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BYOND Suite version 512.xxxx (aka 512.xxxx) stable branch.

Application Details:

Version: 512.XXXX Stable
License: Free to use and share
Votes: 0
Latest Rating: Bronze
Latest Wine Version Tested: 5.14-staging

Maintainers: About Maintainership

Free Download A link to the 512 build repository

Test Results

Old test results
The test results you have selected are very old and may not represent the current state of Wine.
Selected Test Results

What works

Everything tested: Login, launching a Space Station 13 game

What does not

Performance is abysmal: Launched Space Station 13 game ran consistently with ~0,25fps and according input lag. None of the different video and WINE configurations I tried changed anything:

  • CSMT vs no-CSMT (Toggled using the winecfg option in wine-staging – when CSMT was enabled the dreamseeker.exe process would additionally consume 100% CPU on one core, but this would not impact the frame rate in any way.)
  • Hardware vs Software rendering (Toggled using MESA's LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 environmental setting.)
  • 32- vs 64-bit WINEPREFIX
  • WINE stable vs devel vs staging


Used the equivalent of winetricks wsh57 mfc42 vcrun6 ie8 to prepare the environment. Tested both a clean 32-bit WINEPREFIX and my regular 64-bit WINEPREFIX (yes, I actually maned to install ie8 there…).

What was not tested

Any real gameplay as it was just not possible/bearable.

Hardware tested


  • GPU: AMD
  • Driver: open source

Additional Comments

Also tested with 5.14 devel (non-staging) and 5.0.1 stable versions of WINE. Rating is Bronze as it was technically working, just unusable in practice. The desktop environment used was KDE Plasma 5.19 with the KWin Wayland compositor – running under X11 way not tested.


Some notes on the previously suggested winetricks recipe:

  • The wsh56 and jscript winetricks verbs are deprecated aliases of wsh57 and are not required anymore.
  • Installing ie7 through winetricks does not work anymore, but one can directly install ie8 and BYOND will then launch successfully and show its webviews.
  • As mentioned, it is possible to also perform this recipe on a 64-bit WINEPREFIX – with identical results –, but then installing Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Server 2003 64-bit is a huge pain due to lack of winetricks support for this.

selected in Test Results table below
Operating systemTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?Used
CurrentDebian GNU/Linux Unstable "Sid" x86_64Aug 12 20205.14-stagingYes Yes YesBronzeAlexander Schlarb 
ShowArch Linux x86_64Feb 03 20205.0-stagingYes Yes YesGoldAssaf Y 
ShowUbuntu 18.04 "Bionic" i386 (+variants like Kubuntu)Jun 22 20194.0.1Yes Yes NoSilverAnton Pivovarov 
ShowManjaro Linux 18.0.0Mar 20 20194.2-stagingYes Yes YesSilverAlex Cooper 

Known Bugs

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The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. WineHQ is not responsible for what they say.

Some more SS13 /tg/station workarounds & tips
by Andrew Smart on Sunday December 6th 2020, 23:47
The BYOND cache problem I mentioned might be along the lines of this:
Really awful. Besides re-downloading the same big files into cache over and over again, there is a separate BYOND problem. BYOND fills up the disk with duplicate byond.N.rsc (where N=1...100 or whatever) ~80MB files and creates a ton of empty tmpXXX folders when exiting the game session for some weird reason.

IIRC just use wine-staging 5.17.2~stretch, winetricks ie8 and directx (I don't recall which directx). Nothing along the lines of or lutris

On certain servers the FPS had been awful, I assume due to an unsupported shader on my hardware, or not having MaxVersionGL to 3 in the registry editor as mentioned by Amidaychi in the byond forum posts above.

There are other JavaScript problems I experience on Yogstation (a /tg/station derivative), at present the rapid pipe dispenser icons are missing, the camera consoles don't work, and there is also a not implemented error when attempting to apply a chromosome to a mutation in genetics.

