Half-Life 2

Demo version of Half Life 2, only contains 2 chapters. Otherwise the same as full game. See Half-Life 2 for more information.

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Version: Demo
License: Demo
Votes: 0
Latest Rating: Silver
Latest Wine Version Tested: 0.9.52.

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Test Results

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What works

Playing the game works, however it is painfully slow. The intro is still at about 1 fps. It is not exactly "playable." I tried changing the settings in wineconfig, however the only thing that made a significant difference was chaning the resolution to 640x480 and turning off fullscreen.

What does not

Changing any of the settings from within the game still causes a crash.


What was not tested

Most of the gameplay was not tested

Hardware tested


  • GPU:
  • Driver:

Additional Comments

here is what the console gave when it crashed: fixme:avifile:AVIFileExit (): stub! wine: Unhandled page fault on write access to 0x00000022 at address 0xd358a37 (thread 0034), starting debugger... WineDbg starting on pid 0x33 Unhandled exception: page fault on write access to 0x00000022 in 32-bit code (0x0d358a37). Register dump: CS:0073 SS:007b DS:007b ES:007b FS:003b GS:0033 EIP:0d358a37 ESP:0034e4a4 EBP:00000004 EFLAGS:00010202( - 00 - -RI1) EAX:00000000 EBX:07240068 ECX:0d36a9d0 EDX:0d3667b8 ESI:00000680 EDI:0d36a9d0 Stack dump: 0x0034e4a4: 00000090 0d36a9d0 00000004 0059069c 0x0034e4b4: 0d359d32 07240068 000006b0 1e92006c 0x0034e4c4: 0d36a9d0 0059069c 0d35a084 1e92006c 0x0034e4d4: 000006b0 1e92006c 0d36a9f0 0d36a9d0 0x0034e4e4: 0d3586ca 1e92006c ffffffff 0034e53c 0x0034e4f4: 00000008 0034fe38 00000000 100070bb fixme:ntdll:RtlNtStatusToDosErrorNoTeb no mapping for c0000119 Backtrace: =>1 0x0d358a37 in datacache (+0x8a37) (0x0d358a37) 2 0x00000000 (0x00000000) 0x0d358a37: addw $0xffff,0x22(%eax) Modules: Module Address Debug info Name (138 modules) PE 350000-384000 Deferred tier0 PE 390000-3b0000 Deferred vstdlib PE 3b0000-3e6000 Deferred filesystem_steam PE 400000-41c000 Deferred hl2 PE d080000-d158000 Deferred datamodel PE d270000-d299000 Deferred dmserializers PE d2a0000-d345000 Deferred materialsystem PE d350000-d371000 Export datacache PE d380000-d395000 Deferred valve_avi PE d4b0000-d574000 Deferred vguimatsurface PE d580000-d5e7000 Deferred vgui2 PE d5f0000-d61f000 Deferred soundemittersystem PE d620000-dc6b000 Deferred engine PE dc70000-dc80000 Deferred steam_api PE dfb0000-dfd8000 Deferred stdshader_dbg PE dfe0000-e013000 Deferred stdshader_dx6 PE e020000-e02e000 Deferred unicode PE e3b0000-e4bd000 Deferred steamclient PE e4c0000-e4fd000 Deferred vstdlib_s PE e500000-e53f000 Deferred tier0_s PE e660000-e81d000 Deferred gameui PE