Close Combat III: The Russian Front

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The Close Combat series has arrived, DRM-free on The Russian Front is a legendary top-down RTS classic chronicling the gruesome battles of WWII are finally back, exclusively on Known for their snappy AI, realistic sound design and well-researched scenarios, Close Combat games let you side with either the Germans or the Allies as you pull off smart tactical maneuvers and desperate acts of heroism.

Application Details:

Version: GOG 3.0b
License: Retail
Votes: 0
Latest Rating: Silver
Latest Wine Version Tested: 3.21-staging

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Test Results

Old test results
The test results you have selected are very old and may not represent the current state of Wine.
Selected Test Results

What works

The GOG installer. But the game doesn't launch

What does not

Game doesn't launch


Use a 32 bit wine prefix and install 32 bit libmpg.

I got further than the previous test by manually populating the registry based on the script in the install directory called "regs.cmd". For some reason the script won't execute in cmd, so it meant painstakingly entering each field and value with regedit.

What was not tested

Everything. Program doesn't run.

Hardware tested


  • GPU: Nvidia
  • Driver: open source

Additional Comments

Program doesn't launch. This is the output from the terminal.

002a:fixme:win:EnumDisplayDevicesW ((null),0,0x33f784,0x00000000), stub!
wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000010 at address 0x4a19be (thread 002a), starting debugger...
Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000010 in 32-bit code (0x004a19be).
Register dump:
 CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:0063 GS:006b
 EIP:004a19be ESP:0033fbdc EBP:0033fbe8 EFLAGS:00210206(  R- --  I   - -P- )
 EAX:00000000 EBX:000002d0 ECX:00000556 EDX:007474a8
 ESI:0000000c EDI:0033fcfc
Stack dump:
0x0033fbdc:  00747480 00000000 007474a8 0033fd18
0x0033fbec:  7cd87fdd 0033fc80 00000000 7cd00225
0x0033fbfc:  7cd87d8b 00000008 7cdba4d4 7cdba4cc
0x0033fc0c:  00000000 00000010 004a18ec 00000000
0x0033fc1c:  00162168 0000003c 0033fc4c 001551e8
0x0033fc2c:  00000073 00000073 7cde1000 00000000
=>0 0x004a19be in cc3 (+0xa19be) (0x0033fbe8)
  1 0x7cd87fdd in ddraw (+0x17fdc) (0x0033fd18)
  2 0x7cd8827c in ddraw (+0x1827b) (0x0033fd78)
  3 0x004a1a0f in cc3 (+0xa1a0e) (0x0033fda4)
  4 0x004a1a72 in cc3 (+0xa1a71) (0x0033fdb0)
  5 0x004459b1 in cc3 (+0x459b0) (0x0033fdf4)
  6 0x0043d0b1 in cc3 (+0x3d0b0) (0x0033fe2c)
  7 0x0043cff2 in cc3 (+0x3cff1) (0x0033fe34)
  8 0x0054ae38 in cc3 (+0x14ae37) (0x0033fec0)
  9 0x7b463802 call_process_entry+0x11() in kernel32 (0x0033fed8)
  10 0x7b4652bc in kernel32 (+0x452bb) (0x0033ffd8)
  11 0x7b46380e call_process_entry+0x1d() in kernel32 (0x0033ffec)
0x004a19be: movl        0x10(%eax),%ecx
Module  Address                 Debug info      Name (101 modules)
PE        400000-  623000       Export          cc3
PE      10000000-10020000       Deferred        ccrsrc
ELF     79d13000-7a800000       Deferred
ELF     7a800000-7a93f000       Deferred        opengl32
  \-PE  7a820000-7a93f000       \               opengl32
ELF     7b400000-7b7ef000       Dwarf           kernel32
  \-PE  7b420000-7b7ef000       \               kernel32
ELF     7bc00000-7bd02000       Deferred        ntdll
  \-PE  7bc10000-7bd02000       \               ntdll
ELF     7c000000-7c005000       Deferred       
ELF     7c7d9000-7c7e4000       Deferred
ELF     7c7e4000-7c801000       Deferred
ELF     7c985000-7c990000       Deferred
ELF     7c990000-7c99f000       Deferred
ELF     7c99f000-7c9c8000       Deferred
ELF     7c9c8000-7c9d1000       Deferred
ELF     7c9d1000-7c9d6000       Deferred
ELF     7c9d6000-7c9dd000       Deferred
ELF     7c9dd000-7c9e4000       Deferred
ELF     7c9e4000-7ca01000       Deferred
ELF     7ca01000-7ca20000       Deferred
ELF     7ca20000-7ca98000       Deferred
ELF     7caf5000-7cb57000       Deferred
ELF     7cb57000-7cb7a000       Deferred
ELF     7cb7a000-7cbde000       Deferred
ELF     7cbe1000-7cbe6000       Deferred
ELF     7cbe6000-7cbfb000       Deferred
ELF     7cc1b000-7cd6b000       Deferred        wined3d
  \-PE  7cc30000-7cd6b000       \               wined3d
ELF     7cd6b000-7cde4000       Dwarf           ddraw