When troubleshooting a JavaScript error, I suggest instead of having the .js file condensed as one line (tgui.bundle.js or whatever), you instead have it cached and run js-beautify on it to un-condense the JavaScript, so that error messages will now have a line number other than 1 and point you to where the problem code is. I'm not sure how to set up tgui for development, but this works well enough for me to get rid of the problems preventing the in-game interface from functioning good enough. The blue-screen NTOS error will have a ".js:#" suffix indicating the line number of the problem and look like this:

Within the BYOND directory (parent to the cache folder) I keep the local copies of the css/js files, and this script to copy the files in:
#!/usr/bin/env bash
f=`(find cache -name tmp* -print &) | head -n 1` #Find the first folder named like tmpXXX
echo "$f"
cp asset.1c341d4cf2c36f562f588bcd7df64c8f.js "$f"
cp asset.1d1a338a8de45d23c32cb4658bf2cbc4.js "$f"
cp asset.72e420828cf5818574f4578703b8bc63.css "$f"
cp tgui-window-1.html "$f"
cp tgui-window-2.html "$f"
cp tgui-window-3.html "$f"

But I have to run it a few times after starting dreamseeker after I load a few interfaces, as it has to cache them first. If I see a messy interface (white or without css styling) then I re-run the script and re-click on the pop-up interface. After around 3 hours of playtime I get one of two errors:
*A white screen with black text like: "Please use a browser which supports JavaScript..." or,
*A tgui blue-screen NTOS error saying Mono.NET ran out of memory. There is memory leak somewhere, and Mono legit runs out of permissible memory. With .NET you can increase the memory limit via a setting, but due to the memory leak you'll always run out if you play long enough, and have to exit and re-join the session.

I could probably write a better script for handling the cache using folder/file watchers so I don't have to re-run the script manually so often. But, this is my present working workaround so I'm sharing it here. Looking at tgui they seem to have code and comments intentionally support IE8 thankfully so I think those developers may be happy to fix any of these JavaScript errors/lines which don't work on IE8 on WINE when brought to their attention.
I play on yogstation with some workarounds
by Andrew Smart on Tuesday December 1st 2020, 12:35
There is a bug with asset cache or something... a BYOND issue not wine. But here are my workarounds for the in-game popup HTML interfaces being completely white:
Line 13228 of tgui.bundle.js has an error, says not implemented, here is context:
return d.componentDidMount = function() {
var e = this.props.value,
t = this.inputRef.current;
t && (t.value = c(e)), this.props.autoFocus && setTimeout((function() {
return t.focus() #line 13228 not implemented.
}), 1)

So I changed this "return t.focus()" to "return t".

Next remove the "" from the following in tgui-window-1.html and tgui-window-2.html, so the local files with our edit are used:

Byond.loadJs('', true);
Byond.loadJs('', true);
Byond.loadCss('', true);

And retrieve those files and keep local copies in the /BYOND/cache/tmp1092/ folder (tmp1092 folder name changes every session). There used to be a tgui.bundle.js in the BYOND/cache but I reason they changed that to asset.1d1a338a8de45d23c32cb4658bf2cbc4.js, so I replaced that that t.focus() in that file.

And there is another bug where BYOND keeps downloading the same ~113.2MB file with a random name like "6768F769" which is then merged into http_cache.rsc. It tries to downoad this every game session, which will result in a many GB cache... to stop that lag-inducing and space hogging annoyance:
sudo tcpkill host
sudo tcpkill host
sudo tcpkill host
Those commands kill any connection from (IIRC) (for asset downloads), so only do this after the assets were downloaded completely once.

And the last issue I've noticed is that over time as they change things, the IE cache must be cleared out. The symptom of this problem is also the in-game popup HTML interfaces being completely white. This is a BYOND problem. I think I delete all folders in /drive_c/users/username/Local Settings/Temporary Internet Files/Content.IE5/

I have no FPS problems, everything works well as far as I can tell. On other servers they may have other HTML popup problems... like those "bluescreen" NTOS displays instead of a white screen. No idea what workarounds you might have to do on other servers, or if they might be similar.
Missing Network File
by Scansoriopteryx on Wednesday April 22nd 2020, 23:24
I have followed the steps above on a Mac using Wine Stable 5.0 and I seem to be missing the Network folder containing UseDNSComputerName in my Wine regedit. You mention that "you may need to download some prerequisites," but since I am new to using Wine, I don't understand what these would be. I will attach the Program Error Details below:

