SoftEther VPN Server Manager

Released 28th February 2019.

Application Details:

Version: 4.29
License: Free to use and share
Votes: 0
Latest Rating: Gold
Latest Wine Version Tested: 5.4

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What works

Everything. All server, hub & user management.

What does not


What was not tested

Clustering, Layer 3 switching.

Hardware tested


  • GPU: Nvidia
  • Driver: proprietary

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Operating systemTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?Used
ShowFedora 32 x86_64Apr 04 20205.4Yes Yes YesGoldLuiz Eduardo Gava 
ShowGentoo Linux x86_64Jun 14 20194.0.1Yes Yes YesGoldLeonid 
CurrentUbuntu 18.04 "Bionic" amd64 (+variants like Kubuntu)May 21 20194.8Yes Yes NoPlatinumEd Lee 
ShowUbuntu 18.04 "Bionic" amd64 (+variants like Kubuntu)Feb 19 20194.0Yes Yes NoPlatinumEd Lee 

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The application crashes when creating the first VPN configuration
by Bruno on Saturday September 26th 2020, 10:07
I installed wine and all it's dependencies, installed the 4.29 windows version of softether, it ran ok, but when I was prompted to create a virtual VPN it crashes in the proccess, this is the log:

Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000000 in 64-bit code (0x0000000140221259).Register dump:rip:0000000140221259 rsp:000000000022eb90 rbp:000000000022ffd0 eflags:00010206 ( R- -- I - -P- )rax:0000000000000000 rbx:0000000000000008 rcx:0000000001e57500 rdx:0000000000000010rsi:00007fffffea8000 rdi:0000000140000000 r8:0000000001fa0000 r9:0000000001e60000 r10:0000000000000002r11:0000000001e57560 r12:0000000000000000 r13:0000000000000000 r14:0000000000000000 r15:0000000000000000Stack dump:0x000000000022eb90: 0000000000000000 00000000000000000x000000000022eba0: 0000000000000000 00000000000000000x000000000022ebb0: 0000000000000000 00000000000000000x000000000022ebc0: 0000000000000000 0000000001e575000x000000000022ebd0: 0000000000000000 00000000000000000x000000000022ebe0: 0000000000000000 00000000000000000x000000000022ebf0: 0000000000000000 00000000000000000x000000000022ec00: 0000000000000000 00000000000000000x000000000022ec10: 0000000001e574e8 00000000006900e80x000000000022ec20: 000000000022ed50 000000007bc6a1140x000000000022ec30: 0000000000000000 00000000000000000x000000000022ec40: 0000000000000000 0000000000000000Backtrace:=>0 0x0000000140221259 in driver_installer (+0x221259) (0x000000000022ffd0)1 0x0000000140221107 in driver_installer (+0x221106) (0x000000000022ffd0)2 0x000000014021c993 in driver_installer (+0x21c992) (0x000000000022ffd0)3 0x000000014021c81d in driver_installer (+0x21c81c) (0x000000000022ffd0)4 0x000000014000112c in driver_installer (+0x112b) (0x000000000022ffd0)5 0x00000001400014a2 in driver_installer (+0x14a1) (0x000000000022ffd0)6 0x00000001400015a9 in driver_installer (+0x15a8) (0x000000000022ffd0)7 0x00000001403c3267 in driver_installer (+0x3c3266) (0x000000000022ffd0)8 0x000000007b456bce __wine_start_process+0x3bd() in kernel32 (0x000000000022ffd0)0x0000000140221259: movl (%rax),%eaxModules:Module Address Debug info Name (125 modules)PE 10c0000- 10de000 Deferred dwmapiPE 10e0000- 1752000 Deferred msiPE 1760000- 1816000 Deferred wintrustPE 61d00000- 61d43000 Deferred sxsPE 61f40000- 61f63000 Deferred wtsapi32PE 62140000- 621dc000 Deferred uxthemePE 62580000- 625b2000 Deferred mspatchaPE 62600000- 626ef000 Deferred usp10PE 62740000- 62772000 Deferred imagehlpPE 63100000- 6311b000 Deferred newdevPE 637c0000- 63942000 Deferred winmmPE 64940000- 64988000 Deferred shcorePE 65000000- 655ab000 Deferred ole32PE 65780000- 6579f000 Deferred versionPE 66440000- 664a7000 Deferred msacm32PE 68a40000- 68b71000 Deferred shlwapiPE 69c80000- 69c8f000 Deferred icmpPE 6a100000- 6a545000 Deferred oleaut32PE 6a700000- 6a8d3000 Deferred setupapiPE 6acc0000- 6acd2000 Deferred psapiPE 6b2c0000- 6b4c5000 Deferred wininetPE 6b6c0000- 6b914000 Deferred comdlg32PE 6bec0000- 6bf0c000 Deferred imm32PE 6d9c0000- 6da19000 Deferred mprPE 6dfc0000- 6e021000 Deferred cabinetPE 6e6c0000- 6eb53000 Deferred comctl32PE 6f080000- 6f0cc000 Deferred odbccp32PE 6fbc0000- 6fdfc000 Deferred rpcrt4PE 71140000- 71423000 Deferred urlmonPE 7b000000- 7b2fa000 Deferred kernelbaseELF 7b400000- 7b67c000 Dwarf kernel32\-PE 7b410000- 7b67c000 \ kernel32ELF 7bc00000- 7bec7000 Deferred ntdll\-PE 7bc20000- 7bec7000 \ ntdllELF 7c000000- 7c004000 Deferred PE 140000000- 140523000 Export driver_installerELF 7feba8c00000- 7feba8e12000 Deferred 7feba8e12000- 7feba9019000 Deferred 7feba9019000- 7feba921c000 Deferred 7feba921c000- 7feba9242000 Deferred bcrypt\-PE 7feba9220000- 7feba9242000 \ bcryptELF 7feba9242000- 7feba9346000 Deferred crypt32\-PE 7feba9250000- 7feba9346000 \ crypt32ELF 7feba9346000- 7feba93cf000 Deferred dbghelp\-PE 7feba9350000- 7feba93cf000 \ dbghelpELF 7feba93cf000- 7feba941e000 Deferred secur32\-PE 7feba93e0000- 7feba941e000 \ secur32ELF 7feba9464000- 7feba9679000 Deferred 7feba9679000- 7feba9995000 Deferred 7feba9995000- 7feba9bb1000 Deferred 7feba9bb1000- 7feba9dd7000 Deferred 7feba9dd7000- 7febaa05b000 Deferred 7febaa05b000- 7febaa263000 Deferred 7febaa263000- 7febaa47e000 Deferred 7febaa47e000- 7febaa682000 Deferred 7febaa682000- 7febaa8cf000 Deferred 7febaa8cf000- 7febaab50000 Deferred 7febaab50000- 7febaad84000 Deferred 7febaad84000- 7febaafba000 Deferred 7febaafba000- 7febab1cd000 Deferred 7febab1cd000- 7febab54b000 Deferred 7febab54b000- 7febab768000 Deferred 7febab768000- 7febaba97000 Deferred 7febaba97000- 7febabca2000 Deferred 7febabca2000- 7febabea6000 Deferred 7febabea6000- 7febac0d8000 Deferred 7febac0d8000- 7febac3ae000 Deferred 7febac3ae000- 7febac5bf000 Deferred 7febac5bf000- 7febac7cb000 Deferred 7febac7cb000- 7febacb31000 Deferred 7febacb31000- 7febacd7c000 Deferred 7febacd7c000- 7febad008000 Deferred 7febad026000- 7febad22c000 Deferred 7febad22c000- 