Tales of Zestiria

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Version: v1.2
License: Retail
Votes: 1
Latest Rating: Garbage
Latest Wine Version Tested: 2.0-rc5

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Basically everything.

What does not

  1. <-> Sound has a weird problem that affects even Windows users: the audio in the game is subject to many crackles that makes the playing experience extremly uncomfortable.

    In order to get around this, Windows users have to set their audio output to 16bit depth and 48000 Hz sample rate ("DVD quality" preset).

    This is still not solved on the Windows side as per v1.2.

    Workaround (ugly) for Linux users using Pulse Audio:

    • -> Set your audio device sample-rate at 48000 hz. This was possible for me in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf:

      "sample-rate = 48000"

    • -> I also had to comment out the "alternate-sample-rate" parameter in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf since if I configured it to '44100' like I normally do, the audio sink will just go back to 44100 sample rate whenever a program requested that and stay at that rate (most audio is at that rate) until a program needed 48000 again(which doesn't happen quite a lot). Since Wine is unable to tell PA that it wants 48000 Hz audio, we just lock 48000 Hz in PA unconditionally.

    • -> Have your Wine prefix use winealsadrv as the audio driver (weird but it all ends up in Pulse Audio anyway).

    • -> Your audio sink in PA should be locked on a steady 48000 Hz and the audio in the game *should* be *mostly* fine. Meaning, you should be able to hear anime OP/scenes audio and in-game audio just as well, mostly without hindrance. Although I did heard some occasional crackle.

  2. Remark: I was told the "WINENOPULSE=1" environment variable was supposed to make wine not use PA and fall back to Alsa. I don't know if this is a Wine Staging bug or design but I found out that this variable does absolutely nothing noticeable for me.

    I had to use winetricks and set my sound driver to alsa there.

  3. <-> Like many other games, Xbox 360 controller through native kernel driver or even xboxdrv isn't correctly mapped within the game while using Wine. In fact, it is dectected as an Xbox 360 controller in name only. In truth, the game sees it as a random joystick that happens to have that name. As a result, it is somewhat detected but the mappings are all wrong (LT mapped as an axis of right stick) and some buttons like RB just doesn't seem to exist for the game.

    There have been some workarounds but I find them messy and dissatisfying since the kernel now handles the controller properly and I believe they shouldn't be needed. I'm no coder though, so I guess we just have to wait until this can be worked out by the awesome Wine devs.

    All that said, playing with keyboard and mouse remains entirely possible and affordable in this game which by very conveniently supports key re-mapping.


What was not tested

Local Multiplayer.

Hardware tested


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Additional Comments

**Wine-staging** Intel Corei5 3570K. NVIDIA GTX 780 with proprietary drivers 355.11. Installed via Winetricks: * d3dx9 (required) * vcrun2010 (required) * vcrun2012 (required) Other requirements: Windows Steam client obviously. April 2 2016 UPDATE: As of wine-staging version 1.9.5 and game version 1.4, I've seen many people say the audio fix isn't relevant. Using a clean profile with PA 8.0, I can tell at least for my configuration, it still is. The crackling is there if I don't use alsa as the audio driver and WINENOPULSE env var doesn't make it go away. Also, I have not found a way to make the 60fps fix work. The custom d3d9 dll is loaded as far as I can tell, but framerate remains locked.

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ShowArch Linux x86_64Jan 16 20172.0-rc5N/A No GarbageLena Stöffler 
ShowUbuntu 15.04 "Vivid" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Nov 09 20151.7.54Yes Yes GoldLena Stöffler 
CurrentArch Linux x86_64Nov 01 20151.7.53Yes Yes BronzeDX099 

Known Bugs

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41068 Unhandled illegal instruction when starting Tales of Zestiria UNCONFIRMED View
42282 Tales of Zestiria v1.2 (latest Steam provided runtime) crashes at launch UNCONFIRMED View

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Install guide
by charlie on Thursday February 8th 2018, 14:00
I spent some time figuring out how to make this playable, but I eventually got it working pretty well, so thought I would post here for the community. I am running on Ubuntu 17.10 with Nvidia proprietary drivers.

I run wine 3 for my main install, but it isn't working there, so I used a play on linux environment:
if you don't already, apt-get install playonlinux
When you open playonlinux, install a few older wine versions via tools->manage wine. I couldn't get versions less than 2 to install correctly, and tried a few different versions. 32bit 2.6 seems to work for me.
Create a new configuration (configure button) with wine 2.6. I installed the following:
microsoft core fonts
dotnet 4.0

Then in the misc tab, open a shell. From the shell, navigate to the main wine folder (~/.wine) and manually start steam (just wine steam.exe, but since you started a shell from playonlinux, all your env variables are set to use the 2.6 custom version installed)
In a separate playonlinux shell, kick off Tales manually (not through steam) - it should start.