Unhandled exception: page fault on write access to 0x00000000 in 32-bit code (0x6aaa5a15).
Register dump:
CS:001b SS:0023 DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:1007 GS:000f
EIP:6aaa5a15 ESP:0031a380 EBP:0031a398 EFLAGS:00010293( R- -- I S -A- -C)
EAX:06669414 EBX:6abd6d68 ECX:00000000 EDX:00000000
ESI:6aaa59ae EDI:06669410
Stack dump:
0x0031a380: 6abd6d88 00000000 6abd6d88 6abd6d68
0x0031a390: 00010076 0031a5a0 0031a508 6aab344e
0x0031a3a0: 6abd6d68 06669410 0031a450 00000000
0x0031a3b0: 0031a5a0 0031a470 0031a41c 00000002
0x0031a3c0: 00110000 00000002 0031a428 7bc4b2a0
0x0031a3d0: 000001ed 000000c1 00000401 00000271
0200: sel=1007 base=7ffc0000 limit=00000fff 32-bit rw-
=>0 0x6aaa5a15 register_window_surface+0x75() in user32 (0x0031a398)
1 0x6aab344e set_window_pos+0x78d() in user32 (0x0031a508)
2 0x6aab4371 USER_SetWindowPos+0xcc0() in user32 (0x0031a648)
3 0x6aab0153 SetWindowPos+0x482() in user32 (0x0031a6b8)
4 0x6bbfab60 macdrv_SysCommand+0x62f() in winemac (0x0031a7e8)
5 0x6aa7e943 NC_HandleSysCommand+0xb2() in user32 (0x0031a818)
6 0x6aa38bfa DEFWND_DefWinProc+0x509() in user32 (0x0031a8b8)
7 0x6aa38131 DefWindowProcA+0x400() in user32 (0x0031a938)
8 0x6aa37028 DefDlgProcA+0x257() in user32 (0x0031a978)
9 0x6aab678c WINPROC_wrapper+0x1b() in user32 (0x0031a9a8)
10 0x6aab7aec call_window_proc+0xbb() in user32 (0x0031a9e8)
11 0x6aab8efe CallWindowProcA+0x8d() in user32 (0x0031aa34)
12 0x00e94174 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in mfc120 (0x0031aa54)
13 0x00e950e1 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in mfc120 (0x0031aa70)
14 0x1004164f EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in byondwin (0x0031aa8c)
15 0x00e936ad EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in mfc120 (0x0031aafc)
16 0x00e938cf EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in mfc120 (0x0031ab1c)
17 0x00d93a36 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in mfc120 (0x0031ab58)
18 0x6aab678c WINPROC_wrapper+0x1b() in user32 (0x0031ab88)
19 0x6aab7aec call_window_proc+0xbb() in user32 (0x0031abc8)
20 0x6aab838b WINPROC_CallProcWtoA+0x52a() in user32 (0x0031b078)
21 0x6aab7d8d WINPROC_call_window+0x21c() in user32 (0x0031b0c8)
22 0x6aa77f9e call_window_proc+0x8d() in user32 (0x0031b128)
23 0x6aa6f89e send_message+0x11d() in user32 (0x0031b198)
24 0x6aa6fb8a SendMessageW+0x59() in user32 (0x0031b1f8)
25 0x6aa7e0b2 NC_HandleNCLButtonDown+0x61() in user32 (0x0031b248)
26 0x6aa38b8a DEFWND_DefWinProc+0x499() in user32 (0x0031b2e8)
27 0x6aa38131 DefWindowProcA+0x400() in user32 (0x0031b368)
28 0x6aa376fb DEFDLG_Proc+0x6ca() in user32 (0x0031b3a8)
29 0x6aa37001 DefDlgProcA+0x230() in user32 (0x0031b3e8)
30 0x6aab678c WINPROC_wrapper+0x1b() in user32 (0x0031b418)
31 0x6aab7aec call_window_proc+0xbb() in user32 (0x0031b458)
32 0x6aab8efe CallWindowProcA+0x8d() in user32 (0x0031b4a4)
33 0x00e94174 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in mfc120 (0x0031b4c4)
