllen and Heath Zed 10FX USB sound card.


The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. WineHQ is not responsible for what they say.

64bit Client & Wine Staging 4.9.1
by Chris on Thursday June 13th 2019, 4:27
Just wanted to drop a comment here in case anyone else is having this issue and has a solve!

I recently upgraded from Wine Staging 4.8.1 -> 4.9.1 and it seems the update causes Diablo 3 to freeze with a grey screen at launch. Fiddled with it for a couple of hours and gave up, downgrading back to 4.8.1.

My staging settings are all unchecked and my only library override is d3d11 set to native. I wasn't sure if anyone else was having any luck using a larger patch suite, will give it another try later on and follow up.

Kernel: 5.1.8-arch1-1-ARCH
Nvidia: 430.26
DXVK: 1.2.1
Wine Staging: 4.8.1

vulkan-icd-loader: 1.1.108-1
lib32-vulkan-icd-loader 1.1.107-1

Hope this is helpful, let me know if I can add any additional info.
RE: 64bit Client & Wine Staging 4.9.1
by Maciej Stanczew on Saturday June 15th 2019, 5:21
Please see bug 47265 [1]; it is fixed in 4.10.
Also, where did you get versions 4.8.1 and 4.9.1? Official releases are only at 4.8 and 4.9, there are no .1 versions.

64bit Client
by Han Prower on Saturday January 19th 2019, 17:55
I would do a test result, but I'm not sure how this website really feels about installs patched massively... so I'll just post a comment instead.

Using a patch pack like with DXVK, esync (and Plasma tray fix) the Diablo 3 64bit client runs pretty much flawlessly for me in a prefix set to Win10 with esync enabled.

Doesn't even have that weird issue I used to get where inventory items may take ~30 seconds to load properly.

Just some FYI for those interested.
RE: 64bit Client
by Han Prower on Saturday January 19th 2019, 18:26
I just realized that DVXK is mentioned in the notes for getting 64bit to work. Oops.
RE: 64bit Client
by Acridwax on Friday February 8th 2019, 13:11
I am confirming that patching with DXVK works. I've tested using WINE 4.0-staging and patching with DXVK version 0.96 by copy pasting:

64 bit versions of:


into the game prefix /Windows/System32 path, overwriting existing DLLs and

32 bit versions of the same above DLL files into the game prefix /Windows/syswow64 path, overwriting existing DLLs there as well.

Subsequently, adding these DLLs as overrides to the WINE configuration for the prefix allows for flawless play of the game using the 64 bit client.

I do experience some weird quirks with the Battlenet App, but turning off the option for "Allow the window manager to control the windows" in WINE seems to fix the Battlenet App problems for me (also using Windows 10 as the Windows version is a must).
RE: 64bit Client
by Acridwax on Tuesday April 2nd 2019, 22:13
This continues to work with WINE 4.5 staging patched with DXVK version 1.01 for both 64 bit and 32 bit clients. No quirks.
RE: 64bit Client
by Acridwax on Saturday April 20th 2019, 21:07
Continues to work with WINE 4.6 staging patched with DXVK verison 1.03 for both 64 bit and 32 bit clients. Narrowed down the winecfg overrides to only requiring the dx11 (native windows) override added. The other typical DXVK overrides are unneeded, but the dlls still appear to need to be copied over into their respective 64bit(/system 32) and 32bit(/syswow64) paths of the prefix.
RE: 64bit Client
by Acridwax on Friday May 3rd 2019, 10:01
Still works for 4.7 staging patched with DXVK version 1.03 using only the winecfg override for d3d11 (native windows).
grey screen with wine stage 4 rc1
by meppl on Friday December 28th 2018, 10:29
To avoid getting a hanging game with a blank grey screen I had to deactivate an option in winecfg:

