Version is no longer available for download. Test data will remain as reference for those that have the installer.

Release Notes: Additional details available HERE on the Clip Studio website.


  • All Grades
    • Importing 3D Object materials with transparent parts with “Outline width” set in the Tool Property palette caused the transparent parts to be filled with the color of the outline.
    • The app would not launch on macOS devices with certain fonts installed.
  • EX
    • Transparent parts of PDF files that contain transparent elements do not appear white when imported.

New Tools:

  • Liquify Tool
    • Sub tool will be added to the Blend tool. You can change the shape of an image by drawing directly on a layer on the canvas like a brush.
  • Enhanced 3D tools

    • New 3D primatives
    • New 360-degree panoramic skydome
    • Select and edit multiple 3D materials at once
    • Snap to 3D models
  • Easily Import Font Files (PRO/EX)
  • PDF Import Available on All Devices (EX)
  • Import Gradient Files from Photoshop (PRO/EX) with .grd files
  • (iPhone/Galaxy Phone/Android Phone) Improved Save Process

Application Details:

Version: 1.11.8
License: Retail
Votes: 0
Latest Rating: Silver
Latest Wine Version Tested: 7.0-rc3

Maintainers: About Maintainership

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Test Results

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What works

  • All functions not requiring Clip Studio Assets Login
  • Manual Import/Management of Assets/Materials in Clip Studio Paint
    • note this is not the launcher
    • assets will now download directly into Clip Studio Paint when dragged onto a canvas but not from the launcher
    • attempting to download assets directly in Clip Studio Paint no longer opens the assets page in the launcher
  • Story/Page/Comic management and import/export
  • Animation management, timeline and import/export
  • Clip Studio 3D Material Modeler
    • it is a separate program for importing your own 3D models into Clip Studio Paint 
    • the download for Material Modeler can be found further down on the same download page as Clip Studio Paint
    • installation must be in the same wine prefix as Clip Studio Paint

What does not

  • Clip Studio launcher Account Login
    • will return error that email/password are incorrect (despite them being correct)
  • Clip Studio launcher Asset Management
    • will return error that paint requires update (despite being latest version)
  • Clip Studio launcher Services/Publishing/News
    • will return error that paint requires update (despite being latest version)
  • Clip Studio launcher Fanzine/EPUB/Kindle Services
    • will return error that paint requires update (despite being latest version)
      • this does not prevent the creation and export of these products within Clip Studio Paint
      • just the previews and import/export services associated with them in the launcher
      • the Kindle option requires the additional program of Kindle Previewer to be installed in the same wine prefix


  • To fix crashing on startup and black screen
    • wine prefix must be 64bit architecture
    • winecfg version of windows must be 7 or 8.1 (winecfg version with windows 10 will crash!)
    • Clip Studio Paint will give you a warning about windows version support when launching but it will still run
    • install corefonts
    • install latest dxvk, d9vk and vcrun2019
  • To fix pen pressure 
    • In Clip Studio Paint select: File > Preferences > Tablet Enable "Use mouse mode in setting of tablet driver"
  • To fix modifier keys sometimes sticking when using a tablet
    • In Clip Studio Paint select: File > Modifier Key Settings Use "Common settings" *note* Old info and no longer available in settings
  • If you are having issues downloading assets directly in Clip Studio Paint
    1. Follow the Wine Wiki Networking instructions: HERE
      • this usually fixes it
    2. ensure you have followed the Wine Wiki instructions for raw socket permissions: HERE

What was not tested

Any function that requires login on Clip Studios services. This includes the asset download and cloud data backup.

Hardware tested


  • GPU: AMD
  • Driver: open source

Additional Comments

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Operating systemTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?Used
ShowManjaro LinuxDec 31 20217.0-rc3Yes Yes YesSilverkalidibus 
CurrentManjaro Linux 21.2Dec 28 20217.0-rc1Yes Yes YesSilverJ.Martin 

Known Bugs

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HowTo / Notes

HOWTO Register License

To complete license registration:

  1. Disconnect (turn off) Internet.
  2. Open CSP select "I already have a License."
  3. Look for "Register Offline" link at bottom of window.
  4. Reconnect Internet or use different device.
  5. Use provided website address in serial number authorization screen to complete registration.

This is not for activation or monthly codes.