34 0x00e950e1 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in mfc120 (0x0031b4e0)
35 0x1004164f EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in byondwin (0x0031b4fc)
36 0x00e936ad EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in mfc120 (0x0031b56c)
37 0x00e938cf EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in mfc120 (0x0031b58c)
38 0x00d93a36 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in mfc120 (0x0031b5c8)
39 0x6aab678c WINPROC_wrapper+0x1b() in user32 (0x0031b5f8)
40 0x6aab7aec call_window_proc+0xbb() in user32 (0x0031b638)
41 0x6aab7ddd WINPROC_call_window+0x26c() in user32 (0x0031b688)
42 0x6aa767ad DispatchMessageA+0xcc() in user32 (0x0031b71c)
43 0x00e82d8c EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in mfc120 (0x0031b750)
44 0x00e3a745 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in mfc120 (0x0031b768)
45 0x00e3a9c8 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in mfc120 (0x0031b7bc)
46 0x0042fae9 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in byond (0x0031fed0)
47 0x00ea6300 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in mfc120 (0x0031fee4)
48 0x0044a1d0 in byond (+0x4a1cf) (0x0031ff30)
49 0x7b43fa32 call_process_entry+0x11() in kernel32 (0x0031ff48)
50 0x7b43fba9 start_process+0x138() in kernel32 (0x0031ffdc)
51 0x7b43fa4a __wine_start_process+0x9() in kernel32 (0x0031ffec)
0x6aaa5a15 register_window_surface+0x75 in user32: movl %eax,0x0(%ecx)
Module Address Debug info Name (310 modules)
PE 320000- 332000 Deferred msimg32
PE 400000- 577000 Export byond
PE 580000- 8c0000 Deferred byondcore
PE 8c0000- a9b000 Deferred byondext
PE aa0000- b11000 Deferred msvcp120
PE c60000- 109d000 Export mfc120
PE 10a0000- 1132000 Deferred oleaut32
PE 1380000- 155d000 Deferred comdlg32
PE 1560000- 167c000 Deferred d3dcompiler_47
PE 1ac0000- 1c02000 Deferred setupapi
PE 2050000- 2ae1000 Deferred ieframe
PE 32a0000- 384c000 Deferred mshtml
PE 3850000- 3879000 Deferred msls31
PE 3890000- 389f000 Deferred psapi
PE 3a70000- 3a9f000 Deferred iepeers
PE 3aa0000- 3aa9000 Deferred normaliz
PE 3c10000- 3c2f000 Deferred msxml
PE 4070000- 4082000 Deferred atl
PE 4100000- 4173000 Deferred ddrawex
PE 5a60000- 5baa000 Deferred cryptui
PE 5e50000- 5e6e000 Deferred rasapi32
PE 5fc0000- 5ffb000 Deferred netprofm
PE 10000000-101d7000 Export byondwin
PE 1a400000-1a532000 Deferred urlmon
PE 1b000000-1b00c000 Deferred imgutil
PE 1b060000-1b06e000 Deferred pngfilt
ELF 201df000-20200000 Deferred bcrypt
\-PE 201e0000-201fc000 \ bcrypt
ELF 21bcc000-21cb0000 Deferred msxml3
\-PE 21bd0000-21c86000 \ msxml3
PE 21d73000-21f49000 Deferred glengine
PE 21f49000-22645000 Deferred appleintelbdwgraphicsgldriver
PE 2355b000-23582000 Deferred libpng15.15.dylib
ELF 23582000-236f1000 Deferred wined3d
\-PE 23590000-236d1000 \ wined3d
ELF 23ae4000-23bd3000 Deferred crypt32
\-PE 23af0000-23bbc000 \ crypt32
PE 35c50000-35c89000 Deferred dxtrans
PE 35cb0000-35d07000 Deferred dxtmsft
PE 5dca0000-5de88000 Deferred iertutil
PE 62340000-623a8000 Deferred uxtheme