deactivate winecfg --> tab "staging" --> option "Enable CSMT for better graphic performance (deprecated)"
ReShade with DXVK
by Josh R Raymond on Sunday November 4th 2018, 9:58
Has anyone tried or gotten this to work? The game runes flawlessly on 3.19 staging with DXVK .90 but if I try to install/use ReShade it just crashes on startup.
Cannot install D3 anymore
by Mordekay on Thursday October 18th 2018, 6:20
I made it the last time with POL, but that doesn't work any more either.
Now i tried it simply with the latest wine-staging (3.18)
I was able to install the client without problems. By running this command: sudo apt-get install p11-kit-modules:i386 p11-kit:i386 i also had no problems with the login-screen. It worked without problems (no missing graphics, no ugly buttons/login-fields).
But then, when you hit the "Install" button it stops working. The window for the installation pops up, the waiting animation starts, but then nothing more. The animation keeps running forever.
RE: Cannot install D3 anymore
by Mordekay on Thursday October 18th 2018, 6:34
Little update:
for whatever reason sometimes at first start of the BN app i get the install sconfig window shown, but hitting the "install now" button simply does nothing.
RE: Cannot install D3 anymore
by Mordekay on Thursday October 18th 2018, 10:51
I tried some things, I deleted the Cache folder of Diablo and now it downloads the game.
Solved for now.
RE: Cannot install D3 anymore
by Maciej Stanczew on Thursday October 18th 2018, 11:42
This problem is described on App's page, in "Cannot install or update games" note:
You will almost certainly encounter this issue in the future when updating games / the app. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any permanent way to fix it, you have to delete product.db file every time this happens.
I have found a work-around for the current Diablo 3
by Brian Stewart on Saturday April 14th 2018, 21:58
It begins with Wine 2.19 Staging and use Windows 10 as the Windows version. You will get the error message, and the login and password window comes up. Instead of logging in, click the settings gear icon and a dropdown menu appears, at the bottom of the dropdown, click Continue Without Logging In. This will get you to the option that will allow you to click play. After the game boots up, it will ask you for your login and password.

This is currently working for me. I've logged in a few times to play. The success is repeatable.
RE: I have found a work-around for the current Diablo 3
by Maciej Stanczew on Sunday April 15th 2018, 7:28
What is the issue that requires workaround? Most people seem to be able to launch D3 without problems through the App. Also, Staging version 2.19 is really old – you should try with newer versions (e.g. 3.6).
If you still need the workaround, you can do it in a simpler way: go to the game's directory and run
$ wine 'Diablo III.exe' -launch
This will launch D3 directly, completely skipping BN App.
DX11 very slow - any fix?
by Dox on Thursday April 5th 2018, 11:21
I can play D3 with dx9 just fine by forcing 32bit. But with Blizzard dropping support for other games with DX9, I figure it is only a matter of time before DX9 will stop working altogether.

DX11 however is 1 fps max atm, is there any fix for that?
Wine-staging 3.3
by Jen on Monday March 5th 2018, 9:13
Has anyone tested the new wine-staging branch on Diablo III?
RE: Wine-staging 3.3
by Maciej Stanczew on Monday March 5th 2018, 15:02
Yeah, it works the same as staging 2.21, plus there are performance improvements from Wine 3.0+ (and no need to manually kill anymore).
i think i stumbled on a another fix.
by Paul Cornett on Wednesday December 27th 2017, 15:28
can someone verify: I was having occasional mouse freezing in gnome. The mouse would click but not move. The suggested fix was to remove libinput and replace with evdev. I did that and it solved my mouse issue. I just tried in d3 and the problem seems to have gone away. running the lastest 2.21-staging. Now i dont know if there was a fix to wine-staging or the replacement of libinput.
RE: i think i stumbled on a another fix. RE: mouse click not staying down.
by Paul Cornett on Wednesday December 27th 2017, 15:29
crap... put it in wrong spot
RE: i think i stumbled on a another fix.
by J on Sunday March 4th 2018, 3:12
Mouse freezing only occurs for me in full-screen. Playing in Windowed or Windowed Fullscreen stops the bug from triggering.
How to work around mouse-downs-register-as-mouse-clicks problem
by Steve Soule on Tuesday November 28th 2017, 15:51
For me, in order to stop the mouse-downs-register-as-mouse-clicks problem in Diablo 3 2.6.1 with wine-staging 2.21, I had to recompile wine with the right patch. I'll attempt to explain how to do this here.