  \-PE  7cd70000-7cde4000       \               ddraw
ELF     7cde4000-7cdeb000       Deferred
ELF     7cdeb000-7cdf7000       Deferred
ELF     7cdf7000-7ce0a000       Deferred
ELF     7ce0a000-7ce17000       Deferred
ELF     7ce17000-7ce23000       Deferred
ELF     7ce23000-7ce2a000       Deferred
ELF     7ce2a000-7ce31000       Deferred
ELF     7ce31000-7ce5d000       Deferred
ELF     7ce5d000-7cfaa000       Deferred
ELF     7cfaa000-7cfbf000       Deferred
ELF     7cfc2000-7cffc000       Deferred        uxtheme
  \-PE  7cfd0000-7cffc000       \               uxtheme
ELF     7cffc000-7d08d000       Deferred        winex11
  \-PE  7d010000-7d08d000       \               winex11
ELF     7d218000-7d254000       Deferred
ELF     7d254000-7d38e000       Deferred
ELF     7d38e000-7dd51000       Deferred        shell32
  \-PE  7d3a0000-7dd51000       \               shell32
ELF     7dd95000-7dd98000       Deferred
ELF     7dda2000-7ddee000       Deferred
ELF     7ddee000-7de66000       Deferred
ELF     7de66000-7df32000       Deferred
ELF     7df32000-7df4b000       Deferred
ELF     7df4b000-7df8b000       Deferred
ELF     7df8b000-7df9d000       Deferred
ELF     7df9d000-7e06d000       Deferred
ELF     7e06d000-7e0dd000       Deferred
ELF     7e11a000-7e15e000       Deferred        dplayx
  \-PE  7e120000-7e15e000       \               dplayx
ELF     7e15e000-7e183000       Deferred        imm32
  \-PE  7e170000-7e183000       \               imm32
ELF     7e183000-7e1ca000       Deferred        usp10
  \-PE  7e190000-7e1ca000       \               usp10
ELF     7e1ca000-7e308000       Deferred        comctl32
  \-PE  7e1d0000-7e308000       \               comctl32
ELF     7e308000-7e334000       Deferred        iphlpapi
  \-PE  7e310000-7e334000       \               iphlpapi
ELF     7e334000-7e370000       Deferred        ws2_32
  \-PE  7e340000-7e370000       \               ws2_32
ELF     7e370000-7e3e9000       Deferred        shlwapi
  \-PE  7e380000-7e3e9000       \               shlwapi
ELF     7e3e9000-7e414000       Deferred        msacm32
  \-PE  7e3f0000-7e414000       \               msacm32
ELF     7e414000-7e498000       Deferred        rpcrt4
  \-PE  7e420000-7e498000       \               rpcrt4
ELF     7e498000-7e5f6000       Deferred        ole32
  \-PE  7e4b0000-7e5f6000       \               ole32
ELF     7e5f6000-7e672000       Deferred        advapi32
  \-PE  7e600000-7e672000       \               advapi32
ELF     7e672000-7e7a2000       Deferred        gdi32
  \-PE  7e680000-7e7a2000       \               gdi32
ELF     7e7a2000-7e9ad000       Deferred        user32
  \-PE  7e7c0000-7e9ad000       \               user32
ELF     7e9ad000-7ea67000       Deferred        winmm
  \-PE  7e9c0000-7ea67000       \               winmm
ELF     7eee1000-7eef6000       Deferred
ELF     7eef6000-7efc3000       Deferred
ELF     7efc3000-7efc7000       Deferred
ELF     7efc9000-7efe5000       Deferred        wsock32
  \-PE  7efd0000-7efe5000       \               wsock32
ELF     7efe5000-7f000000       Deferred        version
  \-PE  7eff0000-7f000000       \               version
ELF     f7af0000-f7af5000       Deferred
ELF     f7afe000-f7b04000       Deferred
ELF     f7b07000-f7b10000       Deferred
ELF     f7b41000-f7d1e000       Deferred
ELF     f7d1e000-f7d3f000       Deferred
ELF     f7d3f000-f7ef6000       Dwarf 
ELF     f7ef8000-f7f22000       Deferred
ELF     f7f25000-f7f27000       Deferred        [vdso].so
process  tid      prio (all id:s are in hex)
0000000e services.exe
        00000020    0
        0000001b    0
        00000013    0
        00000010    0
        0000000f    0
00000011 winedevice.exe
        00000018    0
        00000017    0
        00000016    0
        00000012    0
00000019 plugplay.exe
        0000001d    0
        0000001c    0
        0000001a    0
0000001e winedevice.exe
        00000025    0
        00000022    0
        00000021    0
        0000001f    0
00000029 (D) C:\GOG Games\Close Combat 3\CC3.exe
        00000030    0
        0000002a    0 <==
0000002b explorer.exe
        0000002f    0
        0000002e    0
        0000002d    0
        0000002c    0
System information:
    Wine build: wine-3.17
    Platform: i386
    Version: Windows 7
    Host system: Linux
    Host version: 4.14.74-1-MANJARO