PE 624c0000-6252d000 Deferred d3dxof
PE 62800000-6289d000 Deferred usp10
PE 62d40000-62f6b000 Deferred d3dx9_43
PE 63000000-630e6000 Deferred wininet
PE 63380000-63434000 Deferred jscript
PE 639c0000-63ae7000 Deferred winmm
PE 64b40000-64b72000 Deferred shcore
PE 65200000-655f4000 Deferred ole32
PE 65980000-65997000 Deferred version
PE 66340000-663a0000 Deferred mlang
PE 66640000-66689000 Deferred msacm32
PE 66cc0000-66e9b000 Deferred ddraw
PE 67300000-67376000 Deferred atl100
ELF 68001000-68004000 Deferred
PE 68004000-681b5000 Deferred libwine.1.0.dylib
ELF 687c2000-687ee000 Deferred iphlpapi
\-PE 687d0000-687e7000 \ iphlpapi
ELF 6a882000-6a8c1000 Deferred ws2_32
\-PE 6a890000-6a8ba000 \ ws2_32
ELF 6aa00000-6ac2e000 Stabs user32
\-PE 6aa10000-6ac00000 \ user32
ELF 6ac2e000-6ad78000 Deferred gdi32
\-PE 6ac30000-6ad5d000 \ gdi32
ELF 6ad78000-6adff000 Deferred advapi32
\-PE 6ad80000-6ade3000 \ advapi32
ELF 6adff000-6aec2000 Deferred msvcrt
\-PE 6ae00000-6ae9c000 \ msvcrt
ELF 6aec2000-6afc3000 Deferred msvcr120
\-PE 6aed0000-6af86000 \ msvcr120
ELF 6afc3000-6b9c1000 Deferred shell32
\-PE 6afd0000-6b96c000 \ shell32
ELF 6b9c1000-6ba15000 Deferred winspool
\-PE 6b9d0000-6ba0b000 \ winspool
ELF 6ba15000-6bb34000 Deferred ucrtbase
\-PE 6ba20000-6bae8000 \ ucrtbase
PE 6bb34000-6bbbd000 Deferred libfreetype.6.dylib
ELF 6bbbd000-6bc86000 Stabs winemac
\-PE 6bbc0000-6bc55000 \ winemac
PE 6c0c0000-6c0f3000 Deferred imm32
PE 6c2c0000-6c2e0000 Deferred wsock32
PE 6e8c0000-6ebbf000 Deferred comctl32
PE 6fdc0000-6ff4d000 Deferred rpcrt4
PE 77760000-778d0000 Deferred shdocvw
PE 77f60000-77fd6000 Deferred shlwapi
ELF 7a800000-7a8f3000 Deferred opengl32
\-PE 7a810000-7a8b3000 \ opengl32
PE 7ac00000-7adbf000 Deferred riched20
PE 7b000000-7b215000 Deferred kernelbase
ELF 7b400000-7b693000 Stabs kernel32
\-PE 7b410000-7b648000 \ kernel32
ELF 7bc00000-7be8f000 Deferred ntdll
\-PE 7bc10000-7be61000 \ ntdll
ELF 7c400000-7c404000 Deferred
PE 902a1000-902a2000 Deferred accelerate
PE 902a2000-902b8000 Deferred libcginterfaces.dylib
PE 902b8000-90baa000 Deferred vimage
PE 90baa000-90cc6000 Deferred libblas.dylib
PE 90cc6000-90d00000 Deferred libbnns.dylib
PE 90d00000-91053000 Deferred liblapack.dylib
PE 91053000-91069000 Deferred liblinearalgebra.dylib
PE 91069000-91082000 Deferred libsparseblas.dylib
PE 91082000-9121a000 Deferred libvdsp.dylib
PE 9121a000-913dc000 Deferred libvmisc.dylib
PE 913dc000-913dd000 Deferred veclib
PE 91490000-921db000 Deferred appkit
PE 9222c000-9222d000 Deferred applicationservices
PE 9222d000-92299000 Deferred ats
PE 9229b000-923b4000 Deferred libfontparser.dylib
PE 923b4000-923f9000 Deferred libfontregistry.dylib
PE 92445000-92477000 Deferred libtruetypescaler.dylib
PE 924dd000-924e3000 Deferred colorsynclegacy
PE 92587000-925e0000 Deferred hiservices
PE 925e0000-925ef000 Deferred langanalysis
PE 925ef000-92644000 Deferred printcore
PE 92644000-926df000 Deferred qd
PE 926df000-926ec000 Deferred speechsynthesis
PE 926ec000-92910000 Deferred audiotoolbox