Step 1: Compile (build) wine. Instructions are here: Make sure you build wine 2.21 and not some development version. You can get wine 2.21 source with git, or you can get it here:

Step 2: Download wine-staging 2.21 source. You can get it with git, or you can get it here:

Step 3: Apply the patch "kernel32-SetFileCompletionNotificationModes" from wine-staging using
./ DESTDIR=../../wine-source kernel32-SetFileCompletionNotificationModes
replacing "../../wine-source" with the path to your wine-2.21 source. Note that you have to be in the wine-staging "patches" directory when executing

Step 4: Rebuild wine (both configure and make).

Of the four above steps, the most difficult and painful, by far, is the first step, because you need to install lots of development stuff on your computer in order for wine to compile. But you ought to be able to complete all four of the above steps in half an hour or so, assuming you don't get lost.

Hopefully, the patch "kernel32-SetFileCompletionNotificationModes" will start being included in non-staging wine soon so that we don't have to do all this in order to play Diablo 3.
RE: How to work around mouse-downs-register-as-mouse-clicks problem
by Steve Soule on Saturday March 3rd 2018, 22:12
Well, I just tried playing Diablo 3 again after a couple of months away, and the patched wine I described creating in my previous message no longer works: Diablo 3 won't start. Blizzard has released more patches for Diablo 3. The current version is; the patched wine I made in November worked with Apparently Blizzard made major changes to Diablo 3 between and I tried the latest wine, version 3.2, and it didn't work either. For some unknown reason, the latest version of wine-staging is still 2.21. I see that someone has posted three new bug reports (44585, 44616, and 44617) about the problem. Those bug reports seem to suggest that Diablo 3 will work with a properly patched wine. I found that wine 2.21 with all but one of the patches in wine-staging 2.21 works. So I'm posting this message to explain how.

In my four-step procedure above, replace the command line in step 3 with:
./ DESTDIR=../../wine-source --all -W server-send_hardware_message

This command line will, instead of adding the single patch "kernel32-SetFileCompletionNotificationModes", add all patches except "server-send_hardware_message".

There's probably some minimal set of patches that will make it work, but I don't have the patience right now to figure out which ones. I hope this helps.
RE: How to work around mouse-downs-register-as-mouse-clicks problem
by Maciej Stanczew on Sunday March 4th 2018, 4:18
> For some unknown reason, the latest version of wine-staging is still 2.21.
The reason was announced here [1]. Fortunately new maintainers took the project [2] an it has just been bumped to version 3.3 [3].
You might want to check this new version to see what works and what doesn't. I am using it all the time, but I can't reproduce the mouse-down issue, so I don't know if it was fixed or just doesn't appear for me.