7febad436000 Deferred 7febad436000- 7febad646000 Deferred 7febad646000- 7febad849000 Deferred 7febad849000- 7febada54000 Deferred 7febada54000- 7febadc5e000 Deferred 7febadc5e000- 7febade64000 Deferred 7febade64000- 7febae067000 Deferred 7febae067000- 7febae26f000 Deferred 7febae26f000- 7febae484000 Deferred 7febae484000- 7febae68a000 Deferred 7febae68a000- 7febae88e000 Deferred 7febae88e000- 7febaeab6000 Deferred 7febaeab6000- 7febaedee000 Deferred 7febaedee000- 7febaf000000 Deferred 7febaf000000- 7febaf01c000 Deferred kerberos\-PE 7febaf010000- 7febaf01c000 \ kerberosELF 7febaf01e000- 7febaf0e1000 Deferred winex11\-PE 7febaf030000- 7febaf0e1000 \ winex11ELF 7febaf15c000- 7febaf38e000 Deferred 7febaf38e000- 7febaf5d3000 Deferred 7febaf5d3000- 7febaf7f0000 Deferred 7febaf7f0000- 7febafa22000 Deferred 7febafa22000- 7febafcd6000 Deferred 7febafcd6000- 7febafd07000 Deferred iphlpapi\-PE 7febafce0000- 7febafd07000 \ iphlpapiELF 7febafd07000- 7febafd4f000 Deferred netapi32\-PE 7febafd10000- 7febafd4f000 \ netapi32ELF 7febafd4f000- 7febafd8f000 Deferred ws2_32\-PE 7febafd60000- 7febafd8f000 \ ws2_32ELF 7febafd8f000- 7febafded000 Deferred winspool\-PE 7febafda0000- 7febafded000 \ winspoolELF 7febafded000- 7febb082c000 Deferred shell32\-PE 7febafe10000- 7febb082c000 \ shell32ELF 7febb082c000- 7febb0aae000 Deferred user32\-PE 7febb0850000- 7febb0aae000 \ user32ELF 7febb0aae000- 7febb0b8f000 Deferred msvcrt\-PE 7febb0ad0000- 7febb0b8f000 \ msvcrtELF 7febb0b8f000- 7febb0c20000 Deferred advapi32\-PE 7febb0ba0000- 7febb0c20000 \ advapi32ELF 7febb0d20000- 7febb0ec8000 Deferred gdi32\-PE 7febb0d40000- 7febb0ec8000 \ gdi32ELF 7febb0fc8000- 7febb11da000 Deferred 7febb11da000- 7febb13f4000 Deferred 7febb13f4000- 7febb1600000 Deferred 7febb1600000- 7febb180a000 Deferred 7febb1ce9000- 7febb1f01000 Deferred 7febb1f01000- 7febb229f000 Deferred 7febb22a1000- 7febb24a5000 Deferred 7febb24a5000- 7febb2896000 Deferred 7febb2896000- 7febb2ab5000 Deferred 7febb2ad3000- 7febb2e74000 Dwarf 7febb2e76000- 7febb30a0000 Deferred tid prio (all id:s are in hex)00000010 services.exe0000002f 00000002a 000000027 00000001f 000000015 000000012 000000011 000000013 plugplay.exe00000019 000000018 000000014 00000001a vpnclient_x64.exe00000057 000000056 000000055 000000054 000000047 000000043 00000003d 00000003c 00000003b 00000003a 000000035 -1500000034 000000033 000000026 1500000021 000000020 00000001b 00000001c explorer.exe00000025 000000024 00000001e 00000001d 000000022 winedevice.exe0000002c 00000002b 000000029 000000028 000000023 00000002d winedevice.exe00000032 000000031 000000030 00000002e 000000036 vpncmgr_x64.exe00000050 000000042 000000041 00000003e 1500000037 000000038 vpncmgr_x64.exe00000060 000000051 000000046 000000045 00000003f 1500000039 000000049 vpnclient_x64.exe00000053 000000052 00000004f 00000004e 00000004d 150000004b 00000006b (D) C:\users\bruno\Temp\VPN_7D37\driver_installer.exe00000071 00000006e 00000006d 150000006c 0