PE 92911000-92912000 Deferred audiounit
PE 92a41000-92dbc000 Deferred cfnetwork
PE 92dd0000-92dd1000 Deferred carbon
PE 92dd1000-92ddb000 Deferred carbonsound
PE 92ddb000-92de0000 Deferred commonpanels
PE 92de0000-93163000 Deferred hitoolbox
PE 93163000-931b4000 Deferred htmlrendering
PE 931b4000-931b8000 Deferred help
PE 931b8000-931be000 Deferred imagecapture
PE 931be000-9325a000 Deferred ink
PE 9325a000-93294000 Deferred navigationservices
PE 93294000-932af000 Deferred openscripting
PE 932af000-932b5000 Deferred print
PE 932b5000-932b8000 Deferred securityhi
PE 932b8000-932bf000 Deferred speechrecognition
PE 932cc000-93422000 Deferred colorsync
PE 93422000-934aa000 Deferred coreaudio
PE 93505000-9350b000 Deferred corebluetooth
PE 9350b000-9380b000 Deferred coredata
PE 9380b000-93812000 Deferred coredisplay
PE 93812000-93c4c000 Deferred corefoundation
PE 93c4d000-94301000 Deferred coregraphics
PE 94302000-945b1000 Deferred coreimage
PE 947e7000-947e8000 Deferred coreservices
PE 947e8000-94864000 Deferred ae
PE 94864000-94b44000 Deferred carboncore
PE 94b44000-94b8d000 Deferred dictionaryservices
PE 94b8d000-94b96000 Deferred fsevents
PE 94b96000-94cf3000 Deferred launchservices
PE 94cf3000-94d92000 Deferred metadata
PE 94d92000-94dde000 Deferred osservices
PE 94dde000-94e48000 Deferred searchkit
PE 94e48000-94e6b000 Deferred sharedfilelist
PE 94e6b000-94fc5000 Deferred coretext
PE 94fc5000-95006000 Deferred corevideo
PE 95006000-95094000 Deferred corewlan
PE 95177000-95181000 Deferred diskarbitration
PE 95191000-954f7000 Deferred foundation
PE 95537000-95567000 Deferred gss
PE 95593000-956aa000 Deferred iobluetooth
PE 95710000-957a7000 Deferred iokit
PE 957a8000-957b8000 Deferred iosurface
PE 9580b000-95994000 Deferred imageio
PE 95994000-95999000 Deferred libgif.dylib
PE 95999000-95a7f000 Deferred libjp2.dylib
PE 95a7f000-95aa5000 Deferred libjpeg.dylib
PE 95aa5000-95acc000 Deferred libpng.dylib
PE 95acc000-95acf000 Deferred libradiance.dylib
PE 95acf000-95b1b000 Deferred libtiff.dylib
PE 962f6000-96310000 Deferred kerberos
PE 96a4e000-96aef000 Deferred metal
PE 96af0000-96afd000 Deferred netfs
PE 98bbc000-98bc5000 Deferred libcldcpuengine.dylib
PE 98bc5000-98c1b000 Deferred opencl
PE 98c1b000-98c37000 Deferred cfopendirectory
PE 98c37000-98c43000 Deferred opendirectory
PE 995b7000-995ba000 Deferred libcvmspluginsupport.dylib
PE 995ba000-995bf000 Deferred libcorefscache.dylib
PE 995bf000-995c4000 Deferred libcorevmclient.dylib
PE 995c4000-995cd000 Deferred libgfxshared.dylib
PE 995cd000-995da000 Deferred libgl.dylib
PE 995da000-99615000 Deferred libglimage.dylib
PE 99615000-99794000 Deferred libglprogrammability.dylib
PE 99794000-997d6000 Deferred libglu.dylib
PE 9a197000-9a1a7000 Deferred opengl
PE 9a1a7000-9a1d2000 Deferred glrendererfloat
PE 9ad53000-9afa2000 Deferred quartzcore
PE 9b43b000-9b711000 Deferred security
PE 9b711000-9b782000 Deferred securityfoundation
PE 9b7aa000-9b7af000 Deferred servicemanagement
PE 9b8e2000-9b951000 Deferred systemconfiguration