RE: How to work around mouse-downs-register-as-mouse-clicks problem
by Steve Soule on Sunday March 4th 2018, 15:26
I've just tested with the new wine-staging 3.3, and the problem is unchanged. With all patches included, the mouse-downs-register-as-mouse-clicks problem is present for me. If I leave out the single patch "server-send_hardware_message", then the problem does not occur.
by Matthias on Saturday November 25th 2017, 9:29
Thanks for your hints.
I used the unlimeted backgroudn and foreground FPS and the single Core command.
It seems to work so far.
Single click problems did not solve this way. In Addition I closed the app. Did not work neither.
Thanks for the hints
mouse control after changing from xp to 7 or higher
by Paul Cornett on Friday November 10th 2017, 15:16
i am getting a bug that my char just stops moving when holding down button. Didnt have this issue prior to 2.6.1 of D3. I have gotten around the problem by using setarch and forcing 32bit and enabling virtual desktop in winecfg. Can someone confirm that they have the same issue? Running 2.20 staging.
RE: mouse control after changing from xp to 7 or higher
by Paul Cornett on Friday November 10th 2017, 15:19
i should add it just stops at the last place i clicked instead of following the mouse.
RE: mouse control after changing from xp to 7 or higher
by Maciej Stanczew on Saturday November 11th 2017, 7:40
I did not experencie the problem you describe – my character correctly follows the mouse when it's held down. I'm running also on Wine Staging 2.20, with a 64-bit Win 7 prefix. I did however encounter the problem described in bug #31262, when I had Lock Cursor option enabled; I am now launching D3 without virtual desktop, in Windowed Fullscreen mode, and with Lock Cursor disabled, and I have no problems with mouse cursor.
Maybe your issue is somehow related to display settings – what is your video configuration in D3?
RE: mouse control after changing from xp to 7 or higher
by Paul Cornett on Saturday November 11th 2017, 8:11
3840x2160@60. I been using fullscreen, but will try the window and see if i can reproduce.
RE: mouse control after changing from xp to 7 or higher
by Paul Cornett on Saturday November 11th 2017, 8:17
i just tested with window (fullscreen) and it works much better. Never thought of using that. Thanks for the tip.
RE: mouse control after changing from xp to 7 or higher
by H-J. Stumm on Saturday November 11th 2017, 13:39
can confirm that on 2.20 and patch 2.6.1 on full screen i will test it in window mode too
RE: mouse control after changing from xp to 7 or higher
by Steve Soule on Monday November 13th 2017, 17:11
I am also seeing this problem. Diablo 3 usually (but not every time) acts like I've clicked when I'm actually holding the mouse button down. I tried fullscreen, windowed, and windowed-fullscreen, and that didn't have any effect. I tried configuring wine with and without a virtual desktop, and that had no effect. I'm running wine-staging 2.20 with Diablo 3
RE: mouse control after changing from xp to 7 or higher
by Paul Cornett on Monday November 13th 2017, 17:13
try using setarch also. I had to use that with the virtual desktop and windows (full)
RE: mouse control after changing from xp to 7 or higher
by Steve Soule on Monday November 13th 2017, 17:24
Okay, I've now tried all 16 settings combinations, and seen the problem on all 16 combinations. The combinations are: both with and without "setarch i386 -3"; with and without wine set to use a virtual desktop; Diablo 3 set to fullscreen, windowed, or windowed-fullscreen mode; and, for windowed-fullscreen mode, both with and without Diablo 3's lock-cursor-to-window option.
RE: mouse control after changing from xp to 7 or higher
by Steve Soule on Tuesday November 21st 2017, 3:09
After a great deal of work, I've found a workaround for this problem that works for me. The culprit seems to be the patch "server-send_hardware_message", one of the 440 patches that are part of wine-staging 2.20 and not part of wine 2.20. With wine recompiled without this patch, the problem disappears: my mouse-button holds register as mouse-button holds, not clicks. I also found that the only patches needed to make Blizzard app and Diablo 3 work with wine 2.20 are the patches "kernel32-SetFileCompletionNotificationModes" and its prerequisite "ntdll-FileNameInformation", and not the 438 other patches in wine-staging 2.20.
Single Core only
by Rob Walker on Wednesday November 1st 2017, 23:14
Ive installed it and it works for 32bit but the launcher is very very slow. It seems that it only uses one of my six cpu cores.
in the D3 Forums i found a workaround with a Program (UnparkCPU) that forces windows to use all cores but this doesnt work in wine(or at least i dont know how)

tried to install it on 64, but launcher doenst start after installation.
tried wine 2.20 and 2.18 but the launcher crashes after 1 second (debug shows some wierd stack overflow)
Changes to removed XP support?
by Jen on Wednesday August 16th 2017, 17:30
RE: Changes to removed XP support?
by Caine on Wednesday August 23rd 2017, 7:07
uho, it means no directx 9 support anymore, and since directx 11 is not up to par yet (it works, but in the single digit fps)
RE: Changes to removed XP support?
by Jen on Wednesday August 23rd 2017, 8:44
I've been trying the PTR, and the past two patches, everything's been fine. They still list a lot of older video cards for recommended hardware (but have Windows 7 as the lowest version of windows), so I'm thinking dx9 isn't going away.
RE: Changes to removed XP support?
by Serenity Moral on Thursday October 26th 2017, 9:39
I didn't try the PTR, i tried the live patch. Since XP support is droped the game doesn't start anymore in 32 bit mode.
a) winecfg set to WinXP/2003 : Error msg at start is "Winvers not supported anymore" use at least win7
b) winecfg set to Win7 and above ... the game does nothing, not even the logo on startup.
c) 64bit game still doesn't run smooth. it is VERY slow but it is starting.
RE: Changes to removed XP support?
by Jen on Thursday October 26th 2017, 9:56
Huh. Are you using staging? I've got things set to Windows 7, and am using 32-bit fine. (This was the same day the patch launched.)
RE: Changes to removed XP support?
by Jen on Thursday October 26th 2017, 10:21
I'm set to Windows 10, sorry. And I'm using a 64-bit wineprefix, but running 32-bit Diablo III. I'm currently using wine-staging 2.17. (Been too lazy to upgrade to 2.19.)
RE: Changes to removed XP support?
by Serenity Moral on Friday October 27th 2017, 13:54
i habe a 64bit prefix too and use 2.19 staging, tried 2.17 before, the game was running perfectly until i got the patch.
I tried win7 - win10. When i start the game (from bnet or directly) the game seems to start, i'll get a process running (can seet is in the ps-list) but on the monitor it does nothing (not even the logo)
RE: Changes to removed XP support?
by Maciej Stanczew on Friday October 27th 2017, 15:16
Have you maybe tried with a clean wineprefix? I'm also using 64-bit prefix on 2.19 staging with win7, and I have no problem running the game (although, like you said, the logo is not displayed – just after a couple of seconds the game launches).
If it still doesn't work, is there maybe something interesting in the logs when you start the game directly? Or, do you have any dll overrides set (none should be needed for Diablo III)?
RE: Changes to removed XP support?
by Serenity Moral on Saturday October 28th 2017, 9:42
Sure, i tried a new 64bit wineprefix too but my blizzard games are not installed in wine. i took them directly from my win7 partition. The games are all in their own subdirs on this mountpoint.