A couple of issues. For the Audio issues (static / choppy):
from playonlinux shell, run winetricks, and choose the option sound=alsa. This should fix the sound problems

xbox controller recognition
By default I had no controller recognized. This was involved to fix, and someone posted an xboxdrv script you can try that might be easier, but I went with custom building an xinput library and it worked perfectly.
1. Follow steps to build the library here:
2. This required some new installs - for SDL2 in 32bit, newer ubuntu seems to have an impossible conflict with the 64bit libraries you likely need elsewhere, so we have to build from source.
3. Followed comment here:
3a. Basically, go to and copy the source to a new directory
3b. then run:
mkdir build_i386
cd build_i386
CFLAGS=-m32 CXXFLAGS=-m32 LDFLAGS=-m32 ../configure --build=i386-linux
CFLAGS=-m32 CXXFLAGS=-m32 LDFLAGS=-m32 make
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
This will add the 32bit libraries to your linker
4. Now you should be good to build xinput (from wiki):
[ user@host code]$ git clone
[ user@host code]$ cd koku-xinput-wine
[user&host code]$ cmake .
[ user@host code]$ make
5. I had to apt-get install libwine-dev as well
6. Finally ready to run the game:
export LD_PRELOAD=/lib-path/ (path to what you built in step 4
wine Tales (still from playonlinux shell)

Sounds like a lot, but this should help with other games facing the same controller issue.
Crackling audio
by mariana on Saturday April 15th 2017, 22:55
I'm on Ubuntu 16.04, using PlayOnLinux to run the game. I'm currently using wine version 1.9.24 but I tried other versions and the problem persists. The audio is unbearable basically. Anyone know how to solve this?
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by sivaprasad on Saturday March 25th 2017, 1:58
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How to create wine prefix 32 bit
by Skyr on Thursday July 21st 2016, 13:22
Can someone help me with creating a 32 bit prefix because I think that my help my problem of the unhandled page fault.
RE: How to create wine prefix 32 bit
by Mark on Wednesday August 24th 2016, 11:31

"amstream"="native, builtin"
"atl"="native, builtin"
"crypt32"="native, builtin"
"d3dxof"="native, builtin"
"devenum"="native, builtin"
"dplay"="native, builtin"
"dplaysvr.exe"="native, builtin"
"dplayx"="native, builtin"
"dpnaddr"="native, builtin"
"dpnet"="native, builtin"
"dpnhpast"="native, builtin"
"dpnhupnp"="native, builtin"
"dpnlobby"="native, builtin"
"dpnsvr.exe"="native, builtin"
"dpnwsock"="native, builtin"
"dxdiagn"="native, builtin"
"hhctrl.ocx"="native, builtin"
"hlink"="native, builtin"
"iernonce"="native, builtin"
"inetcpl.cpl"="native, builtin"
"itircl"="native, builtin"
"itss"="native, builtin"
"jscript"="native, builtin"
"mlang"="native, builtin"
"mshtml"="native, builtin"
"msimtf"="native, builtin"
"msvcirt"="native, builtin"
"msvcm100"="native, builtin"
"msvcm110"="native, builtin"
"msvcm120"="native, builtin"
"msvcm80"="native, builtin"
"msvcp100"="native, builtin"
"msvcp110"="native, builtin"
"msvcp120"="native, builtin"
"msvcp80"="native, builtin"
"msvcr100"="native, builtin"
"msvcr110"="native, builtin"
"msvcr120"="native, builtin"
"msvcr80"="native, builtin"
"msvcrt40"="native, builtin"
"msvcrtd"="native, builtin"
"msxml3"="native, builtin"
"odbc32"="native, builtin"
"odbccp32"="native, builtin"
"quartz"="native, builtin"
"riched20"="native, builtin"
"riched32"="native, builtin"
"rsabase"="native, builtin"
"secur32"="native, builtin"
"shdoclc"="native, builtin"
"shdocvw"="native, builtin"
"softpub"="native, builtin"
"urlmon"="native, builtin"
"wintrust"="native, builtin"
"wscript.exe"="native, builtin"

PASTE IT UNDER THE [Software\\Wine\\DllOverrides]
Game not showing
by Skyr on Tuesday July 19th 2016, 14:39
I am trying to use wineskin to play this game, but when I click on it, nothing happens. When I look at the log file it says that there is an unhanded fault but even when I changed xinput1_3 to builtin that didn't help. Does anyone know what I should do?