PE 9de81000-9df37000 Deferred apfs
PE 9e656000-9e685000 Deferred apple80211
PE 9e686000-9e691000 Deferred applefscompression
PE 9e78d000-9e7cc000 Deferred applejpeg
PE 9e913000-9e91c000 Deferred backgroundtaskmanagement
PE 9e91c000-9e9b6000 Deferred backup
PE 9eaf1000-9eafb000 Deferred commonauth
PE 9ef78000-9ef8a000 Deferred coreemoji
PE 9eff4000-9f05c000 Deferred corenlp
PE 9f107000-9f13a000 Deferred coreservicesinternal
PE 9f13a000-9f1c2000 Deferred coresymbolication
PE 9f1c2000-9f2e6000 Deferred coreui
PE 9f2e6000-9f3c1000 Deferred coreutils
PE 9f410000-9f46d000 Deferred corewifi
PE 9f46d000-9f47f000 Deferred crashreportersupport
PE 9f4ec000-9f4fa000 Deferred dfrfoundation
PE 9f53d000-9f5ad000 Deferred datadetectorscore
PE 9f5ad000-9f5eb000 Deferred debugsymbols
PE 9f5eb000-9f72f000 Deferred desktopservicespriv
PE 9fa35000-9fe52000 Deferred facecore
PE a2cd0000-a2cdb000 Deferred libgpusupportmercury.dylib
PE a3991000-a3a06000 Deferred heimdal
PE a3cc8000-a3cd0000 Deferred ioaccelerator
PE a3cd0000-a3cea000 Deferred iopresentment
PE a3d45000-a3d6e000 Deferred iconservices
PE a3da1000-a3e7b000 Deferred languagemodeling
PE a3e7b000-a3eb6000 Deferred lexicon
PE a3eb9000-a3ebf000 Deferred linguisticdata
PE a4053000-a407a000 Deferred metadatautilities
PE a427d000-a42a9000 Deferred multitouchsupport
PE a4378000-a4383000 Deferred netauth
PE a43dc000-a442e000 Deferred otsvg
PE a447b000-a4489000 Deferred performanceanalysis
PE a451e000-a453b000 Deferred protocolbuffer
PE a461a000-a463d000 Deferred remoteviewservices
PE a46e7000-a4704000 Deferred sharing
PE a4723000-a47ad000 Deferred skylight
PE a47dc000-a47e9000 Deferred speechrecognitioncore
PE a4ae5000-a4b6f000 Deferred symbolication
PE a4bc1000-a4bce000 Deferred tcc
PE a4bce000-a4be6000 Deferred textureio
PE a4c15000-a4c17000 Deferred trustevaluationagent
PE a4c17000-a4d9e000 Deferred uifoundation
PE a5042000-a5114000 Deferred viewbridge
PE a5289000-a528c000 Deferred loginsupport
PE a537c000-a53b0000 Deferred libcrfsuite.dylib
PE a53b0000-a53ba000 Deferred libchinesetokenizer.dylib
PE a5450000-a5452000 Deferred libdiagnosticmessagesclient.dylib
PE a5483000-a56ec000 Deferred libfosl_dynamic.dylib
PE a56f3000-a56f4000 Deferred libopenscriptingutil.dylib
PE a582f000-a5831000 Deferred libsystem.b.dylib
PE a5831000-a5833000 Deferred libthaitokenizer.dylib
PE a583f000-a5856000 Deferred libapple_nghttp2.dylib
PE a5856000-a5882000 Deferred libarchive.2.dylib
PE a5882000-a59cc000 Deferred libate.dylib
PE a59cf000-a59d0000 Deferred libauto.dylib
PE a59d0000-a59e0000 Deferred libbsm.0.dylib
PE a59e0000-a59ee000 Deferred libbz2.1.0.dylib
PE a59ee000-a5a43000 Deferred libc++.1.dylib
PE a5a43000-a5a57000 Deferred libc++abi.dylib
PE a5a57000-a5a58000 Deferred libcharset.1.dylib
PE a5a58000-a5a6a000 Deferred libcmph.dylib
PE a5a6a000-a5a80000 Deferred libcompression.dylib
PE a5a80000-a5a96000 Deferred libcoretls.dylib
PE a5a96000-a5a98000 Deferred libcoretls_cfhelpers.dylib
PE a5c1e000-a5d07000 Deferred libcrypto.35.dylib
