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Version 8.x of The Bat! mail client.

RitLabs dropped the MS-Exchange Mailserver support from this version on.

Please note in a comment or bug report about which bitness you use: 32bit or 64bit

Application Details:

Version: 8.x
License: Retail
Votes: Marked as obsolete
Latest Rating: Platinum
Latest Wine Version Tested: 4.5

Maintainers: About Maintainership

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Test Results

Old test results
The test results for this version are very old, and as such they may not represent the current state of Wine. Please consider submitting a new test report.
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What works

Everything I tested. Writing and receiving mails...

What does not


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Hardware tested


  • GPU: Intel
  • Driver: open source

Additional Comments

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Operating systemTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?Used
CurrentArch Linux x86_64Apr 04 20194.5Yes Yes NoPlatinumTobias 
ShowDebian GNU/Linux Unstable "Sid" x86_64Dec 14 20173.0-rc1Yes Yes NoPlatinumJoerg Schiermeier 

Known Bugs

Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected
48910 TheBat! v8: crashes when exiting app UNCONFIRMED View

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HowTo / Notes

Four ways To install The Bat! on wine - HowTo

Using The Bat! with Linux, MacOS or BSD (*nix).

There are four possible scenarios:

  1. A clean installation without any transfer from an existing installation of The Bat!. You start at point zero.
  2. You want to migrate away from Windows to *nix without a way back.
  3. You want to use The Bat! from Windows and from *nix.
  4. You want to leave Windows for ever and without a way back. But you like The Bat! and want to keep it working like a *nix application. (Coming soon...!)

Before you start installing The Bat! on wine please read first the FAQ - Frequently asked questions from wines page.

  1. The easy way:

    Follow these steps to setup RitLabs mailer The Bat!:

    1. Update your wine installation. Use your package manager. If you are in doubt about the version: use only the latest version. Don't use beta versions: this is only for advanced user for testing purpose and not for an use every day.
      If you think your wine in your distribution ist too old then look here: Wine Binary Packages. Please use only the stable branch.
    2. Open a terminal and use winecfg to set wines version to Windows 10 (the default setting).
    3. Download the latest version from RitLabs page. You will get a windows installer file named thebat_pro_xx_x-x-x.msi (The x are for numbers).
    4. Install it: you will have to open a terminal window. Than change to the folder where you downloaded the installer file and run this command at the shell prompt:

      wine msiexec /i thebat_pro_xx_x-x-x.msi

      (The x are for numbers). Never do this as /root! (see: Should I run Wine as root?)
    5. You will find more infos about msiexec in wines wiki: msiexec is a tool for installing .msi packages.
    6. To encrypt and decrypt your mail install GnuPG for Windows (Simple installer for the current GnuPG).

    All is done now. Please create your mail accounts in The Bat! and enjoy the work of The Bat! mailer.

  2. The smart way:

    Before you start here please do a backup of all your mails in the AppData folder in your windows installation. To find this folder look into Options / Preferences / System. It's the Mail directory. This is the top of an AppData folder under which all your mails live. Use 7zip or so to compress (zip) the complete folder incl. subfolders.

    Than you need a backup done with The Bat!s integrated backup feature, see Tools / Backup. Do a complete backup with all things include.

    Also please compress the folder which includes The Bat!s executable, plugins and other stuff, mostly located in c:\program files\the bat! if you use a 64bit version. Otherwise (32bit version) it is named: c:\program files (x86)\the bat!.

    And at last do an export of The Bat!s registry settings. To do this please run:

    regedit /e "%userprofile%\desktop\the-bat-registry.reg" HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RIT

    at a Windows command line (Terminal) window. This creates a file the-bat-registry.reg on your desktop.

    All four files:

    1. a zipped file with your mails
    2. a zipped file with The Bat!s programm folder
    3. a (text/registy) file with exported settings
    4. a backup file from The Bat!s integrated backup system
    should be stored in a save place. This will be your day pass back to windows if now something went wrong.

    Change now to *nix.

    1. Start a normal install of The Bat!. How to do this is described in A.
    2. You don't need /root privileges to do this!
    3. Complete the installation.
    4. Now start The Bat! from *nix menu. It depends on your *nix installation where you will find the menu. Search for wine and/or The Bat!.
    5. Answer the questions in the First Setup dialog.
    6. After this you will see an assistent which want to know some infos about your mail account. Don't type in anything. Use the button Restore from and choose your Backup file: Now you need the file from The Bat! which was created by The Bat!s internal backup system. The file extension is called tbk.
    7. Continue: choose all Accounts you want to restore, normaly all.
    8. At this point all is done. You may want to finish now.

    Info: the mailfolder is now located inside $HOME/.wine/drive_c/users//Application Data/The Bat!/

    From now on all your mails go there.

    And from now on: Don't forget to do backups! The Bat! has an integrated scheduler to do frequent actions automaticly. You will find it here: Tools / Scheduler. Use it!

  3. The hard and stony way:

    This need more work and some knowledge about windows and *nix file system.