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Modifier key issue
by sbstratos79 on Monday March 7th 2022, 7:57
I am considering switching back to Linux and being able to run CSP is a requirement. Last time I tried CSP on Linux, I didn't face any such issue. I always use OpenTabletDriver ( ) for my tablet. Can anyone test that driver and check if it fixes the issue?
RE: Modifier key issue
by sbstratos79 on Tuesday March 8th 2022, 12:56
Tested on EndeavourOS with OpenTabletDriver, Lutris default settings. I am facing the modifier key problem.
RE: Modifier key issue
by J.Martin on Monday March 21st 2022, 2:36
Tablet drivers are supported and functional. The tablets will function as a drawing device. It's when keyboard shortcuts/modifier keys are used that the program has issues. Continuing to work on trouble shooting the issue it does appear to be cause by how CSP captures the work space and device signals considering timeouts to the wintab32 component. This issue had a work around in older version but was re-introduced in recent versions due to CSP removing the settings that allowed it. CSP does seem to be aware of this being an issue in their own product due to patches and fixes being introduced for similar issues caused in their Mac version. It may be patched in future version updates but I will continue to test potential patches.
modifier key bug
by jacanceps on Tuesday March 1st 2022, 12:38
has anyone figured out how to fix the modifier key thing? (mouse blinks and behaves as if the key is still pressed) I also have the same issue as other people who've commented while using a drawing tablet and it's quite frustrating.
RE: modifier key bug
by J.Martin on Wednesday March 2nd 2022, 6:00
At the moment no. Still in the process of troubleshooting/fixing. Current solutions tests cause the program to freeze.

Annoying as it is, min/maxing the window after using a modifier or shortcut key will allow use of the tablet pen again. Additional options are using purely the tablet pen as if you're only using a screen since this is not an issue for those using pure tablet/touchscreen with no keyboard/tablet buttons.
Registration workaround #2
by metichi on Monday February 28th 2022, 7:08
I've been using CSP under linux for a while and I never realized the workaround described.

For me, simply disconnecting my machine from the internet before launching CSP allows me to do an offline activation.
RE: Registration workaround #2
by metichi on Monday February 28th 2022, 7:22
Nevermind, I am blind, I saw the how to notes but not the tested section
RE: Registration workaround #2
by J.Martin on Wednesday March 2nd 2022, 5:54
Yes, as of the last 3 updates there is a link available on the login window that wasn't before. I'll place a note on the workaround that it is for older versions.
modifier keys
by corvian on Sunday January 30th 2022, 4:15
I can confirm the issue other people are having - modifier keys (ctrl/alt/shift) get stuck when pressed, which makes the software unusable. You have to switch to an other window to unstuck them, but obviously you can't do that 2 times a second. It only happens when using a tablet.
CSP 1.11.6 // Wine 7.0 (should happen on earlier versions too) // Wacom Intuos Pro
RE: modifier keys
by corvian on Sunday January 30th 2022, 4:49
Let me start to unpack some answers from the other comments:
- It's probably the same "blinking" issue of Daniel Dimitrov.
- OS is Void linux, but that shouldn't matter since void uses vanilla packages.
- Program doesn't "lose focus" or anything when I press them
- I have not swapped my keys or anything
- The "File > Modifier Key Settings Use Common settings" does not exist on my system. When I go under "File > Modifier Key Settings" it opens a settings dialog. Nothing related to "Use Common settings" there.
- When I switch to the mouse during being stuck it is all good, but when I put the pen down it goes stuck again, so it's like tablet and mouse are 2 different "modes" or whatever.
- My monitor is not a touch screen, and mapping or tablet settings don't affect this issue.
- I am using x86-input-wacom and libwacom, but not kcm-wacomtablet because that is only for KDE as far as I can tell. I am not using desktop environments. But it all should use the same stuff anyway (the first 2 packages).
RE: modifier keys
by J.Martin on Sunday January 30th 2022, 6:51
Currently in the process of installing Void on my test system to attempt reproduction of the issue.
- You mentioned not using a desktop environment. Are you using a window manager of some kind? If so, which one.
- What Kernel are you using?
- GPU?
- Does the issue persist with version CSP 1.11.8?

Your previous comment states version 1.11.6 but that version is no longer available for download off the site and I do not have the installation media to test that version.
Since you are using version 1.11.6 if you would like to submit test data for that version so others with the installation media can reference it, it would be appreciated. Your feedback has been very helpful. You are correct that the Common Settings has been moved/removed as of at least 1.11.4. I'll remove it from the walk-through notes and hunt through the versions for it's new location or to note when it was removed. Old information shouldn't have been repeated for so long without a confirmation, thank you for the correction.

Currently still in the process of trouble shooting this potential bug the last few weeks when able. I've been able to reproduce some sort of 'flicker/blinking' by switching to the 5.10 LTS kernel. Still attempting to confirm if that's the issue or WM/DE while going over terminal outputs to try and pin point an actual cause.
RE: modifier keys
by corvian on Sunday January 30th 2022, 7:52
- I have updated to 1.11.8 and the issue persists as I suspected, since there are almost no changes in the updates.
- I am using openbox window manager, I tried a few others and there is no difference.
- kernel is 5.15.17
- Nvidia GPU with proprietary driver (although I don't see how GPU is relevant to keyboard issues)

I can test with KDE under arch linux if you want.