P.S. If someone who has the game working could show me their winecfg that might help. Thank you!
RE: Game not showing
by Skyr on Tuesday July 19th 2016, 17:35
I am using a mac
Graphical glitches
by Melkren on Sunday May 8th 2016, 9:24
Hi, has anybody seen anything like this before? It happens on the splash screens every time I boot the game and also shows up on some of the in game menus or conversations.
RE: Graphical glitches
by DX099 on Sunday May 8th 2016, 11:49
Nope. I don't ever remember having that kind of corruption.
RE: Graphical glitches
by Melkren on Sunday May 8th 2016, 11:53
Do you have an AMD card or Nvidea? I noticed with the open source drivers it's a lot worse than with prop drivers so I think it's related to AMD drivers.
RE: Graphical glitches
by DX099 on Sunday May 8th 2016, 12:37
I have NVIDIA GPU. So performance isn't stellar but it does the job.

If you have AMD, you should be able to use Gallium Nine, which is a native D3D9 implementation and should get you much better results than with NVIDIA hardware use the Wine D3D -> OGL translation layer.

May depends on your GPU though and driver support though.

You could look at this for a startup:
RE: Graphical glitches
by Melkren on Wednesday May 11th 2016, 17:13
Thanks so much, just got round to installing the patched version of wine with Gallium nine and it's fixed the issue completely. Performance is tonnes better too.

Many thanks
Xbox controller fix
by Melkren on Tuesday March 29th 2016, 16:08
Hey all, just installed Zestiria in latest version of wine (1.9.6) and found this post on github which got the controller working perfectly, the game also recognizes it as an xbox controller so that the correct buttons show on screen.

One thing I have noticed with my version of the game is that the splash screens when you load up don't display correctly and it also happens with images in game too. Anybody else seen this/have a fix?
by lupintic on Sunday February 21st 2016, 11:16
i have wineskin for mac and the game run but i have a big issue the font dont show correct im ussing wineskin 2.6.9 and winke 1.9.1
by Mark on Monday March 14th 2016, 5:13
hi sir. i have imac. but when i try to run TOZ using wrapper and many engines. always crash at start up. and install this winetricks d3dx9 vcrun2010 vcrun2012. but didn't work either. how do you manage to run it by yourself ?
Gamepad, etc
by talchas on Saturday January 16th 2016, 21:43
"xboxdrv --buttonmap tl=start,tr=guide,lb=tl,rb=tr,start=back,back=l1,guide=r1 --ui-axismap X2=ABS_Z,Y2=ABS_RX,white=ABS_RY,LT=ABS_RZ,black=ABS_THROTTLE,RT=ABS_RUDDER" or the equivalent config file works (it absolutely has to have ABS_Z exist to even look for the right trigger, but it looks for the left/right sticks via index, so you have to remap them, wheee).

The 60-fps fix works with d3d9=native, and nvapi=disabled (or you can click through the error messages :P), and disabling the generally-obsolete audio fix. This will massively increase your load times, because it seems to wind up reloading d3d9 and gameoverlayrenderer constantly during load screens (but not gameplay!), causing tons of GetModuleHandleA calls and readdir(). Hacking GetModuleHandleA to avoid the readdir fixes most of the slowdown, but there's still a bunch (call it 2x-3x rather than 30x or 50x). Setting gameoverlayrenderer=disabled as well eliminates any noticeable problem (but loses you the steam overlay if you care). The OSD/etc doesn't work, the keyboard rebinds do.
by Mark on Monday March 14th 2016, 0:27
Hey i do D3d9=native on winecfg. still 30fps. how to get 60fps ? i also try this,
But didn't work. Please tell me how do you get 60fps exactly. =) Thnx
RE: Gamepad, etc
by DX099 on Saturday April 2nd 2016, 15:14
I've also been fiddling to get the 60 fps fix to work on Wine Staging and didn't succeed while it works on Windows.

Also, the audio fix is still relevant for me. The crackling is still there with game v1.4 and PA 8.0.

by Scott Serbousek on Friday November 6th 2015, 20:20
If you are getting a Page Fault Access, try setting xinput1_3 to "builtin".
by Glog78 on Saturday November 7th 2015, 4:59
Sadly even builtin keeps me getting the xinput error. Any other ideas ?
by Glog78 on Sunday November 8th 2015, 6:48
Sorry was my fault... didn't press save in winecfg. Works with xinput1_3 builtin. Thanx
by Skyr on Wednesday July 20th 2016, 12:38
I tried that but it still says unhanded page fault.