    From *nix you need access to your Windows partition. Only read permissions isn't enough! This partition should be writeable. If this is not working please read a manual of your distribution how to mount disks writeable! If you are a beginner: DON'T DO THIS! STOP HERE! Otherwise you may loose all your mails.

    This situation describes a system which can boot into Windows or into *nix systems via GRUB!

    Suppose this as an example:

    • wine is installed properly and clean
    • wines windows version is set to Windows 10 (Use winecfg)
    • your *nix user name: johndoe (This user will use The Bat! in future)
    • your windows user name: winjohn (This user used The Bat!)
    • the label of your windows partition: Windows10Disk
    • you had installed The Bat! under Windows on drive c:
    • you have a 32bit installation in: C:\Program Files (x86)\The Bat!
    • your installation in Windows has this mail directory (Look in: Options / Preferences / System item: Mail directory): C:\Users\winjohn\AppData\Roaming\The Bat!

    1. Before you start: do a backup. How to do this is described in B.
    2. Now you need some infos:
      • Where is thebat32.exe (If you use the 64bit version the executable is named thebat64.exe)? What is its full *nix path name? According to the example:
        /media/johndoe/Windows10Disk/Program Files (x86)/The Bat!/thebat32.exe.
      • Where is The Bat!s mailfolder? According to the example:
        /media/johndoe/Windows10Disk/Users/winjohn/AppData/Roaming/The Bat!. This path must be writeable from *nix.
      • Where is the file the-bat-registry.reg? We will need this later. According to the example:
      • Facultative: Where is your favourite text editor in *nix?
        e.g. Geany, gedit, Kate, Mousepad, Leafpad, Pluma, vi, (X)Emacs.
    3. Log into *nix as user johndoe and open a terminal.
    4. Create a softlink to The Bat!s mail folder in windows file system. According to the example type:

      ln -s '/media/johndoe/Windows10Disk/Users/winjohn/AppData/Roaming/The Bat!' '/home/johndoe/.wine/drive_c/users/johndoe/Application Data/The Bat!'

      Please use the four single quotation marks (') which enclose the two pathes to The Bat!s mail folders. This is necessary because the path contains spaces!
    5. Create a softlink to The Bat!s program folder in windows file system. According to the example type:

      ln -s '/media/johndoe/Windows10Disk/Program Files (x86)/The Bat!' '/home/johndoe/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/The Bat!'

      Please use the four single quotation marks (') which enclose the two pathes to The Bat!s program folders.
    6. Now we will import the registry file into wine. According to the example type in:

      wine regedit /home/johndoe/the-bat-registry.reg

    7. It's time to start The Bat!:

      wine '/home/johndoe/wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/The Bat!/thebat32.exe'

      Please use the two quotation marks (') which enclose the path to thebat32.exe.
    8. Quit The Bat!.
    9. If this is working you should create a desktop file for The Bat!. This allows you to start this application like a normal program in your desktop environment. According to the example type in:

      [Desktop Entry]
      ### wine productive app
      ### last change: 2017-02-19
      Comment=Nice and powerfull mail client.
      Comment[de]=Nettes und leistungsfaehiges E-Mail-Programm mit Fledermaus.
      DocPath=file:///home/johndoe/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/The Bat!/the_bat.chm
      ##Exec=wine '/home/johndoe/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/The Bat!/thebat32.exe' /nologo
      Exec=wine '/home/johndoe/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/The Bat!/thebat32.exe'
      GenericName=wine: Mail Client (32bit)
      GenericName[de]=wine: E-Mail-Programm (32bit)
      Icon=/home/johndoe/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/The Bat!/thebat.png
      Name=The Bat!
      Name[de]=The Bat!

      You also can copy'n'paste this into your terminal. Than use echo to do so and redirect the output into the desktop file. Later you can change the desktop file


      with your favourite text editor.
    10. To make the program icon work you need to do this in terminal:

      convert '/home/johndoe/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/The Bat!/thebat.ico' '/home/johndoe/thebat.png'
      mv '/home/johndoe/thebat-1.png' '/home/johndoe/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/The Bat!/thebat.png'
      rm /home/johndoe/thebat-?.png (<= yes, there is a question mark before the file extension .png)

      convert is part of the ImageMagick package. If this command fails you will have to install it.
    11. Now close the terminal.
    12. All is done.
  4. The way of *nix:

    This need more work and some knowledge about windows and and a lot about *nix and its file system.

    This part is inclomplete - Please stay tuned ....!

    (Work in progress - To be continued ...!)

last change: 2021-10-04

Use of Encryption with The Bat! - HowTo

To use proper encryption with The Bat! on wine simply install GnuPG:

  1. Download GnuPG for Windows - it's called GPG4win
  2. Install it via wine
  3. Create your keys
  4. Switch via The Bat!s configuration to GNU Privacy Guard (GPG)
  5. Activate in the account settings the use of OpenPGP for the accounts you want mails to encrypt, decrypt, sign or verify.

That's all.

32bit plugins are not working in 64bit The Bat! - Note

Please hold in mind:
32bit plugins are not working in 64bit The Bat!!
This is not a problem caused by wine.