selected in Test Results table below
Operating systemTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?Used
ShowArch Linux x86_64Dec 26 20183.21-stagingYes Yes YesSilverJan Å imek 
CurrentManjaro LinuxDec 24 20183.21Yes No YesGarbageJonathan Geddes 
ShowSolusFeb 12 20183.1Yes No NoGarbageJakob Sinclair 

Known Bugs

Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected

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HowTo / Notes

  1. Install the game into a 32bit Wine prefix.
  2. Apply the latest patch 3.0b (optional) unless you are using the GOG release which is already patched.
  3. Open winecfg and create new configuration for CC3.exe. 
    • Go to the "Screen" tab in winecfg and check "Emulate virtual desktop". Leave the default values to 800x600, otherwise the game will crash.
    • NOTE: You can change the screen resolution later in the game's Options menu.
    • Set Windows version to Windows XP
  4. If using the GOG release:
    • go to the CC3 installation directory and remove "/reg:32" from every line in the regs.cmd script either manually or using sed: sed 's/\/reg:32//g' regs.cmd > regs2.cmd
    • run wineconsole regs2.cmd
  5. Now type into your terminal wine regedit and change the value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Microsoft Games/Close Combat/3.00/PlayVideos from 01 00 00 to 00 00 00 00.
    • NOTE: Yes, you will never see those great short movies, but if you don't change this value the game will crash immediately after start. 
  6. If not using the GOG release add the ISO mountpoint directory as CD-ROM drive in the winecfg->Drives tab. When the game starts complaining about the missing CD, click "browse" and select that drive.
  7. Now you can play the game!
Known Issues
  • I have experienced occasional crashes after playing for a while. This has probably something to do with saved games. After playing a scenario save it under a different name and if you experience crashes later on, load the backup, because this saved game is probably corrupted.
  • Upon exiting the game will crash. Don't worry it is going to start up again next time you play.


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GOG version and reg entries
by Antti on Saturday June 30th 2018, 7:38
Registry entries can be added in wineconsole by running regs.cmd. Had to strip "/reg:32" from all REG ADD lines, though.