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Version: 1.60
License: Free to use
Votes: 0
Latest Rating: Bronze
Latest Wine Version Tested: 1.9.17

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Test Results

Old test results
The test results you have selected are very old and may not represent the current state of Wine.
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What works

The game runs normally, no weird crashes or freezes.
Adding new songs works.

 Ã— using keyboard works


Using the builtin gdiplus, the song selector and the configuration screen lags extremly hard (only 2~3 fps + input lag). All other menus behave normally. You can even play every song.
To workaround this lag you need to install gdiplus using winetricks, BUT this breaks some textures in the main game (where you play the song), which displays the current stats (progress, effective rate, etc.). Either way, both ways are not optimal for normal gameplay conditions.

I tried to set the games cache folder to read-only, than changed to native gdiplus - the cache contained the builtin gdiplus generated textures - and restart the game. After selecting a song, before entering the main game screen, it crashes. I thought this could be a reasonable workaround for the missing textures with the native gdiplus.

What does not

Unicode fonts (CJK) [has workaround, see notes]
 Ã— most song names are unreadable
 Ã— fonts in the 「INPUT GATE」 are completely missing
 Ã— weird characters instead of Japanese text around the game

Installing the correct fonts leads to nothing.
The corefonts must be installed or game instantly crashes with an unreadable error message, because CJK is not working.

 Ã— using any joypad causes navigation problems (basically breaks in-game navigation)

「INPUT GATE」(In-Game Song Downloader)
 Ã— downloading new official songs


What was not tested

everything tested, even tried to find workarounds

the font and encoding problems has a solid workaround, but this may not work on every linux distro

mac os x and freebsd was not tested

Hardware tested


  • GPU:
  • Driver:

Additional Comments

Playable: In my opinion NO. Maybe someday, when wine keeps improving. See also the notes below for more detailed infos.

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CurrentArch Linux x86_64Apr 02 20161.9.17N/A Yes BronzeLena Stöffler 

Known Bugs

Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected
40409 builtin gdiplus causes K-Shoot Mania to lag in some menus, native gdiplus causes missing textures UNCONFIRMED View

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HowTo / Notes

results from debugging and testing

wine staging notes

in wine-staging the whole application window is just a big white spot. ALL textures are gone completely :/

about gdiplus

native gdiplus requires corefonts to be installed or game crashes
japanese causes the game to crash with native gdiplus
english causes kanjis not to render (missing fonts) with native gdiplus
builtin gdiplus causes heavy lag in most menus (very low framerate)

about fonts

i've found a workaround to the font issues, i'm just leaving this notes here for reference

installing takao fixes the japanese characters, this only works with builtin gdiplus, native causes game crash
there are no font issues on windows, i'm still testing several stuff, only thing i can tell for now is that all strings in the game are encoded in ShiftJIS rather than in UTF-8/16, the $LANG environment variable is a good start if you want to help finding a workaround for the font issues :)

LANG=ja_JP.SJIS (NOTE: the encoding must be SJIS, not UTF-8. also try setting the $LC_ALL variable)
additionally, the encoding of the game changes accordingly to the selected language. here is the list:

  • Chinese -> GB18030

  • Korean -> windows-949

  • English -> UTF-8 (no broken strings here)

i'm not sure why masaka (the developer) decided to mess with different (obsolete/deprecated) encodings, instead of just using UTF-8 for everything. maybe this is a HSP3 "feature" or bug? i'm not entirely sure...

about the lags

less lag (higher framerate) if the resolution and the texture quality is lower
the higher the res the more lag you have (lower framerate)
fullscreen can be compared with a freeze (1 frame per second)

about the 「input gate」 (in-game song downloader)

installing wininet (native) causes the game to crash if you launch the input gate

due to of bad implementations the song download feature is kind of broken
downloading new songs doesn't work, the game is unable to fetch any data from the server and just creates tons of empty files in $USER/Local Storage/Temporary Internet Files/Content.IE5
and regulary produces this message in the terminal output
fixme:vbscript:RegExp2_Replace (0x1e9068)->(L"K-Shoot MANIA\\SONG_NAME_HERE" 0x32f290 {VT_BSTR: L"/"} 0x32f450)
the downloader doesn't work on windows either, i tested this in a VMware virtual machine with win10, another reason why downloading songs doesn't work could be a connectivity issue

adding 3th party songs by hand works

all in all

the game is not playable in the current state of wine
the game itself is not even proberly implemented (similar issues happens on windows too)

other stuff ( may help others )
K-Shoot Mania is written is HSP3 (Hot Soup Processor)
find out more about this windows-only programming language here: (Official Site, Japanese) (Open Source Implementation of HSP3, works on Linux, Mac, Windows)

SDVX Controllers

This controllers are basically just a keyboard and a mouse in one device using an Intel® USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller which shows up as HORI Co Ltd Kbrd in lsusb.

This controllers works perfeclty in K-Shoot Mania through wine.
I verified this, since I own a SVSE5.

Virgoo TurboCharger/+

This controllers are a custom-build device from Virgoo. They come with a custom microchip and board. There are only drivers available for Windows and they are closed source (because they can). I don't know if this controllers would work under Linux and Mac. I don't think they would work, but I can't verify this, since I don't want to buy one of these controllers.

Even if they would work, they couldn't be used in K-Shoot Mania, because controllers breaks the in-game navigation. Again: I can not verify this.

HOWTO: Fix encoding and font issues

In this guide I will tell you how I was able to workaround this pesky encoding issues. Main reason why the text is even broken in this game is, because every string (or most of them) are encoded in the ShiftJIS character set, which most Unices are don't support anymore, therefore you end up with unreadable text which looks like the ASCII table exploded :D

To transform this whirlpool of ASCII characters into Kanji we need to tell the underlying locale system to use the SJIS character map instead of the regular UTF-8 one most (all?) languages are using these days (including Japanese).


First you need to enable the depracated SJIS character map in your system again. To do this follow this simple steps.

1. Create the following file /var/lib/locales/supported.d/ja
Paste the below lines in it. Save and close.
ja_JP.UTF-8 UTF-8


Edit /etc/locale.gen

depending on your distro.

2. Reconfigure/Regenerate the locale database
On Debian-based distros execute this command as root todo this
dpkg-reconfigure locales

On any other distro run (as root)

NOTE: You may regenerate the locale database 2 times in a row. If you encounter this message "character map file `SJIS' not found: No such file or directory", just ignore it!

3. Profit!
Now you can temporarily change the encoding to SJIS using the $LANG environment variable :)

Now just launch wine with the $LANG environment variable set to ja_JP.SJIS and you finally should see Kanji instead of an exploded ASCII table :D

For the other languages of K-Shoot Mania

Korean (/var/lib/locales/supported.d/ko)
ko_KR.UTF-8 UTF-8

use ko_KR.WINDOWS-949 for K-Shoot Mania

Chinese (/var/lib/locales/supported.d/zh)
zh_CN.UTF-8 UTF-8
zh_TW.UTF-8 UTF-8
zh_CN GB2312
zh_CN.GB18030 GB18030
zh_TW Big5

use zh_CN.GB18030 for K-Shoot Mania