f1f0000-f200000 Deferred vaudio_miles PE 10000000-1002e000 Deferred launcher PE 1d2d0000-1d38b000 Deferred friendsui PE 1d390000-1d4a4000 Deferred serverbrowser PE 20000000-2030a000 Deferred steam PE 21100000-21164000 Deferred mss32 PE 22000000-2263d000 Deferred server PE 24000000-24388000 Deferred client PE 26000000-26126000 Deferred vphysics PE 26400000-26439000 Deferred mssvoice.asi PE 26f00000-26f2e000 Deferred mssmp3.asi PE 2a000000-2a09f000 Deferred shaderapidx9 PE 2c000000-2c2d8000 Deferred studiorender PE 60000000-60021000 Deferred cserhelper PE 628c0000-628d9000 Deferred parsifal ELF 78d84000-78dca000 Deferred dbghelp \-PE 78d90000-78dca000 \ dbghelp ELF 7a2d4000-7a31f000 Deferred dsound \-PE 7a2e0000-7a31f000 \ dsound ELF 7a31f000-7a333000 Deferred joystick \-PE 7a330000-7a333000 \ joystick ELF 7bf00000-7bf03000 Deferred ELF 7ce6a000-7ce7f000 Deferred psapi \-PE 7ce70000-7ce7f000 \ psapi ELF 7d403000-7d416000 Deferred ELF 7d416000-7d41c000 Deferred ELF 7d434000-7d4aa000 Deferred ELF 7d4aa000-7d553000 Deferred wined3d \-PE 7d4c0000-7d553000 \ wined3d ELF 7d553000-7d57d000 Deferred d3d9 \-PE 7d560000-7d57d000 \ d3d9 ELF 7d57d000-7d59c000 Deferred mpr \-PE 7d580000-7d59c000 \ mpr ELF 7d59c000-7d5e3000 Deferred wininet \-PE 7d5b0000-7d5e3000 \ wininet ELF 7d5e3000-7d676000 Deferred oleaut32 \-PE 7d5f0000-7d676000 \ oleaut32 ELF 7d676000-7d68b000 Deferred midimap \-PE 7d680000-7d68b000 \ midimap ELF 7d6a3000-7d6df000 Deferred wineoss \-PE 7d6b0000-7d6df000 \ wineoss ELF 7d6df000-7d706000 Deferred msvfw32 \-PE 7d6f0000-7d706000 \ msvfw32 ELF 7d706000-7d78f000 Deferred winmm \-PE 7d710000-7d78f000 \ winmm ELF 7d78f000-7d7b5000 Deferred msacm32 \-PE 7d7a0000-7d7b5000 \ msacm32 ELF 7d7b5000-7d7ef000 Deferred avifil32 \-PE 7d7c0000-7d7ef000 \ avifil32 ELF 7d99f000-7d9d1000 Deferred uxtheme \-PE 7d9b0000-7d9d1000 \ uxtheme ELF 7d9d1000-7da91000 Deferred comctl32 \-PE 7d9e0000-7da91000 \ comctl32 ELF 7da91000-7db72000 Deferred shell32 \-PE 7daa0000-7db72000 \ shell32 ELF 7db72000-7dbc2000 Deferred rpcrt4 \-PE 7db80000-7dbc2000 \ rpcrt4 ELF 7dbc2000-7dc56000 Deferred ole32 \-PE 7dbd0000-7dc56000 \ ole32 ELF 7dc56000-7dcad000 Deferred shlwapi \-PE 7dc60000-7dcad000 \ shlwapi ELF 7dcad000-7dcc1000 Deferred mswsock \-PE 7dcb0000-7dcc1000 \ mswsock ELF 7dcc1000-7dcda000 Deferred version \-PE 7dcd0000-7dcda000 \ version ELF 7dcda000-7dcf8000 Deferred iphlpapi \-PE 7dce0000-7dcf8000 \ iphlpapi ELF 7dcf8000-7dd23000 Deferred ws2_32 \-PE 7dd00000-7dd23000 \ ws2_32 ELF 7dd23000-7dd3d000 Deferred wsock32 \-PE 7dd30000-7dd3d000 \ wsock32 ELF 7dd3d000-7dd59000 Deferred imm32 \-PE 7dd40000-7dd59000 \ imm32 ELF 7dd9f000-7ddbc000 Deferred ELF 7ddbc000-7ddc4000 Deferred ELF 7ddc8000-7dddc000 Deferred lz32 \-PE 7ddd0000-7dddc000 \ lz32 ELF 7de3d000-7e5ff000 Deferred ELF 