As i could find out - the problem itself was hosted by the nvidia driver from the debian sid tree, as i updated this driver the last time i got also some bad performance in worldofwarcraft too. so i removed every sid package depending the nvidia driver and downloaded the latest original one from the nvidia website. after the install everything is running fine now as before the patch.

thx 4 help
RE: Changes to removed XP support?
by Rob Walker on Wednesday November 1st 2017, 23:02
could you explain how you did install that on 64?
im trying it but it wont work.
When you are having issues with closing necromancer promotion
by Caine on Tuesday July 4th 2017, 10:54
Found out the trick is to reinstall IE8 (and maybe dotnet4.5 , 4.6 .. )

But was getting weird errors with winetricks. Found out, the version I had of winetricks was too old.
I am using Ubuntu , so I replaced the winetricks in /usr/bin with the one from :

then I did a : winetricks --force ie8 , and it worked.

took me awhile to figure that one out :)
Code 7
by Nelson on Monday July 3rd 2017, 14:30
finally got Diablo 3 RoS to install and show up properly at the login screen for the game, however all attempts to log in give me the message "There was a problem logging in. (Code 7)". anyone happen to come across this here and was able to get past it?

also I'm not able to log into at all through the Blizzard App client... is this normal?
can't close necromancer promotion
by HeroRobb on Monday July 3rd 2017, 2:36
Windows 10 Wine 2.11 staging 32 bit
Linux Mint 18.1

Diablo has been working fine for me, but I've never been able to see much of the stuff on the app which didn't bother me. Now that the necromancer is out, there is a promotional splash page on diablo 3's section of, which covers the play button. The problem is that the X in the top right corner used to close the promotion does not appear. I've tried clicking where it should be, messing with some settings, but I really don't know what to do here.
black screen
by Nelson on Sunday July 2nd 2017, 12:56
using wine-2.8 and winetricks-20170614 on Slackware64 14.2, while also having installed corefonts, ie8, and vcrun2015 along with adding d3dcompiler_47 in winecfg. install went fine, however when I start the game I can hear the music playing however my screen is black. any suggestions? running nvidia 375.39 binary drivers as well.
RE: black screen
by Nelson on Monday July 3rd 2017, 10:42
this is what shows in terminal

err:d3d:wined3d_debug_callback 0xa8cae60: "GL_INVALID_OPERATION error generated. Source and destination dimensions must be identical with the current filtering modes.".

any suggestions??
Check wine for Blizzard App
by Martin Ruso on Saturday July 1st 2017, 14:14
I've had quite some trouble installing the game and getting it to work. After figuring it out, I've noticed all is already well documented in Wine under Blizzard App. Don't forget to look there.
After resolving all, mainly vcruntime140 and installing lib32-libldap, lib32-gnutls, everything works like charm :) great gameplay and performance. Enjoy.