PE a5ef7000-a5f51000 Deferred libcups.2.dylib
PE a6063000-a6064000 Deferred libenergytrace.dylib
PE a6091000-a6096000 Deferred libgermantok.dylib
PE a6096000-a609b000 Deferred libheimdal-asn1.dylib
PE a60c5000-a61b5000 Deferred libiconv.2.dylib
PE a61b5000-a6411000 Deferred libicucore.a.dylib
PE a6457000-a6459000 Deferred liblangid.dylib
PE a6459000-a6472000 Deferred liblzma.5.dylib
PE a6488000-a6530000 Deferred libmecab.1.0.0.dylib
PE a6530000-a672f000 Deferred libmecabra.dylib
PE a68f7000-a6c39000 Deferred libnetwork.dylib
PE a6c39000-a73af000 Deferred libobjc.a.dylib
PE a73b2000-a73b7000 Deferred libpam.2.dylib
PE a73b9000-a73ed000 Deferred libpcap.a.dylib
PE a742a000-a7443000 Deferred libresolv.9.dylib
PE a7490000-a765f000 Deferred libsqlite3.dylib
PE a7839000-a783d000 Deferred libutil.dylib
PE a783d000-a784b000 Deferred libxar.1.dylib
PE a784b000-a792a000 Deferred libxml2.2.dylib
PE a792a000-a7953000 Deferred libxslt.1.dylib
PE a7953000-a7963000 Deferred libz.1.dylib
PE a799c000-a79a1000 Deferred libcache.dylib
PE a79a1000-a79ac000 Deferred libcommoncrypto.dylib
PE a79ac000-a79b4000 Deferred libcompiler_rt.dylib
PE a79b4000-a79bf000 Deferred libcopyfile.dylib
PE a79bf000-a7a27000 Deferred libcorecrypto.dylib
PE a7a90000-a7ac7000 Deferred libdispatch.dylib
PE a7ac7000-a7af5000 Deferred libdyld.dylib
PE a7af5000-a7af6000 Deferred libkeymgr.dylib
PE a7af6000-a7b03000 Deferred libkxld.dylib
PE a7b03000-a7b04000 Deferred liblaunch.dylib
PE a7b04000-a7b0a000 Deferred libmacho.dylib
PE a7b0a000-a7b0d000 Deferred libquarantine.dylib
PE a7b0d000-a7b0f000 Deferred libremovefile.dylib
PE a7b0f000-a7b27000 Deferred libsystem_asl.dylib
PE a7b27000-a7b28000 Deferred libsystem_blocks.dylib
PE a7b28000-a7bb5000 Deferred libsystem_c.dylib
PE a7bb5000-a7bb9000 Deferred libsystem_configuration.dylib
PE a7bb9000-a7bbd000 Deferred libsystem_coreservices.dylib
PE a7bbd000-a7bc4000 Deferred libsystem_darwin.dylib
PE a7bc4000-a7bcb000 Deferred libsystem_dnssd.dylib
PE a7bcb000-a7c1b000 Deferred libsystem_info.dylib
PE a7c1b000-a7c44000 Deferred libsystem_kernel.dylib
PE a7c44000-a7c94000 Deferred libsystem_m.dylib
PE a7c94000-a7cb1000 Deferred libsystem_malloc.dylib
PE a7cb1000-a7cbd000 Deferred libsystem_networkextension.dylib
PE a7cbd000-a7cc4000 Deferred libsystem_notify.dylib
PE a7cc4000-a7ccc000 Deferred libsystem_platform.dylib
PE a7ccc000-a7cd8000 Deferred libsystem_pthread.dylib
PE a7cd8000-a7cdc000 Deferred libsystem_sandbox.dylib
PE a7cdc000-a7cdf000 Deferred libsystem_secinit.dylib
PE a7cdf000-a7ce7000 Deferred libsystem_symptoms.dylib
PE a7ce7000-a7cfc000 Deferred libsystem_trace.dylib
PE a7cfd000-a7d04000 Deferred libunwind.dylib
PE a7d04000-a7d33000 Deferred libxpc.dylib
process tid prio (all id:s are in hex)
00000008 (D) C:\Program_Files\BYOND\bin\byond.exe
0000003f 0
0000003b 0
00000039 0
00000038 0
00000037 0
00000036 0
00000035 0
00000034 0
00000033 0
00000032 0
00000031 0
00000030 0
0000002f 0
0000002e 0
0000002d 0
0000002a 0
00000009 0