When the Alt key gets stuck it flickers between the color picker and the brush tool (that's what I test with). When using Ctrl it flickers between mouse cursor and brush cursor. Shift just gets stuck to the line tool without flicker.
RE: modifier keys
by corvian on Sunday January 30th 2022, 8:37
So, I did test with KDE under Arch linux. New clean user and clean install of CSP 1.11.8 and clean wine prefix. Same problem.
It is safe to assume it is not related to desktop environment or OS specific quirks.
The arch was not updated and used kernel 5.15.13 with wine 7.0 rc3.

I suspect that CSP with wacom driver doesn't play well under wine. Do you have wacom intuos pro?
RE: modifier keys
by J.Martin on Sunday January 30th 2022, 9:22
The questions can seem annoying or pointless, it's not intended to be. It really is just to gather info and confirm what the problem isn't and be able to pass that on.

Thank you for the very helpful feedback. I can reproduce it now and will start working hunting down a bit more on what's causing the 'blinking/sticking' then submitting or attaching it to a bug report.
RE: modifier keys
by CNB_Kevin on Sunday December 4th 2022, 20:27
I know this is old-ish, but I'm going to post here since it seems to be the place that seems to discuss this specific problem in most details

I assume this is the bug ID that tracks the issue?

Arch Linux
Linux 6.0.11.arch1-1
wine-staging 7.22-1
Tablet: Huion GT-190

I'm encountering the issue on Clip Studio 1.9.4, it seems it's affecting all of them.

It was partially fixed on my setup for a few months, but I broke it again in updating since I needed to get out of unsupported versions(that PC was not connected to the internet for a while). After reinstalling the entire OS, I'm using the same old wine-prefix which I had backed up with my home folder. It seems more of an code issue in wine rather than in settings.

The partial fix would be that blinking/sticking would still happen when doing a key combination (most often ctrl+s), but pressing the key a second time would fix it. Not ideal, but a lot more usable than the current behavior.

I don't know exactly how I partially fixed it, but I know it had to do with wine-staging. I thought I applied a patch but I can't find any proof. MY bash_history shows that I installed a package manually but from pacman cache.
sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/wine-staging-5.0rc3-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz
Though when I install wine-staging, it should be applying all the patches.

From what I'm seeing after delving into github and gitlab. The implementation of key locking is different from the patch that used to work.

The implementation that made the patch be removed from wine-staging:

The patch that used to work(at least partially):
mouse blinking
by Daniel Dimitrov on Wednesday January 12th 2022, 9:14
when clicking for example control + z
the mouse starts to "blink" (moved between showing and not showing state)
is there any fix for this ?
RE: mouse blinking
by J.Martin on Wednesday January 12th 2022, 10:51
That's unusual, could you provide more description? I would like to attempt to reproduce the results you're getting.

What version of Wine and OS are you using?
While pressing ctr+z does it appear as if the program 'loses focus' as if the system isn't checking the program window to apply hot keys to?
Have you been experiencing this issue with a tablet as well?
Have you swapped or modified hot keys?
Does this work around affect the 'blinking'? In Clip Studio Paint select: File > Modifier Key Settings Use "Common settings"
RE: mouse blinking
by Daniel Dimitrov on Friday January 14th 2022, 5:04
hi my os is Manjaro KDE, my wine version is wine-7.0-rc2 but it happens with other wine versions too.
i tried switching a tablet driver thinking its the problem but it seems to happen too so its something related to wine.
if im not using a drawing tablet it doesnt happen.
i changed the clip studio to "Common settings" doesnt seems to help.
RE: mouse blinking
by J.Martin on Friday January 14th 2022, 14:58
If it doesn't flicker when the tablet isn't being used, then it's likely the tablet and probably a screen mapping issue. Let's see if we can troubleshoot a workaround.

What brand of tablet are you using? Wacom needs the kcm-wacomtablet and x86-input-wacom packages from the official Manjaro package repo. Huion sometimes works with the same packages but not always and may need some additional trouble shooting. If you're using a different brand there a chance of the drivers not supported in the Manjaro repo and needing to grab them from the AUR. After any package installation you will need to do a system restart to apply changes.
Tablet configuration can be modified under KDE System Settings > Input devices > Graphics Tablet. Does your tablet name and model appear in the 'Select Tablet' field? Under the 'General' tab or 'Tablet' tab does changing the 'Tablet settings' to 'map to screen' and 'Stylus settings' to 'map to screen' help? Double check that you 'Apply' settings before closing System Settings.

Is your main monitor a touchscreen? Does your drawing tablet have a touchscreen? Do you have more than one monitor? KDE can sometimes have weird results when adding a touchscreen or second touchscreen. Depending on if you're using X11 or Wayland settings may need to be applied in the command line. In the case of multiple monitors you may need to pick one and pipe the tablet directly to it.