7e5ff000-7e684000 Deferred ELF 7e684000-7e77b000 Deferred ELF 7e77b000-7e789000 Deferred ELF 7e789000-7e7a1000 Deferred ELF 7e7a1000-7e7aa000 Deferred ELF 7e7af000-7e7b4000 Deferred ELF 7e7b4000-7e7bd000 Deferred ELF 7e7bd000-7e7bf000 Deferred ELF 7e7bf000-7e7c2000 Deferred ELF 7e7c2000-7e846000 Deferred winex11 \-PE 7e7d0000-7e846000 \ winex11 ELF 7e9e8000-7ea07000 Deferred ELF 7ea07000-7ea40000 Deferred ELF 7ea40000-7ea52000 Deferred ELF 7ea52000-7eabf000 Deferred ELF 7eabf000-7eb04000 Deferred advapi32 \-PE 7ead0000-7eb04000 \ advapi32 ELF 7eb04000-7eb0f000 Deferred ELF 7ebef000-7eca3000 Deferred gdi32 \-PE 7ec00000-7eca3000 \ gdi32 ELF 7eca3000-7edd9000 Deferred user32 \-PE 7ecc0000-7edd9000 \ user32 ELF 7edd9000-7ede3000 Deferred ELF 7ede3000-7eded000 Deferred ELF 7eded000-7ee02000 Deferred ELF 7ee02000-7ee0a000 Deferred ELF 7ee3d000-7ef42000 Deferred kernel32 \-PE 7ee60000-7ef42000 \ kernel32 ELF 7ef42000-7ef67000 Deferred ELF 7ef69000-7ef6b000 Deferred ELF 7ef6b000-7ef70000 Deferred ELF 7ef7f000-7f000000 Deferred ntdll \-PE 7ef90000-7f000000 \ ntdll ELF b7c91000-b7c96000 Deferred ELF b7c98000-b7c9c000 Deferred ELF b7c9c000-b7dbc000 Deferred ELF b7dbc000-b7dd0000 Deferred ELF b7de8000-b7ef9000 Deferred ELF b7efa000-b7f16000 Deferred Threads: process tid prio (all id:s are in hex) 00000033 (D) C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\mikeniverse\half-life 2 demo\hl2.exe 00000040 0 0000003d 0 0000003c 15 00000039 0 00000038 0 00000036 0 00000035 2 00000034 0 <== 0000000a 0000000c 0 0000000b 0 00000008 0000003f 1 00000037 1 00000030 0 0000002f 0 0000002e 1 0000002d 0 0000002c 0 0000002b 1 0000002a 0 00000029 1 00000028 0 00000027 1 00000026 0 00000025 1 00000024 0 00000023 1 00000020 0 0000001f 0 0000001d 0 0000001c 1 0000001a 0 00000017 0 00000016 0 00000015 1 00000014 0 00000013 0 00000012 0 00000011 0 00000010 0 0000000e 0 0000000d 0 00000009 0 fixme:shdocvw:OleInPlaceObject_InPlaceDeactivate (0xd793fb8) fixme:shdocvw:OleInPlaceObject_UIDeactivate (0xd793fb8) fixme:shdocvw:OleObject_Close (0xd793fb8)->(1) Unable to remove c:\program files\steam\shortcuts.dat!

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Operating systemTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?Used
ShowUbuntu 7.10 "Gutsy" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Dec 31 20070.9.52.Yes Yes Silversoxs 
ShowGentoo LinuxOct 29 20070.9.48.Yes Yes BronzeGary 
ShowUbuntu 7.04 "Feisty" i386 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Oct 19 20070.9.47.Yes Yes GarbageAngus 
ShowDebian GNU/Linux 4.x "Etch"Apr 08 20070.9.34.Yes Yes Platinuman anonymous user 
ShowUbuntu 6.10 "Edgy" i386 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Mar 31 20070.9.33.Yes Yes SilverSheeEttin 

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